The 100 “We Will Rise” Photo Recap – Stress Management (4.6)

Do you guys ever go to parties? I do. I go to sooooo many parties, all the time, I’m always just totally partying. You know the BEST parties are when you’re bobbing your head to Hanson’s MMMbop, sipping on a blueberry wine cooler, and you look around the room and you realize that you like every single person there. All the party people are close personal friends of yours that you enjoy hanging out with, and you are genuinely upset when one of those people decide to leave, or even when they hint that they MIGHT leave the party at any point in the foreseeable future.

The 100 is like all those fun parties I definitely go to all the time. I love every single one of the people on my television screen. I could spend time with any combination of them and it would be a good time, and I DO NOT want them to leave this particular party!

I would even tolerate Newj (pronounced nooge), who as you recall is “New Jaha”, a man who sacrificed his own life on the Ark to save others, and then disappeared for seasons 2 and 3. No one really knows how he got to earth, or what he did all that time, or whether or not he’s ever fed a teen to a sea monster. He just showed up one day in Season 4, and everyone was like, “oh okay, cool, welcome back?”

Look. The crux of what I’m saying is this: DON’T YOU DARE, THE 100! You are currently acting like that one parent who shows up all mad and tries to take the COOLEST GIRL at the party home because she has to visit grandma in the morning, or some shit. She can be tired at Grandma’s, okay? SHE CAN BE TIRED AT GRANDMA’S!

I need to calm down. The way to do that? Photo recap!

The episode began hot off the utter devastation of last episode, with a cheery chat between old pals.




Jasper was all, “ain’t no thang”, about the human race’s upcoming inevitable demise, while Newj fondled the coin from that one time he went on a side Adventure Squad with Clarke, Bellamy and iPadicus. Intrigue!

Ilian was chillin’ in his jail cell practicing being dreamy when a legit MOB descended to kick him a bunch.



This show LOVES faceless, angry mobs. Our beloved Adventure Squad is always either talking down or fighting off some mob. Like, maybe RELAX, faceless extras. You’re always causing so much shit! I do like the consistency of it all, though. The 100’s extras have been big jerks since day one, and I’m glad to see they’re really leaning into it. Remember when the teen mob wanted to kill Jasper after he was impaled? Consistency!

Anyway, they beat Ilian up a ton, until this handsome devil waltzed in and started shooting the place up.


Kane has been a bit sidelined this season, basically relegated to dreamy babysitter of situations. Is there a situation afoot? Don’t worry! Kane will be there on the sidelines babysitting it! What I’m saying is, I was glad to see Kane stepping up this episode, reminding us how sexy capable he is.


Quick question – does Ilian shop at Marie Claire? Or is his shirt like that because he’s in the middle of a workout regime, and he doesn’t want to limit how big his biceps can get?

Back at ALIE Island, two of our favourite things were happening: Raven was being awesome, and the Beautiful Creepster was being sassy. Everyone else was napping, I guess? From what I have gathered from this episode and the last, ALIE Island has a rotating mandatory nap time. I would NOT be complaining.






Raven and the simulator had a fight about how not to explode while Murphy sat outside playing with a toy car like a kid in a dentist waiting room. I love this show.



Okay, so, I know I say this about a lot of characters, but I really dig Niylah. Other characters on this show ground Clarke, and help her constantly save the world, but Niylah helps her remember WHY. She’s big on making sure Clarke actually lives, and I respect that. Also, she seems above the drama, you know? Like, who CARES if Clarke is hanging out with someone else at the party, Niylah is doing her own thing, plus she has a book in her bag if things get boring.




What fun!! Bellamy, Clarke, Roan and some red-shirts were going on a quest to bring fuel to the nerds. You can almost taste Bellamy’s excitement at spending time with his new best bro Roan. Please, show, please just let Bellamy have a bromance that doesn’t implode and isn’t entirely fabricated by my imagination. We all need this.

Then Kane started Dad-ing and it was awesome.




And then THIS happened:



Are we all counting down the days until Clarke starts referring to Kane as her step-dad? Love these two!

Meanwhile in the infirmary, Bellamy and Octavia were having a classic sibling fight.






Octavia is STILL mad about that time Bellamy inadvertently got her one true love killed. This was in all honesty very distressing. Remember in season 1 when Octavia and Bellamy were the beating heart of the show? And now she’s all, “I didn’t murder you. You’re welcome.” OUCH! But also, thank you?

Then in an awkwardly expository moment, Monty took it upon himself to list all the stakes for the episode.






I won’t lie – I missed Echo this episode, if only because her and Roan are a 5-star comedy duo. Roan was still throwing around sassy looks, though, so I’ll forgive it.

You know when you’re on a trip with a friend you haven’t spent much time with before, and all of a sudden you start to notice the little annoying things about their personality that may or may not make you want to throw a mango margarita in their face? That was happening to Raven and Murphy.





But look who came to the rescue, like some kind of glorious, beautiful yogi life coach!


Luna scooped Raven up like a toddler and calmed her the eff down with a soothing chant / rocking motion. Let’s be real for a quick sec – I loved this. I mean, I hated it for the obvious reason that Raven’s broken brain is changing her personality / killing her, but I also loved it because Luna + Raven is the absolute best. I ship it, you guys. Whatever form it takes, I ship it so hard. Friendship, loveship, partnership, crime-fighting pair, circus act, WHATEVER – just put these two ladies in every scene until the end of time, please and thank you and please for the love of the TV Gods.

Meanwhile in Ferngully, the Road Trip came across some Trikru peeps who needed a doctor.



But then a curious little fella snooped into the gaping entrance of the truck, because I guess all sheets or covers of any kind were also burnt up in the great Ark fire of ‘17.



Whoopsie! The Adventure Squad hightailed it outta there while their Treekru pals shot arrows at them. I’m sure it’s fine. Then, because global warming is a very real issue in the world of The 100 and our own, they came upon a river that wasn’t supposed to be there. Roan volunteered to go find a place to cross, and Clarke was all, “Bellamy, you know you want to go with him,” and Bellamy was all, “nuh uh!” And then Roan was like, “are you suuuuuuuuure?” and Bellamy reluctantly nodded and was like, “fine, but only because Clarke said so!”

But in their hearts they were all…



Just let me have this.



Luna and Murphy had a delightful chat about his guilt over pretty much everything, but specifically shooting Raven that one time. One of the many things I love about this show is that it doesn’t drop story-lines. Pre-redemption Beautiful Creepster went a little nuts in season 1, and we’re still seeing the effects of his actions. Bellamy went nuts last season, and his sister still hates him for it. Clarke let a nest of animals live in her hair for a season, and I bet she still has tangles. It’s just really great to see all of these things compound instead of disappear. So, high-five, show!

Back at the Ark, Niylah noticed some shifty lack of guards in the med bay and scampered off, leaving Octavia to bond with Ilian.




Hahaha, OCTAVIA! He was like, “maybe help me not get murdered?” and she was all, “the sword doesn’t care what you meant, it just cuts,” and then Ilian ROLLED HIS EYES. I love these two so much.

Bellamy and Roan were pretending not to have an amazing time together, when Clarke flat-out refused to answer on the radio. Because they live in the world of The 100, they both assumed the worst, and they were right! When they got back, everyone was gone except for a very moist dead body.




Back at the burnt-up Arc Camp, Niylah went to the most obvious problem-solver she could think of – Monty – probably because she recognizes that within his chest beats the heart of a true hero. She let him know that angry mob #2 had full access to a dreamy grounder. Monty, in turn, let Newj know… for some reason?





The dialogue here was a bit strange, randomly throwing out that time they almost hung the Beautiful Creepster. I GUESS it was supposed to be a parallel for killing someone rashly without justification, but I think it was actually just to remind us all that Newj had a son who was killed by Clarke and Bellamy’s surrogate one-week daughter.

Back at ALIE Island, another Raven meltdown was subverted by a team-effort brainstorm.



And it worked! The think-tank came up with a way to land the rocket ship in the water and become mermaids or something. Huzzah! Oh, and Raven thanked Murphy and they eye-hugged and it was very heartwarming.

Meanwhile, the dude detective duo were on the case of the missing fuel / protagonist.







These two are the best of buds, and no one can convince me otherwise. Their sing-a-long was cut off by some pretty rude Trikru, which lead dude detective #1 to figure out it wasn’t Trikru who took the fuel, it was the Ice Capades! I guess they wanted it to make bombs to squash their enemies. Huh. It’s almost like there’s a parallel to be drawn from this about groups of people spending their energy fighting each other, even with the knowledge that the planet they live on is imploding.

At this point the faceless angry mob came a-knockin’ on the med bay door. Kane seemed to be the only one up for a rumble, including Ilian.



Octavia opened the door! Then she was all, “I’m the most badass, so I get to kill him,” and for whatever reason (probably because she’s scary) everyone was all, “sure kid, no problem.” Confession – at this point I thought, ‘awww, Octavia has a trick up her sleeve to save Ilian!’ Foolish, foolish Toni, always thinking I know what’s coming, and I never, ever do. She was very ready to straight-up murder a dreamboat.




What followed was horrible and emotional and beautiful and devastating, and un-recappable. The scene was juxtapositioned with flashes of Lincoln being killed by Pike, and Octavia broke down and cried. And then we ALL cried, because damn. High fives to everyone, but especially Marie Avgeropoulos who has been killing it all season (pun intended).

Oh, and Newj let Ilian go as if he was a dog they had tied up in the yard.


He got an approving nod from Monty, which I guess signifies an approving beyond-the-grave nod from Wells? I don’t know. Then he said the name of the episode. So. Way to go Newj?

Then we circled back to the veritable buddy-cop movie that is the life and times of Clarke, Roan and Bellamy. There was a car chase, a fight on moving vehicles, quips, an impossible dues-ex-gunshot, and then a near-collision that would have killed everyone.





Oh, the zany misadventures these two crazy kids get into!







Okaaaaaaaaay, how many of you are so excited / mad right now? Look, I know what you’re thinking, that Bellamy was about to be all, “if this is the last time we see each other, then I love you, want you, need you, take me now and may our hearts be forever entwined.” Of course, he COULD have been about to say, “There’s a half-eaten sandwich in my room that could get smelly,” or, “if I die, erase my browser history,” or “if you die, can I have your walk-man?” We just don’t know.

Then they realized that one of the barrels of human-race-saving fuel was punctured by one of those trouble-making Trikru arrows.



Oh dear. Remember earlier in the episode when Bellamy said, “what else could go wrong?” like AN IDIOT??? Way to go, Bellamy. You brought this on yourself. Anyway, then they told Raven, and it did not go well.


I AM VERY UPSET BY THIS. Show… listen to me, okay? Lean in and listen very carefully… DON’T YOU DARE. The next episode better open on Raven getting pampered.

What did you guys think of We Will Rise? This season keeps getting better and better, almost as if its trajectory to awesome-town is on a rocket ship or something. In four seasons the stakes on this show have risen from a plucky band of heroes trying to keep their teen shanty alive, to global destruction of the human race. That’s a risky move! Unless done perfectly, expanding story-lines so widely can lead to a disconnect with the characters in favour of the plot. BUT NOPE. The 100 pulls it off seamlessly, constantly making our hearts melt into puddles of gross goop on the floor.

I love the plot, don’t get me wrong, but I am here for the hugs.


  • This episode was an excellent PSA about the effects of stress, ammiright?


  • Ilian is NOT a murderer (if you don’t count the hundreds of future survivors). Way to go!


  • “I’ll send her your love.” – “Yes, please do that.” Even from afar the chemistry between Kane and Abby is ELECTRIC.


  • “I think peace is overrated. It’s the fighters who survive.” Lots of great lines this ep.


  • What I want to know is – how old is the mob leader’s son? Four? Six? Somewhere in between? I wish they had told us.


  • I know I focused on the Roan/Bellamy bromance this week, but I am still very much digging the big brother/little sister thing Roan and Clarke have going on. Keep it comin’!


  • Is Jasper a bartender now? Do you think he does bottle-flips and makes up fancy drinks like the Jasparilla, or the Spritz-per, or the J-Shot- whoops that got sexual, DIDN’T MEAN TO!


  • “I creep on myself”… I see what you did there, show! *wink*


  • “Octavia, you’re not a murderer.” HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHA MONTY! Where you been?


  • What do you think Newj has been up to since he was left behind on the Ark? Writing his memoir? Making all the recipes in a cookbook a-la Julie & Julia? Learning to tap dance?

That’s it from me, byyyyyyyyyyyye!


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One thought on “The 100 “We Will Rise” Photo Recap – Stress Management (4.6)


    vespa4 Mar 30, 2017
    I don’t see Roan and Clarke as brother sister yet, i think after a bit longer maybe, but to me they still look like they wanna bone. I was shipping them last season, not in a relationship way, just, i feel like they have a weird understanding of eachother. and also theyre both ridiculously attractive which just made me think they would doit. even just once. Id like to see them bond a bit more though, i miss the brother sister dynamic between bellamy and clarke circa season 2, (i feel like bellamys made it wierd this season, like at any moment hes gonna tell her hes in love with her) and id like to see her have that kind of relationship with someone again. Im loving Nyla though, its sort of lovely that she keeps Clarke a but grounded without it being a serious lovey relationship.

    Whedonrules Mar 20, 2017
    What a fantastic episode. The only minor quibble I have was that is Monte just around for exposition this season? Every time he appears in a scene its seems like he’s just there to explain something we already knew. Come on show, he has a girlfriend we all love now, give him something better.

    So this show just keeps getting better and better yet I cannot understand how the ratings aren’t just going through the roof right now. Here we have one of the best dramas on television anchored by one of the strongest ensembles of any drama and yet its ratings remain paltry and somehow keep sinking this season. Boo to the antiquated Nielson system!!!! I’m starting to get really worried about possible cancellation. This episode was the lowest rated of the season, under 1 million viewers.

    Loved the Niylah and Clarke conversation. Glad she is sticking around for a bit. Loved the Octavia storyline. Marie Avgeropoulos, the Greek goddess, just killed it. Her and brother breaking up was just so gut wrenching. Watching Bob’s reactions are some of the highlights of any episode. Jaha’s redemption arc continues. Countdown to him doing something to wreck it is clicking.

    Raven figuring out how to land the ship then the bad news, then foaming at the mouth. This show cannot kill off Lindsey Morgan not in the midst of one of the best stories she has been given. Her and Nadia Hilker and Richard Harmon were so damn good together this episode. Please save Raven show. Pretty please?

    The Clarke, Roan, Bellamy road trip was the fun A story with good followed by devastatingly bad news. Ugh.

    Thanks for another great recap/review. Be back next week. Please ratings gods get people to watch this show if only to come to an excellent and fun recap with pictures afterward.

    DalekSpider Mar 20, 2017
    Oh my – great episode and fantastic recap as always.

    Since watching this episode I’ve been trying to locate my heart which burst out of my chest and went flying up into the stratosphere when Kane hugged Clarke and then it flew off even further when later he was trying to talk Octavia down!

    Oh I could go on about how I loved pretty much everything and everyone* (caveat – see below for rant on a particular character) in this episode but that would take far too long (and I think you have summed it all up perfectly in the recap anyway – agree all the way!).

    But…negatives. Nooo! Raven! Don’t you dare do that show! And then I flip flop between ‘nah it’ll be fine’ to ‘argh but it’s the 100’ – about 30 times per minute when I think about it.

    But biggest negative for me is Newj. GAH! He is really grating on me now. I hope they send him off to re-inventory the cheese slices and accidently forget to let him back in when the black rain finally starts (and as an aside, given how many false alarms we have had it would be rather amusing tragic if when it finally does fall everyone is: “yeah right you’re just trying to distract us from the plot…oh, why are we melting in horrible agony?” Oopsie!).

    Anyway, yes… I was trying, really trying to give Newj the benefit of the doubt (and to be fair to him, Isiah Washington is doing the best he can) and give him a clean slate, same as you Toni, but all his character seems to do is bimble about doing very little other than to suddenly throw in some *cough* ‘wisdom’ and/or say the name of the episode out loud (or get beaten up by an angry mob in episode one – so far that was a highlight though). My main feeling when he was on screen in this episode is that he is wasting lines/plot that other characters could have! Pretty sure could have had either or Monty or Kane in place of Jaha in most of those scenes.

    Why exactly does Monty go and try to talk to Jaha in the bar? And he then seems to do precisely f-all to step in and calm the situation (which he could have done!grrrr).

    Anyway, here is hoping for in the next episode something along the lines: Newj, off you bimble, Monty is sure Jasper hid some cheese slices at the dropship and we need them inventoried stat!

    I would say my heart can’t take much more of the 100 the way it is all going, but since it’s possibly in low Earth orbit by now thank to Kane Dad ing, it’s difficult to judge. Perhaps when Raven and Abby finally blast into space they would be kind enough to see if my heart is accidently orbiting up there and pick it up for me? Cheers!


    peterspoor33 Mar 20, 2017
    Murphy (Beautiful Creepster) speaking grounder about “creeping on himself” or whatever? What was that? Was that the 100 writers showing awareness of your recaps?

    Sheesh Toni! Has there been any delivery or maintenance vans parked outside your window for multiple days? New guy behind the counter where you get your coffee? Don’t want to make you paranoid but they’re coming to get you and the contents of your brain.


    walter_ec Mar 22, 2017
    I think they do. What about Luna the yoga teacher? 2 Toni references in the same episode. This can’t be coincidence!

    peterspoor33 Mar 20, 2017
    O. M. G.

    So I had a fantasy checklist for this episode and when I saw Raven in the rocket I was like “Whaaa…. Nooo.!”

    I was so dying for Abby, Raven and Luna (despite 2 seats) to be rocketing into space with Abby and Raven grimacing and Luna just calm like another day at the office. I also wanted Creepster, Emori and Jackson as some kind of surly Houston ground control. Kind of got my wish though with a bonus Raven v Murphy sass showdown [or “sass/down” you can keep it 🙂 ]


    peterspoor33 Mar 20, 2017
    So had my issues with Nylah this week –

    1. She tells Clarke that her dead soulmate Lexa would be proud.

    (Excuse me! The balls on her!! Sorry but you didn’t know Lexa except maybe as your Commander while you ran a novelty goods store and traded panther meat. Lexa was the love of Clarke’s life whereas you just a one night stand that happened twice Nylah – check yourself girl)

    2. Sorry/Not Sorry but suddenly Nylah is physiotherapist rehabilitating Octavia? I mean I know Jackson is gone but are all the ark medical staff to busy forming a mob to kill Ilian?

    #. Nylah is ratting to Monty about the Ark sick bay security, sorry but why is Monty listening to Clarke’s warm toy grounder? Great that he did but shouldn’t he be like “Yeah, thanks but we won’t be needing any more dried goods past the next couple of weeks.”


    peterspoor33 Mar 20, 2017
    Kane pulling a gun on the mob – loved it.

    Kane as super step-dad – loved it more.

    Miller’s dad saving his own ass – priceless, I guess the Guard gig is just part-time.

    Sooo why is that angry mob guy so wound up? Was he in the top 10 of Clarke’s now defunct list? Had he rigged NewJ’s lottery and was guaranteed a bunk opposite King Roan? His anger issues would probably ruled him unsuitable for a seat on the Ark anyway.

    King Roan, not afraid to do his own Lethal Weapon style car jump and wet work – RESPECT


    peterspoor33 Mar 20, 2017
    So Jasper just dropping esoteric quotes on NewJ and being the calm centre of the drama post exploding Arkadia – is this the Bizarro 100?

    Roan just won’t take no “moral high horse” from Bellamy after that Pike inspired Trikru massacre, that “You can talk!” zinger will never get old.


    Toni_watches Mar 20, 2017
    All good points. I still like Niylah, though. She’s very chill, and not in a gone-crazy Jasper sort of way. I feel like she brings some much needed balance to the bonkers world of The 100.

    And I just might keep “sass down”. I JUST MIGHT.

    LindsayS Mar 18, 2017
    This was funny, as usual, but I don’t understand all the gushing. This episode was an absolute mess. Extremely sloppy job by whoever wrote it and worse job by the director.

    TellyMelly Mar 18, 2017
    OK, back on track with my Toni recaps 🙂 See ya next week

    Oh, I can’t remember if last season had a mid season finale???

    I HATE THEM!!! and am wishing very strongly that season 4 does NOT have one 😛


    nickmoose Mar 18, 2017
    The official catchphrase of Alfred E. Newjman is gonna be, “What, me feed a teen to a sea serpent?”


    nickmoose Mar 18, 2017
    I was blown away by Roan’s “What could possibly go wrong?” line! A grounder with a sense of IRONY!? Seriously, have we EVER heard a grounder make a sarcastic quip before!? That was a milestone!

    peterspoor33 Mar 20, 2017
    Did Lexa lay down some irony before kicking that guy out of Polis? Probably not, she was more literal. I’m also starting to think Roan could lay a burn on any number of characters if they dared to throw sass his way.

    nickmoose Mar 21, 2017
    Now that I think of it, Indra laid down some some irony when they were saying she had raised Octavia to be an great killer and she said, “I’m so proud”. Knowing her, you would THINK she meant it! But the look on her face says irony!! Indra might have beat Roan to the punch at grounder Irony!!

    Klaussays Mar 17, 2017
    Octavia hit Bellamy and Illian with that arctic blast..Bellamy’s whole demeanor died when she hit him with that line.
    ”Hey so where were you for seasons 2 and 3”
    ”Go on get”
    Don’t drink and drive…..also dont drink and face your laptop while reading these recaps.

    lindhoffen Mar 17, 2017
    I’m gonna say this now because I need to get it off my chest and I’m not someone who talks about feelings schmeelings in public:

    These photocaps are goddamn epic. And so is The 100. That’s all.

    (I cried when Octavia cried, but don’t tell anyone)

    Kids_Table Mar 17, 2017
    Oh! I want to add: Octavia was dark this episode. Like I knew Lincoln’s death had impacted her and she’s been murdering all over the place, but I thought it was more like she was burying herself in her work, not that she was dead inside. Poor O.

    Kids_Table Mar 17, 2017
    Typo: Then they realized that one of the barrels of human-race-saving fuel was punctured by one of those trouble-making Skikru arrows.
    Pretty sure you mean Trikru there.
    I will forever remember this episode as “the week Monty did all the exposition”.
    Can I make a prediction? (Don’t worry, I am always wrong about this show –and I love it.) Prediction: Raven will have enough fuel to go up into space and make the cure, but not land the ship. So she’ll plan to sacrifice her dying-anyway-self to send the fuel down to earth. Except at the last minute Newj will step in to be the sacrifice, thus completing his ‘meh’ redemptive arc.

    H2gold Mar 17, 2017
    It’s exactly the kind of sacrifice Raven would make. I’m hoping ultimately Abby, who plans to go too, makes sure that doesn’t happen (each would sacrifice themselves but not the other, even taking into account both have the frizzed chip). I’m just wondering if our beautiful creepster’s playing with a remote controlled car is pointing the way to a more positive outcome.

    Newj is so drawn to the Second Dawn cult/leader, like one super messiah complex to another, because he’s on a redemption arc it might be more than just a physical reminder that both led their followers to a false hope /and or death, and there is something there to help save everyone. Like Toni previously said, his being ‘floated’ whilst drugged/asleep could factor in, perhaps in a resealed Second Dawn bunker whilst protected by those with night blood, assuming not enough to go around if “plan B” works.
    I think about this show way, way too much and yep, I’ll be totally wrong as well..
    Meantime, will someone please save Jasper, even I’m getting a bit fed up with him and that’s saying something!

    Great review as usual. Without it I don’t think I’d love the show as much as I do.
    MORE +

    Willow_Hunter Mar 16, 2017
    Thanks, Toni. The 100 is never complete without reading your fantastic photo recaps. So much awesome goodness written above, but “dues-ex-gunshot” was a total blast (see what I did there…hahaha). Until next week…

    KendraNutt Mar 16, 2017
    By the way the mob leader’s son is 5 years old, which he revealed in the bar while Jasper was keeping Monty Juice flowing.

    Yes could we please find Bellamy a friend, a bro, best bud whatever!?! The dude needs a dude to hang out at the bowling lanes and discuss conspiracy theories, like Jeffrey “The Dude” Lebowski to his Walter Sobchak. Or Iceman to his Maverick…would that apply? I can’t remember if they ended up friends, guess I have to watch Top Gun again, but feel free to use that.

    And yes I, as a grown woman, totally squealed when I thought Bellamy was going to confess his feelings to Clarke while stuffing my face with Cadbury Mini Eggs. I freely and wholly admit that and not ashamed…sigh.


    Klaussays Mar 17, 2017

    Willow_Hunter Mar 16, 2017
    Toni was just kidding about the kid’s age, because the guy said it over and over during his rant. 🙂

    KendraNutt Mar 17, 2017
    Oh well that went over my head lol

    Willow_Hunter Mar 17, 2017

    Willow_Hunter Mar 16, 2017
    This comment has been removed.

    mellafe Mar 16, 2017
    I too thought Octavia was going to save Illian!! I AM SO NAIVE.

    I almost cried with the Luna/Raven scene. I don’t know why it touched me but it did, and I almost cried. I loved it. It was so sweet and tender and weird and fantastic. LOVED IT.

    I can’t even remember when was the last time Clarke smiled, before this. I am super happy to have been a witness of this marvelous event.

    My money is on Newj wondering how he would look like with half a goatee. Or something equally ridiculous.

    fededededededede_lv Mar 16, 2017
    Love this so much, Toni. You are the best – thank you!

    Robespierre Mar 16, 2017
    “High fives to everyone, but especially Marie Avgeropoulos who has been killing it all season.”
    Idk if intentional or not, but LMAO 😀


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