The 100 “A Little Sacrifice” Photo-Recap; She’s a Real Gem

Hey guys! Thanks for coming to my blog even though there wasn’t an episode again this week. SO BIZARRE how it was just a blank screen for 42 minutes, huh? Like, NOTHING upsetting happened because nothing happened at all. I mean, it’s a weird choice, but I’ll accept it. So I guess we can just discuss, I dunno, the state of the world or something? That could be fun?

So, how ‘bout that global pandemic…? 

UGH FINE, you guys, I am UPSET. Sheid is now the boss of Wonkru, our fierce warrior queen Indra is on the cusp of death, our glorious, beloved Diyoza is now a crystal giant, and I don’t even want to talk about it, leave me ALONE! (please never leave me alone)

YOU GUYS, how ARE you? How does one properly say goodbye to a character who won our hearts so completely, so instantly?

We were NOT, madam. We were not prepared for how much you would mean to us, and to the story. Can you name a journey as wild as Diyoza’s? Can you name a relationship that made as much shockingly beautiful sense as her bond with Octavia? Can you name another character in the history of television who was somehow endearing while scooping a man’s eye out with a soup spoon? YOU SIMPLY CANNOT. So, thank you, Ivana Milicevic, for everything you brought to Diyoza, and everything you did for OUR HEARTS.

Apparently Sheid didn’t completely massacre all of the Faithful, because there were a bunch still alive, either slowly bleeding out, or just sort of lightly roughed-up? It DEFINITELY seemed like he killed everyone last episode. Sheid isn’t exactly an, “I’ll just defend myself as much as necessary,” type of guy, so I was very shocked to see Sympathetic Dad, the Beautiful Creepster’s new best friend, still alive. He was all, “hey, guy I met a few weeks ago who lied to me SO HUGE, please, if I don’t make it, take care of the fruit of loins, my only child…” and Murphy was like, “no?”  Hahaha, I know it was because he was like, “but you will live, ‘Ponine, dear God above,” but still. Weird moment.

Anyway, they figured out that Sheid (like the rest of the known universe) wanted to hang out with Madi, so they skedaddled off to chaperone.

He let her know that A) he was the monster who haunted her every waking moment last season, and B) he wanted to be buds. Basically, he couldn’t kill her without strengthening Indra’s claim as leader (martyrs aren’t good for business), but he DID need her to bend the knee, or he would brutally torture and murder every person she has or will ever care about. Just a super great foundation for a budding friendship.

Clarke negotiated the release of her pals in exchange for her super-legit key-pabilities (love me for me), but Echo, Octavia and Diyoza were like, “thanks but no thanks” and peaced out. So Clarke was like, “yeah, that’s a ruse FOR SURE”, and instead asked for some girl time, NO (straight) BOYS ALLOWED. 

It did strike me as odd that Gabriel took orders from Clarke considering they met for a hot minute last season where HE saved HER, but whatever, it’s about time Clarke did some Clarke-ing, ya know? So they huddled up (LOL) and very quickly figured out that their pals were up to some shenanigans because they hadn’t told anyone that Clarke was only the key for a fun afternoon. So she told B-Squad to stay with the season’s big bad and the magical subway sphere.  

Echo went to collect Hope to take her to Prisonville, but TWIST, she instead stabbed the guard in the throat and freed Hope. She was playing everyone all along! What a… shock? You guys, get out those steak knives because I’ve got some beef. Why ON NOT-EARTH would Echo go so deep undercover that she wouldn’t tell any of her pals about her plans? Even if she truly believed they were being watched at all times (which it seems they weren’t), the conversation they had last episode where they coached Hope to hide her feelings would not look good! 

And why now? Did she need to be a Level 2 to get access to the crystal goop? But they were clearly in there before… and she could’ve jumped Levitt at any time (how dare you). I just… I have so many questions, and I think all the answers boil down to this: everything Echo said and did was for our benefit. It was to make us believe she had turned. It was to confuse us. It was to give us this reveal. As an audience member, I don’t love feeling cheaply played. 

I don’t know, maybe I’ll feel differently after some time (unfortunately the nature of recapping this show is that you guys always get my knee-jerk reactions), and maybe the rest of the season will build on this, but right now, I didn’t love it, I’M SORRY. 

Anyway, she told Hope to get all the main characters off the planet in one hour, then hopped off to enact her revenge for Bellamy’s accidental ‘death’.

They raced to find Madi, and after an heart-warming moment where Murphy reassured her that everything was totally cool, Sheid overtook the airwaves and started aggressively spilling beans all over the damn place. Wonkru looked pretty interested before Indra made them do their chores or whatever.

Gabriel and Call Me Bill had a chat acknowledging each other as quasi-immortal false-Gods who have seen centuries pass, and Call Me Bill was like, “Remember Hot Pockets?” and Gabe was like, “I preferred Pizza Pops,” then Bill was like, “the fact that you know the difference means we are the same, you and I,” and then he showed them some fancy Tetris. Apparently it was left behind by the O.G. Bardonites, and it’s what Bill & Co. used to predict the upcoming war to end all blah blah blah. Then he peaced out for lunch (hahaha, boy does not give a single eff anymore), and Gabriel chased after him all, “it better not be Hot Pockets!”

You guys, look, I loved all of this – the Clarke/Octavia reunion, both of them honouring the other’s grief, the Adventure Squad meeting Hope, all of it was beautiful, and something I’ve been waiting for for a while. So when I say that Octavia’s hug with Miller dwarfed everything in this scene, you KNOW how much it meant to me. He hadn’t seen her since they arrived on Planet Season 6, and he had carried his guilt and resentment that whole time, believing himself to be complicit in her “crimes”. He was, if not her right hand, then maybe her right pinky finger? He spent 6 years under her command. He spent 6 years protecting and being protected by her. He spent 6 years standing by her side. Where Bellamy was Clarke’s knight, Miller was Octavia’s. I have YEARNED for this with my every breath. It’s not the admission I wanted (that perhaps she wasn’t all wrong, and that she did keep them all alive), but it’s a start, and witnessing it made my heart explode. 

Anyway, Hope broke up the reunion with some news that they had to vamoose, and everyone was like, “um, whyyyyyyyy?” and she was all, “no reason, it’s not like Echo is going to mass murder everyone,” and Octavia rolled her eyes, all, “ugh, Echoooooo!” 

Diyoza was like, “mass murder isn’t the soothing balm you think it is, maybe just chill with your family and heal your heart with a lil’ love and affection?” But Hope was like, “not into it,” and whatever, I’m fine, *sniff* I SAID I’M FINE. 

I wish I could say this was the most uncomfortable first date I’ve seen with my own eyes, but I was a server for 7 years, so. Call Me Bill sat down to a very fancy lunch (does Bardo have house elves?) with food from the past, and tried to sweet-talk his fellow false-God into stanning him or something. I honestly couldn’t concentrate with Call Me Bill talking with his mouth full. Like, he’s been alive for centuries, surly someone would have told him to chew with his mouth closed? 

Anyway, Gabe was like, “I like being legit human, though,” and Call Me Bill was like, “YOU ARE TRIGGERING MY TRAUMA, I mean *ahem* emotions are dumb.” He seemed pretty convinced that he’ll get some sort of cosmic do-over once the “last” war has been won, so there are no consequences for the current life he’s living. Nothing dangerous about that! 

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the casting director on this one. Did they plan all this? Did they know they’d be bringing back John Pyper-Ferguson for a much larger role? Or did they just get lucky that the day-player they hired is very good at his job?

Echo effing LAID HANDS on my sweet boy, and I swear to Ice Cream, if this has done permanent damage to my ship… *deep breath*. Echo straight-up murdered two Bardonites in front of our sweet naive beautiful baby, and he cracked and told her how to use the bedazzler. I guess logic leaves the body when being tortured, because that meant she could kill ALL your people, but we’ll forgive you, Levitt, you gorgeous dumb-dumb. 

Anyway, they all (including his one true love Octavia) left him tied up because if the guards got involved, they would kill their pal. I mean, couples have been through worse on this show, right? Remember that time Echo stabbed Bellamy’s sister off a cliff? Remember that time Mackson ate people? Remember that time Kane zapped Abby with a zappy-stick? All I’m saying is, this is not insurmountable, and our ship may yet sail *crosses fingers so hard*. 

Jordan Jasper Green, being the adorable lil’ genius he is, postulated that Call Me Bill is a big dumb dummy who doesn’t know how to play Tetris. He figured if the language is like Korean, then it could be slotted into characters (that read vertically), and could instead mean “test” instead of “war.” Ohhhhhhhh, HUGE IF TRUE! Is that where Becca went? Did she fail the test? Did she even take it? Did she see that it was a test, and was like, “I didn’t study, this is my literal worst nightmare.” 

Sheid went ahead and did the Grounder ritual that made him the Commander again no-take-backsies, but Indra was all, “Take-backsies!” and he was like, “I clearly just said NO take-backsies,” but she was like, “fancy a fight to the death?” and he was like, “more than you will ever know.” 

Look, a day ago, Sheid had Russell-hair, and now he has a mohawk-ponytail, and all I’m saying is that some silver fox out there woke up without his tresses. 

Anyway, in a very tense and awesome and distressing scene that had me clenching my jaw and muttering, “don’t you dare show, don’t you even try to dare,” Indra and Sheid fought. Though she was awesome in every way, she still ended up on the losing end, and was about to be killed, BUT THEN… 

Madi Arya Starked her way into the fight and slashed out Sheid’s eye, saving Indra, only to be almost immediately killed. Indra was all, “hey quit it,” and gave him a lil’ bow to make him spare Madi’s life, which hurt every molecule in my body, but also lit it aflame with hope and love? Remember when Indra was all, “I was ashamed of my mother for kneeling,” and now she’s kneeling for a child she loves. HUH. How ’bout that.

Anyway, then Madi skedaddled like the wily lil’ scamp she is. 

Our girl passed out, (DON’T YOU EVEN DARE I STG), and Sheid was like, “reeeeeeeally gonna lean into this whole villain thing, and hunt down all the Faithful and their families and kill everyone, including kids and babies and pets and teddy bears probably.” Then that one troublesome Wonkruian was like, “is this a douche move?” and Sheid was like, “yes, and?” and the guy was all, “no prob, no prob, just clarifying,” then Sheid, AND THIS IS REAL – said, “good,” which in Grounderish was “Right on.” hahahahahahhahahhhahahah forever and ever, I will love this moment for the rest of my days. Someone please gif it. Or meme it. Do some kids-these-days thing with it, so that I may keep this moment forever, I beg of you.

Remember when this guy was lying there dying and asked the Beautiful Creepster to raise his son for him, and now he’s got a lil’ bandage on his noggin and is walking around giving exposition? What a fun treat for him. 

Anyway, our favourite heart-of-gold scoundrel team-up hid Madi and the Faithful in the reactor, and Emori was all, “you’re a true hero now, dude,” and I was like, “DO NOT JINX IT, IF HE DIES, UGH.”

Welp. Echo almost went full Finn. I’m glad she didn’t go through with it, but if the Squad hadn’t been there, she likely would have. She would’ve killed an entire civilization for not even very justifiable revenge. They didn’t mean to “kill” Bellamy. It wasn’t deliberate. It was a dying soldier’s last act. 

I have loved Echo since we first met her in a cage. I have loved her complexity, her fierce loyalty, and her quippy sass. I have loved Tasya Teles’ portrayal, and I wish I could connect with her now, in the show’s final stretch. I’m just not resonating with her motivations, and half the time, I’m not even sure what those motivations are. 

Perhaps this will all come together in the end, perhaps I’ll look back and think, “ohhhhhh, THAT’s why!” Perhaps I’ll eat my hat. I truly, truly, hope I have to eat my hat (it’s made of chocolate, I shouldn’t wear it anymore). 

Yay, Raven used their sister-bond from the ring to convince her not to do it, and then the episode ended, and they went on a picnic. Not a very The 100 ending, but it’s what happened, so get off my back about it. 

Don’t make me.


Anders caught them and was like, “seriously guys, must you be the absolute worst?” and Hope was like, “yep!” and slashed his throat! Then she caught the bedazzler goop and was about to drop it into the water, when…

Everything about this scene was hauntingly, heart-crushingly beautiful. Diyoza, our amazingly fierce, wise, gorgeous warrior, caught the goop with her hand and was bedazzled as Octavia dragged a sobbing Hope out of the room. As she crystalized, she was all, “smarten up,” and the episode ended with Hope screaming “mommy” against the door. 


How dare you, basically. Like, what did our hearts ever do to you, huh, The 100? HUH?

Diyoza’s death felt so damn earned. Her dying to prevent her daughter from becoming a mass murder just feels so RIGHT.

Here’s the thing, you guys, there are elements of this show that I’m not jiving with at the moment, BUT, I’m still invested, I’m still intrigued, and I’m still ride or die for our Adventure Squad +. There has never been an episode where I didn’t want to keep watching. There’s never been a time in this show’s history when I didn’t want to know what happened next. That hasn’t changed. 

The 100 may stumble from time to time (what show doesn’t), but when it comes to finales, it has never let me down. I trust that it’ll stick this final finale. I think it has earned the benefit of the doubt by now. 


  • Ivana Milicevic is a legend, I hope to see her on my television (read: computer) screen again soon. Thank you for what you brought to this show! 
  • When Russel held the knife close to Picasso, I SAW RED. If Picasso doesn’t make it through this series, I SWEAR TO CANADIAN LEGEND CÉLINE DION I WILL RIOT. *takes dramatic rattling breath*
  • When Echo was like, “If they had killed YOU, Bellamy would be killing errrrrrrybody,” and I was all, “Remember last season when they DID kill Clarke, and Bellamy negotiated with them anyway for the sake of his people? Heh. Memories are weird.” 
  • “In other words, get the flock out of here.” Miller used my joke! Or… I used his joke, considering this was filmed a while ago? Either way, we share one mind, and now Miller, Jackson and I are a married tercet? *whispers* finally… 
  • “Let’s see what the three most dangerous women on this or any planet are up to.” I see what you were doing there, but that’s just not how people talk. 
  • Hey guys, what’s Gabriel’s DEAL? He’s obviously Team Adventure Squad, but like, why? He lied for months, but to what end? To protect whom? I really like his character, and obviously Chuku Modu is a total dreamboat, but I would very much like to know what’s driving this dude. 
  • Echo listing the Squad’s names to Hope as if she’d ever met them before made me chuckle. 
  • The only thing on my vision board is a picture of Adina Porter as Indra with a shaved head and a boss-ass-bitch glint in her eye. 
  • Speaking of hair – Jordan having blond highlights – a nod to Harper? That’s… that’s not how hair works, but I guess I’m okay with it? My heart doesn’t know yet. 
  • Next episode is going to be Bellamy-centric. Obviously I’m excited for his return, but I’m also nervous for how this is going to play out. No pressure, but by the end, I want to be saying to myself, “yup, that was worth it.” 
  • Calliope PramFleimkepa – so she didn’t take the flame!?! Call Me Bill stopping himself from asking what that meant, already suspecting his daughter isn’t inside anyone’s head. 
  • Jordan being the one to be like, “war isn’t great, though,” feels right. 
  • Yes, I am currently living in South Korea, and yes, I am learning Korean, and yes, I did take this opportunity to try translating, “I’m an adorable genius,” all by myself like a big girl, without the aid of google or anything. Anyone fluent in Korean who can tell me how I did? 
  • Anders taking Gabe’s gun like it was his lunch money was so embarrassing. I was so embarrassed for him.  
  • Now that Sheid doesn’t have to act like Russell, I am LOVING how hard JR Bourne is leaning into it. And why yes I DO love his makeover, thanks for asking, men in eyeliner DO IT FOR ME. 
  • Call Me Bill’s birkenstocks, LOL forever. 
  • Thanks to all who guessed, but last week’s JOKES FROM THE PAAAAAST was a bit of a hard one:


22 thoughts on “The 100 “A Little Sacrifice” Photo-Recap; She’s a Real Gem

  1. Love the recap as always. Boy this episode was a rough one. Tbh, I’m so over the Sheid Heda storyline, even though I love me some JR Bourne (Stargate SG1 anybody?), I just wish we could not and say we did. It’s really dragging.

    Gabriel – I actually love him and find him really interesting because he has lived those centuries of his life, and has all the weight and wisdom that comes with it, not just popped out from a freezer nap every few decades like Call me Bill. I find myself looking at his actions through that lens. He weighs his decisions, he is first and foremost a scientist who thinks his way through situations. The thing with the gun – I think he just analyzes information and without ego chooses what battles he wants to fight. He doesn’t put up a pretense of a struggle because what would that accomplish? Anyhoo, I like him, I enjoy not knowing exactly what his motivations are.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yeah, when Bill started talking about his growth from living so long, and comparing himself to Gabe, I was like, “dude, you have lived one lifetime, you just keep pausing. Gabe was actually living and learning and growing as a person. There is no comparison.”


  2. Wonderful recap…as always! Thank you! Wasn’t Hope the one who named everyone, after bursting into the room, using descriptions she learned from Octavia? If I’m wrong…sorry! Did you get the feeling Bill was hypnotizing Gabe during lunch? Bill seemed annoyed by Anders’ interruption and Gabe seemed to wake up from a trance. Your Korean is good. I don’t speak it, but I have a Korean friend and I sent her a screenshot. She sent the following back to you…안전 유지

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! That means “stay safe”, in case you didn’t look it up. 🙂 It’s such an interesting and frustrating and fun language to learn.

      Hope did name them all, but I’m talking about when Echo was like, “our people are here, Miller, Clarke, Jasper, the Tin Man, Toto, everyone.” I know Hope was told about all of them, but it still struck me as funny.

      I didn’t pick up on any hypnosis, but it would be a cool avenue to follow!


      1. My friend told me what it meant and I’m impressed with your Korean, because it’s a difficult language to learn. I know a few words she taught me, but can’t read or write it. I don’t even remember Echo saying that…LOL! If you go back to the scene with Bill and Gabe having lunch, you’ll know what I’m talking about. I wonder whether anyone else noticed it, or if my imagination was running away with itself. Until next week…


  3. Echo had a Palpatine moment…”Wipe them out…All of them”. I still love her character despite what growth she has had she still cant fully rectify herself like Diyoza and Octavia have, yet she does not try to bring people down her path which is why she didn’t include O and Diyoza. She even said to Clarke your better than me you kill for a reason this is straight up vengeance. Its honesty in the face of brutality, Echo has no illusions that she is a pos, and its refreshing in the face of characters like Cadogan who believe they are the chosen one with no evidence, he dosent believe in a higher power but believes he is chosen..Like what.. Diyoza’s death could be the turning point though for both Echo and Hope.

    If you like Ivana Milicevic then i recommend with all my soul BANSHEE. I don’t want to give anything away but it is a must. The show itself is also the greatest show ever made that not enough people saw.

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    1. Yes, I agree. Echo was under no illusion that what she was doing was righteous in any way. Girl wanted revenge, and she didn’t try to mask it as anything else. A part of me wonders if she was planning to escape, or just die with them.

      I have so many shows on my list, but I’ll add Banshee to it! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah I concur, Banshee is one of my all time (beware if beautiful and violent kick-assery disturbs you) highly recommended. I mean to say if you like Ivana as Diyoza then watching her as Anastasia/Carrie is sublime. In fact Diyoza is the light beer version of her Banshee role and likely why she was cast as Diyoza (walk in the park for her).
        This ain’t a typical ….oh, I’ll just put Banshee on my watch list somewhere between Succession and Warrior Nun situation. 🙂 I’m still traumatised by episodes of what Ivana and the cast of Banshee put on the screen. Haha! My two cents.


  4. My first ever reply but have been following your recaps since Murphy’s interpretive dance in the lighthouse bunker. Such a huge fan. I will miss these as much as the show when this season ends. Thank you!

    Jokes from the paaaast is Jaha and his creepy van full of City of Light candy.

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  5. Yeah, I’m not sure I’m fully following Echo’s motivation now. I understood her initial angry reaction (although I’m sure the memory guy was less than thrilled), but then Octavia had that same Come to Jesus moment with her a couple of episodes ago and I was certain Echo understood she needed to accept it had happened, I knew she was playing the disciples when it came to Hope, but skipping Finn and jumping straight to Mount Weather Massacre was… uh… a bit excessive?

    I do love her and all her flaws – I’ve been on this train since s4, I just don’t think this was ever one of them? I don’t mean to come across as a hater, but releasing a highly dangerous bio weapon she doesn’t understand while they’re still stuck on said planet? That’s dumb, love. That was really dumb. Thats… ‘the wind hasn’t met wonkru’ energy.

    We get it, she REALLY loves him, so much so she needed TWO sisters to talk sense into her, but I think we can move onto a new chapter? One in which she deals with loss as opposed to react to it?

    Idk man, this has been stinking of Mad Dany and I’m not here for it. Hopefully I’m wrong, that’d be a waste of a great character.

    (I just typed this but my internet shut down, so I’m gonna do it again and hope it isn’t a duplicate)

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  6. Toni, you are honestly one of my favourite people even though I only know you through these recaps. One of the saddest things about The 100 ending is that I won’t get to see your take after each episode 😦 Please never stop these!

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  7. I LOVED the reference to Monty teaching Jordan Korean and that being what helped him crack the code. I lived in Seoul last year and it was so cool to hear them talking about Korean on my favorite scifi show- made the whole episode for me tbh. I love your reviews- so funny and hella relatable. Also, I’m jealous you’re still living in Korea- wish I could get some good japchae right about now!

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  8. Re. Gabriel following Clarke’s orders, I was gonna say that he was on a planet with some of her friends for five years so maybe… but then I remembered that Echo was literally the only one of them who knew Clarke, and she’s never followed Clarke’s orders in her life, so, I dunno. Clarke is just that much of a forceful personality I guess? Woman knows what needs doing and fucking gets it done.


  9. 1) Hilarious captions as usual. Also, when you are trying to be funny in prose, you usually succeed. “Sell me Park Place and I’ll stop.” hahah!

    2) 100% with you on the “playing the audience” although, I’m guessing the writers wanted to do more, but due to the time restrictions and how many episodes they had left, they probably had to make serious cuts to move the story along (such as Indra and Murphy ridiculous scene with Sheid) Not doing it as well as say Dollhouse did, or Shield is currently doing, but passable.

    3) My favorite part of the episode was when Clarke left Octavia alone with Levitt . It wasn’t so much as a “I’m trying not to be a tyrant anymore” but more of a “I completely trust you to make the right decision and don’t even have to think twice about this, bye”

    4) You didn’t comment as harshly on how Echo (as opposed to Gabriel) tried to take everyone’s choice away and essentially commit genocide? No word on Hope doing the same or slicing Anders’ throat forcing the others to act? Or when they didn’t allow Hope the choice to save or be with her mother? Also, Gabriel was right, which might be beside the point, except sure sounds like you have to finish the hat you’re on before considering seconds.

    5) I don’ think Levitt was being dumb while spilling the beans. Hard to keep quiet while being tortured. Scientist types don’t normally train themselves techniques to withstand torture.

    6) “Did she see that it was a test, and was like, “I didn’t study, this is my literal worst nightmare.” hahaha! Wonder if this is what happened. I’m an episode behind, so you already know!

    7) The grounder language is funny. Have you looked into more? Lot of it is slurring “relaxed pronunciation” of sentences, phrases, descriptions, and definitions. I.E. lot more chuckle worthy examples like the one you pointed out.

    8) I agree: murder all the characters, but never Picasso! Even the show let that linger for literally less than 10 seconds before saying, “Yeah right, we won’t go that far, we promise. We know how sensitive you [including me] all are to animal deaths.” And next in line would be child deaths, so Madi will live.

    9) Curious of your age if you care to share. Your writing is quality: perhaps in your 30s. But your superficiality is low 20s/teens. (If that sounds like a bad word, as I don’t mean to be rude, change it to “how often you focus on looks or imagine Disney romantic scenarios) If you are like, “women should be allowed to talk how men talk” of course, I agree. I find it equally distracting when male writers match your frequency.


    1. 1. Thank you?

      2. Yes, I think there are a lot of unforseen restrictions the writers had to grapple with, so they’re working with what they have.

      3. More Clarke / Octavia please.

      4. Either you’re being willfully obtuse, or you really can’t tell the difference between those two situations, but either way, I stand by it. I suppose you could consider murder as taking someone’s choice away. Their choice to… live, I guess? It’s a bit of a stretch to get you onto your high horse, but not quite the ‘gotcha’ you think it is.

      5. Levitt is never dumb in any situation, he is a beautiful genius angel. However, in this one situation, perhaps his logic wasn’t exactly sound.

      6. We don’t know yet!

      7. I haven’t looked into it more, but I love it.

      8. Protect Picasso at any cost.

      9. I’m 36. I’m not sure what gender has to do with my “frequency”, but sure, women should be able to write like men? My fangirling is played up for comedy, but for the most part, I mean what I say. I don’t think it’s childish to want to see romance in stories. Are we meant to grow out of a love of love? Romance is a part of the human experience, why not yearn for more? Again, this aspect of my reviews is played up for laughs, but again, I stand by it.

      And as for commenting on looks; television is a visual medium. We can pretend like we’re not all in love with these characters, but what’s the point? To seem aloof? Plus, I know that some of the actors read these recaps. In an industry where people are constantly picked apart and torn down, I like to be one of the people providing confidence boosts. The cast of this show is 100% dreamy, I will shout it from the rooftops.

      Thanks for stopping by.


      1. Oh thank you for replying. I didn’t get a notice, odd. Still had the page up though.

        1) Why the question mark? It was a sincere compliment. I know humans, especially in this day and age, get confused by others who can compliment and critically construct simultaneously. It should be our natural state (and is: talk with children to see this), but we grow warped and defensive and think every other ideology is the enemy. (Drifting? Maybe a bit, but how we view different groups and mindsets has been a central theme of The 100) Just because I notice an indoctrinated reaction, doesn’t mean I don’t still like something. That was directed to everyone, not trying to single you out, sorry if it seems that way.

        3) Was wondering if anyone noticed that moment. Clarke’s facial reactions and body movement was perfect in that short 1-2 second moment.

        4) You can throw out weapons like “obtuse” and “high horse” if it makes you feel safe and protected, I don’t mind. But it doesn’t change the fact that this show has literally 100+ examples of people taking away others’ choices — often way worse than what Gabrielle did. If you were to chart all the examples over the seasons from “horrific” to “mild stripping of consent”, what Gabrielle did would be near the bottom or at least below the median line.

        I do not sense your reaction to that situation came from a pure “Toni” place, but rather a cognitive dissonance reaction based on outside forces “infecting” your spirit/essence of who you are.

        5) You say “Levitt is never dumb” but also called him “a gorgeous dumb-dumb” Both statements can’t be true. And I still contend that with enough pain, logic disappears for anyone. Kinda like (a much less violent analogy) if you have a partner that smacks you in the face while they were sleeping and having a bad dream. I wouldn’t call them violent or illogical.

        9) Here I made an assumption, so apologies if incorrect. I pre-empted the expected excuse (largely because of the aforementioned Gabrielle situation) that you would make it a gender issue. You were above that it seems, so my apologies.

        You are right: appealing to visual senses is often the first sense to lure humans in. I think it’s time we evolved beyond that. What bugs me is the hypocrisy though. Not you that I’ve seen, but many will cry about how females look on TV when they themselves are bean polishing to the latest Tatum. I don’t complain that Bond doesn’t look like me. It extends well beyond movies/tv as well, for example, A&F still has jacked dudes but Victoria Secret was practically forced to include larger to straight up obese women. (Which my position is IDGAF how they choose to market, but I don’t like the pressuring, threatening, and screeching that caused this. Ends don’t justify the means, for corrupt means (the roots) will always corrupt the end. That’s not to say that sometimes a corrupted means isn’t the best of the available options, but it doesn’t justify anything.)

        Another concern is that a large reason (there are many) humanity is, as of now, not going to jump the next threshold gap between evolution and extinction is due to poor parenting which in large part is due to relationships being crap (99%+ fail!) because when people are afraid or lonely or feel unloved, they run and hide behind hormones and butterflies trying to hijack their senses (often leading to thrusting expectations on the other, trying to make the other who one thinks they want instead of helping them become a better version of who they are).

        I cringe at the word “crush” (I have since I was 12-14ish) so that would be my triggering word I guess. Not asking you not to use it (unlike most others these days who sooo so many would say “don’t use a triggering word!! You are a horrible person!!”), just suggesting to you that maybe one day, it would be beneficial for you to travel deeper into your psyche to discover what is generating those thoughts and feelings.

        Being drawn to someone simply because of their facial and/or body structure is pure self-created fantasy the mind uses as some sort of defense, some sort of “gap filler”, for other unresolved emotions.

        But I’m still reading your reviews! Usually I’ll stop with other reviewers if they use more than “the guy/girl is hot” while you do it multiple times per review. That’s how good the rest is. 🙂

        Oh, and if I was a professional actor, my looks would be of no relevance in reviews. I’m pretty sure most actors/actresses don’t want to be complimented by their looks (much.) and would rather you stick to the performance. If you had a photo of yourself instead of a fat potato on the couch (massive apologies if that is an actual photograph of you), would you want fans to compliment your reviews or mention ad nauseam how hot you are? I contract second hand thirst disease imagining how different your comments would be if you had an image of yourself in a bikini, which sadly, yes, would generate more views — even if you had a potato body type.* (The thirst is real. But I still contend it’s protection by one’s hormones to compensate for negative feelings) *(cough: besides the point, but a lady doesn’t even have to be “hot” to get extra attention for showing skin. A male has to be “hot” or at least a cut body or handsome face. Corrupted means, corrupted ends.)

        Last point which I won’t get into too much because it’s a whole other thing: are we really “in love” with the characters? That’s another thing most are delusional about. Imagine the ability to take people’s favorite characters, insert them in their life as either a friend or lover, and watch how quickly that relationships breaks down. We love the story and how characters adapt and grow and handle different situations. We don’t actually love the characters. If we do, I think that suggests deeper issues.


        1. I disagree with almost everything you’ve said, but despite that, I do thank you for reading my blog, and for commenting.

          I put a lot of time and effort into these recaps, and it is for the sole purpose of bringing enjoyment to others. So, if my writing brings you joy, then I appreciate you saying so.

          Compliments to writers are like believing in fairies, we need it to live.

          I’m not going to get into what I disagree with in your statement(s). You are free to believe what you want, as I am free to write what I want. I don’t personally know you, and I refuse to make a judgement, or try to get into the head of someone from a few comments on a blog.

          We disagree, and that’s okay (though I would be remiss if I didn’t assure you that my opinions are my own, as opposed to the indoctrination you believe I am a victim of). I am, as I have praised the characters on The 100 for being, a grown-ass woman who can make up her own mind.

          So, thank you for the discourse, but I would like to leave it at that. I hope you continue to enjoy the recaps, for what little time we have left.


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