The 100 “The Dying of the Light” Photo-Recap; Just Replace the Bulb Maybe

Indulge me in a thought exercise. Let’s pretend, just for the time it takes you to read this recap, that Bellamy Blake fell through a wormhole and ended up in an alternate universe populated only by Matilda the mutated gorilla and her mutated gorilla family. Let’s also pretend that Clarke is the woman we have grown to love, and not some unfamiliar plastic mom-doll the writers are pushing around to fulfil their final will. Let’s ignore all the inconsistencies of this season, the retcons, and the disrespect to the fans. 

I ask you this because most of The Dying of the Light was a truly excellent episode of The 100, and there’s a part of me that can’t enjoy it to my heart’s full extent because of the bull-hooey that came before. But you guys… I want to. I want to enjoy it, because enjoying The 100, and all the craziness it throws at us is MY WHOLE DEAL. 

I had some big beef this episode, yes, but there was also so much to love; so much to admire and praise, so much to cry over, and be joyous about. There were some truly outstanding performances from long-time favourites, relationships being honoured, and writing that hit us square in the emotions-chip. 

The Emori / Raven / Murphy / Jackson storyline was PURE MAGIC. This tri-lationship quickly rooted itself in all our hearts in season 6, and the mighty payoff of that investment in this episode was just… *wipes tear*. Don’t look at me right now. 

On top of that, we got Levitt’s return (*heart eyes*), we got Gaia / Octavia / Clarke lady-friendship-love, and some strong Madi content. Which… brings me to my beef; glorifying the (rather violent, all told) self-sacrifice of a child. The 100 has never been afraid to go there (this is just one of many violent child-deaths we’ve seen), and I always respected where it went because it always had a point [for example, Jaha feeding a teen to a sea creature was to show what a douche he was]. 

But… I don’t know, guys, this one feels especially cruel, and also (ugh, with this word again) problematic. Madi isn’t dead. She’s still in there. She’s still Madi. There was no need to immediately reach for a gun. There was no way to get her consent. What if she wanted to live? What message does this send? 

The fact that she’s only mostly dead will obviously be the impetus for Clarke’s inevitable acceptance of transcendence. Afterall, it’s the only way to ‘save’ Madi, and Clarke said it herself, without her daughter, she has no one left (um, ouch for the rest of the characters?) therefore she is no one (we know, girl, you haven’t been a real person for a while). What does she care of the physical world anymore? Eff it all, take the test, transcend, let Madi’s mind-soul have a dog in alien-heaven or whatever. At this point can it go any other way?  

The episode began in the aftermath of the invisi-bomb, with a concussed Beautiful Creepster teaming up with Jackson and Raven to get Emori the heck out of her debris-fort. It went about as well as one would expect, considering she was IMPALED. She took it like a champ, but damn that looked painful, and I was upset the whole time (in the good way this show usually makes me feel).

Emori wasn’t having a super great time being impaled, and Jackson was all, “quick like bunnies, folks, this fan favourite needs my gentle healing touch STAT,” so the Beautiful Creepster and Raven shared a “let’s get to work for our girl” look, and then started breaking apart the room like Evelyn Couch going through menopause. 

Honestly, that look was my favourite moment of this episode (and maybe the season). They didn’t need words. They were saving their girl, hell or high water, and we all know Emori would’ve done the same for them.

Jackson told Raven to pep-talk Emori back to health, resulting in the best scene of the episode, in which Emori and Raven just LOVED at each other, expressing their gratitude for their time together on the ring. It was beautiful, cathartic, and such an amazing showcase of one of the strongest bonds on this show (that didn’t even get that much screen time). Lest we forget, Emori was Raven’s apprentice on the ring, learning, essentially, how to be an new woman with a new purpose. 

Speaking of purpose, Emori told Raven to choose saving all of mankind over saving her, and Raven flat-out refused, because she’s awesome enough to do both. 

It was at this point that I thought Emori was doomed. You don’t give a character such a poignant goodbye, and a self-sacrificial “last wish”, and then let them live. At this point, though, I doubt they’ll take her to Sanctum only to die, so I think our girl is safe (as much as anyone is safe). 

They got the intergalactic subway station up and running, and then Jackson hopped on the gurney like he was in an episode of Adorable ER. Murphy thanked him and my heart exploded, so I’m going to need Jackson to bring me back to life, too, if he’s not too busy, thanks. 

The SortaSquad’s hot-sec brainstorming sesh ended with Clarke and Octavia popping those convenient plot devices tracker pills into their gullets. It was rather anticlimactic, though, since Bardo simply was NOT open for guests at the moment, please check back later. 

Okay look, this scene was beautifully acted and super nice, and although this relationship sprung out of relatively nowhere this season, I still love it. Madi’s moms had a bit of a bond about how THEIR moms probably worried a lot when they ran off being all self-sacrificial, and now their sister-daughter is doing it to them. Oh, and Clarke will be “nothing” without Madi, which is weird, because there hasn’t been anything this season to indicate that she’s just a hollowed-out mama-bear marionette (thought exercise still going strong). 

After some failed meditation and hugging, Clarke and Octavia were plopped away for a super upsetting adventure. Yay!? Meanwhile on Bardo…

Hello Levitt, you morally sound, soft dreamboat! Boy was raised on cult garbage, and yet was able to see through all that and realize how evil it was to dig around a teen’s mind; especially when Call Me Bill’s motives clearly became more about seeing his daughter than finding the information they needed. 

Madi saw Becca’s (legit) judgy memories of Call Me Bill and was like, “yeahhhhhh, it’s not a war, you snoozy dumb-dumb, it’s a test, and I’m not cool with you representing all of humanity, STRAIGHT WHITE MAN,” and he was like, “what does that have to do with anythin-” and Madi was like, “social awareness is a virtue, Grandpa,” and Call Me Bill was like, “have teens always been this rude,” and Levitt was all, “yes, but she’s not wrong?”

Levitt was kicked out of the memory theatre for being too ‘close’ to the situation (the situation being murdering a teen), and he IMMEDIATELY went to the stone room to send an evite to his girlfriend and her pal so they could save the day. He didn’t even have a plan once they got there, which was just so LEVITT and adorable. 

This episode wins for hugs, I’ll give it that. Ahhhhh, this reunion felt good, even if Clarke did cut it short with her ever present, “TO MADI” chant. Girl, would it kill you to say thank you to the dude who just betrayed everyone he’s ever known?? I understand you’re under a lot of stress, but that’s no excuse to forget your manners. 

Because Sheidheda is inexplicably still around, Clarke and Co. put him to use as a distraction for the guards so they could get to Madi… whom he desperately wants to kill. LOGIC! So he put on his ol’ top hat, broke out his jazz hands and murdered EVERYONE. 

I don’t even know how to approach this scene. The 100 has gone to so many places, and I’ve followed along, joking about all of them. I’ve never felt like my jokes were being disrespectful to the subject matter, because the SHOW wasn’t being disrespectful, and my wacky ramblings were an extension of that. If it was fair game on the show, it was fair game to be made into a stupid Toni-meme. A tomeme. A memeni?

But this? This didn’t feel like fair game. This (just like sending Bellamy to a gorilla planet), felt like nothing but shock value. I don’t know. Is this joke even okay? Is it even okay to joke about this? Clarke saw that her daughter had been trapped inside her own body by a stroke, and she immediately reached for her gun to put Madi out of her assumed misery. THEN, when it became clear that Call Me Bill was about to big-bad his baddiness, Clarke just… bounced? Leaving her paralyzed daughter alone, vulnerable, and frightened, with the knowledge that her loved ones would return to murder her. 

What does one do when they’re the ‘silly’ PressKru member, and the show throws a scene like this at us? I’ve never before felt ashamed to be silly. This scene is beyond even my capacity to shrug things off with a joke. 

What I will say is that it was impeccably acted by all parties, and the fact that Octavia and Clarke finally, FINALLY got to support and love each other was great to see. I just wish it happened in a scene that didn’t involve mercy-killing someone you can’t get consent from. 

It’s so strange that the show allowed Bellamy to go live on a fun planet with a mutated gorilla, but didn’t allow the show’s most lovable representation of human innocence to have any agency over her own life. 

Next week is the show’s final episode. Regardless of how it’s ending, The 100 has taken us on a journey, and given us a lot to love and root for; as well as engage in. It created a passionate community of people; and for that, I will be forever grateful. 


  • Girl can’t blink, close her damn eyes!
  • “Don’t worry, it won’t hurt. Pain interferes with the readings.” LEVITT! I love you, man, but that was not a strong start! 
  • This show is always strongest when everyone is together, so I’m hoping they’re all united by the end. 
  • Azgeda symbol on the floor?? Will that come back into play next episode, or was it just some extra fun for the prequel? 
  • Speaking of Azgeda, our Azzie warrior babes Echo/Ash and Niylah… chilling together playing drinking games, or dead under a pile of rocks? Don’t look at me like that, major characters have been killed by falling rocks in finale seasons before! (It goes without saying, but they better not be.)
  • LOL @ Jordan being all, “remember my storyline from season 6 where I was sort of almost in a cult? That makes sense now because I feel things about the plot all of a sudden.” Sure, bud. THAT’s what your season 6 story was all about. Okay. 
  • All of the Beautiful Creepster’s moments with Emori were so heartbreakingly soft and pure, and I couldn’t mar them with my stupid captions. 
  • Raven’s big character moment was based on a false equivalency. Not saving Emori would be nothing like what she did in the reactor. In this case, Emori sacrificing herself was what she wanted. “I should have given him a choice,” Raven said, while taking away Emori’s. I AM NOT MAD about that, because Emori is precious and must be protected, and she really did seem to be on board with being saved in the end. But pointing shit out is MY purpose, soooo….. 
  • The Abby mention was super nice. Clarke WAS a little shit to her mom! 
  • Raven’s “Don’t get up,” to Emori. *heart* Please, The 100, please, just let us have at least this. Please. 
  • I wish Echo was there to share in the Save-Emori Team-Building Exercise. She missed the death of her pal Gabe, and now she’s missing saving the life of her family? Give our girl something to do other than mope! 
  • Why wasn’t Sheid put in the chair? Why is Madi the only one with past commander memories? Is it because his current physical body isn’t the one that had the flame? Would his code-consciousness not retain those memories because they weren’t ‘his’? 
  • Are Hope and Jordan still very cute? Why yes, yes they are. 
  • Are Indra and Gaia’s relationship still the emotional anchor of this show? Why yes, yes it is.
  • Levitt’s adorable lil’ fight scene! He’s so cuuuuuuuuute! 


  • Remember when Clarke was an actual character on this show, with a range of human emotions and intelligence and empathy, and weird hair choices? Like, I would suffer through those dreadlocks again if it meant Clarke could be a real person. Our girl is gone, and has been for a while. Nothing she does is judgeable by reason anymore, because it’s not her. She’s a vessel for the writers, nothing more. RIP Clarke Griffin, we knew thee well.  
  • I know this is late, but we can all agree that Gabe’s death was meant to be Bellamy’s, right? I don’t mean Bellamy should’ve been given the same respect, I mean it was literally written for Bellamy, and they stuck Gabe in there instead. Heroically sacrificing himself for Madi? Her being so upset about it that she’d do what she did? Clarke unravelling after losing them both back-to-back? The traveller’s prayer? The Squad surrounding him. Octavia crying. “May we meet again?” This was Bellamy’s death, and I am honestly so peeved we didn’t get it. 

Congratulations to Alice_Rams for spotting last week’s JOKES FROM THE PAAAAAAST; Jordan’s inherited romantic game:


43 thoughts on “The 100 “The Dying of the Light” Photo-Recap; Just Replace the Bulb Maybe

  1. Oh God, I couldn’t NOT burst out laughing when I read your sentence about how Clarke left Madi “… with the knowledge that her loved ones would return to murder her..” It’s just so ludicrous!

    And now, Clarke is going to “probably” represent all of of humanity within 5 minutes of considering the murder of a child.

    Sometimes I wonder if the basis of this entire season was basically a “how can we screw with Toni?”

    Speaking of, is this week’s throwback “how about we not murder a child?”

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  2. This clinches it for me that transcendence is real and that only currently alive people can transcend, which…ugh. Agreed about RIP Real Clarke, I wish we could have gotten one more season with our gal.

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  3. Thanks for another recap, Toni! And your sensitivity re Madi. I thought she did such a great job this episode.

    I was worried for Emori the whole time but I was pretty numb by the time they were about to kill Madi. My main thoughts were

    a) Jason is being all “I’m taking my ball and going home!”
    b) salting the earth

    I mean, it was just character torture pr0n at that point.

    And is it just me or have we seen more of Bellamy in the “previously on the 100 *Clark shoots Bellamy*” than we got all season?

    I don’t see how they wrap this all up in one episode and numb me doesn’t care. I don’t see how Transcendence can be worth this season.

    Anywho – I think the Azgeda handprint is supposed to be a teaser for the prequel, but how did they honestly think people would want to watch it after this train wreck? I mean, how could we trust them again?

    Ugh. I think I need to take my bitterness and go home.

    I guess on the positive side, this show has given me a lot of actors to watch in the future. 😀

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  4. Hi Toni, love your recaps although I’ve never commented before. I do feel compelled to throw out a quick theory, though…

    I think this will all end with Clark taking the “test” and passing and transcendence isn’t what we think it is. I think somehow (either with time travel or some other plot reversal device) things will go back to the way they were before and Bellamy will be alive and Madi will be fine and Clarke and the squad will get a “do-over.”

    It just seems too out there that all these major depressing things are happening at the end right before this supposed “last war.” Not saying that’s a good way to end the series or that the season has been any good to begin with, but that’s what my gut is telling me is gonna happen.

    Guess we’ll see next week.

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  5. Hi Toni!

    I’m now 99.9% convinced that Gabriel got quite a lot of Bellamy’s (original) storyline. His death, yes. And, possibly, even the years Gabe spent with Echo & Hope in Hesperides seemed like an easy swap for Bellamy (that would have been interesting–Bellamy following after Octavia, joining all the co-parents for Hope).

    >Leaving her paralyzed daughter alone, vulnerable, and frightened, with the knowledge that her loved ones would return to murder her.<

    I want Madi to see her friends and her dog again. I thought for sure Clarke would better explain why she thought Madi had a chance to live (maybe transcend) & ask Levitt to watch over Madi, but no? I'm so unclear about how we're supposed to navigate all of these choices in a good way? In another famous sci-fi series, there is a moment when a kid is temporarily paralyzed by the villains and unable to warn their parent of a trap–but the audience is clued in. Instead, these final scenes with Madi were emotional and troubling and ultimately confusing. (Lola did great!)

    Thank you for sharing the Gaia hug & the Raven/Emori/Murphy + Jackson action with us.

    And thank you, again, for all the energy you put into these recaps. Moreso when we're all scratching our heads. While we're not so sure what the show is doing, we can always count on your recaps to bring us back together. Thanks!

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    1. “I thought for sure Clarke would better explain why she thought Madi had a chance to live (maybe transcend) & ask Levitt to watch over Madi, but no?”

      Especially after setting Shied loose… a known murderer who has it out for her. *shrug*

      And thank you for coming on this journey with me, it’s a been a wild ride.


    2. I really like your theory that Gabriel got Bellamy’s storyline this season, specially because I miss Bell… But I wonder if that was the case what would have happened to Gabriel this season?

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  6. Since this season officially doesn’t exist for me, I’m trying to not get emotional about the stuff that’s happening. That said, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more triggering moment on The 100 then Clarke deciding that euthanasia was better for Madi than, oh, I don’t know, a brain scan. Maybe some physical rehab. Anything besides “let’s kill my disabled daughter because reasons!”. Add to that the fact that Eliza Taylor had to act out a scene (brilliantly, mind you) of losing her child only weeks after having a miscarriage in real life is, frankly, disgusting. Jason Rothenberg doesn’t deserve to ever work in television again. Sigh. Honestly, Toni, your recaps are the only good thing about this fake, not real, not canon, never existed season.

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  7. Thanks, Toni, for helping us savour the the highs and cope with lows. It seems like Jordan’s pensive “In my heart I know there is a purpose to everything” fits with his s6e13 “The truth? According to who?” But, in between, he didn’t call Cadogan “my shepherd.” It is as if the writers took the lines for Bellamy, Jordan, and Gabriel from early drafts of the scripts and then mixed them up in an invisi-helmut. Then they randomly pulled them out and gave assorted lines back to these characters. Oops, Bellamy doesn’t get to be stepdad for Madi and teach her how to play the piano.

    I am beyond wondering whether mom-doll Clarke will pull a lever in the upcoming final episode (and praying that it is not the trigger of a gun pointed at an endearing character). However, I am hanging on to a little hope that Raven lives up to her City of Light Community College genius credentials and helps save the day with some transcendent coding or engineering (perhaps she is going to backup Madi’s brain onto a mind-drive)!


    1. The fact that a mind drive didn’t even cross Clarke’s mind is so bizarre to me. I know it’s amoral and such, but our girl has done much worse in the name of those she loves.

      And yes, Raven will save them all with her awesomeness. 🙂

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      1. Raven! She could macgyver a mind drive to morally replace Madi’s own brain tissue. While creating a coronavirus vaccine. With a smile and a sarcastic comment that will have you quietly laughing all day.

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  8. Thank you for another great recap. You nailed it. It’s so sad, because it could have been a good episode,but
    at first they are mad because Bill left Madi begind „like this. Alone and helpless“ and two minutes later it is okay to do the same?
    I hope no doctors or people who work in rehabilitation behave like this. They would have an easy day. Go to work. See everyone is really sick, shoot everyone, go home. I don’t understand why they destroy their main characters like this. We see Jackson/ Murphy/ Raven trying to save Emori though her heart isn’t beating and then Clarke tries to kill her daughter because she doesn’t react properly. Get brainwashed, be disabled, disagree and you get shoot. If Clarke had been like this in season 2, she would have killed Raven because with her damaged leg, she would not want to live.
    The way the show is written at the moment, i believe Clarke will kill everyone….for all mankind🤦‍♀️

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  9. I’ve followed your recaps for years too and thank you for each and every one. They have kept me on track and been the best part of a poor episode. Sadly I would say that’s never been more relevant than this season.

    Plastic Mom Clarke is (and has been) sucking the life out of our Clarke to the point I loathe the Madi plot device. Saying that though the rush to shoot her was mind boggling in the circumstances.

    I appreciate the theory about the old Gabe/Bellamy plot switcheroo. I will now cling onto that as the true ending for Bellamy.

    I’ll be here to the end but meantime, I salute you for seeing us through these dark, dark days.

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  10. Thank you Toni for 7 seasons of recaps. I’ve formed new friendships by sharing your recaps. I’m going to miss these and the Canadian specific references.

    You mentioned some retcons this season. What are some examples? I feel like all the anamony effects (diozya hallucinating hope, Octavia drawing symbols) were just ignored/forgotten.

    Let us know what you’re watching next.
    Stay safe!

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    1. Oh damn, good point. With all the other bullcorn, I forgot about the dropped plot points. Good to know the writer’s room had a plan. *sigh*

      I was talking more about characterizations – like Raven being this morally perfect angel, Clarke becoming bloodthirsty, and Bellamy being… ugh, whatever Bellamy became.


  11. Toni, your recaps have been one of the best things about my personal The 100 journey. You’re like the girlfriend I call as soon as the episode is over to dish and “OMG RIGHT?!” with.
    I would’ve LOVED to have your photo recap take on The Umbrella Academy. Would’ve been so cool to see what would come out had you sunk your teeth in that one!

    But yeah, I think all of Gabe’s parts were originally Bellamy’s. All of it. One day, maybe I’ll rewatch and imagine Bell in Gabe’s shoes.

    I wish they’d continued that whole “it’s not a war” thing that our sweet Jordan discovered with the symbols. Nerd me would’ve loved them building up on that.

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  12. Toni, I would also love for you to review The Umbrella Academy. With The 100 out of contention, it is my new favorite show!

    I also like your theory with the Gabe/Bellamy storyline swaps. It makes so much more sense! As well, in a recent interview interview with Jason Rothenberg, he mentioned something about how the actress that played Echo had to “step up” this season, indicating they had to expand her role this season. It makes me wonder who her lines were for originally. Maybe Clarke?

    Also, as I’ve thought about it, if the rumors are true and Bob Morley just asked for four episodes off for this last season, couldn’t the episodes be filmed out-of-order so Bellamy could still have a major role, if Jason had any desire to work with the actor’s request? I don’t really know how television production works, but thought it might be plausible.

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    1. I don’t know either, but I think something could have been done that wasn’t self-sabotage. 😦

      And I honestly think they wrote all that Echo stuff on the fly to fill in plot that involved the leads.

      Umbrella Academy is on my list!


  13. I very much appreciate that Clarke and Octavia pulled the same move with Sheid that Ahsoka and Rex did with Maul in The Clone Wars finale.

    Also, I’m still somewhat convinced Bellamy survived and will pop up. Something about jordan wishing he could tell Bellamy about his visions seemed too foreshadowy to me.

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  14. Toni, you are “The 100″‘s canary. When you start suffocating on trash writing, we know it isn’t over-reactionary — it’s because they done fucked up. So sad, because even with Indra inexplicably not killing Sheid, not once but twice, it still had a chance at an epic finale. Now, highly doubtful.

    I love what you say about Madi’s consent, but in episode 5.1 next to the pile of sticks next to the side hut, if you pause the screen, you can clearly see both Madi and Clarke’s cursive name written in the dirt, just below text reading, “I, Madi, if in a case where I am unable to give consent, entrust Clarke to make any decisions for me.”

    That was a joke, but I laughed harder at a non-joke when Clarke just left the room ditching her invalid daughter as you describe. I love your “Clarke is the writer’s vessel” line. I don’t see what Bob and Eliza could have done differently as actors these last episodes. A few changes I would have made as the director. But mostly the writers’ faults.

    “What human alive today should represent all of humanity if ever necessary?” Anyone mentioning race or gender should immediately be disqualified. Most children, in my experience, would not mention anything as silly as that (at least for first few choices). The contingent doing that is mostly 18-35 and not too numerous, just louder. But we destroy our kids through school, government (Both colors: red and blue), hypocritical parenting, and such powerful consistent brainwashing through the media.

    Just like how Clarke’s parents and spaceship society screwed her moral compass up. Her needle is swimming all over the place. Gabe’s dead, I might have volunteered him. Hell, why not Madi take the final test? It’s probably all mental anyhow, no need for her body to move. Maybe Levitt? Jordan hasn’t seen enough and might be overwhelmed by the full spectrum of emotions. Maybe Gaia? Nah, she gets too one track minded like her mother.

    At this point, with the show’s characters, to take the final test, I’d hilariously nominate Murphy (since he’d be one of the last from the first season). Madi if able as she’s proven her bravery, but if not then Murphy as he’s experienced the full spectrum and is pointed in the right direction. Although, dunno if could still trust him if he lost Emori.

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    1. I think Raven’s line last episode about her saving Emori and then the rest of her friends is hinting that she’ll take the test. And she’s probably pass, because the writers have tried to convince us all season that she’s this morally infallible angel, except for that ONE THING she did in the reactor that she’s just soooooo guilty about.


  15. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love your recaps, they make laugh loudly and (almost) uncontrollably. Your humorous take on every single episode is refreshing and every week I look forward to reading the post.

    Liked by 1 person

  16. Hey Toni. I was going to comment last week but was too UGGHHH to devote much thought to it. I just can’t believe this is the direction the show has chosen to end in. My internet keeps recommending all these 100 reviews, finale teasers, or interviews with the show’s staff ahead of the finale. One I just read said Jason R directed the finale, and also wrote/directed the final scene of the last episode. I hate to lay blame, but it was such a clear parallel between the disturbing and ugly nature of that final scene with Madi/Clarke/Octavia and to the WTF nature of the way they’re driving this show toward the finish line. I don’t even see how they wrap up all the crazy directions the storylines are going in within just an hour, let alone wrap up an entire show and have any sort of ending that’s not abrupt and random. I used to love this show and was so excited to see it each week – it was one of few shows where it felt deserving of me making a point to put away all distractions and truly pay attention. But this last season has little by little moved farther away from that, to the point where the second half of the season has just been an overall UGH.

    The first place this really went weird really was the Bellamy death, but honestly was happening far before that. But after his death, I was so curious to find out what the heck had to drive them to make such weird writing decisions. I had heard something about a rewrite but I couldn’t find anything online, and I really appreciate the commenter here from an episode or two ago that provided the background of the actor requesting time off for mental health, and the creator presumably taking it too far and just throwing away the season with all the changes out of spite. It at least explains the ‘why’ of some of the weirdness, but it puts such a disappointing damper on the whole thing, knowing how much more epic this season could have been, if people in charge had just been better humans.

    I know I’m preaching to the choir at this point and just repeating what you and everyone else have said here. Just wanted to say thank you for all the fantastic recaps through the seasons – as others have said, your site was the first place I always wanted to go after an episode, just like if I knew someone IRL that watched it that was my go-to for chatting and breaking it down. I’ve loved your humor, wittiness, and ability to break down the human elements and emotions and tie it to real life.

    I’ve got you bookmarked and look forward to maybe another recap show in the future (I’ve made it through Umbrella Academy and agree with others that it would be an AWESOME one for your recaps! It’s one of those shows where you almost have to rewatch each one just to take it all in, and you’ll still understand new things when you go back and watch it again)… I also loved your Jane Austen recaps (esp the 2005 P&P!)… thanks again Toni. 🙂

    Hope we all make it through tonight.

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  17. ”How am i still even a character on this show”…How indeed. Sheidheda should have been dead by episode 5..He officially has the most plot armor.
    Another episode where you realise that everyone had ok to decent development EXCEPT BELLAMY AND CLARKE.

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