MCU Photo-Recap Countdown; Endgame

Welcome back to the MCU Photo-Recap Countdown! It’s been a while, eh? If you recall, way back in December of 2018 I started recapping every movie in the MCU, leading up to the culmination of a decade of storytelling in the aptly named Endgame.  It was a RIDE.  Black Widow will hit theatres... eventually, so … Continue reading MCU Photo-Recap Countdown; Endgame

MCU Photo-Recap Countdown; Infinity War

YOU GUYS, we made it… sorta. Here we are, at Infinity War. It took blood, sweat, tears and a few salsa stains to get here, but we did it, and in mere hours, we get to witness the exciting conclusion to this tale. We’ve been through a lot, you and I. We cringed through the … Continue reading MCU Photo-Recap Countdown; Infinity War

MCU Photo-Recap Countdown; Age of Ultron

You guys, if you’re a busy person, like maybe you’re inventing time travel, or curing the hiccups, or you have fourteen children, or you’re writing a book of haikus, and you only have time to watch ONE of the MCU movies before Endgame… then, okay, well I mean obviously watch Infinity War because that’s Part … Continue reading MCU Photo-Recap Countdown; Age of Ultron