The 100 “God Complex” Photo Recap – Broventures in Babysitting (4.8)

Happy bromance day, you guys! Happy bromance day to *points* you, and *gestures emphatically* YOU, and especially *nods* YOU, maybe not you *shakes head disappointingly*, but DEFINITELY *winks* YOU!

So many heart-to-hearts! So many friendships! So many quips! You guys know I’m a sucker for team-ups, especially between characters we haven’t seen interact in a while. Bellamy and Jasper? Yes please! Kane and Monty? Hells yes. Clarke and Roan? You know it! Luna and literally anyone? Cool, I’m down. What I’m saying is – I had a good time. And that’s what we’re here for (not a long time, though, that’s not allowed according to some sources.) While last week focused on the emotional state of our beloved Adventure Squad, this week zeroed in on their relationships. The ol’ one-two emotional punch, as they say (do they? I haven’t spoken to a human in months).

It’s impossible to be one of my favourite episodes, however, when it focuses so heavily on Newj. I know, I know, I shouldn’t be so hard on him considering he hasn’t done anything wrong, ever. He sacrificed himself on the Ark, then we didn’t see him for SO LONG (seasons 2 and 3 to be exact), and now here he is, solving problems like someone who has never fed a teen to a sea monster. I’m just… I’m SORRY, OKAY? I’m sorry to the writers, to the producers, I’m sorry to Isaiah Washington, and to Isaiah Washinton’s mom, I just CAN’T with this guy. Of course his big solution comes from a doomsday cult. OF COURSE IT DOES. His entire essence just screams “doomsday cult”, doesn’t it? *sighing eye roll*. Let’s get back to the good, fun, awesome things I liked… for example: Niylah knowing how to make hallucinogenic tea. That part was amusing. Niylah is so damn cool.


The episode began with our friendly neighbourhood burglar-turned-victim, Fake Baylis. They turned up the radioactive heat, and he just kept on catching those z’s, dreaming about whatever it is Fake Baylis dreams about.





Nope! Fake Baylis bubbled up and then his insides straight-up exploded. Byyyyye Fake Baylis! The best part about all this, as usual, was Roan’s reaction. While everyone else turned away in disgust, he acted like a 19th century fancy-lady who had just witnessed street urchins making out.


Back at Ark Camp, Newj was lighting some corpses on fire to roast spider dogs, but Jasper had better things to do.






Jasper was about to wander off without his “chem tent”, which was not okay with a certain dreamboat hero. Bellamy just happened to have a “chem tent”, so they decided to go on a broventure. Delightful.

Then Niylah started murmuring something over the bodies, which attracted some attention.





Newj jumped on that plot point like a sea monster on a teen-shaped snack. Apparently “from the ashes we will rise” isn’t a pretty common phrase in a hundred years, so the fact that Niylah said it meant it HAD to be connected with some creep-o doomsday cult.



Kane took some convincing, but eventually he was all, “what the heck, it’s bromance day!” and they cheers-ed with giant stone mugs of mead. You know what, if it brings Indra and her awesome daughter back into the fold… fine. I don’t even care. They brainstormed who should go with them, and they were like, “we need the best possible human being. Someone smart and kind and handsome, and has the gentle yet heroic heart of a lion.”


Yessss Monty! Get in on that bro-action! (Braction? We’ll keep workshopping that) Harper entered the scene a little tipsy and bummed, but also ready to go, and who could blame her?



That’s right, folks – teens. Remember that? How long has it been since they were sent to the ground? They were all under 18 in the pilot, and so far the biggest time jump we’ve had is 3 months. So AT MOST these kids are 19. Noodle on that.

Side note – I know I snarked at the scale of Harper’s guilt and pain last week. She didn’t help a dude out, and he died, and now she feels bad. The thing is – I LOVE this development. I love that Harper is continually being fleshed out more and more. It seemed that her main deal was to fill any role needed by the plot. Not anymore, folks! Harper’s got guilt, and gets drunk, and has a Monty-shaped loved interest. Get it, girl.


Speaking of, has Jackson ever said a line that wasn’t directly related to the science of medicine and biology, and/or making sure Abby doesn’t do something bonkers? Now that Harper is a real girl, let’s get those strings off Jackson! #GotNoStringsOnJackson Anyyyyywayyyyy he figured out how to fix the magic bone-juice, so they needed someone else to microwave. Unfortunately for a certain ninja turtle, Luna found one of Fake Baylin’s accessories.







Whoopsie! That happened FAST! But of course, what else have we come to expect from this glorious beacon of violent delight? Emori tried to take out the microwave (haha, love you, girl), but got taken down almost immediately.

Jasper lead Bellamy on a Dude Adventure Duo into Fern Gully in order to give him a pep talk about embracing their inevitable demise, but ALSO to find a snack!






This scene was pretty great. Say what you want about Jasper this (or last) season, but the show’s narrative needs his journey. His reaction to this horrifying apocalyptic hellscape is one of the most realistic on the show. Yeah, he’s gone a little bonkers. Wouldn’t you? And now that he’s given up on the idea of surviving, the sense of freedom accompanying that must be pretty seductive and hard to give up. I say, as always, you do you, Jasper!

Back at ALIE Island our band of protagonists locked up two of their own while planning to murder one of them in the name of science.



So much grey! And of COURSE our two lady loves are on the same side. Raven + Luna Forever.



Luna tried to peace out, but then Roan hugged her into submission. You guys – do they have history?? “I don’t want to fight you” “You have to, remember?”. Remember what, Luna? REMEMBER WHAT???? Am I reading into this and/or forgetting something that has already been established? Tell me!

Then we buzzed on over to Polis and our eyes feasted upon a glorious reunion.




Indra was understandably upset about Kane being besties with a clan who is currently murdering a ton of her people. On the upside, though… INDRA! Remember when I thought she was presumed dead? Hahahha… what an idiot.





Love these two!! Indra does NOT take shit, and she certainly was not interested in a sexy staring contest. Boss ass bitches ain’t got time for that! Anyway, Kane told her that her daughter could have screen time, and Indra was about it. She’s nothing if not a supportive stage mom.



The tattoo on her shoulder matched Newj’s trinket, which pleased him to obnoxious degrees.







Okay, show, fine. Newj asked Indra’s daughter to lead them to some magic, perfect paradise where only top-level doomsday cult enthusiasts get to live. I bet their descendants are going to be a real hoot.

Then we were gifted with a surrogate-sibling heart-to-heart.





You all know how much I love the brother-sister vibe these two have going on, so I’m not even going to gush about it. I’M NOT EVEN GOING TO, SO DON’T ASK ME. Roan basically checked in on the emotional state of our protagonist, told her she was doing a good job, and gave her a metaphorical pat on the back. It was adorable.

The Doomsday Dudes made it to the tunnels, and the guard was all, “ohhhh you guys are chill with Roan? Okay, cool, yeah, no problem, come on through. Any friend of Roan is a friend of ours! You guys want some tea or anything? We have a nice herbal blend steeping. Oh, and Marjorie made a cake for Greg’s birthday. You guys want some?”

And then Indra was all,



She shot those Ice Capades UP. Kane was displeased. No one else seemed to care. Hahah, I love you, show! Monty DID point out that Roan will think Skikru did it, which I’m sure won’t be a problem later.

Also… Indra loves guns now? That is truly heartbreaking.

They made it to the temple, and Newj spouted some grandiose line about having a key and tried to stick his silver dollar into the hole.


Newj failing, however temporarily, is my favourite. Remember when he and some teens ran up a sand hill thinking they found the City of Light, and it was just a bunch of mirrors? I honestly wish the episode had ended there.



Jasper and Bellamy got high together off some hallucinogenic tea Niylah made from radioactive nuts. Okay! I’m not sure why this scenario pleased me so much. Maybe it was getting to type the above sentence. Or maybe it was this:


WHAT EVEN IS THAT ON HIS FACE??? I’m a little bummed we didn’t get to actually see the effects of said tea, but that just means we get to play imagine about what went down.

Back on ALIE Island, Emori was still up to her schemes, but this time it was to save Murphy’s life after she dies. It was a couple of seconds and a few sentences of dialogue, but it was beautiful and it made me love her (and root for them) so much harder. ANYWAY, *wipes tear*.



Okay you guys, real talk, this scene was amazing. Everything about it – the writing, direction, the acting – all came together in a beautifully crafted piece of art. *stands* *every bone in my body cracks* *crumbs fall from my shirt onto the floor* *claps* *falls down*

Then Abby had some reservations about jabbing a teen full of bone-juice in order to bake her in an oven.


Clarke took over, and then even SHE was overcome with a sense of guilt!


She gave it to herself! Clarke is a nightblood now! She’s gonna crawl into the microwave and possibly die a horrible, gurgly black-gooey death! Oops, wait, never mind…





Abby hulked out on the microwave! – so wait, if she “saw” that it wasn’t going to work through her linked-to-Becca-brain-magic, then why was she going to let Emori in there? Hmmmm, Abby? HMMMMM?????

Back at Polis, Monty the Magnificent threw the silver dollar into the fire, and it burst into pink flames (of course it did), and everything but the key inside sizzled away!




Again, okay. That’s fine. Sure. Newj can have this one.

And that’s that! What did you guys think?? It’s been nice to slow down on the “HOLY EFFING SHEEZE WHAT THE WHAT JUST HAPPENED” moments, and really settle into the characters’ frame of mind these past few episodes – their relationships, what they put on their sandwiches, how they’re feeling about this whole ‘end of the world’ thing, which Avenger they would date… that kind of stuff. I won’t lie, though, while I enjoyed these past two episodes, I am ready for some HOLY EFFING SHEEZE WHAT THE WHAT JUST HAPPENED, so hopefully we’ll get some of that when the Adventure Squad returns.


  • Delightful callback to season 1 with “whatever the hell we want.” Remember when Bellamy was trying to pass as villainous? Hahaha, what a guy.


  • What are Octavia and Ilian doing right now? And DON’T say couples massage, because that’s unlikely.


  • If you ever need to knock me out, PLEASE hug me into submission like Roan did to Luna. Please. That looked so peaceful and comforting.


  • “Go. I’ll be here if you get back. When you get back.” Gahhhhhh that is a great line! Lots of great lines tonight, in fact. High five, Lauren Muir.


  • The scene were everyone at ALIE island started brainstorming how to hunt down a possible murder victim was… well, *slow clap*. These are our heroes!


  • Jasper’s quips! The return of Jokey Jasper is welcome, even if he is nihilistic.


  • “Be quick, Echo will send reinforcements”, omg Echo, girl, I miss you so much. Come on back and share sassy looks with Roan. Please. It’s what I live for. Hugs and sassy looks.



  • So now that they don’t have a microwave to test Luna’s spine-juice (or even Luna herself), is it on to plan G?


  • What did Jasper and Bellamy do while high on nut-tea? Write slam poetry? Piggy-backs? Hunt for jujubes and scour youtube for DVD blooper reels?


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One thought on “The 100 “God Complex” Photo Recap – Broventures in Babysitting (4.8)


    Apr 23, 2017
    Hello Toni 🙂 I’ve been following your recaps since the beginning of the show and I have been hooked ever since. Please NEVER stop! I love your recaps as much as I love the show and I LOVE the show.
    Anyway, my two cents on Abby’s reaction : She has only seen Clarke in her visions so far, and she only makes the connection between Zoombie Clarke and the night blood after Clarke inject herself with it.

    Apr 11, 2017
    Another outstanding recap of another fantastic episode. The best – the scene between Richard Harmon (Murphy) and Eliza Taylor (Clarke) and the small conversation between Eliza and Zach McGowan (Roan). Just fantastic stuff in such a gloomy season. OK show so don’t try to make me like Jasper now just because you put him with Bellamy for an episode. Can he be redeemed? I’ll wait to see if it becomes more permanent. The bad – No Octavia again. OK so there was a lot going on but I’ll take her over Newj any week. (or her and Indra over Indra and Newj as well.) Some good Raven/Abbey stuff as well. Please don’t kill these two women off. Oh, its the little things that make me happy. Loved that Luna and Roan may have had a past. Those two would be good together.
    I love this show more and more each week. How badass was Indra taking out the Icers? Echo is going to show up next and things are going to go down over the new possible relocation spot. Can’t wait.
    So happy that this show already got its 5th season renewal. No show with ratings this bad gets renewed so its nice to see that the executives know what they have and that ratings/shmatings who gives a crap when you have something as wonderful as this gem is on your lineup. Especially when it is so much better than many of its Superhero brethren. ‘iZombie’ didn’t come back strong either. They have to keep both of these shows.
    All I want, and they will, without question, be the toughest ones to get are the Raven action figures.) With and without knee brace.

    Apr 04, 2017
    Ok, I guess everything that has been happening it’s all coming together. Jaha found a shelter and we have 2 nations at war that will try to control it, and the only thing that can stop this is a Heda. And just in time Clarke became a natblida. So, the only way to know if the transfusion work is using the flame and turn into the new Heda. But the leaders of these nations are going to accept her?
    The same thought about Abby, Why was she sacrificed people if she knew the transfusion was useless?
    I agree with Raven they were becoming like the people of Mount Weather.
    I’m confused about the plot. Even if they became inmune of radiation, how were they going to survive prainfaya? it is a wave of fire! The shelter seems like a more realistic solution.

    Apr 02, 2017
    I was getting some serious Lost vibes when they discovered the trap door – the struggle to get it open, the anticipation as they slowly peered over the edge and shone the torchlight down the deep, dark hole, the silent deliberation as to who should be the first down the stairs/ladder, the suspense as everyone wondered what they would find down there . . . I was almost waiting for Desmond to pop up saying it was about time his replacement got there! Then my sister pointed out that, in fact, this time Desmond/Kane was on the OTHER side of the trap door and my mind was blown! Now I’m half expecting Locke or Jack to show up in this mysterious new underground bunker :).

    Apr 04, 2017
    My brother said the same, he loved Lost.

    Apr 02, 2017
    I would love to see an episode of the 100 where Bellamy drinks hallucinogenic tea and has a nice trip, just peacing out for an entire episode.
    Surprisingly, Jasper was a little less annoying for me this episode, which I enjoyed, but Abby took over as the character who irritated me because of how self-indulgent she was regarding her morality.
    I know she likes to think of herself as a good person (who was the reason her husband was floated and her daughter imprisoned for a year but nvm) but her endless agonizing means Clarke always has to step up and be the one to get things done, meaning more weight on her shoulders.
    And if they only have ten days to live before Clarke dies anyway, was there really much point in not shoving her inside the radiation chamber to see if it worked?

    Apr 02, 2017
    So Clarke is going to be the new leader of all the clans now that she has night blood. So she’ll prob have to marry Rohan.

    Apr 01, 2017
    I’m still waiting for them to come out with a line of the 100 action figures!
    I mean, COME ON already!! Who among us wouldn’t race buy a “Gorilla Attack Play set!”!? A “Sword Fighting Lexa!” , a “Jasper , with real Drinking Action!” or a talking Murphy figure with “Real Snarking Action!” ?
    Anyone with their own ideas about what figures they could make and what their action features could be, let me know below!

    Apr 02, 2017
    I DIG IT! Please take my money…
    I mostly desire the Mt Weather limited series,
    President Dante painting a canvas
    Maya and a plate of chocolate cake
    Echo in a cage
    Lovejoy and family including (Bellamy/Lovejoy)
    Dr Tsing melting
    Emerson (with/without Hazmat suit)
    Cage with severed hand holding Reaper injector gun

    Apr 02, 2017
    or even a Charlotte-in-the-box toy, you wind the handle and Charlotte pops out and tries to stab you in the neck.

    Apr 08, 2017
    “Jaha’s Kraken Feedin’ Boat Ride Playset” It comes with the boat and half a Kraken that you can put next to it, to make it look like it is coming up out of the water, and it’s got a big mouth open that can chomp when you push a lever. Mostly you will have to put your own other red shirt figures and your Murphy figure that you already own into the boat to play out the scene but it WILL come with one new figure. A “Jaha with Wacky Teen Flingin’ Action”! That way you can put a red shirt in his arms, push the lever on his back and he will fling the teen to the Kraken! (Maybe it will also come with one screaming red shirt figure that he can fling.) Someone needs to make these toys! Kenner? Playmates? Mattel!? You out there listening!?

    Apr 03, 2017
    I want a season one butter fly Octavia and season 4 battle worn Octavia. Also a season one “villain” Bellamy with his shirt off, trying to be a bad guy and a season 4 sad Bellamy where you squeeze him and he cries real tears!!

    Apr 03, 2017
    Cool, but of course when Christmas finally comes around and you eagerly open the package and it’s the Wells action figure.
    [squeeze] “Hey guys don’t take off the bracelets”
    [squeeze] “We should wait here until the Ark contacts us”
    Thanks Aunt Jenny it’s just what I wanted (holds back tears).

    Apr 03, 2017
    And of COURSE the Clarke figure!! We must make certain she looks sad already, but when you squeeze her, she keeps looking sadder and SADDER! “Clarke with Real Being DOOMED action!”

    Apr 01, 2017
    you are the best!
    now I wait for your reviews more than the episodes in self.
    I really hope we see more Echo in the next.
    Kane is so funny, why he has always a face like “?”
    I find ironic that Kane/Desmond (Lost) is now on the other part of the trap-door…
    maybe it’s a crossover…
    I also always wonder where exactly this space’s people could have find the tends…
    they went camping in the space?
    I’m so in love with this show!

    Apr 01, 2017
    What really pisses me off about Jaha being RIGHT is that now he’s gonna feel all VALIDATED about his actions from last season. Like, “See!! I knew I was right about weird cults being the answer to everything! I just had the wrong weird cult! But I DID IT this time!! HOORAY for me! Who ELSE thinks we should call this place JAHA BUNKER!!? Show of hands! I’d put MY hand up but I’m too busy pattin’ myself on the BACK with it!! HAHA!! ”
    Next episode, he’ll be looking for the nearest body of water that looks large enough to house a reasonably sized Kraken, so he can hurl Indra’s daughter into it and prove he was on the right track there too.

    Apr 01, 2017
    I legitimately thought I was the only person who remembered Chicken Tonight.
    Thank you for proving me wrong.
    While we’re at it, are there any other early 90’s commercial jingles you’d like to stick back in my head? Perhaps “Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t”? or maybe, “CHECK IT OUT! Carameellloooo!”

    Apr 07, 2017
    How about “Snap into a Slim Jim!” with Macho Man Randy Savage.

    Apr 04, 2017
    Is this a live viewer experience?
    Because of ads?

    Apr 01, 2017
    Jaha is like an evil genie…The way he appears behind Niylah was the scariest thing in the episode..Yet to encounter another character like this..Has a supreme ability to be extremely creepy while trying to save lives.

    Mar 31, 2017
    I’m very torn between shipping Kane/Indra (they’ll always be BFFs anyway) or Kane/new!Jacket (coat? IDK but I want it).
    The grounders are such good huggers. First, Luna and now Roan. I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE. Honestly.

    Mar 31, 2017
    So much to unpack this episode!
    – I too felt like they were alluding at some Roan-Luna history, but it could have been “You have to, remember (that you are the king and have to accept a challenge).” I don’t know! I like the idea of them having a history.
    -What the actual hell Indra? I know Kane was pissed, but I feel like he also kind of shrugged it off. Like, he didn’t even send her home. So also what the actual hell Kane?
    -Last week I pointed out how Bellamy started the show as happy irresponsible Bellamy, and has evolved into sad responsible Bellamy. The return to happy irresponsible Bellamy was nice, I’m glad he drank the kool aid.
    -Murphy didn’t offer to sacrifice himself, I mean of course he didn’t. But when the bad guys are about to sacrifice the person you love I expect television characters to scream No, take me instead! The fact that he never did was totally in-character and I loved that choice.
    -Regarding Abby “seeing” it wasn’t going to work and planning to sacrifice Emori anyway: I suspect what she “saw” was it not working on Clarke, so she was up for the Emori plan, maybe even writing off the vision as fantasy. So only when Clarke injected herself did Abby see the vision as truth.
    But I hope not because I am not a fan of visions, and seeing the future, and time travel in general because it is too full of paradoxes.

    Mar 31, 2017
    How does Indra keep getting more badass without exploding?

    Mar 31, 2017
    Raven: “Welcome to Mount Weather” [sarcasm bomb – drops mike]

    Mar 31, 2017
    So I was a little tough on Nilah last week, as it turns out, as well as small business owner and physiotherapist she can tend bar and DJ, she is also the immediate go-to person to spread hallucinogens to the largest body of people.

    Mar 31, 2017
    That was the gentlest, most affectionate choke-out I’ve ever seen.
    Am I the only one who wonders if maybe the Trippin’ Balls Jasper found in the woods might have radioprotective qualities?

    Toni_watches Mar 31, 2017
    OMG TRIPPIN’ BALLS as a NOUN????? You win this comment section.

    spudchick Mar 31, 2017
    I wish I could take credit for it, but no.
    The Insert Video thing isn’t working but if you are feeling suicidal, here’s a motivational video.

    Mar 31, 2017
    Why on Earth did Jaha think he’d be able to get into the super secret, exclusive, VVVIP, level 12 doomsday vault with a level 11 key? Of course it won’t fit! That’s kind of the whole point (Duh!).
    Skeptic Kane and “I love her” Murphy are totally two of my new favorites! Specially Kane’s raised eyebrow reaction to basically everything Jaha says, always.
    Should I feel bad that I kinda wanted them to put Clarke inside the microwave?

    Mar 30, 2017
    I think Bellamy and Jasper are getting high and playing shadow puppets and laughing uncontrollably. Great recap as always, but not sure how I’m going to get through the next 3 weeks.

    Mar 30, 2017
    I think Jasper and Bellamy were drinking Moonshine at the end, not the nut tea. I think they might be saving the jobi nuts for next episode when the party gets really messed up.

    Mar 30, 2017
    Oh, and I can’t wait to see Clarke’s face when Bellamy tells her that Jaha found a vault and they almost murdered 2 people for nothing 🙂
    Btw, Murphy actor is also killing it this season. It’s amazing how much better their acting got since season 1.

    Mar 30, 2017
    — What are Octavia and Ilian doing right now? And DON’T say couples massage, because that’s unlikely.
    Injecting themselves with bone marrow extracted from the sheep that survived blackrain? Nightblood sheep? Nightsheep?
    So Clarke is a nightblood now. I love it. I bet one Jaha cult dollar that she’s going to merge with Becca’s AI and become the new commander 🙂

    Mar 31, 2017
    If I had one Jaha cult dollar for every time…

    Mar 30, 2017
    Loved it! One of my constant faves are the names you give Jaha! Anyway, never stop!


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