Sanditon 2.1 Photo-Recap: Sass and Boobery

There is a stubbornness about Austen fans that never can bear to be frightened at the will of TV networks. Our courage always rises at every attempt to cancel our favourite shows. And boy howdy did that ever work!! Our beloved Sanditon is back for not one, but two seasons, looking to right some wrongs, make amends, crush our souls and then rebuild them (I assume). So first and foremost, before I get to my dumb snark, a hearty congratulations to all who campaigned and won these seasons for us. You deserve all the ice cream (except the mint chip I’m currently eating, because that’s mine). 

The Sanditon team wasted NO time letting the audience know that Sidney is without a doubt gone forever, don’t expect him back, just let it go. He died of yellow fever in Antigua (intrigue??) and was buried before the opening credits! Honestly? I respect it. I know a lot of fans were upset that Theo James wouldn’t be returning, or thought the character should simply be recast. But there is precedent for Austen characters getting over their first loves and finding happiness with another. Maryanne! Edmund Bertram! Georgiana Darcy with Caroline Bingley (Don’t @ me, I will die on this hill).

We were delighted to a Smörgåsbord of intriguing new narrative set-ups, including an approaching regiment of dreamboats, Georgiana being unsuccessfully wooed by wieners, and the Heywood sisters arriving to wreak havoc on the male population of Sanditon. 

Welp, Tom is still the boobiest of boobs, and his wife Mary is still the best. Moving on. 

Hahahahaha what. This dude is an artist and his pastimes include walking around Sanditon in a sarong, flirting with the ladies, and whispering sweet nothings into a mirror (I assume). And look, I know these are different scenes, but his introduction was so extra, and his sights seem set on Georgiana. Good luck, my dude, but girl has work to do! The sugar ban is intriguing, and I’m excited to see where this activism storyline will take her.

You guys, Georgiana and Arthur are a couple in the book, and obviously my heart yearns for it, UNLESS they’re taking a more progressive route with his character. I can absolutely get behind an Arthur Learns To Love Himself And Be True To His Heart storyline. Give that man the world. #QueerEyeForTheRegencyGuy

Meanwhile, Lady D and Esther spent the episode sassing at each other and winning our hearts all over again. Of course the show couldn’t just let Esther have her happy-ever-after, since there are still two seasons left. What are they gonna do, leave her off screen? We’d riot.

My crush on Doctor Fuchs remains out of control. He didn’t give Esther false hope about carrying a child to term, and instead gave her empathy and information. I love this man and his absurd accent so much. Where’s HIS love triangle, huh?

It was Sir Assface Tootbreath! I hope his whole storyline is just him eating bad fish and getting a nasty case of the poops for seven episodes. He’s obviously schemin’ after some money and looking to mess up Esther’s heart and soul, and might I say, DON’T YOU DARE. She’s already dealing with ENOUGH.

This adventurous scamp was almost trampled by horses before our intrepid heroine stepped in. Adorable friendship, activate! This led to Charlotte applying to be the governess of two very different different cousins, which brings us to…


You thought the last love triangle was heart-swelling and swoon-inducing, with its brooding giants and enormous hats? Well, welcome to LT2, where the brooding is justified and the third point still doesn’t stand a damn chance. Let’s meet our contestants, shall we?

Who’s this? Don’t even worry about it, because…

Gee, who’s it gonna be? The charming army dude who already seems way too romantically aggressive for our girl, ORRRRRRR the heartbroken grumpy dad-uncle with whom Charlotte can learn and grow and heal? I WONDER…

The thing about Charlotte is that she was never defined by who she loved. Even now in her grief, her residual love for Sidney isn’t what motivates her to avoid romance. She lives in a society where women have very little autonomy, and she learned first hand what can happen when her happiness (and livelihood) relies on someone else. “I’ve realized I can never again put myself in a man’s power.” Yes, she’s grieving, but her life choices are about more than that. This is not a “I will never love again,” scenario. This is a “fool me once and I will GOSH DARN LEARN FROM IT.” Girl is self-preserving in all the ways, and I am here to see her thrive in her own power while also learning that she doesn’t have to give up her autonomy to find love. 

WHOOOOBOY, are these two seasons going to be a RIDE, and I am PUMPED. Yes, production of Sanditon hit a snag and the writers and creators had to adapt to a new reality. But this is Andrew Davis we’re talking about here. I trust the Sanditon team to provide us with a compelling story that is equally as WAIT WHAT HAHAHA HOW HORRIBLE AND DELIGHTFUL OMG MY HEART as the first season was… and this time with an actual ending! 

We have two seasons to sit with these characters, have some (sugarless) tea and enjoy their trials and triumphs. Go on, Sanditon, break my heart and then mend it. I’ll allow it.

  • “Distain his every word. If he persists, marry him.” I love Esther to the moon and back and then BACK to the moon for a seventeen night stay, then BACK. 
  • Hi, um, WHERE IS CROW? Do you think we’ll get to see that walking existential crisis any time soon?? Will he show up with Babs? Or has he gone full Quoth The Raven?? 
  • The first episode of this season had 100% less butts than the first episode of the first season, but I shall not lose hope. I trust the show will provide us with Austenian butts. 
  • Look, I know Stringer was not an option for this season because he’d essentially be a consolation prize and he deserves better, but I miss Stringer, you guys. I miss Stringer so much. All the best in London, you huge-hatted dreamboat! 
  • Alison seems to have her own lil’ love triangle brewing. A Heywood tradition! 
  • Is it weird that the more Lady D talks about it, the more I want to try the milk from her asses?
  • Going to refer to Leo as they/them because they clearly identify as a boy, yet society isn’t quite there yet. I’m wildly intrigued about how this is going to play out. 
  • Lots of shade being thrown at that hometown farmer. I hope he finds happiness with someone less judgy! You get yours, Sensible Ralph! 
  • So wait, Georgiana’s guardians are the brother-sister duo, but what happened to Miss Griffiths and her lil’ flirtation with the Creepy Rev? I miss that weird December romance! 
  • Georgiana still seems hung up on Otis. Shall we expect his reappearance?
  • So Arthur left Diana behind and miraculously found he’s a healthier human being both physically and mentally? Huh. How ’bout that. I’m a bit bummed she won’t be fleshed out as a character, but I can’t say I miss her. 

OKAY THANKS FOR COMING! Apologies for the late post, though I can’t say it won’t happen again. LIFE, ammiright? Though my love of Regency romance and YOU GUYS will always prevail, so even if the recaps aren’t up immediately, they will always appear eventually. 


10 thoughts on “Sanditon 2.1 Photo-Recap: Sass and Boobery

  1. Yayyy!!! I was so hoping you’d be back to give us your hilarious recaps, like you did with the first Season of Sanditon! They are gold, and I still go back and read them! I agree they’ve set up the damaged dad-uncle as the obvious choice, family Von Trapp style. But I’m really hoping to be surprised by the dashing Colonel – or even Sensible Ralph! We shall see! That is the beauty of the fact that this is not a novel adaptation – we have no idea what’s coming. That’s thrilling, and I’m here for it – and these amazing recaps!

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  2. I only discovered your recaps well after the first season aired, but they made me laugh so hard and appreciate the show all the more. I’m thrilled I’ll get to follow along this time! Thanks for making the show’s return even more joyful for us!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. A hardcore fan of S1, I am finding it a bit difficult getting into S2, but THIS ⬆️ just made me come home. I just love your recaps. Thank you!!!

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