MCU Photo-Recap Countdown; The Avengers

It’s The Avengers photo recap!! We’re here! We made it! The Avengers was the 6th movie in the MCU, and the last movie of Phase 1. ‘Member how Iron Man brought the cool while Thor brought the humour and Captain America brought the feels? Well The Avengers brought it all! It took all the best … Continue reading MCU Photo-Recap Countdown; The Avengers

MCU Photo-Recap Countdown; Captain America

Ahhhhhh, Captain America, the dreamy boy-next-door, the first Avenger, the underdog everyone fell in love with, the beard that launched a thousand ships. Chronologically, Captain America was the beginning of this MCU adventure, and it’s the movie that launched the Agent Carter spinoff (#TeamCarter4Life). This movie was more of an emotional punch than we’d seen … Continue reading MCU Photo-Recap Countdown; Captain America

MCU Photo-Recap Countdown; Thor

Ahhhhhh Thor, the lovable dummy of the MCU. The Marvel movies had had some chuckles, with RDJ cracking wise, and Hulk… um, Bruce made that one joke, didn’t he? But then came Thor, with its physical comedy, and fish-out-of-water humour, with Chris Hemsworth’s surprisingly perfect comic timing, and Kat Denning’s pronunciation of his hammer, Mjölnir. … Continue reading MCU Photo-Recap Countdown; Thor

MCU Photo Recap Countdown; Iron Man 2

Ahhhhh yes, here we are, our third MCU movie, and a return of everyone’s favourite cocky millionaire playboy. Looking back, it seems strange that Iron Man got a sequel before the other properties were even introduced. But at the time it seemed only natural. It had been two years since we last checked in with … Continue reading MCU Photo Recap Countdown; Iron Man 2

MCU Photo Recap Countdown; The Incredible Hulk

HELLO AND WELCOME BACK to the MCU Countdown. If you read my Iron Man recap, you know that I’ll be recapping the entire MCU every Wednesday until the premier of Avengers; Endgame. I’m going to start this bad boy with yet another confession - The Incredible Hulk is the one movie in the MCU I … Continue reading MCU Photo Recap Countdown; The Incredible Hulk

MCU Photo-Recap Countdown; Iron Man

It’s the beginning of the end, you guys. At least, for this particular chapter of our cinematic history. And there's no question that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has made history. When, in the entirety of our human experience, has a string of movies captured the world’s interest so undoubtedly? The Shirley Temple movies were great, … Continue reading MCU Photo-Recap Countdown; Iron Man