The 100 “Many Happy Returns” Photo Recap – You Win Some, You Lose Some, Then You Lose Some More (2.4)

… wait. What?


No. No no no nope no thank you, NO. DID ANYA JUST DIE?

I’d like to think this was a fake-out, and that next week we’ll see her tied to a bed, a little worse for wear but otherwise alive. However, this is The 100, a show that does not mess around. I think we all know in our hearts that Anya’s fight is over.

The raised stakes is something I have always praised on this gloriously violent teen adventure, so I suppose a “bravo” is in order. But also HOW DARE YOU.

My heart has been popped like a giant floating helium balloon, then smothered in mud and stomped on by a blonde woman who knows less than Jon Snow.

Some of this episode felt like filler (saving the new girl took a long-ass time), but even this show’s filler is exciting, and everything else was pure awesome. We got Clarke and Anya (my poor heart), the world of the The 100 expanded, and not only did Wick return, but he is the best of buds with the #1 most awesome human on the planet, my beloved Raven.  

Plus, (and I never thought I’d say this), I care about Jaha’s storyline (I just typed that with a straight face. I THOUGHT IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE). Let me clarify. I don’t necessarily care about him as a character, although he did make strides in this episode towards winning my affection. I simply love where his storyline took us. There’s a whole world of post-apocalypse dynamics to explore, and although it detracts from the Adventure Squad, I’m very pumped about it. We got to spend an entire season zeroed in on our rag-tag band of teen heroes. Now it’s time to see what else is out there.  

You know what, why don’t I pick my battered and broken heart out of the muck, shove it back into my devastated chest and photo-recap this thing.

Not gonna lie, folks, I audibly sighed, shook my head and said, “this guy”, when the episode opened on Jaha.



If we’ve learned anything from this episode, it’s that desert grounders are initially much nicer than forest grounders.

Meanwhile, Clarke and Anya’s girls night was still in full swing.


The Mountain Minions were after them and I just can’t. I love these two so much, and now… I JUST CAN’T.

The Adventure Squad was making some progress with their futile wild goose chase because Finn wasn’t allowing pee breaks. If anyone gets a UTI, it is on him! He wasn’t pleased when they stumbled upon an improbable distraction.


Haha, HOW? Is she Bruce Willis from Unbreakable? Did she survive the crash, climb the side of a cliff, and then get stuck? Did she jump out of the Arc before it crashed and grab onto the rocks like a mountain goat? I was immediately so confused, but then brushed these thoughts aside because our favourite bromance was hitting some turbulence.



Seriously, what are these kids eating? I’d be hangry too. But you guys… LOOK AT FINN’S CRAZY-EYES. Dude is going off the deep end. It’s fun to watch, but I have to admit, I find this character turn a little over the top. I’M SORRY.

Back in the desert, Jaha was getting acquainted with his savior.


Love this kid already! His parents showed up and weren’t pleased that he was chilling with a strange man. Fair enough!

Anya believed her girls’ night with Clarke wasn’t going well because of Clarke’s smell. This is always a sensitive subject to breach with a friend, so she did what anyone would do in her position.



Meanwhile atop a cliff, a plucky extra was fixing to be a hero!





That was amazing. No one is safe, not even an adorable glorified extra! Seriously, though, this show loves to blast our expectations away. I was prepared to like this guy. I was on board with learning his backstory and having him grow into an actual character. NOPE! Farewell Red Shirt! Be thankful you got an awesome death.



Does someone in production really like Fear Factor? This show loves making people consume bugs in some way. Sidenote: do you think Jaha has ever seen a bug before? Are there bugs in space? Anyway, these fine people are headed to the “city of lights”, which I’m sure isn’t important.

Then Zoran came back, and Jaha did NOT react well.


Tsk, Jaha, manners.

Commander Data gave Raven a job to make a beacon, and look who was her work mate!


Yes, Wick, we did! It would have been easy to write Wick off as someone who died in the fall to earth. That would have been the wrong move, because this fellow is a delight. And as if his appearance wasn’t enough of a precious gift, he already has a rapport with Raven. High fives to everyone.

Girl’s night hit a snag when they realized Anya had a tracker in her arm.



ANYA BIT IT OUT. Sorry, in case you didn’t catch that, she fucking BIT. IT. OUT. That shit was brutal and amazing and gross and awesome.


Of course we’ve learned this episode that being a fan favourite means NOTHING! (I’m obviously still upset).

Raven was being rather stubborn, refusing to use Wick’s brace, and insisting she do everything herself.


You all know I hate to see Raven in any kind of distress, so this was hard. It was also very well done. It’s difficult to accept a significant change in your abilities, and this scene portrayed that poignantly. Bless Wick for not trying to stop her.

Things weren’t as beautiful back on the cliff with our Adventure Squad, as their makeshift rope snapped and Grounders started shooting at them. Quick question – since when do Grounders miss?




These two! This moment was great. Remember in the first half of season one when all the Beautiful Creepster wanted was a little approval from his surrogate big-bro?

There was also a small yet hilarious moment when the new girl flopped onto Finn and thanked him. Hahaha, Finn didn’t even want to save her! Bellamy did all the hard work! Even when Finn is being a dick, he still gets all the ladies.

The acid fog horn went off and scared all the Grounders away, but it was all subterfuge! There was no fog, just everyone’s favourite Grounder Pounder!



As fun as it was watching Octavia assimilate with the Grounders and kick some ass, I’m glad she’s back with her brother. These two have consistently been the true heart of the show.

Back at Arc Camp, Raven was feeling in the dumps.



Wick gave her a charming pep talk and she used the brace. Yay!

Jaha had a moment with Zoran where he proved he’s not bigoted against mutants. If we’ve learned anything from the X-Men movies, it’s that not everyone accepts people who are different.


That song is going to be in your head for the rest of the evening. I’m sorry, but it had to be done.



Ugh. Moving on. 

On the other side of the country, girls night was taking a turn for the worse.



Clarke stuck a tranq dart in Anya’s neck!! Oh man… we’ve all been there, ammiright?

The Adventure Squad decided to split up because the Red Shirt may have been poisoned. Octavia stayed with Bellamy, while the Beautiful Creepster joined Finn.








Clarke dragged Anya to the dropship, where they engaged in an epic brawl. At this point I would like to point out that I use the word epic quite a bit. “That fellow has an epic mullet”. Or, I could devour an epic portion of ice cream right now”. Or even, “I just had an epic battle with an insect in my shower and it won.” I tell you this because in this moment I feel I have been remiss. Nothing in my life thus far has deserved the word “epic” until this very moment. These two ladies did NOT hold back! At one point Clarke hit Anya over the head with the skull of one of her burnt-up compatriots!

By the end of it, Anya was 100% Team Clarke.


Clarke got distracted by the genius balloon beacon and decided to head to her people. Of course, at that point Captain Frowny McYellsy shot it down and ordered the guards to shoot on sight, which is a super move when you have people outside who may be drawn home by the beacon.

I do not like this lady.

Meanwhile, Jaha had been sold out by his gracious hosts.



Jaha was very chill about all this. He walked out to the “bad man” and we all watched as he was knocked out. Right? He’s not dead. Is he? Who the hell knows! The 100 loves to mess with us, so it is honestly anyone’s guess (secret wish).

Clarke and Anya showed up at Arc Camp and decided they would work together to defeat Mount Weather.


And then the episode ended and nothing bad happened and everyone was happy.

So, you guys got any big plans for the weekend, or…?

UGH, okay fine. Then our beautiful, fierce, ass-kicking amazing Anya was shot.



Sigh. You guys, I’m upset. I’m bereft. But most importantly, I’m hungry.

This episode, while not as mind blowingly amazing as last week, was pretty damn good. The story lagged a little on the cliff, and we spent a little too much time with a character we haven’t felt connected to since season 1, but it was exciting and mostly fun. Plus, Wick is back!

It also served as a propelling agent, setting up some pretty nifty stuff for next week.


  • “Eyes peeled, we’re in grounder territory.” – “Everything is grounder territory.” PREACH, Murphy!


  • “Helium!” – “Argon! What, are we not just tossing out noble gases?” Never change, Wick. Never change. You guys, we may have lost an intense warrior this week, but we’ve gained a total jokester.


  • This was the second episode in a row without the creepiest man born of woman, the Mountain King. What do you think he does in his spare time? Poke the eye-holes out of pictures? Rock back and forth in the basement? Write haikus? 


  • How long has it been since the big blow-out battle at the drop ship? A week maybe? Do you think it’s time they all wash their faces?


  • Okay, so Anya is (probably) dead. I get that. I’ll come to terms. Buuuuuuuuuut, what are the odds that Anya has a twin sister? Huh, writers? HUH? What if Anya’s twin sister is actually at Mount Weather. What if they were separated at birth? Go ahead and use that, and make sure keep Dichen Lachman on the payroll. Cool? Cool.


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One thought on “The 100 “Many Happy Returns” Photo Recap – You Win Some, You Lose Some, Then You Lose Some More (2.4)


    Dec 04, 2015
    Did anyone else notice that Anya smiled slightly when Clarke stuck the tranq dart in her neck? Like she was thinking, “Heh, good one you sneaky bitch… but I’m so gonna kick your ass when I wake up.”
    And then later, when they were brawling at the Dropship(and that was definitely a brawl, the first I think I’ve ever seen between two women), Anya smiled like that again when Clarke threw ashes in her face, and kept smiling through most of the fight. Like she loved it that Clarke was really fighting back, or fighting dirty. Like she approved, somehow.
    ‘Course, to the Grounders, “fighting dirty” probably just means “fighting,” period. They seem to care about results more than whether or not someone played nice while achieving those results.
    #RIP Anya. You will be missed, even with Lexa around. Lexa’s a love interest, but Anya was like a bro-mance for Clarke. A sis-mance. A sistership. Whatever.

    Toni_watches Dec 04, 2015
    Anya lives on in our hearts, our souls, our DVRs.

    Nov 17, 2014
    Your photo recaps are great! I look forward to them every time!

    Nov 16, 2014
    I’m sad because I was looking forward to Anya braiding Clarke’s hair and exchanging friendship bracelets made from the hair and teeth of dead mountain men. sigh

    Nov 16, 2014
    This episode did feel like a bit of a filler, but i still loved watching – who wouldnt. Way too much time was spent rescuing that random, plus how did she get halfway up that cliff? Maybe if she wasn’t a random I would have cared more about this plot line. Who knows maybe she’ll be more than another red shirt. Loved Clarke and Anya’s dash through the forest and every time these two were on screen was amazing. Especially that flight at the drop ship, no holding there. It was good to see Octavia find the others, I felt bad for her being out there on her lonesome. Blondie is way to trigger happy and keeps getting more annoying. Can not believe they shot Anya nooo I was so devastated not Anya. Especially after Clarke and her finally stopped trying to kill each other. Missing finding out more about mountain men and their evil plot but it looks like we will find out more about that next week. Poor Lincoln looks like he’s in for a world of pain.
    Ps thanks Toni for another awesome recap keep them coming.

    Nov 15, 2014
    Let’s make a list of characters we would happily cull if it meant we could keep Anya.
    1 – Jaha
    2 – Jasper
    3 – Jaha
    4 – Blondie McTriggerHappy
    5 – Jaha
    6 – New Girl
    7 – Jaha
    8 – Other Red Shirt
    9 – Jaha
    10 – Everyone in Mt. Weather
    11 – Jaha

    Toni_watches Nov 15, 2014
    Don’t forget Jaha.

    MACYLIGHTFOOT Nov 15, 2014
    I knew I’d forget someone!

    Nov 14, 2014
    Jaha was hit with a stick, not a sword.
    BTW, now that we got to see Wick on Earth, what about showing us red-bearded-dad’s daughter at Jaha’s camp too? What could be more rewarding than that? Really, I want it. I even need it.
    Great recap as usual!

    Nov 15, 2014
    P.S: I was going to add “Then kill her”, but, no matter how great of a shock that would be, I don’t think they’d be allowed to do that.

    Nov 15, 2014
    Bit of a sick puppy, aren’t you!

    Nov 15, 2014
    Rollercoaster of emotions + stakes. You’d be heartbroken and loving it 😉

    Nov 15, 2014
    yup, I’m a sick puppy too. Sigh

    Nov 14, 2014
    I always love your recaps, it makes the end of the episode dealable – but I’ve gotta say, you missed a great moment!! Murphy’s perfectly timed statement to Bellamy – “well, I’d say he’s heard one too many of your motivational speeches”. Ah, so witty, Beautiful Creepster!

    Nov 14, 2014
    Now that you mention that. There’s another detail that I found fun. During the goodbye sequence between Murphy and Bellamy there are lots of extras playing dead on the ground. They are just decoration until you realize they are real people doing it and there was a LOT of people filming that sequence.

    Nov 14, 2014
    “Go ahead and use that, and make sure to keep Dichen Lachman on the payroll. Cool? Cool.”
    Using my fake Finding Nemo-ish Crush The Turtle Aussie accent: Duuuuuuude. That would be aaawsoooooome.

    Nov 14, 2014
    I think it’s been about two weeks since the battle. B/c they were all in captivity for a bunch of days, w Clark as one of the last aloud out. Then a couple days later, she tried escape #1. Then a few more days pass & tries escape #2
    IDK if What’s his face is dead. I thought he was slashed down w a mashette, but then when the guy on the horse turned it looked like a club.

    Nov 14, 2014
    So going to miss Anya/Clark power struggle ! We get bromances why not sismances? is that a word? Hope is ever lasting or at least until next week that Anya lives.
    They are split the story to many ways, Camp Jaha, Mt. Weather/Lincoln, Mt. Weather/Jaspermonty, Mt. Weather/Clark to the rescue, Finn/\Murphy, Desert/Jaha, and Bell & Oct, my god my head is spinning just typing them out.
    Not enough episodes or screen time to keep everyone happy and they will start to lose viewers if people lose contact with the characters they have bonded with.

    Nov 14, 2014
    Once again great episode! This show really is the best CW has,
    Hope and pray it gets renewed for a season 3. Truly deserves it! So much more to explore! BTW I missed Jasper and Monty! I am really worried about them now. And this girl Maya, better back off from Jasper! Don´t like her at all.
    I want Octavia to go to Mt Weather and take care of that. Not only Lincoln but Jasper. I miss Jactavia scenes! They were so sweet together.

    Nov 14, 2014
    This is my favorite recap so far this season. I love that you do them, and this one made me laugh, a lot!

    Nov 14, 2014
    Is this new redshirt going to get a storyline? Is that why they took five years to save her? I can’t tell because the writers seem to want everyone in love with Finn, and Bellamy just automatically has chemistry with everyone.
    In such a small, enclosed community, I always wonder how everyone didn’t know everyone, at least a little, and especially within their age groups. I mean the arc population was the size of my kid’s high school and no one could ever leave the premises.
    Wonderful recap, I lol’d so hard at the Creepster farewell screencaps.

    Nov 14, 2014
    I know this show doesn’t mess around with the killing, but seeing as Jasper got speared and Raven got a bullet remove from her spine conscious and shit … Surely Anya can survive a gun shot ? right???!!
    PS. Awesome Recap.

    Nov 14, 2014
    Yes I would be very supportive of a Anya-twin storyline…or clone or relative that looks 100% like Anya because Dichen is amazing and needs to come back.
    Seriously, the Clanya-scenes gave me so much life, the respect and the truce! Damn, I should have known the writers wouldn’t give me what I wanted without cruelly destroying it later.
    We could have had it all ~

    Nov 13, 2014
    “Some of this episode felt like filler (saving the new girl took a long ass time)”
    Yes. Loved everything in the episode except for that storyline. Are we supposed to care about them spending the episode saving a redshirt? LOL
    I’m not okay with the end of Clanya. THAT WAS NOT OKAY. They were supposed to ride into the sunset together!
    I already knew Clarke was a badass, but she took it to the next level in this episode.
    Also, I ship Raven and Wick.

    Nov 14, 2014
    I don’t think the cliff rescue was a filler. For one thing, it served to balance the action with the non-action portions of the episode. And the “on the edge of your seat” suspense is something the writers are good at and adds to the fun of the show.
    The sequence was also important in advancing the story. For example, it provided a reason for Bellamy setting Murphy free with a weapon. Will Murphy truly have Finn’s back? We’ll see, but I’m not yet convinced that this guy has made a significant change. After all, his choices are pretty limited. If he ran off instead of helping, he would again be exiled and at the mercy of the grounders. Also, it was either go with Finn or go back to the Ark and be locked up.
    The rescue also provided a way to reunite Bellamy and Octavia. And Monroe’s injury made it necessary for Finn to be separated from the group.
    As for Finn, we were given a further look into the depth of his desperation and fear. He was not only willing to sacrifice a grounder, but also one of his own people. In Finn’s mind, the situation of Clarke and the others is just as precarious as Mel’s. When it comes to choosing between saving Clarke or saving Mel, there is no contest. And Finn was seeing it as a one OR the other. He might have had some guilt if Mel ended up dying, but not getting to Clarke in time is something he could never live with. That scares him to death, and that loss could destroy him.
    It should be noted, however, that when push came to shove, Finn put his all into saving Bellamy and Mel. Finn’s a good guy. He’s just an emotional wreck right now.
    He needs to be reunited with Clarke in a hurry.

    Nov 15, 2014
    Yes, both the boys do better when she is around, and SOMEONE needs to talk Finn down and out of the crazy tree!

    Nov 14, 2014
    Permission to board your ship! I was so happy to see him again, and they have such fantastic rapport. I don’t even care about the age difference. Much. Well, I just refuse to think about it, same as Lincoln and Octavia.
    Ravwick? Waven? Is it a thing yet, or are we the only ones?

    Nov 14, 2014
    I vote for Wicken.

    Nov 15, 2014
    Like it! Though girls don’t really NEED boys. Bicycles etc.

    Nov 17, 2014
    Agreed, but they’re fun.


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