The 100 “Damocles Part 2” Photo Recap – Chekhov’s Hythylodium (5.13)

Are there even any tears left in the world? Because I’m out. I’m plum out of tears, you guys. Remember in my last recap when I was like, “who will they take from us? PLEASE NOT MONTY.”

But am I mad? No. I can’t be. That was GD beautiful, and such a fitting farewell to the cutest couple to ever walk the earth (and sky). And I’m already in love with Jordan, sooo… The 100 taketh away, but The 100 also giveth.

My dearest darling Christopher Larkin, from the deepest depths of my bleeding heart – thank you. Thank you for bringing Monty to life. Thank you for giving him the calm, sweet kindness that oozed out of his every word. Thank you for the lovable charm you brought to the show, and for the intelligent portrayal of the constant voice of reason.

Within Monty’s chest beat the heart of a true hero, until the very, very end.

Chelsey Reist, you turned Harper into a strong, funny, caring person we could root for. We lost two of the original Hundred in the finale, and you both will be deeply missed.

UGH OKAY, now THAT’S out of the way I can stop being so damn sincere. Gross, right guys? Let’s um… let’s cut the tension…

Hey guys – what do you call someone who never farts in public?  –  A private tutor. HA! Get it? Cause… tooting. He.. he… right? Farts are funny.

ANYWAY – Now that we’ve lamented who we lost, let’s talk about who we DIDN’T! Kane is sort of alive! Gaia gets to keep her leg! Octavia is sort of sane again! Miller seemed fine! Echo wasn’t sacrificed to the narrative Gods! Diyoza is snoozing with her unborn baby, ready to be totally awesome in season 6!

There are things worth celebrating!

Oh, yeah, and the show is now ON ANOTHER PLANET!!! I mean….. HAHAHAHHAHA WHAT.






The episode was beautifully heartbreaking right out of the gate, with Miller wandering around, taking in the horrifying sites, completely at a loss. And when Monty and Harper (MY HEART HURTS), were all, “yeahhhhh, we’re gonna die here,” he was like, “then I guess we’ll die.”






The rover rocked up and the Squad stepped out, and Madi made a grand entrance, and honestly, the look of pure relief on Octavia’s face as she kneeled to her was perfect. “Oh, you want this boulder I’ve been carrying around on my shoulders? Sure, man, have at it.”

Then Not-So-Wonkru all bowed to her like she was a hobbit returning from an adventure, and it was awesome. So now they’re ready to fight, they just need their leader to come up with a game plan. Luckily, they gathered around Gaia to talk about it.






Gaia was VERY cool about them hovering around her sick-bed for a brainstorming sesh, and she gave Madi the password to access the past commander files (I bet it translates to 1-2-3-4).


And a plan was hatched!

Meanwhile, McCreary was playing Mr. Potato Head with Nice Cop, deciding which body part to keep, and which to accidentally lose at the bottom of the toy chest.





This was very upsetting! He did something unsanitary to his teeth, then threatened to cut off his leg with a giant metallic lobster claw. But Raven was all, “you’re annoying me, quit it,” and McCreary was all, “only if you fly my spaceship!” and she was like, “fine, whatever.”




Clarke busted Diyoza out of her cell (bedroom), and Diyoza was like, “I would like a flow-chart of your motivations and goals because girl, you’re confusing.” And Clarke was like, “you too, babe,” and off they went to save the day.





Clarke threatened to shoot McCreary’s unborn child if he didn’t quit being such a douche. It wasn’t the best of plans considering if she did, his men would kill her instantly, but hey, girl was working within a time limit. At least it put the ball in play, ya know?

Meanwhile, the Spaceventure Squad was being AWESOME, diversion-making and arrow-shooting and fire-drawing and quipping at each other. They followed Madi’s plan to take out the guns in the gorge*, but their engines were shot out before they could get to their super-special spot, and Echo and Bellamy had to make a run for it, and the Beautiful Creepster got in the hot seat to lay down cover fire and was SHOT TWICE.


You guys – I was very nervous during this scene. VERY NERVOUS the entire time. At any given moment I thought any one of them would die. As soon as my bestie climbed into that seat, I yelled out, “NOT MY BEAUTIFUL CREEPSTER!!”



They used their overheating weapons against them! Bellamy shot one and the whole place blew, and Not-So-Wonkru was able to to warrior-cry right on by.






He knew he was going to lose the fight, so he launched the hythylodium to come and destroy everything and everyone. I haven’t felt this vindicated since Raven muttered “I’m awesome” in the season 1 finale. McCreary actually said, “if I can’t have this valley, no one can.” BAHAHAHAHHAHAHA if that’s not “cool guy who doesn’t want people hanging out without him”, I don’t know what is!

Anyway, Clarke gave Raven the ol’, “read my mind” eyes, and she zapped her, and at that exact moment, Raven asked McCreary to dance.



Clarke STOMPED HIM TO DEATH real quick. She had a gun readily available and chose to step on his face until he died. That says something about where our girl was at mentally, and how much she disliked this fellow.

Bye McCreary! You were a psychotic good time! Early in the season I had hoped there would be a bigger bad than Diyoza to force her to align with the Squad, and I’m glad it was you. Thanks to William Miller, who somehow made McCreary both fun and detestable, which is not an easy task. I look forward to seeing him in future projects.



Not-So-Wonkru rocked up to camp and Madi was all, “bye suckas,” but Bellamy talked her down with a rousing Bellamy-style speech. That boy loves nothing more than giving speeches. I think Bellamy and speeches are a new ship. #Speechamy #Belleech We’ll workshop it. Anyway, he convinced her to not kill everyone, and it was very nice.









I COULD NOT HANDLE THIS SCENE. ‘Member in the Season 4 finale when the Beautiful Creepster brought Monty to safety? Plus, the last time we saw these two magnificent dudes together they were fighting, and now Monty is hauling the Beautiful Creepster over his shoulder, refusing to let him be left behind, and my heart, ugh, my poor, poor, melting heart.



Clarke was waiting at the door as Madi and the others came running out of the fog, and it was all very dramatic and touching, and reminiscent of not only last season, but season 1 when she had to shut the podship on her friends. Anyway, Madi was like, “isn’t Bellamy the best?” and Clarke was like, “um, yeah, I mean, yes, why do you… *ahem*.”






This showdown has been in the making for years, but instead of anger, all Octavia had left was hurt. Abby helped make her into a monster and then abandoned her. The fact that Octavia was able to put all that aside to help save Kane shows how much she’s regretting how deep into Blodraina she fell.

Octavia’s turnabout was very quick, but I believe it. You know when you’re in a social situation, and you’re grumpy and kinda mopey, but then you take it too far and accidentally sass someone you like, and then you’re like, “awww damn, I’m ruining the night!” so you do a complete personality overhaul to make up for it, and suggest karaoke and buy everyone ice cream? What I’m saying is – I get it. Girl realized her mistake(s) – she saw there was another way, and she instantly wanted to make up for it. I’m not saying she’s going to wake up as a ray of sunshine, but I do buy her actions this episode. She was ready to die to save her peeps last episode. Kinda hard to sweat the small stuff after that.  



Madi told Bellamy about all the radio calls Clarke made over the past 6 years, and that seemed to thaw his already kinda room-temp heart. Then the party bus arrived with all the wounded, including Kane, Octavia and Abby, but with some very notable absences.

Raven was all, “guys, it’s game day”, but Bellamy refused to get in until they came, and Clarke wouldn’t shut the door without him (but we all know she would have), and the hythylodium was hurtling towards the earth, and it was all very tense! But then the rest of the Spaceventure Squad came limping out of the woods and they all hustled onto the ship.

But that was not the biggest takeaway from this scene.


HAHAHAHAHHAHA x forever. Clarke pulled another lever in a season finale. Amazing.


The ship took off and made it safely to space, and now that the conflict was over, the rest of the episode could focus on saving the injured, repairing relationships, and figuring out the big ol’ question of what to do.

“We’re deciding the fate of the human race… again.”



This was, in all honesty, quite lovely. I’ve always said that these two are better together than apart, no matter what form of relationship that takes. It was relieving to see them talking like friends and equals again.

He invited her to a brainstorm with all the main characters, EXCEPT:








These two had a bonding sesh about how they used to be leaders and now they’re despised, and I truly and deeply hope that they become best friends.

I’m peeved for them that they didn’t get invited to the super-special meeting. Look, I get it. Diyoza started off the season as the antagonist, and Octavia turned a little cray there for a bit. But they’re both leaders. They both have experience and knowledge, and they both know their people. Disregarding their points of view felt childish.


The results of the super-special meeting was that everyone would go into cryo-sleep until the Earth stopped being so damn sick of them all. I liked that they included Madi, but didn’t put it all on her shoulders. They discussed it and gave her all the information she needed to make the deicsion. She may be the Heda, but she’s still a 12 year old. 



Bellamy getting alllllll the make-up scenes! This was hard and beautiful. These two have a long way to go towards being okay, but they’re still the most compelling, heartbreaking, and heart-swelling relationship on this show.



You’re telling me that these two woke up after a hundred some-odd years and NEITHER of them have goop in their eyes? Pfffftt, I can suspend my disbelief only so far, SHOW.



This fellow’s name is Jordan, and as he quickly and awkwardly explained, he is Monty and Harper’s son, and he is a slice of MAGIC.

The fact that Monty and Harper specifically asked for Clarke and Bellamy to be woken up first, that after everything they’ve been through, after all those years, Clarke and Bellamy are still the ones they trust the most, is just……………… uuuughhhhhhhhhhh I’m not crying again, YOU’RE crying again, WE’RE ALL crying again!





Not only is Jordan a handsome, funny, awkwardly charming new addition to the cast, but he also knows the importance of a good dramatic shot, so he backed away so Clarke and Bellamy could have their closing moment.


HOW ARE YOU GUYS? The long and short of it: Monty and Harper didn’t go to sleep, the Earth never came back to life, and Monty set them a course for another planet found by the Eligus 3, a journey which took over 70 years. Monty and Harper are long dead, and I am ugly crying again so hard, you guys. AGAIN.

I was wondering where the show would take us for next season, and this absolutely brilliant. The Adventure Squad began as a rag-tag group of delinquents, fighting to survive a hostile environment with even more hostile foes. First it was the Grounders, then the Mountain Men, then ALIE came around to fudge things up, then it was the actual planet they were fighting, then the story became reflexive and turned the tables. Where else could the plot have gone? What other foes awaited them on a mostly-dead planet?

So why not just kill the planet and find a new one, with new dangers and new foes. *slow clap* There are so many possibilities, the mind boggles.

The show just keeps growing season by season, but it has never felt too big. It’s a natural progression, and the new challenges have always felt realistic and immediate. But in truth, it doesn’t matter how big the story is, it is always, and will always be about the Adventure Squad. It’s about these people whom we’ve watched grow and suffer and overcome. It’s about the relationships that have been forged in the heat of battle, and the heart-breaks that have cut through them and made them stronger. It’s about a mutated gorilla who I still refuse to believe is dead, even after over a hundred years.

Season 5 felt more personal than the others, and that is why it’s my 2nd favourite (after season 1). It slowed down the action a smidge to really delve into the characters we love. It gave them less to do and more to feel. It showed us how they became the way they are, and it allowed us to sit in their pain, in their love, and in their desperate need for ice cream. It was an ensemble piece, and a treat to the fans, rewarding us for being there from the beginning, giving us nods to the journey we all went on.

Thank you for reading my zany ramblings week after week. It is a joy to be a part of this community. I will miss all of you wackos in the hiatus. I look forward to season 6 and the bonkers disasters that await us.


  • So Vinson is for sure dead. I know that was obvious last episode, but like I said, I’m bad at knowing when people are dead (funerals are a NIGHTMARE with me), but yeah… he’s gone. RIP my sweet darling Vinson. May the feet and hands be plentiful in heaven.
  • The thing I love about season finales is that no one is left on the bench. Everyone gets an at-bat. We got to see all of our favs!
  • RIP the Earth. In total, Skaikru spent maybe 4 months on it before it was completely destroyed. Clarke is the only Skaikru alumni who actually got to enjoy it.
  • They’re ALL the Spaceventure Squad now!
  • “One garden, two serpents. Eden never stood a chance.” – Great line!
  • “Guns in the Gorge” needs to be a heavy metal band name. Someone please.
  • When Indra backed up Gaia, and then they shared THAT LOOK, my heart, you guys. MY HEART. I am so happy that both of those fierce, awesome women will be in season 6.
  • “Just once I’d like to take off on a planet that wasn’t on fire.” Haha, Raven. What a card.
  • Emori called Murphy “the man she loves” and wouldn’t leave him. I loved it, obviously, but I do hope he still has to work a little harder at winning her back / keeping her. Or at least I hope there’s never a repeat of his gross behaviour from the Ark. I understand he needs to feel needed, but his behaviour was emotionally abusive, and our girl Emori deserves better.
  • “Believe it or not, Murphy’s his favourite.” – the Beautiful Creepster is EVERYONE’S favourite, Jordan, you are not alone!
  • In celebration of Monty, here is the very first caption I ever gave him, from season 1, episode 2. LOOK AT THAT SWEET BABY BOY.



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6 thoughts on “The 100 “Damocles Part 2” Photo Recap – Chekhov’s Hythylodium (5.13)


    Willow Hunter
    Aug 8 2018

    Thank you so much, Toni, for making one of the best shows better with your awesome recaps! So glad I found you on Twitter after your last blog mysteriously disappeared. See you next year!!

    Rhileigh Almgren
    Aug 8 2018

    Thanks for the awesome recap!

    Yes, so much love for: “Just once I’d like to take off on a planet that wasn’t on fire.”

    Aug 9 2018

    Awesome recaps this season! I thought it was appropriate that Raven wouldn’t give in to the torture until they were going to mangle Miles’ leg. That scene was too much. The part where Murphy was firing the gun and Bellamy & Echo were running for cover reminded me of 90s era American Gladiator and I loved it. I hope that Bellamy shaves in honor of arriving to this new planet.

    I still would like one episode each season where everyone is just barbecuing, playing horseshoes, and having sexual tension. This show is both exhausting and the greatest.


  2. “End of Book One”? Oh my god, I just had to laugh at that point. I love this show, but it’s so ludicrous that I don’t know how it’ll keep going for a Book Two that’s anywhere near as long as this was. I took a while to catch up and your recaps have always been a good motivator for that. What a wonderful, insane show.

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