MCU Photo-Recap Countdown; Endgame

Welcome back to the MCU Photo-Recap Countdown! It’s been a while, eh? If you recall, way back in December of 2018 I started recapping every movie in the MCU, leading up to the culmination of a decade of storytelling in the aptly named Endgame.  It was a RIDE.  Black Widow will hit theatres... eventually, so … Continue reading MCU Photo-Recap Countdown; Endgame

MCU Photo-Recap Countdown; Infinity War

YOU GUYS, we made it… sorta. Here we are, at Infinity War. It took blood, sweat, tears and a few salsa stains to get here, but we did it, and in mere hours, we get to witness the exciting conclusion to this tale. We’ve been through a lot, you and I. We cringed through the … Continue reading MCU Photo-Recap Countdown; Infinity War

MCU Photo-Recap Countdown Bonus Track; Captain Marvel

Since Captain Marvel won’t be released into the wild until June, I thought I’d include a quick recap here, before we get into Infinity War. OKAY SO, we meet our hero ‘Vers’ on a Kree planet, training, quipping, and being generally awesome. She has some super-punch power that the Kree gave her *wink*, but first … Continue reading MCU Photo-Recap Countdown Bonus Track; Captain Marvel

MCU Photo-Recap Countdown; Ant-Man and the Wasp

Well here Ant-Man is again, sandwiched between two mega-hit monsters of movies. We met Scott Lang directly after Age of Ultron, and right before Civil War. He was the palate cleanser we needed between big-time team-ups. Then we got Ant Man and the Wasp right after Infinity War (still hurts), and before Captain Marvel, a … Continue reading MCU Photo-Recap Countdown; Ant-Man and the Wasp

MCU Photo-Recap Countdown; Black Panther

Ahhhhhh yes, Black Panther, this tasty number, an undeniable hit at the box office and the first ever MCU film nominated for a Best Picture oscar. Whether you think it deserved the nomination or not, the fact that Black Panther reigned supreme can’t be denied. T’Challa has been a fan favourite since his introduction in … Continue reading MCU Photo-Recap Countdown; Black Panther

MCU Photo-Recap Countdown; Ragnarok

OUR FAVOURITE LOVABLE DUMMY IS BACK, and more of a lovable dummy than ever. Ragnarok was FUN. It was a hilarious romp through the galaxy with charming, compelling characters and a LOT of laughs. That being said, I did have beef (which has caused actual real-life arguments). You guys, hear me out - Odin died, … Continue reading MCU Photo-Recap Countdown; Ragnarok

MCU Photo-Recap Countdown; Spiderman Homecoming

Spider-Man! Spider-Man! Does whatever a Marvel movie can! The title of Homecoming had very little to do with a dance, and a LOT to do with our boy coming home to Marvel after so many years with Sony. Here are some fundamental truths about Spider-Man: he wise-cracks, he is a genius, he is not a … Continue reading MCU Photo-Recap Countdown; Spiderman Homecoming