The 100 “Fog of War” Photo Recap – Reap This 2, Coming to Theatres Near You (2.6)

Remember when all the Hundred had to deal with was CGI meat, child murderers and psychedelic nuts? Remember when our beloved characters had love lives without their significant others turning into zombies, and experienced regular teen emotions like being mad at your mom for getting your dad killed?

Those idyllic memories seem like a long time ago, don’t they? Glowing butterflies, art supply stores, two headed deer, ATOM… remember that guy? What I’m saying is, a lot of shit has happened in a short amount of time. This show has taken us on a glorious, violent, ridiculous ride, and I never, ever want to get off.  What other show can have an episode where it slows things down to check in on our characters emotional state, while also providing death, mayhem, and beautiful, beautiful plot development?

Lincoln is a full-blown Reaper! The 48 are hip to the wise! Raven is the coolest! (Oh wait, that was always true, but in this particular case, she figured out how to listen to the Mountain Men).

Speaking of things that were amazing gifts to our eyes, ears and souls: Octavia and Bellamy as buddy cops brings me more joy than I can adequately express. It has been far too long since these two had a proper team-up, and all I can say is, thank you, The 100. Thank you.

Even Jaha served a purpose! An actual, definable purpose! Good for you, buddy!!

Okay, enough jibber-jabber, let’s firstly address the biggest shock of the episode:


A two-day time jump??? That’s huge! Let’s get real for a second – how long has it seriously been since this crazy misadventure began? A month? Six weeks? So much can happen in the span of two days in the world of The 100. I wonder how many people have died in those two days. I wonder how many late-night chats Clarke has shared with Bellamy about how hard it is to be a leader. How many hilarious one-liners from Wick? (Miss you) How many pieces of cake has Japser eaten? I NEED TO KNOW.

Anyway, the episode opened with a brainstorming session that turned into a fun reunion.









The tension was so palpable it could have blown up if one of them sneezed. Luckily these kids don’t get colds. Finn stormed off, and then an angel gifted to us by the Gods strolled up and told Clarke the premise of the episode. Mount Weather is jamming their signals!


They were all set to go on a heroic trip, when look who wanted to join the party:


Abby’s on board!

Meanwhile at Mountain Manor:





As it turns out, the Mountain King is against forcibly taking the blood of teens, while these two jokers are all for it. Have I mentioned how much I love that the characters of this show take permanent residence in the grey area, where no one is 100% good or bad? Oh I have, ad nauseam? Oh. Okay, good.





Jaha told Kane that he’s sure they’ll survive because his dead son told them he has an unfinished to-do list. Okay, buddy! Then some Grounders came in and told them to fight to the death. Just a normal day on The 100!


Oh, and the “commander” left behind a meek, quiet and scared Grounder girl to babysit. You know, because those exist.





The Mountain King asked Jasper to rally the troops into being human blood filters, which sounded like a hoot!

Meanwhile, Finn was throwing a hissy.




Then acid fog descended! Yay! I was wondering when we were going to see this horrific delight again. Oh, and Abby noticed that two very attractive siblings were missing.



The guards caught up with our buddy cops, and then so did the acid fog. Octavia followed the scuttling bugs (no thank you) to a door, and they all lived happily ever after. Well, except for this guy:


Meanwhile, in the bunker:



It was a corpse, you guys. A CORPSE. I guess Finn didn’t think to clean up after himself after brutally murdering this fellow. A tarp isn’t going to cut it, Finn! He gave her back her watch, and when she asked where he got it, he motioned to the CORPSE and said, “it was around his neck.” Way to ruin the moment, Finn!



Back at Mountain Manor, Maya gave Monty and Jasper a fun little peep show.




Jasper and Monty know about the Grounder blood-a-thon!

“Why are you showing us this?” – “Because I’m afraid you’re next.” Daaaaaaaamn.

You guys, real talk, Eve Harlow has a quirky charm that I find very captivating. I’m glad Maya turned out to be cool, because I want her to stick around. You hear that, writers? YOU HEAR THAT?

Back in their cosy tent, the awesome team-up of Abby and Raven listened to the Mountain Minions confess to using the fog as a weapon. This of course brought up the age old question – find your peeps, or know thy enemy?


Raven is quickly becoming the Daryl to Clarke’s Rick, and I am lapping it up like it’s the last pint of ice cream on earth. This is a partnership I can get behind!

Back in the parking garage, Red Shirt Guard found a new toy.



That guard got eaten up like he was a box of girl guide cookies at a marijuana convention!




Then they ran into Octavia’s old flame, and things got a little awkward.



Lincoln attacked them and Octavia shot him! Then the two buddy cops scampered off to hide in a car.

Back in the Grounder prison, Kane had enough of this storyline, and decided to end it by ending his life.



Then he cut his wrist! I guess Kane never took health class, because he did not do a very good job at killing himself. Not two minutes later, he was totally fine.



Love it. I just love it. Man, those Grounders are crafty! She decided to let Kane live (probably because he’s so dreamy), and to use Jaha to send a message.


Meanwhile, Octavia and Bellamy were solving their predicament.





They’re going to bring Lincoln back to the camp! He’ll probably be fine after a detox. Somebody get him some lemon ginger tea, stat.

Back in the bunker, Clarke and Finn had a heart to heart.



This scene was hauntingly beautiful. These kids have been nearly destroyed by the shit that’s gone down, and this show isn’t afraid to let us stew in it. Also, Thomas McDonell was killing it this episode (pun intended).

Back at Mountain Manor, Monty and some others volunteered to give blood in order to buy them some time.







The Mountain King is on to his son, and gave him a little pep talk that went a little something like, “don’t be a psycho, or I will literally kill you.” How quaint! I wonder how their Thanksgiving dinners go.

Anyway, everyone reunited, including this guy!


Ohhhhhhhh, okay! The awesome new Grounder lady said she was going to use Jaha to “send a message”, she meant she was going to literally give him a message. Haha, got it!

Well, guys, this was a pretty darn great showing of our beloved teen adventure. Relationships were forged and torn apart, the plot hurtled forward, and all of our favourites got to come out and play. (The only thing missing was Wick – where you at, friend?)

This show continues to tackle the effects of a bat-shit world on the delicate human psyche, and it is a beautiful delight to watch.


  • If anyone was planning to photoshop buddy cop movie posters to include Octavia and Bellamy, might I suggest some favourites: Lethal Weapon, Big Trouble in Little China, Tango and Cash, Turner and Hooch, The Heat, 48 Hours, Stakeout, and Bad Boys. Thanks in advance!


  • Mount Weather crashed the Exodus ship. That part was kind of glossed over, but what an amazingly dark and horrifying detail!


  • “Without the treatments, we all die. What are we supposed to do?”                            “Die.” – Monty the Magnificent for the win!


  • What do you think Clarke and Finn did in the bunker that whole time? Staring contests? Eye spy? Thumb wars?


  • So, how did everyone handle the week off? Did you cry into your tub of strawberry yogurt all Wednesday night, staring at the sky, whispering all the character names? No? Oh. *clears throat* Me either.

See you next week for some more crushing emotional drama and thrilling violence!


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One thought on “The 100 “Fog of War” Photo Recap – Reap This 2, Coming to Theatres Near You (2.6)


    Dec 04, 2015
    “Then Kane cut his wrist! I guess he never took health class, because he did not do a very good job at killing himself. Not two minutes later, he was totally fine.”
    Maybe it was more of a cry-for-help thing. Or maybe the Arkers were genetically engineered to have superhuman healing abilities, and now that their systems aren’t working overtime to constantly heal from so much radiation in space, their bodies are healthy enough to heal at superhuman speed.
    Toni: By your references to poutine and girl guide cookies(as opposed to girl scout cookies) I surmise that you are Canadian. You could actually wander over to Vancouver and stalk the film locations for The 100! (I know Canada is a big place, but in my mind everyone in Canada either lives in Toronto or Vancouver, so there’s a 50/50 shot that you’ll already be close by.)

    Feb 10, 2015
    I love your recaps. I discovered them after season one ended, and then made an account a couple of weeks ago after season two had got into full swing
    Just a random thing; because I am in England, we have only just reached this episode! So you know, I look forward to finally reading a new one each weak at 10 o-something pm on a Tuesday after hyperventilating since 9pm 🙂
    I also find the Jasper and creepy leader parts the best, they’re so funny 😀 The big spoon one made me laugh…
    And Starsky and Hutch for the win!
    So yes. Time to end this awkward comment on that awkward note~

    Dec 31, 2014
    Um also weirdly enough I ship Raven and Murphy
    is that bad?
    because I feel kinda bad

    Apr 23, 2017
    They would definitely make an interesting couples, although given my username its kind of awkward that I’m even discussing this

    Jan 25, 2015
    I’m kinda with you xP I have a bit of a crush on Richard Harmon 😉

    Dec 31, 2014
    As far as those photoshops go:
    I tried my hardest :’)

    Toni_watches Dec 31, 2014
    THIS IS THE BEST. Gold star, friend. Thank you from the deapths of my heart.

    Dec 29, 2014
    Montys one worded response, “Die”, best part of the episode. So simple, yet so striking, awesome, and effortly bad ass

    Dec 12, 2014
    I really don’t like Creepy McGee, King of the Mountain, and Master of the Lingering Glance. He gives me the heebie jeebies altogether.
    Also that cranky lady doctor makes me grumpy for some reason. I’d love to see her get a slap… of a brick.

    Dec 11, 2014
    The only thing better than the show is your recaps.
    I hope it works out with you and Raven. Cheers.

    Dec 07, 2014
    Who else thinks that Maya can’t be trusted? I mean she got the 47 to do excactly what the mountain men wanted them to do.

    Dec 05, 2014
    I laughed so much reading this, thank you!

    Dec 05, 2014
    Nice recap! (It loads great on phones, too. 🙂
    “What do you think Clarke and Finn did in the bunker that whole time?” – Certainly she wouldn’t let him out of her sight even for a moment. Also, I was kind of wanting Clarke to give the watch back to the corpse, just to spite Finn, though I guess that really wouldn’t make much sense.
    As for the show:
    – The “Two Days Later”: LOL, was that the show’s snarky riposte to some fans (like me) counting the hours last episode to figure out Jaha’s rapid travel from NYC? (It wasn’t JetBlue speed, but the grounders certainly didn’t spare the horses. Poor horses.)
    – I paid extra attention to “Mountain King” this episode. Even while being friendly to Jasper he was all sorts of creepy. *shudder*
    – I’m sorry, I couldn’t help but roll my eyes when the show needlessly sacrificed an ark redshirt to the acid fog. (Side note: Is there a count & body count for the Camp Jaha people?)
    – Finn: What?!? The architect of his own personal My Lai Massacre gets a pass? *and* access to weapons *and* sent back into the same theatre? Even worse, the showrunner is still talking pro-Flarke? Not just Hell No but “I’ll stop watching every show on CW” No. Grumble, grumble. Damn show. And Murphy, too. Where’s Monroe?
    – FWIW: I assume the title “Fog of War” is a rather literal reference to the reveal that the acid fog is a Mountain Men weapon. The traditional definition doesn’t seem to apply.

    Dec 05, 2014
    Monty is the best!!!! And all that buddy cop stuff with Bellamy and Octavia made me cackle like a weirdo!!! So good!!!

    Dec 05, 2014
    Bah-Hahahahaha! Great recap!
    I was ok with the 2 days later. Pretty pleased actually. I wasn’t looking forward to an awkward, silent trek back to Camp Jaha.
    Loved. Loved. Loved the photo series for the Clarke and Finn “talk” scene. Way to skadattle Bellamy.
    Totally had to sing the Mambo #5 lines.
    Ok. The MM baddies or “baddies” or buddies. IDK. I actually think Mengele when that MM doc is on the screen. So she and AJ are solidly in the Bad column. Creepy prez is now in the “Bad” column. I have tentatively placed Maya in the Buddy column.
    Do you think Kane was happy to see Jaha again? How about when Jaha halted his martyrdom; did he think “Seriously!?! Here to steal my thunder again!?! Will you ever let me be the hero?”
    “If the automatic rifle fits.” Classic. Finn has never been one of my favorite characters, but I will never say that Thomas McDonnell has portrayed him poorly. I don’t like Finn, but I agree Toni, Thomas was particularly believable in this episode. I did giggle at the corpse mess in the bunker. Whoopsie, who left that there?
    Octavia and Bellamy. Yep. Love the sibling cooperation and how neither of them even thought of killing Lincoln. (I hope his abs get through this.) He is a Blake now.
    Monty! Hey the bestest best friend ever! Now Jasper and Monty are on the same page, working together as they should be. Heart y’all. And Yep. Monty got the best line award this episode: “Die.” One word. I chortled my agreement.
    Ditto Toni. Using Jaha to send a message. Well played. They got me.
    ps. The grounders control the acid fog! I already thought they crashed the ship, but the fog surprised me. I thought it was just a part of the post apocalyptic ecosystem. An acquired tool of Mother Nature…but no, the damn MM! I am fearing their technology almost as much as I fear their cunning nature.
    and bc I can
    #teamclarke #WWCD #neverforget #Bellarke

    Dec 05, 2014
    No mention of your “Beautiful Creepster” getting a pardon and attempting to chum it up with Clarke!? I am surprised at you “Toni-Watches”!

    Dec 05, 2014
    Fair point! What’s funny is that I did have a Beautiful Creepster caption (because of my undying love for his intense creepiness), but it interrupted the flow of the awkwardness, so I had to take it out. Next time!

    Dec 05, 2014
    IKR! Toni I thought you would be all over that too. I so love/hate/am strangely attracted to Murphy. Toni must have rubbed off on me bc I was NOT feelin him for at least the first half of season 1. And I’m pretty sure he is a sociopath, he is totally ok with each and every one of his nefarious acts. PS Finn, if you look like the crazy one when your in a scene with Murphy, it is definitely Time to evaluate your life choices.

    Dec 06, 2014
    Gnomeless is the best name ever by the way. I voted up your comment because your name is Gnomeless.

    Dec 05, 2014
    Well I am a dude, so I am not into him that way, but I am starting to like him as a character. Now we see why they stopped for a second in the first episode of the season for him to explain his backstory. They needed him to be slightly sympathetic, so people would buy him having some sort of a conscience in this season. At this point I think I like him more than Finn.
    But best male character continues to be Bellamy. Isn’t it high time they just admit he is the male lead and put his name in front of Finn’s in the credits? Or actually, I think he should be second billed after Clarke, instead of Abby. All the adult characters should be in the “and also starring” section, like Cane and Lugubrius are.

    Dec 05, 2014
    Me too!!! I am weirdly attracted to Murphy all of a sudden!!!

    Dec 05, 2014
    Idk if Toni just broke me down or if Murphy has a Dexter thing happening, but I dig it.

    Dec 05, 2014
    Maya is one of the weirdest looking girls I have ever seen. I say this because there is like a fraction of an angle she got be shot at that makes her look attractive, then if she moves even a slight little bit, or speaks, that all goes away and her face transforms into something that resembles the mask Battle Cat used to wear on He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. It’s jarring and disconcerting, and for that reason alone I don’t want her on the show anymore.

    Dec 05, 2014
    Damn, son. Rude, but hilarious. I just don’t want her around because that Mountain Man biology tale is a clusterfuck and they all need to die. Also, I hate that she seems to be perpetually on the precise of crying at any given moment and that’s no way to live, especially on this show.

    Dec 05, 2014
    Freaking spellcheck. *bursts into tears*

    Dec 06, 2014
    Yes, I agree, it would be tough to live in this world and be a crier. It was odd in that scene with Clarkes mom where she cried. They aint got time to cry! ( Though they have plenty of time to bleed, as we have seen.)
    It’s funny that some people say that Arrow is too dark in tone. Those people have obviously never seen this show. The 100 makes Arrow look like Barney and Friends. This show is like an ever absorbing black hole of darkness!

    Dec 06, 2014
    Ok, I have to reply to MYSELF because I cannot reply to your comments on ChicN, I LOVED the scene, where Clarke cried with her mom! I was just saying how odd it was because she rarely gets the chance! But yeah, seeing your mother is the PERFECT time to cry!
    And ArkhamNative-I LIKE the fact that the 100 is dark!!!If I didn’t, why in the hell would I still be watching it? I am
    applauding them for being like Lord of the Flies! It’s hard to watch sometimes, but for GOOD reasons!! The show is brilliant!

    Dec 06, 2014
    See I view Clarke crying with her mom a totally normal reaction. A mix of relief and joy. Up to that point, Clarke thought herself an orphan, most of the 100 had been massacred, the remainder of them inside a deadly trap that they are not aware of, her scant hope of peace negotiation is killed…
    What I’m saying is, she’s had a bad couple of days, and crying on her momma for a second in between trying to direct a rescue attempt seemed a valid reason to shed some tears.
    Maya looking ready to bawl due to direct eye contact is not valid. Sure she may have some crippling social disorder, but…survival of the fittest and all that. I don’t think therapy even exists on The Hundred, what with the shooting emotionally distraught people who lash out into the vacuum of space and telling people to “suck it up” over their mental breakdowns that lead to the deaths of non-combatants!

    Dec 06, 2014
    Is The 100 “dark”? Sure, it’s darker than, say, The Big Bang Theory, but to me it just seems true to its situation: war and survival.

    Dec 05, 2014
    This episode was not one of the best but at least it kept some things moving.
    I disagree about Maya, I actually hate her character. She is just so .. I don´t know.. bland? Plus she had no chemistry with Jasper, they look like siblings. Heh. Hope she is out soon.
    Jasper finally brought some character and wit! Yes! I like this new schemy smart Jasper! Showing some growth for once. I hope it continues. The blood volunteering was actually a good plan to save them for a while.
    How can Octavia be with Lincoln again? I hate their storyline so much. Enough of that. I actually loved the Jasper/Octavia connection and chemistry from S1 so I hope they reunite someday when he gets out of Mt Weather.
    I may be in the minority but Finn/Clarke have way more chemistry than the popular Bellarke. To me Bellamy and Clarke always look like brother and sister too. JMHO

    Dec 05, 2014
    I respect your opinion, but I gotta say I literally disagree with all of your points except for the Jasper thing (he was pretty awesome in this episode). Sorry! I thought Maya was kind of bland at first but I think she’s starting to get more interesting and I’m curious to see where they take her.
    I actually like the Lincoln/Octavia story line. Aside from his awe-inspiring abs, I think Lincoln is an interesting character and I think the relationship with him and Octavia helps to keep a fresh link between the 100 and the grounders.
    My problem with the Finn/Clarke story line is that it always just felt really forced to me. Like the writers were thinking, “well this IS a CW show, so our lead needs to have some crazy-intense romantic interest immediately… how about this guy?” The relationship happened pretty quickly and there was never really much of a build.

    Dec 08, 2014
    I kind of liked how different the Finn/Clarke romance is from so many other shows. I mean Finn may think they’re in some epic love story but Clarke is like “Seriously?”. She dumped him without hesitation after Raven showed up, even Raven got around to it eventually, and showed very little angsty brooding about it because she was more focused on the whole not dying horribly thing. How many shows have a female lead who doesn’t have a love interest, or two of them, as her absolute priority number one and the most frequent topic of all their conversations? So the fact that this relationship seems to be one-sided and lacking in chemistry actually makes it more interesting and realistic to me.

    Dec 04, 2014
    I didn’t like this episode so much, TBH. It wasn’t bad, but it was less eventful than usual. Also, I get the strong girls are kind of a show signature and that’s good, but… aren’t they too many already? This was just Anya 2.0
    BTW, Tony, you are aware Jason Rothemberg is now calling them the Adventure Squad, right? Do you feel mighty and powerful? Did they send you candy in return?

    Dec 05, 2014
    I saw that too! I tried to post the vid on the previous recap thread….yeah…not techy.

    Toni_watches Dec 05, 2014
    Candy? I wish!

    Dec 05, 2014
    Might I suggest an exclusive ‘behind the scenes’ photo recap. Js. I would enjoy that.

    Dec 04, 2014
    can Octavia please braid Clarke’s hair Grounder style? Like maybe they have a girls’ night with Raven where they drink moonshine and talk about how great Monty is and how Jackson totally has a crush on Abby and it’ll be sort of like a Sleepover Club.

    Toni_watches Dec 05, 2014
    Yes please.

    Dec 04, 2014
    LOVE the re-cap, as always. It makes the day after 100 withdraw a little easier to get through.
    Totally digging the Bellamy/Octavia partnership! I’d be making buddy cop posters right now if only I had photo shop.
    Speaking of partnerships of awesomness, are Clarke and Raven besties yet? Favorite part? The look of disappointment on Abby’s face when Rave gave Clarke the binoculars instead of her.
    Ok- so is it just me or are we gearing up for an epic rekindling of the Lincoln/Finn bromance? They have so much in common now! (You know, psychotic breaks, senseless murder, terrorized girlfriends, ect. Ect.)

    Dec 05, 2014
    Loved the binocular scene. I thought Abby’s look was a mixture of surprise and pride.

    Dec 05, 2014
    Abby/Raven were sort of a team of conspirators on the Ark, right? Maybe seeing Raven treat Clarke as her CO will help Abby accept that “the teens” are a competent military unit in their own right.
    Also, how to cure Lincoln?? Maybe lock Finn and him in a room with a plate of food and wait until one or both of them are better?

    Dec 05, 2014
    Better not, It’ll give Lincoln flashbacks from his reaper training. Tehy did lock him with a guy and a reward (drugs) and said to the victor the spoils (murder gets all, no sharing allowed) kind of thing.

    gulliv Dec 04, 2014
    2 weeks without 100 was tough, started feeling withdrawal symptoms on day 7 and resorted to re-watching season 1.
    Completely shocked by the 2 days later – did not expect that one. I was so keen to find out what happened after the they were reunited and casually confronted by a few bodies and a trigger happy Finn.
    Jasper continues to be a voice of reason “They gave us cake” yes Jasper yes they did and now they want your blood, seems like a fair trade. Plus how hopeless did the 48 come across. Points for realising that Clarke was actually onto something and that she is way better at surviving then them but seriously their plan for survival to just wait for Clarke to rescue them made them sound useless. Come on 48 get your act together!!
    PS great re-cap as always. love this show.

    Dec 05, 2014
    Lol. Maybe the key to survival is to pick a competent leader. #teamclarke. And even with the adults on the ground, the teens still see Clarke as their leader, whether she is present or not.

    Dec 04, 2014
    so they want peace, but, they gave the message leave or die? i can not imagine they can pick up the arc and move it? would be cool if they did, and then what? where are they supposed to move to? im thinking they want them to leave the arc so they can move in and have all the tech

    Dec 05, 2014
    I’m trying to run the numbers and frankly I don’t think the grounders have them. At this point the ark folks may be two for two, numbers and technology…..however, not their territory and native blitz attacks can be very effective.

    Dec 04, 2014
    Am I the only one who ships Kane and Lexa?

    Dec 05, 2014
    I ship Kane/Sacrifice. Will they, won’t they? OMG! Though Kane/Sacrifice/Thelonious is my OT3.
    Lol, at spellcheck offering up Felonious every time. Microsoft doesn’t do jazz apparently.

    Dec 05, 2014
    I thought her name was Nexa? I must have heard it wrong!

    gnomeless Dec 05, 2014
    Meh. Maybe later. I’m kinda capricious when it comes to Kane.

    Dec 04, 2014
    I need to stop reading these at work because I keep disturbing my co-workers with repressed snorts of laughter and sometimes straight out laughing. Great photo recap as always 🙂

    Dec 04, 2014
    Anyhow they need to leave Camp Jaha because we, all, have to find out more about the infamous City of Light that the Desert Grounders and Jaha talked about… Plus I did not know that the bunker was so close to Mount Weather maybe I need to pay more attention to the map on the very cool openning credit

    Dec 05, 2014
    I thought the reference to the city of lights was introducing a much later storyline/tie-in…..well, in the 100 time that may be a few episodes. But it is interesting to debate whether the ark folks will stay after breaking out the 47…..a nomadic storyline would let us see more of North America. I can totally see Clarke as Moses. But who knows. Maybe Kane can convince the grounders to partner up to take down the MM and everything can be hunky dory….yeah…probably not on that last part.

    Dec 05, 2014
    I think they will partner up! But Kane can’t be the one to do it ! Lets remember he’s been missing for a few days he still think the grounders have the 47.
    But as soon as everyone is out ouf MW, I would really like for them to go further into the land.
    We met the desert grounders, the forest grounders, the reapers, but Lincoln said their are sea grounders too. And I really want to know more about the City of Light.
    For now all we’ve seen is NY and Washington DC that’s a lot considering it’s only been a month (or so) but I hope we get to see more (so have more seasons)
    And maybe not everyone will have to leave but I don’t think adult and the 100 can really live toghether so I hope they let the Adevnture squad explore more territory.
    They need to find the other Ark people anyway.

    Dec 04, 2014
    First things first, this recap is everything!
    This was a solid episode, but I am very upset we missed the two days. The show is really trying to tell us nothing worth telling happened the two days immediately following the massacre of 18 people? We better get to see in flashback at least SOME of what happened. Maybe a cool episode with new grounder queen Lexa. #RIPANYA #Neverforget
    I’m really looking forward to seeing where Kane’s story is heading. I have no idea why Lexa would keep him if she’s forcing the sky people to leave.
    This show needs to have a braiding/hair twist tutorial website.

    Dec 05, 2014
    Word. I want braided/twisted hair.

    Dec 04, 2014
    “Raven is quickly becoming the Daryl to Clarke’s Rick” That is so perfect. Love those two together. Do you hear that writers? Give us more Clarke/Raven, my fav girls on the show.
    I love how Clarke was so done with Finn. Why did everyone esle just seem to give him a free pass? “He killed 18 innocent people? No big deal.”
    “Was it ever afloat?” So true. Regardless of their feelings for each other, techincally they’ve never been a couple.
    As much as I dislike Finn, Thomas has been on point with his acting for this storyline.
    You’re the first one I’ve seen who likes Maya. I either see people dislike her or not care about her. Jasper sucks, sorry. I find him incredibly annoying. Monty should be at the forefront of the Mount Weather storyline.
    Love see how most of the kids respect Clarke as their leader. Particularly Raven and Monty in this episode. Monty is clearly Clarke’s #1 fan. Clarke will give him the most Christmas presents.


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