The 100 “A Sort of Homecoming” Photo-Recap; SIGH

Imagine, if you will, an alternate reality where we got an episode like A Sort of Homecoming, with reunions and hugs and great dialogue and action and a touching death scene (look at that, they DO know how to give a beloved character a good death), and heroism and banter and cute dancing… and it WASN’T preceded by the needless murder of the leading man. 

It’s really getting my goat how good this episode could’ve been, if it weren’t for the burning rage festering in our hearts. *sad, defeated sigh* Bellamy all but forgotten, the episode barreled forward with strategy and booze and banter, pretending like his death wouldn’t have completely rocked the foundation of most of the characters on this show. 

Octavia struggled more with her Blodreina legacy than she did with her brother’s murder (a struggle that would’ve been SO GOOD in the alternate reality). Echo took a moment to be sad, stoically reminiscing about her own issues rather than the love she lost (again, her alternate-reality struggle with her past would’ve been so compelling), and Murphy, Emori and Raven (the always alluring trio) spent the episode all business, talking about how hot Murphy is while emulating Bellamy, barely acknowledging the death of their ‘family’ member. Even Miller’s one-sentence about Bellamy segued into his father’s sacrifice.

Is it just me, or did this episode seem like it was written BEFORE the decision to kill Bellamy solidified in the writer’s treehouse? Like they just shoehorned in a few Bellamy-related lines, and left the episode the way it was meant to be before all the… you know, stuff.

Ah, what could’ve been.

The episode began in the moments directly after the episode-that-shall-not-be-named, with Clarke a lil’ upset that she just murdered her all-time-best-soulmate-friend. This emotional slightly-ajar-burst (get it? Cause it wasn’t quite an OUTburst… you know what, it’s been a day) had to be put on hold, though, because it was evident that they were back in the bunker, and Call Me Bill just was NOT feeling it. He immediately plopped on out outta there with some science magic, making us wonder what the point of bringing him even was (a running theme). 

Whaaaaaaaaaaaat???? Gaia has been on EARTH this WHOLE TIME??? *smug fake look of shock* (Just give me this, I’m so rarely correct in my predictions, or for that matter, anything.)

Turns out the intergalactic anomal-subway gets reeeeeeeeal personal while you travel, and if you don’t have a destination, it just pops you back home, easy peasy. So Gaia swiftly murdered the invisijerk who napped her, and set herself up in the bunker to wait for some end-of-season reunion hugs. And boyyyyyyy did we get ‘em! (You know how much I love hugs)

I love Indra and her whole stoic *every emotion brewing behind the walls of my tough exterior* deal. This reunion was everything it needed to be. And in an alternate universe, it made our not-broken hearts sing. 

I mean… at this point, what even is TV? You know? After wandering through FernGully 2: The Magical Rescue, Clarke told her pals that she murdered the heart of the show. They insta-forgave her (in their eyes, nothing to forgive, really), because she “really tried” not to do it. Clarke “really tried” not to murder her bestie in cold blood in the same way I “really try” when I ask my mom where something is and she’s all, “just look for it,” and I’m like, “I TRIED,” and then she rolls her eyes and opens the freezer and points to the ice cream, like, “did you, Toni? DID YOU?”

Bellamy’s ladies group-hugged about the fact that he was lost to them ‘a long time ago’, and now they just have to suck it up and get on with the plot their lives. In fairness to them, he was brainwashed by a cult almost a full week ago, and it’s not like Octavia and Echo are the type to go to extremes for the people they love or anything (in an alternate universe this group hug could’ve been about saving him, but whatever, hahahaha THE FUN WE HAVE). 

During a brainstorming sesh about how to proceed with all the plot crap that still needs to be wrapped up, Clarke saw how gross Raven’s hair had become under that helmet and decided her season 3 dreads were embarrassing enough. She smashed the helmet all, “everyone the audience cares about is here, eff everyone else, welcome to our new lives.” I guess she plum forgot that Call Me Bill can ploop back to Earth whenever he so pleases, and it might be good to have an escape route, but hey, WHAT EVEN IS TV, RIGHT? 

Sheid told Bill about Madi’s possible key-pabilities and offered to go bring her back. He made it very clear that he wants absolutely nothing to do with the plot, except for this ONE THING, and then he’s outtie. This, for some reason, seemed legit to Call Me Bill, so a plan was hatched. 

IMAGINE this scene in an alternate universe. Imagine it without an awkward almost-Bellamy-related segue into Miller’s guilt. Imagine these shirtless hunks supporting and loving each other in a touching scene honouring their beautiful relationship without the death of their friend looming over all the words unsaid. WELP, ANYWAY.

Niylah led them to her party den and busted out some Monty-hooch (how though? You know what, nevermind, WHAT EVEN IS TV). She shared with Jordan and Hope (her first taste of alcohol was very adorable), while Echo went off to be sad, and Gabe tinkered on the piano (LOL). 

Madi was pretty peeved at her Clarke-mom for making a unilateral decision about her / all of their futures (and, as an aside, killing Bellamy). She wants to hang out with her friends and pet her dog! Can anyone blame her? Honestly, I was pretty happy Madi got to show her anger / frustration about Clarke always taking her choices away. You go ahead and teen-angst all over your sister-mom, Madi! 

Anyway, then we had a super great scene between the Spaceventure trio that undermined Bellamy and Raven’s relationship, as well as Bellamy’s character and Raven’s moral integrity and intelligence. Um. Yay? Like, what did “Six years of watching Bellamy manipulate her on the ring,” mean, exactly? Since when was Bellamy manipulative, and since when did Raven fall for or NEED manipulating to do anything awesome / heroic? 

I guess the show figured they ruined the main relationship on the show, why not taint a few others, right?? Because WHAT EVEN IS TV ANYMORE??  

My kingdom for the alternate world where this conversation focusing on Octavia’s grief over everything that happened in the bunker wasn’t on the heels of HER BROTHER’S MURDER. It was such a great reunion, and the line, “We were all Blodreina,” was so powerful (especially coming out of the talented lips of Adina Porter), that I feel unforgivably robbed that it didn’t make sense narratively to be focusing on this. 


After a fun season 5 montage (Kane!), and a SIMPLY OUTSTANDING moment between Indra and Gaia (“My child, don’t you know? You’re my Seda”), Invisi-Sheid came through the intergalactic subway and started following people around like a creepy creepo. 

Having an adorable romance out of absolutely nowhere? Like father like son! And just like I was with Monty and Harper, I am 100% on board. Anyway, Madi walked in on this maudlin drunken pre-orgy and was all, “hey Gabe, be cute with me!” And Gabe was like, “That doesn’t seem like the kind of thing that would narratively lead to my demise. Sure!” So he started teaching her to play the piano. 

A for-sure alcohol poisoned Niylah busted in on Echo’s brooding and got a rehash of her (honestly very interesting if this was an alternate universe) backstory. Then, in the most shocking twist of the episode, Niylah told Echo (and us) about HERSELF. Her mom was Azgeda! That’s fun. Anyway, she pep-talked Echo/Ash about her personality in the kind of blunt way that only Niylah can make charming. It was cute, and I wish it happened in an alternate universe.

After some banter between the Spaceventure Trio (HA HA THE FUN THEY HAVE), Murphy tried to cheer up Hope, but then Jordan got in there and they adorabled at each other a bit. I don’t know, guys, it was cute. I’m not mad at it. Do I love that the last few episodes of the series are focusing on the relationship of two characters we sort of relatively just met? I mean… at this point? Fine. WHAT EVEN IS TV?

Invisi-Sheid STABBED OUR SWEET BOY and then went after Madi, explaining his motivations as he did, saying he volunteered just so he could kill her (gasp?). This gave Gabriel enough time to muster the post-stabby strength to jump in and save her, thus making Sheid even stabbier. 

He chased Madi to the fighting pit, where Indra and Gaia pulled the ol’ mother-daughter razzle dazzle on him, and he stabbed himself on outta there. 

In the alternate world, Gabriel’s death was so damn powerfully heartbreaking. It was played amazingly by everyone, written perfectly, directed perfectly, even the music was perfect. Gabe’s death honestly does feel earned and right. Boy has wanted to die since we met him. He’s lived A LOT. He wanted out. Having Hope sobbing over his body was the right way to send him off. Josephine is gone. The Kids of Gabe are gone. Hope and Echo were his last tethers. 

The fact that he got the poignant and narratively satisfying death that Bellamy was denied wouldn’t enrage us in the alternate universe! 

Sure. Why not. Let’s have Bellamy and Gabe’s deaths mean absolutely nothing, and have Madi self-sacrifice so that ‘no one will die for her anymore’. Fine. [Can we just for a quick sec recognize that adults writing children sometimes forget that children don’t think like adults? Yes, Madi is awesome and heroic, but children are used to adults taking care of them, and sacrificing for them, and I’m not sure this would’ve been the first move of a newly minted teen.] 

Anyway, then the invisijerks sent a bomb through the anomaly and the bunker sort of crumbled, and that’s where we’re at. Everyone is in peril, Madi is on Bardo about to mind-jangled, and who the heck knows what’s going on with Picasso. Has someone fed him yet? Give that good boi some treats. 

In case I was too subtle in this recap, let me be clear: I want to live in the alternate universe where behind-the-scenes stuff didn’t mess with this show; where the instant feedback of the internet didn’t interfere with the writing, and where there weren’t massive rewrites that led to poor decision making both on and off screen. I would very much like to ploof into the world where this show honoured its own legacy, and respected the fans. 

I know some people are enjoying this season, and that’s super duper for you. For those of you who aren’t… I… I know. I just… I know. Love to all. 


  • Congrats to Jessica Harmon on an awesome directorial outing!
  • Earth is back to normal, proving Monty wrong and making his sacrifice meaningless. Cool cool cool. They could’ve just stayed frozen and woken up a bit later. Awesome. 
  • Speaking of Monty, seriously, who in the bunker knew his booze recipe? Was he close enough with Miller to share that info? Also – did Harper exist? I seem to remember her existing, but she’s never, ever mentioned, so I’m starting to doubt it. Did I make her up? 
  • Jackson’s “hey baby”.
  • I yelled out loud when Gabe was stabbed. VERY out loud. In a supply closet. 
  • The Beautiful Creepster’s single tear was great, but imagine if he actually got to grieve one of his closest friends? What a performance that would’ve been.
  • Jessica Harmon is super watchable, and I’m very glad Niylah survived until the end. Hopefully we’ll see her in more things in the future! 
  • Miller being the one to heroically tuck the bomb away for safe-keeping? *tips hat*
  • Hope has lost just EEEEEEEEEVERYBODY, eh? Echo and Jordan better survive this series, I swear to the TV Gods. 
  • Madi listing her friends starting with Picasso felt SO RIGHT. Get that dog to safety!
  • Invisi-Sheid knowing where the “Rec Room” is in a giant bunker was pretty impressive! I always need at least 2 tries before I can find the bathroom in someone’s townhouse. 
  • Will we be seeing Levitt next episode, or was he finally fired? 
  • Anomalpills? I guess. Okay, fine. 
  • #MacksonForever
  • Let’s get down to logistics, shall we? Transcendence: exclusively for the currently living, or will souls that are already dead be there, too? There’s a lot of talk about Bellamy showing up after Transcendence, but like… does that mean EVERYONE gets to join? Will Lexa be there? Finn? Pike? Wells? RILEY??? Or is it more like, if they’re not alive when the lever is pulled (if it’s not a lever, then what are we even doing here), they won’t make the cut? 
  • “What was that? Why open the bridge and not use it?” said Octavia, the woman who was a Disciple for 3 months and spent most of that time in an invisi-suit. 
  • This comment was left on last week’s recap, and it’s a good darn point (Shout-out to John!) so I thought I’d just leave it right here:

‘Breaking the fourth wall’ means including the audience in a performance. Is there an expression for when the writers become part of the performance? ‘Breaking the floor?’ The 100 is a show about the strengths and flaws of humanity. The writers have added themselves to the cast of characters who have strengths and flaws that are observed by viewers (and by reviewers, like you Toni and Selina Wilken and others). Jason is now a character in the show and he is as cynical about human nature as Pike and ALIE. Whoever presses those 7 silent symbols that Becca found in Anaconda, I think they will metaphorically end up in the The 100 writers’ room and will be judged / tested / have a last war with the character Jason. It probably will be a debate about how violent and selfish humans are and whether there is spiritual transcendence. The problem is that the show exists because it has fans who are passionately interested in the development of the complex, flawed, and lovable characters portrayed by great actors. I don’t think fans wanted to see Bellamy, Clarke, Octavia, and Raven disappear into a hole the floor.

  • In response to fan disappointment, I’m seeing some tweets / comments defending the show. That’s fine, of course, we can all like different things. What gets my goat, however, are the comments like this:
    “Sorry but some of us don’t watch the show to see Bellamy and Clarke screw, so we like the actual PLOT.”

This (and comments like it)  assume that if a fan is upset over Bellamy’s nonsensical death, it’s solely because of shipping. Firstly, if it IS because of shipping, that’s perfectly valid, as that potential relationship has been building for years. 

Secondly, the majority of complaints aren’t focused on shipping, but rather the assassination of the characters we’ve grown to love, and the heartless way in which the heart of the show was killed off. Shoving all complaints into a neat box titled “Shippers’ Rage” is not only condescending and inaccurate, but it also stunts the conversation. It’s a cheap trick for anyone defending the show who doesn’t actually have a valid argument to stand on. 

[Of course, I know these types of comments are unlikely to come from anyone reading these recaps, as you all are generally very nice, very sane people.]

  • On a scale of 1 to UUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH how ready are you for this to just be over? 

Congratulations to this week’s JOKES FROM THE PAAAAAAST winner myliekinogue, for spotting Bellamy’s criticism of Madi’s art, which was the same as Abby’s in the very first episode (when baby Toni hadn’t quite found her font).


46 thoughts on “The 100 “A Sort of Homecoming” Photo-Recap; SIGH

  1. Yeah, I’m ready for it to be over. It’s all just weird now. No one is acting as they should.

    And oddly, when Bob and Eliza got together IRL, I stopped really caring about seeing Bell and Clarke together. I trusted TPTB to do the right thing by these beloved characters.
    I was so wrong, and now these last few episodes are tainted.

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      1. Okay I rewatched that scene where Bell is accused of allegedly manipulating Raven for 6 years. WTF was that about?! That was a total STRETCH to make Bell look bad and justify killing him the way they did. He was our hero. He would’ve been the one to throw that bomb like Nate did. He sacrificed himself over and over. This is just evil.
        We are so effing close to the end. This didn’t have to happen.
        I’m angry all over again now.

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          1. It’s the only way, because *absolutely nothing* makes sense now.
            Gah! This can’t be easy for you writing these much loved recaps now! I’m grateful I found them in Season 2 (I think), and it’s so clear that you’ve pour so much heart into them.
            And I sense your posts are echoing all of our feelings now… deflated, defeated, betrayed.
            But I’ll be here, reading till the end.


    1. Oh wow, I had no idea they were together IRL.
      I guess it makes more sense now. You fall in love in your real life, you probably would rather kill your partner in make believe. Therapy 101 LOL!


  2. Hey Toni! First of all, I’ve been reading your recaps since the beginning. When it seemed no one like Murphy except me–your fondness of him really stuck out. And I stayed around because your summaries were able to highlight the intriguing things about his character, which I really appreciated. I truly enjoy your ability to navigate the episodes to see the humor in the story and appreciate the wild ride and speak some insightful truths on the narrative.

    I know we’re all kind of thrown for a loop on Bellamy this season. I respect how everyone has their own reaction. Myself, I’ve had my own growing indifference to his character which left me indifferent on his death. I felt really odd because I was still enjoying this episode and was still postponing my reactions to Bellamy’s death.

    I mention this because, once again, your recap of the show resonated with me, personally.

    “I’m sorry about B…”
    “Being years late to comment on how much I love your recaps?”
    “I was going to say Bellamy but we can swerve if that’s where you’re at.”

    Sincerely, though, thank you for continuing to recap these last few episodes.

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  3. It’s like we’re mind-twins, Toni! My husband and I were watching it last night (I forced him to start watching in Season 1 and it was must see tv for us both) and we were like it’s so nice to see all the character interactions again – if only we could just erase the crappy stuff like Bellamy’s death and Bill and the new magic transport pills. (What are those even …)

    I hadn’t quite processed that Gabe got the send off (May we meet again) that Bellamy didn’t. Which makes it even more ugh.

    At this point, I’m just watching because I put 7 years into this show and I want to see how it ends. And I want to know what Becca saw.

    Then I’m going to pretend it ended at season 5, without the bomb, and live in that alternate reality. Because what even is TV?

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  4. This is so difficult for me to watch, it’s like a train wreck in slomo. The beginning of this season was so promising, I was loving the sci-fi aspects of the time dilation and wormholes, but this slow assassination of everything and every character I love on the show has become too painful. And for them to put blame on “shippers” to cover for egregiously bad writing (like you said, how stupid is it for Octavia not be able to figure out invisibility) is outrageous. I am so enraged that Bellamy’s death was rendered even more meaningless in this episode! This trend of royally screwing the audience in the final season of good shows really needs to stop.

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  5. The recap has been great as always and i totally want to live in that alternative universe. This episode could have been good, but it was pretty heartless and stupid the way everyone reacted. It was like“oh that guy we have met in season 1 Be…what’s his name? is dead, to bad, let’s move on“ and Octavia, who was really sad and mad a few episodes ago because she thought Bellamy was dead, was all „the old Bellamy would have understood“, like he would have murdered himself. I mean they forgave him for massmurdering trikru and now they are „he deserved to die“, because he would not give back a book?!?!
    If there are problems behind the scenes, they should have been professional enough to give him a decent ending. If they wanted Clarke to kill him, they should have given her a reason, like him actually trying to kill Madi and Clarke saving her in the last second. Or if they just want to get rid of Bob Morley, they could have a disciple kill him, while he tried to save Clarke. And most of all: LET THE OTHER CHARACTERS GRIEF! Most fans wouldn’t be happy either way, but it would have been consistent storytelling.

    I will really miss your recaps, which i have been reading since the 3rd episode. I hope you find a new series, which you want to recap soon. Never change

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    1. “Because he wouldn’t give back a book” haha, that’s gold!! It would all make sense in another universe where Clarke is like some Cyborg / Librarian from the future.


  6. Hey Toni! Love your recaps, as always. You never fail to put a smile on my face 🙂

    I agree, this episode would have been so much more enjoyable if it weren’t for Bellamy’s death (and the circumstances around it). I was full of heartwarming character moments (seriously, the a Clarke/Octavia/Echo hug? Mackson? Niylah and Echo’s heart to heart? Octavia and Indra and Gaia? MADI AND GABRIEL PLAYING PIANO???) but I couldn’t stop thinking about Bellamy and how he should have been there with all of them.

    While I did love Bellamy, he wasn’t my favorite character and I wasn’t mainly or only watching for him, and I always told myself that if he died I would be ok with it – as long as it was a *good* death, which frankly, it wasn’t. Not only that, but the reaction to his death – I get that Octavia and Echo had already seen him “die” once and may have gotten their super emotional reactions out back then but I was expecting just a little more from them, Memori, Raven, etc. Gabriel, who we just met last season, got a more emotional and meaningful death scene than the male lead who has been with us since day 1 :/ (No shade to Gabriel, I loved him and he deserved a heroic and emotional death, but still – ugh).

    Just… this show has been a huge part of my life for almost 4 years and I LOVE these characters. I want to keep watching because I want to know what happens to everyone but with each passing episode, I fear that I won’t be satisfied with the conclusion. And that makes me really, really sad.

    But, anyway – as I said, I’ve always enjoyed your recaps and you’ve been one of my favorite things about my “The 100” experience.

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      1. You are right, but stabbing someone with the anomaly dagger isn’t any better. By the way where did Sheidheda go, when he left the dagger behind…. i don‘t really care anyway..
        This season has so many unnecessary weird things


    1. Thank you! That’s so nice to hear.

      And yes, this could have been one of my favourite episodes of the entire series if it wasn’t for all the behind-the-scenes crap that ruined it. The HUGS alone would’ve been enough to make me happy. *sigh* Alas.


  7. It’s obvious they’re not gonna stick the landing, but at least I enjoyed the other seasons. What a bummer if it’s true that some people let their egos ruin the ending of a story they worked years on. But maybe it’s hard to wrap up a TV show in a satisfying way… I’m trying to remember a show I loved that ended well, and I’m drawing a blank.

    I did get emotional at “We are all blodreina.” Maybe best line of the season.

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  8. Wow! Thanks for the shout out! That is an honour because the real transcendence of The 100 occurs when reviewers like you and Selina help us appreciate the compelling and evolving character interactions. It is a testament to the past (and some current) quality of writing and acting that a show can provide both subtle and powerful layers of emotional and thoughtful engagement.

    But — I am trying to imagine what it is like to be a professional actor when the latest script arrived at your door. You have created a character with depth and authenticity. And then you need to prepare yourself to say: “watching Bellamy manipula-what? who?,” “I understan-no seriously?,” “We lost him a long time-come on!”, and “Earth is our home-wait, I’m supposed to have a fit and destroy the most important piece of tech?”

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    1. Thank you. 🙂

      And yes, for real, I feel bad for everyone who worked so hard on this show. I’m going to recycle a response I just used on another comment – I honestly wonder what everyone else working on the show is thinking / feeling right now. I imagine it’s a bit like the crew on the Titanic, if the captain was like, “eff it, go straight for the iceburg.”


  9. Out of interest do we know how long Bob Morley was on set for. Dude seamed like he had other stuff on his mind (which completely fair), and i agree that the way they handled his exit was…. well bad, but i’m wondering how much control they had with the schedule?

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    1. That’s a good question, and I’m not sure. I completely sympathise with the writers situation in that they only had limited time with one of their stars. That being said, if I found out one of my main characters would only be in the season for a hot sec, I’d be like, “oh, okay cool, let’s just give him a heroic, emotional death in order to honour the person he’s become over the past 7 years, and then he can skedaddle.”


    2. Bob Morley asked for 4 episodes off to focus on his mental & emotional health (this has been confirmed by multiple people who worked on the show). Only 4 episodes, mind you. But apparently this led to a huge fight between Mr. Morley & Jason Rothenberg, who, in an act of extreme pettiness in my opinion, decided to rewrite the season right before they started shooting. Apparently Eliza Taylor was also brought into discussions about the season & asked for a reduced role once she heard about Mr. Rothenberg’s new plans. There have been multiple leaked scripts that show Bellamy and Clarke finally admitting they love each other, Bellamy sacrificing himself to save Clarke, and the remaining Delinquents actually grieving Bellamy. We lost all of that because of Jason Rothenberg, not Bob Morley. It’s my understanding the actors are currently under an NDA until the show is finished, so more information might come out about Mr. Rothenberg’s treatment of Mr. Morley. However, the actors don’t owe us an explanation for why this final season is so terrible and makes no sense. That responsibility lies directly with Jason Rothenberg and I doubt he’ll ever confirm he killed off his male lead because he was throwing a tantrum over someone’s health concerns.

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        1. Many of the crew of have confirmed on their official Twitter accounts that Bob Morley only asked for 4 episodes off & have confirmed “tension” between Mr. Morley and Jason Rothenberg. (Lots of people started guessing things were wrong when they both blocked the other on Twitter before S7 was supposed to start filming.) Lindsey Morgan confirmed the rewrites when she was interviewed about the episode she directed. She was quoted as saying they were rewriting her episode up until three days before shooting started. The scripts have, weirdly, been mostly released by the writers on either Twitter or Instagram.

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      1. Damn!! Someone needs to ask what the hell is going on at the “100” CW? (If true) It’s almost like some kind of frack’n horror movie over there with all the bodies piling up!

        Bloody Diabolical! I suppose you don’t wanna mess with JR’s creative vision or you’ll find yourself at the business of a gun wielded by Pike, Titus or the other half of your ship. Some kind of Herzog fantasy being carried out that I now find more fascinating than the show. Haha!


      2. I heard details that line up to this. The only thing was this all happened after the season was written than the rest is pretty accurate. I want to add that Marie also had issues before the start of the season and requested time off, not to mention Lindsay knew she would be directing so she was prepping in the first 6 or 7 episodes. You can see the impact in how choppy some of the first 7 episodes are and how all four of the main characters are missing for large swathes of the time. I can see how frustrating that must have been as a showrunner to be missing FOUR main characters for uncontrollable reasons but damn Jason is petty as hell..
        Not to mention trying to get a pilot greenlit ontop of the ambitious story this season. The man tried to juggle too many balls and imploded in the most childish way possible.

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  10. I do want this show over. But I will miss your recaps so much! We need to find you a new show. BTW, this had me LOL:
    (if it’s not a lever, then what are we even doing here)

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      1. Killjoys. It was an awesome SyFy show with kickass heroine and great found family.

        It’s over and complete AND the show folks didn’t screw their fans. I admit, I was terrified going into the finale, but I should have had more faith. 😀

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          1. Thank you! Season 3 of Wynonna Earp came out at a time when my life was BONKERS, so I had to step away (and a certain death made it hard to return). I will eventually finish watching the show, though, for all the reasons. 🙂 #WeTheNorth


  11. That first bit of text “party, hugs and reunions” in particulair is so covid 19 relatable… Also, the song that is played on the piano is called moonlight from Beethoven and is a Beethoven reference.


  12. Hey Toni,
    First of all- you’re awesome. I’ve been reading your reviews from the beginning.
    This season has been a bit all over the place but you’re recaps made it easy to follow. Sad thing is I got my boyfriend to watch the whole series so we could finish the show together….
    and he’s caught up now and super unimpressed.
    Which leads me to… what happened behind the scenes that led to poor decisions?


    1. I can give you the official confirmations & the rumors that seem pretty accurate.
      Official: Bob Morley asked for 4 episodes off to focus on his mental health (since he’s been very open about his struggles, it seems fair that he might need time off). This has been confirmed by multiple crew members. Jason Rothenberg rewrote the season instead of just giving Mr. Morley the time off. This has been confirmed in interviews by directors (especially Lindsey Morgan, who was quoted as saying she didn’t receive a script until 3 days before shooting). Writers on the show have also released previous scripts that included Mr. Morley and had a bigger role for Eliza Taylor. It was also noted that Mr. Morley & Mr. Rothenberg blocked each other on Twitter right before the start of S7, leading many to speculate there was tension between the two.
      Rumor: When Mr. Morley asked for the time off, it came directly from his doctors. Instead of respecting that, Mr. Rothenberg convinced the CW that Mr. Morley was “difficult” and couldn’t be in the final season. Eliza Taylor was brought into discussions and asked for a reduced role after finding out they were basically cutting Mr. Morley from the season. Apparently, the tension between Mr. Morley and Mr. Rothenberg has existed for awhile but reached a boiling point after S6 aired, when Mr. Rothenberg made his rather infamous comment that people “misinterpreted” Bellamy and Clarke’s relationship throughout the show & especially the closeness that was built upon in S6, leading Mr. Morley to fire back on Twitter that he, too, had misinterpreted their whole relationship in his acting choices (with a very obvious dig that Bellarke was clearly supposed to be endgame) and sarcastically apologized for not understanding their “real relationship”. I’m not sure if Mr. Rothenberg is so thin-skinned he couldn’t take one of his actors contradicting him or if he’s just a jerk who wanted to ruin Bellamy and Clarke’s relationship so he could claim the show was never truly about them (despite his numerous interviews over the years saying Bellamy and Clarke’s relationship was the heart of the show). Whether these rumors will ever be confirmed (or denied), I have no idea. I know the actors are supposedly under an NDA until the show is over, so it’s possible they might speak out. Or they might just move on, since Mr. Rothenberg clearly doesn’t care about his fans or the legacy of what was once a wonderfully complex and memorable show. I know for me, S7 doesn’t exist. It’s officially not canon and the show ended with all the Delinquents hugging and reunited in the fields of gold scene at the end of S6. I guess we all have to figure out how we’re going to remember this show and whether or not we let Mr. Rothenberg’s alleged pettiness ruin it.
      (Sorry this was so long. I wasn’t sure how much information you wanted.)


      1. Thank you so much for this!
        Like you, I consider S6 the end of The 100. I don’t know what S7 is.
        The 100 was one of the greats. And I’m disappointed that its ending was ruined by a toddler who doesn’t know how to play nicely with others.

        Liked by 1 person

    It is strange Harper isn’t mentioned.
    Your swerve jokes are top notch.

    This has been my feelings on The 100 the entire series: It flirts with an all-time great show, then slides halfway down a cliff. (“Pandora” on CW also had some solid concepts, but they completely botched it….dunno how it got a 2nd season)

    Funnily, it was Gabriel’s death that bothered me, not Bellamy’s (though I agree with you how everyone’s reaction to his death was off). It was so obvious someone was going to die AGAIN because Indra didn’t finish off Sheid, who in turn has proven to be a ruthless killer and now he’s invisible and only kills one person? Whole thing was silly. Including smashing the helmet which you already mentioned. Made no sense.

    Thought this show had a chance at a Top 10 all time great ending (such as Farscape <— Top 5 best series finales ever, maybe #1), but now, I'm just like 'eh'. At this point, I would be fine with this all being a hallucination and Clarke wakes up back in season 1 and all this is in her imagination as she's slowly dying from being floated. Why the F not.

    Also, my DNA doesn't know where I was born: I asked.

    Thank you for calling me sane. Most would disagree.

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  14. It’s hard to say I’m enjoying it, but I’m still really compelled to see where they go. I do wonder if there’s even going to be enough of a humanity left to save or keep going at this rate. While I wasn’t a massive Bellamy fan, it does feel like the show did him dirty.

    I loved and dreaded the whole hunt for Madi thing. All the little character vignettes and knowing that at some point Sheid would pop up all murdery. It felt like watching Gus Van Sant’s Elephant all over again. Still, not more to go now…


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