The 100 “The Calm” Photo Recap – Adventure Squad of Despair (1.11)

Monty! Clarke! Finn! New Kid! So many lives hang in the balance. One of my very favourite / most hated things about TV is when the episode ends abruptly with so many unanswered questions that I actually scream WHAT?

It’s my favourite because it’s awesome, but I hate, hate, hate it because I want the next episode RIGHT NOW.

You guys, there were a lot of things going on in The Calm. That’s always a gamble for TV because the story can seem disjointed and muddled. OR it can be totally awesome and dark and thrilling and awesome and sexy and awesome. 

Clarke killed a guy! Monty is missing! Abby is alive! Finn is about to be brutally murdered, and Clarke is hanging from a tree like she’s Wile E. Coyote.

I feel like I need a few hours to chill out in a tiny steaming vent to digest it all, you know? BUT I WON’T because I’ve got some recapping to do!





DAMN, you guys! This episode started SAD. Did anyone else want to give these two a hug??

Before we could start openly weeping, we jumped into space.


I may be dating myself with that reference, but Kane looked like he had a ROUGH night. I was very pleased to see him alive, though! His redemption story kicked it into turbo this episode, which you all know I love.

Down below, a fellow we hadn’t met before was giving Octavia some serious guff.


You guys, there is something you need to know about me. I adore things that rhyme (and alliterations, if we’re sharing), so when this new guy called Octavia “Grounder Pounder” I laughed very hard and he became my new favourite, even though he was slut-shaming and that is very bad. Like, his take was awful, but I can’t deny his mastery of words, you know? This guy for the win, episode MVP.

Also, the Beautiful Creepster gave her a look that said “I like your spunk”, and I’m guessing a ship was born.



Raven insisted they were “good”, but we all know what “good” means on this show! Speaking of people not being “good” when they say they are, I guess everyone just assumed Connor died of natural causes? That’s not sarcasm. With that virus knocking people about, it really was the perfect murder. Way to go, Beautiful Creepster!

Anyway, then they heard a ruckus.


Their food cabin burnt down! It was clearly the fault of everyone’s favourite wordsmith (still giggling about “Grounder Pounder”), and Murphy told him so.

Of course, we all know what this means!



Was it just me, or was everything Clarke did this episode screaming “I am very over this”? I do NOT blame you, Clarke! Your life is a nightmare. I rather enjoy that we’re seeing the emotional effects that being on a hellish horror-scape of danger would do to a bunch of teens.



Okay, sure! I don’t even mind The 100 introducing new characters when we’re eleven episodes in. There are a LOT of teens on the ground, let’s get to know some of them!

Finn joined them, which brought on another fit of hurt glances.




Raven was going to leave, but Bellamy dialed his charm to eleven and convinced her to stay by pointing out how much the camp needs her.

Meanwhile in space, Kane was making friends!



Kane lights up my life, you guys. He saved that dude and they became instant best buddies, then they found MORE friends.



On the ground, the hunting party wasn’t going so hot.




The Grounders shot the new kid! Twice! And then Clarke and Finn got knocked around a bunch.



Up in space, Kane was very adamant about saving everyone, mainly because he was essentially responsible for killing 320 people, including an adorable befreckled father we shall NEVER FORGET.

Anyway, he was convinced the air was a message.



Haha, I loved when this guy was like, “your brain isn’t working”, and yet he followed him anyway! This instant friendship is now the heart of the show.

Clarke and Finn weren’t having such a great time in the Grounder camp.




Guys, I know I have to stop saying that I love people. I’m recapping a TV show, not getting drunk with my sorority sisters. But I LOVE both Anya and Dichen Lachman who plays her. I want so much more of her.

Anyway, she layed out the rules of the game, which were basically if Clarke doesn’t save the injured Grounder girl, Anya will kill Finn.


Up in space, Kane found the monitoring room, and the new awesome guy got the intercom working.




Kane told everyone to skedattle, but that wasn’t going to fly. Not for the people of the Ark! Ark folks stick together! Goonies never say die!


Yes, I just referenced a Brian Adams song from 1993. I’m old. Sue me.

Back at the Grounder camp, Anya told Clarke what happened to the dying girl.



Clarke wasn’t even at the bridge bombing, nor was it her idea, but she’s still taking the flack. Man, being the leader is NOT a fun gig.

Raven and Monty had a charming chat about how the frequencies on the radio are different now. Of course, any time a TV show has weird radio frequencies, I immediately assume aliens. So, aliens for season 2, you guys!



This is the second week in a row where Monty’s feeling were hurt. I get that this show is a terror-ride of nightmares, but c’mon… there’s only so much a viewer can take.

The hunting party came back sans Finn and Clarke, and Raven jumped on the conclusion-train that they were on a trip to Sexyville.

Guess what else she jumped on!



Good for both Bellamy and Bob Morley for playing it so cool in the face of some serious mega-foxiness. I bet that was a real chore for them to shoot. A reeeeeaaaaal chore.

Meanwhile, the Grounder girl wasn’t doing great, and Clarke had to do that thing that TV shows love to do, and stick a tube in a part of her body where tubes shouldn’t be.


I adored how put-off the Grounder fellow looked.



Kane saved Wipperobrious, and it was lovely. Then the Grounder girl became septic and Clarke was very peeved.



Up at Space Camp, Kane and Vivonious got some good news.



Meanwhile, the game Clarke was playing wasn’t as fun as it sounded.




Oh my! Anya gave the order to kill Finn and they took him!

Also not having the time of his life was Kane. His adventure through the vent seemed very unpleasant.


But look who he found!



ABBY! it’s Abby, you guys! She did NOT perish in a fiery inferno.

The nice-ish Grounder that helped them during the “surgery” was trying his best to recruit Clarke into their clubhouse.




She slit his throat! That was INSANE. Clarke has gone dark, you guys, and I’m not just saying that because I love rhyming.

Bellamy, Raven, Monty and Octavia went searching for them, and found an adorable glorified extra in the bushes. They decided they had to get him back to camp instead of looking for the main characters (I respect it!).

Also, Monty found something mysterious and disappeared.



Clarke was running through the forest to both escape the Grounders and save Finn, when this happened:


This girl’s life has been turned upside down!

You guys, I think I gaped at the screen for a full minute after it went blank. WHAT THE WHAT? So much stuff in this episode is going to give me an ulcer. Be honest – when you started watching The 100, did you think you were going to care about these characters THIS MUCH? I am very worried for all of them, and that’s a testament to everyone involved with this show.  

Remember when we all thought Kane was a total villain? What fools we were! For shame, you guys. A plague on all our houses. Kane saved approximately 30 lives in one day, and not all in one shot! He was a life-saving machine, and deserves so many high fives and peanut butter cups.

Well, I am very clearly super pumped for the next episode. I want to know what happens immediately, but also the anticipation is half the fun? Ugh, who even knows anymore. I’m a mess.


  • “Tomorrow there will be nothing to go back to.” YIKES, you guys! I am very excited for the two-part conclusion of this season. Shit is going to get real.


  • Desperately want to make Octavia a Grounder Pound Cake.


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One thought on “The 100 “The Calm” Photo Recap – Adventure Squad of Despair (1.11)


    Jan 26, 2015
    Is it bad that when I first read Bob’s name, I immediately was thinking: Bob “Marley”??? What-the-WHAT??
    Don’t worry, be I right?? XP

    Jan 26, 2015
    To be very honest, I don’t think Bob Morley was shy about that “I’m no compassionate hero” dirty stuff he did with Raven… Though maybe he was taken by surprise when Raven took charge; normally he’s the character to initiate it and be the dominate one–for example, I just recently watched an Aussie horror/thriller Road Kill (or Road Train) and in the very first scene it’s him doing the nasty with his girl (VERY awkward start to a horror movie, dontcha think??) So yeah, Morley is no doubt experienced with those hot-and-heavy scenes ;P #BellamyIsABoss

    Jun 03, 2014
    In nine months time the show will probably be back up to having a hundred people on the ground again what with all the teen pregnancies.
    Some contraption slogans since you love rhymes Toni: Don’t be a fool, wrap up your tool; If you think she’s spunky, cover your monkey; If you go into heat, package your meat; Don’t make a mistake, cover your snake and finally wrap it before you tap it. I’m going to stop now cause I could definitely get carried away.
    Very much enjoyed the references especially the paraphrased Shakespeare (English degree nerd).

    Feb 03, 2016
    effing brilliant

    Jun 03, 2014
    Ok so I finally some some time to watch this ep!
    Will write here some notes, while I watch, and then go read the recap 🙂
    That kid –& Red Shirt! LOL Poor thing, trying to play with the big kids, the popular kids…
    Fin the Hunter… aha!
    K getting flash backs of Lost & stuff…
    Aaand there goes the Red Shirt (which actually has a name! Miles)
    Yeah… of course we are going to help you rescue our beloved leader… that is what people do when there is nothing else to lose but your life…
    Walkies it is! I never had real walkies when I was a kid 😦
    2nd lover ever, yay! “I am not that guy” LOL
    Poor crushed-lungs-girl… don’t think she’ll make it.
    “Everybody gets oxygen! Now!” ROFL! Sounded more like “Everybody hands up! Now!”
    Yep! Called it! Crushed-lungs-girl bought it! At least we are being sort of realistic here…
    Yay! Mummy is still alive!
    “Nothing to go back to!” Yikes that does not sound very reassuring…
    Crap! Clarke the badass!!!!
    “Report!” “Oh my god!” Well, that always create a nice suspense…
    What do you know! Red Shirt is still alive! 100 pts for stubbornness LOL!
    Mmm wonder if spending the night upside down, hanging from a leg is good for your health…
    Ok! Ready for the recap!
    Really good lines Toni!
    “You never told me where you got that jacket!” ** Why, forever 21!
    “Some extras and a main character may still be alive!”
    “Is this a metaphore?”

    Toni_watches Jun 03, 2014
    This was great! Lovely re-living the episode with you. 🙂

    Jun 03, 2014
    Thanks mate! ’twas a photo recap minus the photos ROFL!

    Jun 02, 2014
    are trying to sound like price? the photo recappping with funny phrases is fine but the things you say in between or at the begining…i feel like you need to find your own style

    Jun 24, 2014
    Oh well, Price doesn’t cover nearly enough shows, especially good shows, anyway.

    May 31, 2014
    I think this episode was Clark’s holy shit moment she came to the realisation that as a leader of her people she is responsible for every act of war and peace whether by her hand or not. Clark is growing as a character and it brilliant when she killed that grounder she used his weak knee against him and then did what she had to, to survive and save the man that make her heart go boom boom boom. I loved that new hot technician bestie of Kane’s he is cool every thing he said, from ‘you have hypoxia, your brain is broken’ to ‘if you die can I have your shoes’ just made me laugh I love him already, show pleaseeeee please don’t kill him. Abby’s alive and loving Kane :). Oh raven, raven, raven raven, I understand why bellemy but really raven it’s bellemy. From this episode I got that hotty mcLincoln was the grounders healer and now he gone they know Clark’s worth, and I’m pretty sure that the ark is moving which I don’t think it’s supposed to do.

    May 31, 2014
    if Octavia’s a “Grounder Pounder”,I wanna be a Grounder 😉

    May 31, 2014
    They need to go back for, Clarke, asap! She’d never leave a man behind. That’s how badass she is. Hell, even the grounders know how important, Clarke is. Even they want to recruit her.
    I have to say I loved her killing scene. It was chilling and as she watched that man die, you could see her innocences slowly fading away. Loving this whole “grey” version of Clarke. Nothing is black and white for her now.

    May 31, 2014
    She’s now thinking ‘ I’m going to have to do some not so good things to survive here’.

    May 31, 2014
    OK, you like rhyming, alliteration and Bryan Adams. Are you single? I have no idea how old you are, but you can’t possibly be older than I am because you thought “Dude Where’s My Car” is something that old people reference.
    I am glad someone enjoyed the “grounder pounder” thing as much as I did. Maybe we can all wear buttons with pictures of Octavia on them that say “Grounder Pounder” as a way to illustrate that we are a part of the fanatical 100 cult following. This show does have a fanatical cult following by now doesn’t it? If it doesn’t, the only explanation for that would be that no one has watched it.
    But as great as grounder pounder was, nothing beat the moment wear that one kid came out of nowhere and practically said, “Hey guys! I’m an expendable new character! Wear is my red shirt!?” It was like they were trying to “hang a lantern” on the fact that this guy was being introduced just to be killed! And then it got even better when in the end, HE DIDN’T DIE! Man,…this show…(I say with a twinkle in my eye.)
    I’m not even going to go into Super-Kane and his new bestie, because they are obviously now everyone’s favorite thing ever, but I will bring up one thing, HOW COULD YOU NOT MENTION THE DEATH-SHOE MOMENT!?”
    Everyone, this reviewer is very very good, and enjoys Bryan Adams, but she has made a grave error in not mentioning that in this episode Kane’s new best friend said this line in order to lighten the mood: “When you die, can I have your shoes?” and then Kane smiled and said: “They are much too stylish for you.”
    There, now that is remedied. I feel better.

    Jun 03, 2014
    Maybe Grounder Pounder can be a secret password to alert other you to other fans of the 100? Like the Christians and the Fish symbol in Roman times (I love making completely ridicilous and tenious links between things).

    May 30, 2014
    OK, I really freaked when Bellamy hooked up with Raven. I think one of my feels broke because now I am just so confused about Bellarke. I am glad that they are dragging it out though. Most shows (Reign) resolved the sexual tension fairly early. Its true, Clarke had nothing to do with the bomb! Raven is responsible for blowing up a grounder with her Improvised Explosive Devise, Thats so Raven! This episode was super stressful.

    May 31, 2014
    That’s So Raven would have been a much better show if it had been about this Raven blowing people up with homemade plastic explosives.

    May 30, 2014
    Your reviews are sooo much better and vastly more entertaining reads than the editor from this site who just reviews it occasionally. I always like the commentating on it ‘because I enjoy it’ rather than covering it ’cause I have to’ that seems to occur here often (except Lily). Thanks.
    The bro-mance born on the ark was probably the best part. That and Abby is alive (because I am old and I still remember her as Dinah Marler from ‘Guiding Light’ back in the good ole 80’s! She’s still gorgeous.) This show is kind of following the beat of its own drummer rather than doing the same things we’ve see over and over again in sci-fi and young adult drama and that has made it a very welcome addition to my viewing habits. CW may be on to something. This year they have premiered two of the most impressive shows this network, the WB, or UPN ever put out in the same year in ‘Reign’ and ‘The 100’ (That’s 2 more good shows than ABC put forth this year and that has to say something because this network doesn’t have Disney/Marvel money or support.)
    They really need to bring on ‘iZombie’ sooner rather than later ’cause anyone catch ‘Petals on the Wind’ this weekend?; Rose McIver – is hitting an apex in her television career. She’s been everywhere this year and with Rob Thomas in charge no doubt ‘iZombie’ is going to be great.

    May 30, 2014
    Hahaha, cool recap! Some really funny phrases, well done!

    May 30, 2014
    WoW… The killing scene was great… i love that Clarke is more like Bellamy and less like Finn…

    May 30, 2014
    I liked the premise and the Australians involved in the show (Eliza Taylor as Clarke and Bob Morley as Bellamy) and that’s why I decided to give The 100 a go. I never dreamed that I would care as much as I do about these characters and that I look forward to a new episode every week more than a lot of other shows!!!
    Clarke killing that guy will probably not do a hell of a lot of good for Grounder/100 relations.
    The guy that Kane met I love him!!! Please make him a proper cast member and not a throw away
    WHERE IS MONTY?????????
    Next week looks so awesome but I am freaking out!!! What the hell am I gonna do when this ends in 2 weeks? There will be a very hard week before Teen Wolf returns and my life has meaning again. (I don’t have a lot going on.)

    May 30, 2014
    Referencing Dude, Where’s My Car? and Goonies, you are my hero!!!

    May 30, 2014
    lol so i now do a running toni_watches commentary in my head while watching and it totally make me laugh at the most inappropriate things. i like warrior princess and all, but her trying to make clarke feel like crap for the bridge thing kind of irked me. i mean are we just ignoring the fact that you guys were on the way to kill us after declaring biological warfare on an entire camp of people? whatevs to that boo. lmao at code name: expendable! that’s exactly what it was thinking. i swear if its your first day on adventure squad your life is pretty much over. also that clarke killing scene was intense.

    May 30, 2014
    I loved the way Clarke killed the grounder, it was chilling. Shhh…
    Please, give me more #DarkClarke.
    Raven, seriously ?
    Not sure if I want aliens on this show yet.
    Can’t wait for next episode!

    May 30, 2014
    I just want to let you all know that for some reason, God knows why, I’ve been reading “Kane” as “Kanye” all day today. That makes this an entirely different show. I don’t not like it.

    May 29, 2014
    Thumbs up for the Cute Boy Brigade! (yes, I read Kaitlins review just now too, and I liked the name)
    Of course Abby wasn’t dead, the show may be killing of people but mainly non essential people. Main characters are safe, at least til the season finale, then all bets are off.
    I definately gaped at the blank screen for a full minute.
    Have the mountain men radios?
    Keep up the hilarious and awesome work Toni! til next time!

    May 29, 2014
    I registered with this site just to comment on your review. 😉 I finally got to watch the episode this morning. DirecTV and bad weather. Don’t ask. Momma wasn’t happy tho. Buuuut thru the whole episode I was like ‘Ooooohhh! What is Toni gonna say bout that!” ok. 3 things really stood out to me this episode. 1. WTF Bellamy and Raven. I love Bellamy. I love Raven. I DO NOT LOVE Bellamy AND Raven. 2. I love Clarke. I love her so freaking much right now. She is Hard-Freaking-Core! She gets shite done; super pragmatic. But when she killed that grounder, Toni OMG! She stared him straight in the face until he died. I mean I didn’t even know what to say except “Will you be my leader Clarke?” 3. I love the new guy in space. He’s got a smartash Ryan Reynolds thing happening and I can’t wait til he makes it to the ground. Tho I am afear’d that we are running out of space baddies. So _Fire_Ice may be right…..sad face…..I don’t want him to be a baddie.
    For the rest….yeah, I’m running out of uses for Abby and Jaha. Kane is getting more interesting. Usually I could take or leave Finn, but with Clarke embracing her dark side a little bit, we may need our little Jiminey Cricket….albeit our sexed up Jiminey Cricket. Super excited about grounder developments. And ok. I may be the only one who thought this in my total girl mode, but who thinks that a wedding of some sort would solidify the 100/grounder alliance that more than just me thinks is coming (shout out again _Fire_Ice). Monty I &3 U. U have to live. And Anya u know I love u girl, but Clarke has officially won the badass award this episode. K. I think I’m gonna get a Xanax script so I can make it til next episode. Oh wait! MURPHY! He was so good this episode. I never like him, but I don’t want him to go away…..I don’t what that says about me.

    May 29, 2014
    Why June 7th? Is that confirmed?

    Jun 03, 2014
    Or online like the rest of us who are deprived of some fantastic TV.

    Toni_watches May 29, 2014
    There was a strip along my screen saying June 7th, but as one of the writers pointed out to me, that is likely only for a specific region.
    Never fear! If you didn’t see the blue strip, I don’t think this affects you. If it does, you can watch on the CW website.

    May 29, 2014
    As always, this was delicious fun to read! Thanks and keep them coming!

    May 29, 2014
    Love your recaps! Always make me laugh.
    “Did anyone else want to give these two a hug??” I wanted them to hug each other, tbh.
    “Grounder Pounder” – amazing nick name.
    “Who the eff??” Ikr? I kinda love getting to know the red shirts though. It’s fun. We all knew something was going to happen to poor Miles the second he chose to go along with Clarke and Finn.
    I really loved Kane in this episode! I’m here for this Kane/Jaha brotp. Yay for Abby being alive. I can’t wait until her and Clarke reunite.
    Did Anya really think The 100 would just sit back and let themselves be killed? Of course they’re going to defend themselves. Her fault for taking a kid to the bridge knowing the danger.
    Why does everyone keep hurting poor Monty’s feelings? He’s the sweetest kid, stop being mean to him!
    Eliza’s acting was perfect when Clarke killed that dude. I love seeing how everything has changed her. I want to see more of this. #DarkClarke ftw. I’m surprised she hasn’t snapped and gone crazy yet with everything that’s happened to her and everyone she loves dying.

    May 29, 2014
    OMG I am so glad you mentioned aliens, because that is instantly where my mind went. Than I was like, wait no that can’t happen. But still love it.
    You know what else I loved, Kane’s new friend. Here’s to hoping he isn’t one of evil Chancellor lady’s undercover badies. Also I thought Bellamy did a pretty good job of resisting Raven, she had to talk him into it more than I thought she would. Still pissed about it though, this mopey Raven crap better end soon. She was so awesome until she came to the ground and had to be around Finn. It is like Finn sucks the awesome out of people, he should just die in the finale and save us all the frustration.
    Also not thrilled Abby is alive, I just new they would find a way to keep her alive. This is like what the 3rd time she has almost died or been executed, maybe 4th times the charm. I don’t have any hatred towards her, I just think her character is gonna be really boring and have nothing to do once they hit ground. Maybe I will be pleasantly surprised.
    Finally my theory, I posted it on the other review too, but… I want the people that kidnapped Monty to be MOUNTAIN MEN!!! And I want the mountain men to be descendants from a military unit from Mount Weather. I want them to have some technology and stuff that is messing with the radios and is what really brought down the evil Chancellor lady’s ship. Fingers crossed, that way Anya and her grounders can join the 100 as allies against the more dangerous mountain men.
    So excited about the next episode. I am wondering how long they are gonna let Murphy mess with them though, some one has to figure that out soon.

    May 31, 2014
    As I watched this, I kept saying that the guy helping Kane was being too nice and too helpful, he must be a bad guy. 🙂

    May 29, 2014
    Really love your recaps! =)
    Since Pirce’s heart isnt into the TVD-recaps anymore and Teen wolf is on a break, this is the best thing on right now!
    Keep it up =)

    Jun 24, 2014
    I agree.


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