The 100 “His Sister’s Keeper” Photo Recap – Set Your Spears to Kill (1.6)

The Grounders are coming! The Grounders are coming!

The Grounders are here.

While this episode was essentially one long run through a forest of death, it was surprisingly grounded (see what I did there? Thank you, I’ll be here all night, tip your waitress). The episode wasn’t about saving Octavia, because frankly she was doing an okay job of that herself (way to go!). This hour focused on the relationship between her and Bellamy, and guys, it was a thousand times more compelling than I thought it would be. I knew we were entering into a lens flare episode about a story we already knew, so I was prepared to be a little bored. But you know what, I was anything but!

And of course, because The 100 is a glorious safe-haven for plot forwarding, shit actually happened. This show is going to have to take out a loan, because it’s giving us so many pay offs! (thank you, thank you, try the veal)

I mean, how many episodes did you guys think it was going to take for Raven to find out about Finn’s sex adventure with Clarke? Three? Seven? ONE? One episode, you guys, because The 100 doesn’t mess around.

And neither do I (yes I do, so, so much), so let’s jump in!

We started in a flashback about the start of all this trouble… the birth of Octavia!


I was cringing waiting for the moment when adorable little pre-murder Bellamy would have to jump in there and help (thus taking a good long gander at his mom’s business), but nope! Mamma squeezed a human being out of her and then CAUGHT THE BABY HERSELF. I was both very impressed and suuuuuuuper grossed out. I have never given birth to a child, but I feel like I have a pretty good idea of what child birth is, and I just don’t know if I would have the wherewithal to have that kind of coordination, you know? I can barely hold onto my utensils during proper dinners (when I’m alone I eat with my hands like a barbarian).



He took this inappropriately massive responsibility like a champ and vowed to never let anything bad happen to her. We all know how THAT turned out, don’t we?

Back in the present, Bellamy finally noticed his sister was missing, and went to Clarke for a little sexual tension *cough* help.



She sassed him about the possible deaths of 320 people, but her heart was whispering, “your face is aglow in the firelight”.

Then Octavia awoke in some sort of cave dwelling and made a new friend.



I think this scene was trying to be a fake-out murder, but we all knew better. I mean, you’re not THAT bold, show. Or are you? Oh God, now you’re gonna kill someone awesome just to make me eat my words… please stay away from Raven, show, YOU STAY AWAY FROM RAVEN!





Raven gave Finn a haircut (thank you) and knew that something was up, because Raven ain’t no fool. Finn skedaddled before telling her the truth, and tried to drum up some drama with Clarke.



They all noticed the beautiful light show care of 320 dead bodies, and my heart broke all over again. RIP adorable freckled father… #neverforget

The Adventure Squad was girls vs. boys this week, so Clarke and Raven were going to split off and go find a transwhatsit while the boys went to rescue Octavia.



We cut back to Octavia and her new Grounder pal, who until we learn his actual name, I’m going to call Dave. I love that every time we cut back to her, she’s asleep. Like… she was awake when he found her, right? And she was awake when he healed her? So was he slipping her some chamomile tea in between scenes?


She awoke from her slumber to find that Dave had fixed her leg (did he use a poultice? We all know how much the Grounders love a good poultice), but Octavia didn’t wait around to thank him (rude).


One of the Red Shirts in the Dude Adventure Squad saw a clue at the bottom of a ravine, in the dark. Either this boy is hiding some sort of super power, or he’s been eating A LOT of carrots.

Jasper, being the adorkable hero he is, was the first to follow Bellamy into the unknown abyss. He was getting some serious side-eye from one of the extras. Do you think SHE wants to be the one to save Octavia? Or is Jasper just stepping on her foot?


Anyway, because Finn is a master at tracking (remember guys, he took “Earth Skills 101”), he figured out that Dave took her, and the way he went.


You guys, I don’t know what it is, but I was loving the Dude Adventure Squad. I would NOT mind an epic bromance between Bellamy and LITERALLY ANYONE, but preferably Jasper. Just close your eyes and imagine these two taking walks in the forest, sharing their feelings and tussling just for fun.

Anyway, Octavia was still escaping, carrying around some very threatening antlers, because hahahahha… okay.


She dug her way into a tunnel and started to climb while the Dude Adventure Squad came across a sign.



Then we all got a very valuable lesson in parenting.



After filling Octavia with horrifying imagery and imparting the “slay your demons” wisdom that Bellamy decided right then and there to pass on to any little girls that seem twitchy, she made Octavia get into a little tiny living space that even the Genie from Aladdin would think was too small. Then we learned that she puts out for the guardsman to get tips on inspections and recommendations for her kid. Just overall grade A parenting going on.

After learning that Octavia is now psychologically scarred about small spaces, we cut to her crawling through a small space. *slow clap* This was perfect mirroring, and made me feel things.


Clarke and Raven were headed to the bomb shelter when Raven dared to stop and smell a flower.


Then we got some Raven backstory (which I will never tire of), and her epic tale of love with Finn.



Then we found out that the Grounders are ninjas. One of them swooped down from above, grabbed a Red Shirt and then threw him back minus his throat. It was awesome.


Back in the love bunker, they found a toy with a working whatsit, and Raven found a trinket that looked oddly familiar.


I love that Raven was so distracted by her love woes that she didn’t flinch at the fact that there was a two headed deer.

Then we got some more forest running, and more meaningless but still awesome death!



In flashback land, we learned that Bellamy tried to give his sister a night of fun and freedom. It was some kind of masquerade thing, so she could walk around without anyone recognizing her. It’s like how the Ninja Turtles can go to movies on Halloween.



Then all the youths scampered by and Bellamy gave her the nod to join them.


I think the biggest thing we can take from this is that Bellamy was not always a cock-block. Also, props to this actress for being the most awkward teen in existence, because how else would this girl act?

We cut back to the present where Octavia’s leg was slowing them down.


So he scooped her up like it ain’t no thing and carried her princess-style to his cave dwelling.



He chained her up! Now, we as the audience know it was likely for her own good, so that she didn’t go wandering off and get herself speared. But can we take a quick sec to talk about the fact that this girl was locked up her WHOLE LIFE for her own safety, and now that she finally has some freedom, someone is doing it to her again. UGH, writers, stop making me feel things! (Never stop)

Also, Dave is the best, someone give this guy some lines. I really hope the Grounders learned English from old Saved By the Bell reruns or Sweet Valley High books, because I wanna hear what this guy sounds like SO BAD.

Anyway, the Dude Adventure Squad found their fallen compatriot and Bellamy realized that her death (among countless others) was his fault.


Guys, serious question: how long do you think it took this Red Shirt to perfect this hairdo?


There are MULTIPLE french braids going on here! They don’t have mirrors, right? Anyway, just colour me impressed, extra.

Back in Lens Flare Land, something bad was happening, and I guess instead of ushering the citizens to safety, the guards needed to check all of their IDs? Why? Oh Space Guards, will you crazy kids get anything right? Anyway, Kane’s douchy lackey singled out Octavia.


The guy wasn’t having it, so Octavia ran directly into some other guards. Like, maybe she could have gone the other way? You know what, fine, what’s done is done, no regrets.

Back on Earth, the Dude Adventure Squad found a way to hide from the fog.


But there was no fog! It was all a ruse by Dave!


We checked in on the Lady Adventure Squad and found Raven in a mood.




In our final flashback, we learned who propositioned Bellamy for a little murder!



It’s Kane’s lackey!! Does this mean that Kane set it all up, or is this guy doing nefarious stuff behind his back??

Back in Dave’s sweet pad, he was fiddling with his keys to (probably) let Octavia go, when…




You guys, I was feeling really bad for Dave. Poor guy just wants to make friends, and he gets beat up by his guest, and then a bunch of dudes stroll uninvited into his cave dwelling. Nuh uh. Then to add insult to literal injury, it looks like some guy with a new haircut smelling of two different ladies is trying to steal his acid fog blow horn? I don’t even blame Dave for stabbing him.

If anything, he did him a favour.


Everyone bustled about to save Finn while Bellamy and Octavia aired some life-long pent up grievances.



Stuff was said, side-eye was thrown and feelings were hurt. Just a typical sibling relationship!


Oh man, so much drama! So much danger! So much misunderstanding! The 100 played with our emotions yet again and I ain’t even mad.

It looks like there’s a storm on its way! Are you guys pumped to see how their teen shanty will hold up? I am!


  • Do you think Octavia will forgive Bellamy for being a bum-face? He has continually sacrificed literally everything for her, after all.


  • Guys, I’m starting to worry about our Beautiful Creepster. Do you think he’s doing okay? Has he built a tree fort and whittled himself some friends? Do you think he still says “excuse me” after burping even though he’s alone?


  • Did you guys miss the grown ups this week? Do you think Shenubrious and Abby have told everyone about the fairies they saw? Do you think Kane is scribbling Mr. Abby’s Husband in his notebook and trying to draw what their kids would look like?


  • Do you think the extra with the intricate braid somehow smuggled hairspray to Earth? Seriously, how does that thing stay in place??


  • Is the Adventure Squad starting to smell, or have they figured out a way to bathe without getting eaten by a giant snake?


  • Let’s take a second to recognize the fact that this show has spanned ten days. TEN DAYS. Wells has been dead for what… four days? Octavia and Adam’s love story spanned maybe two days, and his tragic death was maybe four days ago? Clarke and Bellamy mourned the loss of their surrogate child at most a couple of days ago. I have no opinion on this timeline, I just thought it pertinent for us all to keep in mind.

See you next week!!


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One thought on “The 100 “His Sister’s Keeper” Photo Recap – Set Your Spears to Kill (1.6)


    May 07, 2014
    This is the funniest recap I’ve ever read! You are a comedic genius!

    May 05, 2014
    The first recap I’ve read on this site, great, loved it.
    I really like this show, and didn’t expect to at all. I hope it’s renewed for another season.
    I like Octavia’s character, she has issues but she also seems to be the mostly morally centered one. Her and Dave the Grounder have great chemistry.
    Bellamy is a bully and needs an attitude adjustment.
    Clarke has a great deal of intelligence, strength and courage, but I don’t like that she is always so impatient with everyone and asks like everyone is a waste of her time.

    Apr 30, 2014
    I think it’s weird that only Bellamy and Octavia’s Mom was floated for concealing Octavia.
    You’d think that guard guy would have been punished for alerting her to the inspections and Bellamy was definitely culpable and grown enough to know better. You’d think they would have put him in lock-up and let Octavia live on in their quarters since she didn’t do anything and by being floated her mother essentially traded her life for Octavia’s.
    Maybe Shumway planned to use Bellamy all along and that’s why he spared his life.

    Apr 28, 2014
    Only one episode to find out Finn banged Clarke? Damn, that’s fast! Slow down on these plot points would ya…who you trying to impress?
    Elena finding out Stephan was a vampire in 5 episodes
    Maybe it’s a CW thing, but they really do like burning through story lines awfully quickly. And given that most of their series are fluff, that’s not a bad thing. Were it not for the pace at which things happen and their proclivities to kill just about anybody, I’m not sure I’d give this show a second thought. But it’s fast paced and there’s a good chance that some dummy is gonna die…so, I’ll enjoy it as some good old fashioned brain candy.
    But even though there’s more silliness and plot holes than I can count, they do sprinkle in some quality. I don’t know if they stole the idea from somewhere else, but the bodies burning up on re-entry was a nice shot.
    But that doesn’t mean there’s lot of absurdity to have fun with.
    “One of the Red Shirts in the Dude Adventure Squad saw a clue at the bottom of a ravine, in the dark. Either this boy is hiding some sort of super power, or he’s been eating A LOT of carrots.”
    Seriously. It took me a second to see what he saw after the camera zoomed in. I wondered how on earth he…then I thought better of asking questions.
    “Anyway, because Finn is a master at tracking (remember guys, he took “Earth Skills 101″), he figured out that Dave took her, and the way he went.”
    It’s impressive despite having no practical experience with dirt or anything organic. Maybe he’s a tracker savant?
    “I love that Raven was so distracted by her love woes that she didn’t flinch at the fact that there was a two headed deer.”
    Hilarious! I was waiting for the, “Wait…what?!? Did you say a two headed dear?”. But, one has to keep their priorities straight and figuring out if her man was getting a little strange is pretty important.
    “There are MULTIPLE french braids going on here! They don’t have mirrors, right? Anyway, just colour me impressed, extra.”
    I’ll try and figure out about the french braids if you try and figure out how Dave is so well groomed. Under the dirt and paint is a clean shaven face and head, leaving only a perfect straight mohawk (that goes all the way back) the exact same length as the #1 attachment on a standard set of clippers.
    If Dave is the loner he seems to be, how does he do the back. He’s gotta have a buddy that helps him out, right? Or maybe there’s a grounders barber shop around somewhere.

    Apr 29, 2014
    “Only one episode to find out Finn banged Clarke? Damn, that’s fast! Slow down on these plot points would ya…who you trying to impress?
    Elena finding out Stephan was a vampire in 5 episodes”
    and Eliza Taylor’s (clarke) voice is too much alike Nina Dobrev’s (elena), brrrrr.

    Apr 27, 2014
    I am so glad that I am not the only one who sees Clarke and Bellamy’s sexual tension.
    I mean it’s there right, I am not pairing them together because it would be the ultimate protagonist-antagonist love thing ever!

    Apr 26, 2014
    I was drunk when I watched the first episode of this show ( It was my birthday, I’m not usually drunk by nine o’clock on a Wednesday. Usually it takes at least until midnight) so maybe someone can help me out with a couple questions:
    1. Why does everyone follow Bellamy if, before all this happened, he was a janitor?
    2. Didn’t Kelly Hiue (or however you spell her name) the Asian lady who used to be on Vampire Diaries and Arrow, used to be in this show?

    Apr 26, 2014
    1. maybe because he is a cool antihero? janitors can become generals, at least on TV
    2. pilot only… sorry about that, she is a good actress and a beautiful woman.
    3. six weeks late, but nevertheless: happy birthday!

    Apr 26, 2014
    Well thanks!-actually, the 100 was a pretty damn good birthday present from the CW! I am digging it. But I really will have to review the pilot at some point when I’m sober.

    Apr 29, 2014
    – It’s actually not that weird to find people following others because they are the loudest or most belligerant or whatever. Plus he was a guard or guard cadet.
    – Kelly Hue is Kane’s wife and Abby’s best friend.

    Apr 25, 2014
    Raven- 43 votes
    Clarke- 26 votes

    Apr 26, 2014
    I’d like to point out that I voted for Raven only because I want to see a Bellamy and Clarke thing happen.

    Apr 27, 2014
    I’d like to see a Bellamy / Raven pairing .. much better suited I think

    Apr 25, 2014
    I couldn’t buy the whole keeping another child secret for more then 14 years storyline.
    How can you keep a baby silent for so long? It is going to cry day and night and a single surprise inspection will blow the whistle not to mention that any neighbours/people passing by are going to hear it.
    How did no one notice she was pregnant ? The huge belly is a great giveaway. Its one thing to be fat, but to be a woman that is thin and only has a round bulged belly, its a dead give away.
    Unless she took maternity leave for 1 year, how was the baby being fed? It needs to be looked after constantly, day and night .
    Its just weird thats all and very unbelivable even for a sci fi :))

    Apr 30, 2014
    I thought the set-up for this was okay.
    She seems to have been a full-time seamstress who works out of her compartment, alone except for Bellamy. She may have sent Bellamy to fetch things for her as her pregnancy progressed and also could have crafted concealing clothes for herself.
    There are skinny teens who hide their entire pregnancies with baggy clothes.
    I kind of wish the show had given us a why for Bellamy and Octavia’s Mom wanting to have her second baby so much. A plausible reason would have been that her husband, Bellamy and Octavia’s father, just died and she couldn’t bear to terminate his baby. But I don’t know that the tough as nails lady that we met would have those sentiments.
    Breast-fed babies often don’t cry much and you can often pop them on a breast to quiet them. She and Bellamy may have also drugged the baby at certain points. Not ideal but something ppl in situations like theirs (illegal migrants, runaway slaves, etc) have been known to do. They could have sound-proofed the compartment in the floor and shoved her in it when she cried.

    Apr 25, 2014
    Loved this episode. I was really waiting to see how Octavia and Bellamy’s childhood played out. Guess the only way to keep a second child secret is by sleeping with the head guard guy. However creepy and pervy he is…
    And let’s not forget burdening your eldest child with forever caring for his little sister. She really took sibling dimensions to a whole new level.
    I like that the 100 (or whatever number they have dwindled to now) seem to have some sort of ally. Particularly since he stays nice even when you keep screaming at him in English, as if he knows what you’re saying. I could almost hear him think “bitch, shut the f*** up, I don’t know what you’re saying!!”.
    And seriously… ten days? Finn is a harcore playah! Even when you prefer blondes, 10 days is just cold. Allthough I’m not entirely ruling out the possibility that he got himself arrested to get away from that clingy basket case, Raven. That love triangle is a disaster waiting to happend. Clarke should run like hell, she is far to smart and mature for a toxic situation like that. Instead, I really hope this sexual tension between Bellamy and Clarke comes to a climax (inuendo intented :D). I bet they’d have some seriously hot sex. Both of them are stuborn, passionate people and it’s a very thin line between hate and crazy hot hate sex.

    Apr 25, 2014
    Another fantastic recap. You are a pro!

    Apr 25, 2014
    Oh wow how cool was this episode, the delivery scene was just I was speechless, I was impressed at how maturely they handled the whole you sloped with my boyfriend thing other shows would have dragged it out and made it into this big love triangle mess but no not this show and I’m so excited about it. I kinda liked Steve (the grounder) I’m calling him Steve he was in many way very protective over Octavia and she recognised that so I can’t wait for his return.

    Apr 25, 2014
    Dave is English in real life. You can imagine him with an English accent now. Although as everyone seems to be pretending to be American on the Ark he’s probably pretending to be American too.

    Apr 25, 2014
    Oh Jasper you adorkable delinquent!!! I love your recaps!!!! Next week looks pretty important, I mean I think they get through enough to let them know that they are still alive.
    P.S. A lot of women choose to deliver their own baby with midwives or doctors standing by in case they need to intervene. She dd very well considering her only support was her like what 8 or so son.

    Apr 25, 2014
    I was waiting for this photo recap. I love these!
    I personally think Octavia was in the wrong for even placing the blame on Bellamy, he’s done everything for her without any regard for himself. She wanted to get out and see if the Earth was shaped like a rectangle or a square. To place the blame on him after everything he’s done for her is beyond messed up.
    Can we also take a second to realize that Abby got Melted Zeus killed for no reason at all. She ratted him out and got him floated just to go and play the video to everybody. If she was going to do that, should should have let Melted Zeus post the video on his own accord and get himself floated. At least that way she wouldn’t have a rebellious daughter mad at her.

    Apr 25, 2014
    Are they really going to make Octavia have the hots for that Grounder dude? HAHAHA. Octavia is crazy like that.
    Really liked the story for those siblings. Bellamy wasn’t very smart with how he planned letting his sister out for that party though. Oops.
    Of course Finn got stabbed. Now his two lovers will work together to save him.
    Finn’s really not that interesting to me so I don’t care of he dies. Bellamy and Clarke would make a much more interesting couple.
    Clarke’s gonna talk to her mama next week? Uh oh! “Thank for getting daddy killed, mom!”

    Apr 25, 2014
    Love that you always mention the sexual tension between Clarke and Bellamy. It’s so noticeable in e very scene they share.
    I hope Raven and Clarke can become friends. Clarke is handling this triangle with great maturity. You go girl. She’s still my favorite characters.
    Jasper…poor kid. Octavia will only be with him if every other guy she likes dies or is interested in someone else.
    It’s about time we got to see more scenes between the Blake siblings. It was weird they hardly had any scenes together before this episode.
    Next weeks episode looks intense.

    Apr 26, 2014
    But perhaps the Jasper-Octavia ship (Jactavia? Osper?) ship has already sailed. Even though he didn’t know it was Octavia at the time, she danced with Jasper at the masquerade party. So maybe it’s already predetermined–not that it will take a straight path to be realized.

    Apr 25, 2014
    Let’s hope for Jaspers sake that every other male character dies 😛 He really should know better than to fall for a girl who spend her entire childhood hiding under the floor. Girls like that have major issues.

    Apr 25, 2014
    Anyone have a body count of the 100?

    Apr 25, 2014
    10 dead now that I can think of (unless you count those deaths on the ark), which puts the Earth “arklings” at 92, if you count Bellamy and Raven (who weren’t part of the original 100).
    RIP: 3 people to acid fog (2 randoms + Atom), 3 randoms today, 2 random idiots that took their belts off before the pod landed, Wells, and Charlotte.

    Apr 24, 2014
    Oh forgot about the love triangle. How could I do that. **insert image of someone blowing their brains out**
    You know what I think would be awesome, if they wanna keep Clarke and Finn together than we can have the awesome Raven and Bellamy hook up. Clarke and Finn can die on an adventure squad mission and the show can become about the actual interesting characters (Raven and Bellamy). There is precedence for killing main characters, Being Human UK (not the knock off American version) did it with their entire cast, and recently Teen Wolf took out one of its leading ladies. I cross my fingers, I am willing to let them live if there is NO love triangle, I can’t stand love triangles. Again if they play it off like Teen Wolf where the characters maturely parted ways but still cared about each other and remained friends, AWESOME! But if I get any more mopey bullshit I will not be happy. I have been pleasantly surprised by this show so far, I actually have come to really like it, I just really hope they don’t ruin what they have going because they feel it is mandatory that a love triangle exists.
    Also GROUNDERS!!!! I really look forward to more grounders interactions, especially DAVE! I think they for sure can speak English, why wouldn’t they? Unless you landed on a part of Earth / country that was not English speaking, (and this being an American television show, not bloody likely) than the people that survived in that area would have continued to use their language ENGLISH. It has only been 97 years, I am pretty doubtful they have established an entirely new language, like my grand father is pushing 92, so 97 years is not that much time, especially if you think people probably live longer due to advanced medicine.
    But yah excited for next week and the epic storm. What are the chances we have a Thanksgiving, Mayflower type exchange go on between the grounders (natives) and the 100 (europeans), at least between Dave and the 100, he seems like an okay dude.

    Apr 24, 2014
    So I have a lot to say/comment/question about this episode. Firstly though, I doubt our beautiful creepster ever said excuse me.
    Now on to other random things, that will probably be out of order. Clarke’s comment about Octavia probably “chasing butterflies” almost made me piss my pants I was laughing so hard. I also really liked the whole “slay the demon” thing being said by his mom so you can see where he got it from, but more importantly I love your comment that he felt the need to impart that “wisdom” on the next little girl he saw having issues, that was priceless.
    But now quick question about this one child policy. Are we to believe they don’t have multiple births anymore, like twins or triplets? Where do those kids go, are they an exception to the rule? And if they were so strict on the one kid thing you would think they would have super birth control or I don’t know maybe surgically ensuring they can’t have anymore kids after they have their first one. They would also have to do a little snipping on the guys, because this is the future and I expect equal rights. Guys can’t go whoring around and have no consequences, paternity matters, they should get snipped after they have their first kid too.
    Now specifically regarding the Blake family. How the hell did Bellamy and Octavia’s mother hide her pregnancy, are we to think she slept with all the guards to ensure silence on this issue? And it was kinda gross that she had that baby right there in front of poor innocent little Bellamy and was instantly like “she’s your sister, she is your responsibility”. Like NO! She is your responsibility lady, you were the dumb ass that got your self knocked up. Also how much older is Bellamy? I thought maybe 2-4 years initially but he looks like a good 7/8 years older, which means he is like 25 years old, hanging out and sleeping with a bunch of people under the age of 18. I guess it is a good thing rules don’t really apply down there.
    I really liked the whole sibling rivalry and blame game going on at the end there, it was really good and rang true. I have an older and a younger sibling so I have experienced both sides of that coin. They will rip each other apart but like all siblings, Bellamy at least has shown he will be there to back his sister up should shit hit the fan. And with Octavia that seems a rather common occurrence.


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