Sanditon 2.2 Photo-Recap: Triangle of Triangles

Someone get me an brisé fan because things are heating up! It’s only episode two and we have three (count ’em THREE) love triangles, obvious past beef between our male leads (if that VERY intense stare is any indication), and a schemin’ baby mama!!

On Charlotte’s way to her first day at work (like, ever), Colonel Second-Lead pep talked her from on top of a horse while wearing a very pointy hat. Honestly, I have nothing against this man, he seems very supportive and nice! He’s just not a brooding, complex dad-uncle with a heartbreaking backstory and adorable cheeks. **shrugs** I don’t make the rules. 

This episode focused on Charlotte’s budding relationship with Augusta and Leo, and hey look at that, our girl is already making headway! Leo seems cool with Charlotte as long as she doesn’t shove them into a dress and make them embroider inspirational messages on pillows or whatever. Augusta, on the other hand, was a very sneaky minx this episode, using an emotional fake-out to try and get Charlotte fired. This resulted in Charlotte taking the blame and standing up to Sad-Dad. COOL POINTS EARNED! 

Charlotte thought she was getting fired, but then Colbourne was all, “This was fun, see you tomorrow.” 

Mrs. Wheatley knows what’s up!

Welcome to Sub-Triangle-2, where Arthur tries to pretend he doesn’t have a raging crush on Lockhart and instead throws all that scary and confusing energy into setting his crush up with his best friend. We’ve all been there! 

I’m going to pause my snark for a moment, because I love this man just so, so much and I sincerely hope his story is handled with compassion. I hope the show doesn’t want us to believe that his behaviour this episode was commendable. Throwing your best friend at a man she clearly doesn’t have interest in is NOT a good friend move. For all he knows, Lockhart could be just another fortune hunter. And Georgiana has expressed a clear desire to be rid of him. I love Arthur and I know he means well (and is likely grappling with his own shit), but this ain’t it. 

Lockhart caused a commotion at the soldier ball by commending Napoleon for abolishing slavery, and Georgiana was like, “hmmmmmm, okay, okay…” and you guys… I don’t know. What are your thoughts? 

Speaking of people enduring it while their crush gushes about THEIR crush (Sanditon loves this trope, and I once again wish Stringer well in London, I hope that dreamboat is THRIVING)…

Alison, you are in for a wild realization, and I simply cannot WAIT. Fraser dropped off their invitation to the Soldier Ball, and Alison was very pumped to see the man who “saved her life” (by which she means he happened to get there first and **checks notes** turned her around in the sand). 

After this encounter he asked Fraser to help him become “refined” and you guys, do we have a Cyrano situation on our hands??? If he asks that beautiful man to write her letters, I SWEAR. 

As the party was winding down and people got their last flirts in, Charlotte mentioned the name of her dreamy sad employer, and Backup Love Interest made THIS face…

Hahahahha, this boy is about to start DRAMA.

Meanwhile in the Goddess Esther Queen of our Hearts versus Sir Boogerlips storyline, he tried to convince her he’s a good dude while she was like, “LOL FOREVER”. If she is swayed by him even a little bit I WILL RIOT. Strangely, Lady D seems to be buying what he’s selling, which, if you look at her history, makes sense. Yes, she’s a mean old rich lady, but when we first met her she was keeping three youths around, knowing they were scheming little shits. Girl is lonely. 

Speaking of the third scheming little shit… 

Claraaaaaaaa!!!!! The JOY I felt at the sight of her, you guys, the absolute JOY. If you read my recaps from last season you know her ending didn’t sit right with me. I desperately wanted some human connection for her (with Esther especially), and for her to finally, FINALLY give and receive some genuine compassion. I know she’s probably still a scheming little shit, but we have two whole seasons to get there!

And thus concludes the second instalment of the Sanditon soft reboot. Where are you guys on a scale of “meh” to “GIVE ME THE NEXT EPISODE IMMEDIATELY.” I think I’m around a “Yep, uh huh, I’m listening…” There are things I’m positively loving and things I’m weary of. Put it all together and you’ve got a great recipe for sexy regency intrigue. 

  • “Were Sidney here I am sure that you and he would find much in common.” – “Some things, perhaps.” Hahahahahhaha, Cheeky Arthur is my favourite Arthur. 
  • “God has taken against me.” I love it when our favourites go full emo. 
  • Speaking of Esther, Miss Hankins gave her a tip for a midwife witch-doctor, but we didn’t actually see the meeting go down, which was an interesting choice. Do we think she made Esther dance naked under a full moon? I hope so!
  • Do you guys think we’ll ever get to meet Sensible Ralph? I know we saw him at the dance, but like… what’s he up to, you know? 
  • How do we think Fraser got that distractingly sexy scar on his face? Saving kittens? A hot knife fight with a ruffian? A drunken aesthetic choice? 
  • Did I miss any love triangles? Clara-Edward-Miss Hankins perhaps? 
  • Look, I love puns. Truly adore them. But even *I* was gagging at those lamb-Lambe ‘jokes’. And he just kept GOING??? You guys, I just don’t know about this guy. 
  • When do we get to see Babs? How much business can he be attending to??? Get your ass to the sea, Babington! Your lady needs some back-up! (Some Babs-up, if you will)
  • Are Edward and Clara schemin’ together? Or will they be adversaries again?? As we saw in season 2, he is NOOOOOOOO match for her wit, like it’s actually laughable. Will Lil’ Tootface in Clara’s womb warm Edward’s heart towards her? My money is on a nefarious team-up, and GAHHHHHH I’m so happy she’s back. 
  • The bet Mrs. Wheatley kept ribbing Charlotte about was WITH MR. COLBOURNE, hahahhaa, I love it. I can already tell that friendship is going to warm the cockles of my heart. Do you think she’s been around since he was a kid? 
  • I don’t want to spend time on Tom and his inevitable gambling problem that will undoubtedly ruin everything. Can we just skip it?
  • Tom keeps shutting down Arthur’s ideas, and I’m sorry but TOM???? Remember when you ruined EVERYTHING?????? DO YOU THINK YOUR IDEAS ARE BETTER????? Can he please have at least one redeeming quality? Like, give the man a handsome dog or something. 
  • “Life affords few enough pleasures as it is.”  –  “Forgive me, my lady, I’d forgotten you lived a life of such deprivation.” #CheckYourRegencyPrivilage 


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