Sanditon 3.6 Photo-Recap: All’s Well That Ends Well

And here we are. The very last ever Sanditon photo-recap. We got our mega happy ending, our catharsis, our tears and laughter. Everyone we loved ended up better off, and everyone who deserved it got their comeuppance. This is what the fans fought for, and Sanditon delivered. 

It’s been a wild ride recapping this show, and I’m grateful to have been a part of such a passionate fandom. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Feeling helpless by Mary’s bedside, Tom asked Charlotte to take him to the old town so he could finally stop being a total asshole. They met up with their former maid who was basically, “Mary better live, our literal lives depend on her,” and Tom was like, “Worry not for I shall–” and the maid was like, “Dear CHRIST please save Mary!” Girl ain’t no fool!! She knows the likelihood of Tom staying on this new moral course is about as sure as Charlotte marrying Sensible Ralph. 

Lady D was NOT into Creepy Preacher’s ideas of how her wedding should go. In fact, she didn’t seem keen on the whole affair! Don’t worry, Price, I’m sure it’s fine. *wink*

Oh Colbourne, you brooding, beautiful dumb-dumb. He was all, “My gals need a mother, and I shall provide one whether or not it’s the absolute ten I’m in love with.” Samuel was like, “okayyyyyyyyyyyyy…” and mugged to the camera like, ‘this guy, ammiright?’ It would have been very distressing if this weren’t the last episode and we all knew better.

ALSO – everyone standing around watching Augusta stare off into the middle-distance, and Leo saying they’ll never fall in love, and everyone AGREEING???  LOL FOREVER, this household is so dramatic. 

Quick tip – if your wife has to take a peek into the eternal beyond before you’ll get your shit together as a husband, maybe it’s time to WORK ON YOURSELF, TOM. Look. Granted. He does later. And I’ll get to that. But yeeeeesh with this storyline.

Anyway, she woke up and EVERYTHING IS OKAY, everybody. The show wouldn’t DARE take Mary from us, not after she’s learned to roar. 

Uh ohhhhhh, just like most toxic exes, it seems as if the King could somehow sense that Lady Susan was beginning to heal and find happiness. This, of course, had to be stopped at all costs, so he sent her a summons letter, demanding asking her back to London. 

Oooooooof, this was rough on a few levels. One, because we want to see the Presidents of the Shippers happy, but on a much deeper level NO DON’T THIS IS SO EMBARRASSING I CAN’T WATCH… Our sweet Samuel was going on and on about how much he digs her, and Lady Susan had to drop the bomb that she’s Just Not That Into Him (even though she was). 

No one in this town, not even someone who just clawed her way back from the pearly gates, will pass up an opportunity to ship. Mary, still lying in what was almost her death bed, listened intently as Charlotte regaled her with the tale of her love life, and Mary was like, “well why are you looking after your very close sick friend who literally almost died but hours before?? Go get your man!” 

I guess this was a triumphant moment? Arthur seemed to think it was because he’s a sweet beautiful soul who wants to see the best in his brother. We, on the other hand, know what could have been… that this scene could have been played out with Mary from the very start, that this storyline could have been about figuring out a way to convince Price together. Alas. Whatever man, good for you?

Charlotte rushed over to Colbourne’s for her big confession, but he was out brooding or angry-dancing his feelings away in a barn or something, so she left, but it’s fiiiiiine, she doesn’t need to leave a message or anything, she’ll just tell him later and no misunderstandings will stop her! 

Price was peeved about Tom changing his mind about the hotel, and Lady D was like, “I’m with the man who respects his wife,” and Price was like, “lemme just take my foot out of my mouth real quick,” and Lady was all, “I’ll wait.”

Georgiana told everyone about her newly found mom-bestie skipping town, and poor girl used the classic move of covering up her hurt feelings by pretending she didn’t have any. She also added in the spice of “soon I’ll be rich and powerful and I’ll just buy my happiness, whatever.”

Ever the shipper! Lady Susan told Charlotte that she’s been ordered back into a relationship with the king, and in the very same breath switched the conversation to Charlotte’s love life. Fair enough, Lady S, fair enough.

Ohhhhhh dear, looks like the near-miss at Colbourne’s place DOES have dire consequences, as our girl now believes him to be fianced to Lydia (who told Georgiana that she’s secretly engaged – good for you, girl!)

Ahhhh, the endless opportunity for misunderstanding when one is in love. Lydia joked about finding a reason to build a chapel on his grounds, and Colbourne was like, “good one,” and their banter shot Charlotte square in the emotions. 

Quick poll – do we think Colbourne knew at this point that Lydia was engaged to her high school sweetheart? They seemed to be the kind of chummy that results from having a fun secret. Anyway, I don’t think either of them knew about Charlotte’s assumption, or realized the effect it would have on Charlotte. Our girl Lydia would NEVER (I like her so much). 

Anyway, Charlotte was forced to sit beside Colbourne by Augusta (even in her emo state, girl is a shipper). They both sexual-tensioned at each other while desperately trying not to scream that they love each other. What fun!

Lady D stood him up, and you guys for real, I love this so much. She’d been showing doubts since he first proposed, and I LOVE that Sanditon didn’t force her to come around. I love that they said, “You know what, our matriarch likes her life and wants what she wants. Good for her.” Yes, show, I agree.

YES BEATRICE! You guys, the way I pumped my fist in the air when Ms. Henkins finally stood up to her creepy brother, oohhhhhh man, it was basically my exercise for the day. I love her to the freaking moon. Go get your comically german man, fräulein!

Creepy Preacher offered to invite Doctor Fuchs to tea, and Beatrice’s smile lit up the whole world. Major shout-out to Sandy McDade, what a journey she’s taken Ms. Hankins on!

Having found out it was the King ordering Lady Susan back to London, our lovely Samuel chased after her and declared that she deserved better (true) and that he can be the one to make her happy (I believe it!). She turned him down because… well, the KING, and scampered off. 

Price stormed Lady D’s castle and confronted her about standing him up at their wedding, and she very calmly explained (once again) everything she’d been saying all season. Girl likes her independence! Her wealth! Her title! Her daily jazzercise routine! At that time, marrying a man meant giving him power over you, and our Lady D was NOT having that. 

Georgiana’s mom returned from her secret mission and told her all about how Lady Snooty Snoot tried to pay her to go away. Georgiana, being the absolute spitfire she is, immediately and publicly called her out. “My mother has no need of your money, and you have little enough to spare.” Baaaaahahahahahahhaha GIRL YES. I love Georgiana. I’ll miss her sass so much.

These two adorable babes broke up in the sweetest way possible, and for real, I’m being so serious here – how often do you think Georgiana and Otis double date with Harry and Arthur? Like, once a week? A month? I have to assume Georgiana lives in London now, and the boys frequent their cottage OMG DO YOU THINK they ALL go to the cottage and– 

Ahem. I’m getting ahead of myself. 

Georgiana’s mom spent a full 24 hours in Sanditon, and so obviously she caught the Shipping bug. She’d traveled to London to find Otis and get the details on season 1 so she could climb aboard the ship with confidence. I respect it!

The Parker gang pitched the changes to their former maid, who I guess is the mayor of the Old Town, and Mary looked pointedly at Charlotte like, “Oh, and a certain SOMEONE insisted on a school upon the suggestion of SOMEONE in this room,” and Charlotte was all, “OMG stop,” but in that way that meant “keep going.” However, they needed money to make the changes, so naturally they went to Lady D. Charlotte pumped her ego about her legacy, but in the end it was healthy competition over Colbourne that cemented her funds. I love a petty rich old lady!

Baaahahahahhaa, Lady D’s plan this WHOLE TIME was to train Sir CrustyToes to be a REVEREND. HHHAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA x seventeen million. The “living” she promised him was to run a church, and my goodness, the irony is delicious. I’d say hopefully he won’t seduce his parishioners, but who are we kidding. Do NOT let this man into a confessional! 

Georgiana told her pals that she’s off to marry her high school crush, and that she’s sorry for all her nonsense. I mean… girl did NOT have to apologize for doing what she had to do to survive, but I get it. She shared a look with Arthur, which I wish could have been a whole scene. Their friendship has been at the heart of the show for three seasons, so it would have been nice to give them a lovely send-off where they both hugged and cried and screamed, “Let’s never fight again!” 

I was a bit sad no one else could be at Georgiana’s wedding, but I also appreciated that it was small and intimate with both the love and the mother who returned to her. I also love that Georgiana’s mom showed up in the final hours to be the BIGGEST SHIPPER. Girl made this wedding happen! She has a right to heart-fingers if she wants!

Well, we didn’t get a full vacation montage at the cottage where they splashed each other in the sea and went shopping, trying on different silly outfits, and then made out by a roaring fire, BUT, we did get this adorable apology scene where they both admitted they still LIKE-like each other. We can assume the rest happened off-screen. 

I think Harry’s is another case where the apology isn’t necessary (seconded by Arthur, the man with a diamond heart). Harry was doing what he thought was best, and he tried to keep everyone, including the man he loves, happy. I’m obviously over the moon that this story ended the way it did, but I don’t blame any party for how they had to get there. 

We’re at the end of the road and I’m still not quite sure how I feel about Mr. Price. On the one hand, his financial plans (barf). On the other, he’s always treated Lady D with an almost reverence (which she, of course, deserves). One word from her and he changes his tune. In this case, she doesn’t want to get married? Fine, he’ll come to her. He invested in Tom’s hotel so he can have a place to stay while they canoodle. No one can be mad about that. 

Lady Susan has finally recognized her own worth, and put her happiness above her status. I am curious what it means to defy a king. Is she… an outlaw now? Or is she just losing the protection of being the King’s booty call? Will he even remember that he sent for her? Will he send all the king’s horses and all the king’s men? Either way, this is cute, AND it led to clearing up the misunderstanding from before! Lady Susan told Samuel what Charlotte assumed, which sent him racing to tell his brooding brother.  

And the land rejoiced!!! That noise you heard Sunday evening was all of our shipper hearts screaming FINALLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! No more misunderstandings, no more psychological demons, no more human equivalents of a dry bean-sprout salad standing in their way. These two are SMOOCHING and no one can stop them!

How bored do you think the inhabitants of Sanditon are, now that they don’t have a major ship to sail? Do you think they’ll turn their attention to Augusta? Watch out, girl, these shippers are intense!

Charlotte and Colbourne’s wedding was beautiful and joyous, and honestly a real treat for viewers who had been waiting so long for it. She walked through the reception, interacting with the characters we’ve grown to love, bringing the show to a beautiful end. This wedding scene really did feel like a love letter to the fans, and I adored every second. 

We even got a little epilogue, where Charlotte is teaching at the new school, she and Colbourne have a baby, and EVERYTHING IS AS IT SHOULD BE. 

Thank you again to the Sanditon Sisterhood for winning us this conclusion. Thank you to everyone who believed this story deserved to be told: the fans who campaigned, the producers who didn’t give up, the writers who adjusted the narrative, the actors who returned, and every single person who fought to bring us the happily-ever-afters of the characters we love. This is your victory, and I hope you are all basking in it. 

This was a lovely end to a lovely show. I will say this – I wanted more. I know this likely wasn’t in the creator’s power, but I do think this last season at least could have benefitted from 8 or even 9 episodes. Or, and I hesitate to say this because I truly did love everyone this season, perhaps cut a storyline to give more room for the others to grow? For example, and oh, this is just off the top of my head, just spitballing ideas, but maybe TOM’S? Maybe instead of rehashing a lesson he already learned, give the other stories more time to develop?

I wanted more time between the brothers Colbourne to mend their relationship, more time with Charlotte and Colbourne to show how his confidence and attitude had changed from last season, more time with Lady D and Sir FartBreath to make his turn more believable by the end, more time with Georgiana and Otis to quell any lingering doubts from season 1 and build up their chemistry, more time with Arthur and Harry JUST BECAUSE. 

Don’t get me wrong, I loved this season, and I think the fact that I want MORE is a testament to that. 

  • You guys, Colbourne is a stay at home dad. 🔥
  • Oh yeah, Tom and Mary have kids! LOL Both I and the show forgot. 
  • I will never apologize for the amount of Wayne’s World references I include in these recaps. I am who I am. Party on. 
  • I’ll admit, I did want Samuel and Lady Susan to stay friends, but like I said last recap, I’m not mad about it. Especially considering Charlotte and Lady Susan are sisters now!!!! 
  • Obviously I’m happy Georgiana didn’t marry Harry, but I do wish we’d had more of a resolution to that storyline. All the problems that would have been solved by their marriage are still present. 
  • For real, though, Georgiana, Otis, Arthur, Harry, Charlotte, and Colbourne, all at the cottage, roasting marshmallows over a fire, Colbourne being deeply uncomfortable socializing while Charlotte helps him to open up, Harry and Georgiana getting drunk and choreographing a dance together, then Arthur and Otis have to carry them to bed. This is not fan-fiction, this is WHAT HAPPENS.
  • “Are you really so afraid of your own company?” Beatrice for the WIN, for real. 
  • The friendship between Edward (just this one time, I’ll use his real name) and Ms Henkins was such a surprising delight. I said a lot about his character through these recaps, but I do appreciate the journey he went on this season. Not only did he form this friendship without any ulterior motives, but he also showed actual affection towards his aunt. Again, I would have liked a few more scenes (if we had more episodes) between them to build it, but I’ll take it.
  • On that note, thank you to Julie Pounders who commented on the 3.4 recap: “I hope Edward officiates at the Hankins Fuchs wedding in season 4.” NOW I WANT IT SO BAD. Imagine????
  • “Do you really think a girl can be a lawyer? Or a doctor? Or a WRITER.” Nice nod to our beloved Jane Austen. 
  • Okay, so I harp on Tom’s character a lot (WITH GOOD REASON), but it’s only because of the wondrous possibilities that character could have held. The missed opportunities – we were SO CLOSE – to having something amazing with him, to see his character grow and change over the course of three seasons. Obviously a team-up with Mary would have been preferable, but also imagine Tom being the #1 Charlotte/Colbourne shipper? Imagine if he threw his efforts into making sure she was happy, considering he knows he’s the one who ruined her happiness in season 1?
  • I know the customs of the time meant they didn’t invite every single person they knew to weddings, but honestly, is a shot of Esther and Babs with the baby too much to ask??? (Yes, I know it is, you can’t ask actors to come in for one shot, but I still want it!) Same with Alison and Fraser.
  • On that subject, imagine, if you will, it’s the wedding, everyone is happy, smiling, watching the couple say their vows. The camera pans over the joyous, crying crowd, and there in the back row, looking like he’s about to poison everyone and then fling himself off a cliff, is CROW. I would honestly pay money for this.
  • Leo quacking like a duck to cheer up Augusta, LOL for eternity. 
  • “Why are you still here? Weren’t you supposed to be marrying a farmer?” Lady D, NEVER CHANGE. 
  • Look, if I got into how much I love each member of this cast, you would have to sit reading for 3 full days, and I don’t want your butts to go numb, so I’ll try to focus in. I honestly loved every single member of this cast, heroes and villains alike. I would be remiss if I didn’t single out the following people whom I demand to see again on my screen in the very near future:
    • Turlough Convery – it’s no secret Arthur was my favourite, but this goes beyond how much I loved his character, because that accomplishment is shared with the writers. No, it’s more about the way he commanded my attention in every scene, the way his emotions played across his face so clearly, and the way his smile LIGHTS UP MY WHOLE HEART. He didn’t have any lines in the scene were Mary woke up, yet I felt everything he felt. #MORETURLOUGH
    • Eloise Webb – this young lady is GOING PLACES, I tell you.
    • Alice Orr-Ewing – her subtle wit and hidden confidence was again in part due to the writers, but the way she pulled it off and made us all like her in such short time was truly delightful. 
    • Charlotte Spencer – I know Esther wasn’t in this season, but I miss her so much.
    • Chris Marshal – this one might be a surprise, but just as the writers helped the other characters, I believe they did Tom a disservice. At no point did my dislike of Tom take away from my respect of Chris’ performance. He honestly did a great job, and I’m not sure I would have been so disappointed if I didn’t WANT to love Tom so much.
    • Emma Fielding – girl must be so FULL from chewing all that scenery! She had so much fun bringing Lady Snoot to snooty life, and I LOVE watching actors who clearly love what they do.
    • Anne Reid – only someone as skillful and experienced as her could take Lady D to the borderline-villain she was in season 1 to the legit heroine she turned out to be in season 3. Nothing but respect for our queen. 
    • Rose Williams and Ben Lloyd-Hughes – obvious reasons. 

AND THAT IS (FOR THE LAST TIME) IT FROM ME! Thank you to everyone who went on this bonkers ride with me, it honestly brought me so much joy to read your comments. Be safe out there, and hopefully someday another show will come along that will capture all of our attention as wholly as Sanditon did. Until then, see you on the socials! Here is my: twitter, instagram, and fantr



11 thoughts on “Sanditon 3.6 Photo-Recap: All’s Well That Ends Well

  1. Loved, loved, loved your weekly S3 blogs Toni! You are such a witty and talented writer and I looked forward to reading your work each time. Thank you.


  2. Thank you Toni for yet another great recap. I’d love to send you a copy of my book about our campaign, as a gift. You’ve been such an encouragement to us all with your love of #Sanditon.
    Please let me know where I should send the book to ensure you receive it.

    With warmest wishes

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  3. Loved all of the recaps, thanks for all of the fun and humor! So sad that it’s come to an end. Your recap of the last episode of season 1 truly got me through the (then) news that there was no season 2 (“No one looks good in water wings” 🤣)

    Loved going on this journey with you and all of the Sanditon Sisterhood!

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  4. I’ll miss these recaps – they have been such fun – and insightful too.! I look forward to continuing to follow your writing here. Thank you so much Toni.

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  5. Loved your recaps and will miss the humor and insight you imparted to summaries of Sanditon and its beloved characters. Thank you Toni!


  6. What made Alexander Colbourne think he could sire that chonk a chonk she child with petite missy size Charlotte? I guess 10 years of celibacy and being taunted about your virility by a war hero will make him that way…but I hope Dr. Fuchs, Mrs. W, and Mary Parker all gave him a dirty look. I hope Charlotte hissed at him the next time he gave her ‘the look.’


  7. I have truly loved being on this Sanditon voyage with you. I looked forward to reading your posts as much as I did watching the actual show. My two laugh out loud scenes were when Reverend Hankins said he wanted to talk about conjugal relations at Lady Ds wedding and she was like “Hell no! What’s the matter with you?”LOL for days! And the other scene when Lady D springs her plan on Edward fir him to be a Reverend. And my first thought was “fathers, don’t let your daughter go to confession alone!” Edward’s first decree as Reverend will be establishing “Prima Nocta”😈😂. Oh how I will miss this show!


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