The 100 “Blood Must Have Blood Part 2” Photo Recap – A Sizzlin’ Act 3 (2.16)


We made it. Our hearts have been battered, our throats are raw from screaming, our faces got a workout from all the feelings, and our brains were taken on a loopty-loop, but we made it through season 2. How’s everyone doing? Like, EVERYONE. You guys, the actors, writers, producers, key grips, camera operators, catering services, people from the future who are binge watching in 2046… how is literally EVERYONE doing after this episode destroyed our souls, and then sewed them back up again like a child’s toy who got its head ripped off? Do you need a 40 minute shower followed by all the ice cream? Me too.

You know what my new favourite thing about this show is? Everything. Everything, everything, every gosh darn thing. This episode brought us everything we could have dreamed. New intrigue, soooooo much death, broken hearts, hurt feelings, reunions, character surprises, sweet, sweet revenge and so many hugs! Once again The 100 is asking us moral questions that I bet no one on the planet would have a sufficient answer to. This glorious, beautiful, horrific show is constantly showing us simply terrible, unsolvable situations and asking, what would you do? WHAT WOULD YOU DO? I have no idea. All I know is my solution would involve wintergreen taffy and a musical number. Would I MURDER an entire community of people? Would I watch as my mother’s bone marrow was sucked dry? Would I put my hair into a ponytail? No one knows!

But we DO know what our Adventure Squad did, so let’s photo-recap it!

The episode began with a jerky messiah being a jerk.








Holy shit balls! That is a legitimate sea creature from the depths of hell. Welcome!

You guys, we already knew Jaha was the Admiral of Crazyopolis, we knew he was disrespectful to the ladies, and we knew he had a messiah complex that puffed his ego to the size of a hell-beast-sea-creature. What we didn’t quite know is that Jaha is a straight-up murderous asshole. Firstly, he wasn’t even rowing. RUDE. This is NOT the guy you want on your dodgeball team, or your band of survivors in a zombie apocalypse. He would absolutely will cut out your achilles tendon and run away so the zombies feed on you instead. Not that I’ve brainstormed how to survive a zombie attack…

Jaha threw this teen into the water, and the sea-beast was all, “thanks, Bro!” and stopped attacking. Was it full? Was that like a sacrifice to the sea-Gods to let them pass? Did Jaha lace the Red Shirt’s blood with chamomile tea to put the creature to sleep? I HAVE QUESTIONS.

Meanhile, in a dark lonely Reaper cave, Octavia finally got a friend when Fox came down the shoot VERY dead. Whoops! Then she and Clarke had a tense reunion. Octavia was pissed that Clarke didn’t always have all the answers all the time for every possible scenario and all possible alternate universe timelines.









This scene lead to so many hugs, including a Bellamy / Octavia reunion and a THREE-WAY hug between Clarke, Jasper and Monty that made my heart explode. Can we discuss how awesome it is that Clarke had ZERO good ideas in this scene? This show does characterisation right. She’s not infallible. She’s just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to murder a ton of people with her.

Clarke, Bellamy and Monty went to hero-around, while Jasper, Octavia and Maya went to brain-storm a way to get her to season 3.

Meanwhile in the forest, Lincoln was tied to a tree for throwing that hissy last episode.









You guys, Indra is still the coolest! She let Lincoln go! He’s now banished from Grounderville, which is going to mean some pretty interesting developments come Season 3. Yay!

Cage was walking around level 5 like a creepy uncle when he was summoned to the marrow-extraction laboratory.







Oh no! Cage has Abby and Cane and Miller’s cool dad and Monroe! Then they had the nerve to take my precious, beautiful Goddess Raven.




At this point I feel it pertinent to inform you that I am currently on a family va-cay in Florida. When this happened to my beloved Raven, my mom burst into the room, looked around for intruders, then put her hands on her hips and said, “I thought you were being murdered!” To which I replied, “This show is currently murdering my heart and soul.” Then my mom shook her head and punched her way through the wall to the pool. (My mom is tiny, but deceptively strong).

Of course, Raven being Raven, she BIT A GUY’S EAR OFF. Because of course she did. *swoon*

The Adventure Squad paid a visit to the Mountain King, and interrupted his musical-writing.




He can’t! No one can! Oh, glorious show!




Meanwhile, the Beautiful Creepster had been injured by the sea creature.




What a douche! I have to admit, this scene made me so damn happy. The Beautiful Creepster is free from Jaha! Huzzah! And the land rejoiced! Quick question – how many people died to fulfill Jaha’s “destiny”?

Jasper and Octavia got Maya to a breath-friendly zone, then Jasper vowed to murder Cage to keep Maya safe. I love how ALL OVER this plan Octavia was. “Murder? Yes please! Let’s do it! Can we do it right now? Love murder so much, you guys.” Haha, oh Octavia.

The Adventure Squad got into the control room and threatened the Mountain King to make the Prince give up. Of course, it wasn’t the end of the episode, so that wasn’t going to fly.



And then she shot him!


Farewell, Mountain King. You must’ve known how much I loved you. Your vague morality, your grade-A creepiness, the way you over-pronounce vowels… I will never forget you. If you happen to survive a bullet wound to the chest, please come back to us in Season 3 and pepper the show with more creepy pseudo-villainy. I will love you always and forever.



Clarke was like, “yo bud, I follow through with shit, as you can see with the brutal death of your father. So, just let my pals go, and the rest of your people won’t die.” And the Mountain Prince was all, “nahhhhh”. MOUNTAIN PRINCE, YOU FOOL. Kane even said they would donate their bone marrow!


Instead, Cage strapped Abby to the marrow extraction table. Because making Clarke mad is a solid plan, dude.



Jasper said he loved her! Awwwwww. I bet this will work out fine.

Elsewhere in a… bunker?.. the Beautiful Creepster awoke from his cat-nap and found a sweet bachelor pad!


Yay! I hope he finds his Ninja Turtle lady and brings her back here. They’re sure to get cowabunga, ammiright???

Octavia gave Maya a nice pep talk, which resulted in Maya being pretty chill about her inevitable demise.


Then two horny teens busted in, as horny teens do, and the jig was up, but Octavia chased down the guards and DESTROYED them. Like, damn girl! Come to my birthday party! Then they were chased off, and very inconspicuously ended up in the cafeteria.

Everyone was in danger! It was decision-making time!




They did it! They pulled the lever And EVERYONE DIED. The entire Mount Weather team was destroyed in one fell swoop.

This was beautiful and horrible and devastating. For once, Clarke doesn’t have to bear the responsibility of her decisions alone. For once, there’s someone who made it with her, who helped her execute it. She doesn’t have to hold the guilt of all those deaths on her shoulders alone because Bellamy made the choice with her. Wowzers, show.

Meanwhile, Jasper was psyching himself up for some murder.



But then the alarm went off.





First Maya’s hot dad, then the amazingly creepy Mountain King, now my charmingly adorable Maya?? My heart.

Just as we thought the Mountain Prince was going to live to fight another season, Lincoln showed up to give him some sweet, sweet Kool Aid.




Not only did Lincoln get revenge for whole Reaper misunderstanding, but he also overcame his addiction. Yay! Oh, and he CUT OFF CAGE’S HAND. Which was awesome.

The Adventure Squad freed their captured comrades and a montage of reunions and hugs filled our TV screens, and it was everything I’ve ever wanted on this, or any, show. Not only was it set to a rendition of Knocking on Heaven’s Door that will haunt my dreams, but it was also simultaneously poignantly sad and joyous. Then, as all the shippers looked on in glee and horror, Clarke told Bellamy she’s leaving.




How long do we think our beloved heroine will be separated from the Adventure Squad? Will she build herself a tree-house and carve a statue of Anya out of a tree stump? Will she tame the Gorilla and live in its pit? Will she change her mind and return in the season opener, all “Psych! I love Indian food!” The possibilities are endless!

Speaking of questions:


WHO ARE YOU, SIR?? The Beautiful Creepster is basically sitting in that same position. Is he sitting in this gentleman’s guts? Is the body behind the couch? Did someone come in and take it after his lady-friend (presumably) blew up the world and there was no one left? What a delicious mystery for us to noodle on in the long, desolate break.

Oh, also:




A hologram has the nuclear bomb Jaha rode down on! WHAT? Such intrigue! What is even… do you think she’s a lead singer in a band? I HOPE SO!

YOU GUYS. I hate to see our awesome, violent teen adventure go, but at least it left us with an episode that DELIVERED. Yes, we have to wait for the Adventure Squad to return, but in the meantime, we get to go crazy wondering what the eff is going on. WHAT FUN!

Wishes for Season 3:

Clarke learns how to whittle.

Miller’s Awesome Dad and Lincoln start a pottery club.

The Mountain King comes back as a ghost and haunts everyone, smelling their hair and stealing their toenails.

Get Monty a love interest, like Harper or Miller or Monroe or Miller or the Gorilla or MILLER.

Bellamy cuts his hair.



  • “She is not an outsider.” – “Yes she is.” Emo Octavia, I love you. Never change.


  • Raven returned Jasper’s goggles, which reminded us all of a time when he was just a goofball dork, saving sexy ladies from giant snakes and getting speared in the chest. I bet he misses those days.


  • “If you need forgiveness, I’ll give that to you. You’re forgiven.” – Am I mistaken, or did Clarke say this exact thing to Bellamy last season? WELL DONE, show.



Well guys, that’s it from me. I will miss our time together. I will miss the violence, the intrigue, the twists, but most of all, I’ll miss the puns. See you for Season 3! BYEEE


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One thought on “The 100 “Blood Must Have Blood Part 2” Photo Recap – A Sizzlin’ Act 3 (2.16)


    Apr 29, 2017
    Toni will you marry me?

    Jul 14, 2016
    I have been meaning to say for ages that one of my absolute utter UTTER favourites is the fantastically simple:
    “Little what dance?”
    “Teapot, Kane. Teapot”
    For MONTHS now I have found myself just bursting into giggles at any moment just even thinking of this. I can’t even watch that scene now without hearing the characters actually say those lines!
    I can’t exactly pinpoint why THIS is one of the ones that just sticks with me (because all the recaps are hilarious). It’s maybe just the look on their faces. The worried WTF? look on Kane’s face and Abby’s resigned but serious I-know-what-this-is-and-we-wont-like-it face.
    Now I can just see me trying to do work tomorrow and going round and round in my head will just be Abby saying in all seriousness: “Teapot, Kane. Teapot.”
    I may need to go lie down now!

    Jan 22, 2016
    OK, I just made an account because your recaps were some of the highlights of binge-watching season 1 and 2 over the holidays, and now I’m apparently at a point where I feel I’m not done with an episode until I’ve seen what you make of it. So please, I’m begging you, get on with it woman!
    As an incentive, I’ll give you a couple of my personal favorites of yours, just from memory.
    -The running gag of every possible spelling of Almost-Jahas-First-Name
    – They don’t even have a No fun policy!
    – Every variation ever of the concept Adventure Squad, peaking at “What the f is adventure squad?”
    – “Am I still the love interest?”
    – “Can you make me interesting?”
    – Your AMAZING knack at finding just the right amount of creepy for everything Dante + Cage says, ever
    – “Don’t worry, I’m a fan favorite”
    – Beautiful Creepster!!
    – “Sir, I hate to be a bother, but I’ve done the math and it’s impossible that we are alive right now”
    – “I want out of this love triangle”
    – “One two cha, cha, cha!”
    – #teamClarke
    And my absolute all time fav: “We are being home aloned!!!”

    Jan 22, 2016
    Haha, this is awesome! I’m all done. It’s up!

    Jan 23, 2016
    Thank you so much! I’m already antsy waiting for the next episode, this just might help me get trough :D. I mean, not that I an addict or anything… I’ve got this. It’s all good, I don’t need my spacekids to function, WHO NEEDS SPACE KIDS?!!! Geez.

    Jan 22, 2016
    “We are rescuing my love interest instead of yours”
    “I am concerned about your decision-making skills”

    Dec 28, 2015
    Btw, Murphy is not sitting in the same spot as the guy in the video. And you can see tge guy’s ashes on the couch just before the video starts playing. Just saying 🙂

    May 13, 2015
    Hi, I just opened an account just to write something to you. YOU ARE AMAZING. I LAUGHED SO HARD AT ALL OF THESE. *I just finished reading all of your the 100 caps* I didnt have time to write sometihn to all of them because I was aching to see the next, but since this is the last one until the next episode, I just decided it was a good time as any 😀
    You have amazing humor, I just laughed at every joke, and the referances OH THE REFERANCES. GOLD.
    Anyway, I cant say anything more than you are my new favourite and I will follow every cap of yours from now on and comment on them. Oh, but, one thing that my eyes looked for in this one, the last words of maya. None of us is innocent.. THAT WAS SUCH A POWERFULL LINE. PERHAPS THE MOST POWERFULL LINE OF ALL THE SERIES. I know you are funny and make fun of everything and thats amazing frankly, but I really expected something for that because I really love when you get serious and than shake yourself like SORRY, FUNNY, RIGHT.. Really, didnt that line just hit you where it should?
    ANYWAY 😀 you are really cool just wanted to say. I’ll be looking forward for season 3 caps. Perhaps just as I am looking forward for season 3 itself, AND THATS SAYING SOMETHING WHEN YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT THE 100 YOU KNOW.

    May 13, 2015
    Thank you! What a lovely message! As for Maya, my God, my eyes leaked when she said that line. Very powerful.
    Personal anecdote – I was in Florida on a family vacation when this episode aired. The next day I got sun poisoning, like, reaaaaaaally bad sun poisoning. There were hives and blisters all over me. I said out loud, “Geez, who am I, Maya?” Then immediately shook my head and went, “TOO SOON!”
    Can’t wait for Season 3! Glad to have you on board. 🙂

    May 20, 2015
    Yes, I am very much on board 😀
    And LOL too soon really, but lets be honest, I probably would think the same thing =)) And sun poisonings are horrible I am sory to hear that 😦
    I read your feminism/age of ultron post as well, AND I AM SO ON BOARD. So much that I might start watching sleepy hallows just to read your caps =))

    Apr 21, 2015
    Werewolves of London really brought back the times I spent in my granddad’s car when I was seven, so I’m glad I now have a connection with my sweet trashling 🙂
    Anyway, the only reason I am not using caps yet is because I am trying to stay as calm as possible because my emotions are incredibly unstable and I am liable to explode at sudden movement.
    …and you do realise I will be singing about egg rolls until season 3 comes out in England and people will be questioning my sanity until then? And I am very sure s3 is going to do bad things for us all, so my sanity will just diminish.
    Because I run a purely the 100 based tumblr blog, I knew about spoilers and stuff, but even so…seeing it happening with the details and extras…it came as a shock and I ended up curled in a little blanket-and-elizabeth flavoured enchilada meal, singing along to raign as my mum planned music in the kitchen…as I peeped around after, she just knew and let me sit on the kitchen floor in my pyjamas with messy hair as I babbled.
    Now I will go and practise pregnancy breathing because I think that’s the only thing keeping me sane now.
    Also the Bellamy prostitute bit had me belly laughing loudly

    Mar 16, 2015
    I didn’t want Clarke to leave but I see why she did, for Jasper to heal and if Octavia tells everyone about what Clarke allowed to happen to TonDC, she would be an obstacle to communal healing. Plus she needs time to not be responsible for anyone but herself. She also won’t be in that power struggle with the adults, so things will progress there, hopefully on its way to a fully formed civilization/colony..whatever you want to call it. Maybe Raven can work on everyone, especially Jasper and Octavia, and share with them what she has come to accept, Clarke has had to make some really difficult decisions for the good of everyone. Anywho that’s my 10 cents. Recaps were great Toni. See you next season.

    Mar 16, 2015
    Toni_Watches request: Photo recap season 2 summary

    Mar 15, 2015
    You Know the saying “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”
    I love that when life gives Clarke shit she just throws it at the fan

    Mar 14, 2015
    Awesome recap as always. I’m pretty sure it’s one fell swoop though. Not fowl…

    Jul 06, 2015
    Fixed! Thanks.

    Mar 14, 2015
    hey 100 writers, take heed and bear witness here to what your characters actually are saying!! 😉
    on a more serious note, i am about to give up on this show I have to say. plot is all over the place and none of the characters hold much interest for me anymore, except maybe for Waldo who is a “curiosity” at best. Skynet shutdown imminent.

    Mar 14, 2015
    Well, that was a fitting tribute to the Mountain King, madame. And a chorus of… er… pringles sing thee to thy rest, Dante.
    A grueling, nuanced and mesmerizing episode to close out the season. Yes, many thanks to the writers and actors and everyone who made it happen! Thank you for balancing the heartbreak (Maya and Jasper) with satisfying moments (Indra and especially Lincoln), and leaving us with plenty to chew on without foisting some manipulative cliffhanger on us. Nothing is settled either. We know that Lexa’s betrayal does not sit well with all of the grounders, at least, and we don’t know that the vile Emerson or the other ‘innoculated’ Moutain Men are dead. It seems like the lady vice president of artificial intelligence is probably the ‘she’ suicide guy was referring to (can’t imagine she had a very hard time hacking the codes) and now she credits Jaha with bringing her some shiny new toys to play with. Were the drones really strong enough to carry warheads back to Mnemonic Manor? If so, there’s a lot more they could be doing than just running tease operations on would-be messiahs. Suddenly a lot seems to depend on whether Jaha is really sick to the core or just kind of whacked out (and maybe understandably) by everything that’s happened to him in the last few months. Maybe this will scare his pants on front to back again.
    You worked almost as hard this season as Clarke did, Toni. Take your rest and get ready for the fall. It’s gonna be like riding the mechanical bull when 100 returns! Thanks for making a great show that much more fun to follow. *kis*

    Mar 14, 2015
    AAHHHH October is so far……Already missing the show.
    Great piece here for anyone that hasn’t come across it themselves.
    Some hints at season 3 and a very good in depth interview with the creator Rothenberg Skip the 5 second ad

    Mar 14, 2015
    I, for one, would put my hair up in a pony tail.

    Mar 14, 2015
    Loved the Notting Hill reference. Hilarious! But then, all your photo recaps are. 😀 Going to miss these.

    Mar 14, 2015
    What I want to see:
    -Buzzed cut Bellamy
    -more of the sea monster
    -More big a$$ gorillas
    -More Nathan & Monty
    Now what I don’t want to see:
    -Raven being incapacitated ( I mean like damn)
    I think your recaps are reason I started watching the 100! Thanks for that!

    Mar 13, 2015
    Great recaps all season long. Thanks so much!

    Mar 13, 2015
    Oh my gosh, I can TOTALLY see Bellamy in the next season with his hair cut. It would make sense. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen it happen with the other shows I watch: basically a character changes either in appearance or mentally a lot in the next season of the show they’re in.
    And besides, Bellamy is DEFINITELY in need of a good hair cut; I’m don’t dig shoulder-length haired guys. Plus Bellamy needs a good shower-he’s been behind enemy lines for idk HOW long; I bet he stinks to High Hallelujah Heaven xP

    Mar 13, 2015
    And so it ends..This wonderful heartbreaking season of The 100…To Cap it all off (mwhahaha) these excellent recaps have also come to an end.
    Season 3 cannot come sooner…Until then

    Mar 13, 2015
    “Can we discuss how awesome it is that Clarke had ZERO good ideas in this scene? This show does characterisation right. She’s not infallible. She’s just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to murder a ton of people with her.”
    Since this is filmed in Canada, should it not be a metric ton?

    Mar 13, 2015
    First, the musical…I don’t even know what to say. Kudos! On top of another brilliant recap…you better save your strength for season 3 — you’ve set yourself a pretty high bar!
    I’m not sure how I’m going to make it to fall/season 3, although it will probably involve re-watching season 2 and rereading all the recaps. It was a brilliant finale.
    This show is so good in terms of dealing with consequences that I can’t wait to see what happens as everyone recovers from Mt Weather, especially Jasper.
    My poor Bellarke heart cheered and broke at the same time with that last meeting with Clarke. They WILL meet again and it will be epic. 🙂

    Mar 13, 2015
    My Bellarke heart did the same!!! And I can NOT wait to see them together again.
    UGH i hate waiting!! This was my break from Teen Wolf and now I basically have NOTHING DX
    ok, now that I think about it, maybe I kinda do still have the Vamp Diaries…even tho it can’t quite compete with The 100 & TW in my book ;P oh well! I’ll take it! 😉 #BellarkeForever

    Mar 13, 2015
    It’s double the pain now… no 100 and no photo recaps for a while. Dammit! I won’t miss Lexa but I’ll sure miss her (your) puns! Also the mighty sexual tension between Abby and Kane.
    That photo of Raven screaming “ROTHENBERG!!!” is our reaction on every episode in a nutshell.
    I feel like Monty and Harper have grown on each other in the mountain but Miller really needs to have someone in his life. Honestly I don’t even give a damn about Jasper anymore, just cut down his screen time and give it to those three + Monroe.
    And speaking of Monroe this is what Jason said about her:I’ve written “Monroe dies” scenes in like 5 scripts. None of them have been shot. She’s got nine lives, that one.
    I hope we get to see more of her before she spends her remaining 4.
    What’s killing me now is the main question: what does the crazy believer’s newfound “god” wants? Is she gonna finish her job and eradicate the surviving grounders + the arkers (if she actually is the cause of everything on the first place), and then what?… I’m expecting a big backstory about her.
    Well, I’m not getting over with this season being done until the new one starts!
    And I’ll miss you too, Toni.

    Mar 13, 2015
    You’re amazingly funny as always @Toni_watches 😀
    Sir, we find some main characters who need to be in the finale.
    Don’t worry babe, I’m a fan favourite.
    Girl, this is The 100, that means nothing!
    Lucky charms joke was hilarious!
    Seriously though, where did that dude’s body went?

    Mar 13, 2015
    maybe that video form that guy in the bunker is 97 years old (and his corpse just decomposed entirely or the AI used the drone to get ride of it and the AI was also the one who ended the Nuclear War and with that the world with all those missiles she had control over… and then he killed himself because it was his fault and now she has another rocket to kill the rest of humanity that survived

    Mar 13, 2015
    Oh, and Toni, before I forget, try not to piss off your mom!

    N4rell3 Mar 13, 2015
    Amazing. Both the finale and the photo recap. Thanks for the laffs Toni. I’ll be watching the Mountain King Musical all day!

    Mar 13, 2015
    What I want for S3 is to open exactly where we left off. Clarke gets to the edge of the trees and thinks “HANG ON!!” She storms back into camp and starts pointing some fingers. “Hey! People that were just standing around when we got back just now… where the hell were you? Maybe if you all hadn’t run off like wimps I wouldn’t have had to melt a bunch of kids!! God damn it! You left me, essentially a child, and Octaiva, also a child, albeit with anger issues, in a tunnel to face almost certain death trying to save all the other children you abandoned. You guys suck!! What did you grown ups do? I’m looking at you Mom! You got yourselves captured making my job even more difficult! I mean…. maybe I should have traded some of you morons for my friends. We could have kept Maya and a few others for our gang… honestly… I don’t know why I bother. I am in charge now and my first job as chancellor is to declare you all stupid heads! Go sit in the corner. I’m going to have a bath.”

    Mar 13, 2015
    *standing ovation*

    Mar 13, 2015
    An epic recap for an amazing finale! “Rothenberg”, a cry to echo through the ages (or at least until the show returns next season…)
    Some stuff:
    “I leave you my toenail collection”, “Miller’s awesome dad and Lincoln start a pottery club” – yours is a disturbed and twisted mind! (my proposal of marriage from last week’s recap still stands!)
    Now, please tell us, who do you really think would be a good match for Monty?
    I’m gonna miss your recaps Toni, as much as the show (and, if you haven’t noticed, it’s a good show), but at least we’ll have your musical to keep us company during the cold (or warm, depending on where you live) months until the show’s return.
    P.S. any chance of persuading you to post imaginary recaps? any chance at all?

    Mar 13, 2015
    Now, please tell us, who do you really think would be a good match for Monty?
    It’s Miller, can’t you tell? She mentions him in every other word. Hell, I’m all for Monty and Miller as well.

    Mar 13, 2015
    I’ll take Harper or Miller 🙂

    Mar 13, 2015
    Hahaha, now that’s a match I didn’t expect!

    Mar 13, 2015
    OMG, the musical :O Awesome. XD

    Mar 13, 2015
    Oh no, no season 3 for a while also means no Toni photo recap for months as well, double pain!

    Mar 13, 2015
    Also your recaps are the second best thing in my week (the 1st being tge 100) AND NOIW THEY’RE BOTH GONE 😣😣😣😭. This particular recap made me laugh bunches lol

    Mar 13, 2015

    Mar 13, 2015
    This was a truly amazing recap for a truly amazing season and although this constantly makes me laugh out loud I am once again super bummed to wait for season 3.

    Mar 13, 2015
    This was just about the best all season! You are the true Snarkmeister! (Cuz Snark mistress is kind of skeevy!) Millers dad and Lincoln start a pottery class! These always make me laugh! Do yo do other photo recaps?

    Mar 13, 2015
    The flora and fauna of this version of the earth always keeps ya guessing, doesn’t it!? Jaha’s boat traveled across an ostensibly enormous section of ocean by the time the episode started, but they weren’t attacked by a mutant Octo-beast until they were about forty feet from shore! Must be one of them damn shallow water Sarlaccs! But I don’t even care about the logistics of it, because it gave Jaha another chance to be a colossal douche! At this point, I am starting to think he enjoys “floating” people! He may be the only character with non-gray morality on the show, because he is a straight up super villain! Who else thinks the next season will see him actually helping the hologram lady RE-NUKE THE EARTH SO IT BECOMES UNLIVABLE AGAIN? I think he’s gonna end up as the shows ultimate big bad! ( and yes, much like a Bond villain, he will keep the mutant Octo-hell-beast in a pit and feed people to it.)

    Mar 13, 2015
    So.. when is season three?
    My favourite part this week was Miller and his dad… wait, no, it was Octavia being a ninja… no, actually is was Wick carrying Raven back to camp. Oh, I forgot Bellamy helping Clarke pull the lever and kill EVERYONE (the soccer ball, oh the soccer ball). Oh and Murphy’s face when the guy in the video killed himself (America’s funniest home videos?). Or when Abby acknowledged that “good guys” don’t exist on the ground (or on the ark, let’s not forget how their justice system worked). Or when Maya said that none of them were innocent, way to keep it in perspective till the end. Nope, actually I was right in the first place, Miller and his dad definitely get the cookie of approval today.

    Mar 13, 2015
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the recap hilarious as always! When Raven was on the table I too thought I was about to have a stroke. I was like “NO NO NO Dude!” I cried and yelled at the TV like a regular crazy person “Do something Raven do something!!!” then she bit his ear off and I was like “Yup That’s my girl!”
    Overall Clarke’s choice was a hard choice to make but ultimately I think given the circumstances (and that it is a show) I believe she made the only choice there was to be made. The writing is good and it was a great season finale. I wonder what next season’s threat will be (outside of the grounders).
    ** Also Random but they should just purge the bunkers and move on in instead of living out in the open with a target sign on their backs. And since Clarke is all “I am going out on my own, I do not belong” maybe she can third wheel it with Octavia and Lincoln. Just a thought lol !!

    Mar 13, 2015
    Did anyone else pay attention to Monty and Harper’s hug at the end! aaah, the ship has sailed~

    Mar 13, 2015
    Amazing finale! Did not disappoint!
    Poor Jasper. That was truly heartbreaking. I wonder how this will change him. I am excited for the possibilities for his character, just hope the writers don´t take him to a dark place, he just needs to overcome and understand what Clarke, Bellamy and Monty did. They had no choice in that moment.
    At least I hope Octavia stays close to Jasper in S3, the finale made me realize how I miss the Jasper/Octavia interaction. Hopefully they will reexplore their friendship, so awesome to watch. Cannot wait for S3!

    Mar 13, 2015
    I loved how Octavia killed these guards. That was so beautiful.
    Thanks for recaps of season 2, Toni!

    Mar 16, 2015
    I enjoyed that too.

    Mar 13, 2015
    I really want the 100 to become a legit cult show (the kind that doesn’t get canceled prematurely.) When I found out about season 3 happening I was literally beaming, like a pregnant woman or something.
    I thought that Maya saying that none of them were innocent was seriously classy, like when people kicked off of reality shows are genuinely gracious.
    We’ll miss you Toni! Awesome work this season!

    Mar 13, 2015
    Great recap, as always! I was really hoping the sea monster would eat Jaha, sigh. My question for the day, what was Murphy eating in that bunker? How did he know there was no one else there, since it was suspiciously clean and tidy and in no way abandoned for 97 years? And what sort of person programs Werewolves of London to play as their song?! Cool track but it’s your statement to history, sooo, just sayin. Not sure about the AI stuff but happy to see where it goes as long as Jahas death arrives quickly next season.
    So Jasper is totes to blame for Maya’s death cause he said I love you and that never ends well in dramatic situations. And his plan to kill Cage was a bit iffy. Wave knife around and hope the guards with guns are just gonna ignore it while I plunge it into crazy dudes neck. Not entirely foolproof.
    I thought it was a bit sad Clarke was still wearing her special gloves from Lexa. Just move on. And I got a bit distracted during the significant lever pushing moment with the bedazzling on them, like, ooooh, are those hand beaded?
    Other important point, Bellamy’s hair got really long and must be super bouncy cause he didn’t have hat hair after wearing that fugly baseball cap for sooo long. And he got rid of the beige, yes! I noticed even Emerson looked hotter when not in guards uniform – lessons to be learnt here!
    As as the sole survivor I think Emerson is in the woods and will run into Clarke and they can share terrible deeds they have done and the emotional toll of it all and fix each other’s broken psyches.

    Mar 16, 2015
    Lesson learned….
    However I have a feeling the only good Emerson is a dead Emerson. Js.

    Mar 18, 2015
    My other thought was they could start a cult together for all the outcasts? But yeah, I think Emerson looked like a guy who would hold a grudge!

    Mar 13, 2015
    I’m not going to lie, when Murphy demanded to know why Jaha threw the red shirt kid overboard to his death, I hoped his answer would be, “Sorry, old habits die hard. I’m just so used to tossing kids off of my ship to save my own ass, but you knew that.”
    Maya’s death was predictable, particularly since no one thought of just sneaking a freaking vial for her. Like, seriously, you can figure out how to sneak a damn army into the compound, but you can’t slip off with some bone marrow? Or gather up enough oxygen tanks to get Maya to that chamber in the Ark and then donate marrow there?
    Though, I do appreciate Kane stepping up as Finn’s replacement in peaceful solutions and forgiveness leader, particularly with pointing out killing people for bone marrow is just stupid.
    Also, Abby shouting to anyone who would listen that Clarke was her daughter was such a face palming moment. Like really, Abby? This is why the Chancellor title means nothing. “Where is my daughter, huh? She’s the blonde leader of the Sky People about yay high with immaculate hair. The only person who has successfully broken out and in of this place? Oh, come on, you must know who Clarke is! She’s the one you’ve been trying to kill because she’s so clever and relentless. That’s my daughter. I know you know who she is! Now where is she? As her only remaining family member I demand you tell me and don’t think of anything clever like using me as leverage.” Saves: Abby: 0 Clarke: 2
    Indra, yes! Just yes! Also, I was full on cheering for Lincoln to inject Cage with the serum…not sure what that says about me.
    Octavia, tone down the judgement. So far all of your ideas have been the same one. “Stabby-stab-stab…and then they die…because we stabbed them.” Side note, for how long they were standing outside of the compound, I was half expecting Clarke or Octavia to push aside Bellamy and be like, “Oh my god, it’s about time. I have to pee like you wouldn’t believe.”
    Though, props to Jasper and Monty for seeing Octavia and Clarke for the first time in ages and being super chill about their new style choices. No jokes or questions. They just accepted the two Mad Max fanatics with open arms.
    Yes and yes to Clarke whittling and Lincoln and Miller’s dad’s pottery club. I also want to see Murphy just meandering through his new house: trying on new/old clothes, listening to more awesome music, debating between the cabernet and the merlot to pair with dinner, trying out his new motorcycle, and watching old movies that he can’t help tearing up at because Rose promised she’ll never let go, Jack . I, also, full on expect to see Bellamy leading the remaining 100 + Raven + Wick + Lincoln and Miller’s dad + Kane – Abby to Clarke’s treehouse and refusing to leave as he holds up a boombox playing In Your Eyes.

    Mar 16, 2015
    Now I’m gonna be singing In Your Eyes for the rest of the day!

    Mar 13, 2015
    Dear Powers That Be, please make this happen:
    “I, also, full on expect to see Bellamy leading the remaining 100 + Raven + Wick + Lincoln and Miller’s dad + Kane – Abby to Clarke’s treehouse and refusing to leave as he holds up a boombox playing In Your Eyes. ”

    Mar 13, 2015
    Super comment, on par with the recap! kudos!

    Mar 13, 2015

    Mar 12, 2015
    In 1×08 Bellamy blamed himself for killing all those people on the arc and shooting Jaha and Clarke said to him “You want forgiveness? Fine. I’ll give it to you, you’re forgiven okay?” and Bellamy in this scene said “Clarke, if you need forgiveness I’ll give that to you. You’re forgiven.” So he held onto those words that said to him, the words that helped him with his guilt. Understanding what she must be feeling right now, he tried to help her in the same way 🙂

    Mar 12, 2015
    They haven’t seen each other since they both lived in space. His dad though he died months ago, they he gets a shimmer of hope when they get to the ground his son might be alive, meanwhile Miller doesn’t even know the rest of the Arc is on the ground, then BAM his his is in front of him! Then after hours of anticipation, they get to hug!

    Mar 12, 2015
    Ah man this show propelled to the top of my favourite shows faster than Jaha came down in his rocket/bomb. Speaking of Jaha needs to go get eaten by a sea monster himself. Such an irritating character.
    My only problem (apart from the soul destroying wait till season 3) is deciding which one of the ladies is more fanciable – Clarke, Lexa or Raven… decisions.

    Mar 13, 2015
    Don’t forget Octavia! For some reason she has become even more desirable to me now that I know she could murder me in like ten seconds.

    Mar 14, 2015
    This is true. Octavia has been a whole lot more attractive since she became a boss. I actually think that’s what each of the women have in common – they’re all total badasses.

    Mar 14, 2015
    I think Clarke may have the advantage for my taste. And not just because of her -ahem- two enormous talents, but because she LOOKS like such a good girl, but really is a badass. She reminds of like, old school “Cruel Intentions” era Reese Witherspoon, only with bigger boobs. But Reese Witherspoon has never murdered hundreds of people ( that we’ve heard about) so that gives Clarke the edge over her.

    Mar 14, 2015
    Yeah I’m going to check out iZombie too because Rob Thomas is the creator and I’m a big fan of Veronica Mars.
    The CW is great because they are out to appeal to the fan. It’s like the TV version of chocolate and pizza.

    Mar 14, 2015
    Ahh-see I DO have a super dominant personality, but I think people like me lots of times can enjoy switching roles in the sack! Keeps things interesting! Look at Clarke and Lexa! I would say they are both doms. They would have to switch it up. I have never watched Walking Dead, but I might check out IZombie this week. In the same way I never watched True Blood, but love the Vampire Diaries/ Originals. For some reason CW versions of popular trend shows are always more appealing to me than the more adult oriented AMC/HBO type shows.

    Mar 14, 2015
    I don’t have a particularly dominant personality so I think that position would make me feel uncomfortable or at least awkward. But that’s okay that would make any of those girls perfect.
    I think I’m going to have to watch the Walking Dead spin-off because of Alycia Debnam-Cary.

    Mar 14, 2015
    Dominant chicks are cool, but I’m more of a switch type. I like to be the dominant one a lot, but I could swing either way, depending on the scenario.

    Mar 14, 2015
    Reese Witherspoon never did it for me probably because she strikes me as a bit squeaky clean unlike Clarke.
    Before Lexa and Clarke kissed I thought it was weirdly hot when Clarke approached her in anger over threatening Octavia causing Lexa to back up against the wall and you could just FEEL THE TENSION! I obviously dig dominant chicks.

    Mar 12, 2015
    I love your recaps you always find a way to bring some light into my broken heart… this show kills me!

    Mar 12, 2015
    These recaps are absolutely brilliant, such a genius idea! I’ve never commented here before but since it’s the end of the series I felt compelled to create an account here to commend the author on such a fantastic recap, and all of the others that have preceded it. I’ve seen all of them and I always look forward to reading them after I watch an episode. So I’d like to thank you for doing them and I look forward to your Series 3 recaps. 🙂
    As for the episode, I enjoyed it very much, but I am a bit nervous/worried about where the show will go next series with the AI that destroyed the world once and is now looking like it’s going to force Jaha into doing it again. It’s one of those things, it’ll either be brilliant or, well, not so brilliant. It’s all about how it’s handled, and I do trust The 100’s writers to deliver, as they haven’t disappointed so far, so I’m prepared to reserve judgement until I see it. I am a bit skeptical about it though.
    I love seeing Clarke and Bellamy working together, they’re so brilliant as a partnership. I love their mutual respect and understanding, and they’d both do pretty much anything for each other. I’m not exactly a “Bellarke” shipper, because I’m not too bothered if they become romantically linked or not, but I love them together as they are, their connection and chemistry is brilliant, and I love how close they are. They can both be themselves around each other, not having to put up their personal shields and have to lie to each other to protect everyone else (I don’t think that last part makes much sense, but I’m not too great at wording things like that so I hope you all get where I’m coming from!).
    The decision to irradiate level 5, thus killing all of Mount Weather’s residents (bar Emmerson of course) was the right one I feel. Yes, there were innocents, and killing kids is extremely dark and cruel, but those kids shouldn’t be alive anyway. It’s like what Monty said to Maya when she said if they don’t bleed the Grounders they’d die and Monty says they should just die, all of the adults knew what was happening in Mount Weather and as Maya said everyone just ignores it, so they’re just as bad really. Granted there were a few people who helped the 40 something or however many there were I can’t really remember I lost track of the numbering a while ago! I love how Bellamy helped Clarke to do it, not just so she wouldn’t have the whole burden, but because it would save Octavia. As soon as he knew she was in danger, he didn’t hesitate, and I love that about him. He and Clarke are my favourite characters, as they’re both complex and just amazing characters. Plus I love Bellamy’s ability to just get sh** done; he was brilliant when he was infiltrating Mount Weather.
    Octavia has moved up my list of favourite characters too, she’s just so interesting I find. Her completely wiping out those guard was just awesome, that’s all there is to say about that really aha! It was pure baddassery at it’s finest.
    I have to apologise, I don’t share the love of Dante, he’s been a pretty pointless character really, and I was expecting more from him this series. The whole bone marrow scenes were just haunting; poor Raven’s gone through the ringer this series! She’s been operated on whilst conscious twice, the first to remove a bullet from her freaking spine and then the bone marrow with a drill in her! She’s had her best friend die and got briefly tortured by the Grounders, poor girl! All the while still being amazing as ever, I love Raven.
    I’m interested to seeing where we’re headed with Clarke next series, what with her going solo for a bit. She’s so awesome I’d watch a series that’s just her wandering the woods surviving, I love her so much! She’s my favourite character on TV right now. She’s so layered and well developed, plus Eliza Taylor is proving herself to be an incredible actress, worthy of more recognition in my opinion, Bob Morley too.
    I’ve enjoyed Jaha, Murphy and co’s journey to the “City” of Light. Aside from his killing of that guy which was incredibly cold and harsh, I’m one of the few who like Jaha. To be fair, he said the alliance wouldn’t work and they were wrong to trust the Grounders, and he was right in the end. One of my favourite things about this series though, is Murphy. This is the same Murphy who I really wanted to die last series, not because he killed people, as I’ve always looked past that, as he had more justifiable reasons for his killings, as opposed to others who were forgiven for doing a lot worse, but because was was just such an a*** and irritating! But I absolutely love him now; his sass is superb (only rivaled by the amazing Miller) and he’s just turned into an awesome character in my opinion. He’s desperate for forgiveness and a place to belong, and he deserves it more than most. I just love how he just doesn’t give a s*** anymore and is up for anything. He works brilliantly with Jaha, and they’re a great paring because of their clashes and growing respect for each other. I’m happy Richard has been made a series regular for next series, and I look forward to seeing a more prominent Murphy and seeing where the show will take him next. The look on his face when he walked into the bunker with the alcohol, pool table and TV was just hilariously priceless.
    This has been an amazing series, though the shine has kind of been taken of it for me, because I’m worried about the cliffhanger and where that plot will go next series, but everything that preceded that moment was pure TV gold and such an amazing ride, so I won’t let that moment ruin how amazing I find this series. I have to see what they do with this thread in Series 3 and maybe if I like the plot I’ll view it differently in hindsight, but right now I am a bit worried about where they’re going with it. But I’m looking forward to the next series, this show is amazing and I’m fully prepared to give them a chance to put my fears to rest and continue being awesome!
    Series 3 needs more Miller (I seriously love Miller).
    Lincoln charging at and then killing Cage was arguably the highlight of the series.It’s amazing how much I love Lincoln now, a testament o the show really. I also hope Indra comes back, she’s brilliant!
    Also, I’m from the UK and Survival of the Fittest aired a couple of days ago and I just spent this day binge watching the rest of the series because I couldn’t wait to see it (plus I kept coming across spoilers so I decided to watch it before it was completely ruined for me). Seriously guys, I’ve gone through so many emotions today, it’s unreal!
    Anyway, apologies for the uber long post, but once I started typing I couldn’t stop! I’l end it here with this: great recaps, here and the rest of the series, thanks for doing them. I look forward to Series 3! 🙂

    Mar 12, 2015
    Bye !!! never stop see you soon

    Mar 12, 2015
    I was waiting all day for this recap, well done. Since Lexa is still alive do you think it’s possible that the puns will live to see another day? See what I did there 😉

    Mar 12, 2015
    That was a great final review…

    Mar 12, 2015
    Such a perfect shot of Jaha in the boat! And those houses on that “a whole Island of Light!” look so… nice. Maybe our people will be less caked in mud next season?
    Octavia is so awesome, and back with Lincoln! Poor Maya, but I do agree with Rothenberg about her fate. At least we might have more of Lexa next year (Yes, please. Otherwise poor Clarke’s lonely heart.). And why didn’t I notice until now that Clark has such a stylish leather jacket?
    Thanks so much for this and all these recaps!! AND THE MUSICAL OMG! 🙂

    Mar 12, 2015
    This is fantastic. I love that Richard Harmon (Beautiful Creepster) was promoted to regular for season 3. They also added 2 women to the writing staff for season 3. Woo! Beautiful Creepster had the most interesting storyline in this episode. I was left wondering, if that guy committed suicide, who cleaned up his body and left the music and the food out?
    Amused that Bellamy thought saying “I forgive you” would make Clarke feel betters. Lulz. He doesn’t know her that well. Which can be forgiven, since he spent like the last 4 episodes running around Mount Weather.
    Though she obviously wants some time to herself, I believe Clarke will try to find her way to Polis=. I mean tonDC is gone and who knows what other giant mutant monsters are still around so she’d probably be safer around other people. And Lexa just told her about Polis in BMHB Part 1. Plus now she understands why Lexa made the deal with Emerson.
    The 100 is my favorite show on TV right now. My Wednesdays for the next few months are going to be so boring now 😦

    Mar 13, 2015
    Actually, Bellamy knows her pretty well since he understood that she had to go.

    Mar 13, 2015
    I’m not sure about Clarke’s chances for making it to Polis by herself. Annapolis is a bit of a haul from DC proper, on foot, by yourself, with no supplies.

    Mar 12, 2015
    Good Job ! Great fun !

    Mar 12, 2015
    I have been waiting for this all day haha 😀

    Mar 12, 2015
    Me too

    Mar 12, 2015
    ME TOO! lol


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