The 100 “The Dark Year” Photo Recap – Not Vegan Friendly (5.11)

Congratulations, you guys. Congratulations to you all. Your day of vindication has come. Revel in your victory, oh you, profits of glory… you seers, you genius soothsayers. Enjoy this day, for you have earned it.

Yes, that’s right folks, #Kannibalkru is cannon. Wonkru ate up those people, and it was so gross, but that’s okay because the tension was delicious (I’ll show myself out). No WONDER everyone in Wonkru is eeeeeeffffffed up. Look, we all suspected what went down in the bunker, but it went so far beyond a simple case of the human-munchies. As is The 100’s style, it went much darker than I was expecting. Foolish Toni – they got me AGAIN.

But this episode wasn’t all just bite-sized human snacks, it also had some fun bonding moments, surprising kickassery, subterfuge, a betrayal, and a smooch!

So let’s cook ourselves up some meat squares and photo recap this horrifying delight!


Okay look, I know Clarke was saving her mom’s life, but this was hands-down the RUDEST way to wake someone up. She shoved a tube down her throat, and Abby was gagging, and I was gagging, and EVERYONE was gagging, okay? Everyone. I legit almost threw up. It was enough to make me regret the After Eights I had for dinner (almost).

Anyway, Clarke got her to throw up, and then look who just happened to saunter in.






Clarke and McCreary had a fun reunion where she told him that their surveillance was bullshit, and he told her that her mom is addicted to drugs.




He was all, “fix your mom or I’ll kill… your people? Your friends? Your daughter? Who do you care about this season?” and Clarke just shrugged, so he decided on Madi, and that seemed to do the trick.

Somewhere in a Cave of Adventure, the team was getting ready for some sneakery, but the most important takeaways were the banter between Raven and the Beautiful Creepster, AND OF COURSE…


GAHHHHHHHH!!!! This boy is very understandably 100% bonkers for our precious Goddess, and it is about damn time, I say. Oh, and Diyoza and Kane now know all that business about the ‘Eye in the Sky’, and she advised them that if McCreary can see the army, then they’re all gonna die. But, whatever, I couldn’t pay attention because THOSE GLANCES, right??? That’s the real plot progress here.













Echo called Bellamy to warn him of their impending doom, and had to speak in code / another language so no one else can know of their shenanigans. During this conversation Harper tattled on Clarke SO HARD. Haha, Harper!




The Spaceventure Squad went on an adventure, but Raven benched Nice Cop because he’s a precious VIP.



While this may not have been the most stellar of first introductions to her grandmother, at least Abby and Madi were on the same side of the war. Clarke was very into saving McCreary and his pals to win the war against Octavia, but both Abby and Madi were like, “lady, you watching the same show we are?” But in the end Clarke essentially bullied them both into agreeing, so they started on the process of a detox.

Big theme of “which monster is worse” going on this episode, and we can’t fault anyone for their choices. Octavia wants Madi dead. The choice is easy for Clarke, even though it would mean lots and lots of death, including all of her pals. No judgement!

Back in Flashback Land, Kara informed the Bunker Bunch that the crops were bullshit, and that there will be no protein for a year.









It was Abby’s idea! That makes sense, so it shouldn’t be shocking, and many of you called it, but still – seeing it unfold was still upsetting. The thing is – protein is a biological need. This really was their only way, and Abby knew it.



The Spaceventure Squad was scouting a place for the army to sneak through when the Beautiful Creepster spied some guns to steal, but they ran into a spot of trouble.


But look who showed up to save them!





This was awesome. Shaw was all, “take me!” and the guys were all, “seems legit”, and then Shaw beat them up a ton, and Raven was all, “I’m upset because the last guy I loved was stabbed to death,” (which she said with her eyes), and Echo was all, “welcome to the Squad.”


Okay you guys – I really loved this. I know some people are frustrated with Abby’s journey this season, but this is an important side of this story that needs to be told. Just like Jasper’s journey was important. These people have been through the shit, and these reactions are real, they’re understandable, and they’re a different perspective that any well-rounded story needs. I LOVED that Kane and Diyoza sat around talking about how bad ass Abby remains to be, despite her struggle.

Then the conversation switched to the theme of the episode – “how do you choose between a monster and the devil?”


Abby’s detox was a mashup of The Exorcist and Pulp Fiction, where she got all nasty and spazzy, then Clarke had to shove a needle-sword of adrenaline into her chest. Just your basic mother-daughter-granddaughter bonding sesh. BUT – it lead to us back to Flashback Land, so it was WORTH IT!







Octavia very publically ate it, and was all, “hmmmmm, not bad!” but then Kane stood up and was like, “thanks but no thanks, I’m out.”

Quick question – WHY DIDN’T THEY COOK IT? It looked like human jello squares, and it was upsetting. It jiggles, you guys. IT JIGGLES.



I love that in our world “the talk” with your child includes a condom demonstration and awkward metaphors for body parts, but in the world of The 100, “the talk” with your child is about what side of a war you should be fighting on.

The Spaceventure Squad brainstormed with Diyoza about the best entry point for The War, and Bellamy fulfilled his apparent new role as a messenger (if Octavia had a radio, Bellamy would have had zero to do this episode, just pointing shit out!)



This is not the first time this season Octavia has tried to connect with Bellamy and been shot down because of what she’s become. Considering their relationship has consistently been the beating heart of this show, this whole thing is very hard to watch. VERY HARD. Anyway, he made her pinky-swear that once the war was won, everyone would live in a peaceful utopia with rainbows and ice cream, and she shrugged and was like, “fine, whatever.”

Meanwhile, Clarke was like, “mommy, tell me a story,” and Abby was all, “once upon a time, in a cannibalistic bunker…”







Here’s the tough part, you guys. NO ONE IS WRONG IN THIS SITUATION. Abby isn’t wrong. If people refuse to eat, then a chain of events occurs that could lead to the death of everyone in Wonkru. Kane also isn’t wrong. People deserve the choice of whether or not to do something terrible to survive. And there’s Octavia, right smack dab in the middle of it.




Yup. That’ll do it. That’ll strip a person of their humanity and replace their soul with a ruthless leader, bent on justifying her actions at all costs. Octavia did what she had to do in order to ensure her people’s survival, and it was truly horrifying.

Let’s get real for a second – every single thing about this scene was art. All of their performances (especially Marie, obviously), the direction, the music, the writing. This scene is a masterpiece, and might be, if I may be so bold as to say, my favourite scene of the series to date.

I see it now. I see why Octavia had to shed herself and become Blodreina. I see why she can settle for nothing but paradise. She has to make it all worth it. As Madi said, she bore it so they didn’t have to. She took their choice away, and thus their responsibility. She let them survive without the weight of their decision to do so.



And as for Abby – it’s easy to see how she would want to escape her own guilt, her own responsibility. It was her who turned Octavia into Blodreina. She convinced her to bare the weight. Of course she wanted to flee her own reality.

After all that, Madi attempted to murder McCreary, and was like, “CAN WE PLEASE JUST BE COOL NOW?” and Clarke was like, “nope, now run along and play or something,” and off she scampered to help Abby cure him.


If I’m being totally honest, I don’t love Clarke this season, but I truly don’t believe we’re supposed to. This show is always asking us if we’re rooting for the right person. It’s always showing us that there are no heroes, just human beings trying their best to survive, and maybe do the right thing sometimes. Clarke has done some questionable things, but we always rooted for her. After 5 seasons, it may be time to stop for a while. In a show where everyone is gray, it’s unfair of us to hold our heroine to a different standard.

The 100 presents us with human beings, and human beings are occasionally the worst. Right now Clarke is single-minded about protecting her daughter – the ONLY PERSON she had any contact with for SIX YEARS. I think she’s earned the right to be unlikable for a while. No one on the planet is right all the time, and I would be disappointed if one of my favourite shows pretended there was someone who was.

You do you, The 100.



Remember when Kane was everyone’s dad, but now it’s Bellamy? Monty gave him a snack and was all, “I love you very much” (with his eyes), and Bellamy was like, “I love you even more” (with his eyes), and then informed him that they are going to live happily ever after on some land in the valley. I’m sure that’ll happen. It’ll be fine.

Then Nice Cop was like, “can we make up now?” and Raven was like, “yeah, okay,” and they smooched, and it was MAGIC, but then…


Okay fine, I know this look was about Echo missing Bellamy, but let’s not pretend that her and Raven weren’t totally lovers on the Ark, okay?









And the award for turn-coat of the week goes to… Kane and Diyoza! (who had Dioyozakane in the pool? Congratulations). Kane is convinced that Octavia is the worst, so he doesn’t want her to win. You force a guy into cannibalism ONE TIME… sheesh.

And that’s that! It’s war time! Yayyyyyy! (Is something I would only say about a television show) Because this show loves to mess with us so hard, it’s impossible to guess what will happen. Will Octavia die? Will Clarke die? Will Wonkru win the valley and create a lasting, beautiful peace, making the next season about Madi teaching everyone to fish? Will Matilda the Mutated Gorilla make a crashing comeback?

Monster vs. Devil – which do YOU choose? If you’re rooting, who are you rooting for? It’s anyone’s game at this point. Each team thinks they have the upper hand, but each team is wrong.

Who’s excited?????



  • Where was Vinson at? Do you think he heard about his best friend being sick? Do you think he maybe tried to visit, but they wouldn’t let him? Do you think he’s off drawing her a get-well portrait of David Bowie? Do you think those dudes he ate gave him indigestion?


  • Over the seasons, I’ve given characters random traits that have little or nothing to do with their actual portrayals. Lexa’s puns. Bellamy’s flirtation with Maya’s dad. Finn and Lincoln’s bromance. Sometimes these running jokes are apropos of nothing but my ridiculous half-functioning brain. HOWEVER – I believe I have nailed McCreary as the totally insecure coolest-guy-in-camp who’s afraid that everyone is hanging out without him, and desperately needs to believe everyone has a crush on him. We all know that guy.


  • We see now what Octavia meant when she said to Indra, “you just stood there and watched me do it.” … I’m sad now.


  • Raven and the Beautiful Creepster’s banter basically boiled down to the writers saying, “HEY ‘MEMBER THE ELIGIUS 3? Don’t forget, okay!”


  • “Clarke and McCreary?” – “If it’s true I’ll deal with her later.” OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH are we going to get an Echo/Clarke showdown??????????


  • I honestly thought it was very cool that Echo taught the Spaceventure squad her language. What kind of teacher do you think she was?? Do you think she was more Michelle Pfeiffer in Dangerous Minds, Robin Williams in Dead Poet’s Society, or like… Teaching Mrs. Tingle?


  • Most importantly – everyone loves cheese, right? What’s your favourite kind, and what’s the grossest thing you’ve ever put it on?



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2 thoughts on “The 100 “The Dark Year” Photo Recap – Not Vegan Friendly (5.11)


    Sep 17, 2018
    He’s transforming into that as well immaculate hands-clean saint you don’t need Clarke to be. ‘There’s constantly another decision’? At the point when the other decision is actually deciding to gradually starve to death (click this)? In the event that that is the situation, isn’t a slug to the head a benevolence? Be that as it may, he acts like Octavia is horrendous for influencing them to eat the 3D squares and appalling for slaughtering them rapidly on the off chance that they don’t.

    Aug 17, 2018
    I think that raw meat contains more proteins than cooked meat.
    Not sure about that, Abby is the doctor.
    ACTUALLY… after some research (thanks the 100 for making me that) :
    “Cooked Proteins May Become Less Useful to Our Body
    From the way I understand it: when we apply high heat to food, over 115 degrees Fahrenheit, the hydrogen bonds are destroyed and the amino acids fuse together with enzyme-resistant bonds that preclude them from being fully broken down by the body, creating coagulated proteins”
    Just to end the debate, they could have eaten them ‘bleu’ like we say in french (1min grilled on each sides).

    Aug 01, 2018
    Is it bad that I like Echo more than Clarke at this point?
    At least she’s loyal to her people and Bellamy. Clark is just acting completely selfish and ignorant about even her own daughter’s wishes.

    Jul 29, 2018
    So glad I’m not the only one who was annoyed that they didn’t appear to cook the human meat. If you are gonna be a cannibal at least cook your food!

    Jul 26, 2018
    It’s such a shame about Abby, her beautiful long tresses used to be a rival or counterpoint to Kane’s own fabulous locks …
    Oh yeah and also that dark year, drug problem, teaming up with McCreary thing was kind of a shame too.
    Soylent Green o Plomo … choose!
    Miller (frown)
    Nylah (frown)
    Clark (frown)
    Kane and Diyoza (frown) – so much frowning this season!!!!
    Vinson somewhere letting the Demon out,.. and maybe also drinking a pleasant Darjeeling.
    Echo = Dangerous Minds Michelle Pfeiffer
    Multiple cheeses, shredded and sprinkled and melted on a cheese sauce on a three cheese lasagna – a thoroughly unholy volume and union of numerous cheeses.

    Toni_watches Jul 26, 2018
    My sister and I went to a taco place in Hamilton, and asked the waiter what he recommended. He leaned in
    and said, “we have a cheese bowl.”
    I almost proposed to him.

    Jul 26, 2018
    Soylent Jello is people! And there’s no shredded cheddar to sprinkle on it in this damn bunker! Oh the humanity!!

    Jul 26, 2018
    Damn, beat me to it, this episode was screaming out for a good Charlton Heston impression. 🙂

    Jul 26, 2018
    Have we been renewed for another season? The ELIGIUS 3 sounds like finale material to me. But then this is the 100 so who knows. I think Octavia and Clarke are making it out of this season alive, but is Madi? is Kane?
    Kane though. He’s turning into that too-perfect-hands-clean hero you don’t want Clarke to be. ‘There’s always another choice’? When the other choice is literally choosing to slowly starve to death? If that’s the case, isn’t a bullet to the head a mercy? But he acts like Octavia is terrible for making them eat the cubes and terrible for killing them quickly if they don’t.

    Jul 26, 2018
    Yes. They start shooting season 6 on 15th August.

    Jul 26, 2018
    But how did Clarke know what the slang Junky meant?!

    Jul 26, 2018
    Do you always plagiarize The 100 Actors Tweets or what?

    Toni_watches Jul 26, 2018
    … context please?

    kimberl563 Jul 26, 2018
    Did you not read Adina’s tweets during the show?

    Toni_watches Jul 26, 2018
    No, I stay away from the internet until I’m done my recap so I’m not influenced by anyone else’s opinion.
    If I made a similar joke to Adina, I consider myself in good company. She’s bad ass, on screen and off.

    kimberl563 Jul 26, 2018
    Well you made two or three but whatever

    fan1983 Jul 26, 2018
    I’ve been reading Toni’s recaps since the beginning, so I was curious what “plagiarism” you thought she did, so
    I looked up Adina’s twitter.
    She tweeted a vegan joke about Kane, and then said something about Madi meeting her grandma. These are
    obvious things! They weren’t even the same type of jokes! it’s an episode about people eating other people,
    Adina and Toni can’t be the only ones to make a vegan joke.
    This is like going outside and saying, “wow, it’s hot as balls right now,” and someone else saying, “THE

    dbjean22 J
    ul 26, 2018
    Maybe the meat was like beef bouillon gel cubes? Of course, it wouldn’t be “beef” because that’s a cow. I guess we’ll just have to settle on “beefcake” bouillon gel cakes, (depending on the donor, amiright? 😉). That’s all I got. 😕

    Jul 27, 2018
    I’m still mystified by the appearance of those cubes but (just to be a gross nerd about it) according to reports, human most closely resembles pork in flavor. Otherwise the disposal of the corpse in Fried Green Tomatoes makes absolutely no sense.

    Toni_watches Jul 28, 2018
    I can’t believe I missed the opportunity to make a FGT reference…. TOWANDA!

    Jul 28, 2018
    No great loss, I’m probably the only person who would’ve gotten it.

    Jul 26, 2018
    Correction: “beefcake” bouillon gel cubes….sorry….(I’m hungry!)

    Jul 26, 2018
    Great recap! The oddly raw people meat struck me as unnecessary too.
    But Echo and *Emori taught the squad *their language! Don’t forget there are two grounder members of spacekru!

    Toni_watches Jul 26, 2018
    Ohhhhh, I misunderstood this situation. I thought there were a bunch of different grounder languages, and they were specifically speaking the Ice Nation one. But you’re right, they were speaking it to hide their conversation from the prisoners, not the other grounders.

    jessecorbett7 Jul 25, 2018
    When ever Someone says Omon gon oson,I hear Om nom nomnom

    Toni_watches Jul 25, 2018
    Ha! I will never not hear it now.

    Jul 25, 2018
    Sadly, I can’t eat cheese 😦 Lactose intolerant *super sad times*
    Quick question – WHY DIDN’T THEY COOK IT?
    FROM YOUR LIPS TO THE WRITERS FINGERS, TONI. I was watching and went “wait, they’re gonna eat it RAW? EWW” I’ll never get over it. Even the guys in The Terror, cooked their meat. (that series is SO good).
    Your recap made me notice that Shaw and Raven have the same nose. And I have this theory that couples really last when they have the same nose (I know, *science*, but it’s real for the people around me like WHOA, so I’ve come to believe it, let me believe it). so I guess I ship them now.
    Finally, I actually went “oh no you didn’t” out loud when Bellamy left Octavia saying “I’ll go to my family” or whatever he says, leaving her out of it. IT HUUUUUUURTS. I cannot wait for the next episode.


  2. I can’t believe you didn’t mention the best line in the history of this show:
    “Override the loop, I want to know where the hell they are”
    “Brother, it took me 10 minutes to find rewind”

    I had to stop the episode for 5 minutes because I couldn’t stop laughing 😂


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