The 100 “Echoes” Photo Recap – Best Friends Forever (4.1)

GAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I AM MAD WITH JOY. The Adventure Squad has returned to us, and I could not be happier to once again be privy to the absolute unrelenting shit-storm that is their lives. Oh how I’ve missed this. How much have you guys missed this, on a scale of 1 to It’s Impossible To Put In Into Words or Interpretive Dance?

I’m going to kick this off on a slightly serious note (WHO EVEN AM I?) – here we go: we as a society have never needed a show like The 100 more than we do right now. I don’t need to tell you why. You KNOW why. In a time when things are hurtling backwards, we need a show that shows us what it’s like to move forward. This show says something important – it has always said something important – and it does so with SO MUCH DAMN STYLE. It’s not just about horrific teen violence, or deafeningly electric sexual tension, or glorious mutated Gorillas. The 100 has consistently portrayed equality among the sexes, races, sexualities, and the beautifully mutated (here’s lookin’ at you, Ninja-Turtle Hand!). It presents moral quandaries and forces us to think about what’s right and wrong or somewhere in between. Sure, the storylines revolve around absurd post-apocalyptic horrors – but they are not so far off from our own lives, if we replace a few key ingredients (I wouldn’t mind trying those radiated nuts from season 1, to be honest).

I’ll stop, because you know what I’m saying, right? You get it. You all KNOW how important it is to show strong female characters in today’s social climate, you KNOW the importance of positive gay relationships in television, and you know the show is portraying a dramatized version of our very real environmental risks… you feel me.

Look, I know you came here for the funny, but sometimes I have to throw some for-realsies love out to this show for calling it like it is, and throwing a mirror up to society, and OKAY I’M DONE, JEEZ.

This glorious bastard of a masterpiece breezed back into our lives at the exact moment it left us, with everyone chillin’ at Polis, taking in the horrifying sights. Octavia scampered down a precarious tower like she was training for Cirque du Soleil, and spotted her #1 best friend forever.



Octavia confirmed with her mentor that she did, in fact, brutally murder an elected official, and then they high-fived. And then WE ALL high-fived. Love these two. Quick question – is Indra wearing a sparkly corset?







I cannot imagine that any of these kids smell awesome right now. Anyway, THESE TWO! Remember in season 1 when he was like, “I’m a bad guy.” And she was like, “no you aren’t,” and he has been trying to prove her right ever since? *sigh*

Clarke figured out that anyone who died in the Matrix died in real life. DU DOI, Clarke, we’ve known that since 1999. So then everyone remembered that they don’t like her.



Whoopsie! Better skedaddle before anything bad happens! (And that’s what they did. The rest of the episode was Murphy working on his stand-up routine – “what the DEAL with half-goatees??”)

But before that, NEW CREDITS!


ROAN IS IN THE CREDITS! I repeat: Roan is in the credits, people. This is huge.

Then my heart soared at the sight of (half) our beloved Adventure Squad. My beautiful goddess Raven has a brain upgrade! Harper and Monty are adorably casting each other ‘member when we did it’ glances, and Jasper is quipping like his old self. Nothing wrong here!







This is the second time Jasper was free of his worries and it was all torn away. Sure, last season he was mind-controlled and his happiness was a relative illusion, but it still must be jarring to come back to all that pain.

Then the Adult Adventure Squad (they’ve earned it) graced our eyeballs with their beautiful faces and we remembered that A) Jaha survived a war that was entirely his fault, B) He is still a character on this show, and C) he is still sporting a half-goatee, but that D) Kane and Abby’s sexual tension trumps all of that.





Kane took some of the blame for this utter catastrophe, but only because he is SO NICE.

Look, I’ll (with heroic effort) put aside my feelings about Jaha’s half-goatee, and the way he treated Abby in season 2, and his general douchiness as a human being. Okay? They are now tucked inside the top drawer of my dresser, which traditionally holds underwear, but in my case, holds snacks.

Okay, I am now looking at this d-bag as an unbiased observer. First, he crash-lands on Earth INSIDE A NUCLEAR WEAPON, which for all he knew could have gone off and killed everyone. THEN he hears about a wonderful theme park by some super trustworthy grounders who totally betrayed him but he trusts anyway, THEN he causes a stir at Ark Camp and tries to de-throne Abby. THEN he takes off with about a dozen people in search of this mystical theme park, and all those people (excepting one wily beautiful creepster), DIES (most of them youths). (One of those youths he threw to a sea monster to save himself.) THEN, he locks a teen in a bunker alone for 3 months, THEN with the hubris of a self-proclaimed messiah, he submits his free will to a VERY SHADY hologram who doesn’t even sing or have a double life as a music producer, which results in season 3’s culminating conflict, and kills a shit-ton of fine folks.

And at the end of all this, he puts on a pout and says, “What have I done?” and everyone is like, “Naw man, don’t feel bad, could’ve happened to anyone.”


Moving on.

In a scene that lit up my heart, Raven got the radio working and was like, “I DON’T GIVE AN EFF ABOUT ANYTHING YOU HAVE TO SAY UNTIL YOU TELL ME CLARKE IS OKAY.”


THE BEST! Speaking of the best…


Okay, sure, we knew the whole time that Roan would survive because a certain credit sequence gave it away, BUT STILL, it was very nice to see this best bud. Of course, his personal assistant had to stir some shit up, because this is The 100.





Echo straight up murdered this political official in the middle of the square, and everyone was like, “yeah, fair point.” HAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAH I LOVE THIS SHOW. 

Then the Beautiful Creepster sassed Jaha (because Murphy knows what’s up!), and he and Emori came up with a plan.



The Beautiful Creepster is convinced that everything will be different and awesome now, because he forgot that he’s a character on The 100. Emori agreed to go home with him, and then THIS HAPPENED:


WHAT??? Who even is this guy???

Then, in a moment that would thaw even the coldest of heart-shaped popsicles:



MY HEART SIMPLY CANNOT HANDLE THIS. That was worth the 8 month wait, you guys. Kane and Indra are total besties and they love each other and they’re probably going to spend Christmas together if they survive long enough.

This was followed by a strategy-sesh that I just could not pay attention to because I was too excited that they were all together again. I do know that Clarke told them all that they’re almost certainly going to die in a giant microwave, and they’re reaction was PERFECT.



Octavia does not give an eff about anything but murder right now. Stick with what you’re good at, right?

Jaha (*eye roll*) brought “Ontari’s” body to the Ice Statues, and then they beat him up a bunch. I am not proud of how much I was into it. I could have watched that for a full seven hours. ANYWAY, it was all subterfuge! It was really Octavia in that hilariously conspicuous burlap sack! She kicked some VERY AWESOME ass, and then made this face:


I worry about you. I love you, but I worry. And I’m not the only one.



During the ruse, the Beautiful Creepster was given a job, and he was all, “I just worked a twelve hour shift pumping a dead girl’s heart, I deserve a break.”


I’m not 100% on why he and Emori peaced out, and I’m a little sad they did. Seeing them interact with the rest of the Adventure Squad would have been amazing, even if only for a little while. AH WELL, perhaps they’ll continue their Bonnie-and-Clyde-ing until the world blows up. Good luck, friends!

While Clarke and Abby dug around in Roan’s chest, it was up to Bellamy to keep Echo and the rest of the Ice Capades distracted.



HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH OH YEAH!!!! Remember when Bellamy had a girlfriend for 2 episodes, and then she died in the fiery demise of Mount Weather? Remember how Echo totally orchestrated the whole thing using the bond she forged with Bellamy while they both vacationed in cages and wore adult diapers? What a fun history these two people have!

Anyway, Bellamy is not great at playing it cool, so Echo and her peeps were like, “waaaaaaait a second….” and then ran off to catch the Girl Adventure Squad in the act of saving Roan. Echo was VERY close to killing Clarke when a certain King awoke from his slumber.



Clarke was all, “be a pal”, and Echo was like, “no, murder everyone. Murder is the best. Just ask Octavia.” (We obviously are rooting for our heroes in this situation, but, like… they DID kill three people about ten minutes ago).



Looks like SOMEONE has a vision board to consult, ammiright? Then we cut to the other half of the Adventure Squad.



You guys, when did Raven become hilarious? Also – Monty and Harper are totally sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I… spelling is boring. But that’s cute! It was fast and out of nowhere last season, but I said it then and I’ll say it now: I ain’t mad.




I didn’t think it was possible, but Jasper has started this season off even darker than last season. This was crazy sad, you guys. The note to Monty got to me (we’re for sure going to find out what’s in that note, right?) But then Raven lightened the mood by telling them that they’re all going to be dead in 6 months, and Jasper was ABOUT IT.


The human psyche is bizarre thing. In all seriousness (which feels alien to me), I’d like to reiterate my thoughts from last season: this is an important story to tell. Jasper is struggling, and everything he’s going through is 100% valid.

Back in Polis, Echo was all, “Stop being a weiner,” and Roan was like, “Why are you so mean all the time?” Then she gave him a crown that may or may not be made out of human bone.


Elsewhere in a cozy cell, Clarke was fondling the matrix bug, which contains the minds of a century of leaders, including the beautiful, brave warrior she (and everyone else) fell in love with last season.



Classic Lexa.

What followed was a pretty amazing moment where Clarke finally got a hot second to mourn someone she was in love with, before having a bag thrown over her head and brought to her best friend forever.






She filled Roan in on the haps, and he basically just rolled his eyes and was like, “what next, ammiright?” then they laaaaaaaaaughed and high-fived and made each other friendship bracelets.

OH, and she gave him Lexa.




Then he made a lovely speech.



This lady is going to be trouble, and I CANNOT WAIT!

Now that everything is awesome and everyone loves each other, everyone can go about their business. Kane and Abby are staying in Polis to give out flowers and set up a kissing booth, while Clarke and Bellamy go to Europe to find themselves, or something.



Kane gave Bellamy a pep talk that was basically, “look, I know you were the worst last season, but that was LAST SEASON, got it?” I love those two.

Then we checked in on some desert grounders!



That lady seemed very okay with dying.

That was very cool and terrifying! That is what will happen to our precious Adventure Squad if they don’t get their shit together.


You guys! What are you thoughts and emotions at this time????

After a long wait, The 100 returned to us in full force, delivering on everything we’ve been dreaming of: hugs, bestfriendships, so many reunions and ‘thank God you’re alive’s’. My heart is glowing and expanding and soaring, and I honestly may have to seek medical attention. The multi-layered relationships on this show is what fills me with glee every week, and I’m not saying that these fictional characters are my only friends but MAYBE I AM. It was so damn outstandingly amazing to see these folks on my television screen again, for all the reasons. Just all of them.

So, welcome back, The 100. We missed you. I’m not even mad there were no Gorillas.


  • Bellamy calling Clarke ‘Princess’ was a nice call-back, but all I could think was, SHE IS A QUEEN.


  • Jasper was shot in the leg in the season 3 finale, which in the world of The 100 was yesterday. Was his gunshot wound healed by the power of Monty’s friendship, or Jasper’s love for Adele? #JasperLovesAdele


  • Clarke is 100% cool with her mom getting some from Kane. WHO WOULDN’T BE?? Those two are electric.


  • My kick-ass awesome Raven is in a lot of pain and it is UPSETTING.


  • “I didn’t agree to give them guns.” – “That’s probably because you’re not an idiot.” Oh Beautiful Creepster, how I’ve missed you.


  • Bellamy’s hair has morphed into a 90s bowl-cut and my inner 12-year-old is in love.


Later Gators!!


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One thought on “The 100 “Echoes” Photo Recap – Best Friends Forever (4.1)


    Jun 03, 2017
    Is it just me or has Octavia’s hair started to develop into dreadlocks? I don’t think she’s washed it since season 1 and honestly half the time when I’m watching the show I end up making bad jokes to myself about the state of her hair. Octavia’s hair is so greasy she can’t stand close to a fire because its downright flammable. Her hair’s so greasy they squeeze the oil out of it and use it to power the rover.

    Mar 18, 2017
    My life is now complete again.
    I am so happy to see Toni is still kickin around in here with the AMAZBALL recaps, I love them soooo much 🙂

    Feb 26, 2017
    Wow im late…

    Feb 17, 2017
    So I’m a little late to the party… Did we all survive the city of light with it’s icecream and coffee shops? How’s my main man Pike?….. Oh… Ewww….,,

    Feb 17, 2017
    On another topic – yeah, those eyes were just freakishly piercing and then holy blghrrjk!!!! Her fight was over!

    Feb 10, 2017
    Muchas gracias (nachos!) for the recap, Toni! I sorta zoned out after the whole bare-chested Roan thing, so glad I have you to fill in all the blank spaces in my mind…(uh oh, and I’m off again…) Now, can we finally get that EPIC Adventure Squad road trip and get out (and stay out) of that depressing Polis with its hideous decor and glum nightlife? Frankly, I’d take mutated apes and melting pyramids any day over that dump.

    Feb 17, 2017
    Yay!! Concur. Best recaps …EVER!!
    and Polis is definitely looking a little mingin’ I mean it’s got to have lost a couple of Michelin stars since Lexa’s administration days.

    Feb 09, 2017
    This is one of the best things I’ve ever read. I was unable to watch the premiere so went looking for a recap before the new episode and stumbled upon this. So glad I did. Freaking hilarious, and wise too. I was giggling out loud almost constantly while reading it. Just made an account on this site all because of this recap!

    Feb 06, 2017
    Turned to my friend during the episode (don’t worry only Jahahaha was talking so it didn’t matter) and said I can’t wait to read the recap for this. And it was beautiful.
    Also at the end with the desert lady it looked like Pyramids in the background, was this our first look of the word outside of North American East coast?

    Feb 06, 2017
    “a VERY SHADY hologram who doesn’t even sing or have a double life as a music producer”
    LOL @ ALIE as an evil, genocidal version of Synergy. Now imagine further, if you will, an animated musical version of The 100 starring Clarke and her alter-ego Wanheda.
    Clarke is excitement
    Oooh Clarke
    Clarke is adventure
    Squalor and murder
    Mayhem and pain
    Clarke is truly courageous
    Truly, truly, truly courageous
    Woah-oh Clarke
    The radiation’s contagious, outrageous
    Clarke is her name
    No one else is the same
    Clarke is her name
    But we’re Azgeda
    our tribe is better
    We are Azgeda, Azgeda
    and we’re gonna Az-get her!

    Feb 06, 2017
    *standing ovation*

    Feb 04, 2017
    Good to see the beloved Toni_watches has not been compromised by the weird TV Guide/TV.Com merger takeover thing! Seeing this review posted made me feel warm and fuzzy, the same way I feel whenever I see a mutant gorilla bounding across an apocalyptic Hell-scape! Great episode, of course, that goes without saying but I do have one question: Why did Raven refuse to let Jasper pour her any coffee? She was acting like he was trying to give her booze. I’m guessing he spiked it? Irished it up a little ? I would be spiking my coffee too if my best friend was hooking up with a hot chick and my girlfriend’s face recently melted and I suddenly found myself liking Adele.

    Toni_watches Feb 04, 2017
    I thought it WAS booze! I could be wrong. Possibly made from the still that my late husband Sinclair made?

    Feb 04, 2017
    Thanks so much for continuing to do these recaps, Toni – I look forward to them almost as much as I look forward to new episodes of the show! You are the best!!

    Feb 03, 2017
    Toni, you are the whipped cream and cherry on a The 100 sundae!!! I was super excited to see your recap after that awesome premier. I was not disappointed. I am so glad smell-o-vision is not a real thing. I am so glad you are back. I cannot wait to find out what is in store for us this season. Keep typing, and snacking:-)

    Feb 03, 2017
    *slow clap*

    Feb 03, 2017
    I HAVE MISSED YOU SO MUCH. *holds back tears*
    Toni! As soon as Kane and Indra looked at each other, I was a puddle of goo on the floor. I’m all for the Kabby stuff, I love those two, but nothing gives me the kind of joy I feel when Kane and Indra look at each other and let the world know they’re BFFs. And I LOVED that it was Indra who sorta-hugged him first. LOVED IT.
    I’d completely forgotten Jasper got shot. I am, however, impressed by his penmanship, the “Monty” on that envelop is making me jealous.
    In the very shallow spectre of things: love Bellamy’s hair and that his bloodied face is gone (now I can see his beautiful freckles), Echo is super hot, I’m all for Murphy smiling, and the electricity between Kane and Abby is giving me hope. Maybe that’s the key to saving the world. I don’t know. If I had 6 months to live I’d be partying like there was no tomorrow. Ha. Ok, I’m done. :p

    Feb 03, 2017
    I think my biggest reaction to this episode (which was just awesome in every way) was the BFF hug between Kane and Indra. I didn’t know how MUCH I needed them to have that hug until it happened, and it was staged just completley UTTERLY perfectly. There may have been a little dance i did, there may even have been some fist pumps. I might still be dancing on my own, to the strange music in my head…
    Anyways. Seriously, for the studpidly little time these two characters have had onsceen together I think thay have managed to convey the utter core of the show at the time they are on the screen, in just a few seconds with no words (again! – cos it happened througout series 3.). Just think about the greeting in Polis way back in early series 3, then later on when she saves him from the bomb and to now. How many words? very few, but the way those two actors interact … priceless.
    I thought this entire epiosde was prety much pitch perfect. I even found myself sympathising with Jaha (don’t worry, it won’t last) but that was all to do with Kane’s “WE did this”.. oh bless! (but serioously the guy nailed you to a fecking CROSS aren’t you a bit pissed off?) . But no really, at that point my heart had already melted into a gooey puddle, this just dispersed it further to the far reaches of Kane-worship. Cos he, with ONE sentance made me feel for Jaha! I didn’t think that was possible.
    But more improtantly, my life is complete. The recaps are back!

    Feb 03, 2017
    Someone in the props department obviously took a caligraphy course.

    Feb 03, 2017
    Yay…let the good times roll Toni is back with The 100, a win win situation.

    rismo Feb
    03, 2017

    Feb 03, 2017
    Also, I was so very upset with Raven in pain, too! Roan mentioned he was the eldest, so they better give her some Hot Ice Nation Sibling Love Interest Who Won’t Get Themselves Axed From The Show (no one deserves it more than Raven, come on!).

    Feb 03, 2017
    Now that is ALL I want.

    Feb 03, 2017
    When I opened this recap, I remembered how much I miss Lexa’s puns and got sad because we’d never have them back. Can you imagine how surprised and happy I was? I guess, my neighbours heard me laughing!
    The recap is wonderful as always! Missed you, Toni! You’re the best!

    Feb 03, 2017
    OMG where is Miller and Captain Big Arms? The amount of jizz these two have helped me produce defies logic so I was disappointed not to see them. Other than that, amazing episode and hilarious recap as always! I’ma make my death predictions for the season now:
    Emori because they’ll discover that deformed mutant blood can heal radiation
    ALL the adults because that would be such an intense plot twist to put the focus back on the hundred
    Harper because the show can’t have anybody being happy. Soz Monty!
    Captain Big Arms because Miller can’t be happy either. I’m so sorry guys, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles
    Echo because I have a feeling the novelty will wear off and she’ll just be annoying soon
    NOT INDRA! She is the greatest character of all time and they need to keep her forever and ever and possibly give her a spinoff show called Mornings With Indra.
    That is all. Kthxbi xoxo

    Feb 03, 2017
    Ahh, lovely, silly, thoughtful plus Alexa puns, all is right in my world again. Heh. Happy.

    Feb 03, 2017
    TONI IS BAAAAAAACK!!! I’M SO HAPPY!!! The premiere was amazing! But seriously, wtf is Jaha still on the show???

    Feb 03, 2017
    Tony watches is back! 🙂 Awesome! :))))

    Feb 03, 2017
    And the f*******ing edit button is STILL missing…. omg….

    Feb 02, 2017
    Is anyone else hoping miller and millers dad(does he even have a name??) have finally millers dad even still alive, I’m doubting myself.
    Octavias murder face is up there with Patrick Bateman, what a gleeful assassin.
    Hilarity resumes, great job x

    Feb 02, 2017
    WELCOME BACK!!! I’ve been checking all day, fingers and toes crossed, that you would be back with your AWESOME and HILARIOUS recaps this season. THANK YOU!!!

    Feb 02, 2017
    After reading your recaps after every episode last season I had to make an account to let you know how much I love reading these and how glad I am you’re doing the new season. You’re awesome, thanks for the laughs!

    Feb 02, 2017


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