The 100 “The Other Side” Photo Recap – Chekhov’s Rocket Be Damned (4.11)

WHAT KIND OF A SHOW DOES THIS? What… kind of a… my poor heart can’t even… WHAT IS HAPPENING?

The 100, that’s what.

How are you guys doing right now? I know I asked that last week, but I feel it’s important to check in yet again. This season may have started on the slow side, but things are cooking (he he) now, with no signs of letting us catch our emotional breath. DEAR ZEUS THE EMOTIONS. Jasper. Monty. My boyfriend Sinclair. Harper. Raven. My boyfriend Sinclair. A Blake sibling hug. Clarke struggling. MY BOYFRIEND SINCLAIR.

Raven is aliiiiiiiiiiiive! For those of you who aren’t theatre nerds, the rule of “Chekhov’s Gun” is that if a gun is introduced on stage, it must go off. This can be applied to many-a-thing, such as, oh, I don’t know, ROCKETS. If a rocket is introduced in a show, it must jettison into the atmosphere. The thing is, you guys, I AIN’T MAD. If the rocket sitting unused means our beloved Goddess Raven survives, then I’m on board. Plus, there are two episodes left, so it may come in handy yet.

So, Raven lived, and Jasper did not. Rest in jokey peace, Jasper, where ice cream is plentiful, and quips abound. I know some commenters had lost patience with Jasper, but I always thought his was an important point of view to explore in this post apocalyptic hellscape. There had to be someone who couldn’t deal with the horrifying nightmare that was life within the world of The 100. Thank you to Devon Bostick for taking us on his journey, but more importantly, for the quips. You are a talented, handsome delight, and you will be missed.

I know what you guys are thinking: “Toni, enough about all this nonsense, get to the REAL tragedy of this episode!” I know. It’s just too painful to talk about, and I don’t know if I can bring myself to type the words… *deep breath*. Ladies and Gentleman, friends and fellow The 100 fans… Riley is dead. Riley, everyone’s best friend, the true hero of this tale, and the most compelling character on the show, has died. I’m sure there will be multiple support groups to deal with this, and please, by all means, use the comments section to discuss your grief.

In the meantime, let’s dive into this recap like it’s a freezing ice-water coffin, shall we? The Other Side began the moment last week’s episode ended, with Bellamy learning of Skaikru’s douchery.




Clarke was at least sorry about it, whereas Newj was all, “aren’t we just the best? This is the greatest plan, top marks everyone, high five, this is so awesome and so are we.” Ugh with this guy. Then Abby came in looking for her love interest, and things got so awkward.




Newj basically growled the whole… no, you know what, screw it, JAHA basically growled the whole time, trying to intimidate Abby, and mansplaining the shit out of the situation as if she, a doctor, didn’t understand what radiation was.



That’s right folks, Jaha is Jaha again. Newj was a man who disappeared for seasons 2 and 3, then returned all wise and kindly. This douche is most definitely the same guy who tried to overthrow Abby, then lead a dozen people to their deaths due to his own hubris, fed a teen to a sea monster, and wasn’t even sorry about it.

You guys, what if… and I don’t want to jinx it by typing it out loud, but… what if The 100 is setting up Jaha to be the season 5 villain? We all thought he was being lead down a road of unearned redemption, but what if that was a misdirect? The thought of this has me so damn excited I can barely finish this entire pizza.

ANYWAY, Clarke let them play with the radio, and they had a conversation that went a little something like:

Octavia: I’m the best. You guys missed a great ep last week. I was so damn kick-ass, and everything was very tense and exciting. Oh, and I’m uniting the clans like some kind of mother of grounders. Take THAT Game of Thrones!

Bellamy: Whoa, cool, anything you want from down here before I come up to let you in?

Octavia: Yeah, maybe some gummy bears or something? Surprise me. Just not fuzzy peaches.

But then Jaha returned with some guards (including Miller!) and they buzzed Bellamy and locked him up.



Back at ALIE Island, Raven was hard at work building science, hangin’ with her hallucination-friend, when she had a seizure and ANOTHER hallucination-friend showed up.



It was my boyfriend Sinclair! If you’ll recall, the last we saw of Sinclair he was brutally murdered by Emerson, and his last words were urging Raven to run away and let him die. So. Yeah. Pretty happy to see that he’s the angel on Raven’s proverbial shoulder.

Then something happened that I’m not sure I can bring myself to talk about, but I’ll try… Monty was still trying to reason with some suicidal teens, when they found one of those precious teens was already dead.






Rest well, fair Riley. You will forever be in our hearts. Your rich and meaningful backstory shall be written in the stars, because it certainly wasn’t written anywhere else. (BURN!)

Then Jasper sped up their suicide pact timeline, and in my head I was STILL all, “Monty will save him, NBD.” #Fool

Jaha (ugh), Clarke and Abby had a fun meeting where they talked about what assholes they are, but how it’s okay because of reasons.






This guy.

Anyway, they needed someone who would choose survival over being liked, so…




The Beautiful Creepster is a survivor. He and Clarke aren’t wrong in wanting to keep the doors closed, and Bellamy isn’t wrong in wanting them open. Once again this show presents us with a situation so grey it’s impossible to know what side we would be on if it were us. Would you risk your spot to do the right thing?

Back at Ark Camp Harper pulled a White Fang and tried to tell Monty that she didn’t love him, so that he’d go on living without her, guilt-free.






She wasn’t very good at it, and although Monty looked VERY sad, which hurt my heart, I don’t think he bought it.

Meanwhile, Octavia and Indra were hanging out waiting for their gummy bears to arrive, when a sassy assassin rocked up to see what the hold up was.







Echo threatened to tell everyone about the Skaikru douchebaggery, but Octavia was all, “um, we’re not the only douchebags on the block,” pointing out that Echo broke all the rules last week. But then they came to an agreement to chill out, and everything was fine *wink*.

Meanwhile, Raven was exhibiting some severe split personality behaviour, and it was awesome.








Operation Save Raven’s Brain was afoot!



Bellamy’s injuries were on purpose so that Abby would come down to “treat” him and together they could further the plot. Abby gets a lot of flack (especially from me #SorryNotSorry) for making decisions with her heart instead of her brain, but this show needs someone like her to balance things out. In this case I was rooting for her, which is rare, so let’s enjoy it.

Anyway, her and Bellamy subdued Murphy hilariously gently, basically laying him down on a bed of soft feathers, stroking his hair and whispering “goodnight, sweet prince” before kissing his forehead and tiptoeing away.

Clarke and Niylah had a nice chat where Clarke defended her decisions and made us all feel bad for being mad at her last week.


Niylah is so damn cool.





They argued about morals for a bit before Abby stuck him with a sleepy-time stick and he took a nap. Abby fiddled with the computer while Bellamy went to manually open the door. But look who was hip to the wise!








He basically told her that the ball was in her court. He was opening that door, and she could kill him if she wanted. OF COURSE she couldn’t. Sorry for doubting you, shippers. Won’t happen again (OR WILL IT?). [Of course I, in no way, am saying that the only reason she didn’t shoot Bellamy is because of some romantic motivation. I truly believe Clarke wanted to open the door, she just needed a little push. Plus, sometimes people just don’t want to shoot their friends, you know?]

Then this happened, and it was glorious:




Oh sweet beautiful majesty. We have been waiting for this particular hug for TWO SEASONS. Oh man. The Blake siblings are BACK IN ACTION, PEOPLE!



HAHAHA ECHO! Octavia impaled the last guy who killed one of her love interests, and you think she’s just going to let you into her bunker??? Hahahahhahahahhahha BUB BYE. (For real, though, I hope we see Echo again. Love her sass!)




So the bunker is full-up! All the clans sent 100 people to survive, and now Skaikru has to do the same. Didn’t Clarke make a handy list for such a situation? I wonder if that will make a reappearance in the near future, or if they’ll start from scratch.

Back at Ark Camp, Jasper had too much of the nut tea, and Monty found him moments before he died.





You guys, I can’t. This scene was too beautiful, too sad, and way too damn moving to ruin with my bullshit snark. This made me sob TWICE (once while I watched it as a viewer, and again as I tried to recap it). The Jonty bestfriendship has been a staple of this show since the pilot, and it was truly heart wrenching to see it end. Both boys nailed this scene – Christopher Larkin playing the perfect line of anger and grief, while Devon Bostick oozed peace and love for this friend. Also deserving high fives are the writers and director [who I later learned was Kane himself – Henry Ian Cusick!], because this scene was gosh darn gorgeous, and the words were perfect.

The 100 follows through on its promises, and Jasper has been wanting to die since the day he smiled while an Ice Capade slit his throat. It would have been disingenuous for him to change his mind in the final moments. This is what he wanted. So, I shall say one final time, you do you, Jasper.

ANYWAY. *loudly and obnoxiously blows nose*. Monty rushed off to find Harper in HER dying moments, but she was all, “psych!” because she hadn’t drunk the tea.


Back at ALIE Island, Operation Save Raven’s Brain was in full swing.





And then she put her hand on the glass, and my boyfriend Sinclair put HIS hand on HER hand, and then Raven DIED, and it was very emotional! Then she woke up experiencing a touch of cardiac arrest, so she flopped onto the floor and dragged herself to the EKG machine and shocked herself. No big deal.



After the heartbreaks The 100 fandom has suffered these last two weeks, we could notlose Raven. And we didn’t have to! Huzzah!

Back at the bunker, everyone was pretty calmly working shit out when Jaha threw a temper tantrum because not all of his people would get to survive, even though he was in the exact predicament all of the clans were in.


I am so in love with Octavia. She shut Jaha down so hard, then waltzed out all, “figure it out.”

SO. There we have it. The bunker is filled to capacity with 100 members of each kru, and Skaikru has to get their shit together and decide who gets to live and who has to die. Who of our beloved Adventure Squad will make it to Season 5? Bellamy gets a spot according to Octavia, but with 2 episodes left in the season, that’s not a guarantee.

What did you guys think? Were you Team Abby or Team Jaha? Are you throwing a party because Raven survived, or are your eyes still leaking because Jasper died? Do you love that the show lives so far in the grey it’s impossible to tell the heroes from the villains? Do you miss Roan? Have you built a shrine to honour Riley?



Fine, I’ll be the one who has to say it – Miller’s beard is out of control.


  • Speaking of this wacko timeline (it has been MAYBE seven months since season 1, episode 1, which means all of these kids are for sure still teens), Harper and Monty first kissed about two months ago. I’m not saying their relationship isn’t cute and meaningful, I’m just pointing shit out. 2 months, guys.


  • Some might say that Finn would have been a better choice to be the one to talk Raven through saving her life, but I don’t. Not only because Sinclair is my boyfriend, but also because he was Raven’s mentor. He’s attached to the inspired, scientific part of Raven’s brain – the part of her she needed to save herself. Finn was all emotion.


  • When Bellamy screamed that the Beautiful Creepster “hadn’t changed, you only care about yourself” and Murphy just quietly said, “you’re wrong”, I wanted to high five everyone involved in making this episode because that moment was so damn perfect.


  • Jaha assuming that Abby’s only motivations for opening the door was because of her love interest was condescending and insulting. #season5villain


  • Is the Beautiful Creepster going to make it onto the list???


  • “That’s unsanitary!” – Oh Jasper, quipping until the very end.


  • If you could have any hallucination-friend you wanted, who would it be.



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One thought on “The 100 “The Other Side” Photo Recap – Chekhov’s Rocket Be Damned (4.11)


    Jun 19, 2017
    Hey! Amazing recap as always :))
    I just wanted to come back to Clarke’s reaction. I know a lot of people are angry at her, and I was the first to be frustrated at the end of the last episode. But what is really curious is that we learned to love characters like Emory and Beautiful Creepster who just want to survive (and are doing terrible selfish things in order to achieved that) or we manage to like Bellamy who is making terrible and stupid decisions following his hearts and emotions ALL the time, and we somehow forgive all that (John Snow, Anyone?)… while we are SO freeecking harsh on Clarke who only wants to save (ungratefull!) humans. Most of these people are selfish, violent, bloodthirsty and YET, everybody knows she would die for them in a heartbeat. People don’t like her because she tries to do things with some sort logic (like the 100 list) when there are no hope left and no good solutions. And I’m not saying she’s perfect, she definitely has flaws… but that’s because she’s HUMAN. But no. no. No matter what she does, people are never happy.
    I mean SERIOUSLY – can we rewind a sec here? She was the first person suggesting that EVERYBODY should be in this bunker from day one (while Octvia was just nostagic about war in her farm…normal.) Also, may I remind you that Abby and the Chancelor, like one or two episodes ago, were about to kill/capture Roan who had been their ally and saved their asses so many times? Clarke was the only one bothered by that! Again, when she tries to become a commander and unite people peacefully so they would stop FIGHTING (ok, maybe not the most brilliant choice, but it completely makes sense) Abby ruins that, Roan runs that, even our lovely Indra would rather fight. Seriously, those people would prefer a WAR and KILLING each other, rather than to survive together. And they all agree to do a conclave which can only lead to one winner. At that time everybody seemed perfectly fine with ONE CLAN survinging (but later on when Clarke does it, the same characters are like ‘”no no, ohlala that’s so bad! who could do this!”) Am I the only one who found that situation completely hyprocritical? (no, really, nobody?) And hell yeay, let’s be even more crazy and add a highly trained delusional hippie who has lost everything and is ready to send everybody to die if she wins. And yet… everybody thinks that’s still ok to agree to that.
    So yes, I’m annoyed at the reaction that most people – audience & characters – had at the end of the last episode (being angry at Clarke, me included). Knowing that all the clans would preffer killing each other, and/or having only one clan surviving, and/or NOBODY at all (!) rather than to listen to reason and share this stupid bunker in the first place.
    And then when Octavia got damn lucky and managed to win (I mean, farmer boy really did save her life) suddenly it makes it all ok? Sure, Octavia was amazing and badass and I routed for her, the episode was great. But damnit. Aren’t those stupid reasons and rules in the first place? So mad at Roan for dying like that. It’s ONLY because Octavia decided to be a better person that all of those bloodthirsty people got a chance at surviving. It was a STRETCH to even think this could happen.
    And then, the general feeling is that if Clarke thinks for a second it’s worth saving 400 of her people – who CAN be saved and who WANT TO be saved – she has to be a crazy woman and that is such a morally wrong choice? uhum. I’m sorry but I have a hard time understanding how we can be so angry at Clarke and not angry with those stupid clans. Like those people were never given a choice in the first place! And I do love Octavia and would totally follow her wherever she goes, but we didn’t really need her to kill 12 people in a stupid conclave 2 days before the end of the world in order for the clans to survive. They could have decided to simply SHARE THE BLOODY BUNKER already.
    But I understand : the build up of the conclave episode was so good and the ending so satisfaying that we forgot for a second than most of the clans did choose WAR over peace, time after time, after time. Sharing the bunker was right under their nose the whole time.
    And again – I’m not saying that Clarke’s decision is perfect either (as it’s still leaving out a lot of innocent people, as well as Octavia and Kane, on the other side). But can we PLEASE give Clarke some slack? She definitely tried to save the clans and they couldn’t care less at the time. Then when she realises that it’s not worth killing more people [aka Bellamy] over this stupid bunker then she let him open the door. Seriously, the girl deserves a break.
    (Now Jaha is another piece of cake. Such a dush).

    May 18, 2017
    Thank you Toni for your rep making me laugh & cry again 🙂 😦
    I reckon the rocket will come in handy for Raven, as there is no uber/boat, so she gunna arrive in style with her rocket at the bunker.
    O is the bomb & pretty much the new Commander!!!
    Jaha still brings out the hate, he NEEDS to die!!

    May 15, 2017
    One thing I’m shocked you did not quote in this review was the line where Bellamy says to Jerkha something like “I’m sorry, did I MISS when they re-elected you CHANCELLOR!? ” That was so amazing I almost creamed my pants!!

    May 15, 2017
    OK,you are SOOO RIGHT about that Creepster moment!! Bellamy bellowed about stuff cuz he was pissed but yeah, CREEPSTER HAS CHANGED!!! And I can’t stress how much Bell and Kane have become the true heroes of the show! ( Or at least they are the male heroes. Octavia is the main female one at this point.) and how NUTS that is when you look back at season one! I mean, they were BOTH essentially villains! And I’m a huge fan of both anti-heroes and redeemable villains so I LOVE that! That doesn’t mean I wan’t Jerkha redeemed though! I think your idea about him being the villain next season is right on spot! Lets do that! And PLEASE let the solution be to kill his ass with MUTATED GORILLAS!!

    May 13, 2017
    Just a kudos to you Toni. Your recaps are phenomenal. Thank you so for taking your time to write these for us!
    I loved the way they chose to kill Jasper. He represented those people who realize that they have a choice. In real life, sometimes the choice to end quickly is the right one and, once again, this show has made us think about difficult subjects. Does anyone really have a possibility of surviving in a quality of life kind of way? (I know, they have been renewed). Is living in a bunker for 5 years really worth it? Love this show for making me uncomfortable.
    I really hated the Beautiful Creeper early on but he has become such a well rounded and interesting character that I hope they don’t off him in the final round. I suspect his self preservation will prevent his demise from the show.
    Loved that Sinclair became Raven’s survival instinct. He was so brave and logical that I couldn’t imagine anyone else trying to save her. I really hope that they are not yanking our chain with her survival. Love this character.

    May 13, 2017
    I haven’t read this re-cap yet, and of COURSE I will BUT before I do, I need to be SERIOUS for a moment, the Jasper death REALLY bothered me. I know this show isn’t just escapism, that they are using it to make points about life- and I think that the Jasper suicide probably was a well done one. Monty trying to stick his finger down Jasper’s throat, Jasper, saying “Tell me you love me” -we’ve been knowing Jasper had a death wish for a while now, but seeing him kill himself, and helping the others… woah, that was more stomach churning than any act of violence this show has exhibited. It shows how gross and horrible suicide can be more for the person left alive than the person who committed the act. It was horrible, but I think an important thing to show. And I loved seeing the juxtaposition of Raven struggling to live, while Jasper was sruggling to die . Seeing Harper still alive for Monty was GREAT!! Cuz if she wasn’t , I might have to restrict myself to just only watch vampire shows or Superhero shows where most the characters COULD FEASIBLY COME BACK if they die!!

    Toni_watches May 13, 2017
    I agree. It showed the devastation it causes, while at the same time honouring Jasper’s choice. And it wasn’t a shock tactic. The 100 has been signalling this for two seasons now. It wasn’t a rash decision, or a dramatic impulse.
    The episode didn’t glorify suicide. If someone like Jasper had experienced something like this in our world, there are programs in place he could have turned to. It’s possible he could have gotten the help he needed, and gone on to live a long life. But he’s not. He’s in the world of The 100 where it’s horror after horror, and there’s no time to sit with your emotions and really deal with your grief.
    IN CONCLUSION – I agree with you, Nick kom Moosekru. It was very well done.

    May 14, 2017
    “Nick kom Moosekru” is just the best thing ever! (And my actual last name is REALLY Moose, so it works! Cuz it’s my clan!) I hope to be able to read this recap today after Mother’s Day festivities are over and look forward to the laughs you shall provide to help me work through the harshness of this episode! I’m glad I saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2 last night, cuz I needed a dose of fun, funny, campy sci-fi to help balance out the horrors of the 100!! Both styles can be great, but the 100 type dark “How would this play out if it was REALLY happening” sci-fi can be DRAINING on the soul if you only focus on that!

    May 13, 2017
    I’m so not okay. I need for Jaha to die a very painful death. Soon. Every time I saw his face this episode I felt like screaming.
    But let me just say, Bellamy’s sass was on point this episode! “Who elected you Chancellor?” YAAAS! And then Octavia sassed him too? It was just too good for words. Blake sibling FTW!
    I’m so glad Raven’s split personality brain convinced her that it was worth living. And seeing Sinclair again was so nice! But, I’m not gonna lie, I would have liked to see Wick too. I miss his face.

    May 13, 2017
    I’ll point it out. Clarke was going to let her mom die to save the human race, but not Bellamy!

    May 12, 2017
    “Now what’s this bullshit I hear about you dying?”
    Oh my days that made me laugh so much! XD Love these recaps, will be as sad to lose these as I will the actual show when it ends… in about 10 years hopefully haha! Love this show.
    I would love to see Jaha go full villain. He’s so smart and calculating he could be a great one. But unfortunately Isiah Washington won’t be a season regular next season, so the dream won’t be realised. I for one like Jaha though, can’t quite explain it but I just like him haha!

    May 12, 2017
    Octavia, mother of …. er.. clans. lol, now she just needs to dye her hair white 🙂
    And I knew little O will be out for Echo’s blood. Bye, Echo, you were ruthless and cool, but you crossed the line. Roan awaits you.
    Monty/Jasper scene was heartbreaking. Did he say he loved him? Did I miss it?
    Raven, “can I get an uber?” that was brilliant. Kudos.
    That said, how is she gonna get to the bunker in time?

    Toni_watches May 12, 2017
    He did say it, but Jasper had already passed out. Pardon me because I’M STILL SOBBING.

    May 12, 2017
    That moment when Becca turned to look at Raven while she was bound and gagged to a chair may be the most darkly hilarious thing the 100 has done.

    May 12, 2017
    I would leave a longer comment but I’m still so affected by Riley’s death. Maybe that’s why Clarke had no more than twenty lines of dialogue in this episode.

    May 12, 2017
    It wasn’t until your final screenshot of Octavia that I realized that she was still covered in blood from the fight. No wonder she lost her temper, she was covered in sticky, itchy blood while the Skaikru that had floated her mother, sent her down to Earth, executed the love of her life and were willing to leave her to be torn apart by pissed off Grounders, were bitching because they weren’t getting special treatment.
    Bellamy’s screams as he was locked in the turbine room were haunting and Bob Morley gives his all to emotional scenes.
    The Clarke and Niylah scene was necessary because it allowed Clarke to explain why Skaikru had to be in the bunker, which most of Tumblr had already figured out, that they needed experts to keep the water and power on otherwise, whomever ended up in the bunker would be dead in a week.
    But the moment she found out Octavia was alive and had achieved what Clarke had been failing to do all season, I think we began to see her resolve breaking which led to the pivotal gun scene.
    I loved seeing Echo look to Bellamy as Octavia was banishing her, I skipped a lot of last season so I didn’t see the building of that ship, but I did notice it docked in the harbor.
    I think Clarke is going to end up outside the bunker, because she has nightblood so she can survive. I’m not sure about Bellamy, I think it would be interesting to separate them for a while and actually show us how they cope day to day without each other there. Because at the start of season 3, we just saw Bellamy after he’d found a way to live without her.
    According to the 100 wikia timeline, it’s been eight months since the 100 came to Earth. EIGHT MONTHS, for everything they’ve endured.

    May 12, 2017
    Yes! Been waiting for this one and as usual it did not disappoint. When Riley died I laughed and yelled “But Riley! We barely knew ye!” Then I turned to my hubby and he was looking at me like “okaaay” and I just smiled and said “I can’t wait for the photo recap of THIS!” And he was like “Huuuh?” And I explained, “You know, the ones that always make me laugh out loud?” And then he got it. Btw, even after my constant prodding and last week’s unending badassery, he doesn’t like the show. He just sits there with me, doing other things while I watch it. I do NOT get it! ALIE must have control of his mind. That’s the only explanation that makes sense to me, lol.
    And wow, that Jonty scene was so sad and sooo gorgeous. Then Jasper did his “unsanitary” thing and I laughed my ass off for way too long, after which I abruptly went back to being sad (and mesmerized) – can’t believe he’s gone! I agree he had become kind of annoying, but man, I figured he would hold out a little longer, or even find a reason to live.
    And HOLY CRAP Raven is a bad ass! I didn’t like her much at first but then she hurt her leg and I started relating to her because of MY hurt leg, which also helped me see how much of a bad ass she was even then, but after she crawled across the floor and shocked herself I yelled out loud “omigod she’s so bad ass!” And the hubby looked at me like “Okaaay” again. But seriously, she’s reached Octavia levels of badassery now, meating that after losing 2 of my 3 favorite characters last season, I now have one more to add to the list, bringing the total back to 2. Phew!
    ANYWAY, great recap as usual.
    Thanks for doing these!

    May 14, 2017
    Hilarious, does your hubby like Sci-Fi? I refused to join a book club because they had some BS policy against science fiction books [What the what?].
    I began to enjoy the show more than I expected to during the first season anticipating some typical “weak sauce” CW, kids drama in a sci-fi background. (That early promo trailer where Octavia yells “We’re back!” after the drop ship lands had me cringing)
    I didn’t find these recaps until more than halfway through that season, now I anxiously await each episode. I can’t help but watch it with the “Toni Watches recap lens” on and it magnifies the enjoyment 100 times.
    So yeah, the Riley OD reveal was so totally amusing when it shouldn’t have been, I now look for the “Rileys” in other shows.

    May 12, 2017
    And clearly I meant MEANING, not meating.
    That sounds disgusting, lol. We need an edit button!

    May 12, 2017
    Jasper’s being annoying me a lot for a while but I do relate. I was in a similar situation not long ago. My friend Mandy comitted genocide, wiping out a whole community, including my girlfriend. I was pissed off for months and then I took an AI chip and for the first time in ages I was happy. Then Mandy destroyed the AI! That’s right, the bitch did it again!
    To make matters worse, we then found ourselves facing an impending apocalypse. So, yeah I get what he was going through but the difference is, I did everything I could to help myself. I leaned on friends for support, got some therapy and even dabbled in mood stabilizers for a while. Everything gets better eventually but sometimes you have to put up with some shit along the way. The only way out is through.
    It took time to get back to my happy self, but I got there and I’m getting happier each day. I’ve learnt to embrace chaos and uncertainty. Mandy and I have even begun a healing process but that will take a while…

    May 12, 2017
    Wow, just WOW. You impressed me a lot since I found your recaps a year ago and read them all. But I think this one is a masterpiece.
    Thank you very much.

    May 12, 2017
    Miller’s beard IS out of control! What happened to his hot boyfriend, Bryan? Did I somehow miss a violent death?

    May 12, 2017
    Isaiah Washington is no longer a series regular for season 5 so more than likely he won’t be the season 5 villain. #PrimfayaForJaha

    May 12, 2017
    Jaha is immortal.

    May 14, 2017
    Jaha can walk through Primfaya like a terminator, you can leave him in space or even the middle of a desert and he just comes back even crazier.

    Toni_watches May 12, 2017
    Even better!

    May 12, 2017
    But… he’s our favorite character to hate. Big shoes to fill.

    May 11, 2017
    I now declare Octavia Blake, first of her name, by right of the sword, Commander of the 13 clans!!!
    Ok I admit I got a little GOT there.
    Season 1 and 2 I think were a total of 2 months. Season 3 started 6 months later and end of season 4 is another 3 months. Total time on Earth is approximately 11 months give or take.
    Anybody else notice that Jaha sat in the leaders chair behind the desk during this episode? Talk about subtle power move. He even made Clarke sit in the chair that you use when you run out of matching chairs and have to go for folding stackable ones that never sit level. Oh Jaha you puppet master you. I loved how Bellamy questioned his authority lol.
    I’m really going to miss Jasper, and yes I was crying during that scene. Poor Monty 😦
    Yes I am all for Jaha being set up as the next big bad. I think it fits. His benevolent sacrifice to save the people from the Arc, only to come to Earth and realize everyone is over it and you no longer have any power. Now he’s clinging to those who hold influence to regain his. From this perspective this could be a very compelling story.

    Toni_watches May 11, 2017
    Also – I think the time jump was 3 months, which puts us at 7-8 months on the ground.

    KendraNutt May 12, 2017
    You may be right… Gee I guess that means I have to watch the show from the beginning again. Oh darn. Such a chore. Twist my very rubbery arm 😉

    May 11, 2017
    YES! I loved the “unsanitary” quip from Jasper – I chuckled through my tears.

    May 11, 2017
    But…but…where were the Adele jokes for Jasper?! He died in an episode titled “The Other Side” and even said “I’ll see you on the other side.” I’ve been waiting for those great Adele/Jasper jokes!!

    Toni_watches May 11, 2017
    Haha, that is a fair point, but I felt Jasper didn’t love Adele as much after he accepted his inevitable demise. Adele helped Season 3 Jasper through his grief, but Season 4 Jasper wasn’t about pain and grief, he was about seizing life while he could.

    May 12, 2017
    I thought it was more about “do a lot of drugs and booze because we’re all going to die in this horrific mess.”
    I cried when Jasper died (mainly because of his bond with Monty), but also: I probably would have checked out the same way. Jasper was our main link to how some of us would react to a really shitty reality.

    May 11, 2017
    Toni, I cried FOUR TIMES. Why is this show so real to me? WHY. When Bellamy tells Octavia he loves her, I just couldn’t handle it. It was so beautiful. And Sinclair with the hand and the tears and and and *cries again*
    Finn who? Riley who?
    Jaha sucks. As usual. And he looked so damn pleased with himself seated at the desk there and convincing Clarke they’d made the best decision ever. I just hate him SO MUCH. How dare he? And I’d seen Bellamy’s “I guess I missed the election that made you chancellor” bit but I went YOU TELL HIM MAH BOY when he said it because damnit, Jaha, you’re the worst.
    Is Tim Bartlett okay? That’s what I want to know.

    May 12, 2017
    OMG, I forgot hottie Tim Bartlett whom we’ve only seen on a screen on the screen. He could pull a Riley (so to speak) and show up soon out of the blue with an unknown backstory.


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