MCU Photo-Recap Countdown; Far From Home

Ah, Spider-Man, the little nerd who could, the boy wonder who broke our hearts in Infinity War, and then slung back into our lives through a glowing wizard-hole. In Far From Home (essentially the epilogue of Phase 4) we saw Peter Parker finally come into his own and step out of the oppressive shadow of Tony Stark. But, like… in a fun way!

And that’s the thing, it was fun. I really enjoyed myself while watching this movie. It struck a near perfect balance between humour and emotion, levity and drama, adorableness and… okay, more adorableness. Basically, it was the perfect follow-up to Endgame. It honoured what came before it, but also encouraged us all to move on. 

The movie opened with someone who was for sure Nick Fury and someone who was definitely Maria Hill investigating some wind with a face, when they stumbled upon someone who was undoubtedly an interdimensional hero here to do battle with elemental monsters. 

After a commendable homemade high school video that caught us up on what’s been happening since Endgame, we saw Peter living his normal life, hanging out with his best bud, crushing on a cool chick, dodging calls from an international super spy, and donning his superhero costume to help his aunt with a fundraiser. 

A big theme of this movie was Peter feeling pressure to step up and fill Tony’s shoes, which… honestly, why? I understand that he’s smart, and Tony was mentoring him likely for this very purpose, but he’s also a 16 year old child? I also don’t really understand why there NEEDS to be a next Iron Man. Iron Man was Iron Man. Spider-Man is Spider-Man. Just because they have similar brains doesn’t mean one has to replace the other. BUT, the movie needed some emotional turmoil besides grieving, and this was as good as anything else, so okay!

Peter had an adorable little plan to sit beside MJ on the plane so they could fall in loooooooooove, but it failed miserably and she ended up beside a different hunk. 

After a cute moment where MJ showed once again what an awesome weirdo she is, a mysterious water monster showed up, followed by an even more mysterious hero to defeat it. Peter helped out, keeping a tower from crashing onto a bunch of tourists, and generally just swinging around stopping people from being water-murdered. This was all done without his suit or mask, and FOR SURE a million people saw him, but maybe they got water-related amnesia or something because this did not come up at all ever again. 

The mysterious hero was dubbed Mysterio, and the media LOVED HIM, as the media is wont to do with shiny new things. 

Ohhhhh shit, Peter, you’re in trouble now! Since Peter kept declining his calls, the guy who was definitely Fury had to show up at his hotel in order to recruit him into the Anti-Elemental-Squad or whatever. 

Peter met Quentin Beck, a dreamy superhero with green laser-beams and a fishbowl head, complete with a tragic backstory and a ruined world. Beck gave him the skinny on the “Elementals”, a group of angry (you guessed) elements straight out of Hercules, who were there to destroy the planet, for reasons. 

Peter declined the man who was definitely Fury’s offer to do some heroing because he just wanted to have fun on his school trip, and felt he was a bit out of his depth with the whole magical-monster situation. This is a pretty big contrast to Homecoming where all Peter wanted to do was hero all the time. I guess that’s what happens when you help win a war against an intergalactic supervillain. Perspective. 

As it turns out, one does not simply turn down the man who is definitely Fury. He hijacked the school trip with a fancy new bus and sent them to Prague. 

On the bus, Peter tried on the snazzy new glasses Tony bequeathed to him, and it turns out, he basically handed Peter controls to all of his satellites containing drones and spy stuff and weapons and, like, banana peels that people can slip on, that kind of stuff. 

Because Peter needed a new suit to lay low, he was sent to a costume designer in some kind of shack, but UH OH, his romantic nemesis Brad took a picture of what he thought to be sexual shenanigans! He said he was going to show the picture to MJ, which I guess we were supposed to be mad about, but honestly? Good on you, Brad. 

In his haste to keep the picture away from MJ, Peter accidentally ordered a drone strike on Brad and had to pop out of the bus to manually destroy the drone with some awesome superhero parkour, which again, was seen by no one? 

Peter arrived in Prague and had a little meeting with the man who was definitely Fury in which he got yelled at a bunch for being irresponsible and wanting a life. It was incredibly harsh and unnecessary, and totally contrived by the sub-plot, and it made me dislike the man who was definitely Fury. 

Beck and Peter had a nice heart-to-heart about being a hero versus having a life of any kind. Beck was very in favour of Peter choosing his social life over heroing, for no particular reason. It was nice, and I’m sure these two shall become the best of buds forever and ever. 

Then it was time for the big super-real magical showdown, so Fury contrived to get Peter’s class out of the way by sending them to the Opera (LOL). After an almost-moment with MJ, Peter had to rush off to save the world. BUT, our wily heroine had had about enough of his secrets and followed him, closely followed by Ned and his new gf Betty. 

The for sure real fight happened, Peter helped to save his pals stuck on a ferris wheel, and Beck definitely sacrificed himself for the greater good. Except YAY, he wasn’t dead! Not even that hurt, really. What a miracle! 

The man who was definitely Fury was once again needlessly harsh on Peter, a 16-year-old hero who, despite not wanting to be involved, still helped to thwart the very real magical threat! 

After defeating the totally real magic monsters, Beck took Peter to a bar for yet another cool-bro heart-to-heart. It resulted in Peter deciding that “For the next Tony Stark I choose you,” meant he had to pick the next Tony Stark, so he gave EDITH to Beck, and went back to being an easy breezy teen. 

THE END – well, kind of uneventful, but fun, right? Nice that our boy got some quality time to himself! 

J/K obviously Beck was evil, and revealed that this whole thing was an elaborate ruse made by holograms to get the world to believe that he was a hero. And now that he had EDITH, he could create whatever threats he wanted to, so he could get revenge on his dead boss and… be listened to? Because in his mind the only people the world pays attention to are superheroes, and I guess Beck has a lot to say? Look, the motivations on this guy were sorta hazy, but let’s just go with it.  

Peter asked MJ to go on a walk and was about to reveal his undying teenage love when SHE revealed she knew he was Spider-Man. This was a very cute moment, and the adorableness only intensified when they discovered the device MJ took from the fight (to prove it was Peter’s webbing), was actually a projector that helped to create the illusion of the fight. 

During a superhero rehearsal where it was revealed that Beck (if that IS his real name!) (it’s not)  was 100% a total diva, he found out that Peter had the missing projector. Not a great development for our teens!

Peter went to Germany to warn the man who is definitely Fury about Beck, but it turned out he was too late, and Beck had already set up the drones to create a Faker-Than-Normal-Fury and a whole trippy obstacle course. Faker-Than-Normal Fury got Peter to admit who he told about Beck, but WHOOPSIE, it was Beck the WHOLE TIME! He hologram-walked Peter into the path of an oncoming train, then went on his merry way to kill even more teens. 

Peter woke up in a drunk tank in the Netherlands and with an assist from some hilariously nice locals, called Happy for a ride on his jet. They had a great talk about how Peter, and frankly the world, needed to cool it with the whole, “next Iron Man” thing, because he’s NOT Iron Man, he’s Spider-Man, so he should darn well act like it. 

“I don’t think Tony would have done what he did if he didn’t know that you were going to be here after he was gone.” STOP DOING THIS TO MY HEART (never stop). There was also a moment where Happy wistfully watched him working, which also tore my emotions apart, and I DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT. 

Anyway, Mysterio was putting on another performance with the goal of being a superhero sensation with the added bonus of taking out those pesky teens he wanted to murder, but WHOOPSIE, Spider-Man was there to eff his shit up! 

It was Big Battle Time (as per the MCU contract), so Peter dropped in and took out the illusion while Hill saved Fury from a drone, and Pete’s civilian pals mostly ran for their lives. 

The Civilian Squad ended up in the vaults with the crown jewels and worked together to fight off the drones and make adorable confessions. It was magic. 

Meanwhile, our boy Pete scienced together a bomb and got himself to Mysterio, only to be faced with more illusions. Luckily his Peter Tingle was back online and he was able to fight his way through, which resulted in Mysterio getting shot by his own drone and dying dramatically like a total diva. 

With an unfortunate choice of words, Peter stopped all the drones and sent them back to their sky-home where they belong. Then it was time for bridge-canoodling!

There is no competition for most adorable couple in the MCU. This is it, right here. Anyway, they went home, and everything was great and fun and cute, and nothing else happened. 


Okay, fine. 

Mysterio effed Peter over from beyond the grave by editing the footage of the fight and making it seem like Peter straight-up murdered him so only HE could be “the next Iron Man”, using his words to EDITH to really drive the point home. THEN he revealed Spider-Man’s secret identity!! SUCH a superhero foul! 

(Hi JJ Jameson!) 

So THAT sucked (but will honestly be so interesting for the next movie!), but the hits were still coming. 

Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh. Okay. Fine. So Fury and Hill weren’t Fury or Hill throughout this whole movie. They were being impersonated by Talos and his wife Soren, two shapeshifting Skrulls we met in Captain Marvel. WHY this was happening, we don’t know, other than a shot of For-Real-Fury on a spaceship of some kind having what looked like a vacation. 

I didn’t love this reveal, but I DID really like this movie. It was anchored in the story that came before it, but wasn’t buried by it. It was fun, and charming, and earnest, and awkward; basically it was everything great about Peter himself. 

It was the epilogue we needed after Endgame, giving us a bit of closure, while also paving the way forward. 


  • I really didn’t like Peter’s suit at the start of the movie because it didn’t seem to suit him (pun intended). I realized after finishing the movie that that was probably the point. He was still trying to be the Spider-Man Tony had designed him to be. Making his own suit was SYMBOLIC, you guys. It was syyyyyyymboliccccccc.
  • Night Monkey, hahahaha. 
  • This movie and Homecoming both ending on a cut off, “What the fu-” was awesome. I hope they keep it going with the third. 
  • Like I said before, I didn’t love that it wasn’t For-Realsies Fury and Hill.  We rarely get to see those two interact, and when they do, it’s usually overshadowed by the bigger players in the room. I loved that we finally got to see into their relationship, the unwavering trust, the teamwork, the shorthand. That moment when he was all, “you got me?” and she was like, “I got you,” was brilliant. The fact that it wasn’t actually them undermind a lot of what made this movie great for me. 
  • On that note – why was Fake Fury so hard on Peter??? It was weird coming from him when we thought it was really him, but from Talos? It wasn’t just out of character for him, it was bizarrely unnecessary. Did Fury give him orders to do that?
  • Last thing about this, I promise, but I suppose the whole, “Don’t invoke her name,” regarding Captain Marvel makes even more sense coming from Talos. Fury is her bro, but Talos is loyal to her FOREVER AND EVER. 
  • All those pictures / murals / tributes to Tony… *ugly crying face*. 
  • The Peter Tingle!
  • Can we acknowledge one of the greatest throwaway bits in MCU history: Mr. Harrington’s wife pretended to be snapped so she could leave him. They had a funeral for her! Baaaahahahahhahahhaha! Do you think Martin Starr improvised that?
  • “Maybe if you were good enough, Tony would still be alive.” How DARE you. 
  • Poor Brad. Dude was just trying to shoot his shot and be honest about a guy he believed to be shady, and he was totally gaslit.  
  • When Sony and Marvel were kerfuffling over the Spider-Man rights, and Peter’s future in the MCU became uncertain, all I kept thinking was, “nooooooo, now we’ll never get to see Flash’s reaction to Peter being Spider-Man!!” Peter’s bully idolizing his alter-ego was just such a brilliant bit, and I want more of it. Will he defend him??? Will he buy what Mysterio is selling and turn on him??? The suspense is killing me, and I can’t believe how long we have to wait to find out. 
  • For real, though, with everything going on in the world, it seemed silly to be so emotionally invested in a superhero franchise, but I’ll admit it – I was. I really like this iteration of Spider-Man, and I didn’t want a split. As it stands, I don’t want our boy to leave the MCU after his third movie, so I hope a longer understanding is reached between the two God-like entertainment juggernauts. 

AND WE’RE DONNNNNNNNNNNE! These recaps started as a countdown to the big finale, and now that Phase 4 is complete, I won’t be continuing to recap each movie. HOWEVER, if / when there’s another history-making Marvel team-up event, you can bet America’s Ass that I’ll count down to it from where we left off. 

Thank you for going on this wacko journey with me. Stay safe out there, friends!


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