The 100 “Etherea” Photo-Recap; Conversion Excursion

WELCOOOOOOOOOOOME BAAAAAAAAAACK, Bellamy Blake! It was very, VERY nice to see you again, even if you did drink allllllllllll the Kool-Aid. Just all of it. I’m not sure there’s any Kool-Aid left for anyone else. It’s pretty sugary, so you should probably brush your teeth. 

The heart has returned to the show, and his first act was to betray the head. There’s more to this, obviously, there has to be. After his season 3 stint being manipulated by Pike’s Stupid Face, there’s no way he would allow himself to be brainwashed. Am I saying he’s playing the Shepherd, like the Girlventure Squad did? No, our boy is #TeamShepherd all the way. What I’m saying is that there has to be a reason. Whatever Bellamy saw in his privacy invasion of a Cave-Light-Being (honestly, the sentences I get to write in these recaps are unreal), led to this abrupt turn. Whatever his reasoning for betraying the Squad, it isn’t blind faith. 

The episode opened with a certain roughed up dreamboat getting back to work, going through the memories of some dude who was at the intergalactic subway stop when Bellamy ‘died’. WHY they were still going through these memories months later… *shrug* Who cares. I’m always happy to see Levitt, I don’t care what he’s doing. Let the boy mop floors in the background of every scene, just gimme more Levitt. 

Anyway, the scene shifted to the beginning moments of our boy Bellamy (feels a bit surreal to be typing his name again without a “where’s” in front of it) landing on an alien planet, followed by the Bardonite Conductor, um… Marv. Yeah. Marv feels right. 

They immediately engaged in some fisticuffs, and Bellamy went ahead and Blake’d him so hard.

(To Blake: [blˈe‍ɪk], verb, to completely destroy someone in a fight to the point of embarrassment)

Of COURSE they were surrounded by an insurmountable wall of rock… of course they were. And because our boy isn’t part mountain goat, he had to sulk back to his sworn enemy to see if he could get a wee boost. 

Not like *I* do that or anything, that would be… *ahem* stupid… right? ANYWAY, they kerfuffled a bit more, but then Bellamy was like, “omg quit it,” and suggested they team-up and fall in love get off the planet. 

Bellamy set Marv’s leg, and Marv was like, “Owe, owe, owe, what the H, man,” and Bellamy was like, “What, they don’t have foreplay where you come from?” and Marv was like, “We do, but it’s usually not this gross or painful,” and Bellamy was all, “Then you’re doing it wrong, heh heh.” He disinfected it with some Pike’s Stupid Face know-how about tree sap, then, as Marv took a lol’ snoozle, Bellamy settled in for some light reading.  

The Bardo Bible was all, “we will all transcend blabiddy blah caves are cool blah blah whatever.” I’m sure that’s the last we’ll hear of that. 

They argued a bit about the possibility that everything Marv believes is total bullshit, but on the flip side, Bellamy loving people is selfish? I don’t know, man, Marv was all, “I love EVERYONE,” which is pretty rich coming from a guy who legit tried to kill our boy before this sexy truce was made. 

Don’t act like you don’t feel this!!!

Marv’s leg healed remarkably fast (let’s chalk it up to alien tree goop and call it a day), so off they went to the parkour doubles tournament. Marv insisted on going first because his arms are stronger than his legs (trying to show off your guns to your crush, eh Marv? I see you). Anyway, he scampered up, and for a hot sec Bellamy thought he ran away, leaving him looking so dejected that I wanted to give him a pint of ice cream. BUT Marv’s heart drew him back, and away they went. 

They were Fellowship of the Ringing up a snowy mountain, chatting the whole time about how great the Shepherd is / isn’t, and whether or not he actually went to Etherea, or if he’s just a big fat fibber. Bellamy wanted to continue climbing despite the storm, but Marv was all, “nawwwwww, I’m out.” 

Of course, the tug of his heart once again led Marv back to Bellamy to pull him through the snow and then SNUGGLE HIM BACK TO LIFE. They had to cuddle in order to conserve heat in the harsh cold atmosphere, and… are we SURE this isn’t a romantic comedy?? Are we SURE? 

When they woke up from their spoon-fest, Bellamy found a picture of the prequel cast, and then followed an ethereal light further into the tunnel (you never follow an ethereal light to a second location, Bellamy! You KNOW this!). Marv was convinced they were the previous Etherea tenants who had ascended, but Bellamy had some pretty logical points to the contrary. Namely, how did cave-dwellers have the technology required for such a feat? Huh, Marv? HUH? 

Bellamy then informed Marv that Call Me Bill was a cult leader, but dude just did not care at all. The conversation boiled down to this; even though they couldn’t quite agree on their core beliefs, they were still ride-or-die for each other.

“I even love you, a stranger. Because I love everybody. Not JUST you, like don’t get ideas or anything. My love is eternal and pure and maybe we should kiss a little, you know, like I would kiss anyone, because I love everyone.” I SEE YOU, MARV! 

Marv was like, “All we ever do is measure our beards, you never take me out anymore!” So (after Bellamy ATE A BUG), he had them chant a bit, and Bellamy slipped into a mind palace, City of Light style, and had a little meeting with Call Me Bill (how? I’m sure we’ll find out), and his late mom (who, if you’ll recall, was floated for having two kids). Mama Blake was like, “The ethereal light beings are all the rage,” and Bellamy was all, “oh damn, okay, I’ll give it a try, then,” and he TOUCHED ONE (rude). We didn’t get to see what he saw, but I’m sure it’s not important. 

The storm broke after his vision, and Marv was like, “It’s meant to beeeeee!” and Bellamy was like, “Yes, we are,” and Marv was like, “What?” and Bellamy was all, “Huh?” and Marv was like, “Did you just-” and Bellamy was like, “NOTHING SHUT UP.”

They bickered a little about whether or not they should brave the climb when winter night was coming, but in the end Marv couldn’t say no to those soulful eyes, so up they went. 

Marv slipped and begged Bellamy to just let him fall rather than risk his own life to try to save him, but Bellamy was like, “I shall not live in this world without you,” and used the strength of his new love faith to pull him to safety. 

This isn’t even a joke anymore, you guys. I ship it. 

They reached the intergalactic subway station, but instead of the green swirl scooping them up, it slid on down the mountain, and they had to jump into it. Marv was all for it, what with his blind faith and all, and eventually Bellamy took a big-boy breath and dove in, too. 

Bellamy tumbled through the intergalactic subway, EMBRACED Marv, then bowed to the Shepherd all, “I will follow you, follow you wherever youuuuu may gooooo (oooohhhhh) there isn’t an ocean too deep (too deep) a mountain so high that can keep (keep) keep me awayyyyyyyy, away from your-” and Call Me Bill was like, “how long is this going to take, I have a 4 o’clock.”

Did we all see this moment coming from the instant Bellamy starting sipping on that Kool-Aid? Yeah. Did it make this scene any less heartbreaking to watch? Nope! Our boy told on Clarke so hard, revealing her key-less-ness, presumably dooming them, and the look on Clarke, Octavia, and Echo’s faces cut me to my very soul. 

But even that wasn’t enough to damper the neon-green light shining in my heart, because BELLAMY BLAKE IS BACK, you guys, and Bob Morley absolutely killed it. It takes a talented actor to carry an episode of this show. Eliza Taylor got her turn, Marie Avgeropoulos got hers, and now Bob Morley can join their ranks (not to say Jonathan Scarfe didn’t pull his weight as Marv, but the focus was definitely more on Bellamy’s journey). 

This season has been suffering from Bellamy’s absence (the writers did what they could with unforeseen circumstances, but, well, it is what it is). He is (the show’s self-subscribed) heart, and without him, the plot has lacked some of that much-needed warmth. He returned at a perfect time, with the unexpected heart-replacement Diyoza (don’t @ me) gone, the show needs a little more love. You know, even if he is currently working against the Adventure Squad he once helped to lead. 

Things are cooking now, pals, and I’m pumped to see what our boy has up his sleeve. On top of that, I’m especially excited to see Clarke’s home-memory-movie. Do you think they’ll show the Mountain King (please please please)? Or, more importantly, RILEY??? If we see the first moment Clarke met Riley, I will honestly flip out (do people still say flip out?)


  • The fact that Gabriel is always eating makes me like him one thousand percent more. 
  • Bellamy chanting “I’m not afraid,” as he climbed a snowy mountain got me. It got me hard. That mixed with the swords and guns in his vision… well done, show. 
  • Where’s the rest of the Squad (and Hope)? How was it decided who stays with who? Do the Bardonites instinctively know who the main characters are? 
  • So, does our favourite adorable dreamboat understand that Octavia only left him tied up because she knew she’d be able to stop Echo? HAVE THEY HAD MAKE-UP ICE CREAM, OR WHAT??? 
  • Beard-growth as a time marker. Classic. 
  • I loved how whenever Bellamy was like, “I fixed your leg and saved you!” Marv didn’t respond with, “yeah, because YOU broke it!” That’s just the kind of guy Marv is, I guess. 
  • I was 100% wrong about Bellamy being the invisi-jerk who anomal-napped Gaia, so, um, quick question, WHERE IN THE SWEET HELL IS GAIA?!? 
  • This episode used every romantic trope I love:
    • Enemies forced to work together towards a common goal? ✔
    • Enemies stuck in a deserted place together for a long period of time? ✔
    • One nursing the other back to health?  ✔
    • ‘Reluctantly’ saving each other? ✔
    • Banter that turns heated? ✔
    • Snuggling to stay warm in extreme cold? ✔
    • Looking out at a beautiful vista, realizing that maybe the REAL beauty was beside you the whole time? ✔
    • Finding ways to express their love without actually saying it outright? ✔ 
    • Sacrificing their own lives / safety for the other? ✔ 
    • The ‘so relieved we survived’ embrace that lingers a little too long?  ✔ 

This is the best romance Bellamy Blake has had in this entire series, I will not be convinced otherwise. 

  • Related: has everyone seen The Old Guard? (If you haven’t, go watch it right now, I don’t care what you’re doing, put down that baby or scalpel or cheese or whatever and turn it on posthaste) (on second thought, keep the cheese).  Was anyone else picking up strong Joe / Nicky vibes? 
  • Pike’s Stupid Face (again, I would like to reiterate that Michael Beach is very handsome, and his ‘stupid face’ is purely metaphorical) is getting a lot of posthumous airtime lately. Are we going to see another cameo, or is this simply to remind us how far Bellamy has come?
  • The shiny cave ghosts looked like Becca’s Grounder-shrine drawing, no? 

I’m not saying that the energy is Becca (or am I??? I don’t know!), but I do think there’s a link. Is this where the anomal-stone brought her? Did she also invade the Light Being’s privacy? Is her consciousness somehow stored in there? Did Bellamy have a lil’ chat with our girl? Did she tell him what he needs to do in order to pass the test??? IS BELLAMY THE KEY NOW??? 

  • If those light beings are what the Bardonites want to be, then nooooooooo thank you, that looks boring as all heck. And sorta frustrating? They can’t even scratch their nose!  
  • How is Indra, do we think???? Is someone feeding her cookies? Have Murphy and his new best friend gotten drunk and made prank phone calls? Did someone teach Madi how to play soccer?? I guess we’ll find out next week, as we return to Sanctum. 
  • A hearty honourary mention to Carrie and ninjachris3 for pointing out the JOKE FROM THE PAAAAAAAAST was Sheid offering candy out of a creepy van. I hadn’t even realized I used it with Season 2/3 Jaha. YOU GUYS KNOW MY RECAPS BETTER THAN I DO, how did this happen.
  • Congratulations to this week’s winner, Alice Ramsay, for the familiar chant Clarke used to get her pals back…


16 thoughts on “The 100 “Etherea” Photo-Recap; Conversion Excursion

  1. so happy to see my boi bellamy again… even if his betrayal of clarke really hurt (and made any real bellarke moment in the future seem that much more impossible). i see your blast from the past – dream weaver!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, Dream Weaver is a running gag, but good guess!!

      And yeah, I’ve lost all hope for Bellarke. The fact that Jason told Lindsay Morgan to direct Clarke’s reaction to Bellamy’s death as, “she just lost her best friend,” is what killed it for me. Apparently Lindsay wanted Clarke to fall to her knees, etc, but Jason told her not to. Boy REALLY doesn’t want us reading into anything.


    2. I think the betrayal by Bellamy is to show how deeply brainwashed he is, that he would do something so out of character.

      I’ve seen theories that Clarke may be key to rescuing him from his brainwash trap.. The heart and the head saving each other again?


  2. The speed in which Bellamy threw the Squad under the bus was just wow lol.
    Also, I just wanted to say that I LOVE your recaps! You never disappoint!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yeah, Bellamy, you don’t really get thanked for fixing a leg that YOU BROKE, you adorable dumbass. I lol’d hard when it came to the reverse situation, and Bellamy was just like, I have never heard of this ‘thank you’ of which you speak let us move on from this uncomfortable situation oh hey won’t you look at these rocks. I think Mama Blake should have told him off for that.

    I want to say the ref to Drag Race is the callback? I don’t have time to go back through your past entries WOE IS ME.


  4. ——At first I wasn’t sure of your theory that Bellamy has something up his sleeve, because boy do I have no idea how they plan on explaining how his betrayal is going to work for them. But then you shrewdly proposed the potential clues they dropped about Alie being the missing figure in his off-camera vision question even though, like you, in the moment I was sure it wasn’t important lol. Now I’m really into the idea Bellamy is the key now. I mean: the star of the show.
    ——I think it’s only fair to point out the questionable choices (read plot holes) this season, like going over that guard’s memories months later, and Marv’s recovery. Because I for one rarely enjoy the show less if I notice them at all. They’re to be expected with timey-wimey shenanigans. Although the suspension of disbelief required in seeing Bellarv (otp) somehow being expert freeclimbers… was a hefty one. I could have used that montage. haha. Speaking of, this episode 110% reminded me of the last book in the Lois Lowry’s ‘The Giver’ series. If you haven’t read them, do check it out. Your middle school past self will enjoy the conclusion. I know someone on the 100’s writing team did.
    ——I think you are definitely right about Diyoza being the unexpected substitute heart of the show, so idk who wants to @ you about that fact. I think the writers have done brilliantly under the circumstances, and my heart only grew fonder.
    ——-I would DIE if Riley showed up in someone’s mindscape. I hope Rothenberg is a fan of you.
    ——–The joke on the screengrabs of Bellarv on that mountaintop felt familiar, referring to what is beautiful, is that the callback?


  5. Anyone else think that the original bordorians or bordos……were one of the elgius’ crews or maybe that guy who built the shack on skyring? As always thanks for bringing smiles and sunshine 🌞 with your recaps!


  6. “Do the Bardonites instinctively know who the main characters are”

    “I was 100% wrong about Bellamy being the invisi-jerk who anomal-napped Gaia”
    It was a good guess, it made sense to me. Never say 100%, maybe he split in two, or got stuck in a time loop. With this show, why not? Maybe all the writers drank too much and all forgot about that and we’ll never see Gaia again.

    I know I annoy you and have been too harsh in previous comments. I’m working on that. I very much appreciate your unique tonal balance and humor. There is no “arguing” in this comment except for the last point, but I do genuinely believe if you read through it, you’ll be glad you did. Not that you’ll agree with me, but should make you think in a positive way, even if you come to the same conclusion you are currently at. But I could be 100% wrong. ;D
    Now with the preface aside:

    A beautiful episode. Touched on concepts most will miss – let’s call it more Calculus of emotions and connectivity. For one, it’s not the journey that made Bellamy “betray” Clarke. I take no issue with the use of that word, just think that’s simply one angle. To Bellamy, it was doing what is right. Also, it’s simple emotional math: for Bellamy to jump off, he had to believe “CMB” was their savior. It was the only way* to allow his body to let go.

    [actions matter more than words but what matters more than action is intent]

    It probably wasn’t even what he saw (I’m an episode behind). Those were simply….a catalyst, stretching before a workout, encouragement….before Bellamy took a literal leap of faith. Doing something that you’ve never done before and that every single cell in your body is saying “do not do this” and doing it anyway because the consciousness says, “trust me, it’s okay.” That changes a person. Bellamy was a survivor his whole life, never let go, never stop mentality. Even in the deepest parts of his mind, he knew there was no “well, if I jump and we’re wrong, maybe we can stay alive if we do this” as other times in his life. This was complete letting go – a life altering experience.

    Addressing Aforementioned Asterisk: Again, one episode behind – while I certainly feel Clarke’s side, I do understand Bellamy’s side, however he didn’t think of option 3 (of which I could be wrong). What if CMB created this world? Why not? Based on all the weird shit on the mountain, why couldn’t CMB have created the conditions, thereby manipulating the journey? Everything seemed pretty convenient. It was a planet sized obstacle course. Similar to how “cults” (i.e. all religions and governments, but I won’t get into that) brainwash the spirit and mind, CMB has learned it’s even better to also brainwash the body. Make it so the only way to exit and survive the maze was complete faith/obedience in mind, body, and soul (thereby creating the “holy trinity” making CMB the de facto God). If you are trapped in your burning house and screamed my name to save you, and I show up to save you, by all appearances, it’s the same if, unbeknownst to all, I set your house on fire and waited until I heard you to rush in and save you. But appearances can be, and often are, deceiving.

    If Bellamy had been able to think of that possibility (that CMB “started the fire”), he could have convinced his body to take the leap while not giving over his mind. …. This comes from a “bias” slant (ya! for once I’ll be on the popular opinion’s side): I can’t believe CMB is not the “bad guy.” Jordan has got to be right, or on the right track. Violence ALWAYS (or ‘has always’ to be more accurate) leads to more violence…it just might get shifted or repressed for awhile. Like Solomon’s baby: only through love over ego can violence be overcome and wrongs righted. Everything else is a temporary illusion. Our team, if anyone has, must have learned this by now over the worlds and centuries of their existence. They will save the day by passing the test.

    We all also engage in self brainwashing of the mind, body, and spirit. I will talk about the body for a minute as it ties in to my “complaint”. One paragraph near the end might agitate you a bit, but I promise I think you’ll be okay with it if you read this all.

    Sex can be good. Drugs can be good. Obstacle courses can be good. They can all also be negative. It’s mostly about the intent going into it. Too many begin self-brainwashing their body by running from thoughts emanating from their purest selves. They then hide behind hormones and/or trying to turn their consciousness off. Instead of exploring the mindscape, they grab onto conclusions then try to make everything fit into that conclusion (or cast it aside). With that painfully brief summary in mind:

    Much like, or nearly identical to, how individual cells can connect ionicly or covalently, there exists two types of fully integrated bonds between humans: “romantic” and familial. Most people (sadly, in this day in age, perhaps all people) you meet and converse with will become neither. The more attached you feel with someone (pure attachment, not one based on loneliness, begging for ego pets, etc.) the more it leads toward one form of bond or another. It cannot be both. A ceiling will be hit.

    For both these type of bonds exists several “docking ports.” Each must be fully snapped into place for the bond to be complete (or it will be an unstable compound). I will talk about just one of these docking ports in a semi-crass fashion for simplicity sake: Sex, or some romantic physical display of closeness. For a “romantic” bond (I have a better word, but that works for now), that docking port becomes attached and locked into place when there is no way you’d ever not want to be intimate in some form on a consistent basis (this doesn’t mean “always want sex” to be clear – deeper than that).

    For this particular docking port to be securely attached for a familial bond, there is no way you’d even think, literally think, about having sex with the person, no way ever want to be intimate in any sexual form. Not repulsed by the idea, it just isn’t a possibility that exists in your minds. Strangely (not that strange when studied), familial bonds are often much stronger, but “romantic love” while a different type of bond but equally powerful, can in fact can be more powerful, but that is rare.

    Now this isn’t delving into the area of “thought crimes” but rather a gauge to determine your standing with another. Have a sex dream about dad? That’s fine, stuff like that happens for many reasons, but it does mean you aren’t fully connected (yet) as a familial bond. Grow tired of your spouse? You two were never fully connected in your ports.

    There is no thought in one’s head that is wrong. It’s there for a purpose. A connection trying to dock but not there yet can be hindered by pink elephants. Do you want to hug your dad while he’s thinking about having sex with you? Not that he’s into it or wants to, it could be very off putting to him, it’s not wrong, it’s just a thought inside his head put on the projector screen because echoing in his ears.

    If you are reading this, you might know where I’m going with this: Your need to “ship”. This is why many straight guys reflexively avoid expressing emotion to another man – people call them gay. Sure, for some, it could a homophobia issue, but besides that, it is also a pink elephant. It harms the bond.

    With Bellamy and the other dude whose name I already forgot, there was not a hint of non-platonic love. They were quickly developing a deep familial bond. You can say your “shipping” didn’t mean they had to have any sort of sexual relationship, but that’s the connotation. You don’t ‘ship’ familial bonds. That harms it. Sure, once fully connected, it doesn’t matter (the bond becomes stronger than pink elephants, without even trying), but until then, it slows the process down and might push it in an unhealthy direction, causing eventual hardships or a complete disconnect.

    Women aren’t playthings for men, actors/actresses aren’t playthings for romantic fantasies (unless of course consent is involved as say a prostitute for the former example and a clear contract for the latter).

    If reviewing the plot, it shouldn’t delve into fan fiction that has no possibility of being accurate. (oops, never say never, I guess they could go that route, but I saw zero indication of this) Not saying to stop it, just making you aware of the harm of doing this (I could talk about the “why” but this is long enough). They could have showed a scene of them helping bathe each other, but it would have been closer to a parent bathing their child than foreplay.

    If that was too rough, I do apologize. I’m trying to speak from a pure place only, and convey it as such. I want no feelings to be hurt, but minds to exercise.

    While shows such as the new Roswell are appealing to the lowest common denominator and turning CW into YA for Dummies, I sure hope The 100 doesn’t abandon these deeper concepts and ends strong. Let the ending of episode 9 be the season’s weakest point.

    Thank you sincerely if you actually read all this.

    PS: yes, people say “flip out”, even, but less still, “flip my top” or “flip my lid.” However, not as common with the under 45 bracket as “flip my shit” which is less common than “lose my shit.”

    “On a mountain, on a mountain
    Let’s scan the horizon clean
    For any trace of human schemes
    And try to touch upon immortal themes
    On a mountain, on a mountain
    Up on a mountain
    Encased in solar rays
    Beyond electric dreams
    Of inarticulate passion plays
    Coming down a mountain
    Eons have a human ring
    The conversation of impassive planets
    Intercepted by a human being”


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