The 100 “DNR” Photo Recap – Let’s Get Ready to Rumble (4.9)

No, YOU’RE crying!

Our beloved Adventure Squad is back after a 3 week pause, and with them is also the return of all our emotions. I’ve said it many times, and I will say it at least seventeen more times – I’m here for the hugs, and D.N.R. delivered! Not only that, but it reached deep into its emotional bag of tricks, pulled out a leather glove and slapped us across the feelings with it. So many heartfelt goodbyes! So many callbacks! These kids have been through some shit together, and now they’re parting maybe forever and *sniff* there is SO MUCH DUST IN MY EYE.

Guys, let’s take a quick four hours to talk about Raven. The 100 fandom has been split over many a thing in its history – ships, moral quandaries, deaths, what the mutant Gorilla’s actual name is (Matilda, obviously), but it has always vehemently agreed on one thing – Raven is awesome. Raven has always been, and forever shall be awesome. I would like to live in denial and believe that the show will somehow save her, but I can’t because despite how it may seem with all the snark, I actually pay attention. The 100 follows through on threats, and I am very scared and sad.

Now let’s take another few days to talk about the relationship between Raven and the Beautiful Creepster. In season 1 did you EVER think I would be typing that sentence? But I did! And I am very serious about it! This friendship was HARD FOUGHT, and their emotional goodbye was very, very earned. It has been three seasons in the making! We’ve been hurtling towards this development since the moment Murphy limped into the dropship in episode 1 of season 2 and told Raven a sad story that smelled heavily of redemption. He finally apologized for shooting her! And she forgave him! And it is REALLY DUSTY IN HERE AND THAT IS WHY MY EYES ARE LEAKING.

Ugh. The 100. What are you even doing to me? Besides the emotional ass kicking, this episode was also very twisty. Everyone is getting along, NOPE. There’s gonna be a war, NOPE. Clarke is the next Commander, NOPE! I am very happy the Matrix bug didn’t slither into the back of Clarke’s head. From the moment we learned that you could manufacture nightblood, a lot of commenters figured it was only a matter of time before Clarke became the next Commander. I was always of the camp that that would be just a bit too much, and apparently so were the writers. There’s going to be a conclave! What fun!

Let’s get this dust out of our eyes and dive in, shall we? The episode began like the best sitcom ever, with three pals joking around, hanging out, and ribbing each other with hilarious quips about the end of the world.



For real you guys, if this show turned into Raven, Emori and the Beautiful Creepster trying to make it work on a rocketship, I WOULD WATCH IT. Anyway, things were real cool and fun until a certain hallucination crashed the party.



Becka! It was Becka, you guys, just chilling out in the rocketship, but also in Raven’s mind. Then Raven had a seizure that was very upsetting, so let’s not talk about it. Moving on!

Meanwhile, on a farm (LOL)…



Oh man, Octavia is soooooo bored! Look, I love Ilian, and this thing they have going is very cute, but he better start finding terrible humans for Octavia to hunt down in a forest or something, because she is NOT loving being a farmer. Anyway, some chick showed up like some kind of gruesome girl guide, except instead of selling cookies, she was shaming her neighbours into going to war.



Back at Ark Camp, Newj was doing what he loves more than anything – giving a speech about how he’s the best.




Newj was all, “I saved everyone,” and they were all, “oh, okay cool,” and he was like, “you don’t seem as excited as you should be,” and they were like, “no, it’s just that, you claim to save us every other week, so…” and Newj was like, “no, but this time I really did!” and they nodded and were like, “sure, pal.”

One lady in particular did not seem very keen:


Jasper hinted very heavily that he’s not about on the whole “survival” thing, but more importantly, look who his new best friend is:


His smile screams, “someone please call 9-1-1, I am under duress.”

What we know so far: Riley was imprisoned by some Ice Cubes, fought to be rescued, is every main character’s best friend, and was very upset and hurt when he wasn’t on Clarke’s survival list, going so far as to throw poor Darcy under the bus because he was a better shot than her, and now he doesn’t even WANT his spot in the bunker? Jeez, Riley, pick a damn character trait and stick to it!



Abby told Clarke that the alliance with Roan was at an end, which Clarke very quickly figured out was code for, “we’re at war now, hun.” Of course, like any plan Skaikru has ever had, it went downright terribly, and everyone was captured.


YEAH GIRL! Oh how I missed Echo with her badass no-nonsense, and her sassy, hilarious buddy-cop friendship with Roan. More! More! More! Anyway, she instinctively knew he was in danger so she showed up and put a stop to Skaikru shenanigans. This lead to the reappearance of the oldest, most consistent aspect of this show… MOUTH GAGS! So gross. I am legitimately concerned for the oral health of these actors.



Clarke explained that she didn’t know about the schemes, and Roan instantly believed her because they are practically family and no one can convince me otherwise. Then Clarke countered this situation with more schemes, and Roan was about it.


Meanwhile, back at the farm (LOL):




Maybe take it as a warning sign when your girlfriend interrupts a cuddle-sesh to get all nostalgic about war. Speaking of girlfriends who just weren’t into it this episode…



Harper doesn’t want to go to the bunker!! This was an upsetting turn, you guys. I get it, life in the world of The 100 is a hellish literal apocalypse, but Monty had a good point – Harper ran for her life during the black rain, so maybe this decision isn’t the most consistent? Then again, people change, and shit happens, and you know what, I retract my nitpick – you do you, Harper!



Newj was all “pitter patter let’s skedadder,” and the kids were like, “if it’s a choice between listening to more of your speeches, or dying, we’d rather just die, thanks.

Then Monty’s best friend and girlfriend entered into a suicide pact with this look;




Speaking of, our glorious Goddess of Awesome was making a decision of her own.





This was beautiful and heartbreaking. Raven is dying. Her most prized asset – her brain – is failing. Faced with the choice of quickly deteriorating and relying on your friends to help you brush your teeth vs. going out with a blaze of glory… I’m not saying which way I would go, but once again the show is asking its audience the hard questions. That being said – RAVEN! Don’t die ever!


Seeing as the Beautiful Creepster and Emori were banking on Raven’s awesomeness as a draw to get rescued, watching her having a full-out conversation with an imaginary friend was a touch disheartening. So they decided to live in a love-bunker for two.

Meanwhile Roan and Clarke descended into their future paradise to try and negotiate with Indra. Naturally it went about as well as two mean girls both up for prom queen.





Then Indra was all, “if only we had a commander, everything would be fine, we’d all get along, everyone would survive and somehow we’d all get cool jackets or something. But we don’t have a commander. A commander would solve everything. Commander, commander, commander!”




Clarke showed Gaia her nightblood, and the game was afoot!

Back at Ark Camp Jasper and the others had locked themselves into a room, and Bellamy and Monty figured they could logic them out.






Newj was concerned that this teenage drama was eating into his very important plotline, so he decreed the kids were allowed to stay and die or whatever, he didn’t care, as long as everyone knows how great he is.


Very serious question – when is Monty going to catch a freaking break? Asking for a friend (my heart). Anyway, back at the farm (LOL), Octavia got paid a visit by some rude wannabes, so she started handing out one-way tickets to hell like she was Oprah Winfrey giving away cars.






Octavia is Octavia again!! Look, this girl has always been a bit brutal, even before all the shit that went down. So yeah, I don’t think playing nice at a farm (LOL) was ever going to cut it, even if she hadn’t been attacked by a bunch of noobs. Ilian didn’t actually say anything, but he seemed pretty bummed. I hope this isn’t the last we see of his handsome face!

Back at Polis Roan heard the horn of power, or the whistle of magic or whatever, that signified a new commander was having her cotillion. He knew it was just Clarke being Clarke – going to very extreme extremes, just the absolute most extreme of extremes to try and single-handedly save the universe.






Roan totally called Clarke out for sciencing her blood! He even called in her mom to confirm it.



Welp, no matrix bug for Clarke! I wanted to high-five Roan so hard in this scene. Not only did he stop a plot point that would have been way too much, but he also came up with a fun solution!



A conclave!! They’re going to do a conclave with one representative from each clan! How exciting.

Back at Ark Camp everyone was saying goodbye, calling back to season 1, reminding the audience how much these people have been through together, and it was VERY MOVING, OKAY?




And then Monty stayed? I was confused by that. It seemed like a real “now or never” kinda deal… unless you’re Monty? I don’t know. Maybe because they have a rover? Again, I don’t know.
Miller and Jackson (Mackson? Jiller? Milljack? Too soon?) returned to ferry away our sitcom stars to safety, and the surprised yet pleased look on Emori’s face was pretty darn cute. AND THEN…






The closing scene of the episode was a classic Bellamy/Clarke discussion about how effed they are, but how they have to try anyway. They don’t have anyone who can fight! Skaikru is the wimpiest kru! They’re gonna looooooooose!



YESSSSSSSSS. Octavia strolled up on her kickass horse, with her kickass face and kickass one-liners and her kickass thirst for murder. Man oh man is this going to be an awesome conclave!

Well, that’s it! What did you guys think? Worth the 3 week wait? Are you SO PUMPED for next week’s inevitable awesomeness that you’re working on building a time machine out of a DeLorean so you don’t have to wait?



  • Will Octavia even fight for Skaikru? Are they on speaking terms?


  • If this bunker is the absolute best, where are the people it was intended for? Shouldn’t their descendants still be chilling out down there?


  • Was that FLIRTING going on between Miller and Jackson??? Look, you all know how much I love Brian, but I also HAVE get behind any development that gets those strings off Jackson. #MakeJacksonARealBoy


  • Someone explain mouth gags to me. How does having a strip of cloth in your mouth stop you from talking and/or screaming? How does every character on this show just HAVE mouth gags? Do they rip up old clothes and then carry the strips around in their pockets? How often do you think those things are washed? How do they taste? Ugh – these questions have burned within me since season 1.


  • It’s nice to see Erica Cerra back in action as Becka. This lady should be in more things!


  • Bellamy brought up a great point – the kids were sent to the ground to die and have survived despite nearly insurmountable odds. This is the first time since the show began that they were given a choice. Did they do the right thing by letting them have that choice, even if it meant loss of life? You all know how much I love moral quandaries.


  • On a scale of 1 to IT WAS SO DAMN EARNED IT SHOULD GET A PAYCHECK, how earned was the Murphy / Raven hug?


  • Did you want Clarke to become the Commander, or did you think it would have been way too much? Like when calendars have pictures of babies cuddling with puppies AND kittens AND chicks and they’re all on a picnic or something. Like, calm down, calendar.


I googled “too much” to have a visual representation for this last point and the first image was this:




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One thought on “The 100 “DNR” Photo Recap – Let’s Get Ready to Rumble (4.9)


    Nov 30, 2017
    Tim “Barlet” (the closest thing to Tim Bartlett I could find on IMDb!

    Nov 30, 2017
    GUYS! I have some news regarding Tim “Bartlett”!!! The only guy with that character’s name is “Tim Barlet” who only appears in the pilot of season 1 and he’s got only a demo reel on his IMDb profile pick… here’s the link:

    Toni_watches Dec 02, 2017
    Sweet. Baby. Jesus.

    May 13, 2017
    Me and my buddies have only just caught up to this episode and are still 2 eps behind but I felt the need to comment on here anyway.
    Okay, Toni are you ready for this? WE HATE RAVEN. Absolutely couldn’t care less about her, second only to Jahaha in terms of not wanting them to be in the episode. I know she has been important and done a lot of cool science shit but nah man , can’t stand her.
    I’m sorry. I truly am. We have discussed it and honestly don’t know why we dislike her so much.
    Your love for Raven has always been the thing that I just don’t understand with your recaps.
    This episode for instance we were like “So long girl!” And I cared only for Beautiful Creepster in that scene.
    So yeah not the entire fandom is in agreement that she is fantastic, to me she is “eh”.

    May 02, 2017
    Sorry so late to the party this time Toni but better late than never. I just got through my tears about this absolutely wonderful installment of the best but criminally underrated CW gem. OK so I guess no one from this show will ever get invited to an Awards party but you cannot deny the talent this crew has from top to bottom. Eliza Taylor, Marie Avgeropolous, Bob Morley, Paige Turco, Henry Ian Cusick, Adina Porter, and yes even Isaiah Washington have all graced this show with their talent and the results have always been welcomed. Tonight the big spotlight was clearly on the unsung heroes of the cast Lindsey Morgan and Richard Harmon. Richard Harmon first caught my attention in the ‘BSG’ prequel whose life was cut waaaaay too short ‘Caprica’. Over the years he’s popped up in many of the shows I like from ‘The Killing’ then ‘Bates Motel’ to his stellar turn on ‘Continuum’. I like the young actor. But on this show he shows much more than he ever has before and the relationship bw these two characters Raven and Murphy has been one of the best stories throughout its life. This episode brought me to tears. They moved me with their performances in this episode. Lindsey Morgan’s performance in this hour needs to be compared to every actress in a supporting role in a drama and I bet it is going to be pretty damn hard to find 5 actresses who have put in better work in this category. If they kill her, I will be be crushed that she is gone but happy that she is getting to, pardon the pun, fly away. The world needs more Lindsay Morgan.
    I so love this show and thought that this episode was great. I’ve grown to accept Jasper’s resignation to this fate, but why Harper? We watched you grow as your part has slowly expanded and now you want to die? Chelsey Reist is someone I also will be upset to lose from this cast. As long as she doesn’t hook up with Jasper before the end I will be somewhat OK.
    Luna where the hell have you been girl? These idiots really need someone without war in their heart to set them on a path. Please return. I like the idea that her and Roan may be the solution. Great solution. As well intention-ed as Clark is, she is no Tribal Leader because no one would accept that. Yeah let’s fix all this by making Skaicru’s leader the Commander?!? Poor heart on her sleeve bad ass Clarke. Love you Clarke but you had to realize that was a bad idea. Listen to your mother. Now step back to Skaicru and make Octavia your warrior and let’s start this party. (See Clarke would, over Bellamy’s objections but we know the current leader Kane may not see things the same way. Can’t wait for this argument.)
    Thanks for returning with your usual sass, wit, and eye for the best screen shots. Another stellar recap per usual.
    (Since ‘Banshee’ has been gone I needed another show to fill that Hoon Lee (so glad the ‘Banshee’ crew added you to ‘Outcast’ this year) sized void in my heart and with ‘The 100’ I have found a worthy successor. Its just been a while and I needed to let out a good ‘Bansheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!’ Who wouldn’t love it if Ivana Milicevic or Hoon Lee popped up on this show? She was wasted on ‘Gotham’.)
    ‘Til next week Toni fans!

    May 02, 2017
    I feel like i need to tell you that you’re basically the best! Thanks for another cracking review

    Apr 29, 2017
    Jaha must have been GIDDY with excitement that he got to help some teens die again! Yes, this was sort of just him, very indirectly allowing them to die, so it wasn’t like the thrill of flinging one to a Kraken or something, but the sheer QUANTITY of kids he was leaving for dead, probably helped make up for the QUALITY of their deaths.

    Apr 29, 2017
    Much as I like the Murphy and Raven becoming friends thing, I totally must not have been paying attention when that moment happened . Wasn’t she just calling him a cockroach like two episodes ago? And then, even after he saved her life , she was still screaming “I HATE YOU ! I HATE YOU!” at him when she started to lose her shit. They had kind of a moment after that, when she said “thank you” to him, but I wasn’t prepared for the whole heartfelt, hug and goodbye. (Even though I loved seeing it!)

    Apr 29, 2017
    What ultimately happened to Luna? Did she just get high and wander off or something?

    Toni_watches Apr 29, 2017
    She left after Abby smashed the microwave, and everyone let her because they figured they were screwed anyway.

    May 02, 2017
    I saw the walk away part, I just didn’t know if that meant she peacing out forever! I don’t think she had even heard about the bunker! Not that she would care!! Much like Toni Watches, she would rather die by Prime Fire than support a Jaha centric plotline!!

    Robespierre May 04, 2017
    she would rather die by Prime Fire than support a Jaha centric plotline!!
    Truer words have never been spoken 🙂

    Toni_watches May 02, 2017
    I am Toni Watches, and I approve this message.

    Apr 28, 2017
    I love how usually when something goes wrong between Skaicru and another clan, the other clan automatically presumes that Clarke has betrayed them, but this time, Roan knew that whatever was happening, Clarke wasn’t in on it.
    And am I the only one that’s noticed that two episodes in a row has seen Abby as instrumental in screwing up Clarke’s plan?
    I think Octavia is going to fight for Skaicru because they’re the only clan that will let her fight for them, but I assume that Clarke will be trying like hell to come up with a contingency plan to get everyone in the bunker.
    Of course, Skaicru could point out that they’re the only ones with the necessary understanding of how the tech in the bunker works to keep it functional for five years.

    May 01, 2017
    Abby has been consistent with her high horse I’m holier than thou belief in always taking the higher ground. Thank god Lexa managed to temper and cure Clarke of this personality disorder before dying. That being said, Abby’s complete failure as a leader is too many failures to count. But this is definitely 2/2 on my personal gaffe shit list.
    First time was when her indiscretion got her hubby floated. Which set Clarke against her when she finally learned the truth of who was responsible for his execution
    Second, she precipitated the destruction of Mt Weather and all of Farm Station survivors due to bad decision making to reopen Mt. Weather. And went ahead and made that decision public to the grounders. Skai Kru may have been safely enclaved within Mt. Weather with an infinite supply of resources and advanced tech if Abby hadn’t gone public with her intent to reopen Mt Weather.
    Third, she destroys any attempt at humanity’s survival by testing Clarke’s irradiated blood in that radiation chamber. Especiailly since this vandalism was done in what appears to be the last remaining advanced lab in the world…
    Now the Abbster has gone and sabotaged humanity’s last remaining chance for survival. Tribes may have found a way to live peacefully–well perhaps not Azgaeda–with each other in that bunker. But now thanks to Abby’s holier than thou attitude, humanity’s survival is reduced to a single tribe/gene pool.
    Assuming Raven can’t help in saving the world before she dies, and if only one tribe survives the conclave, then the surviving humans will come from a very inbred gene pool indeed……

    May 01, 2017
    Yes, I agree with pretty much everything you’ve said, and it’s not just in big picture ways that Abby is screwing up either, but in her self-indulgent pampering of herself as a ‘good person’ last episode when it came to experimenting on people last episode- the cost of one person for all of humanity- she almost forced Clarke once again to take the necessary steps.
    I get Clarke is already Wanheda but surely Abby should be trying to take on some of the burden so Clarke doesn’t have to keep killing people.

    Apr 28, 2017
    I think the clans are descended from the occupants of bunker from the first Primfya. When Becca landed in Polis she was greeted by people in radiation suits. I have a theory:
    What’s his name who started the whole second dawn thing couldn’t afford to build a bunker of that size with that kind of technology with his own or with the help of paid members. He would need corporate sponsors. Becca ran and owned the largest tech company and had millions at her disposal. She had her very own satellite, island mansion complete with bunker and rocket ship. I think after creating the Allie she made a deal with what’s his face and financially backed the 12th level Second Dawn bunker project, while promising to go to space and work on a cure for radiation. I don’t think it was an accident she landed where she did and met with those people. It was all planned.
    Then from there a power struggle took place for the flame and science devolved into a religion. Control the knowledge and you control the people.

    Apr 28, 2017
    I’m surprised you didn’t mention Wells’ appearance!

    Toni_watches Apr 28, 2017
    Oh yeah! I meant to put that in my “Some Stuff” section, but I forgot.

    Apr 28, 2017
    Totally for the Raven rocket, needs a sidekick to take like Luna because otherwise in space no-one can hear you sass!

    Apr 28, 2017
    Maybe non of the 100 will get it. but it won’t matter b/c their space bodies will be fine.

    Apr 28, 2017
    Roan is going to have a political marriage to either Luna or Clarke. I’m callig it!

    Apr 28, 2017
    I was totally thinking that! My money is on Luna as they have already hinted they have a past.

    Apr 28, 2017
    Grow crops? So was Ilian just talking himself and his farm up when he said he had sheep or what?
    So your back with a surprise jar of tasty marmalade and your new girlfriend has just murdered and dismembered your friends/neighbours and left them strewn across the yard – so where is that emoticon on messenger when you need it.
    The guyz are hitting the spot tonight you coming?
    – Pass [Octavia emoticon]
    Sure man, next time!

    Apr 28, 2017
    “Of course, like any plan Skaikru has ever had, it went downright terribly” Not Skaikru – ABBY ever had
    (Btw for the most time I understand her reasoning, but nonetheless she’s wrong).

    Apr 27, 2017
    Ok, let’s say they ALL get in the bunker.
    Where does this show go from here?!
    Season 5 is confirmed. Is this going to be a “tales from the bunker” season? Is the bunker the size of a city?
    #soconfused #stillhereforthehugs

    May 01, 2017
    Ever heard of 2 awesome and popular reality TV shows called Survivor and Big Brother? Well I’m sure JR aka the self proclaimed genius show runner of the 100 has found a way to trump these 2. But I guarantee the finale will end with a number of grounder clans that is significantly less than 4. aka Sole survivor clans will 99% confidence be:
    Skai Kru (obviously Octavia isn’t going to die just yet)
    Tre Kru (cause they can’t just kill of Indra without a personal epic battle between her and Roan of some sort)
    Azgadea (cause Roan is unlikely to die anytime soon)
    watch and see. I do have a gift of prophecy. lmao

    May 04, 2017
    Well, given the fallacity of these statements (as we now know):
    “cause they can’t just kill of Indra without a personal epic battle between her and Roan of some sort
    Azgadea (cause Roan is unlikely to die anytime soon)”
    pardon me if I take the rest with a grain of salt 🙂


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