The 100 “Fallen” Photo Recap – All the King’s Horses and All the King’s Men (3.10)



Let’s be honest, out of all the problems our beloved Adventure Squad is currently facing, I would have ranked ALIE and her City of Bullpucky about 5th, after Clarke’s weird half-dreadlocks. So when ALIE and her band of brain-hijacked-pod-yes-men stepped into first place this episode, I was as shocked as a person who gets shocked by things. They’d been a background plot, a D-story at best, and now all of a sudden Raven is cutting her beautiful, flawless skin, Arkadia is overrun by Stepford-Hippies (Abby among them), and Jasper, I repeat JASPER, is the sole voice of reason.


Even Pike, arguably Arkadia’s biggest threat, was taken down this episode and can I get an AMEN! Although let’s not get ahead of ourselves, he’s not dead yet. At least, he BETTER not be, because after all that ignorant crap-ola he was spouting this season, we the audience deserve to see every slice the Grounders take as they string him up like a shawarma. And Octavia better get the biggest piece. And there better be pita bread with it, because this simile has made me hungry.

Now come the nitpicks, and I AM SORRY BUT I HAVE NITS THAT NEED TO BE PICKED, OKAY? You all know how much I love the Beautiful Creepster, and I adore any screen-time he has. I truly wish the writers and producers found a way to insert him into every scene ever made, including shows that he is not on. So it comes as a shock even to myself when his story this week was my least favourite. Not because of him, of course, never because of him. Buuuuut, did we need half an episode with Ontari? Did we need to be shown how much of a dickbag she is, because I feel like we already knew that. If the point was to endear her to us through her hardships, that could have been done in a single line in the next episode. What I’m saying is, we didn’t learn anything we didn’t already know about this girl, other than the fact that she’s a rapist. Sorry Beautiful Creepster. Seriously. That’s a rough situation. 

Alright, let’s pour ourselves a bowl of matrix chips and photo recap this beast.

The episode began hot off the slow motion heals of Lincoln’s death.







Watching Octavia treat Bellamy like a piñata with sweet, delicious candy inside was actually a bit satisfying, but hearing her say he was “dead to her” was hard. We all knew it was coming because of the season 3 promo, but it still hurt, ammiright?




Ontari did NOT play it cool in this situation! She straight-up reached for her favourite implement of murder all slack-jawed until the Beautiful Creepster jumped in with some capital BS about Titus taking a day-trip to the spa or something.

Meanwhile, our precious goddess Raven had had it up to here with ALIE’s bullcorn and tried to block her out.




In a fit of awesome, Abby barged past Jaha to get to Raven and a plan was hatched.



Yay! I love these two together. Remember in season one when it was Raven and Abby against the world? Well… Kane. Against Kane. Oh, how things have changed!






Monty’s Mom tattled on him like a snotty little tattletale! Ugh, doesn’t she know that snitches get caught by keepers and are worth a lot of points? No wait, that’s not it. Whatever. She sucks. So Monty skedaddled. Honestly, he needs to be reunited with the Adventure Squad anyway. So THANKS A LOT, Monty’s Terrible Mom!

The Adventure Squad was having their very own Murder Club, brainstorming how best to murder Pike, when they got a call from their favourite adorable nerd.



Aw, it’s nice to see our heroes on the same side again, even if some of them are all bloody faced, tied up and gagged.


I hate to sound repetitive here guys, but RAVEN IS THE BEST. She scienced her way into a solution, and had ALIE scared, in a creepy robot-doll kind of way.



Then, in a horrible, agonizing twist, ALIE gave Raven her physical and mental pain back, and everything she’s experienced in the past three seasons came at her all at once. And you guys, Raven has been through some SHIT. Writers – you know I love you – but maybe you should all see somebody, you know? Get help (but never change).



And then we all got wildly jealous because ALIE fulfilled all of our secret fantasies and BECAME Raven (or… I guess Raven became ALIE, but you know what I mean).



Abby is not having a great day.



Sure. Fine.





Welp, there goes Raven’s science magic. Jaha, along with ALIE’s minions, stole the science-magic and broke it. At least Jasper tried. Let’s take a quick sec to appreciate the return of a coherent, snarky Jasper. Welcome back, buddy!


Pike’s Stupid Face followed Monty to the dropship. Oh Monty, always getting into scrapes!



This is where Bellamy turned on his pals AGAIN, but then pretty much mugged to the camera and gave us all a wink, because suuuuuure, Bellamy is a total bad guy, okayyyyyyy.



Like, WHAT is going on inside these people’s heads?

Anyway, then ALIE made our precious Raven CUT HER ARMS OPEN in an attempt to make Abby take the Matrix Pill. 



It worked, of course, because Abby knows damn well who the real star of this show is.


…. nothing good can come of this.








Okay. That part was cool.

Then, in a show of some pretty quick thinking, Bellamy lead Pike’s Stupid Face to the Grounder blockade.



The Grounders came strutting in, and luckily someone gave them a handy who’s-who chart so they knew exactly who to kill, and who to leave alive.


I hope we get to see his cuts of a thousand deaths, or slices of a thousand dices, or whatever the Grounders call it. Please please please!!

Anyway, Kane went with the Pike’s Stupid Face and the Grounders to attempt at diplomacy again. Good luck, buddy! Don’t look her directly in the eyes!



Let’s recap. She chained him up, undressed in front of him, then when he said no, she threatened to kill him unless he slept with her. This is what rape looks like, kids.

Jasper, in a feat of heroic kickassery, knocked zombie-Raven out and carried her princess-style to a car. But a certain poor-man’s-Ultron was eavesdropping.




The Stepford Minions are my new favourite. They’re so creepy, and yet childlike, and it is tickling me. They’re so happy! And so violent! The dichotomy is simply delightful. Anyway, they started causing Jasper some real probs, but he made it out of the camp, only to find…



HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA times infinity at Jasper’s reaction to seeing Clarke. Oh my word, I wanted to high five him when he told her to shut up. You know Clarke lives in my heart, and I love her from now until the end of eternity, but girl really knows how to make everything all about herself, ammiright?

And that’s that! Clarke hopped in the ol’ jalopy and tagged along for Jasper and Raven’s road trip. Huzzah!! OG Adventure Squad comin’ atcha! This makes me very pumped for next week, you guys. Very. Pumped.

What did you guys think? Even though one plotline was pretty stagnant, a lot happened this episode! Abby is a Stepford Wife! Raven can be POSSESSED by ALIE, Pike’s Stupid Face has been given over to the Grounders, Clarke is back in the fold of the action, and Bellamy is now officially an anti-hero again. That is a tall order for a single episode, and yet Fallen pulled it off.


  • Let’s examine the phrase “you’re dead to me”, for a quick sec. Can you imagine the first person to come up with it? I mean, that is HARSH. You are DEAD to me? Yikes.


  • If spouting bullshit was a superpower, then the Beautiful Creepster would rule the universe. The boy has a way with words!


  • “She’s so much stronger than the rest of you.” PREACH, ALIE.


  • Where are people getting all these gags? Are they ripping up clothes? Does everyone carry around long pieces of fabric in case they need to shut someone up? Very confusing.


  • All the props to Lindsay Morgan this episode, who went crazy, then went manic, then had a physical and mental breakdown, then imitated ALIE like a freakin’ boss. I mean, that was spot on, right?


  • ‘Member in the first episode of this season when Clarke’s side-piece had on an Ark souvenir bracelet? Hmmmmm…. Yes, thaaaaat…..


  • A lot people commented on my last recap about Ricky Whittle’s departure, and how there may have been more to the story than him simply getting another part. I’ll admit I didn’t know any of this when I wrote my review last week. 

I will say this: Ricky Whittle is very talented, and I’m glad he has a new project. I look forward to seeing him on my television screen in one way or another.

I will also say this: I’m not going to let behind-the-scenes drama influence the way I enjoy this show. We don’t know the full story. These days it’s easy to take to the internet and let your opinion be known, and I think that’s AWESOME. I am currently doing it! I do encourage everyone who feels the need to do so, to remember that there are living, breathing, feeling people at the other end of those tweets. A lot of people work very hard to bring this show to us.

Again, we don’t know what happened. Whatever it was, it’s sad that it cost the show a great actor. Beyond that, I don’t think we should be throwing blame, especially without being privy to all the facts.

*steps off soapbox* *eats a sandwich*



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One thought on “The 100 “Fallen” Photo Recap – All the King’s Horses and All the King’s Men (3.10)


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    monica03 Nov 21, 2016
    I have prepared dairy free dessert for myself and I will be watch last series the 100 “Fallen”

    peterspoor33 Apr 13, 2016
    Ugggghhhh!!! As a sci-fan I want to express my exasperation and say despite the current Zombie overload in popular culture the Ark’ers are more akin Body Snatchers, not everything is Zombies OK?

    I’d like to thank the 100 for a reverse Jaba the Hutt / Princess Leia scenario – Hilarious.

    Clarke slo-mo kick priceless!

    peterspoor33 Apr 13, 2016
    It’s too bad we’ve already been given the bracelet solution as a cure to ALIE’s mind control, having no easy solution immediately could of added to the desperation and fear.

    Body Snatchers (1993)


    ChloeWolff Apr 11, 2016
    Small note: The “key” dissolves in your mouth, no need to chew or swallow. Then I assume the nanobots or whatever it is travel to your brain directly from there.

    Toni_watches Apr 11, 2016
    OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Thanks! That makes sense. Was that explained? Did I just miss it?

    mellafe Apr 13, 2016
    Jaha explains it to Abby, actually. (Two episodes ago, three? Something like that).

    KateSullivan Apr 10, 2016
    Other than the fact we in the audience will be yelling about the various members of the the 100 who died prior to almost any Grounder interaction, how long will it be before they think of that on the show? And hopefully remember not to say it in front of Raven? And remember how in the first season and a half we were all doing math to figure out exactly how long everyone was down on earth, I’m wondering if it is early enough that when they dig up someone that it will be recognizable as, say, Wells, whose body might provide a dual purpose (both maybe because his or any other of the early deaths might still have the bracelet but it might be enough of a shock factor to wake Jaha up, especially since he sort of seems like Alie keeps him a big freer than the others just because, well, she needs a Renfield).

    It will be sort of odd to basically see Jasper, Clarke and Bellamy working together (I presume Monty to since Bellamy is currently his only friend) and if Octavia stops by it will be pretty darn close to like the original cast (RIP Finn).

    peterspoor33 Apr 13, 2016
    Whoah! I understand the alternate bracelet option but presenting Jaha with the corpse of his dead and decaying son Wells to shock him free of ALIE is some dark thought process – I approve 🙂


    KateSullivan Apr 13, 2016
    I just kept thinking how Finn was the key that opened the spigot in Raven and even though Jaha was sort of blank faced when Abby mentioned him earlier, that being presented with his body might be just the thing. And then that Jaha still seems to, well, Renfield was the dark place I was in last week, but I guess if you have a hive mind, while there is a queen (Alie) and then drones who operated according to instinct and direction, there are usually a few who operate somewhat independently. They follow direction and are part of the hive, but can have their own will, sort of. But, you’d think, they would be, when they break, the easiest to break.

    beemerw21 Apr 09, 2016
    Next time on The 100: Group bonding time via saving Raven from evil AI. Man this show likes to yank at our emotions

    SammyMoynihan Apr 09, 2016
    Jasper telling Clarke to shut up was probs my favourite part of the entire series! Like, Clarke’s great and all but she always forgets that other people have shit going on too! THIS IS AN ENSEMBLE SHOW! SHUT YO FACE AND GET IN THE CAR!
    ALIE is so nuts. This season has featured a number of failed coups but ALIE showed everybody how it’s done!
    Another excellent recap, thanks Toni! You always make me laugh! xoxo

    beemerw21 Apr 09, 2016
    Agreed it was pretty hilarious. Funny how drunk Jasper is now the only sane voice left

    SammyMoynihan Apr 09, 2016
    I know right? At the beginning of the season I predicted Jasper was going to do something stupid and die. Now, I don’t think so at all! He could be the hero of the season. Looking forward to the teen crew reuniting next episode!

    Loralee_jk Apr 09, 2016
    Bellamy’s hair was my fav part this episode!

    nickmoose Apr 09, 2016
    OK, I just to need to ask one thing real quick: WHAT IN THE HOLY MOTHER OF FUCK WAS THAT DOG-ICE CREAM CONE-HYBRID THING WITH THE NUTTER BUTTER EARS!!!??? ( imagine those exclamation points and question marks extending on into infinity and you will about get to what I was feeling when I saw that pic.) I’ll admit, normally, I don’t follow your logic on the whole “Ice Cream=Happiness” thing. I’m more of a “Beer=Happiness” kind of a guy, but even I would have a hard time not being happy upon being presented with one of those!! And I’m a CAT PERSON!!
    The only way I could see that thing not making me smile would be if I was still working at Dairy Queen and my boss told me I had to actually MAKE those. Then I would kill myself.
    I used to hate even having to put the clown face on the children’s cones, so having to make roughly forty thousand Nutter Butter dog cones by hand is about the closest thing I can imagine to what Hell would be like. No fire, no brimstone, just dog cones.
    But otherwise it makes me smile!!

    kpreddoch Apr 09, 2016
    ” ‘Member in the first episode of this season when Clarke’s side-piece had on an Ark souvenir bracelet? Hmmmmm…. Yes, thaaaaat….. ”
    This is the first thing i thought of when i saw the promo for next episode, and while watching this episode. I really hope they end up using it but the promos dont make that seem like its going to happen that way.

    SammyMoynihan Apr 09, 2016
    I think that’s Niylah’s bed that Raven is tied too in the promo!

    dcv Apr 09, 2016
    I love these recaps, but it’s unfortunate that you chose to turn the Raven-being-possessed-by-ALIE situation into a rape joke (especially given the non consensual Murphy and Ontari scene later in the episode).

    Klaussays Apr 09, 2016

    Clarke:’ Oh hey’ ….That has to be the entrance of the season…I didn’t even recognize her until she said Jaspers name.

    I like Ontari, she is just so childish but extremely dangerous, makes for a pretty terrible commander…But not an uninteresting one… I think its good they went anti Lexa route.. If they try to emulate Lexa they will fail. Its easy to dismiss Ontari whining about her upbringing, but its a valid point. Just as she made Murphy a victim she was one at some point too. Unlike the cute Aden (R.I.P) she was not under the tutelage of Lexa or surrounded with fellow nightbloods. Although her and Murphy scenes were played for laughs (Even that last scene) look for the subtle things..Like how she was reciting the commander lines and her commander ‘voice’ , the permanent scars, her go to move is murder…with eye gouging a close 2nd. Even the scene with Murphy…She only knows power, dominance and murder.

    mellafe Apr 09, 2016
    “doesn’t she know that snitches get caught by keepers and are worth a lot of points?”

    I had to read that THREE TIMES until it hit me it was a Harry Potter joke and I love you for it. I can’t believe it took me 3 reads to get it. It’s late here, that’s my excuse.

    Also, THANK YOU for pointing out that Clarke needed to shut up. I get it, you’re the lead, but come on girl, there’s a time and place for everything. I loved Jasper so much when he told her to shut up and get in the jeep. I’m so easily pleased.

    That almost-sex scene was so freaking weird. I enjoyed all the Ontari/Murphy scenes, actually, but that one was so weird.

    Somebody (on twitter probably) pointed out Pike has very dark blood. IS THIS TRUE? I’m scared. Can you imagine if he ends up being a Nightblood or something, ahahahahahaha.


    TellyMelly Apr 13, 2016
    OMG!! I didn’t even pick up on the Harry Potter reference, I’m such a bad fan.

    spudchick Apr 11, 2016
    Good lord, it even looks black in the screencap above where he’s bleeding. Really hope that’s just a trick of the light!

    MichelleHood24 Apr 10, 2016
    I just love when he said ” you really are the angel of death aren’t you”.

    jjtigs Apr 09, 2016
    “but girl really knows how to make everything all about herself, ammiright?” No you couldn’t be more wrong. The entire reason Clarke wants to get to Luna is to save all of her people. If Ontari becomes Commander she’s going to kill every single Skaikru person. Clarke gets the chip inside Luna, and her people are saved. Get it? Instead of mourning Lexa, she’s laser focused on saving her people.

    Also it was a lot more than sexual harrasement. Ontari raped Murphy.

    JenayCarriere Apr 10, 2016
    How did she rape him when they didn’t have sex. I mean sure it looks like they will, but we don’t know they have and until we do should we assume they have.

    beemerw21 Apr 09, 2016
    Pretty much, but Murphy’s deadpan delivery makes it hard to not laugh at his plight. Ya that probably makes me a horrible person

    dazednconfuuzed Apr 09, 2016

    Jasper: “WELL SHIT.”Lol perfect description of his reaction to seeing Clarke.

    dazednconfuuzed Apr 09, 2016
    Toni have you seen “Cruel and Unusual?” While Beautiful Creepster isn’t the star he has a fairly large role and it’s a pretty decent flick.

    Charissa29 Apr 09, 2016
    Jackson’s face with the ice cream bubble? Frickin genius! I laughed until I cried! I just LOVE these recaps! Thank you for not getting involved in all the bts drama! is my (mostly) stupid free zone! Never stop! (Going to hunt for gummy bears, because your recaps always make me hungry!)

    techgirl67 Apr 09, 2016
    Best photo recap so far this season. I laughed the whole way through it. Thanks Toni. Great job per usual….*finishes comment* *eats a sandwich*

    ArkhamNative Apr 09, 2016
    Shawarma! “Fly minions, fly!” Zen zombies! and more. Brilliant recap. Plus you remembered “dead to me” from the s3 promo? *kneel*

    Re: Murphy sexual assualt: Yeah, the situation was all about that, and I was trying to see it that way, but the actors’ faces looked too smiley. It’s as if someone on set told them to tone down the creepy and play it like a seduction, even with the “rapey” dialog. Bizarrely weird for me.

    spudchick Apr 11, 2016
    I couldn’t take it seriously as coercion, and I didn’t think it made light of rape either. She’d noticed him peeping on her appreciatively in the tub, and he was obviously having to remind himself that he had a girlfriend (but he did, which impressed me). Otherwise, although he doesn’t particularly like or trust Ontari, I doubt he would even have paused. As for the chains, she’s a control freak and I honestly think she is afraid to lose the only “friend” she has at the moment. Roan doesn’t even like her and even though she knows Murphy is just trying to say alive and improve his lot (I don’t think he’s tried to deceive her that his motives are anything else) he’s also the closest thing to an ally she’s got.

    They really have kept his story interesting! I’m so glad he didn’t die back when he was banished.

    peterspoor33 Apr 13, 2016
    The only thing that could have improved the Ontari/Murphy scene is if she put on some strange music first, maybe had that grounder singer belting out some aria in the corner while she pulled Murphy’s chain in. Perhaps something like the similar scene in the Strain.

    spudchick Apr 13, 2016
    No iPods, though!

    Robespierre Apr 08, 2016
    “That was 3 days ago” LMAO
    ALLIE popping into Raven though… now that was 100% rape. 😦
    At first I didn’t recognize Clarke and thought it was one of the drones…

    Robespierre Apr 09, 2016
    Oh, and Monty’s mom…


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