If you’ve read all of MY awesome content (brushes off shoulders like a cocky quarterback), then I suggest this other stuff!

  • Price Peterson‘s writing is what inspired me to photo-recap, all those moons (so, so many moons) ago. He’s hilarious and insightful and hilarious and handsome. The link takes you to his yahoo page, but he also used to write for
  • #PressKru:
    • Selina Wilken writes for Hypabale and has all the The 100 related content you could ever want (among other things), and judging by her twitter account is just a really cool lady. (Don’t bother telling me how stalkerish-creepy that sounds, I know, and I’m standing by it)
    • Erin Brown writes beautiful TV reviews, and is also a writer of books (stay tuned to her twitter for her writing debut).
    • Kaitlin Thomas is a TV reviewer with style, and is also one of the reasons I got into this game. She’s insightful and charming, and has very strong opinions on facial hair.
    • Yana Grebenyuk writes The 100 related content that will warm the cockles of your #Bellarke loving hearts.
  • Mind Mine TV handles gaming, reviews, and DnD & Entertainment News. They also do a creator series where they interview creative-types, including this one with me.
  • Jo Garfein is a pretty amazing human, and the executive director of Cancer Gets LOST – a charity that “channels fans towards the greater good.” She holds auctions with TV-themed items, often signed by cast and creators. If you’re a super-fan hoping to snag some items, or just want to follow a positive example of a good human being, check out her twitter.
  • I suspect you all already know about Screen Junkies, with their honest trailers and reviews and other such fun things, but I’m putting it here anyway JUST IN CASE.
  • Well what about Bad Lip Reading? Huh? Did you know about THAT ONE? Because it’s also amazing and hilarious and honestly – how do they DO that????
  • Oh, Oh! Last YouTube channel I promise (I don’t promise). If you enjoy movies, and cartoons, and superheroes and hilarity, then you should check out How It Should Have Ended, if you haven’t already.
  • Okay THIS ONE is the last YouTube channel – Randy Rainbow takes Broadway songs and turns them into political parodies, and I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love.

10 thoughts on “SOME STUFF

  1. Have just stumbled onto your Sanditon reviews and have to tell you how much I absolutely loved them. Stuck at home by the CV scare and thoroughly needed to LOL as I did with each and every episode review. I want a season 2 just to read your reviews! Thank you!

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  2. I have just spent the whole night (?!) *looks at the watch*, oh dear, reading through your blog. This made me howl with laughter constantly, possibly waking up my neighbors. Worth it. Thank you and keep up the great, hilarious work!
    Ps. Do you have a podcast yet? Because I would be into that! 😉

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  3. Hi Toni – promise us you’ll do more Toni Watches when the new seasons of Sanditon are released. Minus the happy ending we are now being denied….😣


  4. Hi Toni! I just wanted to say that my boyfriend and I love your recaps of Sandition and we have been fans of since you started recapping the first season. I don’t feel like I’ve fully enjoyed an episode until I’ve read your recap, TBH. Also, you’re the first recap writer that my boyfriend has followed. I got into reading recaps when a friend got me into k-drama (so I read Dramabeans etc.). I was familiar with the form (which has an art to it, in the humor/timing/captioning!), so I was happy that my boyfriend appreciates a good recap read now too, thanks to you.

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