The 100 “Reapercussions” Photo Recap – How To Make Friends and Influence Reapers (2.3)

Could someone please check the Earth’s gravitational pull, because the world has turned upside down! The Reapers are in league with the Mountain Men, Finn is a cold blooded killer while Bellamy is the voice of reason, Abby is the Chancellor and Jasper is a total stud. WHAT IS EVEN HAPPENING.

You guys, this episode’s milkshake brought all the boys to the yard. Someone get me a straw, because YES PLEASE. There wasn’t one aspect of this episode that didn’t give me heart palpitations. I would like to throw this episode into a giant barrel and wheel it back to my party cave and watch it over and over.

This beautiful gift from the heavens began right where it left off last week.



Oh Anya! I missed you, and love you, and please never die. She was 100% uninterested in her rescue. Clarke was killing it until the doctor lady walked in to get some more blood-medicine.



The Grounders did that thing that all prisoners do in every movie and television show, where they reach their hands out of the bars to touch a passerby. I still haven’t figured out why that happens, but then again, I haven’t been in prison (yet).

Clarke got Anya into the “End Containment Area” (so creepy), where they stood on a trap door straight out of a Bond villain’s mansion.  


BA HA HA HA that was AWESOME. They landed on a pile of bodies because The 100 is a creepy industry of nightmares (never ever change).



Technically they were trying to kill each other about a week ago their time, but COME ON. Sparks fly whenever they’re breathing the same air and I seriously cannot get enough. I would watch these two ladies playing scrabble for a full five hours.

Some Reapers crashed the party and Clarke had the fun idea to jump in the giant body-transporting barrel.


Remember in season 1 when Clarke, Finn and Finn’s best friend Lincoln had to escape the Reapers, and they saw a barrel filled with half-dead Grounders? I positively adore it when mysteries are allowed to stew, and then solved at a later date. The Reapers get their snacks from the Mountain Men! This kind of thing showcases the longevity of the storylines. The writers are thinking years in advance, setting the dominoes up as they go. Not only was this an A+ reveal, it was also truly terrifying! I think I can speak for everyone when I say we’d rather our heroine not be eaten.

Back at Arc Camp, Kane was doing some sleuthing to find out who let the Adventure Squad go.



Well that was easy! I think Kane missed his calling as a detective (which is absolutely a show I would watch). I like that the show acknowledged the Kane / Abby backslide with the line, “are we really back to this?” Our thoughts exactly!




I know I’ve been saying this over and over, but I loved this! Of course the Grounder Captain wouldn’t take any shit from Octavia. It was what, yesterday that Octavia almost killed her only healer? Haha, Octavia, you’re such a rapscallion.

Meanwhile, Jasper’s adorakable romance was taking some major leaps.




Before we judge Jasper too harshly, let’s keep in mind that he spent an entire season watching Octavia throw sassy doe-eyes at a chiseled statue of a Grounder. Now he’s finally getting some bona fide play and he doesn’t want a post apocalyptic adventure to get in the way.

That being said, within Monty beats the true heart of a hero, and everyone BEST RECOGNIZE.

Meanwhile, Clarke and Anya’s barrel ride came to an end. Clarke snuck a peek at the dinner menu, and was NOT pleased.


This was a very alarming situation, and I was tense the whole time. Put yourself in her place for a sec, and then for the sake of your mental health quickly stop doing that because her place is HORRIFYING.  

The Adventure Squad found the Grounder camp and spied a very masculine watch.




The Adventure Dudes lured One-Eyed-Willie away by clicking two rocks together. Haha, yes, that’s seriously what happened. Murphy looked so miffed at being given the LAMEST job ever.

Back at Arc Camp, Kane was presented with a difficult decision.



This lady loves order and punishment and frowning. She reasoned that because Abby is the most popular girl in camp, everyone will want to break rules like she did. Thus, she should be given a very violent and medieval punishment.

Then a Grounder was brought into camp and everyone went berserk, proving her right. Dammit, faceless mob, this is all your fault!

Meanwhile, Monty was still bummed that he hasn’t had a lot of face time with the star of the show.






Jasper is very excited that a young lady likes his dashing, awkward company. Fair enough, buddy!

Things weren’t going as well back in Reaperville.



Anya peaced out on her girl night with Clarke, which was kinda rude.

Then Octavia was outed by a super awesome Grounder Captain who damn well knows when she’s being followed.



They decided she would be bait, because OF COURSE THEY DID.

Then, in yet another truly terrifying scene, Clarke was cornered by some hungry Reapers looking for munchies.


Dudes with gadgets swooped in and saved her, but it wasn’t the fun kind of rescue where you go out for poutine after. It was the Mountain Men!



I have nothing snarky to say. This scene was amazing.







This scene was painful to watch. We know the truth of where the rest of the Adventure Squad is, so watching Finn brutalize a man for information he didn’t have was emotionally exhausting. Especially when Finn PULLED A GUN ON BELLAMY. My poor heart!

You know the only thing I’ve ever wanted out of life is a bromance with Bellamy and (ANYONE, but especially) Finn. He had better craft Bellamy some sort of whittled apology totem, because I want an epic friendship that will be whispered of for several mutated generations.

Anyway, the Grounder lied and drew them a map that probably leads off a cliff or something.

Speaking of Grounders, Octavia was kicking ass and taking names, and saved the Grounder Captain.



They didn’t find Lincoln and Octavia took her frustrations out on a tree.

Back at Mountain Manor, Jasper and Monty were getting answers from Maya.



Bah! Are Maya’s pants on fire (from lies), or is she also being lied to? Jasper gobbled them up, but Monty the Magnificent was NOT hungry for deceit.

The Mountain Minions brought Clarke back to the gate, but little did they know her bestie was waiting to FLY THROUGH THE AIR and take them out! Oh man, I actually cheered you guys, and I’m not even embarrassed about it.



Then they jumped off a cliff like Thelma and Louise. Love these two!




After Anya helped Clarke drag herself out of the water, girl’s night was back in full swing.







I LOVE IT! Clarke DID kill Anya’s people, of course their best-friendship isn’t going to begin immediately. That looked very realistic. Has anyone checked in on Eliza Taylor lately?

Back at the Art Supply Store, there was a moral debate going on about the pros and cons of murder.




You guys, put your hand up if this episode made your heart sing. Now put it back down because those people at the table next to you are staring.

I’ve marveled before at how The 100 keeps people in the gray area, refusing to define them as solidly good or bad. Kane essentially tortured Abby, but you could tell he was more tortured by it than she was. Bellamy, who started off a selfish shit-disturber, has always shown an unwavering value for human life, and Finn… good, sweet, annoyingly naive Finn, shot someone in cold blood.

The 100 presents a world where it’s impossible to make up your mind, and I never, ever want to!


  • Lincoln was caught by the Mountain Men! What was the red stuff they injected into the Reapers? What in the heck is the Cerberus Program?? SO MANY QUESTIONS.


  • Did anyone miss Jaha? No, me either.


  • “You weren’t elected Chancellor, Marcus. You only got the job because Thelonious beat you to redemption.” BUUUUUUUUUUUURN!


  • You guys, where in the heck is our mutated friend Frederick? We got but a glimpse of him, and with that alone he has solidified a place in my heart.


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One thought on “The 100 “Reapercussions” Photo Recap – How To Make Friends and Influence Reapers (2.3)


    Dec 07, 2015
    “- Is the story of the two red-shirts legit? Why are they alive? It seemed shady that they were out of the drop ship when it went off. Is this going to be another awesome reveal, or did the writers just need more people around to kill? I’m good either way.”
    They seemed shady to me, too. Re-watching S2, though, I decided that the two of them probably just ran away from the battle at the Dropship and didn’t want to admit it. I think that’s why they didn’t have any injuries or blood on them. The idea of fighting a Grounder army scared the crap out of them, so they got the hell out of Dodge before the whole thing got started. But that’s just a guess without any real supporting evidence.

    Nov 08, 2014
    I think the red stuff they injected into the Reapers is actually Grounder blood. I think that Mountain Men go out looking for Grounders to “harvest” and the radiation exposure causes physical changes and makes them go a bit crazy, thus becoming what everyone refers to as “Reapers.” They then return with the Grounders they’ve captured and are then injected with Grounder blood to “cure” them (thus becoming regular Mountain Men again). That’s my working theory anyway… Haha!

    Nov 09, 2014
    I think the shots are just potent enough to keep them alive. I wondered if that is why they eat the grounders. Not the same as a blood transfusion but maybe it works to keep them alive in between their “not as good as a blood transfusion” shots.

    Nov 08, 2014
    I want more back story about earth getting destroyed. Like, who started it? How did all that art end up at Mount Weather of all places? Are the 100 all descended from astronauts, space tourists, or regular people who had time to escape?
    Even though what Finn did seems out of character, he did see hundreds of people die, thinks his friends might be dead, and saw Raven get a bullet extracted without anesthesia. I think that would change a lot of people.
    I originally thought that the Mountain people wanted the 48 in order to mate with their people so that they could have kids who could resist the radiation, but then that Reaper made it sound like something worse was planned.

    Nov 08, 2014
    he does know Murphy shot Raven right so I expected him to be extremely hesitant for his help even if he knew the right info

    Nov 11, 2014
    Yes, that got glossed over.

    Nov 07, 2014
    I always found Finn the most boring character on the show. The beating of the grounder was a nice touch and was making him just a little bit better. Cold blood killing? Seems way out of character. He had his reckless phase and his pacifist phase, and now he’s in a tought cold killer phase? I hope they made it because they have some agenda for him, it makes no sense otherwise.
    As usual, great fun recap! See you next week.

    Nov 07, 2014
    Please NEVER stop these recaps. They are GLORIOUS.

    Nov 07, 2014
    Does this mean we’re going to see Finn/Bellamy montages on Youtube now?

    Nov 07, 2014
    I HOPE SO!

    Nov 07, 2014
    No wonder the Lady Doctor is evil – she’s a fraking Cylon!
    Thanks for funny phot recap, Toni 🙂

    Nov 07, 2014
    LOL “Violent Teen Adventure” – I’m going to start using that when urging friends to watch this show.

    Nov 07, 2014
    I adore your recaps – Recaps written by someone who (wants to) love the show they are discussing is the most rare thing to find from the paid editors on this site. Lily, Noel, and Price seem to be the only ones left. Its what I used to love about Siskel and Ebert – they didn’t want to hate the movies they reviewed because they loved movies so if they found or discussed problems you knew it was coming from a place of love and was constructive not just snarky to be snarky as so much critique seems to be anymore. Great job. This is always must read.
    Loved this episode as much as you. Who else is finding the ‘Lettie Mae’ (Ok can’t call Adina Porter ‘Lettie Mae’ anymore because now she’s ‘Indra’ and in two episodes of television she’s already been given a more awesome character than in 7 Seasons of ‘True Blood’s bad writing) and ‘Octavia’ coming together almost as awesome as the Clarke and Anya pairing? OK so nothing on television, (except maybe Mary and Catherine on ‘Reign’) is that awesome.(Just one more thing, if ‘Indra’ had been Tara’s mother maybe ‘Tara’ would have made it to the end of that series alive?) All of the girls at the center of the biggest action sequences of the week shows that this show is completely awesome and forward thinking. This show gets the ‘Banshee’ stamp of approval (not just because both shows killed off a character played by Joseph Gatt.) Female characters are being created that can kick ass every bit as much as the boys. Women are definitively not just your sexual crimes victims or your narcissistic bitchy teens or your standard female cops/lawyers or girlfriends without an individual identity or your stereotypical moms anymore television writers. (Lena Dunham should start taking notes about how behind the times and stale her ‘Girls’ are.) Times are changing and I love it. Both of these female relationships are fraught with tension and slowly developing and we’re completely invested in both of these. That is exceptionally cool. Anya coming down from the ceiling to rescue Clarke made me cheer as well. Especially satisfying that Anya clunked her in the head not forgetting what resulted with them both captured in the first place. This one needs time to grow.
    Monte needs to smack some sense into Jasper ASAP. His girl Clarke is missing and Jasper is just getting sweet talked. We still don’t trust Maya, but want to(?) – What does she really know? Where was ‘Arlo’ this week?
    Kane and Abby and a public flogging. Kane taking the job of finding the ’48’ on himself. This show knows what its doing and is just threading the needle perfectly. Finn shooting the one eyed Grounder was unexpected and just awesome with Bellamy being the voice of reason. Murphy antagonizing the situation also perfect.
    Time to start getting some of these disparate parts back together again but enjoying the ride as we are. Realizing how many people are populating this world at present and seeing that when some are completely missing (Arlo Givens, Jaha) keeps the episode focused and I’m loving that. Only one we missed this week that was noticeable was our girl Raven. She’s got some recovering to do so we’ll give the show a pass THIS TIME.
    Loving this show and this column. Thumbs up Toni!

    Nov 10, 2014
    I usually skip the longer comments, but, all of that (gesturing to your whole comment), was awesome.

    Nov 07, 2014
    Oh yes I’m now officially happy. The best The 100 recap is back.

    Nov 07, 2014
    Agree with savvytvfan92 this show is the best and your reviews are the next best thing.

    Nov 07, 2014
    Good God I love this show and I love your recaps!!!!

    Nov 07, 2014
    Why wouldn’t the two redshirts’ story be legit? It’s not like they’re spies or something. That’s Monroe and Sterling. They were regular members of The 100 who showed up in many episodes last season. Among their scenes: Monroe was there when Lincoln stabbed Finn in the chest and Sterling played that drinking game with Clarke on Unity Day.

    Nov 07, 2014
    Ps Toni, I had to google poutine… I’m hungry.

    Nov 08, 2014
    Me too!! On both the google and the hungry. Now, where do I get poutine in Brazil?!

    Nov 07, 2014
    Gurl! I think the MM are going to make Lincoln a reaper. I hope I’m wrong. The watch dogs of hell….or a super warrior…abs look better on super warrior Lincoln, not reaper Lincoln.
    i have a feeling Kane is going to be important very soon. He will make the grounders and the arc folks realize, hey, same side.
    hey Monty! I missed you bunches. Luvs
    WTF Finn!?! Where did hemp wearin, forgive and forget, hippy surfer dude go? Bellamy you better check him. He is gonna get yall all effed up. Ps. Finn you do not love Clarke more. Oh no.
    No. Ya know what. Murphy is an evil jimminy cricket and has corrupted season 1s boring, yet good jimminy cricket. Frankly Murph should just put on some devil horns and ride around on Finns shoulder.
    Jaspers vampire girlfriend cannot be trusted. She and creepy prez are gonna craft circle later. Yeah they’re making skin suits….with creepy drawn on lapels.

    Nov 08, 2014
    I agree! Finn is the one who went to crazy town not Clarke. And I really wished Maya was cool and innocent but too much access to not have knowlegde of the conspiracy. Let’s not forget that she doble guessed every little action Clarke did (the card and all those “I don’t trust you” looks) and now she comes with the Half-baked excuse that Clarke had a breakdown? If she wasn’t into the conspiracy she would say something like “Clarke tried another crazy plan to escape and it backfired, again.”

    Nov 07, 2014
    Poor Jasper! Leave him alone! Yeah, he is not acting wisely but he will come around. Poor guy has gone through a lot. I still have hope he will snap out of it soon. Maya? I am not sure, I would not trust her that´s for sure.
    Really hope the writers have something good planned for him down the road, his character has so much room for growth and development. I actually want him to reunite with Octavia, at least if its just like friends, they had a special bond and she always brought the best out of him… Here´s hoping.

    Nov 08, 2014
    Poor nothing! He should have learned his lesson in the first season when he became popular and started acting much like he’s now.

    Nov 07, 2014
    Wonderful Recap.

    Nov 06, 2014
    Great recap!
    Jasper is definitely a bit flakey. He went from seeing grounders (aka danger) everywhere to sticking his fingers in his ears and saying “la la la la maya la la” and he totally believes that Clarke lost it, he was probably thinking “yeah I saw that coming, knew she was crazy the whole time” loser face.
    On the other side of the coin Monty the Magnificent is winning at everything. He is totally up for kicking ass, taking names and finding his best friend Cla[the orange blanket]rke.
    I laughed like a crazy woman when Finn shot the grounder, which of course, made my friends start wondering if I am a sociopath. My roommate has always been a Finnfan because of his moral uprightness and all-around-good-guyness, and it was so satisfying to be able to say “SEE! I told you! Finn is an unstable puppy-dog-eyed executioner! Bellamy is where the awesome is at (and always will be).”
    Loved it!

    Nov 07, 2014
    Finn & Bellamy are learning alot from each other Bellamy learning to show compassion and Finn learning to be ruthless

    Nov 07, 2014
    Yeah, Finn’s cold blooded execution was awesome, the hole cene they’re talking about the merits of killing/keeping the grounder a live I was thinking “No one is watching Finn? YYou know the one who snapped and tortured the grounder against everything he once stood up?” It was great!!
    Talking about snapping I have to ask, really? “Clarke snapped”? Maya may belive it because of Clarke’s behavior since captured, I mean “rescued” by the mountain men and Jasper’s has a little problem with his attitude when popularity is involved or girls already proved fact in season one but Monty believing it is too much.
    Let’s get realistic here if she was going to snap at some point there were MORE stressful situations than being there and they should know that they all lived them together.

    Nov 07, 2014
    What I loved is I don’t think Monty cared if Clarke went batshit or not. Goonies stick together until the whole world ends. He’s just gonna break his crazy friend out of the mental ward. I &3 you so hard Monty.

    Nov 08, 2014
    Oh, he’s definitely finding out shit is WRONG there.
    I mean Maya said it herself they would allow visitation to Clarke in two day and Clarke is not in the mood to go back, What’s going to happen when the two days is up and they still can’t visit her?

    Nov 07, 2014
    Yes! That is the kind of loyalty that surviving a hellscape together should create!

    Nov 06, 2014
    Was it just me or was Murphy turned on when he was watching Finn go crazy?

    Nov 07, 2014
    He was certanly enjoying it but I think it was more because his mind Jedi trick worked on Finn. Seriously, Finn is following Murphy’s every command.

    Nov 08, 2014
    he was basically telling him I shot her but i wouldnt have considered it if they havent tortured me

    Nov 07, 2014
    Agreed. Evil jimminy cricket.

    Nov 06, 2014
    Haha love this recap! Best episode ever! Am I right?
    Anya and Clarke are amazing together. Can they have adventures every week?
    I can judge Jasper because he’s using his penis instead of his brain. Clarke has been a good friend to him and saved his ass numerous times last season. He doesn’t care because getting laid is most important to him. Can Monty take over the Mount Weather storyline now that Clarke’s gone? He’s smarter than Jasper and a lot less annoying.
    Is it just me or does Kane/Abby remind you of Bellamy/Clarke, especially in the beginning of season 1?
    Those first scenes in the Reaper cave were TERRIFYING. Love it.
    Dark Finn was born the second he saw Clarke’s watch. Not sure how I feel about this yet, will have to see it play out more.

    Nov 08, 2014
    I think Monty is the one who will find out what wrong with the MM now that Clarke escaped.

    Nov 07, 2014
    I cannot wait for Anya and Clarke next week!! When I watched the preview, the Clarke in my head went “how Ya like me now!?” Gonna be great.

    Nov 06, 2014
    Fucking A, I love you and your recaps!


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