The 100 “Murphy’s Law” Photo Recap – Bomb Shelters Away (1.4)

You guys, let’s give credit where credit’s due: this show does NOT waste time! Narratives in other shows (not naming names, but some of those shows involve vampires) that would take an entire season, have been propelled to fruition with a mere four episodes.

In four short hours, we’ve had major character deaths, sexy times and game changing twists.

When Raven and Abby (I learned her name, guys!) started working on the pod, I was like, “oh, okay, that’ll happen in the mid-season finale). But NOPE, off she goes! When Finn hopped on the train to flirt-town with Clarke, I was all, “that’ll be a slow burn culminating in a kiss during the season finale”. NOPE, they are straight-up getting it on in a bomb shelter!

And instead of a drawn-out trial where everyone tries to decide how to do “the right thing”, we got Charlotte diving into the abyss of child star unemployment!

*happy sigh* I love it when stuff happens in a TV show, you know? It’s refreshing.

The episode dove into the aftermath of Wells’ death, bypassing finding the body, the funeral or any hysterics.


Finn came out to cheer Clarke up with a little magic.



It was a pencil, you guys! Because remember, Clarke is an artist or something. And I guess Finn knew that?

It wasn’t long before Clarke filled any new viewers in on the fact that her mom killed her dad.






This woman has some serious denial going on! The only reason she doesn’t look like a complete dumb-dumb to the viewers is because we all know she’s right. But can you imagine being a regular Joe on the space station and having a medical official swear up and down that the scientific readings coming back from earth are wrong because she feels it. You know I love Clarke’s mom, you guys, but I’m surprised she still has a job.

Also, can we talk a quick sec about Tim Bartlett?


Who is this guy?!? Has he had a line yet? Is he one the rude extras that wanted to kill Jasper? Is he just chillin’ out, building the wall and snacking on some CGI? Inquiring minds want to know!

Anyway, Clarke had successfully taken off her wrist band for Monty, and Finn was giving her the ol’ knowing side-eye.


Bellamy and the Beautiful Creepster were just hanging out watching everyone else build the wall, when Murphy started acting like the Pharaoh in Prince of Egypt (or some other, credible adult movie about Pharaohs) whipping his slaves and denying them water.


The Beautiful Creepster PEED on that fellow! And then he told everyone to get back to work like peeing on people was just a regular part of his day! Haha, oh man, this character is wildly over the top and I love every second of it.

Then Octavia took Jasper for a delightful little walk. He was still a bit sensitive, but we learned it had been at least DAYS since he was on the brink of death.


Some extra grabbed Octavia and Jasper ran out like the adorkable hero he is! Has anyone else noticed that all the extras are dick-bags? All except our beloved Tim Bartlett, obviously. Anyway, Jasper tripped on a tree branch like a damsel in a horror movie and found this:



Fingers! WELL’S fingers!! Hahahaha, oh, poor Jasper.

Then we had a scene with Kane and Abby that seemed tense, but I couldn’t pay much attention because I was just so happy to see him again!

I guess he wanted to see what she up to, but as soon as she said he’d have to get inoculated, he wasn’t interested anymore. That boy does NOT want to get a cold. Fair enough, colds are the worst. I would rather be stranded on a hellish post-apocalypse Earth with unfriendly two-headed animals than have a cold.

Anyway, who can think about a dreary cold when our favourite kick-ass-super-foxy mechanic was on the case!


Abby informed Raven that they needed to take off post haste, and Raven promised to get the pressure whatsit.

Back at camp, Jasper and Octavia brought what they found to Clarke and Bellamy. Obviously, they disagreed.


Bellamy didn’t want the camp to stop fearing the outsiders, while Clarke wanted justice for her friend’s death. Both had valid points.

And all signs pointed to The Beautiful Creepster.



Due process Smoo Smocess. The hive-mind decided to go ahead and kill Murphy.






One important thing to note about this scene: we have now learned that “float” is not just a literal description for being sucked out of an air lock, it’s also a fun synonym for death! That’s awesome! Seriously, I love it when fictional times and places have terminology uniquely their own, like “frack” or “timey wimey” or “second breakfast”.

“Float” is also another way to use one of societies favourite expletives, as we learned in the scene with Raven (*swoon*) and a shady trader.



Naturally, Beautiful Creepster wanted to murder Charlotte because… um…. ? Anyway, Clarke and Bellamy were getting to the bottom of things.



Bellamy went out to confront Murphy, and it went as well as can be expected.




Murphy was understandably upset that no one wanted in on his murder plan, so he did what any Beautiful Creepster would do and bludgeoned Bellamy over the head. But when he opened the tent…


Up in space, Raven played a very convincing sick woman in order to have a super secret meeting with Abby.


Since Raven didn’t want to get busy with some dude for the part, Abby had to take measures into her own hands and trade morphine for it, while Kane looked on suspiciously.


Back on earth, Finn was leading them to the source of his wizardry – a bomb shelter!


Clarke was still pretty upset with Charlotte for brutally murdering her best friend. Fair enough, girl!


Clarke and Finn shared a candle lit conversation about death, destruction and an entire family melting from radiation. It was very romantic. Then they fell asleep on each other next to a known murderer. 


Then the shady trader sold out Abby and Raven!



Clarke and Finn woke up from their romantic slumber, but, oh dear! Charlotte was gone! She ran into Bellamy, who tried to save her, but she screamed because I suppose at this point she realized that she was a no-good murderer who deserved what the Beautiful Creepster had in store.


Abby and Raven figured out they’d been turned in, and Abby made Raven swear that she’d go without her. Honestly, that’s likely for the best. Having a mom on the ground would really cramp everyone’s style. I bet Clarke would be so embarrassed. It’s like being that one kid whose mom always chaperone’s the school dance.

Anyway, everybody followed Charlotte’s screams to a cliff (LOL), where they had a standoff.




Did anyone else feel like Clarke and Bellamy were acting like parents watching their daughter plummet to her death? They were both VERY upset over a girl they had known for a week. It’s been a week, right? That’s how long Octavia said it had been since Jasper was speared in the heart, on the FIRST DAY. If I’m wrong, please let me know.

Clarke seemed more upset over the death of Wells’ murderer than Wells himself. Poor Wells. A wiener even in death.


Bellamy was pretty set in his decision to revenge-murder our Beautiful Creepster until a hot slice of sexual tension put a stop to it. 


They decided to banish him, and my heart broke. You guys know my stance on this delightfully sinister creepster. I never want this dude OFF my TV screen. I want him to be in every second of this show, and every other show. I want them to go back in time and implant this ethereal creep into every moving picture that’s ever been made.  So, the fact that he is now BANISHED FROM THE CAMP has me slightly worried.

I’m guessing the producers know his creepy value, and will keep him around either lurking by the wall, joining forces with the grounders, or building a fort out of scrap metal and pine needles and learning to whittle. If this show was about the Beautiful Creepster meticulously carving a nativity scene, I WOULD WATCH IT.

*Sigh* moving on. Kane was a-comin’ for Abby and Raven, and we learned that the shady trader had given them a bad part. I’m not sure why the storyline needed this if she was just going to use the space suit anyway, but I’m not the writers, I’m just a lady who spends too much time watching TV to ever form any kind of real human connection. HAHAHAHA WHAT, um… anyway… 


They had a intimidation contest, and then Abby was arrested.



But then the pod launched! Huzzah!

Meanwhile, the kids were trying to make the wristbands contact the arc.



Oh dear. Looks like there’s no possible way to contact Space Camp, and all hope is lost. And what do teens do when all hope is lost? They make out! Octavia kissed Jasper!


And of course, the moment under 50% of you were waiting for…



RAVEN IS COMING! RAVEN IS COMING! I couldn’t be more excited, even if it was announced that ice cream makes you lose weight.

This episode had a few eye-roll moments, but it was an overall treat. Like I said before, I love it when things happen. I would take cringe-worthy disaster plot lines over a safe narrative EVERY SINGLE DAY.

The 100 has passed MY 4-episode test. Has it passed yours?

See you next week for some more teen adventure time!


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One thought on “The 100 “Murphy’s Law” Photo Recap – Bomb Shelters Away (1.4)


    BeautifulCreepster Apr 18, 2017
    “I’m garbage”
    Me too Charlotte, me too. I’m absolute trash for this show lol

    Mar 05, 2016
    I hated murphy back when i last watched this, but now I sort of love him

    Dec 01, 2015
    “Kane was a-comin’ for Abby and Raven, and we learned that the shady trader had given them a bad part. I’m not sure why the storyline needed this if she was just going to use the space suit anyway, but I’m not the writers, I’m just a lady who spends too much time watching TV and eating yogurt.”
    I’m guessing either there was only one space suit available, or maybe the Escape Pod could hold two people, but not two people who were both wearing space suits. Those suits are kinda bulky, and the interior of that Pod did not seem spacious. So maybe Raven was only able to use the suit because Abby wasn’t going to be coming with her.

    May 27, 2015
    Re read this one and cackled madly 😀

    May 25, 2014
    Nice job! Super funny! I think the show has just gotten better though with more episodes. Bellarke all the way!!

    Apr 24, 2014
    This is seriously the best recap I have ever read. I was literally dying of laughter. Okay, not (LITERALLY) dying, but there were chances I thought sweet mother death was going to accidentally take me away because of the mistaken indication that I was on the brink of death. 10/10 recap, certainly looking forward to more.

    Apr 23, 2014
    Thanks for writing these recaps, they’re awesome.

    Apr 20, 2014
    Love these recaps. You’re hilarious.
    I think the real triangle is between Murphy, Bellamy, and Clarke. Who will win Bellamy’s love?
    Bellarke WERE acting like Charlotte’s parents even though they barely knew the kid. Weird.
    I wish the writers would have have let Clarke spend more time mourning the death of Wells. Oh well.
    50 percent were waiting for Finn/Clarke? No thanks. More like %5. Everyone’s noticing the sexual tension between Bellamy and Clarke. #Bellarke is where it’s at.

    Apr 18, 2014
    Hey I keep trying to respond but they aren’t showing up….unless you’re deleting them? lol. Was just gonna say, I totally understand about the blog stuff. I started my first blog on 4/1. ( And it’s been super stressful! Like trying to keep a houseplant/pet (child?) alive. And the tech stuff, every time I learn something, they update it and I have to relearn. Anyways, you have a big fan down here in Texas! Thanks again for the witty writing!

    Toni_watches Apr 19, 2014
    Thank you, Amanda! No, I wasn’t deleting your comments, so I’m not sure what happened. Good luck with your blog, I’ll be sure to check it out!

    AmandaChaviano Apr 14, 2014
    Thanks Toni! Your recaps are always the best and most entertaining. Did you say you have a blog?

    Toni_watches Apr 14, 2014
    Thank you! I DO have a blog, but it’s currently under maintenance. I’m terrible with computers (I think I must have been Sarah Conner in a past life), so I’m getting someone to help. It should be up and running soon! I’ll put the web-link in my profile once it is.

    Apr 12, 2014
    Does anyone know what Morphine and Heroine have in common?
    If you said Opium– you’d be right. Which means they must have a lot of Poppy Seeds on this space station!
    Let’s all get aboard the Thailand Express!!!!

    Apr 12, 2014
    Another awesomely hilarious photo recap! You’re one of the reasons I watch this show! Another is how frickin amazing it is!! And I agree with you on how much the show needs murthy, he’s funny in a really creepy way!!

    Apr 12, 2014
    Why do you think “the Creepster” is so hot? His nose is exactly the same size as the rest of his face! And in a related note, are you a girl, or a gay guy? Because the dude who writes the TVD reviews is gay, so, even though his reviews are funny, we NEVER get any decent discussion about how boner-inducing all the women are!! These 100 reviews have also been very funny, but there is no horn-dogging going on over Clarke and Octavia (who BTW has the same exact name as a She-Ra villain , but this Octavia is hotter because the She-Ra one is half Octopus) and those two are like the Betty and Veronica of the post apocalypse!!
    I am going to demand some affirmative action be taken here,, start letting me write reviews just to prove that straight male dudes watch these shows!!

    KatherineRulez Apr 12, 2014
    Then write some reviews, no one stopping you!

    Apr 14, 2014
    You are right, you did sort of get horn-doggy about Raven. which added to my confusion regarding your gender! Raven is hot, and I am all for there being three girls on the Earth. So I am excited that she is coming down. Still think Octavia is like heart stoppingly beautiful. Easily the hottest out of all three. But Clarke has that “too good for you” vibe that makes her even more desirable.
    BTW let’s stop ignoring the big issues here, Paige Turco was in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: the Secret of the ooze. Every single time you talk about her you should mention that. (She was in Turtles 3 also, but that movie sucked and didn’t have Vanilla Ice in it, so no one cares about that.)

    Toni_watches Apr 14, 2014
    Go Ninja, Go Ninja, GO! Do you think she’s pals with Vanilla Ice? I like to think so.

    Apr 12, 2014
    I know I’ve ranted about this before but I really hope Richard Harmon is gone for good. His face fills me with unbelievable rage.
    Also am I the only one who’s waiting for the slew of teen pregnancies on this show? I mean they couldn’t even provide them with food for the journey so they sure as shit won’t be handing out any condoms or birth control.

    Apr 12, 2014
    Does Ravens Ship have Gps or a means to land in the exact spot the first ship did?. I mean the earth is a pretty big place what are the odds that the drop ship lands precisely where the first ship landed. And even then the first ship didnt land where it was supposed to.

    Apr 24, 2014
    She didn’t land where the first ship landed, in fact, she was quite a ways off, hence why it took Bellamy from night all the way into the afternoon to get to her ship where she was conveniently still knocked unconscious after being on earth for somewhat less than a dozen hours.

    Apr 24, 2014
    So still within walking distance on a planet the size of earth. Confirmed that she also had no Gps and no way to pinpoint her landing. But shes hot so im going to stop nitpicking.

    Apr 24, 2014
    Yes, but that was still arguably 50 miles or more. My pet peeve is that within the 10+ hours it took him to get to her, she hadn’t already awoken by then. I do agree though, her looks cancels out that logic.

    Apr 11, 2014
    Fear not I think the creepster will be like the guy that killed someone in Terra Nova, they banished that guy and he came back a hero. I don’t think nor do I want Murphy to come back a HERO hero, but I wouldn’t mind the idea of him shacking up with the grounders and going super dark trying to help the grounders kill everyone else. But if not he may live alone for a while, still be a dick, but ultimately save someone from adventure squad and be allowed to rejoin the group on conditions. I just don’t think they would get rid of him, he probably just needs some off screen time to film more continuum.

    Apr 11, 2014
    Unprotected sex probably wasn’t the best idea with no meds around. I really don’t understand the Finn appeal, someone explain that. Does he bore anyone else but me, he seems to just be around as a flirtation for Clarke and even that is boring. Aside from how quickly they tore each others clothes off I don’t really feel any passion from them, they just share little smiles and he jokes with her but I’m not feeling it. I think I’m to strongly a Clark and Bellamy shipper, them I can see a love hate passion stirring. Honestly I find Clarke boring and annoying too, why can’t this show be about Bellamy the entire time?

    Apr 13, 2014

    Apr 11, 2014
    So Bellamy has an extreme big brother complex, I’m starting to think he might be a superhero in disguise. I am solo glad that him and Clarke are finally working together instead of stupidly fighting all the time. I will wait for the relationship to develop.

    Apr 11, 2014
    Ok I’m probably reading way more into this than I should, but I think that Clarke and Belamy were disproportionately upset about Charlotte because htey are both the “parent/leader” figures and they feel responsible for the 100, or at least their little sector of the 100. Charlotte represented a sort of innocence, currupted by their rapidly forming society that in event is replicating the society they lived in on the ark, as they struggle to build it. Bellamy is the realist and Clarke the idealist.

    Apr 11, 2014
    There is one point I disagree with:
    I would be more excited if it was announced that ice-cream makes you lose weight.

    Apr 11, 2014
    I was into the show until they all of a sudden started showing a new black dude. (that’s when you know one is getting killed). Later that episode a little kid stabs a brotha in the neck…unbelievable. Then the very next episode the white guy PISSES ON the black kid. You can hate what I’m sayin…give me the thumbs down…Doesn’t matter, because that ain’t right. I turned it off and deleted the recording immediately. This show is DEAD to me. Also, yet again another show with no black women on it. What am I saying…maybe once they kill this dude they will replace him with a really fat unattractive black girl as most shows tend to do now. (I am black…not stupid)

    Apr 11, 2014
    Love these recaps!!!!
    This show has definitely passed my 4-episode test!!! I mean that season promo at the end of the first episode has got me so hooked!!!

    Apr 11, 2014
    There’s one more big thing that was bugging the Hades out of me this episode: our 100 96 beautiful, horny teens are in the middle of an old-growth forest. How convenient that there just happens to be a bomb shelter in the vicinity with no obvious signs of associated structural ruins.

    Apr 11, 2014
    Maybe whoever built the shelter, knowing that nuclear war was near wanted their little safe haven away from other people and hidden in the woods. But I don’t know, maybe they hated people?

    Apr 11, 2014
    Great review! Keep ’em comin’!
    So I gather that Raven’s eager to get to ground ’cause Flinn is (soon to be was?) her boyfriend. Yeah, that little tryst with Clarke won’t get awkward at all!
    What, no mention that Kane’s mom leads some sort of tree-hugging pseudo religious cult?
    While I can get down on some of the science, I’m starting to groove a bit on getting to know more about the social and economic dynamics of the Ark.
    Also I don’t think Raven’s space suit helmet was properly secured to the suit. Think that would be sort of important if one’s escape pod pressure regulator were Tango Uniform.

    Apr 11, 2014
    This was freaking hilarious! Defiantly gonna start reading these every week!

    Apr 11, 2014
    So excited that Raven is coming! She could really shake things up, the girl is resourceful and no pushover either.
    Agreed on Tim Barlett. Thats one dreamboat I could see joining the adventure squad, maybe making a ‘terrific trio’ with Monty and Jaspar. They could solve crimes! And then, since he would become all persons favourite character, suffer the most upsetting death in television history.
    Or maybe the actor is not even in Vancouver. *sigh* We can dream.
    Although it doesn’t seem like I have to (dream) with this show. No one has really specified goals (from which you can begin predicting characters behaviours for example; a show like revenge or a show with a ‘cure’) Their only goal is to survive, which mean essentially anything can happen alongside that major goal. To the characters, to their community stability, their personality/mindset and relationships.
    So much material to work with! I honestly can’t wait.
    Great re-cap by the way.

    Isobel Apr 11, 2014
    *particularly loved ‘not in public man’ and ‘She’s working those jeans’ Kane’s gotta have a passion for something other than mass murder and manipulation?


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