The 100 “Nevermore” Photo Recap – Everybody, Yeaaaahhhh… Adventure Squad’s Back, ALRIGHT! (3.11)

Sweet baby Beelzebub, how great was it to see our original Adventure Squad together again? You guys, I have wanted it, but I truly did not know how vital it was to my happiness until it was on our TV screens. Let’s take a sec to really let this fun fact sink in: our beloved Adventure Squad has not been in tact since the end of season 1. THE END OF SEASON 1. Not since Mountain Manor Crew split the Squad down the middle, then Clarke skedaddled to do a solo album.

This episode was a raging success for 2 major reasons:

1) It focused on our Adventure Squad and didn’t split the story with Polis, or Arkadia, or with the 2-headed deer frolicking with the Mutant Gorilla (although I would watch that).

2) Seeing them together again made us think about the good ol’ times, when our Squad were just young, innocent little criminals, trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic hellscape. It was a stark juxtaposition to the fractured, damaged Squad we see before us. It showed us how they’ve changed, what our heroes (???) have been through, and who they’ve become.

3) I KNOW I SAID TWO BUT REALLY??? TEAM ADVENTURE SQUAD BUTTONS FOR EVERYONE because this is where they belong. This is our story, you guys. This is what we’re here for. The 100 is bringin’ it back, and I am extremely pumped and thrilled and jazzed.

4) Stop telling me I only said 2, okay, this is happening. 4) Raven is okay. I repeat, Raven is okay.

5) Monty’s awful Mom is gone from our lives, and poor Monty had to kill her. *FROWN* Was this horrifying to watch? Of course it was. So why is it #5 of my 2-number list? Because it was awesome.

Inappropriately violent high-fives all around, you guys. All. Around. Okay, let’s dive in!

The episode began with Jasper giving Clarke a ride to the reunion.





Jasper was NOT having it! You guys, I’m not going to lie to you, I straight-up forgot that Jasper was mad at Clarke for murdering his girlfriend. Logically I knew he was still bummed about Maya, and logically I knew that Clarke was the commander of death, but I hadn’t put those two facts together in my brain to chill out together in a while. So when he started getting all uppity with her, I was like, “ohhhhhhh riiiiiiiiiiight. This’ll be a thing.” And it was, you guys. The whole episode.

Back at Casa di Cave, Octavia was killing time by telling Bellamy how much he’s the worst, and he was basically like, “uh yeah, that’s not news.” Then she pretended like she was going to leave, until Clarke and Jasper pulled up and offered her the chance to be a part of an Adventure Squad reunion, and honestly, who could pass that up? No one.










Raven tried to bail on the reunion, but then Clarke remembered (after a hilariously long time) where there was extra bracelet, and was all, “oh THAT bracelet… oh yeah, no for sure, no doubt, no doubt, I know where that is. Right. Brain fart! Haha…” And they were off to Niylah’s for an even more awkward reunion.






Then our ‘heroes’ took over this woman’s home against her will. Yay! Oh, and they tied Raven to her bed, which I’m sure will be a real treat for Naylah to tidy up after.


Despite all that, Niylah gave them the friendship bracelet, and my boyfriend Sinclair told them all the science.





Turns out they need a whatsit from the dropship, because of course they do. So off went Monty (because he has the true heart of a hero), and Emo Octavia. Meanwhile, ALIE gave Raven a neat idea on how to untie herself.





NOPE. No, please, no thank you. Raven DISLOCATED HER OWN SHOULDER in order to bite at her ties, and it was very unnerving. Then ALIE took her over and was all, “just gimme my toy, man,” and Clarke was like, “fat chance.” WHOOOOOBOY. I am unsettled.

Anyway, then ALIE told her to calm the eff down.


Then they decided to “take watch” so that Raven could bully them one by one.




Raven went for the obvious burn with Clarke and brought up all the people who have died around / because of her, including her own father, which… way harsh, Raven. Obviously, because Clarke is a human being with emotions, she flipped out and gave them a clue as to what they’re doing.

Then Monty and Emo Octavia pulled up to the Dropship (yet another reminder of season 1 Adventure Squad, and how far they’ve come).



This part got to me, you guys. Octavia has been searching for a place to belong for the entire series, and as Monty just pointed out, she already DOES belong somewhere. She may not be Skikru, but she IS one of the hundred. And that’s something bigger than who the Chancellor of the minute is, or who made her live under a floorboard. The Hundred fell from the sky together. They survived together. That’s something that will always bond them, no matter how many Mountains they wipe out, how many Grounder armies they wrongly massacre, or how many dreamy Grounder boyfriends get shot in the head. Goonies never say die!

Then Monty’s Awful Mom showed up.



She was chipped, and tried to beat Monty into taking the Matrix Chip, but then Octavia showed up for a showdown.





SAD FACE. Monty killed his mom to save Octavia. Monty just can’t catch a break!

Back at the reunion, Clarke and Jasper were finally having it out.



She tried to apologize, but he wasn’t having it. *sigh* Of course he wasn’t. Guys – I love that actions have consequences in this world. I love that the massacre is going to keep coming back to bite Bellamy in the ass, and I love that what happened at Mount Weather has affected Jasper so deeply. ANYWAY, then it was his turn to get bullied by ALIE/Raven.



Then it was Bellamy’s turn! These kids share really well.



To his credit, Bellamy was the only one who didn’t break under Raven’s mean-girling. Unfortunately she mentioned Bellamy’s part in the massacre, and Niylah came running in. Whoopsie! Now ALIE knows where they are.



On the upside, it looks like Bellamy is starting to see the error of his ways!

Monty the Magnificent and Emo Octavia returned with the whatsit and they all gathered around Raven to zap her back to normal. ALIE tried to get her to kill herself, at which point I started yelling obscenities at my TV, but then they got it to work and Raven got a fun jolt of get-the-heck-out-of-my-brain-juice.



Jasper threatened to smash the Matrix Bug, but then Clarke was like, “no wait, that inanimate object is my girlfriend!” and everyone looked at her like, “bitch, what?” BUT THEN, she remembered it had to be taken out of the back of Lexa’s neck, and bingo-bango…



AND THE LAND REJOICED!!! There were some emotional beats after this that were all, “what if I’m really the worst?” and “maybe we’re all the worst”, but honestly, I was just so happy at this point that I was like, “who cares if you’re the worst, RAVEN IS OKAY!” Then she told them why ALIE wants her dead so bad. Lexa’s spirit can open a can o’ digital whoopass!


YOU GUYS!!!!!!! The best thing to come of this episode (other than the safe return of our kickass Goddess), is the promise that this wasn’t a one-off reunion of our beloved Adventure Squad. They’re back in action and I AM SO DAMN HAPPY. Even Emo Octavia gave Monty the Magnificent a solemn nod with the understanding that Goonies Never Say Die.

Where they’re off to next, who can say. Maybe they’ll meet up with Kane to do some damage in Polis. Maybe they’ll go into the forest and frolic with the Gorilla. WHO EVEN KNOWS. Who even cares. They’re together, and that’s all my swelling heart desires. This is the best.

What did YOU guys think??


  • Do you think Kane is still walking to Polis? How long of a walk do you think it is? Are THEY playing I-Spy? Probably. Everyone loves I-Spy.


  • “Get yourself together, Jasper.” – PREACH, Bellamy!


  • “That’s funny, coming from you.” – PREACH, Jasper!


  • For the love of all that is good and just in the world, throw Monty a bone!! Give him something good! Let him find five dollars next episode, or have someone bake him a pie. Everyone loves pie. GIVE MONTY SOME GODDAMN PIE!


  • So, we can all agree that ALIE watches people go to the bathroom, right?


  • If you haven’t seen it already, YouTube user PrettyLittleFangirl made a The 100 / Suicide Squad mashup, and it’s amazing.


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One thought on “The 100 “Nevermore” Photo Recap – Everybody, Yeaaaahhhh… Adventure Squad’s Back, ALRIGHT! (3.11)


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    TellyMelly Apr 19, 2016
    Just watched the 100/suicide club mash, AWSOME!!


    TellyMelly Apr 19, 2016
    You had me laughing from the first picture 🙂 When I watched the ep, I was confused at first why Jasper was angry at Clarke, but my brain kicked In to remind me of the TENSION 😛

    So happy the Adventure Squad are back together, even though every one is in bummer mood from being verbally bitch slapped by Raven. BEST BITCH SLAPPING EVER THOUGH!!!

    A.L.I.E doesn’t seem to smart. Why send only Monty’s mum to the drop ship? hello!!! Why don’t you use a few extra back up people? Looking forward to her annialation 😀

    I want the Lexi chip in someone soon, as I wanna see what happens!!!!

    Zsa08 Apr 18, 2016
    Midnight Razer is perfect, so are Monty the Magnificent and Emo Octavia. They should all have Adventure Squad nicknames.

    Loralee_jk Apr 18, 2016
    When Clark was talking to her one-night stand and was like “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about Bellamy” I was excited AF but like OMG we are moving too fast! I’m not ready for it to be real!!
    But then realized she was talking about all the murder he did and my shipper feels died a lil 😦 #Almost!!

    peterspoor33 Apr 18, 2016
    Kane: “It’s never easy being Chancellor, you want to do what’s best for your people it’s just funny how things turn out…”

    Pike: “I know right? I mean, the other day I would of so totally killed you dead.”

    Kane: “You so would have…Hahaha!”

    Pike: “Hahahahaha!”

    SammyMoynihan Apr 17, 2016
    Once upon a time there was a TV show called True Blood and there was a character called Bill Compton. The show sucked (and not in a good vampirey way) after season 3. One thing that really annoyed me about it was that Bill kept turning into a bad guy and then into a good guy really quickly. He kept doing despicable things and then everybody just forgave him within minutes. Then he’d do more bad things and, again, everybody forgave him and if somebody was annoyed at him for eating their children, for example, the other characters would just say, “Get over it.” It was bullshit. I will be so disappointed if this happens with Bellamy in The 100. Like, I love Bellamy but if he doesn’t get real comeuppance by the end of the season, I’ll be so annoyed. Realistically, Octavia shouldn’t forgive him until at least the end of Season 4 but I will be so pissed if the others just give him a pass. He’s done a little bit to earn redemption but not enough. And I will never like Pike so if he doesn’t die this season, I will be equally pissed.

    nickmoose Apr 17, 2016
    There is only ONE WAY this all can end! The Adventure Squad (or as many who can fit) on the back of the Gorilla who has agreed to let them saddle him or her -because they re-engineered the tech to talk to animals. STAND ASIDE JAHA! ALLIE!! THE MUTHUH FUCKIN GORILLA IS COMING YOUR WAY!!!

    Stelamon Apr 17, 2016

    Stelamon Apr 16, 2016
    You’re right – that suicide squad/100 video was pretty amazing.

    peterspoor33 Apr 16, 2016
    For a small independent business/trading post/convenience store owner in a remote grounder neighbourhood, formerly filled with reapers and gorillas etc. I’d of expected Niyah to have at least pulled a crossbow from under the counter or something.

    Monty’s Mum was awful before she got chipped, anyway no pain in the city of light. 🙂

    Long slow walk to Polis for Kane but I bet it’s not long enough for Pike. Am I right?

    So when ALIE is controlling Raven the burns are long winded and cruel, when Raven is in control the burns are a sass bomb with a mike drop.

    I like Sinclair but this is adventure squad were talking about, better start working on those abs to save you from a red shirt fate! 😉

    nickmoose Apr 16, 2016

    Does anyone have any idea how many of the original 100 are left? Raven wasn’t even one of the 100 and the way they tore through the red shirts in even just season one, I can imagine by now it’s gotta be like “The 30” or something.
    They should change the name of the show every time another member of the original 100 bites the dust just so we can keep track.

    nickmoose Apr 16, 2016
    Lets take this moment to pause and pay our respects to great Adventure Squad members of the past, Finn and Wells.
    I guess Wells was replaced by Raven after she landed on earth but they never really elected a permanent new member after Finn died. I think they need to do a “Who wants to be an Adventure Squadder?” competition between Sinclair, Kane, Creepster, Harper etc. to see who should make squad.
    It can be like Arkadia’s version of a reality show!

    Robespierre Apr 16, 2016


    ArkhamNative Apr 15, 2016
    Such a great/tragic/successful episode! And then Toni makes us feel 100 times better with the recap. Thank you!

    “I spy with my little eye… ” BWAHAHAA! I died! And it was only the first photo set in the recap. Team Adventure Squad buttons? Yes, please!!

    KendraNutt Apr 15, 2016
    I have to say your write-ups are part of the whole viewing experience so keep up the good work and thank you!! When I watch the episode I can’t help thinking what is going to be in your recap the next day. It is a joy to read after such intensity 🙂

    Klaussays Apr 15, 2016
    Class of 2014///….to funny.
    Lol Sinclair the new member of adventure squad
    ”My Bad” Bellamy man lool.
    ”its LEXA’ awww Clarke….an Lexa’s name still has the power to pause a room.
    ALIE gets creepier and Creepier…
    If Harper dies next week i swear to god.


    peterspoor33 Apr 16, 2016
    #crushingonharper 🙂

    Klaussays Apr 16, 2016
    She must live

    techgirl67 Apr 15, 2016
    You are batting a thousand Toni. Once again a stellar photo recap. And I def want a Team Adventure Squad button…make that happen please.

    mellafe Apr 15, 2016

    I didn’t know I needed this until now. I NEED THIS.

    I don’t remember being this stressed watching a TV episode (maybe the final 5 minutes of TWD, maybe), but maaaaan. I screamed at the tv so many times and was so scared Raven really would end up killing herself. I cried. A little. Ok, a lot, when she got freeeeeee.

    And next week we’ll get MORE Adventure Squad!! IS THIS WHAT CHRISTMAS FEELS LIKE? I’m so happy. 😀


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