The 100 “Demons” Photo Recap – Nightmare on Arkadia Street (3.12)

Bah! I need someone to come over to my house (hollowed out tree) and check under my bed (a mass of dolls tied together) for monsters, because that was a very scary episode of The 100! I don’t know why this week’s hour of our regularly scheduled programming was replaced by a legit slasher film, but I am not complaining! Other than the fact that I am now stuck in my bedroom (a single wall of duct tape) because I’m too scared to leave, I genuinely enjoyed it!

I will be accepting your casseroles of condolences for the death of my very serious boyfriend Sinclair. Thank you in advance. This is a difficult time for us all, but especially me, so thanks, please make all casseroles cheese-based.

YOU GUYS! What is even going on?? What WAS that? Is it just me, or did this episode seem… dare I say it… kind of fun? Okay, yes, it was a nightmare ride, and my boyfriend died, but it was nice to see the show shake things up a bit in terms of style. Maybe I’m biased because I am still riding the high of having our Adventure Squad fully in tact. *content sigh* Also amidst all that terror, the show snuck in some pretty heavy stuff regarding human emotions and how they are assholes sometimes, but also a pretty necessary part of life. It was sad as heck, but also a relief from all the anxiety.

We watch shows to escape the stresses of our own lives, right? … okay, just checking. I guess our lives are looking pretty darn great in comparison to the literal horror show we just watched. Let’s photo recap it!

Like every horror movie ever made, this one started with a couple of teens telling scary stories around a campfire.







Then, by some horror-movie compulsion, Miller had to go to the bathroom, and Bryan had to follow him out when he didn’t return. They might as well have said, “I’ll be right back” and sealed their fate right there! Have none of these teens seen Scream??




And then the opening credits rolled! Oh man, that was a stressful / fun way to start the episode!

Elsewhere, our Beautiful Creepster was taking a stroll with his psycho captor lady friend, when his ACTUAL ninja turtle lady friend showed up selling rats (because of course).




I was very happy to see Emori, you guys! Very happy.

Back with our Adventure Squad, they were basically just recapping Thirteen while Raven read Becca’s journal – she created the twin AI’s, put one in herself, created a cult, so on, and so on… then they pulled up to Arkadia, which, by the decrees of the horror movie deities, had to be the creepiest version of ‘deserted’ imaginable, complete with a bloodstained ground, flickering lights, half-eaten dinners, and an unfinished game of backgammon… *shivers* The only thing missing was a broken-down carnival.

Speaking of breaking down, Octavia had to go into the room she shared with Lincoln, and it was very sad.





But it was too late! He had already been unleashed, and Jasper and Octavia were taken.


Meanwhile, Raven and my boyfriend Sinclair figured out ALIE 2 would show its Matrix Bug powers if it heard a secret password.





Hilariously, my boyfriend Sinclair knows latin, because that seems like a requirement for a space mechanic. He was able to figure out the password, and the Matrix Bug showed it’s beautiful tendrils of death. It wanted to merge with Raven because WHO WOULDN’T, but Clarke pulled her back. We all know the Matrix Bug kills people without nightblood… which probably won’t come in handy later.


Then, because this episode was determined to live on forever in our nightmares, Clarke and Monty heard the delightful sound of a child’s toy emitting slow, creepy music.


Then they were gassed! And because I guess Clarke is impervious to gaseous toxins, she faked being passed out, then unmasked the Lucky Charms Guy, who WASN’T the Lucky Charms Guy at ALL.


Emerson! It was the last Mountain Minion! He was still pissed about Clarke murdering everyone he’s ever known and loved, which was last season, so get over it, pal.

Back in Polis, the Beautiful Creepster showed Emori the garbage pile that the Grounders pray to, and she seemed very into it for NO REASON WHY ARE YOU ASKING??



The Beautiful Creepster spilled all the beans about his new overlord girlfriend, including the fact that he sexes her, and Emori was like, “I don’t give an eff, get to the good stuff!”

Then Clarke and Bellamy warned Raven and my boyfriend Sinclair about the danger, and what followed was an amazing night-vision fight scene, where we hardly knew what was happening. BUT THEN…




And the last thing my boyfriend Sinclair saw in his mortal coil was his last living friend being torn away to meet her probable end. THIS SHOW. Rest in peace, Midnight Razer. At least now you won’t be that one adult in a friend-group of teens.

*Sigh* Anyway, then Emerson was all, “come get your friends, girl, they’re annoying me.” and it was a classic “the call is coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE” play, because it puts Clarke in the position of save her loved ones vs. escape.



BAH HA HA I love these two. It truly does not matter what ship you’re sailing on, these two are always so much better when they’re together. Clarke got all self-sacrificy, and Bellamy rolled his eyes so hard.

Back in Polis, things were getting 100% douchier.



Jaha waltzed in and blew the Beautiful Creepster’s shit up. He knew everything he had told Emori, because Emori was chipped, and ALIE was creepily watching and taking notes while they did sex together.



UGH. Poor Murphy. That kid simply cannot catch a break.





Back at Arkadia, Emerson saw right through Bellamy’s planned rouse, and forced him into the airlock with the others. Then he turned off the air and made Clarke watch as her pals struggled for breath. You know, like a normal, balanced person.




They had a kerfuffle, and Clarke yelled out “Matrix Bug, Activate!”, and it latched onto Emerson, and it was so gross and so awesome.



Bye, Emerson! I’m happy you kept the consequences of Mount Weather a’coming for our heroes! You can eat so much marshmallow-laden cereal in the afterlife, I promise.

Then things got sad.


Octavia finally cried over Lincoln’s death, and kissed his corpse. How long had it been since he was brutally shot in the head? Maybe let’s not think about it.

Then the Adventure Squad split up and I started to pout. I knew it had to happen, they had to focus the squad in, but it still hurt my wittle heart to see them hugging each other goodbye. So, we’ve got Adventure A-Squad heading to Luna, and Adventure B-Squad conquering all the science.

Then we circled on back to Polis to see…


BOOM. ALIE is large and in charge, and planning to chip everyone in the Grounder Capital. Well damn.

So what did you guys think?? It was fun, right? In a horrifying, pulse-racing, anxiety-riddled sort of way. Was Emerson integral to the overall plot of The 100? Nope. But was he integral to the show’s track record of not letting our heroes off the hook? Yup! Clarke, Bellamy and Monty killed a community of people. That has to keep biting them in the ass. It has to. That’s what this show is. Actions and consequences.

It’s also about relationships, and we got some forward momentum in that department, too. The Adventure Squad is gelling again. Bellamy and Octavia are working through their sibling crap, Octavia got to mourn Lincoln, and Monty and Jasper even made some strides.

Even though this episode felt a little stand-alone(ish), it still moved the pieces on the board. The flame is on its way to Luna, and ALIE has taken over Polis. Shit is going down, you guys! I’m pretty pumped for next week.


  • “stay in the rover… it’s okay, stay in the rover…” Sinclair repeating these words to Raven got to me FOR REAL. He just wanted her to be safe. Ugh, Sinclair! You snuck up on my heart.


  • Monty and Jasper are on their way back to that adorable high five they do. Please let it happen soon. WE NEED THIS.


  • “Following creepy music is a bad idea.” – PREACH, Monty!


  • Who directed this episode?? The internet won’t tell me. Am I a dummy, or is imdb mad at me? I wanted to look up if she / he has done horror before, because everything about this episode was perfect – the lights off/ night vision fight scene, the upside down shot of Raven getting taken, the ambiance, the music, the unnerving angles, the razzle-dazzle of it all. High five, whoever you are.


  • Does Jaha’s half-goatee enrage me because it’s on Jaha’s face, or do I hate Jaha because he has a half-goatee? PHILOSOPHY!


  • So many mouth ties! For real, you guys, where are they getting them? How are there so many on-hand??


  • The Lucky Charms Leprechaun; a total sociopath, right?



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One thought on “The 100 “Demons” Photo Recap – Nightmare on Arkadia Street (3.12)


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    tessamclelland Nov 22, 2017
    “Who directed this episode?? The internet won’t tell me. Am I a dummy, or is the internet mad at me? I wanted to look up if she / he has done horror before, because everything about this episode was perfect – the lights off/ night vision fight scene, the upside down shot of Raven getting taken, the ambiance, the music, the unnerving angles, the razzle-dazzle of it all. High five, whoever you are.”

    — According to the IMDb app, the director is P.J. Pesce and his Director credits include: Supernatural, American Gothic, The Whispers, Extant, Salem, Fringe–ALL of those shows have the Creepy Horrific factor going for them; Fringe was my FAV sci-fi show and that show knew how to do Creepy VERY well! @Toni_watches

    nickmoose Apr 25, 2016
    I have an important question and I am certain it is on all of our minds, WHEN DO WE GET THE ACTION FIGURES!?
    I personally would love to own a “Bellamy: with bad decision making action feature!” toy! Or a “Clarke Lexa Gorilla Attack! play set!” Come ON!! So many options here! “Sword Wielding Octavia!” , “Jasper: With Real DRINKING action feature!” I invite you all to come up with your own The 100 action figure concepts with unique action features! Come on!! It’ll be fun! It’ll give us something to do while we wait, cuz I don’t think there is a new episode this week.

    TellyMelly Apr 24, 2016
    Horror is one of my fav genres, which is why the “scary ghost fire story” at the opening was NOT scary :/ But they get an A for effort 🙂
    They rest of the scary bits were good tho, especially the creepy music 😛
    The Adventure Squad would probably die in a horror movie, as YOU DON’T GO BACK to save your friends, cause you will die 😛

    nickmoose Apr 25, 2016
    You know the scary story they told at the open reminded me more of a tribute to the scene from Meatballs where Bill Murray tells the scary story around the campfire!! But that “Hook” story has been told in one way or another for many generations and it was kinda the basis for the Friday the 13th series, so I get why they did it. Though yeah, this was probably the LEAST scary episode of the 100 for me! The Gorilla was far scarier! ( I really gotta stop bringing up the gorilla in every comment I make!)

    peterspoor33 Apr 23, 2016
    Sinclair got it right in the abs … ouch! He did get to share a Viking funeral pyre with Lincoln’s musty corpse, so there’s that. After all, Emmerson’s legs are probably sticking out of a garbage chute somewhere.

    Does everyone else now feel that Jaha’s half-goatee reveals itself to a room before he does? Staring at it whem he talks is a seriously unhealthy fixation now. So thanks for that Toni. 🙂

    Crazy thrones made from sticks or swords sheesh, maybe less aesthetics and a little more ergonomics next time throne designing people.

    VictoriaWoodhull Apr 23, 2016
    I know it has already been mentioned twice but again:
    “It wanted to merge with Raven because WHO WOULDN’T”

    “-Is it cotton candy?
    -Sour cherry.
    -Even better.”
    This is so en pointe in the Urban Dictionary way.

    “He still tastes like protein powder and Axe body spray.”
    This is so awful and perfect at the same time.

    Which is my way of saying this episode reminded me why I think horror movies are so meh. I felt like there were at least 8 minutes of pointless dialogue that robbed me of meatier storytelling but oh well. Everyone needs some filler in their grated Parmesan.

    The thing about those mouth gags is you KNOW they are not being properly sanitized between victims.

    I made it through this episode knowing I could come here eventually and be entertained.

    Jamijamez Apr 23, 2016

    Jamijamez Apr 23, 2016
    Lincoln DIED!?!??! I am pissed! I’ve been recording ebery episode but javent watched them yet. He was hot! And tjey shouldn’t have killed him off! Grrrr

    MichelleHood24 Apr 23, 2016
    I loved this episode and all its creepiness, God that music box I hate that thing burn it I’m just glad they didn’t have some creepy evil zombie child staring at them that would have just creeped me allllll out like all the way out the door. Now WHAT IN GODS GREEN EARTH IS GOING ON why the hell have we lost three key characters in the span of what 4 episodes are the WRITTERS trying to crush my heart even further. I live in Australia so I have never seen lucky charm cereal before but that monster on the box is on the box why he’s creepy and evil and weird and creepy.

    nickmoose Apr 23, 2016
    You get extra points this week for using the word kerfuffle.


    Cat_13 Apr 23, 2016
    Hahaha “kerfuffle” has been one of my favorite words since Toni used it in her S1 recaps

    nickmoose Apr 23, 2016
    The Lucky Charms gag would have been funnier had they not already made roughly 17 Leprechaun slasher movies.
    And nothing is scarier than “Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood”.
    -the movie itself isn’t scary mind you but the fact that it was MADE is horrifying.


    nickmoose Apr 23, 2016
    Man I despise Ontari. What a poseur wannabe idiot. Of course she took the damn chip after like two seconds of careful consideration.

    She is currently topping my “Needs to be murdered by the Gorilla” list.

    jjtigs Apr 23, 2016
    This episode was a fun trip! I loved it. Also Adventure Squad ISN’T teens only…Bellamy is 24, and I think Raven might be 20 by now. The rest are teens.

    nickmoose Apr 23, 2016
    Have they actually said Bellamy is 24 on the show? I think Raven would be either 19 or 20 based on her being 18 (or was it 19?) when Finn took the fall for the space walker thing, but I don’t remember them saying Bellamy’s age.

    chelskacey Apr 25, 2016
    Bellamy was 23 in the pilot, as confirmed by the writers, so he may or may not be 24 by now 🙂 He’s about 5 years older than Clarke, 6 years older than Octavia, and 8 years older than Monty & Jasper to put it into perspective.

    Stelamon Apr 23, 2016
    Well Bellamy looked to be about 8 or so when he helped his mom give birth to Octavia, so if she is 16, then he would be 24. I think she is at least 17 now though, which would make him 25.

    ArkhamNative Apr 23, 2016
    Yes! It was just like a teen horror flick! Especially that creepy musical toy in the empty hallway. (No, not a trap; must have been there all along, since landfall, playing music.)

    And of course at the end farewells, we get lingering closeups of Monty being all “I must stop Raven at any cost from hacking ALIE and killing my still-alive mom in The City of Light.”

    Also, death of Sinclair (Gaeta) did not sit well with me. Was he the last of the Galacticans? I was grumbling “Rottenberg” again…

    ♫ Crane, lower that rover. ♫ (#SorryNotSorry)

    jamaal2005 Apr 23, 2016
    Well, Murphy (Richard Harmon) was on Caprica, the prequel to BSG. Does that count?

    ArkhamNative Apr 23, 2016
    Close enough! 🙂
    Thanks, I hadn’t realized he played Heracles on Caprica.

    Klaussays Apr 22, 2016
    As long as Harper survived i would like the episode but then they killed Sinclair. But then his death was kinda good ”stay in the rover”
    Anyone else catch Clarke get Jealous when the chip started flirting with Raven.

    Neomeris Apr 22, 2016
    I love horror movies so this episode was right up my alley. Besides, I didn’t expect them to kill Sinclair (my condolences!) and I was seriously worried about Harper.
    The beginning sequence sold me on Brian (Bryan?) – he’s a softie and I loved it!
    Lovely recap (I’m not a big fan of Emori, but your Emori-screens were on point!!!). See ya next week?

    mellafe Apr 22, 2016
    “It wanted to merge with Raven because WHO WOULDN’T”

    Preach it, sister.

    Oh, let’s not blame the half-goatee for Jaha’s lack of personality, it is not its fault! He was horrible before that, abomination or not.

    I was kinda bleh about this episode until I read your recap. I still love the show, though, but it’s the first time in a while i didn’t see a death come and it hurt me in the feels. Poor Sinclair. And why? WHYYYYY? 😦

    100% agree about Clarke and Bellamy being better together, even when I didn’t ship them I knew that was true. Glad to see them back together again. I’ll be in my bunk reading some fanfiction, if I can find some good ones…

    Charissa29 Apr 22, 2016
    Frankly, the best thing about your recap was the description of your house of horrors! Brilliant! Funny! Bed of dolls, shudder! Wonderful as always, never stop! 👏🏻👏🏼👏🏿👏🏼👏🏻👏🏿🤗

    techgirl67 Apr 22, 2016
    Per The 100 Writers Room twitter account, DEMONS was directed by PJ Pesce @cappados. Now I’m off to eat some Lucky Charms….

    Cat_13 Apr 23, 2016
    He also directed Murphy’s Law (1×4), Many Happy Returns (2×4), and Coup de Grace (2×11). And this episode was written by Justine Juel Gillmer. Here’s an excerpt of the script! 😀 From Script to Screen: Episode 312, “Demons”

    Robespierre Apr 22, 2016
    “It wanted to merge with Raven because WHO WOULDN’T”
    LMAO 😀


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