Sanditon Episode 8 Photo-Recap; So You Took A Gamble




Hold up.

That’s not… 

that can’t. 

That’s not allowed, is it?

With the twitter campaign to get Sanditon a second season, I knew it must not have tied everything up in the way we have become accustomed with our Jane Austen works. I figured we’d have some character arcs left unfulfilled, or perhaps even a cliffhanger about the fate of our beloved heroes, or maybe, like, the ice cream cake at the wedding is melting or something. 

Never, in my wildest imaginings, could I have conjured THIS. 

Never did I think the hero of the tale would be forced into a marriage with a hussy (yes, totally a hussy, no more being nice). Never did I think our sweet, kind Stringer would continue to be battered and beaten, his heart torn from his chest and then thrown into the pits of hell. Never did I think our heroine would flee the scene, tears streaming down her face. Never did I think our beloved Arthur would regress to being worse off than he was when the story began. 

This show was really counting on a season 2, eh? This wasn’t dropping breadcrumbs, setting up possible stories for a continuation. This was straight-up ending the story in the middle. This is half a Jane Austen book. This was, in short, a huge gamble on the part of Andrew Davis and the rest of the Sanditon team. I sincerely, TRUly, REALLY hope their gamble pays off and they get to conclude this half-story they’ve given us. They weren’t just gambling with their own livelihoods, they were gambling with OUR HEARTS. 


*pulls self together*

What was I doing? Oh yeah. Now I have to be funny, even though my chest is oozing out the goop that used to be my heart. 

“Tonnnni, just focus on…”

“What was that, Heart?”

“Focus on Esther… focus on her joyous smile in the carriage… that will get you through…”

“Yes. Yes, you’re right. One beloved character got a happy ending. I shall focus on that. Thank you, Heart.”

“Can you scoop me up? I’m leaking into your latte.”

Charlotte was having a fun slumber-gab with Georgiana and let it slip that Sidney is totally in love with her, and that she’s totally in love with him. Georgiana was NOT on board. 

What’s her beef, anyway? Sure, Sidney was an dick to her for years, completely disregarding her wishes for her own life and uprooting her from everything she knows and loves, then was totally unfeeling towards her obvious trauma and distress, BUT he’s been nice for at least a few days, Georgiana! 

Stringer got a job as an apprentice architect in London! Yay, everything is great and fine, and it’s all good, he’ll be great, don’t even worry about it. 

Meanwhile, Esther was playing cards with Mean Old Rich Lady, and I wanted the scene to go on for six hours. I would watch a spinoff of these two bantering with each other, hosting a baking show, solving murders, and giving us a Weekend Update style recap of all the Sanditon news. My God, it’s everything I didn’t know I always wanted. 

Lord Babington interrupted their girl’s night with an invite for a carriage ride that Esther pretended not to be excited about. 

Look at that smile!! This scene lit up my heart. They had just the best of times, and it was wonderful, and my goodness, who would have thought that Esther and Babs would give us the catharsis we needed??? 

To top it all off, Mean Old Rich Lady became an actual human being with a past and emotions and everything!

You guys, remember back in episode two when I crossed my fingers and hoped beyond hope that Mean Old Rich Lady would become surprisingly likable? Thank you, Sanditon! Lady Denham gave Esther a pep-talk about Babs, saying it’s better to be loved than to love, then gave us a humanizing story about her own unrequited love. I seriously would watch a spinoff about this unlikely friendship. Please give these characters a talk show. 

Meanwhile, Sidney came up with a lame excuse to pop by Tom’s to see Charlotte, and Charlotte made an equally lame excuse to go with him on a walk. 

That sound you heard Sunday evening was the entire world squealing. So, they’ve confessed their feelings, they’ve smooched, and now they’re 100% in love, stamped, no take-backs, the end.

Wowzers, what did you guys think of this episode?? A bit short, but so good, right? Everyone got a great ending! Stringer is off to London to follow his dreams, #Sidlotte is good, #Babster is good, Mean Old Rich Lady is suddenly Human Old Rich Lady… what more could we ask for? *deep, satisfied sigh* Alright, so see you guys later sometime!

I’m not sure why you guys are still here, since the episode is over and everything is great, and I have nothing more to write about. 

You guys like ice cream? What’s your favourite flavour? I can’t decide between mint-chocolate, green-tea, or coffee. 


Global warming is scary, huh? You guys want to talk about that? 

*coughs awkwardly*


Stringer told his dad about the opportunity in London, and it did not go well. His dad continued with his bizarre belief that a person has to stay exactly where they are in life and never reach beyond what they were born into (because I guess they don’t deserve to?). Stringer Sr. has some internalized lower-class hatred going on, and would benefit from speaking to a professional.  

And then it was the ball! 

YUP, I’m about it. Get it, girl. Something else I am very, ardently about; Arthur asking Georgiana to dance and then the two of them having the best time. 

Diana, of course, was having none of it. Walking home later, she admitted to Arthur that she insisted they leave because she could see that he was having fun, and could quite possibly win the heart of a beautiful heiress. Then he would be happy and she wouldn’t have anyone to smother. Basically, just the most selfish motivation we’ve seen on this show outside of Sir Barfington. 

He assured her that he doesn’t know enough about ladies to snag one, and half of me was like, “he has no self confidence, he doesn’t know what a catch he is!” and the other half of me is like, “is he saying he’s gay?” And let me tell you, if Arthur Parker is the first (canon) gay Austenian character, I NEED A SEASON 2. Alternatively if he simply needs the self confidence to admit he is worthy of Georgiana’s love, then I NEED A SEASON 2. 

We got a lovely scene where Stringer told Charlotte his news, and got exactly the kind of positive reaction he could have wanted, and it was so lovely and pure, and even though these two didn’t become romantic, their friendship is still absolutely beautiful. That loveliness, of course, was juxtapositioned with Stringer’s dad having a fatal heart attack and knocking over some candles. 

I’m sure it’s fine. 

Sidney was just getting to the good bits of his proposal when Sir Fukboi came crashing in, demanding Esther… I don’t know, take him back? Acknowledge his prowess? Give him a cookie? He’s obviously lost without her, but honestly, what was the goal, here? To out her as a step-brother-lover, and then… what? Does he think they would still get Human Old Rich Lady’s money if Esther publicly aligned with him? 

No, if Sir Dbag had any motivation, it was simply to cause shit, and make himself a spectacle. Any press is good press, right? Ugh, I hate this guy. 

Anyway, then Human Old Rich Lady told Sidney to go deal with it, as if he wasn’t just in the MIDDLE OF SOMETHING. Then Griffiths is like, “don’t judge her too harshly,” and Human Old Rich Lady is like, “I don’t judge her at all,” and you guys, she just graduated to Sassy Old Rich Lady. 

#Babster is EVERYTHINGGGGGGGG. He does not give one single eff about Sir Sucksalot and his stupid manipulative drama. All he wants to do is make Esther happy, and be her partner in all things, and so she said yes and THE LAND REJOICED. 

And I was lying before, because THIS is where the episode REALLY ended. Whew! What a ride! 

Heh heh… 

Fun, right guys?


Okay fine. 

Everyone was informed of the fire blazing through the new residences, and what followed was a heart-breaking slow-mo sequence of desperate attempts to put it out, along with the devastating realization that Stringer’s dad was still inside. 

It hurt. There’s no other way to say it. My heart hurts. It hurt even more when Charlotte visited Stringer and he could barely hold himself together, knowing his last words to his father were in anger. He also informed her that he won’t be taking the opportunity in London. 

*sad pout*

Oh Tom. Stupid, bumbling, useless Tom. He didn’t have insurance on the construction, so he’s completely effed. *siiiiiiiiiiigh*

At this point Diana gave a speech about them being Parkers, and that they’ll get through it, and I was like, “oh right, she’s THEIR sister, too.” It’s the last episode, and I think this was the first time she’s actually said something directly to her other brothers. 

Sidney went off to London to somehow fix the problem, and returned victorious. 

Sidney was “forced to fiance” himself to his rich ex hussy in order to get the money to rebuild everything, and ugh, this is just the stinky pits. What’s worse is Charlotte’s total understanding, and almost admiration of how far Sidney is willing to go to help his brother. 

The wedding was magic, and we should all just focus on this. Tuck this moment away in your hearts, and carry it around with you. Bring it out any time you’re sad about this season’s ending. Esther is appreciated. Esther is respected. Esther is our queen. 

The NERVE on this hussy, flaunting her elaborate wedding plans in front of Charlotte as if she won Sidney’s heart fair and square. I have so many questions about this arrangement. Did Sidney propose to her for her money? Or did he go to her with an investment proposal, and she forced him to marry her for it? I mean, she KNOWS he’s Just Not That Into Her, so what exactly is going on in her mind and heart right now? Do they talk about the wedding like a business deal, or is Sidney actively deceiving her? INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW!

To add to our heartbreak, we got a quick glimpse of Diana and Arthur on their way back to their familial home, where Diana can figuratively and probably literally smother him to death. *long, disappointed sigh*. 


Charlotte said goodbye to Mary (who still knows exactly what’s up), and the kids, then hopped in her carriage to leave Sanditon forever and ever. Of course the season couldn’t end like that, so Sidney chased her down to cause more drama, all, “this sucks, eh?” and she was like, “whatever,” and he was like, “k, but, we’re cool, right?” and she was like, “hahaha enjoy your shitty life with your hussy wife,” and he was like, “I won’t, though,” and she was like, “yeah, obviously, BYE.” 

And that was it. She rode off crying, and the credits rolled. 

You guys, I… I don’t even… I mean, I get it. I get the campaign on twitter. I get the outrage. I get the empty, blubbering dispair. They pulled us in, made us care, made us love, then tore our still beating hearts out of our chests and feasted upon them while singing a pithy tune.

Like I said before, this was a gamble; a gamble that, if not paid off, will become one of the cruellest tricks a creator has ever pulled on their audience. 

The world is shitty enough right now. Please, just give us something nice. 


  • I am not a patient woman, and yet I didn’t I skip the credit sequence. Not even once.
  • “You’ve made an effort. Good. I’m sure he’ll appreciate it.”

“Why should it be for him?” Esther Denham is a Goddess. 

  • After the fire, Tom went into a church and held a pity party (at a FUNERAL), blaming himself for everything. Mary gave him a pep-talk and made him feel better, at which point I yelled at my screen; “No, Mary! I LET HIM BLAME HIMSELF THE HAPLESS BOOB!”
  • The montage of everyone getting ready for the ball was very 90s-teen-movie, and I was absolutely about it. 
  • I’m obviously a shipper of everyone – all the ships, I’m on ‘em. It must be said, however: Stringer is a better man than Sidney. I SAID WHAT I SAID. 
  • Speaking of, STOP HURTING STRINGER. Just stop it! 
  • While I am super glad that Lady Denham became likeable, I also don’t forgive her racist rudeness to Georgiana in episode 2. If this show gets a continuation (PLEASE, for the love of…), then I hope there is at least one scene between those two where it is acknowledged. 
  • “Would you like to dance?” 

– boring

– too direct

– doesn’t’ show off your vocabulary

“Care to stand up with me and trip the light fantastic?”

– has pizzaz

– the only phrasing that may tempt a sassy heiress 

– #DreamboatArthurParker

  • Diana looking on jealously as Arthur danced was just the MOST Diana. 
  • What do we think my crush Dr. Fuchs is up to? Cuddling some puppies? Solving world hunger? Writing me a love haiku?
  • “Do you expect to return to Sanditon again?” – “I hope so, but I cannot say for certain.” Goddamnit, Davis. You knew what you might be doing to us!

*announcer voice* 

It’s Weekend Update, with Lady Denham, and Esther Babington…

Okay chums, I hope to someday bring you more Sanditon foolishness through my recaps, but if the TV Gods do not smile upon us, thank you for going on this delightful, downright soul-shattering journey with me. Stay safe out there! 

19 thoughts on “Sanditon Episode 8 Photo-Recap; So You Took A Gamble

  1. You’ve done the impossible — made me smile, even laugh, through my crushing disappointment. I’m all in for future installments on Sanditon and life in general. You have the right touch for surviving inevitable tragedy of this perfectly imperfect world.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. How did you do this? You made me laugh about it, which I didn’t think was possible!
    Nothing can ruin this wonderful day!
    Lady D’s poem
    Stuff is my favorite
    I’ll fetch the scissors😆
    I’ll get you water wings (seriously, how does your brain do this?!? 😂)
    K Bye
    I don’t love it
    And, of course, the Weekend Update! So good!
    If you haven’t already, join the Facebook group called SANDITON. Lots of work going on to try and bring about a season 2. And they love your recaps- that’s how I found you!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Just love this! Made me smile and laugh which I didnt think was possible…ever again…after Ep 8!! The fight continues!!


  4. Thank you for the great laughs…and solace. “Friendship is certainly the finest balm for the pangs of disappointed love.” We need you to help and/or collaborate with Andrew Davies on Sanditon Season 2, Sister. ❤


  5. I really needed these laughs after watching that horrible finale. You were spot on as always so thank you. I hope they do a second series so these updates will continue.


  6. Well done, Toni. At the conclusion of the final episode of Sanditon I found myself screaming at the TV: “I watched eight hours of a TV series for THIS????” I was furious. If there is no second season, it will go down in history as the worst season ender in history. I feel betrayed by Masterpiece Theatre and PBS! You, on the other hand, are wonderful.


  7. I really enjoyed this! Fortunately, I was not so devastated by the ending because I had already discovered fanfic before I finished the series, and had an inkling that it wasn’t going to end very happily. Pleasantly though, there are some fix it fics out there – and I made one of my own! So whether there is a season two are not my heart is now happy.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I would have been more ok if they had just ended the episode with the fire as the cliffhanger. Nobody we like was devastated yet (though we knew our poor darling Young Stringer was about to be), and we would have been EXTRMELY KEEN to get season 2 since you know the fire is GOING to make it all go pear-shaped, but we wouldn’t have EXPERIENCED the pear yet and so our hearts wouldn’t be shredded and scattered in the dry wasteland of not having a renewal yet. The fallout from the fire would have been a great way to start season 2. Why did they have to do this to us, why???

    I’m so glad you mentioned Arthur potentially being gay—his comments to Diana made me think the same thing and HOW AMAZING would that be? I don’t know how much happiness he could find in that era as a gay man, but if it’s possible, I’d like to see it happen.

    Georgiana’s character SERIOUSLY needs some work. She started off so strong but ended hella annoying. Please God, let there be a season 2 where she fulfills her potential. She could be so incredible with a little growing up.


  9. “Sir Fukboi” I laughed out loud. Thank you so much for this. You are very funny and there was NOTHING to laugh about in this episode. Well Arthur, who wouldn’t want to “trip the light fantastic” with him?

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Between all of the terrible news in the world and still no Sanditon renewal announcement, your reviews have given me such joy and laughs today! I sincerely plan to read more of your blog, and hope we will all have a chance to visit Sanditon for a second season!!


  11. Toni, Toni, Toni… You have achieved the unthinkable, the impossible. You have lifted my heart from the Sanditon ashes and brought it a little bit of joy amidst the tragedy. I can’t even with your hilarious memes and analysis. You need a warning at the top of your posts that read “Please put on your depends before you begin reading.” Seriously. Thank you. In these hard times, when I feel on the brink of despair, I shall come back and read these witty posts and be encouraged that the world has not gone totally dark.


  12. Just discovered your Sanditon S1 & S2 recaps and read them – all – while laughing hysterically! Such wit and on-point observations. This brought me such joy. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

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