The 100 “Bitter Harvest” Photo Recap – Murder Club (3.6)


You guys, I watch this show first as a viewer. I don’t think about what jokes I’m going to make, or what opinions I’ll have. I don’t even wear my sassy pants (which are made of bottle caps, so it gets real uncomfortable). The first go-around I just enjoy it. And you guys, I enjoyed the SHIT out of this episode.

But Toni, you say, it had so much Jaha.

I know, you guys, but we finally got answers. Answers! So many of them, falling from the sky like beautiful Polis-shaped confetti. Time to buy some snacks at the concession stand, because the vague competition has hit intermission.

And what true hero brought about this glorious intermission? It was Abby. FREAKING ABBY. When did she become the baddest ass? She has been killing it in the past few episodes. And we will talk about that cheek kiss later, my friends!

Also, let us give a solemn moment of humming Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap for our dearly departed Monroe. Your braids were always on point.

Aaaaaaand OKAY! Let’s do this!

Lexa awoke from a nightmare about her teeth falling out during an exam where she’s naked. Naturally this was a time for Clarke to give her a pep talk about how doing everything she tells her to do is totally the best and smartest thing. Oh, then Lexa found a drawing.






Just as we were all screaming KISS! KISS! KISS!, Titus came in with a present from Roan. I was hoping it was a life-size cardboard cutout of himself with his shirt off, but nope!



Emerson! It’s Emerson, the last Mountain Man (besides the ghost of the Mountain King, who is currently #1 on the charts with his band, Anya and the Who Dunnits)

Meanwhile, Octavia and Kane were putting their radios to good use.







Then a lovable little scamp wandered on the scene, and Monty’s mom’s was all, “aww, cuuuuuuute, murder it.” Luckily, Octavia got some sweet babysitting hours to put on her resume.


Meanwhile, Abby was investigating the disappearance of Raven’s pain.



Abby was NOT having it. Man I was in love with her this episode. Never mind Kane, make out with ME. Speaking of our favourite bearded hipster…




He and Miller (I LOVE THIS DUO) planted a bug in Pike’s room. I wonder what Pike’s room looks like. Do you think he has posters of heavy metal bands and cricket players? Or is it like, crazy neat and tidy?








How dare these people drag our beloved hero Monty into this!! HOW DARE YOU???

Back at Polis, Clarke, Lexa and Titus were hosting a Murder Club of their own.








Clarke was all, “can I kill him pleeeeeease???” and Lexa just rolled her eyes and was like, “fine, whatever.” Actually, she said, “so blood must not have blood applies only when it is my people who bleed”, which is a FAIR POINT, and a really great line. Well done, writers.




Oh boy. Turns out ALIE’s creator got the H outta dodge when the world went to shit, and she took ALIE’s upgrade with her into space. INTRIGUE! Now Raven is on the case, in a weird, brain-washy, way. My poor heart.



Kane tried to talk some sense into Bellamy and Monty’s Mom, while Miller had a touching moment with his boyfriend. Any time someone has a touching moment, I assume they’re going to immediately die. NOT MILLER’S BOYFRIEND, SHOW!

Then Octavia strolled into the Grounder camp to warn them about the attack.


Can we all agree that the only reason Octavia is still alive right now is because she is one of the stars of the show? I’m not saying this show doesn’t kill its stars #RIPFinn #RIPAnya #NeverForget. I’m saying there’s NO WAY a Skikru could waltz into that camp after the crap that went down last week, and get enough words out to show how awesome she is. I don’t care how many rando children she saved! Anyway, she warned them and it went swimmingly. Problem solved.









My heeearrrrrrrtt is SIIIIIIIIIINGINGGGGGGGGG!!!! But then…


The peaceful village of Grounders were not keen on packing up their shit and heading out of town, so instead they set up the explosive tree sap and knocked Octavia out. Man, that girl just cannot catch a break!

Raven sucked ALIE into the computer, and then was paid a visit by Jasper.



Looks like Jasper is pretty ready to drink the Kool aid.






Turns out Emerson had two kids that died in Mount Weather, and he is very ready to join them. It was a nice chat. Speaking of nice chats, look who was being a total creepster in Clarke’s room.




Titus tried to get her to convince Lexa to be bloodthirsty again, but Clarke was like, “okay, fair points, but will that result in the death of everyone I’ve ever known and loved?” And Titus was like, “oh for sure, obviously,” and Clarke was all, “um, pass?”

Titus DID bring up some fair points. A) She killed an entire populace because of the actions of a few, which is what she’s telling Lexa NOT to do to her people. B) “Blood must not have blood” is a lame catchphrase. C) Lexa will probably die, or be exiled, or thrown into a pit of Greek yogurt or something.

Meanwhile, Jasper was about to cross the borders into the City of Light, when Abby showed up and got some GD answers.


The Matrix Cookie does some sort of science to the brain whatevers to block pain. But it doesn’t just do that! It makes you forget things about your life. Like, oh, I don’t know, YOUR SON WELLS WHO AS IT TURNS OUT WAS NOT A WIENER! I’m guessing it’s also some kind of mind control, because Raven was acting VERY accommodating, without considering if her actions were right or wrong, which is not like our precious Raven at all.

Does this mean Season 3 Jaha’s douchiness can be attributed to some kind of AI mind control? Maybe! Does it excuse his Season 2 douchiness? Nope!

Anyway, Abby took all the Matrix Crackers away to do more tests, because Abby is awesome… but then, TWIST!


Jackson drank the Kool aid, too!! At first I was like, “no, not Jackson!”, but then I was like, “oh wait, yes Jackson!” Finally this guy has something to do other than frown at Abby. Good for you, man.

Then the Murder Club big event happened, and the Grounders pulled a fast one on our stars (who I refused to call the Adventure Squad, because this bullcorn is NOT the doings of our beloved Adventure Squad). Octavia warned them in time to get out, but not in time to save one of our favourite red shirts.



Oh boy. Now they all blame Octavia for Monroe’s death, even though she was the only smart / sane / rational one in this whole scenario, and that includes the trees. Like, what the hell, trees! Why do you have to be assholes? Your sap is DELICIOUS. Stop being poison.

Anyway, then Octavia was caught again, so I assume she’ll be taken to Lexa. Maybe NEXT episode I’ll get that Octavia / Clarke / Beautiful Creepster reunion I yearn for.






Clarke lead by example and chose to banish Emerson instead of kill him. Will this come back to bite her in the ass? Probably! This is The 100! Is this whole “blood must not have blood” thing going to blow up in all their faces? Probably! THIS IS THE 100!! I am very scared and also excited and also a bit hungry.

AAAANNNYWAY, then we got a glimpse of one creepster beating another creepster for information, as we GOT that information from even creepier creepsters, Jaha and ALIE. The 13th Ark station was blown from the sky and became Polis, and it has the upgrade ALIE needs, and that’s why it’s a sacred symbol among the Grounders, and holy cannoli I need to pick up my mind from off the floor.




This is a very different show from the teen shanty we fell in love with. The 100 drew us in with teen violence, and space, and abs, and now it’s rewarding our loyalty with creative world building, more violence, and intricate intrigue! The plot is deeper, richer, and more nuanced. Don’t get me wrong, excepting a few hiccups in the first couple of episodes, Season 1 was a masterpiece. I wouldn’t change a damn thing. What I’m saying is, the show is getting bolder. It’s delving into mythologies. The plot is hurtling beyond “who wants to kill us this week”, into “who wants to kill us, and also oh by the way, how did the world end up like this, who is responsible, and what are the consequences we’ll face for it?”

Is it a risk to expand a show like this? Of course it is. But I believe it is, and will continue to pay off.


  • What do you guys think Wick is doing? Scrounging for parts? Wandering the woods singing Taylor Swift songs? Carving Raven’s name into trees? *sigh*


  • So, Bellamy is still being stupid.


  • When actors draw on TV, I can’t help but wonder if the artist who ACTUALLY drew the picture, is all, “stop messing with it!”


  • Monty’s mom is the worst, right?


  • Speaking of, whaaaaaaat is going on with Monty? Did he go along with that terrible Murder Club plan simply because his mom is very hungry for violence? He seemed  put off by the whole thing, but he still went along with it. Monty… I’m worried about you, man. You’re better than this.


  • Tree sap burns and is flammable. Did we know this already? I love that we’re still finding out new and horrible ways that the radiated earth can destroy and kill. Yay!


  • I was going to put “Much Music” in my babysitting joke, but then realized half of you wouldn’t get it. OH CANADA!


  • “You couldn’t have said something before I got kicked in the face?” I love you, Octavia. Never change.


  • A kiss on the cheek, show? A KISS ON THE CHEEK? Let’s be real, with the raging sexual tension between these two, a kiss on the cheek is like lighting a match inside a gas chamber. There’s no way it stopped there. Let the fanfics begin!!


  • If the religious implications of the Jaha story weren’t quite driving it home enough, this episode had Jaha placing the “key” into people’s mouths like a priest would do with the “body of Christ” at Catholic mass. I hope he washed his hands first.



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One thought on “The 100 “Bitter Harvest” Photo Recap – Murder Club (3.6)


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    KateSullivan Feb 29, 2016
    It is curious about Wick, I don’t even think I would be wondering about him if we hadn’t been actually told that the actor was still a part of the show before the season started. Now, I don’t think a boy needs to save Raven or anything. I suspect when Jaha and Alie discover the 13th Station location that of their acolytes so far, Raven would be the one who could get close enough and that might just give Clarke the mission she needs to get back to Arkadia and get to the freaking bottom of something. You know because, for all intents and purposes, Raven and Clarke are basically sisters since Abby has basically adopted Raven.

    I keep holding my breath that the Bellamy/Octavia confrontation from the pre season trailer is happening at a particular time and that seems to me to be the step Bellamy needs to take to get his head out of his ass and then at least that is better. But the longer it goes on, the more dread I feel that the events preceding it, like what will actually set Octavia off at this point is likely Lincoln’s death.

    mellafe Feb 29, 2016
    I miss Wick so much. SO MUCH. It literally hurts. Yes, literally.

    Monty’s mom IS the worst, except for Pike. He wins all the awards. Come on, Monty, what are you doing? Snap out of it and take Bellamy with you. You’re both making me so freaking mad.

    Finally, if anybody has links to good fanfiction, gimme.

    peterspoor33 Feb 29, 2016
    So at some point near end of season Pike is gonna be in a robe and standing over Octavia shooting electricity from his fingers
    Pike: “Your grounder skills are no match for the dark side”
    Octavia: “Bellamy… please..”
    [cut to conflicted looking one handed Bellamy who throws Pike down a reactor shaft, errr cliff-face] Perhaps spoiler or perhaps delusion?

    I was just as concerned as Jaha when Abby just confiscated his drugs in the middle of the canteen, what a narc, even Jasper was like “I’m off to English Lit. can I get my pill back?” Thankfully Jackson is on the case.

    Can someone bottle that single Raven tear? Want to put in my ebay bid. Speaking of cool what ever happened to hard-ass Kane who tried to float Abby for using too many bandages on Chancellor Jaha? That Kane was cool!

    Turns out Roan is a pretty thoughtful guy.

    cjwells2000 Feb 28, 2016
    I want to chime in to remark that I look forward to your photorecaps every week. Hilarious! I binged watched seasons one and two of “The 100” on Netflix and totally found myself immersed in the storylines. I’m an old-school Xena Warrior Princess fan and I see so many parallels between this show and that one; front and center being the presence of powerful sexually-fluid women.

    I’m not really loving this AI story. I guess I’ll have to see how it plays out. What has really captured my attention (obsession, really) is the slow-moving fallen-in-love story of Clarke and Lexa. I say fallen because it’s obvious that they both have, deeply. Beyond them, however, I too have a soft spot for the original delinquents. I’m saddened by Monroe’s death. She was never a major player, but recall that she was one of only five delinquents who weren’t captured by the Mountain Men at the end of Season One (I don’t consider Bellamy and Raven part of the delinquents). Now only Octavia and Murphy are left. Makes you wonder how many of the 44 who escaped the mountain at the end of Season Two remain.

    As for Octavia, next to Lexa, she’s my favorite character. She a badass and a smart ass. From “We’re back bitches!” to that line to the kid she saved in last night’s episode, “You could have told him before he kicked me in the face,” had me in stitches. She’s loyal, formidable and has a moral compass that is unwavering. She’s the closest thing to a Xena reincarnation on this show, especially when she sharpens her sword or rides her horse. Selfishly speaking, the only reason she isn’t my favorite is because she’s into Lincoln, as opposed to Clarke, Lexa or Raven. 😉

    shomariblack Feb 28, 2016
    Photos worked for me!

    spudchick Feb 28, 2016
    The Murder Wheel and Kane being cool were my favorite things out of a pile of great stuff this week. Thank you, Toni 🙂

    Klaussays Feb 27, 2016
    That Raven smile was so disconcerting..But when she had tears of Joy that seemed like real Raven rather than pod Raven.
    ”I went Crazy, You in” LOOOL
    The Murder Club were genuinely upset they failed to murder anyone…Monty;s mom was still looking dor that little boy.
    Damn they killing off the cool redshirts..Better stay away from Harper.


    cathemeral Feb 27, 2016
    This is some of your finest work. Monty spinning the Murder Wheel! Lexa’s endless bad puns! ALIE speaking binary almost made me spit out my tea!

    Just for giggles I plugged her binary into a translator and it actually does say “do me a solid.” I love that level of dedication to a joke! 01001100 01001111 01001100

    I just knew Monroe’s days were numbered when Pike made a point of announcing her full name. There was a pattern in S1 and S2 where once a red shirt’s name was mentioned they would get killed shortly after. #RIPZoe

    Pike just HAD to go and blurt out Monty’s full name, too, but Monty is kind of a main character so I hope he gets skipped by the Name Curse.

    Neomeris Feb 28, 2016
    I was expecting Brian-the-boyfriend to die too, especially with that scene he had with Miller.

    TakumiBorgens Mar 02, 2016
    Not gonna lie. I had that same really scared moment (aka it lasted like the rest of the show) But given that he’s still around, I will cross my fingers and hope for the best.

    cathemeral Feb 28, 2016
    Nooooooo! Not Miller’s sweetheart!

    We haven’t even heard what cute pet names they call each other!

    Loralee_jk Feb 27, 2016
    LOL, Much Music!!!
    I’d get it! █♥█


    Loralee_jk Feb 27, 2016
    Also, I enjoy the lexa jokes you make.

    Loralee_jk Feb 27, 2016
    Jackson drank the Kool aid?!?!
    OMG! I thought HE was the upgrade! Like how Ghost#1 is based off a real girl, somehow so was ghost #2.

    Arrow601 Feb 27, 2016
    Much Music! Be still my cold Canadian heart. I stand on guard for thee, Toni. You give us all so many reasons to never ‘blood must have blood’ ourselves.

    nickmoose Feb 27, 2016
    I wanna see Lexa get thrown into the yogurt pit.

    Not because I dislike her, just because I think it would be sexy.
    Does that make me a bad person?

    Some might say a scene where Clarke and Lexa are shown half naked, wrestling in a yogurt pit would be counter to this shows progressive attitude towards female empowerment, but I think a scene like that is absolutely necessary to illustrate our societies metaphorical struggle with Greek yogurt.


    erikandrew Feb 27, 2016
    Photos came up right away on all platforms. Yay! Keep doing the new thing…

    YoYoJonSnow Feb 27, 2016
    Jaha has gone full on Baltar. I’ll take it!

    Did something important happen in this episode? I was too distracted by how mind-blowingly hot Kane looked to notice. Abby, what is wrong with you? Get on that ASAP.

    In all seriousness, I’m most interested in Jaha’s plot. What is happening?

    AnnieC12 Feb 27, 2016
    See, Jasper, this is what happens when you abandon Monty!! He takes up with the wrong crowd…his mother! I mean, what the hell Monty? Honestly, I think Clarke is coping the best out of you, Bellamy, and her since the Mountain incident simply because she’s the only one of you three who is not pro killing children now!

    Anyway, chins up Murder Club, you still managed to murder. Yes, it was Monroe, who was like the last of the foreground 100, and it was because of your own stupidity, but hey, at least we now know where the Mountain got their supply to make acid fog. I’m sure you’ll be plenty stupid enough to try and replicate it.

    And Raven! What the hell?! Uh huh. No. No. No. Where is Wick? You need Wick to smart mouth some sense into you. I mean, honestly, woman! Jaha. You’re hanging out with Jaha. That’s just embarrassing. I mean at least Jackson has an excuse. He needs enough lines to stay in the Screen Actors Guild.

    Murphy, you have now been tortured three times for information. Dude, you seriously need to rethink your actions because I mean at first it was once, shame on you. Twice, shame on me. Three times, that’s just awkward.

    And Octavia, Lexa, Clarke, Miller, Kane, and Abby, you all need to…well, just keep doing what you’re doing. You’re all awarded badass badges, you troopers. Octavia, stay an emo grounder pounder who saves kids on the side. Lexa, changing your ways and going with world peace, very classy. Clarke, realizing Murder Club wasn’t the coolest club, way to go! And Abby, I don’t know if you hit your head or are just thinking WWCD (What Would Clarke Do), but keep with this new actually using your brain thing you’ve got going on. I like it. Miller, I adore you. Kane, I think you’re cool. The rest of you Skikru need to pull your heads out of your asses before you kill your dumb selves.

    dazednconfuuzed Feb 27, 2016
    Lol well said, I agree completely.

    AnnieC12 Feb 28, 2016

    PozoBlue Feb 27, 2016
    I wish this show stays on the air forever just to get your ‘Lexa, the lover of bad puns’ pictures!!! They are my favorite thing ever! I nearly choked on my cookies and cream laughing maniacally because of them!! I would exchange my chocolate for them, which is the most extreme gesture of love I could show to anyone/anything!

    Oh and Abby’s faces!! Abby’s faces to Jaha’s cray cray and Abby’s faces to pretty much anything!! In fact, I think from this day on, I think I will communicate my emotions using solely a collection of Abby’s faces! I live for them, give me more!

    Great, hilarious recap as usual. The pics worked perfectly for me this time! Yay!

    Klaussays Feb 27, 2016
    Abbys faces in the last two episode have made her badass rebel Abby again.

    TellyMelly Feb 27, 2016
    My week of 100 is now complete.
    Your recap was AMAZBALLS as usual & I loved it all.

    I love how the show tries to show us that everyone is kinda hypocritical. Clarke’s all like, don’t kill my people cause of a few bad eggs cause that’s WRONG (even though that’s exactly what I did in the mountain)

    Not sure why Monty joined the Kill Club, guess the writers ran outta stuff for him, so he was a tag along 😦 But it just goes against all things Monty…. sigh*

    Question? Pike said TWO of our people died today. Who was the other besides Monroe? Did I miss something?

    Toni…. May you live forever

    km91505n Feb 27, 2016
    I can’t stop laughing. Your puns with Lexa is hilarious. you are not wrong though. This ‘blood must not have blood” thing is going to blow up in everyone’s face most especially Lexa. Abby’s expressions are hilarious. She is throwing shade left and right. Titus as well. They are so over it.

    Whatever0 Feb 27, 2016
    Tree sap + water + fire = smoke = acid frog, doesn’t it?
    Anyway, goodbye Monroe, you had to pay the price of Pike and Bellamy’s stupidity. Also, ugh Monty’s mom, wtf. I really couldn’t care less about Pike and I hope he dies a slow, painful death.


    Skyrim4ever Feb 27, 2016
    All of Farm Station needs to be culled TBH. I believe there will be another mass genocide if JR is hinting right. He made a tweet a while back where he said there was so much blood on the set that it was impossible to distinguish whose blood belonged to whom. If that means 100% of Farm Station AND 100% of Arcadia which failed to vote for Kabby faction, then I’m all in. The only problem with this is that it’s now 99.9999% certain Lexa will die at the end of S3. Because as we all know (after seeing how S1 and S2 went down), Jason doesn’t like Shippers or likes to leave loose ends…..

    Neomeris Feb 28, 2016
    Well, this is kinda the reasoning behind what Pike is doing, but okay.

    On a more serious note, another genocide?
    This show loves its “characters mass murder time” way too much. We’ve had in season 1 300 sacrificed, Sydney &Co, the burned Grounders, 53 of the 101 kids, then s2 brought us the Grounder village, courtesy of Finn, TonDC, and the Mountain. Season 3, in just 5 episodes doesn’t disappoint with Farmstationaries and 300 Grounders. And it’s not over yet? Wow. Just, wow.

    Neomeris Feb 28, 2016
    Sorry, 48 died of the 101 kids, 53 survived (48 + Finn, Monroe, the kid who died solo, Bell and Murphy).

    Whatever0 Feb 27, 2016
    Oh I fully expect Lexa to die and in a last, desperate attempt to save her somehow, Clarke will give her one of Jaha’s pill because there’s no death in the City of Light.
    And yeah I hope the people of Arkadia die except for Abby, Kane, Monty, Jackson, Raven and perhaps Bellamy. I know Lincoln’s going to die but I hope Octavia lives.

    TellyMelly Feb 27, 2016
    I reckon the trees absorbed the fog while they were growing & that’s why their sap in acidic 🙂

    PozoBlue Feb 27, 2016
    Probably the other way around and they used the sap as the basis for the acid fog. Remember that plants and other life forms, when threatened over extended periods of time either by the increase of a predator, the sudden change in climate or some sort of an environmental toxin (e.g. radiation), develop a self defense mechanism to stave of said threat. Or in other cases, since trees like this actually exist (the manchineel tree being the most notorious) if radiation wiped out a lot of the other species of trees and this one is rather resilient, you’d have an overpopulation of these nasty bastards. Either way, I liked the detail. Wish we’d see more of this stuff. 🙂

    TellyMelly Feb 27, 2016
    Ok, I happily stand corrected 😁

    ArkhamNative Feb 26, 2016
    Monroe!! 😭😭 For weeks I’ve been, like, “yay, Monroe! And always a team player, but… Damn show,” so many of the ones she looks up to joining Team Evil (Bellamy, Monty, etc., etc.). Now she’s gone, and everyone’s hairstyles are probably going to go to shit, like Clarke’s has. They really should have thought this through. 😛

    But yeah, great episode, fabulous recap. Love how the show is slowly weaving A.LIE’s story into the existing tensions. Epic show.

    LibrariansAtTheGates Feb 26, 2016
    Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Cant stop squeeing with delight! I was seriously considering writing this show a Dear John (although I would never break up with you, Toni) but now all I can say is “We were on a break!!!”. Adored the cheek kiss (very mature and restrained – no raging teen hormones, here), delighted at Lexa’s visionary John Lennonisms, rolled eyes at Clarke’s “Draw me like your French girls, Jack”-routine (oh gods – is Polis going to be hit by an iceberg?!?) and practically jumped out of my sweats at the very Lost-y reveal at the end. Now, show, a dozen roses, a nice steak dinner and some Roan-abs for dessert and I could seriously be your girl again. And Toni – you deserve all the chocolate. All of it.

    Toni_watches Feb 26, 2016
    I would take all the chocolate!! Thanks. 🙂

    nickylopes16 Feb 26, 2016
    Images work! YAAAyyy

    KendraNutt Feb 26, 2016
    Monty still has the heart of a hero because he was the only one who stayed behind to drag poor Munroe out of the fire. I foresee an epic parent vs child face off between mother death and hero son.

    On another note Pine sap is highly flammable which is why forest fires can ignite so easily. Pine trees have been known to explode into flames during a forest fire just from the heat. Also there are native plants in western Canada like Stinging Nettle and Devils Club that if you touch it within a few minutes your skin starts to burn or go numb (I personally can handle stinging nettle over Devils Club that stuff is nasty). Then there is the invasive plant in Canada right now called Giant Hogweed that if you touch it the sap can cause sever rash, burns and blisters. It is currently listed as a prohibited weed in most provinces. So quite probably and most likely already exists somewhere on the planet a tree that has toxic sap. Just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it won’t kill you.

    Neomeris Feb 26, 2016
    The images are here and the puns are atrociously entertaining. Loved the recap!

    Charissa29 Feb 26, 2016
    No problems viewing the pics! Oh frabjus day! Keep doing the voodoo that. . .well you know the rest! Great episode! Gloriously appalling puns. Happy.

    cathemeral Feb 26, 2016
    I was hoping it was a life-size cardboard cutout of himself with his shirt off

    Weren’t we all! 😉

    Robespierre Feb 26, 2016
    Great recap! Don’t know what was different, but it works! 🙂


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