The 100 “The 48” Photo Recap – Mountain King vs Space Queen (2.1)

You know when a good friend moves away and you think it’s the absolute worst thing to ever happen, and you cry for weeks into your New Kids on the Block pillow? Then a couple of months go by and your friend comes back to visit and it’s like they never left! You’re back to choreographing dances and making fake radio shows that are 80% fart jokes, and you feel silly for ever thinking the friendship would die with the time apart.

You guys, The 100 is back. Let’s take a moment to really savor this moment. Going into any second season, there’s always a fear that the changes will be too severe and you’ll no longer feel connected to the characters you once loved. Well, fear is for dummies, you guys, because the premier episode of season 2 was just delicious. Where are my socks? Knocked right off my feet, that’s where they are (so, I guess on the floor?).

If you partook of my season 1 recaps, you’ll know that my very favourite part of this show (besides Monty and Jasper’s adorable way to high five) is the speed with which the plot barrels towards blowing our minds apart. The first season was just 13 episodes, and a lot of shit went down! This means big changes for the show. The split-story plot was great for 13 episodes, but how much longer could that have been interesting? There are only so many radiation-soaked nuts, ammiright?

Anyway, let’s jump into this episode and address the thing that I KNOW has been on all of your minds:


THE TOILET. You guys, the toilet is just out there for all to see. And they were FILMING IT. So the first thing we learned about the Mountain Men is that they’re total pervs.

Then Clarke made a new friend.


Oh Clarke, you’re such a scrapper! I loved this moment. There was an intense juxtaposition going on between these two lovely ladies, and the audience could identify with both of them. Clarke was a violent aggressor, protecting her people, while a frightened Mila Kunis-ish complied in order to survive. What we’re seeing is the difference between a chick who’s been through some shit, verses a girl who hasn’t had to experience the harsh outside world. It changes you, man!

Anyway, new girl led Clarke to a quaint little scene.



Clarke was NOT into it! I don’t think she likes pancakes. Anyway, everyone freaked out and men with guns came to take her away.

Then the writers did us a solid by not dicking around about who was dead and who wasn’t. Bellamy was running through a forest! I would have preferred him to be wet, but I’m not going to nit-pick.



It’s nice that these two are still alive. Perhaps this season they’ll get names. Anyway, they stumbled upon yet another teen hunk in a predicament.


Finn had been taken by Tristan and it didn’t seem like they were headed for a vacation spot. Tristan cut the throat of Finn’s nameless traveling companion, making things a little awkward for the rest of the trip.

Meanwhile, Octavia and Dave Lincoln were dealing with the poisoned arrow that was still sticking out of her leg. And you guys, the antidote was made of BEETLES.



If I ever accidentally ingest a poison where the only antidote is gnawing on some beetles, just start planning for a very elaborate and showy funeral, because no.

Back at the dropship, a leftover grounder was scrounging for trinkets amongst his deep-fried pals when he found a beautiful, perfect Goddess hanging out on the ground.



Raven shot him! Oh Raven, how I’ve missed you. The only thing that could make this glorious moment even better is if- OMG behold – the Beautiful Creepster!


Haha, remember that time he shot her? Man, Beautiful Creepster, you’re not great at picking up on social cues. Anyway, then Raven chose to shoot him (the gun was empty, but still). It’s a strong choice as far as story goes. It shows how she’s changed, how she’s willing to take a life. I know she blew up a bridge, but this is different. This would have been straight-up murder. Welcome to town, Dark Raven. Can I get you a lemonade?

We checked in on Clarke and met the Mountain King.




This man is toeing an exquisite line of perfectly pleasant / sadistically creepy. I mean, he eats humans, right? He has to. Look at that mug of his! Anyway, Clarke wanted to skedaddle because her two love interests were still on the outside, but he vetoed that. INTRIGUE!

They had a nice expository chat about why the Grounders and Hundred can survive outside, and why the Mountain Men can’t. It’s because of science. Science did it. Science is a dick sometimes.

Then there was a reunion! Yay!



There was a running hug with Clarke, Monty and Jasper, then everyone else was like, “meh.” Hahaha, I mean, she was ALL OF THEIR leader, right? Did she give a shit about any of them? Did they know who she was? Or were the other Hundred just doing their own thing?

At this point I almost threw a temper tantrum because my darling Raven was spitting up blood. Don’t you dare, show! DON’T YOU DARE. But the Beautiful Creepster helped her out and they had a moment.

Then Bellamy, Red Shirt and Braid McExtra went to save Finn!




What an amazingly comical moment amidst such violence! It felt very Little Rascals, and I loved it. Anyway, because the no-names are such wieners, Bellamy got his ass handed to him by Tristan.

Octavia was having a bad trip from the poison, so Lincoln scooped her up like it ain’t no thing and carried her off. But there was a lookie-loo watching them!


Yes! Yes a thousand times and beyond. I have been hoping, praying and whispering wishes on the wind that we would see radiationally challenged mutants. Oh happy day! Thank you to everyone who made this happen. (And yes, I know a Goonies reference was a little easy, but LOOK AT HIM.)

Back at Mountain Manor, Clarke was doing what she does best – being a total downer.




Jasper wasn’t in the mood for it, so we went to get his flirt on. But look who crashed:




Clarke stole the key card! Once again she has proven herself a wily trickster. Oh Clarke, never change. She outran a bunch of guards, vandalized a vault door then ran up what looked to be hundreds of stairs. Girl is in SHAPE.


Jasper talked her down in an incredibly touching scene. Both Devon Bostick and Eliza Taylor deserve high fives and ice cream.



My one beef about the premier episode is that it was trying a little too hard to endear Murphy. You know I love a good redemption story, and we’re all aware of my deep, undying love for the Beautiful Creepster, but this was jamming it down our throats a little too hard, you know? His “I don’t want to die alone” moment with Raven and the fact that he was helping her was enough for one episode. Maybe his tragic backstory could have waited for another time?

Elsewhere, the Red Shirts decided (too little too late) to save Finn and Bellamy. Just when we thought they were going to perish, look who showed up and shot Tristan in the face!


Kane! It was Kane, you guys. My heart leapt. As they traveled back to the dropship to meet up with their pals Kane basically told the boys to run along and play.



They ran around the back way. Oh boys! You guys know that all I want, all I’ve EVER wanted, is a bromance between Bellamy and literally anyone. Bellafinn? Finamy? I’m very happy right now.

Abby obviously didn’t find Clarke, but she did find an almost-dead Raven (DON’T YOU DARE) and the Beautiful Creepster. Bellamy was understandably upset, so they had a kerfuffle.


Ugh, Kane! You were doing so well! I know you love order, but there’s no need to be a bum-face. He arrested Bellamy for the kerfuffle, and didn’t seem to care that Murphy was a murderer. Priorities.

Then Clarke had another nice chat with the Mountain King.





By the end of the episode, though, Clarke seemed to have come around.





OR DID SHE??? Girl was drawing a map of Mountain Manor, and that doesn’t seem like the actions of someone who doesn’t plan to stir shit up.

Just as we thought the episode was coming to a close (with a killer montage of our favourite characters scattered across the Earth, to an awesome song), we got a surprise ending scene. Look who’s still alive:


You guys, I’m not going to lie to you, I thought the season 1 finale was the perfect way for Jaha to exit the show. He “died” a hero. Jaha isn’t a terribly essential character, and killing him at the end of the season felt right. So, when this little tag on the end of the episode started, I actually rolled my eyes. “This guy?” I said aloud to my empty apartment. “Really? They’re going to have to come up with something pretty damn spectacular to keep me interested.”

Then a baby started crying.


Well, guys, that’s it. The first episode is over and done with, and we only have to wait one week until these wondrous, violent characters bloody up our TV screens again. What did you think? Did it meet expectations? Exceed them? Were you just so happy to see everyone again that you didn’t care what the plot was?

I’m looking forward to whatever zany hijinks the writers come up with next!


  • Seriously though, does the new girl look like Mila Kunis, or is it just me? With a dash of Melanie Diaz?
  • Was that Rekha Sharma as the doctor? IMDB won’t tell me. We’re in a fight, don’t ask. If so, that’s yet another Battlestar alum. What Battlestar actor do you want to join the cast next? Adama? Six? That snarky fighter pilot who was always with the quips?
  • Where’s Anya at, you guys? Do they have her in a holding cell? Did they kill her? Did she escape by bribing the guard with her awesome jacket?
  • His name is Lincoln, and he grew up by a giant Abraham Lincoln statue. A little on-the-nose, Grounder parents.
  • On a scale of one to a quadrillion, how excited are you that The 100 is back?

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One thought on “The 100 “The 48” Photo Recap – Mountain King vs Space Queen (2.1)


    Oct 29, 2014
    Love this show! Fans need to keep watching live on the CW Weds at 9/8 central.
    This season looks so interesting and exciting. Can´t wait to see more.
    I love the dynamic between Jasper and Octavia, but now they are so far away. Hope they reunite soon!

    Oct 28, 2014
    I mostly watch for Octavia and Kane.

    Oct 28, 2014
    Great recap. I would be looking out for more of your recaps. Hopefully theres more. Good job!

    Oct 27, 2014
    Aside from Battlestar Galactica, there is also another Lost alum in addition to Henry Ian Cusick. Mountain King played Jack Shephard’s grandfather.

    Oct 27, 2014
    So the tower at the end where finn and bellamy are, was that the place the 100 kids were suppose to go to once they landed?
    Should we trust the mountain men? I think they have something to do with that mutant thing.
    IF that baby is up there can someone else be up there to with JAha?
    I hope the show will still be good with 22 episodes and not have long drawn out stories.

    Oct 27, 2014
    The tower at the end is a part of the Arc. The place the kids were supposed to go is where Clarke is.

    Oct 26, 2014
    That was definitely the actress from Battlestar Galactica. Great recap – laughing out loud here at work . . .

    Oct 25, 2014
    “Bellamy was running through a forest! I would have preferred him to be wet, but I’m not going to nit-pick.” The shallow me is going “Hell yeah!!!” I love your recaps so I can’t wait for next weeks…maybe we’ll get a wet Bellamy then, LOL! (If not let’s just re-loop the gif from Contents Under Pressure from season 1)
    Edit: the post below should be under my username (see above)…but was signed in as AmnellRichard for some weird reason..

    Oct 25, 2014
    “Bellamy was running through a forest! I would have preferred him to be wet, but I’m not going to nit-pick.” The shallow me is going “Hell yeah!!!” I love your recaps so I can’t wait for next weeks…maybe we’ll get a wet Bellamy then, LOL! (If not let’s just re-loop the gif from Contents Under Pressure from season 1)

    Oct 25, 2014
    Yay! The 100 is a very good show in spite of the high teen factor. Fortunately there’s only 48 of them left. OH KIDDING!!!

    Oct 25, 2014
    I absolutely love this show, but with cancllation rumors rife, I am scared!

    Nov 19, 2014
    Me too I hope this isn’t true. I wish that the suits would realize the show is growing just give it time! A week ago I didn’t even know this show existed. I binge watched it on Netflix and now I’m in love.

    Oct 25, 2014
    Uh Quadrillion, obvs. Man did I miss this – the 100 and your recaps have put the joy back in my life. Even with mud and blood all over his face Bellamy still takes my breath away. Loved Clarke kicking butt and totally agree that Raven MUST LIVE! Was pissed that all the progress Kane made last season was wiped out in seconds. Ugh. So good – looking forward to next week.

    Oct 25, 2014
    Loved this episode, and loved the recap! Did anyone see Miller?

    Toni_watches Oct 25, 2014
    Thanks! At first I thought Miller was the one who got his throat cut by Tristan, but I was mistaken (thankfully). Do we know for certain he was in the drop ship when it went off?

    Oct 25, 2014
    I might go back and try and find him. I felt weirdly shaken when I didn’t seem him scowling in the dining room. I think he would be another skeptic for Clarke to work with, plus he was so cute. OR he could still be on the outside and help Bellamy and Finn do whatever they’re going to do. Then we could have a three-way bromance.

    Oct 25, 2014
    Loved the socks joke! I always though Kane looks like John Cusack and Abby looks like Lori Laughlin.

    Oct 25, 2014
    I didn’t know you were recapping. First one I read and it’s really good. Great humor! Thanks!
    To be honest, I don’t like Jaha. He has some sort of hero complex, like when he wanted to commit suicide with the 300 to save oxygen. He was willing to just let Kane lead although he wasn’t redeemed at that time. Since then, Jaha lost all respect by me and just appeared like someone desperate to find a way to kill himself and make it look noble. He found his way; that was enough for me.

    Oct 24, 2014
    Why oh why did another show have to kill off Joseph Gatt ‘Tristan’? Boo to the killing off of the man, the myth, the legend — known to ‘Banshee’ fans as ‘ The Albino’ — Joseph Gatt. Next to ‘Anya’, please tell me Dichen Lachmen is returning at some point – and ‘Dave’ (still like ‘Dave’ better than ‘Lincoln’) – he was the most interesting Grounder.
    Clark better keep her eyes on ‘Arlo’. Please let Barry break out the drawl at least once.
    You called it correctly Toni — So now another of ‘BSG’s Final Five is popping up on ‘The 100’. Nice to see ya Rehka Sharma. Need to find roles for Michael Trucco, Michael Hogan, and Aaron Douglas. This Science Fiction has to be in Eddie James wheelhouse – Bring on ‘Adama’!
    Nice addition of Eve Harlow to cast as ‘Maya’. She’s was in ‘Lost Girl’ and ‘Bitten’ -2 great Canadian imports – their past seasons and is building up a nice resume. (She also had small part on ‘Caprica’ as did your ‘Beautiful Creepster’ Richard Harmon.)
    This show better not kill off Raven.
    ‘Abby’ is going to be on a mission to find ‘Clark’ now… Cannot wait. I’ve liked Paige Turco since her days on ‘Guiding Light’. (Damn, a lot of great actresses played ‘Dinah Marler’ on ‘GL’.) That was 1989.
    Per always, awesome recap.

    Oct 24, 2014
    So i was so looking forward to this but didnt realise it was up yet til I saw Bib Morley (Bellamy himself) tweet this!!!!!
    And it brought me here!!!!

    Oct 24, 2014
    Bob not Bib git a bit excited!!!

    Oct 24, 2014
    Toni you seriously have the best recaps! 😀 makes me smile after a long stressful day. I’m wondering whether you’ll do any more of Outlander?

    Toni_watches Oct 24, 2014
    Thank you! I may do a season 1 refresher-course of Outlander when it returns next year.

    Oct 24, 2014
    BTW, I agree that Alonelonius was better dead. His story had a good ending, and this is moving from “everyone can die” to “everyone is miracously saved”. Stop killing redshirts and bring back the stakes.

    Oct 24, 2014
    So happy your photo recaps are back – you always make me laugh!
    Braid girl is Monroe whose name was used many times in S1. I always remembered it cause she had the best pigtails and still does. My theory being she and pretty(ish) boy ran off to the woods to play hairstyling while everyone else was dying. Always thought it was a bit sad nobody plaited Raven’s hair. maybe Murphy could learn?

    Oct 24, 2014
    I think the new girl has a Rachel Weisz vibe.
    Glad to see your recaps are back! They make the show better.
    P.S: No mention of Clarke’s policy on fun? Really?

    Oct 24, 2014
    Someone left their extra baby on the ship like with Octavia, kept now everyone’s dead.

    Oct 24, 2014
    I’m soooooooooo excited to have this show back and it exceeded my already high expectations. Clark is a badass and she will never change only she would see a high heel as a weapon 🙂 that president guy is creepy as all hell he gives me shivers. When Rekha walked through those doors all I could say was perfect I’m so glad they got her on the show. I can’t wait to see how Clark gets all the 48 out of that he’ll hole. I yelled with joy at the tv when I saw the mutant man I’m so glad there going there.

    Oct 24, 2014
    I am so happy and excited that The 100 is back!
    Toni, as soon I saw Raven and Murphy together, I thought of you! I think the writers have been influenced by reading your hilarious recaps!
    I’ll admit, I liked the Murphy back-story although I do think the writers missed an opportunity for one last lens-flare flashback scene. I definitely got a cannibal vibe from Mountain King too but that’s probably because I just watched Walking Dead. LOVE the mutant stalker in the forest!
    Can’t wait to see how Jaha saves the baby! Also, where’s the baby mama?

    Oct 24, 2014
    Love these! Those two redshirts do have names! I just don’t remember them..but they were said. Bellamy said the girl’s name in the premiere.
    President Snow Wallace couldn’t possibly be more creepy.
    Clarke was a sly badass angel. I thought I couldn’t possibly love her any more but… Jasper, dude, the people you trust so much GASSED you all. Ya know, instead of just asking you to come to Mount Weather. They also won’t let you leave. Red flag. I think he’ll fall in love with that girl and it will make him blind to anything else going on.
    I didn’t mind any of Muprhy’s moments. It’s about time we learn a little more about him instead of him just being the pshyco evil kid.

    Oct 23, 2014
    The show is great, but I have been waiting to read your Photo recap! Awesome job! They Always make me laugh!

    Oct 23, 2014
    Yes! When I saw on twitter that you had done a photo recap of the premier, I was oh-so pumped because next to actually watching the show, your recaps are the next best thing. I agree that the Murphy backstory was a little to forced and it took away the opportunity for an awesome slow-backstory-Murphy-reveal. Also one thing that I loved was when Clarke was at dinner and seemed to ‘come around’, I was peeved because she’s supposed to be awesome and she was accepting an obviously sketchy situation, but then when she was on her bed at the end drawing with her new art supplies, I was expecting a moment of sadness of her drawing Bellamy or Finn or someone that she had lost, but then *twist* she’s actually still a bad ass and drawing Mt. Weather and it’s escape route and rooms, showing that she’s still the Clarke boss we know and love.


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