The 100 “Hakeldama” Photo Recap – Shuffle, Shuffle, Shuffle, ZAP! (3.5)

Oh boy. Here we go.

Do you guys ever wish we could spend a full hour with our beloved characters having a relaxing evening? Maybe a board game night, or a birthday celebration, or a tupperware party? No?


We’re here for the shit, and that’s what The 100 is delivering. Is it frustrating as all hell? Of course it is, why would I even ask that! It is SO DAMN frustrating to see our Goddess Raven going through what is clearly a very unpleasant time, and being sucked into the douchbaggary of Jaha. It is also very frustrating to see Bellamy sucked into the (and I can’t believe I’m about to say this) even BIGGER douchbaggary of Pike.

Yes, folks. Pike has become unlikable. I could relate when he was misguided. I could commiserate when he was just a dude who had only known jerk Grounders. I could even hope for a sexy, intense, grumpy romance with Indra. But now, Pike, you have gone too far, sir!

But like I said, we’re here for the shit. It would be a terrible sign if these things didn’t frustrate us. It would be boring as all heck if a show about dark themes didn’t make us angry. We’re connected to these characters. We love them (is it too soon for the L word? I don’t know about this stuff – I haven’t dated since my past life – I was a cobbler, things got weird). We’ve spent two plus seasons building a relationship with them. I think the writers have earned the right to throw us for some loopty-loops. And ooooohhhh boy have these loops been loopty!

Let’s be real for a sec (and then go back to being cartoons, I guess?), what is the point of television? Is it to entertain? To educate? To bring awareness of social issues and present a mirror to society and be all, “yo dudes, if you think THIS is wrong, what do you think about what’s happening in the world around you?” Is it all of the above? YES OF COURSE IT IS, WHY DO I KEEP ASKING STUPID QUESTIONS. It’s all of the above, guys. I’d say as far as The 100 goes, check, check, and check, with a side of delicious violence.

So let’s get ready to be so DAMN FRUSTRATED, and dive right in!




Lexa and Clarke were discussing how awesome it is that Clarke gets to go home triumphant after Lexa basically solved all the problems. Man, everything really worked out, didn’t it?



The episode opened on the aftermath of the dreaded fight, which was a stellar move narratively. The troops returned home, and Pike gave a rousing speech that went something like, “I effed everything up, you’re welcome.”

Then Lexa and Clarke stumbled upon a field of their slaughtered compatriots.




Clarke was all, “don’t worry, babe, I’m the star, I’ll take care of it,” and they asked Indra to radio Kane.






If this whole debacle negatively affects the bestfriendship of Kane and Indra, I will be more upset than that time I thought I had ice cream and forgot I already ate it.

Kane got the message and asked Octavia to go, who scampered off looking VERY happy to have something to do besides looking emo. Meanwhile, at another staff meeting:








Pike was all, “let’s kill a bunch of innocent people in a peaceful village”, and Bellamy was like, “what are you, possessed by the ghost of bonkers Finn?” and Pike was like, “I wasn’t here for season 2, I don’t get the reference,” and Bellamy pouted and was all, “you’d laugh if you got it.”








Bellamy has not always had the best luck when it comes to picking his bros. Perhaps Pike isn’t the best choice this time around. Kane and Lincoln pointed that out to him, but it didn’t go well.

Then look who sauntered up to the gates of Arkadia.



The competition for who could be more vague was still on! And it had heated up! Emori’s crimester pal (who is her BROTHER? Who knew that? Did anyone know that? Didn’t he put a knife to her throat? Man, Grounder family dynamics are weird), was shot and killed, because the sky people are jerks now.






I’m not sure if Abby was put off because of Jaha’s crazy-town ramblings, the fact that he smiled after his friend died, or because of his stupid half-goatee. Either way, we’re with you, girl.












Pike was cool with Jaha being a wacka-doo as long as he didn’t interfere with Pike’s plans for mass murder. Sounds fair to me! Then Pike decided the sick Grounders they offered help to needed to be “interned”.



I don’t care what your past is, who you’ve seen killed, or who stole your Greek yogurt from the communal fridge, holding a gun to a sick woman’s head while sending her to prison is a deal breaker. I’m sorry Pike, but you don’t deserve Indra anymore. Go suck an egg.

Speaking of sucking an egg…








UUUUGHGHGHGHGHGHGHHGHGHGHHGHGHGHHGHGHGHGHHGHGHGHHGHGHGHHGHGHGHHGHGHGHGHGHHGHGHG here’s the thing. You all know how I feel about Jaha, and his bananas messiah complex. During this whole scene I actually screamed several things at my television that can’t be repeated in polite company. Among them was, “NOT MY PRECIOUS RAVEN!”

Howwwwwwwwwwever, if anyone is going to be sucked into Jaha’s douchy orbit, it’s going to be the person who has lost the most. Yes, Jasper is currently sobbing into his Adele pillow, but he’s still physically the same. Raven has lost everyone, along with some physical ability, and what she perceives to be her usefulness. Plus, she’s hella influential. It makes sense she would be the one Jaha would target.

I guess what I’m saying is, FINE, SHOW, we’ll see where this goes.

Because Octavia is a wily little woodland nymph, she was able to get to the gals at Massacre Point, and get Clarke back to Arkadia without being caught.







Bellamy was NOT loving this reunion, and for the first time since season 1, he and Clarke were on opposite sides. Now, I ship everyone. I’m basically yelling “KISS KISS KISS!” any time two people with charisma are on the screen, but this time was different. This time I was yelling “Make decisions together! Make decisions together! Make d…” you get the point. These two are always better together than apart, and their leadership abilities compliment each other. The fact that Bellamy was too hurt by Clarke’s departure last season to listen to her side was very telling about where he’s at emotionally.

I still don’t buy the speed with which he turned into THIS Bellamy, but after getting a glimpse into his emotional state this week, I’m more inclined to roll with it.





Jaha left her the Matrix Mind Palace chip anyway. UGH. FINE.

Emori wanted to go find her brother (again, really? He’s her brother? Okay, show), but the Beautiful Creepster was like, “naw, that’s dumb”, and Emori was all, “okaaayyyyy”.




The Beautiful Creepster was caught! But these gentlemen saw the Mind Palace Cracker and were like, “my precious!” so now he’s being taken to Lexa. Right? Is it Lexa? Are we going to get an Octavia / Clarke / Beautiful Creepster reunion? Is it weird how much I want that? I want it so bad, you guys.

Clarke and Octavia TAZED Bellamy and scampered off with the help of Kane and Abby’s Sexual Tension. They made it back to Massacre Point, sans a certain Pike-shaped blood sacrifice.




One might say, ‘hey, Lexa’s decision to be chill is something good to come out of this episode! Everything is working out, afterall! I bet this will turn out fine.” Except this is The 100, you guys! This feels like the beginning of the end of Lexa’s rule. I mean, c’mon. Are the Grounders really going to stand for PEACE? No way, Jose. They hate peace almost as much as I hate anything that’s not dipped in chocolate.

Anyway, then Raven swallowed the Matrix Mind Palace Cookie, and things got weird.




Well, at least now we get to see the City of Light through a perspective other than Jaha. Right? RIGHT? That’s a positive to our beloved Raven getting sucked into Jaha’s bonkers orbit. I mean, so far everyone BUT Jaha who has been seen in the City of Light is dead, so that has me anxious. But if we’re honest, I’m always anxious when watching this show, because The 100 tears out our emotions and laughs while stomping on them with steel toed boots, and we LOVE THEM FOR IT.

Look, what I’m saying is, don’t kill Raven. Okay? Glad we had this talk.

Well, what did you guys think?? This was mostly a set-up episode for things to come, placing all the pieces to strategically knock them down. It’s the equivalent of shuffling your feet against the carpet to create a static charge and shock your friend because they keep talking during your show. The 100 is shuffling their feet against the carpet right now, and I am both afraid and excited for the static shock to come.  


  • Kane and Abby are such a team. Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!


  • There is little more disturbing than the distinct sound of flies around dead bodies.


  • Abby: “And the others? You left with twelve people.” Jaha: *shrug*


  • Is Jasper still at the dropship rolling around in Finn’s ashes?


  • Miller threw some fake sass to Lincoln about the first time they met, which was when he and Bellamy tortured him. Oh, the good old days. Man, I love Miller. More Miller, please!


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    AnnieC12 Feb 27, 2016
    Do you think that Bellamy going crazy is like payback to Lincoln for going crazy? Like maybe this is Bellamy’s passive aggressive way of telling Lincoln he’s still pissed that Lincoln abandoned him in the Mountain? Either way, I am digging this Lincoln-Miller bestie situation.

    Also, I knew Bellamy wasn’t stupid enough to hurt Indra. I knew it in my heart that he understood her glorious being and the wrath he would face if she were to die.

    LibrariansAtTheGates Feb 24, 2016
    Well, I have to admit that was a bit loath to watch this episode as I had a sinking feeling that it would stick to my palate worse than Jafar…sorry, Jaha’s Matrix NyQuil pill. But then again, without it Toni’s review would make even less sense (and I mean that in the most loving of ways) and not be a gazillionth as enjoyable. So I girded my loins, or at least snuggled into my safety blankie, and gnashed my teeth through the weird and nightmarishly hallucinatory potpourri of GoT/the Matrix/USA during WWII (look up Japanese internment camps, peeps) this show has derangedly devolved into. I sincerely enjoyed the Lost/Lord of the Flies/summer camp version of season 1, and partly season 2, more, before all the grown-up political schemes started interfering with the emoing, pouting and teen sexing. I’m just starting to wish that Clarke would wake up in the drop-ship with a really bad hangover from some glowing uranium shrooms to see Bellamy coming out of the shower (see what I did there, huh? Huh?).

    JenayCarriere Feb 23, 2016
    I love this show and enjoy it most of the time without complaint but there are a few things that just bug me.

    Leadership-Abby and Kane keep passing it back and forth like it’s no big deal. Why not talk out your disagreements choose a leader and stick with it.

    Why in the hell would you allow a criminal like Pike to even be able to be voted for. Seriously,it makes absolutely no sense and they knew what he would want to do. Why not save the voting for a later time.

    Bellamy told Clarke off and I think she greatly deserves it. She is not a leader but acts and makes decisions like one and then runs off and leaves her people and how the hell could she forgive Lexa that quickly.

    TellyMelly Feb 23, 2016
    My new ritual now is to watch an episode, read your recap, read the comments.
    I love your recaps as much as I love the 100.
    For the people who can’t see the pictures, I feel sorry for you, cause without them, it’s just not complete bliss.

    I reckon Lexa is agreeing to a truce because she pledged her feilty (spelling not a strong point) to Clarke. Even tho the Arkers just wiped out 300 hundred of her people, Clarke comes first 🙂 XXXXX 🙂
    Clexa all the way!!!

    TellyMelly Feb 23, 2016
    Oh & when we wrap up season 3, I’m gonna watch the 100 from the beginning again, just so I can read your recaps for them &3

    AnyaBabko Feb 21, 2016
    Was I the only one thinking: Is Jaha’s “blue pill” gonna go away the next time they take a dump? If not – how does that work exactly? Do these humans have another throat for swallowing stuff that shouldn’t be digested? Because last time I looked: Plastic nor copper was digestible… *mind blown by writers knowledge of science* “Lets say it was nanobites! That will explain all of these utterly unreasonable plot devices!”

    AnyaBabko Feb 21, 2016
    The main reason I love this show is because we have the world of the grounders and the loveable characters and characters like Lexa, who I should hate because she betrayed Clarke and the others, but is my favorite of them all. The A.I. story though? It is a cancer that is eating up the show with all these plot holes and really, really annoying characters. Jaha and A.L.I.E is the creepiest duo ever with their deplorable tactics and creepy dialogues. Just the fact that they locked Murphy up for three months without an explanation and then acting as if it was in his own best interests? It was obviously to make him crazy enough to swallow their second rate plot-hole-device of a blue pill.

    Just leave the A.I. story completely and focus on the characters of the grounders and their world. Its what made this show thrilling to watch to begin with!

    AnyaBabko Feb 21, 2016
    This comment has been removed.

    spudchick Feb 21, 2016
    Like others, pics weren’t visible at first, tried a few different settings that didn’t work, then suddenly there they were. Didn’t seem to have to do with cookies or adblocker or which browser I used. So the server theory @iwillattack mentioned sounds intriguing. We had a similar problem at work that had to do with one server in a set of DNS servers not replicating settings properly (out of step with the others), but I’m not a network person so just throwing it out there for mastication.

    Jaha’s goatee thingy has a distinctly functional appearance but even after looking at it for a couple of weeks I can’t seem to pin its purpose down.

    Always a delight, Toni 🙂


    carnsolus Feb 21, 2016
    thanks for the explanation on the images, I can see them all quite fine now 🙂

    AndersonLiu Feb 21, 2016
    LMFAO, great job Toni_watches!

    AcornArmy23 Feb 20, 2016
    Neomeris: “What I don’t get is how people can understand where Lexa is coming from (even I get it, even if I don’t like her any more for it) and ignore where Pike’s experiences are leading him.
    Bellamy is a lot more messed up, but no less wrong in his horrible actions.”

    (Can’t reply in that thread, so I’m replying here in a new one)

    I get where Pike is coming from and why he’s doing the things that he’s doing. The thing is, after a certain point, what a person believes to be true is less important than what is actually true, and I think that point is right about the time that you decide to pull a trigger and murder someone based on your incorrect assumptions.

    We recognize this difference in importance in our own court system. If someone is trying to kill you, then if you kill them it’s in self-defense. Pike and Bellamy seem to be twisting this idea to justify their actions, and your argument seems to be that their belief that it’s so means that it is so.

    But to quote a description of self-defense laws here in the U.S, “If he isn’t trying to kill you right now, you aren’t justified to use lethal force.”

    Indra’s army was not trying to kill any of the Sky People when Pike attacked. They didn’t have any plans to kill any Sky People when Pike attacked. They were actually attempting to protect the Sky People when Pike attacked.

    This is not self-defense, regardless of what Pike believed. A crazy person can suffer the delusion that you’re a giant hell-beast who wants to eat them and try to protect themselves by stabbing you with their spork. That doesn’t mean they’re justified in their belief that you are an imminent threat to their safety, and because of that, their attempt to stab you with their spork cannot be considered to have been an act of self-defense. Similarly, Pike can assign whatever dastardly intentions he likes to Indra and her army, but unless any of those intentions are actually true and are an immediate threat to Pike’s people, then Pike is not acting in self-defense. He’s just committing premeditated murder.

    So, while I do see where Pike is coming from, I don’t believe it matters or justifies anything he’s done, except maybe in his own mind.

    Neomeris Feb 21, 2016
    Hello again! 🙂

    But to quote a description of self-defense laws here in the U.S,

    Good example, but isn’t it quite different for matters of State itself? This isn’t self defense, person A from person B. This is one “country” defending itself against another. After quite a few violent altercations and no representative alliance (it’s Abby’s fault and Pike has no idea that Clarke might have any importance to the Arkadians – she is/was MIA))).

    They didn’t have any plans to kill any Sky People when Pike attacked.

    Apart from fruitless words and assurances (because Pike has no reason to believe the Grounders) what proof does he have of that? So, Indra, a Grounder = not to be trusted, tells him so, and a bearded Kane, so up Abby’s ass it’s not even funny, tells him they’re trustworthy. Pike, with a lot of support from other Arkadians, has no proof that the Grounders won’t attack them.
    I’m probably not explaining myself well – the fact that I can see where Pike (and in a different way Bellamy) comes from doesn’t mean I think he’s right and did the correct thing. I’m saying that I understand why he and his followers can actually get behind his choices and why I think what he did was different from other characters. The Grounders, despite what the Griffin women think, aren’t allies to Pike and Bell, but they are enemies, and they are to be treated as such. Still, he is in the wrong (boy, is he), but he hasn’t watched 2 seasons of character growth of the Grounders and he owes them nothing but hatred for what happened to him (Pike, but also Bellamy, since I can’t recall a Grounder who wasn’t marred by something in his eyes). I don’t see him (Pike) as a bigot, but as a man who’s been hardened into who he is now and I see why he feels justified in his actions.
    So far, we’ll see as the show goes))))

    In brief, for this show, it’s actually all Kane, Abby and Clarke’s fault – Clarke for leaving (in a way the least guilty, imho, since power and responsibility inherent with leadership were thrust upon her and she is extremely young, unprepared for it), Abby and Kane for being too immersed in their own UST and not explaining to the Arkaidians, exposing their people to the Grounders (since s3 begins with this duo already with the decision/desire to integrate with the Grounders) and not brokering a stable peace before poor Clarke was forced (by the script) to make all the decisions with no representative right to do so. The problem is, Clarke decided that they are the 13th clan (btw, am I the only one reminded of District 13?), but no one identified with her, her choice, and the girl herself as a leader.
    I mean, I could go and appoint myself as President for some country, proceeding to try and dictate their laws and foreign relations. Should the people of said country care in any way? 😉
    MORE +

    AcornArmy23 Feb 21, 2016
    It feels like we just switched topics, but– okay, yeah, I agree with most of that. The current situation probably only came about because of Abby’s crap leadership skills, and the fact that Kane did not noticeably improve on what Abby had done prior to the election.

    But you’re wrong to say that Clarke decided that Arkadia was the 13th clan. Lexa made the proposal to Clarke, but Clarke then offered the suggestion to Abby, who as Chancellor presumably did have the power to accept. Though clearly it should at least have been put to a Council vote in Arkadia. And the fact that neither Kane nor Abby told their people that they were now the 13th clan– I can’t even come up with any reasonable explanation for why someone might do that. It was utterly, improbably stupid.

    Unless maybe they intended to do it during Kane’s acceptance speech after the election or something, thinking that it would go over as a big hit, and Pike just beat them to the big reveal and made it sound like a terrible idea at the same time. I suppose that could have been what happened.

    Still, not a smart move. Roughly on par with moving people into Mt. Weather without making any kind of overture to reassure the Grounders first. Like maybe talking it over with Lexa and having her move some of her own people in, too, to share the place with the skaikru.

    Regarding whether to look at the massacre as between nations: I suppose that’s more fitting, but I’m not sure that it’s really any better for the people involved. As a nation, skaikru committed an unprovoked attack on another nation after their Chancellor had declared skaikru to be an ally and a fellow member of their coalition. From the POV of the other twelve clans, it doesn’t matter how Pike felt about it; the Sky People’s Chancellor agreed to join the coalition and went through the formal steps necessary to do so.

    So the skaikru committed an atrocity against an allied nation and used the atrocity to declare war against all 12 nations in the coalition. The people who enacted the massacre are now guilty of war crimes instead of a more, um, typical mass murder.

    That’s really not an improvement in the situation of those ten people who killed Indra’s army. Even today, people can be put to death for war crimes. And what they did was a war crime, by the way, because they executed the wounded.

    Of course, I’m using laws and standards from today as a way of “measuring” these things, as if classifying one act of mass murder as one thing and another act of mass murder as another thing somehow makes them fundamentally different, which is… kind of insane. But I guess we have to have some way to categorize these things so we can talk about them and consider justice for them.
    MORE +

    Neomeris Feb 21, 2016
    You might be right about Clarke not being the one to decide the 13th clan thing (although to me that scene with Clarke and Abby before the song-vow read more as Clarke announcing her decision rather than Abby and Kane agreeing to become Clan 13 and choosing Clarke as the ambassador), but any way we look at it, the decision hasn’t been shared (or liked) by the general populace of Arkadia.

    So the skaikru committed an atrocity against an allied nation and used the atrocity to declare war against all 12 nations in the coalition.
    And the fact that neither Kane nor Abby told their people that they were now the 13th clan-
    As you yourself said the majority of the people weren’t aware (or didn’t agree, the narrative isn’t clear about it at this point) of there being an alliance – there wasn’t an official meeting or announcement, and the new power, Pike, first thing rejected the alliance. Poof, they are enemies, and he wasn’t the one who allied his people to the Grounders in the first place.

    The whole power structure in Arkadia is kinda weird – sometimes they have Councils, then they don’t, it’s the Counselor making all the decisions, then it’s not. I honestly don’t get it and take as a given that the Counselor is the Monarch, surrounded by actual counselors they don’t have to actually listen to, since Counselor Abby had no trouble telling Pike, leader of Farm Station, where to shove his opinions when he disagreed, without making reasonable arguments why she’s right and he’s not regarding the Grounders.

    It just strikes me as incredibly irresponsible letting the Arkadians (I’ve typed Alexandrians twice already, if you get my Sunday night reference) hate the Grounders and then be surprised when the pro-Grounders power gets overthrown in favour of someone with a more favorable approach for the general populace. Had Abby integrated and made a lasting peace before the discovery of the Farm Station and then been overthrown via coup I would have agreed with your every word. In this case the script was rigged from the start she screwed up big, because, imho, had Pike and his people encountered a stark defense of the Grounders from your average Arkadian they would have never attacked this army. Instead all they hear is treason and subsequent death.

    That’s really not an improvement in the situation of those ten people who killed Indra’s army.

    I don’t think there’s any improvement possible. It’s just that Pike has a reason to think his actions justified. Basically, imho, it’s 2×16 all over again for Pike – he’s not a good guy, he’s not 100% evil. Neither are the Grounders, or anyone on this show (Raven is the exception that proves the rule!).
    MORE +

    Neomeris Feb 20, 2016
    I love the recap and today I even see the images! Yay!
    I agree with you, I was so rooting for Bellamy and Clarke to agree and yet, if they had, I would have hated them to infinity, because they’re just not there right now. They should make some decisions and probably talk a lot of stuff out, but I disagree with people saying Bellamy is extremely Out Of Character. Yes, the transition from Reasonable!Bellamy and beginning-of-season-1!Bellamy wasn’t well handled, but otherwise he is the man we’ve seen, and I loved how they remembered to make him bitter and spiteful when hurt – his “you ruling gets people killed” to Clarke was very reminiscent of his “you ruined my life” to Octavia in season 1. Both undeniable and both untrue.
    The decision to make Raven a part of the Mind Palace of Light storyline was unpleasant, predictable and 100% right – for the first time I really started caring about it.

    Let me tell you one more thing – I used to hate Murphy and yelled so loud when he wasn’t killed, but with your help I’ve seen the error of my ways I started enjoying his character; the more enthusiasm you give to the Beautiful Creepster, the more I like him (I’ve deleted his attempt at Raven’s life though))))

    AcornArmy23 Feb 20, 2016
    Before 3×05, I thought Bellamy’s behavior was a bit OOC, but after his conversation with Clarke I’m completely sold. The, “People who trusted me!,” line really made me believe it. Bellamy was so broken up that he was practically crying there, which was finally the kind of deep emotion that would make this shift in attitude believable to me.

    That said, before 3×05, I was also hoping to find some reason to forgive Bellamy for what happened to Indra’s army, so way to feel like Bellamy wasn’t as guilty of that crime as the others were. Now that hope is completely gone. Bellamy saved Indra and argued against killing the wounded, but so what? He knows Indra, so suddenly it’s wrong to murder her while she sleeps, but slaughtering 300 other people who were only there to protect him and his people is just fine? No. Fuck him.

    What Bellamy, Pike, and the other eight people with them did was mass murder, and even if Lexa chooses not to go to war over it, they need to be judged for their crime and punished accordingly. Everyone, even Bellamy.

    Even if Bellamy does have a change of heart later, that won’t erase the crime he committed there. Those were innocent people, they were not a threat, and people tried to tell him that multiple times. The fact that he didn’t believe them is no excuse for murder. I like having Bellamy on the show and I hope that he can still be on it somehow, but I really, really don’t want him to get off without punishment just because he’s a main character. Let them banish him, trap him in the City of Light with Jar Jar Binks, lock him away in some Grounder hell-hole prison, whatever. Just as long as the punishment fits the crime.
    MORE +

    Arska Feb 21, 2016
    “Before 3×05, I thought Bellamy’s behavior was a bit OOC, but after his conversation with Clarke I’m completely sold. The, “People who trusted me!,” line really made me believe it.”

    A testament to how utterly important Bob Morley is for this show. I’m not 100% behind the execution of Bellamy’s character regression, but I have a slightly more tolerant view of it after seeing Morley act the living hell out of his lines.. I really hope that this wasn’t the only scene in which Bellamy talks about his feelings.

    For a character who acts more on his emotions than any other character on the show, Bellamy rarely gets emotional scenes. Clarke is the pragmatic leader but she has way more scenes in which the viewers are allowed a glimpse into what makes her tick.

    Neomeris Feb 20, 2016
    Everyone, even Bellamy.

    Everyone would be enough – I love Bellamy, but that doesn’t excuse his actions.
    Will he be punished? Yes, I’m certain.
    Will he be forgiven? Yes.
    We’ve forgiven Abby for sending her hubby to death and doing the same to her daughter (both times with a slim, unrealistic hope things would turn out fine). We’ve forgiven Indra, who presumably was among the Grounders clans warring with the 100 in s1, we’ve forgiven (or accepted it as a given, for some) Lexa, we’ve forgotten Murphy being a class A murderous jackass.
    But, yes, while I defend his actions as befitting the man he is, I don’t defend what he actually did. In real life everybody on this show has done unforgivable things. On the screen it’s (questionably) good drama. 🙂

    AcornArmy23 Feb 20, 2016
    I don’t know– with Abby, I would say we’ve more forgotten what she did than really forgiven it. She was in the wrong then, though at least she had the support for her actions that her husband was committing a crime that would get him floated, and might end up risking their daughter’s life as a result.

    Indra and her Grounders had cause to feel like they were at war with the 100 at the time. The flares destroyed one of their villages. It was all a big misunderstanding, but their reasons had solid foundations from their perspective. They had no good reason to think they were in the wrong in attacking the 100.

    Lexa was literally acting to preserve the lives of her own people. The choice she made was the only one that would have spared the lives of her captured people inside Mount Weather. It screwed over Clarke and the skaikru, but she hadn’t sworn any oaths of duty to them at the time, just made an alliance to fight a common enemy.

    And nobody forgives Murphy, we’re just sort of willing to overlook his murdering actions these days because he’s not in a position where anyone but Emori has to trust him. 🙂

    With Pike and Bellamy, they were told multiple times that Indra’s army was there to protect them, not to hurt anyone in Arkadia. Indra herself said that all of her scouts were on the north side of her camp, looking for an attack from Azgeda. Pike and Bellamy have enough experience with combat by this time that I’m sure they would’ve noticed that and known what it meant. They must have realized that Indra wasn’t planning to attack them, at least not anytime soon.

    There was no imminent threat, and they knew there was no imminent threat, but they slaughtered all of Indra’s people anyway. Killed them in their sleep.

    They were told more than once by people who should know that Indra’s people weren’t a threat. The fact that they didn’t believe it is not an acceptable excuse for murder. I don’t think it should be forgiven or forgotten; they should be formally judged and punished.
    MORE +

    Neomeris Feb 20, 2016
    You are right, storywise))) In real life, if I met even one of them, I’d careeeeefully inch away (because running and screaming might attract their attention)))) That’s why I believe Bellamy will be redeemed, one way or another – it’s a story. 🙂
    However, I disagree just a teensy bit.

    They [the grounders] had no good reason to think they were in the wrong in attacking the 100.

    With Pike and Bellamy, they were told multiple times that Indra’s army was there to protect them, not to hurt anyone in Arkadia.

    The problem is, imho, it is kinda the same – Pike has absolutely no reason to trust the Grounders. So what, if Kane and Abby are all pro-Grounders, Pike himself has experienced only death because of them and anything he hears from the Arkadians is negative (it seems only Kane went to Polis’ market and all the people of Arkadia mostly know is that at first the Grounders killed their kids, poor innocent babes (shyeah, riiiight), then made an alliance only to betray them (and whatever people say to justify Lexa it still was betrayal, a reason doesn’t make a wrong right. The same goes for Bellamy and Pike, though). Finally, these 3 months seem to have been tense (cue “peace isn’t possible” intro), with occasional bloodletting on either side. Pike sees the Grounders m as enemies, with no proof that Indra and her 300 people were a “peaceful army”. He’s used to small groups decimating his people, and this is 300 trained and experienced warriors…
    Does this make him right? No, absolutely. Do I get where he’s coming from? Kinda.
    In a way, yet again, it’s all Abby’s fault, for not being a good enough leader and brokering an earlier peace and immersion for the Arkadians in the culture she seemed to accept. Shit Counselor, won’t be voting for her.

    What I don’t get is how people can understand where Lexa is coming from (even I get it, even if I don’t like her any more for it) and ignore where Pike’s experiences are leading him.
    Bellamy is a lot more messed up, but no less wrong in his horrible actions
    MORE +

    Savvytvfan91 Feb 20, 2016
    See the thing is me and my friends hate Raven so its just another nail in the Jaha storyline coffin.

    And Bellamy is a stupid stupid beautiful dumb-dumb!!!!

    iwillattack Feb 20, 2016
    RE: missing images.

    I have a feeling it’s a CDN issue (nerd speak for the server that delivers all the images/media to this page). I suspect this is the cause because I experienced the issue about 20 mins ago. Left for a bit. Then came back (i.e. new session) and they appeared. So it might be that one of the CDN’s is missing the images referenced?

    Toni_watches Feb 20, 2016
    … tell me more, oh wise one. I know not of what you speak. (At first I thought you were saying it’s because I’m Canadian, that’s how computer illiterate I am).

    Is there a way I can fix this?

    AcornArmy23 Feb 20, 2016
    “Do you guys ever wish we could spend a full hour with our beloved characters having a relaxing evening? Maybe a board game night, or a birthday celebration, or a tupperware party? No?


    I actually do kinda want to see that. Like Raven, Montoe, Monty, and Octavia all sitting around playing cards and giving each other shit over their terrible card-playing skills. Raven, obviously, would clean up, until they switched to a game that let Monty start counting cards or something.

    Or Clarke and Lexa sitting in Lexa’s apartment playing Monopoly, and Clarke is like, “You just landed on four hotels, pay up,” and Lexa is like, “Let me guess, you’re robbing me blind for your people.”

    I mean, obviously this can’t happen in the full episodes, but they should make a series of webisodes for this. They could make it like, half-scripted and half-adlib. I would watch the hell out of that.

    AcornArmy23 Feb 20, 2016
    Er, *Monroe, not Montoe.

    “Montoe” would, I suppose, be the ship name for Monty & Monroe.

    nickmoose Feb 20, 2016
    Is it just me, or does Jaha’s imaginary friend in the City of Light have like a SUPER LONG NECK!? I mean, it’s not that she isn’t pretty, but her neck is like, DISTURBINGLY long.
    For reasons I truly can’t articulate, it bothers me more than the thief girl’s turtle hand.
    Brontosaurus neck trumps Ninja Turtle hand in the ooky department for me I guess.

    Charissa29 Feb 20, 2016
    Wonderful! I adore the awful, but brilliantly silly, Lexa puns!

    junktv Feb 20, 2016
    awesome recap LOL! thanks

    nickylopes16 Feb 20, 2016
    Here is an imgur album of the pictures from this article Toni I love your work and hope that I am only helping others enjoy it

    MichelleHood24 Feb 20, 2016
    Brilliant recap as usual and as most people below I can’t see any of the images.

    anywho to the review I love this show I will always love this show it is a crazy frustrating bloody horrible frustrating infuriating beautiful show full of sexy depressed irritating idiotic dousebag amazingly crafted beautiful characters, this episode had me cheering for pike to be thrown into a volcano, screaming at jaha not to go anywhere near Raven cheering for Lincoln to go and hit lots of people and wanting to hug and then punch bellemy in the face. And this poeple is the sign of a brilliant show a show that gets who emotional invested in the stupid things our beloved characters do. Now Lexa oh Lexa I have a bad feeling this extrem and brave measure of peace keeping will get her killed, she should have at least rallied the 12 clans and called for the deaths of pike and the other men involved in the massacre except bellemy because he did save Indra and by then hopefully he eases up abit takes a step back and realises just how batshit crazy pike is.

    Mamieee Feb 19, 2016
    can’t see anything

    paolaces Feb 19, 2016
    can´t see the pictures, i’ve tried on chrome, explorer and firefox… 😦

    Klaussays Feb 19, 2016
    Bellamy: Oh, hey guys
    Jaha: Oh hey Abby
    im dead.

    Loralee_jk Feb 19, 2016
    I saw a couple pictures, but when I refreshed they were all gone.
    I’m on a Mac w Safari

    Arrow601 Feb 19, 2016
    In another universe, I am married to this show, to these recaps and to cannoli. Toni, you are the Blamheda, Commander of Baked Potato Puns and So Much More Insightful Hilarity and Hijinks. This show should go on forever, and so should your recaps. Also, cannoli.

    devact Feb 19, 2016
    I’m on iPad and iPhone and can never see any pics. Tried in both safari and chrome, I just get the .jpg placeholder. It’s like this every week.

    mellafe Feb 19, 2016
    I wouldn’t have licorice, period!

    When Kane and Abby let Clarke and Octavia go through the super sekrit door, and someone was coming, I honest-to-God thought they would kiss to distract that someone. Hey, a girl can dream.

    Was I the only one that yelled at Murphy “who’s the grounder pounder now, eh?” Was I? *feels so alone*

    lazy_goldfish Feb 19, 2016
    can’t see any pics, whyyyyyy?

    jjtigs Feb 19, 2016
    Can’t see the pics. Can you guys fix it? It’s like this almost every week.

    claudiapaulinasc Feb 19, 2016
    😦 I wanted more about the Bellamy, Clarke scene 😦


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