The 100 “Stealing Fire” Photo Recap – Party Foul (3.9)

Firstly, a word of advice: don’t even try to google “Web MD popped heart, leaky eyeballs, exploded brain and shattered soul”, because all it will tell you is to drink tea and call your mom, or maybe go to a morgue because you might actually be a zombie.

YOU GUYS. The 100 is back, and with it ALL OF OUR EMOTIONS. That was nuts, right? I mean that was absolute madness. Just bananas. I don’t even know how I feel, except for ALL OF IT. You know? I’m feeling all the feelings.

Stealing Fire swung for the fences, and I’ll be a pickled goose if it didn’t knock it out of the park. Someone send their annoying little brother to go fetch the ball, because it is going to take a long time to find it. I think it may even be in a dog’s foaming mouth or something, and we’ll have to build contraptions to try and get it back, and sleep in a treehouse and make s’mores. THAT’S how lost that ball is, because this episode destroyed it. (You’re killing me, Smalls!)

We could focus on the very last moments, wherein we lost our dear, precious Dave… *ahem* Lincoln. That was hella sad. Like, very, very sad and upsetting. But focusing on only that would be a mistake on our parts, because the rest of the episode held so much! Namely, a certain SMOOCH THAT WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR (calm down, Toni). Also, some mass murder and sexy bath times, Beautiful Creepster quips, and a whole lotta B-Team heroics. Harper! Miller! Monty! Brian! I love you all, you beautiful, brave, adorable heroes.

Okay. Are you guys emotionally prepared to photo recap this beast? Because I am NOT, but I will anyway.

The episode opened with our beloved Beautiful Creepster chillin’ with Clarke.




Titus barged in and asked them kindly to leave, but Clarke was acting like a sorority girl who had one too many Rev coolers, and did NOT want to go home yet.









Aiden seemed willing to let Clarke mix up those jello shots, but then another party guest busted in.



Ontari basically pinky-swore that if she won the thumb wrestling competition that makes her a commander, she’s going to straight-up murder Clarke and all her pals. Now THAT’S a party foul!

Back at Ark camp, Kane and Lincoln were sharing a beautiful moment where Kane was all, “you’re very dreamy,” and Lincoln was like, “I’M dreamy? Look who’s talking!” And then they gave each other this look:



Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!!

Pike’s Stupid Face barged in and sentenced everyone to death, but then changed his mind and just decided to execute the best looking dudes. SOMEONE sounds jealous, ammiright??


Yes, Sinclair, you are! Man, he was only in this episode for a moment, but I am still digging Sinclair very much. Very much, you guys.

Then Bellamy and Monty rocked back up to the heroes table and were all, “yo dudes, what’s the plan?” It did not go as well as they assumed it would.














Miller and Harper did NOT trust those boys, and fair enough! They did, however, pass on his message to Octavia, who met him at Season One’s Set.




She knocked that boy out! Again, fair enough! Meanwhile, Clarke was still refusing to leave the party.



Titus explained what we all knew, that if Ontari wins the conclave, shit was going to get real for Skikru. Then, almost immediately, shit got real.



Ontari didn’t wait for the conclave. She murdered those adorable little child-warriors in their sleep! Now THAT is a party foul!

Meanwhile, in a cave:









Oh Bellamy.



Miller confronted Brian about planting the bug, and they had a very heart-wrenching talk that made me very afraid for their relationship and their tight t-shirts.

Speaking of scenes that made my heart hurt / explode:




I can’t even snark at this! I have zero snark in my body for this scene. I’m snark-less. Kane asked Abby not to try and save him, and Abby was all, “sure, pal.”



You guys, is Harper the coolest? I think so! Anyway, then shit started happening.




Things were going very well for our Adventure Squad 2.0 (which included a converted Brian!), but then Harper informed them that for some reason all the guards decided to make camp in the exact hallway they needed to get through.


Monty saved the day! Within our most adorable Adventure Squad member still beats the heart of a true hero! They all made it to the Tetris-style escape hatch, but Abby needed to stay behind and hero some more.




Oh that? That’s the sound of hearts exploding across the land. Thank you, The 100, for what you have given us this day.

Of course, just like a benevolent and wrathful ice cream store owner, this show giveth, and taketh away.






Who needs laws, right? Pike’s Stupid Face has been so dead-set on following the laws set out by the Ark Boy Scouts or whatever, that he sentenced Kane and the others to death using that logic. But what logic is he following now? Prisoners of war are a fine substitute for traitors? How is he justifying threatening the lives of a group of people in place of a different group of people? I find it hard to believe the Sky People will stand for that, which leads me to believe that Pike’s days as a leader are numbered. *crosses fingers*

Octavia was all jazzed to stay and fight with Lincoln, but then he jabbed her with her own snooze trick!

Roan walked Clarke and Murphy to the front door and was all, “see ya, wouldn’t want to be ya”, but Clarke snuck her way back inside because she left some beer in the fridge, and she’ll be damned if it gets drunk by someone from Kappa Nu.





Titus and Clarke brainstormed another option for Commander, and it was the girl who fled Lexa’s conclave. Yay! Now Clarke can take the Matrix Bug to HER, and incite a coo. What a mischievous little scamp.




BAAAHAHAHAHHAHAHA I love this! Leave it to the Beautiful Creepster to be involved in the weirdest, most uncomfortable love triangle anyone can imagine. Emori is still around, right? Please don’t take my ninja turtle Goddess away from me!

Anyway, Titus told them that he gave Clarke a goodie bag that included the flame, and then he dropped the mic.


He slit his own throat with Roan’s knife! That was a baller move. Now not only does the new Ice Queen not have the Matrix Bug, but she doesn’t have anyone who can perform the ritual. What a predicament! Of course, as she pointed out, no one knows any of this, so she could probably get away with being the Commander for a while. She sounded the 3 piece jazz band to tell everyone there’s a new big shot in town, and Indra heard it.




No! Indra come back! Ugh, we better see her again soon.

And then the episode ended, and nothing else happened. So. What did you guys think? Pretty fun, right? Lots of kisses, nothing particularly upsetting. Just a good, fun romp with our Adventure Squad.

*clears throat* Ummmm… what are you guys doing this weekend? Anything fun?





Marie Avgeropoulos deserves all the high fives. I was waiting for the gut-crushing, air piercing cry when Lincoln died, but then THIS HAPPENED:


Octavia is going to rip Pike apart with her bare hands and I CANNOT WAIT.

I know a lot of you are upset, and I am too, but let’s talk for a quick sec about why Lincoln had to die. Not only was there stuff behind the scenes (similar to Alycia Debnam-Carey, Ricky Whittle got another gig), but it was also the right move narratively. I know some fans were disappointed in the way Lexa died, that she didn’t get to have a warrior’s death. I imagine some people will feel this way about Lincoln. I personally don’t for two reasons: 1) Lincoln sacrificing himself for his people feels very right to me based on what we know about him. 2) The fact that two prominent characters were denied a warrior’s death so close together in the plot (three if you count Indra, A LOT if you count Indra’s army), showcases the effect the Sky People are having on the planet. Skikru reintroduced guns to the Grounders. They brought the “old” ways back, and now three of our beloved Grounders have paid the price. Skikru is making an impact, and right now it is NOT a positive one. Showing that impact through these deaths feels like the writers making a broader statement about the sense of invasion our “heroes” have brought to the earth.

Now, I could go into why I think Lincoln’s death is the right move based on the fact that even though he was a brave warrior, Lincoln never liked fighting. Remember when he was a kid, and he was forced to kill his pet Sky Person? He thought that made him a monster. He had a big ol’ heart, and I don’t think a big dramatic fighting death would have suited him. I COULD talk about how his death will now propel Octavia on her own independent journey. I COULD bring all that up, if I wasn’t so sad to see him go.

Let us have a moment of silence for our lovely, kind-hearted Grounder ambassador. Lincoln has been many things throughout this show. An unknown enemy, a lover, a bro, and a link between the Grounders and the Sky People. Most of all, he was Lincoln’s Abs, and we will be forever thankful to you, Ricky Whittle, for bringing Lincoln to life. Let us remember Lincoln as we first met him, fierce, and mysterious.




In memorandum: some favourite Lincoln moments:

  • When he head-butted Miller, and then Bellamy just kind of shook his head like, “oh Dave.”
  • His abs.
  • That time he stabbed Finn, and then the two of them became best friends and had weekly dates where they played cards and read each other’s poetry.
  • His abs.
  • That time he fell in love with Octavia and they built a legitimately touching and deep relationship based on mutual respect that bridged two worlds and transcended the prejudice and hate that was directed at them and oh my God I can’t do this. LINCOLN! Don’t leave us!
  • His abs.

So, what did you guys think? Are your hearts broken? Are you replaying the Kane and Abby kiss to make yourselves feel better? Are you already searching out all details of American Gods so you can keep Ricky Whittle in your lives?

Let it out, guys. Let it out.


  • I realized during this episode how emotionally attached I am to Harper. I was very worried about her getting caught! When did this emotional attachment form? I couldn’t tell you. But it runs deep.


  • The writing this episode was very good. There are too many great lines to quote, but a few favs are:

“You need me.” – “For the first time in my life, that’s not true.”

“Any last words?” – “Not for you.”

“The door we’ve been banging on for twenty four hours is open, let’s use it.”

“We loved her.” Oh little Aiden.


  • It has not escaped my attention that the Beautiful Creepster stuck by Clarke’s side, even though he had several opportunities to leave without her, then when Clarke was presented with the opportunity, she left without him, leaving him stranded in a hostile city, under the supposed care of someone who has already tried to beat him to death once. Just pointing shit out, guys!


  • “Does your mom know you’re here, Monty?” AWWWWW SNAP


  • Were you guys super pumped to see Roan? Even though he had a shirt on? Even if he was all, “we’re not friends anymore! I’m taking my ball and going home,” to Clarke? I thought those two were best buds forever! Guess not.


  • What’s Raven up to? Being perfect somewhere?


  • How badly do you want s’mores right now? I’m sorry, but I am also (as the kids say) not sorry.


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One thought on “The 100 “Stealing Fire” Photo Recap – Party Foul (3.9)


    spudchick Apr 08, 2016
    “Octavia is going to rip Pike apart with her bare hands and I CANNOT WAIT. ” Exactly what I thought 🙂 yes, she played the hell out of that with the silent transition of expressions. “I’m just going to internalize this anguish and let it percolate into a poison that will burn Pike’s freaking eyes out of his skull when I finally get my hands on him.”

    My hopes for Cloan were set back a bit this episode. Nice to see him though.

    Murph’s just kinda rolling with the punches these days. Combination of resignation and curiosity that’s keeping him going without too much despair. Nothing if not resilient!

    TakumiBorgens Apr 08, 2016
    I just wanted to say thank you for your incredibly meaningful and true words about Lincolns death. It mirrored the thoughts I myself had been having but also made it so much more thought provoking. Also, as you (of all people) know, this show has not been *easy* to watch recently so thank you for continuing to find the light in this incredibly rich and rewarding plot. Pulling out the funny part makes it that much better

    An avid and addicted reader

    peterspoor33 Apr 07, 2016
    Sooooo….. any other Pike fans out there? [cricket noises]


    Dheuz Apr 07, 2016
    Toni, I made an account just to let you know how often I’ve laughed at your recaps. And by laugh I mean like when you suddenly laugh about Murder Club or Bellamy/Kane’s Sexy Staring Contest when you go to bed, waking up your SO, twice, and the next time you laugh you suck it in and stamp your mouth shut but it ends up being worse because you start sounding like a congested hog – you know what I mean? So thank you for that! Your recaps are truly awesome.

    There’s still potential for Roan and Clarke to be besties. Custom requires he obey the Commander, but since she’s the “commander”, there’s nothing stopping him from siding (secretly) with Clarke and executing a truckload of hijinks. (From now on, I’ll imagine him air quoting whenever he calls Ontari by title.)


    soundtrack Apr 05, 2016
    Dear Tony, I love your recaps so much, you’re awesome!
    Please, tell me… Why Dave? I feel like I’m stypid, but I don’t understand it, sorry 😦

    Toni_watches Apr 05, 2016
    You are not stupid at all. I called him Dave in my recaps for Season One when we didn’t know his name yet. I got sick of calling him “the Grounder”. 🙂

    cronos1157 Apr 06, 2016
    Toni’s excellent continuity is part of why we all love the photo recaps so much. Thanks for another great one!

    soundtrack Apr 05, 2016
    Oohh! That’s it! Thank you!
    And, you know, Tony.. I personally want to THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your words about Lincoln’s death.
    It hurts to see how many anger and hate people send to Jason for some plot twists, but I’m really happy, that you’re on the “right” side in this situation.

    KateSullivan Apr 04, 2016
    What I’m still very confused about is that I thought Harper was the first victim of the Mt. Weather people that the rest started figuring out something was wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I like here, just confused.

    I think the fact that I have been waiting for Lincoln’s death since the American Gods news came out took a bit of the emotional impact out of me (I was also still sort of irritated over a DVR issue earlier in the evening). Much like it was taken out of Lexa’s too (I could see how many people might have felt the same way about what happened in the Divergent series books, the person who did it just wasn’t worthy) because I did spend a lot of Lexa scenes going, geez, you take off the eyeliner and brush her hair out, she does really look the age of her character on Fear the Walking Dead. Speaking of hair, what’s up with Clarke’s? She had access to baths during her time in Polis.

    I’m sort of dreading next week’s episode as it seems mainly to be Jaha story and the fact of the matter is that the two people who can reveal the truth are either a) stuck in Polis trying to stay alive since Clarke left and b) out on trek that I’m pretty sure has to take her across a body of water that’s not just a land locked one that Murphy and Jaha took last season. I do feel bad that Murphy got trapped in Polis, but at least he was given a cover and I don’t know if Clarke knew Titus was going to kill himself and not just usher Murphy out. But given what is going on in Arkadia right now and the fact that he knows the truth about the Grounder religion, and that Ontari seems to actually like him, Murphy is probably the safest character on the show.

    I’m guessing the blockade ended when Lexa died, huh?

    I sort of wonder if the escapees join Bellamy stuck in the cave or if Clarke has to pass by on her way out.

    Stelamon Apr 06, 2016
    Harper was, but not to the point of death. She was rescued from the cages with Monty. Fox was the one who was killed.

    Silvana_C Apr 04, 2016
    Among my bitter tears all I can say is that if they took L’s abs away, they should give us replacement abs ASAP. Roan’s, for instance.
    Now, there is this matter of the night blood that bugs me (I believe it must have been addressed before but I have not come across that post) So, if Becka gave herself the black goo to support the Matrixchip, or to survive the radiation on Earth, how is it that kids keep being born with it? Did Becka have children and passed on the goo? Did those offsprings have more goo-blooded babies and soon and so forth? Help me understand, please. #teamRoan’sabs

    endofstorygoodbyetheend Apr 04, 2016
    Hi yes, I love your recaps but I just made this account cause I thought it was important to note that Ricky had not yet been cast in American Gods when he was killed off, he was forced to quit cause he was being bullied.

    Stelamon Apr 06, 2016
    Except that isn’t substantiated. The only complaints I’ve heard come directly from Ricky sound more like his boss had some rules he didn’t like and Ricky was punished for breaking them. Doesn’t matter if the rules are dumb, we all have dumb rules we have to follow. Sounds more like a personality clash (I could be wrong of course, but I haven’t seen any evidence and there seems to be a new trend of calling people bullies anytime someone makes you feel bad no matter the context).

    VictoriaWoodhull Apr 02, 2016
    “…when Clarke was presented with the opportunity, she left without him, leaving him stranded in a hostile city, under the supposed care of someone who has already tried to beat him to death once.”

    OK, but she did at least ask “What about Murphy” and Titus did give her his assurance (however false it may have been since he fell on the sword, or, across Roan’s knife anyway) that he would “get him (Murphy) out.”

    And really, so much more fun if Murphy stays behind so I am OK that they protect Clarke’s laser-like focus on protecting “her people” and still we get to see (hopefully) more of Murphy and Ontari sexting out loud.

    TellyMelly Apr 02, 2016
    Soooo glad The 100 is back, along with your recaps. Can’t have one without the other.
    I wanna see Octavia fury!!!!! It’ll be EPIC 😁

    LindsayS Apr 02, 2016
    This was the least entertaining hour of television this season has given us. Even with all the rushed OOC crap, it was always entertaining. This episode was straight up boring. I guess it could’ve been better had I not known Lincoln was going to die (and obvs the rest wouldn’t), but it was entirely predictable. Bellamy and Clarke once again sidelined and actually nobody really got the spotlight in this episode, not because it was an ensemble episode, but because there WAS NO light. The only good things that came out of this were Roan and Kabby.

    …I have no idea how on earth you could possibly say that Lincoln’s story had run its course. We know like two things about him. He didn’t get a flashback episode. We don’t know who his parents are or what he wanted the most out of life. His character this season was so two dimensional, basically just “protect my people”, which is honourable but not multi-faceted.
    That plus the fact that you said Ricky had to leave to go to another show like Alyica makes me think you write this while being very aware that Jason will read it. There is no comparison between those two actors’ situations. Alycia took a higher paying job. Ricky felt bullied by Jason and had to leave for his own mental health while his character was constantly forgotten about up until this episode.

    nickmoose Apr 02, 2016
    Well I don’t know about you, but I fell in love with Harper after she had most of the bone marrow drilled out of her spine and then AJ from Empire Records gave her some of his coffee. See, that is why it’s so damn hard for me to find the right girl! Those EXACT things need to have happened to her to truly make me open my eyes and let the love shine in!! Sweet Harper, I don’t care what Jasper says, you are truly the HIGHEST HANGING FRUIT! (Plus you are way better looking than Maya was, so what the hell was Jasper smoking anyway?)

    SammyMoynihan Apr 02, 2016
    A couple of weeks ago, I complained that The 100 was exacerbating my MS symptoms but this episode makes me feel so much better because people are finally conning on to the fact that Pike is a psycho. I was quite sad about Lincoln but all I had to do was dig a hole in the ground and scream into it. I’m totally fine now!

    This is what I want in the next part of the season:
    – Pike and Clarke in the same room
    – Monty yelling, “you’re a shitty mother!”
    – Bellamy getting his comeuppance but not dying or leaving the show
    – Pike dying at least 300 deaths
    – Raven actually walking around in the City of Light
    – Murphy and Ontari hooking up, he gives her an STD that only affects grounders, she dies!
    – Clarke and Octavia skipping through the forest in search of Luna
    – Monty and Miller kiss (ship names include Monty and Miller)
    – Luna being Lexa’s identical twin so we can see more ADC
    – A love triangle between Kane, Abby and Indra

    Stelamon Apr 06, 2016
    I think it will be Clarke and Roan, not Octavia 😉

    Vegasdogg Apr 03, 2016
    Sammy – I am buying what you’re selling. LOL. I am all in.

    Toni_watches Apr 02, 2016
    Haha! “Murphy and Ontari hooking up, he gives her an STD that only affects grounders, she dies!”

    Glad you’re feeling better!

    SammyMoynihan Apr 02, 2016
    I am! Your recaps help too. Thankyou 🙂

    blueraveneye Apr 02, 2016
    “After all we’ve been through, you can’t trust me.” Prob the most idiotic thing to come out of Monty’s mouth. Harper’s comeback was perfection.

    kpreddoch Apr 02, 2016
    It is hard to get me to laugh out loud when reading or watching something, Like really hard, and this review like many others had me belly laughing the whole way through.
    I enjoyed thinking about how confused someone who hasnt seen the sandlot might have been reading that second paragraph haha!

    I loved all of the Murphy one liners in this ep, and cant believe they let Clarke leave him behind on his own AGAIN poor thing keeps being kidnapped or abandoned, cant catch a brake. I wish they kept him with Clarke, that duo felt interesting. They have both grown so much as characters so it is so different between them now. On the other hand i am interested to see how his life in Polis will be.

    Im glad you can appreciate the move of the writers killing off Lincoln. He was one of my favorites and i really wish he wasnt gone, but it does SO MUCH for the story line and plot development. Shows the real Pike, disturbers Clarke’s plans to find the 8th officiate, Will light a fire underneath some ppls asses to finally set some change in motion, etc. I wish he were still alive, but I can appreciate his death because i love the story building in this show.

    Hoe long do you think Bellamy is gunna be in that cave, I bet he is in that cave for at least another episode.. I loved the whole c’mon haha so spot on 🙂

    Toni_watches Apr 02, 2016
    Thanks! And I agree – I wanted more Clarke and Murphy. I like it when Murphy is paired with any of the original Adventure Squad.

    Charissa29 Apr 02, 2016
    Your recaps are always funny, but I forget that part of what makes them funny is the insight you bring to the characters. And, well, the puns! Loved the recap! Loved what you said at the end. Let’s be honest, shouldn’t we assume that the funniest lines will belong to Murphy?

    Klaussays Apr 01, 2016
    ”You guys, is Harper the coolest” Yes. Yes she is.

    Roan strikes me as a King who just wants to chill out and smoke weed but is forever being put in ridiculous situations like Banishment, death trials because of his mother or babysitting kid psycho who could be his boss in the imminent future.


    dbjean22 Apr 01, 2016
    Very funny…always look forward to this amusing photo recap. Sad news is that I find myself very numb to deaths on The 100 now. It’s like, “Oh well, another one bites the dust…hey! hey!” Hope I get my “feels” back soon. Thanks for the smiles though. You rock!

    Robespierre Apr 01, 2016
    Thank you so much for the party jokes!
    It made this unbearable episode a little less unbearable 🙂

    Loralee_jk Apr 01, 2016
    – Lincoln’s death was sad, but also kind of perfect for him. He tweeted everyone after, so that was nice to read.
    – I feel like Ontari and Murphy might start something, but she would never allow him to be equals with her, and he would become (be forced) her semi-consensual sex partner.
    – Is the adventure sqaude going to get Bell?

    Klaussays Apr 01, 2016
    Knowing what we know about Ontari, my mind went to some very bad places in that scene with Murphy. Either way this pairing together will be interesting no question..

    mellafe Apr 01, 2016
    *hugs this post* *hugs Toni* I’ve missed you so much. I try to read your recaps really slowly (to savour everything, to make them last longer) but eventually I reach the end and it’s sad. Just sad.

    Anyway! Tell me is not just me who is fascinated by this change in Clarke, going from being a complete “no fun in adventure squad” Clarke to “not wanting to leave the party” Clarke?

    I can totally see why Harper and Miller are such good friends. They share the love of sass and badassery. I love them both dearly.

    Ah, Dave, so sad to see you go. I wish you didn’t have to take your abs with you but we will meet again.

    techgirl67 Apr 01, 2016
    I don’t feel like I’ve truly finished an episode of The 100 until I’ve read (and laughed at) your recap. Tremendous job as usual.


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