The 100 Season 6 Trailer Photo-Recap

YOU GUYS!! The long-awaited Season 6 trailer is upon us, and it is a TRIP. What is even happening?? WHY is it happening?? HOW is it happening?? WHO is hap- okay, I’ll stop.

The last we saw our Adventure Squad they were fleeing a ruined planet, giving Earth a bit of a break to recoup, to rest, to eat some ice cream, maybe watch some Netflix, reflect on their relationship, then maybe welcome them back with open arms. However, Earth was all, “nawwwwwww, I’m good, bye forever,” and never became habitable again.

So our dear, sweet, beloved Monty (with our darling Harper), stayed awake and figured out a solution; send them to a different planet!

And now our rag-tag group of ruffians is embarking on a new adventure, and it looks fun, in a horrifying, murdery sort of way.

The trailer went ahead and attacked our hearts right away with a voice-over of Monty’s video message, overlayed with the Squad seeing the new world for the first time. And you guys, it looks AMAZING, as if they’re about to go on a team-building retreat paid for by their rich boss.

OH, and Kane and Abby’s sexual tension is alive and well, which was a true gift to behold.

Seems like there’s going to be some relationship re-building, which YES PLEASE, sweet mother of all that is beautiful, please let these people talk to each other. *ahem* SPEAKING of throwing some duct tape over a broken relationship…

Looks like Emo Octavia might be up to her old tricks, which if we’re being honest, is a relief. It would have felt disingenuous if Octavia was like, “whew, glad THAT’S over, now who wants to search for glowing butterflies in a forest, hmmmm??”

Plus, I have my suspicions the team is going to need a little bit of old Octavia. Juuuuuuuuuust a hunch.

Then Shaw reminded us of his existence. It’s Shaw! Remember him, of Raven and Shaw fame? (Raw? Shawven?) He seemed very peeved about something, and it was very DRAMATIC. Do we think he misses Raven’s ponytail? I KNOW I DON’T!

Everyone was so haaaaaaaappy, and as we all know, happiness leads to smooching. There was just so much of it. I think the main villain this season is going to be mono.

Whoopsie! Looks like everything isn’t puppies and ice cream on the new planet! I for one am SHOCKED. Looks like the eclipse causes one to trip balls, and not in a fun ‘the walls are falling in love with each other pass the doritos’ kind of way.

I would LOVE it if the eclipse made the Squad violent, but made Octavia just hug everyone and compose poems. Hahaha, girl loves murder so much.

But wait! The eclipse isn’t the only thing causing shit on this planet. There are also HUMAN antagonists (maybe… we’ll see), who live in the woods and have… glowy… energy weapons? Or is that a thing the planet does? Is it natural, or is it technology? Are the “bad guys” in the woods really the good guys? ARE there good/bad guys??? HAVE THERE EVER BEEN???? Gaaaahhhhhhh I can’t wait!

*Pulls self together* There are dangers in the woods, is what I’m saying.

“We have no idea how to survive on this planet.” WHAT FUN!

Hi new guy!! “The harder you fight, the faster you die.” Colour me instantly intrigued!

Also having an awesome time was Madi, who seemed to be communing with the Gatekeeper from Nightmare the Video Board Game.

I think this guy is an old commander in Madi’s head? He silently gave her the ‘shhhhhh’ finger, which is creepy when literally anyone does it, let alone a wizard of the undead, so we’ll see how that goes.

It seems as though the leader of this community will become hip to the wise about our Adventure Squad and how much trouble / apocalypse-level-events they attract. Meh, I’m sure they’ll work it out.

Hi Dioyza!!! They made a big deal about waking her up, which makes me think that maybe they weren’t going to? But then they needed her? I don’t know. ‘Member how her fetus is like 300 years old? Hahaha, what a situation.

Clarke was all, “we can change!” and the new guy was all, “HAAAAAAAA HA HA HA HAHAHHAHA HHAHAAAAA that is RICH!”

Of course this exchange happened while we witnessed ALL the violence. All of it. Just so much violence. I don’t think they left any violence for any other show.

Ahhhhhhhh the Beautiful Creepster, how good it is to have you on my television screen once more. The quips! The sass!! Welcome back, friend. We missed you.

IS THAT MOUNT WEATHER??? You guys, long-hair Clarke certainly seems to be battling with some past decisions there, and that looks like the glass she broke in Mount Weather, and you guys if the Mountain King shows up in a vision I SWEAR TO GOD. *deep breath*

What were we talking about again? Oh right, I guess the Squad is going to face their demons or something, and hopefully those demons include the Mountain King. I am very jazzed to get inside these people’s heads and snoop. Echo, Octavia, the Beautiful Creepster. *excited giggle* VERY JAZZED.


WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBOY this one is a doozy. A new planet, a broken Adventure Squad, dreamy forest rebels, violence, visions, delving into our Squad’s psyche, quips, smooches, repairing relationships, letting hair out of dumb ponytails… *happy sigh*, season 6 is going to be wacko, and I am PUMPED.

There’s obviously lots of stuff I didn’t mention because this trailer was PACKED, and fast snippets are a recapper’s nightmare (I had to get drunk to do this, anyone want to go dancing, also, why am I crying?).

But yeah. Pretty pumped all around. Looks like our Adventure Squad is going to get up to some SHIT, and that’s what we’re (always) here for (that and the hugs).

Okay so HEADS UP FOR THE FUTURE (don’t be mad!) – I live in South Korea now, and because of the time difference, the show airs at 11am (when I’m at work). This means I won’t get to see the episode until later that evening and… look, what I’m saying is, the recaps this season won’t be out the very next day, don’t be mad! I will have them up by Thursday morning, I promise, DON’T BE MAD!


  • Let’s give it up one more time for Raven’s new do. I know it seems like I was obsessed with her strange ponytail, but that’s just because I WAS OMG WHY IN THE SWEET HELL WAS IT LIKE THAT IT HAUNTED MY DREAMS. Anyway, super pumped she gets to have normal hair. Girl deserves it.
  • We all recognize the new cult planet leader as Chris Argent from Teen Wolf, and if you DON’T, then what are you doing reading THIS, when you could be watching Teen Wolf?
  • Mackson… you guys, um… you okay?
  • Hey ‘member when Octavia was forced to kill people by circumstance and also the advice of adults, and thereby saved hundreds of people, and went a little nuts because of it, and is STILL shouldering all responsibility for that situation? Yeahhhhhhhhhh… that gets my goat.
  • On a scale of one to I CAN’T EVEN, how excited are you for the return of The 100?
  • Are you mad at me?
  • If you were forced to fight yourself, what version of you would win, and which one would be like, “whatever, I didn’t even WANT to win anyway, I don’t need the VALIDATION that you so obviously crave, I’m not that IMMATURE, oh, what’s the matter, does the TRUTH HURT?” and then walk away thinking you’ve won?


5 thoughts on “The 100 Season 6 Trailer Photo-Recap

  1. Hi! I just want to say I think these are so funny so thank you for doing them. Also, I’m glad to know someone else in Korea likes The 100!!!! I moved here a few months ago and I legit have not found a single other person who watches it. Plus I was wondering what time it comes out here, so that answered my question! You’re great! Keep doing you and posting funny things

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  2. I’m so happy I just found your site, thanks to someone linking it on /r/the100. I’m going to go binge-read all of your other material now! Thanks for being hilarious!


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