The 100 “The Warriors Will” Photo Recap – The Farmer in the Hell-ish Apocalypse (5.10)


You know when you ride a roller coaster, and you inch up and up and up and your tummy is like, “ohhhhh this is gonna send me for a loop, pun intended!” and the anticipation is almost unbearable as you look over the edge, knowing you’re about to plummet into thrilling horror, so you try to appreciate the details of things, like the colour of leaves and the way the cotton candy taste is still on your lips, because you KNOW as soon as the coaster goes barreling down that first drop, it’s going to go too fast to be able to differentiate the blur of green from the blur of someone’s vomit whizzing by you.

You know?

The first half of the season was the inching, the delightfully terrifying anticipation, last week was the drop, and right now we’re hanging upside down, screaming our heads off, wishing we hadn’t finished that entire milkshake.

So let’s throw our hands in the air and photo recap this thing!



Clarke tried to take the flame out of Madi while she was sleeping, but the little firecracker woke up and they had a very typical mother-daughter fight.




I say it was typical as a joke, but really… wasn’t it? Sure the circumstances are something MOST of us haven’t been through (I don’t want to assume), but it boils down to the same thing; mother thinks she knows best for daughter, while pre-teen thinks she knows best for herself, yelling and tears ensue.

I truly love how within these absurd situations (oh, you have a bunch of kickass women in your head whispering strategy while some deadly worm eggs gestate in the back of your car? Wow, ME TOO!), the show still manages to make it all so relatably human.


The worms were still in the rover! Congrats to all the commenters who predicted it. Anyway, Clarke threw them away. Bye worms! Maybe? I love this show.





You guys! We saw a glimpse of kickass Abby! She straight-up told McCreary to kill her, knowing that without her, he would die, and she CONTINUED to deny curing him, even though it would have been an easy way to get her pills. This was a very strong Abby episode, very strong indeed. Well… minus the… bah, we’ll get there! Anyway, McCreary was searching for the cure, I guess? Then he sent some goons to find Diyoza, and left some goons to guard Abby, because I guess McCreary is a busy dude, and doesn’t have time for tasks.









Miller (*frown*) and this lady informed Octavia that half of Wonkru would prefer a 12 year old’s leadership than her own, which would obviously hurt ANY dictator’s feelings, so they brainstormed how to win the hearts of the people back. Naturally, the consensus was reached with the idea of fear (too real!), so into the pit shall a gaggle of main characters go!

Worth noting is that Blanket Grounder is all about Madi, and ain’t afraid to show it.









This was haaaaaaaaaaard, you guys! Some of Octavia’s walls dropped and we saw the girl who looked up to Indra, who learned from her, begging for another answer and MY GOD, I just… *ahem* Anyway, Indra, as she always does, put into words what all of us are thinking – that this war isn’t about what’s best for Wonkru. It’s about Octavia.

Blodreina’s motivations are murky (this wouldn’t be The 100 if they weren’t), and it has me wondering if her trauma has caused some sort of delusion – a belief that Wonkru can only survive if she is leading them. Yes, these decisions are made to keep herself in power, but I wonder if she truly believes she’s doing what’s best for her people.

Control issues, ammiright, guys?

Meanwhile in FurnGully, Abby was having a tough time, so she “called” her bestie Vinson for some help, by necktrocuting him a few times (LOL).




Any time Vinson is on screen, my heart is lit aflame, so I was very happy to see him scheming with Abby this episode, even when he began to tell her of the fate of her loved ones and she was like, “yeah whatever, get me ma drugs!” Girl can’t think of anything but her pills right now, which makes it an even bigger accomplishment that she didn’t give in and cure McCreary.




Octavia went to Monty to ask him to coach Bellamy on how to kill Indra, and Monty was like, “does that seem like my thing?” so Octavia farmer-shamed him and Harper, then left in a huff.






I know the flame is only going to show Madi what she needs to know to be a good commander, and that doesn’t include sexy times, but the fact that Clarke’s daughter has Lexa in her head will never not be funny to me.

Also – did we already know that Becca was burned to death? Do we remember why? Clarke didn’t seem to be surprised. Also also – hi Erica Cerra! Nice to see you again!






So many hard scenes this episode, but this one was also kind of hopeful?? Octavia took a stroll down memory lane with Bellamy, proving that she does, in fact, remember being a real human being, and what it feels like to love someone. She tried to give him tips on how to kill Indra, and he was all, “naw, I’m good.”

She keeps trying to get the people she loves out of dying, but no one is working with her. The hard truth is, if this is the path she’s choosing, if she really and truly wants this unnecessary war, then these deaths are the way to get it, no ifs ands or cute butts.

“There’s no coming back from this, O.”

“I know you’re still trying to save me, Bell. But you can’t save someone who’s already dead.”










DID OCTAVIA JUST CONTEMPLATE KILLING HERSELF??? Damn, show. Daaaayyyyum. I need to know what happened in that damn dark year so bad. BE NEXT WEEK ALREADY.





YYYYYYYIKES! Vinson is definitely someone who would have LOVED Octavia’s birthday party, ammiright? This was dark. Our handsome psychopath brought Abby her pills, but the guard fellows were onto them, so Vinson, um… ate them? While Abby sort of watched. Then she turned her back and started downing the pills while the screams of Vinson’s victims echoed through the room. And you guys… I still love him. Send help.



Indra was trying to save Gaya, but she wasn’t having it. So many people just absolutely not having the plans that others try to concoct to save them! Bellamy was all, “let’s not fight?” and both Gaya and Indra rolled their eyes, and off to the pit they went!






And then they fought! And it’s really hard to screen-grab fights, so here’s how it went down:

Gaya was all, “hi-ya! Underestimated me, didn’tcha?” and Bellamy was like, “not now, I’m making a point,” but then Indra was like, “still gonna kill ya, though,” and Bellamy was like, “Whoa! Making a point is hard! Okay fiiiiiiiine!” and so he got a sword, and he and Indra were like, “I admit, you are better than I am,” – “then why are you smiling?” – “Because I know something you don’t know” – “And what is that?” – “I am not left handed.” And it was awesome. Then Gaya was like, “oh yeah? Well I am not even fighting this particular fight!” and she picked up a spear and expertly threw it at Octavia, but Bellamy tackled her, so the spear only wrecked her weird chair-throne, and Octavia was like, “you spilled my spritzer!” but she honestly didn’t seem to fussed about it, and let them continue with their fighting.



Monty busted in and lifted up his plant as if it was Simba, and he was Rafiki, come to show the Pride their future. And Wonkru wasn’t so Wonkru anymore, and everyone was happy.


BUT again…


Girl burned down the hydro-farm, and with it any chance her people had of staying alive without the Valley. Top-drawer decision making skills. Maybe lay off the spritzers, Octavia!

Meanwhile, Clarke and Madi made it to the Valley, and Clarke was like, “fiiiiiiiine, you can keep the flame, but if you don’t keep your grades up, it’s coming out.” And Madi did that adorable fist pump “YES!” like Michelle Tanner in Full House, then Clarke was like, “and seriously, no remembering my sexy times with Lexa,” and Madi was like, “EW GROSS MOM!” and then they went to turn themselves in to Diyoza, BUT…






This fellow informed them that McCreary is in charge, then Madi promptly murdered him. They buried the body (family bonding), and went to find Abby, who was in very rough post-pill-binge shape.


And they’re off!!

How you guys doing?? Are you super pumped that no (main) character died? Are you sad for Monty and Harper and their beautiful dream of farming? Are you looking forward to the war? Do you kind of want a spritzer right now?

The 100 is different from a lot of shows in many ways (the mutated gorilla), but I think the biggest thing that sets this wondrous, violent romp apart is the follow-through. We as an audience have been trained to expect solutions from our TV shows, to wait for the change of heart, the sudden and dramatic character turn, or for the hero to swoop in and save the day.

The 100 gives us none of that. What we expect to happen never does. Finn dies. Raven limps for the rest of her life. Jasper commits suicide. 99% of the world is engulfed in flame. Matilda the Gorilla is never seen again.

This show changes its characters, setting them on a path that doesn’t loop back to the happy ending we may have envisioned for them. Pike was once a handsome teacher who handsomely Dangerous Minds-ed troubled youth. Then he became Pike’s Stupid Face and was impaled. He didn’t get a Redemption Ever After like he may have if this were a different show. Nor did the Mountain King, that glorious creep. Lincoln gave his life. 300 people were killed on the Ark, including an adorable freckled father. Jasper didn’t change his mind. Clarke didn’t turn back.

And neither did Octavia. This world changed her, and she has gone down a path that lead to sentencing her brother, her sorta-sister and her mentor to their probable deaths. If there was ever a time where Octavia was going to crack through Blodreina, it was this episode. It was the decision whether or not to call off the fight. She didn’t. And that is what makes this show different from the others. Because up until this episode I was waiting for that moment. You know the one I’m talking about. The one where she breaks down the walls of Blodreina and becomes Octavia again. Because that’s what a different show would do.

Foolish Toni.

Octavia will not be bouncing back. Octavia is Blodreina now.

And next week we get to find out why!! Yayyyyyyy! I don’t watch promos, but it’s called “The Dark Year”, soooo…. even *I* can surmise that. It’s going to be horrible, and I am so excited.



  • What are Kane, Diyoza and the Spaceventure Squad up to? I can only assume they’re coreographing dances, and I will go on believing that until proven otherwise.


  • How many of you were 100% sure we were going to lose either Gaya or Indra this episode? I was, and I have never been more pleased to be wrong.


  • Very jealous of the lucky fans who get to see the next episode at Comic Con, and also a friendly plea/reminder to keep any details offline until we all feast our eyes upon the horror.


  • Monty is amazing in every way, but I do wonder at his timing. Was the middle of the fight truly the best time to come bursting in with his little plant? It’s not like he had to wait for the plant to grow, right? Don’t be mad. I love you, Monty.


  • Henry Ian Cusick directed this episode. Well done, Brotha!


  • Indra promising Octavia that Gaya will survive the fight, and that she would brutally murder Bellamy, was so awesome and honest and badass, and everything Indra does / says / believes / emotes is 100% perfect. I have such a crush.


  • Abby isn’t holding back her hair as she throws up, and that worries me more than anything else. That woman is not smelling great right now, you guys.


  • Monty straight-up calling Octavia a dictator to her face was magic.


  • Madi reminding Clarke about how Bellamy saved her, then saying “he’s probably dead by now,” was also magic.


  • Everyone on this show is wildly talented. Actors, directors, writers, I bet even the Craft Services people make the best veggie platters and homemade granola. 


  • Have you guys ever set anything on fire to get your way? Yeahhhh… he… ME EITHER!
Okay that’s it from me, stay safe out there!
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One thought on “The 100 “The Warriors Will” Photo Recap – The Farmer in the Hell-ish Apocalypse (5.10)


    Oct 16, 2018

    Jul 21, 2018
    There’s a greek myth about a commander who leads his men to a new land and orders them to conquer it and when they’re all “ehhh, maybe we just go home instead?” he burns their ships so no one can return. That is the brutal leadership we’re seeing from Octavia right now.
    This was a real heroic moment for Monty, shame it was immediately undone.
    New theory: The Dark Year is the year Octavia took up smoking and lost her normal speaking voice.

    Jul 20, 2018
    I thought Diyoza packed up the machine and took it, so Abby can’t cure anyone. They could adapt another sonic drill but they need the medical scanner right?

    Jul 24, 2018
    Medical scanner and Raven 😉

    Jul 20, 2018
    So I’ve decided at some point O had a baby & it was sacraficed as food, or it was never born as part of their no baby’s allowed law, & it was Jackson’s thus why they are so close now. ALSO. Why has no one else pointed out her voice is deeper, and she kinda has a limp…

    Jul 19, 2018
    My girl Lexa puns are back!!! YASSSSSS! :)))

    Jul 19, 2018
    You scoff, but McCreary IS a busy dude, do you think Dioza’s defecting grounders are gonna execute and bury themselves? Well, do you? 🙂

    Jul 21, 2018
    I mean, if they’d just left one alive to dig the hole…

    Jul 19, 2018
    Farmer-shaming haha! Gold!
    Do dictators feel insulted being called dictators or is it just “yeah, and…?”
    That scene where Abby kinda just has her vision go blurry and goes to a corner and nibbles her pills while Vinson feeds on her guards throats feels eerily like some night outs when you should of gone home earlier am I right?
    (Ok, so there is what looks like some werewolves and upright horned lizards feeding on some people in the corner over there but what other clubs are open at this time of night with drinks at these prices and how far is it to walk to them in this cold? Just let the bass in that song you likenumb you to the blood and crying, don’t make eye contact with the vampire staring at you, look bored and order another drink from the ghost bartender like your Jack Torrance in the Shining). Ummhhh dark episode is I guess what I’m saying.
    Did dumping those worms by the side of the road seem irresponsible to anyone?
    Uh-oh looks like Mcreary has Dioza’s book of strategies, well I guess he could have a borrowing card for the Library of Alexandria but Bloodraina prefers a Sun Tzu death ground strategy. Octavia puts the rock in rock,paper,scissors.

    Jul 18, 2018
    Octavia is dead and im already salty, i came to that conclusion ages ago though..She is this seasons Jasper who we keep expecting to ‘come around’. One of her basic motivations has been clear to me all season..This the girl who lived under the floor. Why is it so shocking that she wants to be free and rid of this place where she became Blodreina. Where she likely became a cannibal and led her people to that also.
    The scariest thing about that Octavia scene in the mirror is that it looks like that is one of many many times she has done it.

    Jul 18, 2018
    Octavia’s face when she was begging Indra for other options was the most vulnerable we’ve seen her since her last radio call to Bellamy pre-Praimfaya. And remembering playing Lilypads, and trying to coach Bellamy on how to fight Indra… that hurt. But yeah, I think she’s gone now. Thought: Murphy knows how to remove the Flame (remember, he did it to Clarke so she could enter the City of Light). Do you think this will come into play?

    Jul 18, 2018
    The zapper-thing was to remove the Chip. The Flame was always inserted and removed from Commanders’ using the passphrases; “ascende superius” and “quia nunc vale” respectively. So yeah, all Clarke would need to do to remove the Flame from Madi would be to speak the passphrase, and then catch. 🙂

    Toni_watches Jul 18, 2018
    Ahhhhhh thanks!


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