‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ Photo Recap Part 1 – Abracadabrahhhhhhhhhhh Holy Shit Balls!

A little about me: I am 100% a total hypocrite. I’m all, “ugh, stop with the remakes and the reboots and the continuations, already! I will not to be lured in by nostalgia, I’m too intelligent for OMG A SABRINA REMAKE GIVE IT TO ME RIGHT NOW.”

Sabrina the Teenage Witch was successful for many a reason, one of them being that it matched the social mood of the 90s. It was charming and zany, it was campy and sweetly romantic, it portrayed nice, healthy relationships, and it made us chuckle (a talking cat? What a hoot!).

In that same way, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is matching the social mood of today: balls to the wall, off the charts effing bonkers. I mean, WHAT EVEN WAS THAT? Amazing. That’s what it was. Just… amazing.

I’m one episode deep into this deliciously horrifying show, and I already love it. The style, the scenery-chewing, the intrigue, the cast, the absurdity of it all. This is going to be a romp, and I am here for it.

This post contains a photo recap of the first 5 episodes. If you’re new to my wackadoo ramblings, here’s the deal: I recap each episode before moving on to the next. At the moment I’m writing this, I don’t know what happens in episode 2, so DO NOT tell me!


The show introduced our intrepid heroine as she was munching on some snacks, watching something scary and loving it – which is what all of us a were ALSO doing. Clever, show. I see you. This was a great introduction, and I’m already in love. It also introduced us to our heroine’s nearest and dearest:


A bunch of friends who passionately discuss the deeper meanings of movies over fast food…. I feel so SEEN. And lest we forget Harvey, who worked up the courage to tell his high school sweetheart that he loves her, as if he’s NOT on a horrifically violent supernatural teen spook-fest.



The thing is, who is Harvey if not a beautiful, lovable doofus. So, SPOT ON, show. Someone get Ross Lynch a cookie.

While we were meeting and falling in love with our new pals, we were also following Sabrina’s beloved teacher as she helped a girl who was “attacked by the forest,” which Ms. Wardwell did not question because being attacked by a forest seems like a totally reasonable thing to happen.



What we learned: there were witches in this sleepy little town back in the ol’ witch-hunt days who were hung in a creepy forest, and they’re still peeved about it.

Everything about this scene was amazing. I was VERY SURE the teacher was going to gobble up that young woman in some kind of demonic display of grossness, but nope! The girl was the demon, and I guess she got bored of the history lesson, because she magicked some scissors right into the teacher’s neck, then possessed her body.


Back home, Sabrina was killing bats in her room and drinking green smoothies to “cleanse her vessel”, as one does.




THE CIGARETTE HOLDER! I cannot get over how wonderfully bizarre these people are. Aunt Zelda has attitude, and I am loving it.

Anyway, they talked about her Dark Baptism, which is when she’s going to pledge her soul to the ACTUAL DEVIL, which is not me being funny, that’s really what it is.


Ambrose is Sabrina’s cousin, who is mysteriously imprisoned on the estate for crimes unknown, and is also my new crush.





As it turns out, assholes are universal, whether you’re a witch or not. This girl band (Prudence, Dorcus, and Agatha, because of course) doesn’t want Sabrina at their super secret witch school because they are displeased by Sabrina’s parentage. So they cursed her, naturally. Typical teen stuff.

After showering the curse off, our girl ran into her pal, who had been harassed and assaulted by some football players.


This fellow suggested that instead of trying to find and punish Suzi’s attackers, she should instead leave the school. It’s like he doesn’t know what show he’s on!! The first rule of being on a show about witches; don’t be a misogynistic ass explosion TO A WITCH’S FACE.


A general rule of all supernatural shows is that people are never low-key possessed. Demons / witches / spirits are never content to just hang out in their flesh-sack’s old dreary clothes. No way, man! They need to do evil IN STYLE, and I love it.

Anyway, Ms. Fakewell encouraged Sabrina to start a club for ladies, and then casually dropped the hint that the principal is afraid of spiders, which is not suspicious at all, and is definitely not something that would make a teenage witch suspect that her hum-drum muggle of a newly sexy history teacher may be possessed.

On a personal note, Sabrina was being hassled by her pals about her birthday, which is the date when she shall leave them behind forever, so she went ahead and told Harvey the truth about her whole deal.




He didn’t take it well, but to his credit, he didn’t completely freak out, either! She didn’t give him a chance to process, though, before she took it all back with a kiss.

Honestly, I’m so wildly jealous right now. If I could magically have only one witch power, it would definitely be the ability to make people forget the stupid shit I say.

Our girl went home and had a very shady conversation with her aunts about her dead parents’ tragic plane accident, then took a salt water bath, which aren’t only good for cleansing yourself of a blood curse that will eat away at your sanity, they’re also good at inducing revealing visions!



You don’t just look under a demon baby’s blanket without their consent, Sabrina! Seriously though – what in the eff does this mean? Is Sabrina a changeling? Were her parents shady? Are their ghosts still stickin’ around? I LOVE IT.

Then Sabrina got to torturing her principal a bit.


I AM UNSETTLED. Look, this guy was a dick, and I was rather looking forward to his comeuppance, but this was A BIT MUCH, SABRINA! Ugh, God. Nightmares welcome, I guess. Anyway, it worked and he took a day off (I would have just quit my job and moved straight into an air-tight bunker, saying goodbye to the outside world, but that’s just me), and they got their club, so way to go.


Salem!! This visual representation of what Salem actually is when he’s not pretending to be a cat was awesome. Well done, all.

The next morning Sabrina revealed that she had reservations about going full witch, and it did not go well. Zelda insisted it’s what her parents wanted for her, and everyone got weird about it. INTRIGUE!

Then my crush Ambrose told Sabrina to bite from the apple of knowledge, and off she went!


This was very scary you guys!! Ms. Fakewell was controlling the creepiest scarecrow in existence to stop Sabrina from making it to the apple. Never fear, though, because Salem was on the case, and he tore that scarecrow UP. Our girl found the tree, took a big juicy bite of the apple, and just like that was meeting the man himself.




YYYYYYYYYYYIKES. Girl spit that apple out pronto, and got the H outta dodge. That was very creepy, you guys! Lots of hanging witches. Just a whole slew of them. *shivers*

When Sabrina got home, she was met by the High Priest of Dark Shenanigans, who was told she was having doubts about her baptism.



And that’s that! Now we’ve met all our players, and the fun can begin!

This show is obviously different from the original in many ways, but in a lot of ways it’s also the same. They both deal with the idea of identity, what it is to be different (especially as a lady), and what it means to be a powerful woman.

I’m into it.


  • WHAT’S THE DEAL WITH EVERY SINGLE THING??? You know what I mean? They have me hooked me so hard. Why is my crush on a 75-year house arrest? What’s with the creepy second baby in Sabrina’s dream? Who killed her parents, and why are the aunts hiding it? Why does one aunt have an accent and the other doesn’t? Are Sabrina’s waves natural, or are they magicked? Was it intentional to have the tree in her apple vision seem like a vagina that the Actual Devil was bursting his way through? I have ALL THE QUESTIONS! Like, also, why are all the photographs old-timey? Is the time frame of this show supposed to be ambiguous? Cause it is!


  • The casting of this show is just… *chef kiss*. Legends.


  • Not sure how I feel yet about the blurry edges. I haven’t yet figured out if there’s a pattern to it – like, is it hazy when there’s magic afoot?


  • So fun seeing Tati Gabrielle (Gaia from The 100) as a total Mean Girl.


  • Lots of spoken exposition that felt unnatural and forced (Teach saying to her bird, “ah, my familiar, the dark lord sent us here to make sure Sabrina is super evil, so let’s do a good job and take pride in our work, our work which is to make sure Sabrina becomes a witch, okay?” (Paraphrasing) I’m sure the exposition dialogue is just a symptom of pilotitis, and shall pass. There was A LOT to tell us this first episode.


  • I adore every single thing Michelle Gomez has done, or will ever do. This woman is so over-the-top and I am in love.


  • The dead body my crush was embalming may have been a warlock. Is there a witch hunter on the loose????


  • Bronson Pinchot is handsome and talented, and I’m very sorry that I will never not see him as Balki Bartokomous.




     Episode 2 continued with the wacko ride of insanity, and answered the question of whether or not our girl would join the evil society of evilness. And… no. The answer is no, she did not.




Seems legit! This fellow was very convincing, and made signing away her soul seem like a no-risk investment. She’ll get all the perks, be able to choose which tasks she has to do, AND she can back out if she’s not enjoying herself? Sign me up, ammiright?

My crush Ambrose showed the High Priest of Shadiness the dead warlock who had been murdered, and he was all, “nawwwwwww it’s all good,” and he’s SUCH a trustworthy source that I’m sure he’s right and everything is fine.

Sabrina asked Hilda if she’s ever had doubts, and Hilda gave an amazing speech about occasionally dreaming of setting the forest aflame, which I think was a yes?



Gahhhh this was spooky as EFF. Zelda was creeping on them from the ceiling and was not pleased!

Harvey popped by and lovable-doofused all over the Aunts and Ambrose in the hopes of inviting them on some kind of all-family bowling date. I mean… could he be cuter? When they got to school they found Suzi suspended for trying to take on the dude-bros who’d been bullying her, so Sabrina went to the most sane person she could think of for advice.


One thing you should know about me is that I love, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE team-ups involving foes with the potential to turn into reluctant friendships. To get one in the second episode of the show is a gift I don’t know how to repay. Sabrina enlisted the help of the Girl Band of witches in order to punish the douchasauruses who had been picking on Suzi, and it was everything I had hoped it could be.





I honestly liked the girl band’s punishment more than Sabrina’s. I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that threatening to expose homoerotic photos of someone is in itself hinting at homophobia. But the girls rendering them impotent until Sabrina chooses to release the birds? *slow clap*

After a sweet moment where Sabrina spins Harvey a yarn about a wizard bestowing him power if he gives up everything else, and he says “thanks but no thanks” (awwwwwwww), she overheard a heartfelt conversation between hear aunts. One of which, had just arisen from the dead after being murdered by the other (ugh, siblings, ammiright?).



Sabrina was having an emotional crisis about cutting her friends out of her life, so she decided to have one last hurrah at Roz’s Halloween party.


Wearing your mother’s wedding dress to a costume party is a ballsy move and I RESPECT IT.



Sabrina basically laid it out for him and he’s still not catching on. Oh Harvey, you beautiful doofus, never change. Anyway, then the blood moon started bleeding, and Sabrina was like, “oh whoopsie, I have a previous engagement,” and vamoosed.




In a shocking twist, the President of the Evil Club of Evilness was misleading our girl! He slipped in some legal talk just before she was about to sign her name that basically translated to, “you’re ours now, bitch.” But she was too quick for that shit, took her dead parents advice and got the H out of there.

Then the writers were like, “how can we make Toni love Ambrose even more than she obviously already does?” And the answer was having him totally back our girl up and bluff about a protection spell around the house that would keep douchey witches out.


Whoooooooboy, the Actual Devil was not pleased about how the events of the evening played out. Ms. Fakewell kissed his cloven hooves and promised to do better next time, and it was all very cool and disturbing.



The Actual Devil possessed her principal and told her to smarten up! Oh man. This was awesome. Is he forever possessed now, or will he go back to being a regular old dick next ep?

Only one way to find out!


  • “Some nights I dream that I am walking into the Greendale woods in the peak of dry season, with a lit torch in each hand, so that I can watch the whole forest burn, like so much kindling. … Have a lovely little sleep, my darling. Tuckity tuck, tuck!” – Lucy Davis is a comic Goddess.


  • Them speaking openly about being witches in front of Harvey and him not understanding is cute now, but will get old very fast. I need him to find out the truth for realsies, and quick.


  • More on the warlock murder case; he had an iguana.


  • “But I want both. I want freedom and power.” – “He’ll never give you that. The Dark Lord, the thought of you, of any of us having both terrifies him.” – “Why is that?” – “He’s a man, isn’t he?” AW SNAP! #EffThePatriarchy


  • Ms. Fakewell taking an obnoxiously huge handful of Halloween candy off the secretary’s desk is low-key the best moment of this episode.


     Episode 3; in which we learn that Roz is going blind, Sabrina’s parents may have been dicks, Ms Fakewell is indeed a demon, Harvey’s dad is a butt, but most importantly that HILDA AND ZELDA SLEEP IN THE SAME ROOM LIKE BERT AND ERNIE.

What a ride.

Sabrina was still reeling from her encounter with Devil-Possessed Principal, so she was having trouble concentrating on her friend’s woes about banned books (which are totally valid and important woes!). Quick question – do you think when the principal woke up, he was curious about the mouth froth and blood all over his face, or was he like, “whoa, that must’ve been a wild nap.”

Then, as if Sabrina didn’t have enough to worry about, she came home to find she’d been summoned to court by the Actual Devil.


Not only that, but the aunts are being punished right alongside her, which means their bodies are falling apart faster than Goldie Hawn and Meryl Streep in Death Becomes Her.

My crush Ambrose told Sabrina about a witch lawyer, so off she popped.


Actually, he initially said no, but then he stared at a picture of a young girl and we all knew he would do it. Real talk – I am very shocked that this fellow was still alive at the end of this episode. This seemed like a classic ‘kill the guy helping the hero’ type of situation, and I’m glad I was wrong.



In an awesome display that showed how much history this man has with these people, he burst into the courtroom and threw so much shade that I wanted to high-five him. Then he had a debrief with the aunts and Sabrina, and there was so much sass between him and Zelda that I now ship it. Don’t hate me.

Oh, and he knew Sabrina’s dad! Intrigue!

Then the High Priest of Cheap Tricks pointed out that Sabrina’s name was already in the Evil Book of Evilness.



Sabrina’s dad signed her name, promising her to the Actual Devil so he could marry a mortal! And Zelda witnessed it! What a pickle!

On their way to school Harvey told a charming story about how one time as a kid he saw a literal monster in the mines. What a weird coincidence!



What do you think the Actual Devil DOES down there in the mines. He must be so bored. Imagine how stoked he must have been to have a visitor!

Ms. Fakewell showed Sabrina (in a tea-vision), that her new lawyer was very good at freeing very bad people, so Sabrina confronted him about it and found out he had made a deal with the Actual Devil. He would win all his cases, but they would be very, very, bad. Then one of the bad men he set free killed his daughter. *sad face*

He argued that Sabrina shouldn’t be subjected to witch law because she’s half mortal, so the High Priest of Pervs insisted she has to strip naked to prove she doesn’t have a witches’ mark.



Meanwhile, My Crush Ambrose met a strapping young man at the funeral of the murdered warlock, who seemed rather interested in his dead ex-lover’s iguana. But that’s not all he was interested in!



He was gone the next morning, and the murdered fellow’s familiar was dead. INNNNNNNNTERESTING, no?


Roz revealed that in three months or less, she will be blind, which suuuuuuuuucks for anyone, but for someone who loves to read? Nightmare. Magic to the rescue?

Oh, and Ms. Fakewell was listening in like a total creeper.

Because Harvey’s ass-hat father overheard him talking about possibly working at a comic book store, he forced him to do a shift at the mines, where as a child he once saw the Actual Devil.


But his cool older brother told him not to worry about it and get outta there. This resulted in a fight at home with their dad where we learned that Harvey’s older brother is the absolute best, and now I fear for his life. Get out of those Devil-infested mines, Tommy. GET OUT OF THOSE MINES.

Sabrina was feeling pretty confident about the public inspection of her naked body because Harvey had already given her an adorable once-over in the woods. But turns out she didn’t need to, because Aunt Hilda had a trick up her sleeve! She brought in a baptism certificate to a Christian church, made one day before her dad signed her soul away.


This resulted in a verdict where Sabrina can keep being mortal, but she has to go to the witch academy (“think of it as dual citizenship”), and the aunts got their powers back. BUT…



Aunt Helda was excommunicated for participating in a Christian baptism! What does that mean?? Does she still have powers??? Does she have to move out?

Ms. Fakewell and the High Priest of Douchery had a chat, where he was like, “I’m the best because now she goes to my school and Imma make her bend to my will!” and Ms. Fakewell was all, “nuh uh, Imma take away all her pals, and that’s worse, so I’m really the best.”

“Real corruption is a thin, subtle blade.” *Shivers* The episode ended with a secret bookclub with Sabrina and all her beloved pals, run by none-other than Ms. Fakewell herself. DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNN

Very pumped for the next episode to see the Magic Academy of Evil.


  • I love that My Crush Ambrose is always perched on the furniture like a cat.


  • Do Zelda and the High Priest of Evilness have a sexy past? Things got prrrrrrrrretty steamy when she went to plead her case.


  • Soooooooooo, is the Actual Devil aware of Harvey and his brother? Is he somehow going to try use Harvey through his brother? I’m scared, you guys!


  • I was unclear about what Ms. Fakewell really was. I thought perhaps she could be the dead spirit of an angry witch, or a shapeshifting witch, or a magic angry robot, but nope! This episode the High Priest of Deceit called her a demon, so… she’s a demon.


  • I haven’t seen a cell phone on this show. Is that to keep the time setting ambiguous?


  • What would it take for you to sell your soul to the Actual Devil? I’m not saying it would be to eat all the ice cream I want and not gain weight or be gassy, but I’m also not NOT saying that.


     Holy shit you guys, was episode 4 my favourite so far? I THINK SO!

It was broken up into 3 storylines, of which we shall call Academy Adventures, B-Side Bonanza, and Romance Napping.

Romance Napping was the story of My Crush Ambrose and HIS crush Luke. Seeing as Ambrose can’t leave the Spellman property, he had to get creative in order to go on a date. He risked the wrath of some asshole birds in order to astral project himself to a coffee shop to make some flirty small talk.


But while he was out, Ms. Fakewell came to call, and Aunt Hilda had to leave her alone to wander round, steal some hair, cut up Sabrina’s clothes and rub saliva on her mirror. Just a very rude house guest, basically.

The asshole birds were closing in on My Crush Ambrose, and Hilda was trying to call him back when Zelda came in and put an end to all tomfoolery.


So what are we thinking? Is Luke the witch hunter? Yeahhhh… Luke is the witch hunter, isn’t he? Have we actually seen him do any magic? He’s the witch hunter.

B-Side Bonanza starred our beloved side-kicks and a slumber party that got weird. Turns out Suzi has an uncle who saw something in the mines that made him go a bit bonkers. When Harvey caught wind of this, he was obviously interested because of his own experience, and his questions to Uncle Crazy Pants resulted in…





This was very startling! Suzi’s uncle is quite obviously afflicted with a case of the ol’ Demon Possession. But who? And what? And how? What a fun puzzle!

The kids tied him up and left him alone, but peeked in on him later for good measure.


Academy Adventures followed our girl as she started at the Evil School for Evilness.


This young boy was standing on the steps waiting for Sabrina to arrive, which at first I thought was strange and fun. Knowing what I know now – I have questions, which I will wait to ask until after class.

After nailing her choir audition (ohhhh Prudence was soooooo mad!), Sabrina made a new friend.



Not only is Nick handsome, charming, and an ex of all 3 Girl Band members, but he’s also a smidge obsessed with Sabrina’s father, to the point that he’s reading his journals, which are available at the school library. I hope her dad knew his journals would one day be public reading material. IMAGINE the embarrassing shit that could be in there?? The mind boggles.

Girl Band sat down with them and proceeded to meal-girl Sabrina, and NUH-UH, I call character regression! The girls were almost okay with Sabrina by the end of their torture of the douche-bros, so it felt strange that they would go back to being total d-bags without cause.

Anyway, they magicked her into a scary dungeon where a bunch of witches slit their own throats out of madness.


Luckily Salem sensed her distress and came to help her through it. (awwwwwwww) Then the High Priest of Sneakiness took Salem away and called her into his office to have a chat. Apparently Sabrina can’t take the classes she wants to take until she proves herself capable.


The second part of the Harrowing was to take our girl in front of a tree, strip her down and make her stand there all night while some kind of demonic theatre performance happened behind her – but she couldn’t turn around.


Then the little boy showed up to walk her back to school, but took a little detour first.


T’was HIS GRAVE. Amazing. And there were a shit-ton of other graves, and other ghosts, all looking friendly, but still peeved. Why? Because they were harrowed to death. They were hazed so hard that they DIED.

Okay my questions – how did this kid know to wait for Sabrina on the front steps? WHY did he wait for her? What personal attachment might he have to a strange new student that he would be waiting for her with a SIGN THAT SAID HER NAME. Where did he get the sign? Did he make it? How? Can these ghosts touch or move things in the mortal realm? If not, was it a ghost-sign? Why could Sabrina see him when it seemed none of the other students could? Could he sense that Sabrina was going to be the victim of the same harassment he faced, and thus revealed himself to her? But if so, how would he know from the moment she stepped upon the school grounds?

Don’t get me wrong, I loved this. LOVED IT. But these questions will haunt me (pun intended) until the end of time itself.

Sabrina told the aunts about the kids who were harrowed to death, and they all came up with a scheme.



When Hilda’s darkness pokes out from under her sweet disposition, it gives me chills. LOVE THIS WOMAN.


Simply spectacular. All the kids who’d been bullied to death showed up and hung Girl Band with invisible ropes, and as they were choking to death, Sabrina made them promise to stop harrowing. AND the ghosts formed an anti-bullying squad forevermore, thereby fulfilling their Unfinished Business (copyright Casper).

BIG REVEAL: It was actually the High Priest of Dickbaggary that put Girl Band up to bullying Sabrina. Good. This is good. I take back my accusations of character regression. And now I am SO MAD at the High Priest of Shit Disturbing. These girls were on their way to friendship and he blocked it. He’s a friendship block. How very dare he.

Then Nick gave Sabrina one of her dad’s journals, and she found a clue to the magical rubik’s cube, which had an alarming result.



BAAAAAHAHAH WHAT?! The hair alone has me intrigued.


  • “I’m going to learn how to conjure him, bind him, banish him. That’s my only agenda.” Yeah, girl! Sabrina is becoming badass, you guys. “If you say anything about my mother or father ever again, I’ll choke you on your own blood.” Dammmmmmnnnnnn!


  • Zelda is now the midwife / life coach to the High Priest of Adulterous Flirting and his wife. Where’s THAT gonna lead???


  • It was implied that Zelda killed Hilda during her harrowing. How long has Hilda had the ability to resurrect? Is this something all witches can do, or it is unique to her?


  • Speaking of, Zelda’s apology was nice. I hope we get to see their relationship as sisters develop more.


  • The spit Ms. Fakewell put on Sabrina’s mirror means she can now spy on her. Creeeeeeepy.


  • My crush Ambrose is under house arrest for TRYING TO BURN DOWN THE VATICAN! Baaahahahahahahahhhahahaha amazing.

     Filler; Fill.er



  1. A television episode that is usually a stand-alone.
  2. An episode of television that doesn’t necessarily further the plot, but is fun and often focuses on the characters.

Not a lot happened in episode 5, but we sure did learn a lot about the people we’ve come to care about, and darnit, I had a good time.

The demon we saw at the end of the last episode was in fact a sleep demon whom Sabrina’s dad had trapped in the magical rubik’s cube. Sabrina ran to get help from her fam, and lickity-split, the demon was re-trapped.





The sleep demon (who was VERY creepy looking, and the make-up department should be very proud but maybe also seek mental help), got out of the unsealed urn right quick and went to work on infiltrating their dreams.

Sabrina’s Dream





Sabrina’s worst nightmare seems to be her mortal life rejecting her witch life, which is the duality she’s been struggling with all season so far, so this makes sense. (Let’s be honest, the biggest tell should have been when Tommy was mean, because Harvey’s sweet, sweet brother Tommy WOULD NEVER.)

My Crush Ambrose’s Dream



My Crush Ambrose struggled with his imprisonment, and whether or not his life can have any meaning when he can’t step off the grounds. This took the form of giving HIMSELF an autopsy, then being set free, murdered, and having his autopsy done BY HIMSELF. That is some psychological warfare, right there.

Hilda’s Dream



I like to think that Hilda would choose someone better if her conscious mind were at the wheel.



We learned that Hilda is quite lonely, and would appreciate some romantic attention. We also learned that her absolute worst nightmare is being permanently attached to Zelda. VERY TELLING. Which was in stark contrast to…

Zelda’s Dream




Looks like Zelda isn’t as annoyed with Hilda as she acts. Her nightmare started as being out-cooked by her sister in front of the Actual Devil, but then quickly turned into losing her sister forever.

Anyway, Ms. Fakewell saw through her spit-mirror that the demon was there, and hilariously popped into everyone’s dream before reaching Sabrina.


She told Sabrina to leave her family behind, but our girl had other plans. What followed was a very fun romp around the house and through everyone’s dreams, getting the answers she needed to vanquish the demon.



And so they all woke up, and all was right in the Spellman house. But then Sabrina remembered the assist she got from a certain high school teacher.



Our girl is about to get some GD answers!

All in all, the first half of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina was a horrifying delight, and I am very on board. The cast is superb, the writing is sharp and witty, the plot is intriguing, and the details are deliciously weird.

Very pumped for the second half. See you then, cool cats!

Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeeen!


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