The 100 “Nakara” Photo Recap; Nightmare on Arkadia Street 2; Spaceventure Squad of Terror

They thought the nightmare was over when they defeated the evil Mountain Man. They thought they were on a fun space exploration. They thought they were safe. They. Were. Wrong. This summer, join the Adventure Squad on another spooky tale of terror, but this time, WITH ALIENS. The scares are scarier, the creepiness creepier, and the frights are frightening…er. Nightmare on Arkadia Street 2: Spaceventure Squad of Terror – coming soon to theatres near… *ahem* IN your home. 

YOU GUYYYYYYYYYS. Remember in season 3 when the main plot took a quick break to bring us a legit thriller starring a disgruntled Mountain Man and his creepy music box? You MUST remember, because it’s the episode where we lost my boyfriend Sinclair (RIP my love). Anyway, the sequel was pretty good, too, even if it did forget to pause the actual plot (thank you thank you thank you). 

There’s Second Dawn swag on Planet Hoth! Indra is the Commander! Madi got invited to play soccer! Diyoza is reunited with her family! Levitt loves a good punch to the face! 

I really liked this episode, you guys, even if I did scream, “NOPE! NOPE! NOPE!” many times at my screen, prompting my co-workers to suspect the supply closet is haunted.

WHAT an amazing opening sequence!!! Goshdarnit Diyoza is the coolest effing ever. Girl swaggered through Bardoville like she was about to respectfully reject the prom queen crown, then she escaped with an over the shoulder “easy peasy.” That isn’t one of my stupid jokes, she ACTUALLY SAID THAT. Sweet cherry cola I love her so much. 

Speaking of people I love…

There was a lot going on here, and it was all very concerning, (guns gone missing, guards being chummy with Lil’ Shied, no one paying attention to how dreamy Nelson is), but I couldn’t help but be pleased because MADI IS BACK!! Hey girl! How many cookies have you eaten in a field somewhere, be honest. And seriously… WHO is raising her? Yes, the Beautiful Creepster and Jackson seem to be looking out for her, but who does she actually LIVE WITH right now? 

Indra paid Sheid a visit to politely ask him to stop being such a rascal, but he fired back by accusing her of being jealous of his potential to steal all her friends. Once again all of our feet are so cold because Adina Porter blew all of our socks off. She was playing it cool, but you could see the fear in her eyes, and holy cannoli, give that woman all the awards. 

Hoth is a cemetery planet!! The Bardodians send their dead through a portal to freeze-rot on a desolate frozen planet. I mean… it’s efficient?? Anyway, our Squad trampled over countless unmarked graves towards their destination – a hole in the ground. 

Naturally the Squad squeezed themselves into a teeny tiny cave-tunnel, and everything went fine, don’t even worry about it. 

Hahahahhahahaha, and also ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Like, OF COURSE Raven was attacked by an alien succubus spider, OF COURSE SHE WAS, and of course she killed it, and was like, “no big, get a move on.” They continued to crawl towards the A-Stone because what else could they do? I was 100% Team Raven on this one. 

Once they all crawled out of the hole, it SEALED ITSELF OFF (hahaha) and secreted acid, which Jordan felt compelled to touch (hahaha), I just… you guys, I’m having fun. 

Back at Sanctumtropolis, Murphy’s potential bonding session with his new best friend “Jer the Faithful Dad Guy” was interrupted by Indra requesting some assistance on the whole, “we’re effed” situation. 

Turns out Bonnie is still pretty peeved about Clyde’s face melting off, so she and her prankster pals stole all the guns and then straight-up threatened Raven’s life (DON’T YOU DARE). 

This reunion was beautiful in SO many ways (and not just because all three of these ladies are legit babes), but because of the love, compassion, regret, and absolute joy that these three women experienced (and showed us) in the span of mere seconds. Let’s be real – Diyoza doesn’t give a stinky poop about Bellamy Blake beyond what he means to Octavia – but that’s enough to punch her in the gut. She mourned for OCTAVIA’s loss, and the fact that we saw and understood that in the seconds they had to share a moment was OUTSTANDING. 

Sheid kicking Nelson’s patoot ONE ARMED was so very cool. Seriously, that fight was awesome. Anyway, after he handed him his very cute bum, he very irritably told him the truth about who he is (or more accurately, who he isn’t), and then was like, ‘you’re my assistant now,” and Nelson was like, “oh, okay cool.” 

Teeeeeeeens! It’s been so long since our heroes have been teens, I almost forgot how freakin’ cuuuuuuuuuuute it is! Madi WAS SMILING, and made not one but TWO adorable lil’ pals! Alas, before they could solidify their friendship with some soccer, Indra appeared with some end-of-the-world type pressure to re-place onto our girl’s shoulders. 

You all know my fierce and undying love for Indra, and I totally understand her motivations, and I can’t even blame her, BUT, let’s be clear – it was 100% not okay to put all that shit on Madi. How many times is that poor girl going to be guilted into giving up her childhood?? 

Anyway, she agreed, because OF COURSE she did, but some beautiful heroes stepped in at the last moment. 

Indra was trying to talk up Madi like she was a toddler in tiara, but Jackson came in with the Beautiful Creepster and Emori to put a stop to it (this new habit of Murphy standing up for kids is my FAVOURITE). Madi bounced (likely to throw up), and Memori pitched an alternative idea. 

So in she went to take charge (FINALLY), and it went exactly as you’d expect.

Yeahhhhhhhh, she destroyed that naysayer almost immediately, and was like, “I’m your boss now, but don’t worry I’m a cool boss, but not TOO cool, so don’t get any ideas. Your first task is to take care of the stolen-gun situation, I expect a report on my desk by Friday, but it’s CASUAL Friday, so it’s still fun.” 

Yes. I like this very much. Especially the fact that the entire scene was spoken in Grounderish. *chef’s kiss*

I love it, I love it, I love it so much!!!! Levitt had been demoted because of his previous encounter (read: love story) with Octavia, and was now a janitor. That didn’t stop him from helping her once again by telling her about the trap in the stone-room, and telling her to skedaddle to the surface. Then requested she punch him in the face again, and they shared SUCH A MOMENT that my heart exploded all over the place. I want it, I want it, I want it so bad [if he turns out to be Cadogan or other such bullshit, I WILL BE VERY UPSET].

Anyway, the team vamoosed to the top-side entrance, but some random gardener was like, “hahahaha, good luck, suckers,” and told them that they would likely all perish, then was immediately murdered by Echo. [In her defense, Octavia DID say Levitt’s name, and Levitt must be protected at all costs]

Gabe wasn’t into possibly dying on the surface, so he stunned his pals and surrendered to the Bardonites, which… *sigh*. Okay look, I get it, he had about thirty seconds to make this decision, but he made it for ALL OF THEM. All three women wanted to go outside, but he figured his will was more important than theirs, so he took that choice away from them. Sure, he didn’t want to die up there, fine, but make that decision for YOURSELF, dude. He could have let them go, and stayed behind himself. He could have even slowed down their pursuers to give them more of a chance. But instead he possibly doomed them all, depending on whether or not you trust Levitt (WHICH I DO AND ALWAYS WILL NO MATTER WHAT), because he thought he knew better than three women. Gabe, stop making my crush on you so difficult! 

Back on Hoth, the Squad was playing a fun game of hide and seek with walls that shifted more than the staircases at Hogwarts. 

Clarke and Raven were stuck in a tiny sub-room and figured out that A) they were inside a living organism’s tum-tum, and B) they are both strong, amazingly competent and fallible human boss-ass women with flaws and virtues, and C) their friendship, while complicated, is still a beautiful thing that should be cherished. EFFING FINALLY THANK YOU VERY MUCH, I needed this so bad. 

Anyway, B-Squad (or, Badventure Squad, just for Selina) started shooting at the alien succubus spiders (NOPE), and I guess that gave the cave-alien indigestion, so the walls shifted again. 

After a scuffle with the alien spiders, and a discovery of Second Dawn merch (squee!), the Squad popped through the anomaly and then the EPISODE ENDED. 

Haaaaaaahahahhhahahahahhahhahahhaa WHAT. So, did they ploop into the room with the dozen guards who were waiting for the Anomalsquad? Are they all about to be reunited in a cell for troublemakers? Are Clarke and Hope going to hit it off SO HARD?? 

What did you guys think? I’ll be honest, the promo made me think this was going to be another Demons from season 3; a fun thrill, but ultimately not super integral to the plot. I’m glad I was wrong. Did the Squad necessarily NEED to spend an episode on Hoth to give us the pieces of information we got? Maybe not, considering we already know the Second Dawn’s 1% went through the Stone. Buuuuuut, sometimes character moments are worth more than plot forwarding, so I’m not mad at it. 

Plus, it didn’t just focus on Hoth, which I was also grateful for. We got SO MUCH INDRA, and the return of Madi, and Levitt, and a family reunion worth cheering for. 

I haven’t made a pros and cons list or anything (NOT THAT I WOULD I’M NOT A TOTAL NERD IT WOULD BE A VENN DIAGRAM), but I’d say this is my 2nd fave of the season. 


  • Sheid speaking Grounderish to Indra in front of everyone was a weird flex. Like… why? 
  • Niyla is too cool for the awkward dad joke she made. That being said, her being the one to point out the futility of knocking on the wall (LOL) felt right. 
  • So Sheid’s plan is to ally with the Convicts, then “take out the enemy’s queen.” When he said that I thought, “don’t you dare touch Indra!” Then the shot shifted to Clarke, and I was like, “oh right. Clarke.” 
  • You guys, if the cave was a living organism, was the Squad crawling through its butt? I’m very sorry, but it HAD to be asked. 
  • “Excuse me, but I need to borrow your God.” A hearty well done, to Erica Meredith (in her first The 100 episode?). Nakara was very well written, especially the Sheid/Nelson scene. *tips hat*
  • The fact that Diyoza’s reunion with her daughter began with her throwing a knife into her face-mask was just so DIYOZA. I love it. 
  • Related – all the fighting this episode was amazing. Fight director, take a bow!
  • Why did the Wonkru guard let Nelson in to see SheidRussel? Was he hoping he’d kill him? What other motivation would he have? Indra clearly told him NOT to let anyone in, and he has no affiliation with the Kids of Gabe. [Edit – this was explained to me. Nelson was the “cog” Indra ordered to rough SheidRussel up. Thanks!]
  • Everyone loves chess! There is SO MUCH chess this season! 
  • Don’t think I didn’t notice our girl drawing the anomalstone! Madi has commander memories, and I’m pretty pumped to see how that will factor into the plot. 
  • Gabriel being all, “I want to live!” is pretty rich coming from the guy who begged his followers not to resurrect him anymore. 
  • “We weren’t actually in that bunker, but I don’t think it takes a genius to figure out who was really running things down there while Octavia was painting her face with blood.” The DISRESPECT, I am FURIOUS. Indra! Defend your girl! 
  • How was Raven peeing? Did she have to get out of the suit every time? In THAT WEATHER??
  • Echo is in such a dark place that she couldn’t even bring herself to be happy for Hope (whom she spent 5 years with) when she found her mother. Maybe Echo’s angst isn’t all about Bellamy? Maybe this was just a boiling point? 
  • Related – I wish we saw more of a bond between Gabe, Echo, and Hope after spending 5 years together on a prison planet. Their interactions feel very “I met you 6 episodes ago”. 
  • Where in the sweet bloody applejacks is GAIA?
  • Exactly how long has our Squad been on Sanctum? A week? Two? Is that why we haven’t seen another red sun? That is BONKERS. 
  • If you were inside the stomach of a living organism, how many Pinnochio jokes would you make, and what would they be? 
  • A hearty high five to two-time JOKES FROM THE PAAAAAAAAST winner, ninjachris3 for appreciating the sweet melody of the Beautiful Creepster’s jazz whistling:


16 thoughts on “The 100 “Nakara” Photo Recap; Nightmare on Arkadia Street 2; Spaceventure Squad of Terror

  1. As always, love your reviews!! I think the one thing I would say about Gabriel and his motives, is that it doesn’t seem so much of a “man taking a choice away from women” as much as it is a person with 200 years of wisdom/experience making the choice he thought was most likely to let everyone survive. Not defending his decision really, just pointing that out.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Levitt just chilling in the background being a janitor while they were in the middle of escaping was a weird mix of creepy sweet and hilarious.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. That’s fair, and I don’t think in the narrative his character’s decision was based on sexism at all. However OUTSIDE the narrative, watching it happen in the world we live in, a man taking the choice away from three grown women didn’t sit right with me.


      1. You spent more time analyzing his choice that “took a choice away from three women” than Echo continually taking choices away from the group including the choice TO LIVE by murdering an innocent gardening man. When we let society at large seep into our consciousness, our morality gets warped.

        “stop making my crush on you so difficult”
        So…you want to control him…

        BTW, every single time you vote, you are trying to control others via proxy. You are saying, “it’s okay for the majority to exert their will over the minority.”

        Obviously write what you want, but I don’t think your readers come here for social media style comments that stem from a nasty place inside us that the propaganda peddlers trigger oh so well.

        And to tie it back to The 100, most of the “good” characters have vacillated between “benevolent” tyranny (i.e. doing what they feel is best no matter what), “democracy” (i.e. having a select group vote on actions that a/effect everyone else), and individualism/voluntarianism, i.e. each person doing what they wish as long as force isn’t used.

        The 100 has never been about racial or gender issues; inserting our own agendas corrupts the themes.

        Love your pictorial jokes!


  2. LOL “name our dogs Sergeant & Pepper!” Toni my The !00 viewing experience isn’t complete until I’ve read your awesomeness. On a separate note, totally agree about the Hope, Gabe & Echo bond. Glad you’re keeping safe in the supply closet!

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  3. The Trikru guard was actually following Indra’s orders re: Nelson / Sheid hangout session. Indra said to “let a COG do it” i.e. beat up Russheid. The only mistake is THAT WAS WAY LONGER THAN 5 MINUTES!

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  4. “You guys, if the cave was a living organism, was the Squad crawling through its butt? I’m very sorry, but it HAD to be asked.”

    Jellyfish and the planarian flatworm have only one opening. For dual purpose use. Sorry but it HAD to be answered. XD


  5. I am catching up after missing a bunch of episodes while moving this summer…

    I can’t believe that with all the Hoth references, no one had an Empire Strikes Back reference! “This is no cave.”

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