The 100 “We Are Grounders Part 1” – Don’t Fear the Reaper (1.12)

Does anyone have a time machine? I’d very much like to jump into the future exactly one week. I’m really fun on road trips, so this could be a hoot. We’ll get some snacks, bring our pillows, make a sweet mix cd, all pile into the time machine and know exactly WHAT THE EFF IS GOING TO HAPPEN IN THE SEASON FINALE.

Then we could use the time machine to go back 13 weeks and watch it all over again.

You guys, this episode definitely felt like a “Part 1”, setting up the dominos to fall without any major WHAT moments, but it sucessfully got THIS GIRL pumped for the final installment. Did any of us actually think Bellamy was in danger? Probably not. Was it fun to watch Murphy be exposed for what he is and go a little nuts? Hell yes! Did we really think Clarke and Finn were going to be killed off? Unlikely. Was it a thrill to see Lincoln’s Abs again? Can I get an amen!

And what in the H E double hockey sticks are the Reapers? One word, folks: yikes.

But enough chitter chatter, let’s find some nearly inescapable mines and dive in!

The episode began with a beautifully underscored scene (seriously, that music was haunting), in which Chickonious filled everyone in on their situation.




Wipperpodimus was very ready to just chill out and die, but not Kane!



On the ground, Bellamy was also experiencing a fit of heroitis.


You guys, do you think Bellamy got an A+ in his public speaking class, and it went to his head? This boy LOVES giving speeches. I think he loves giving speeches more than he loves having awkwardly ridiculous teen threesomes.

Anyway, he reminded everyone that they’re all probably gonna die, and that their pals are likely dead. Then we got a great campfire scene with Anya and Clarke.




You guys, I cannot wait for the inevitable character turn where Anya realizes she needs the Hundred to fight against the Reapers and they team up and Anya and Clarke become besties. There is no reason these two can’t be pals (other than a ton of murder).

[Sidenote – I like my marshmallows burnt, in case we’re ever camping together]



This dude is in charge now, and he was about to kill our beloved Clarke when they saw a fire signaling “Reapers”. They do NOT sound like a fun bunch of people, so naturally the Grounders packed up and high tailed it outta there, leaving a suspiciously hunky dude behind to kill Clarke.

Back at Casa Di Hundred, Jasper was throwing Bellamy attitude about not going after their missing comrades.


Then Bellamy went to get water for Miles, who I guess was still alive.







Oh no! Our adorkable hero witnessed the Beautiful Creepster murder the glorified extra! Murphy locked himself inside the drop ship with Jasper, and I don’t think it was for some male bonding.

Then we saw Clarke galloping on a horse through slivers of light and I hope the director stood up and took a bow while this aired because that was awesome. Oh, and look who wasn’t dead:




Lincoln!! Put up your hand if you knew we’d see Lincoln’s abs again (or don’t, because we can’t see you and you’ll likely look insane). Lincoln obviously saved Finn because they’re best pals, and then he couldn’t let his best buddy’s crush die! Oh man, Lincoln, you’re such a good friend.

They ran into the Fire Swamp mines where they knew the Grounders wouldn’t follow.


Up in space, Abby was trying her darndest to save a girl who looked a little like Clarke (she looked A LOT like Clarke, you guys).


I was behind Jackson when he was totally cool to let her die, but Abby had other reasons for wanting to redeem herself.



Someone give Paige Turco a chocolate milkshake because her performance in this scene made me feel things. It was also nice to see Jackson have something to do other than look worried.

On the ground, Bellamy was cooking up a scheme to save Jasper.



And the deal was on!

Meanwhile, Clarke, Finn and Lincoln were having a super time in the mines.








Do you think when they’re not running for their lives, Lincoln and Finn make some tea and just silently sit together while Lincoln draws and Finn writes poetry? Then every so often they’ll share their work and support each other’s creativity? I do.

In this conversation we learned that Lincoln has morals and is helping them because war is wrong. Fair enough!

Back at camp, Raven was being Raven


Above them, the Beautiful Creepster was getting Bellamy to tie a noose for himself.



Bellamy seemed more annoyed than afraid. I guess after the horrors he’s witnessed thus far, he probably didn’t believe he’d be taken down by a disgruntled ex-employee.

Up at Space Camp, Oberonious was watching a very adorable young Clarke and Wells (RIP) talking about thrusters and gravity and a general step by step how-to on saving the Ark.


THRUSTERS. OF COURSE! The expert adults ran every scenario, and it took children talking about the basic workings of the Ark for an idea to hit. Great work, team.

Back in the Pit of Despair mines, our disheveled Adventure Squad heard the sweet sounds of some kind of Reaper choir practice.




Murphy was shooting UP the place, which annoyed Octavia very much because her brother was inside.

With all the times Murphy shot through the floor, I am very surprised he didn’t blow the pod up.



Oh Murphy. Your hijinxs amuse me. I feel like Murphy’s life would be a good sitcom. His plans never seem to work out, and that’s always good for a laugh.

Meanwhile, Disheveled Adventure Squad found the Reavers Reapers.





I guess heroitis is contagious because Lincoln volunteered to essentially get murdered in order to save these two and have them in turn save Octavia. He lead the super scary mega creepy gang away so Clarke and Finn could slip out unnoticed.


YYYYYYYYYYYYYIKES. That seems very uncomfortable. Anyway, then they were attacked by a stray Reaper and Finn took care of business. Way to go, Finn!


The Beautiful Creepster wants to be the leader! Aw… little guy.

[I could have chosen quite literally ANY sports movie from the 90s about underdogs, but Little Giants is one of my favourites]

Raven got the door open and they rushed in to find Bellamy HANGING, which was a very disturbing image, even if we did know he was going to be fine.


I’m assuming last episode was more fun for Bob Morely to shoot than hanging by the neck. It was worth it, though! This scene was very disconcerting!





I give Finn a hard time because he’s an easy target, but props to Thomas McDonell who’s rather charming, and doing a great job. I honestly do like Finn when he’s not caught up in romantic drama. Killing someone would be very hard, and this was a fair reaction. Moving on!



The Beautiful Creepster blew a hole into the drop ship and ran away! Hahahahaha I heart this guy so much.

Then all of our hearts exploded because this happened:


Bellamy gets yelled at, blamed, shot at, glared at, HANGED, but this is one of the first times I can think of that someone showed him appreciation. And that appreciation came in the form of a hug from an adorkable hero. Yes, show… yes.

Clarke and Finn returned with news of their impending doom and Bellamy (obviously) gave a rousing speech.



Haha, better luck next time, Bellamy!


Everyone heard Murphy shoot through the floor where Raven was chilling out, and yet not ONE person went to check on her. Poor girl had to crawl out by herself with a hole through her body. Somebody throw Raven a fricken bone! If Raven dies I swear to GOD.

Up at Space Camp, Team Adults were still trying to save the Arc.



You guys! I will never stop praising the Mach 10 speed this show moves at (is Mach 10 fast? I don’t know science). The adults are going to the ground in what will undoubtedly be a magnificent explosion!

The best thing about this show (besides Lincoln’s abs) is that The 100 understands momentum. They know when to speed up and when to slow down. They know what will eventually bore us, and they take it out of the equation before it has a chance to. If we had to stick with a split-story between the Earth and the Ark beyond Season 2, we would have grown weary of it.

But we don’t! We get to see people killing each other, and explosions, and barbarians keeping gross hostages and awkward romance!

I tip my hat to you, show. I have to do that now, because next week I’ll likely be too busy sobbing or screaming or pulling out my hair to give you the praise you deserve.


  • So many hugs this episode!! Do you think that was in the script, or were the actors just realizing that they have to spend the summer apart? (I like to think that they are all the best of friends)


  • I don’t want to jinx it, but this is the first episode where Raven did not cast ONE hurt glance.


  • There was a lot of cool imagery this episode! Bellamy looking through the noose, Clarke on the horse, Lincolns abs…  Dean White also directed the finale, so look forward to more disturbing / awesome / beautiful shots!


  • I was very flippant with the danger of this episode, and I feel like that’s going to bite me in the ass next week. People are going to die, you guys. I’m scurred.


  • Do you think Murphy will try to do a reunion tour with his band?

Until next time! 


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One thought on “The 100 “We Are Grounders Part 1” – Don’t Fear the Reaper (1.12)


    Apr 20, 2017
    When Bellamy was doing his heroitis induced speech and was all “we are grounders!” all I could think of was that little jingle
    and replace it with “we are grounders, ba-da-da-da-da-da-da!”
    I do however disagree with you on the whole scene where Beautiful Creepster tried to hang Murphy. I think Bellamy look very scared, first time I’ve seen him afraid I think.

    Jun 12, 2014
    Frie swamp, think I’ll take on the ROUS’S any day rather than those reavers reapers, (also, Firefly reference?)
    When i get my time machine I’ll bring you!
    Til next time! keep it up Toni

    Jun 11, 2014
    Don’t get why they aren’t more nervous about Murphy’s escape. If the Grounders capture him he’ll spill about the camp’s defences, including Raven’s land mines.

    Jun 10, 2014
    I agree. I like Finn when his plot isn’t centered around romantic entanglments. Also the haircut helped. I think the role of the pacifist really suits this character.
    Bellamy in this episode! Just everything Bellamy. Tip to writers: make us love the characters (like this!) before you make them love each other. All of the romantic parings have felt forced me so far.
    A+ review. Let’s go camping!

    Jun 10, 2014
    Uggh, I was pretty disappointed by this episode.
    As noted, nothing much really happened and the stuff that did was thrown in for effect with very little sense behind it (the Reapers, the unreasonable hopefulness of using the Ark’s thrusters to propel it towards a crash landing on Earth, Lincoln’s sacrifice, the flawed logic of marching that many people off towards the sea supposedly before people riding on horses arrive).
    I was truly excited to watch and loved seeing the characters I like but felt very empty by the ep’s end. This week’s promo didn’t restore my excitement either. I’m afraid that the finale is going to be as muddled as this ep.

    Jun 09, 2014
    What will we all admire when Lincoln dies? No more abs, sooooo sad!

    Jun 08, 2014
    this crap has nothing to do with sci-fi, it’s purely drama 12yr old crap.
    twilight BS

    Jun 08, 2014
    “quote: You guys, I cannot wait for the inevitable character turn where Anya realizes she needs the 100 to fight against the Reapers and they team up and Anya and Clarke become besties. There is no reason these two can’t be pals (other than a ton of murder). End Quote”
    Me too!! I espect for season two to see more interaction between those two!! BBF (ok maybe not…) but maybe the’ll be force to work together and it’s going to be interesting how they handle it, 2 strong female characters, more equal that we thouth…

    Jun 11, 2014
    Well, they’ve maybe been setting that up with Tristan being an aggressive dick. And Tristan as a post-apocalyptic name, really? I suppose he couldn’t just be Dave.

    Jun 09, 2014
    At the very least they both share their policy on fun.

    Jun 08, 2014
    Anyone noticed a lot of little girls die on the show?

    Jun 08, 2014
    A whole lot of everybody dies on this show. But yeah. 2 little girls is more than the norm for a season i guess.

    Jun 10, 2014
    I count 3 already, the little girl on the Ark when she’s making her speech and the bomb goes off, the grounders girl and Charlotte.
    Anywho I like the show:)!

    Jun 12, 2014
    Yep she died too.

    Jun 07, 2014
    The screen caption for the Jactavia photo should be Octavia saying to Jasper “so i guess my bro approves it” because Bellamy trade himself for Jasper beacuse he’s seen how upset Octavia was about Jasper being in danger

    Jun 07, 2014
    Can you please recap every show that I watch

    Toni_watches Jun 07, 2014
    Haha, what shows do you watch? 😉

    hbf716 Jun 08, 2014
    LOL too many to count. You would have to say good bye to the sun and have your groceries delivered. Your reviews remind me of the OUAT reviews which I like better than the show itself. So funny and clever.

    Jun 07, 2014
    Unfortunately “kryptonite” Finn will be taking care of Raven’s awesomeness in next episode. Doh.
    Loved the “You are not awesome enough”, “You are a goddess, please never die” and “You know I’m the romantic anti-hero, right?” ones.

    Jun 07, 2014
    A caption? Well that picture doesn’t seem to carry any innate hilarity, but it sort of reminds me of the scene in Howard the Duck where Lea Thompson and Howard the Duck look at each other and do a nervous gulp. So I guess my caption would just be “gulp”. Or maybe a double “gulp” to signify both Octavia and Jasper gulping.
    You know whats a very minor thing about this show that adds to it’s awesome factor? The fact that it’s not afraid to be quiet. TV is rarely quiet, but in this show, they will let characters just sort of stand there in the moment to add to the drama of the scene. A great example of this would be the scene with Abby in the operating room. You know what she is thinking, but the show just sort of quietly waits and lets her be in the moment. I feel like the CW knows how good this show is and gives them an extra long run time just for dramatic pauses, because otherwise, I don’t know how they are able to fit that stuff in while also having so much action in every episode.

    Jun 06, 2014
    I love all the Princess Bride and Firefly/Serenity references, made me laugh so much harder.
    BUT OMG!!! So excited about the finale, looks like things will get interesting. No doubt they will try and ditch the camp, per Clarke’s request, but they’ll be forced into retreat and Bellamy will win that argument after all. I love that his big speech got shot down in like what a sentence? Maybe 8 words, oh Clarke.
    Anyways… I really hope Lincoln doesn’t die because of this hero b.s. I want to see him again. I’m not talking make him a regular or anything, but every now and then would be nice. Side note though, I thought he left, like went to the coast already. But whatever. I greatly appreciate, though I don’t want to jinx it, that Raven is shifting back towards awesome. And I loved that Clarke nixed the Finn romance, good job Clarke. I was sad Kane’s new friend wasn’t around this episode. And I’m still a little iffy on having the adults down there, but we shall see how it plays out.
    I am really looking forward to Reapers in the coming season, so do we think they are like cannibals are underground fighter types?

    Jun 06, 2014
    Can you be the main recapper for this show? I’m not hating on Kaitlyn, but this was a great recap.

    Jun 06, 2014
    Awesome!!! Your pics with Murphy and the frozen deathgurt jokes cracked me up so much!!!

    Jun 06, 2014
    Finn is soft, but in a good way, they need someone like him to control the madness a bit. And I hope Lincoln doesn’t die, he’s too awesome and it’s not cool going out that way.

    Jun 06, 2014
    Every time you refer to the chancellor by a different name confuses me. 😀
    “I think I love you, again.”

    Jun 06, 2014
    btw… Loving Murphy’s dreadlocks lol

    Jun 06, 2014
    I saw that and was like when did he do that in between killing Connor and Miles?

    Jun 05, 2014
    A HHH HA HA HA HA! 1. Amen 2. Reapers are gross……and are they mountain men or is that another group to look forward to….or were the other set of non mutated grounders the mountain men? 3. the Abby/Kane stills=hilarious. 4. Oh Toni no. Burnt? No. I’ll take mine brown and hot (like Lincoln’s abs!) 5. Anya is indeed Awesome enough. (Screw you new guy.) 6. I too heart the Finn/Lincoln bromance and yes they spend their down time being sensitive and artistic together. 7. Ha, disgruntled ex-employee, oh Murphy. Still chuckling. 8. I think the Ark brain trust still was suffering from that prolonged period of oxygen deprivation….or they are just really slow. 9. Yeeeeesss! The drop ship should have blown the hell up girl! 10. This show would be over if Bellamy died…. js, we all know it’s true. 11. Lincoln don’t leave me again!! His abs must be getting a lot of work these days; I think I’ve seen him in a few promos. 12. Finn don’t be a pussy cat….(idk what this site censors). 13. Lucky #13 Murphy. Just Murphy. See you next season. 14. Ha! Bellamy’s braveheart speech got a lot of hype bc of the promo and nope, Clarke nipped that in the bud. Just sit back and look pretty Bellamy. 15. WTF! Everybody just leave one of the smartest, most useful, read ‘least expendable’ characters to die in the hull of the drop ship, ya know, after she saved the day and all. In true Raven style, heiffer just saves herself. Ain’t nobody got time for this.
    Picture Caption: WTH is in ur teeth?

    Jun 05, 2014
    I bet only 10-20 or so kids will survive. HOW MANY ADULTS ARE LEFT??
    Prob only 10 will make it.

    Jun 05, 2014
    ” Was it a thrill to see Lincoln’s Abs again?” AMEN sistah!
    Great recap as usual Toni! 😀
    Octavia says:
    “Do you think I’ll have time to freshen up before we leave camp?”
    “What!!! You didn’t save any of the magic nuts!”
    “Could we be friends again? I think this time I really lost Lincoln…”

    Jun 05, 2014
    I had such a rush of emotion as Jaha unveiled his plan. I hope landing the ark will be as epic as Sandra Bullock’s re-entry scene in Gravity.

    Jun 05, 2014
    “There’s no vodka at this table – Do you know anyone else here?”

    Jun 05, 2014
    Excellent photo recap!

    Jun 05, 2014
    The screen caption for the Jactavia photo should be Octavia saying to Jasper “You might still have a chance to be with me.Just wait until season 2”

    Jun 05, 2014
    YES. I need Any and Clarke to become besties next season and be Queen Leaders together.
    Are they going to make Kane and Abby a thing? I’d rather see Jaha/Abby.
    Reapers = The Reavers from Firefly.
    Sad to see Myles die. He was a cute little redshirt.
    Raven couldn’t cast a hurt glance in this episode because Finn wasn’t there with her. I’m sure another annoying glare is coming.
    Clarke with Lincoln riding the horse was such a beautiful shot. How about Clarke learns to ride horses next season? Anya can teach her because they will be besties.
    I knew Lincoln would help save Finn and Clarke. I would have liked to see how he saved Finn though.
    Abby not saving the girl and crying over Clarke and Jaha watching Wells and Clarke as children touched my cold cold heart.
    Finn/Clarke does nothing for me. I prefer Bellamy/Clarke and I think there’s something brewing between Finn/Licoln…
    I hope we see Beautiful Creepster again. He’s delightful.
    LOL I love that Bellamy gave that epic speech and then Clarke was all, “That’s nice, but no.” I love that the leaders on this show are females. Thank you writers.

    Jun 05, 2014
    Fun, as always and I liked your comments about Finn. His view of their world is important, but he just isn’t as strong a characterization as many of the others. Rothenberg shoving the silly love triangle at us did him a real disservice. Love your Finn/Grounder photo captions in particular!

    Jun 06, 2014
    I agree he had promise because his character had all this skills and was sassy. But the second the love triangle thing started, like even just knowing about Raven in the 2nd episode, I lost interest in him. He has been really relegated to the side lines it seems.

    Jun 06, 2014
    The love triangle thing was so hurried and felt so random, but I understand why I think. There were only a few episodes to set it up, before Raven came down in the ship. It wouldn’t have seemed quite as random if she hadn’t had such incendiary chemistry with Bellamy. Natural chemistry is rare on screen and I don’t think the writers recognized it.
    The problem is that touching is usually code for attraction. It certainly signifies a level of intimacy and comfort above the norm as we are not a touchy culture. That arm clasp when he stopped her falling into the pit has a lot to answer for.


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