The 100 Season 3 Finale Photo Recap – Ding Dong The 01110111 01101001 01110100 01100011 01101000 Is Dead (3.16)

AND THE LAND REJOICED!!! Well, the land mostly cried like someone who wakes up with a furious hangover and starts to remember what they did the night before (not that I’ve ever consumed alcohol, but I’ve read about it in books).

Everything I wanted to happen this episode happened, AND SO MUCH MORE (namely a certain fierce sexy ex-commander). For real, dudes, I cried this episode harder than I did when Mufassa died in The Lion King (90s spoiler alert?). Was it the unexpected reunion of our lady loves? Was it the Jasper / Monty hug I’ve been yearning for all season? Was it seeing Clarke in her season 1 outfit, but more importantly, her season 1 hair? Was it ALL OF IT? I think it was all of it. It also may be the fact that we will not be seeing our beloved Adventure Squad for months. *loudly blows nose*

Of course, it wouldn’t be The 100 if it was a super mega happy ending. Yay! ALIE is gone! Everyone has free will again! Jasper smiled! Cool guys, have fun dying in a radiated apocalypse!!! Oh season 4, you are going to be a shit storm and I CANNOT WAIT.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. A LOT of stuff went down this episode, and it may or may not be time to photo recap it (it is).

The episode began hot off the heals of Perverse Instantiation: Part 1, with Abby taking a little post-hanging nap.




This already had me ugly-crying. ALREADY. Both of these women are very strong, ‘get ‘er done’ types, so when the show takes a moment to let us see their vulnerable sides, it gets to me. It’s gets to me HARD. Abby’s remorse was spot-on. High-five, Paige Turco!

Then Clarke announced her plan to transfuse her blood Mount Weather style with Ontari’s, and put the Matrix Bug into herself.


Seriously though, how much brain goop is crusted on that bug? That’s all I’m saying. Anyway, then ALIE’s minions started to climb the enormous tower.


Back at Arkadia, Jasper was doing his best ALIE impression, which (sorry Devon Bostick) was a good try, but not as killer as Raven’s.



In a fit of awesome, Monty snuck out and shot him in the leg, then Harper took care of business. Have I mentioned how emotionally attached I have become to Harper? BECAUSE I AM.

Back at Polis, Clarke was swapping out her blood for Ontari’s.







I loved when Bellamy tried to lighten the mood, and Clarke gave him a look that was like, “not now, hun,” and he was all, “fair enough.” Haha, THESE TWO! Aaaaand, in went the Matrix Bug!


So, we’re all just accepting that the Beautiful Creepster is a total expert at Matrixbugology because he saw Titus do it that one time? I mean, that’s fine, it’s just… *shrugs* well, fine.

Clarke was feeling tops, but a little peckish, so Bellamy gave her a snack.


WHY does everyone think it’s a totally normal thing to do to place the chip in someone’s mouth like they’re a priest during communion? It’s a weird move, man! It was weird when Jaha did it, and it’s weird when our beloved Bellamy does it. I get that her arms are currently getting blood-swapped, but she can still move them, right?

Ugh, anyway, she popped into the City of Light and had her season 1 look back! What joyous happenstance!!


Clarke wandered around LightTown for a while, then came the most important moment to happen in the entire series to date:



That’s right, folks, ICE CREAM has been introduced into the world of The 100. I FEEL SO SEEN. Do you think the space kids even know what ice cream is?? Did they have it on the Ark? Have the Grounders ever had it? Is it a mythical fairy tale told to children? Whatever the case, they know it exists now, and I’m sure season 4 will be largely dedicated to recreating it.

Then a disembodied Becca was like, “yo girl, follow me!” and off Clarke scampered.

Back in Polis, Octavia was just chillin’ sharpening her enormous blade, as one does, waiting for the hoards of minions to crawl up the giant tower. Call it a Tuesday!



She cut his leg and then watched as the chipped pod people beat the shit out of him! Octavia, you are continually a delight. Never stop doing you. Bellamy busted in and saved him, and they barricaded the door. Then Bellamy broke up with Pike’s Stupid Face.







Ontari wasn’t giving Clarke enough nightblood (man, Ontari is such a dick, even when brain-dead), so Clarke’s romp through LightVille started to look like me any time I attempt physical activity.




She started to get beat the hell up, but then…



LEXAAAAAAAA!!!!!! It’s Lexa, you guys. My heart leapt. My fist pumped in the air. My body did this weird sort of joyous wiggle, and then I think I peed a little. This was the best thing. The very best thing.



The best thing!! Although, Clarke’s body was revolting without Ontari’s sweet, sweet black juice.



Then Abby very nonchalantly split open Ontari’s chest and started to manually pump her heart.



What a dynamic duo! I never thought I’d love the pairing of our Beautiful Creepster and Abby SO MUCH, but I do. What a couple of total badasses. You guys, I truly cannot pinpoint one episode MVP. Everyone was just so damn kick ass.

The brainwashed masses were breaking through the impenetrable wall of footstools (LOL), so Pike’s Stupid Face came up with a plan.










They threw their zappers into the water and electrocuted their pals. Pretty smart! Good job, Pike’s Stupid Awful Stupid Face.

Now that Clarke was feeling tip-top, Becca helped to lead her and Lexa to the kill switch.





Lotttttts of people were in the way, but then Raven showed Clarke a door, and Lexa fought off the minions long enough for Clarke to get through.







ALIE revealed that a bunch of bull is going down on the earth’s surface, and the human race has roughly six months to get their shit together.



HAHAHAHAHAHA OF COURSE! Man, I love this show. Yet again, Clarke is standing with her hand on a lever, being forced to make an impossible decision, while her loved ones fight for their lives.







Lots of things were happening! Kane was strangling Bellamy, Abby was shooting people, the Beautiful Creepster was pumping Ontari’s heart with his bare hands amidst all the fighting (what an adorable little hero!), and Pike’s Stupid Face saved Octavia. All while Clarke was having a moral quandary, and at the same time working out her own feelings of loss and guilt. Haha, THIS SHOW!


She pulled the lever! And everyone woke up suuuuuper hungover, with definite the-night-before shame.


They took the Matrix Bug out of Clarke, and then everyone commenced hugging. So many hugs, so many tears, so much fist pumping from THIS GIRL (You know I live for hugs). Kane and Abby! Murphy and Emori! Miller and Bryan (who did NOT die, yay!) A solemn nod between Octavia and Bellamy! But, most importantly…






LOVE IT! Speaking of things I loved…






Of course the season ends with Octavia impaling Pike’s Stupid Face through the stomach and walking out like a baller. OF COURSE IT DID! #OctaviaForTheWin

Well, here we are, guys. We made it to the end of Season 3. Are you in shambles? I’m not ashamed to admit that I am (or to admit how many Rolos I ate during this episode. Hint: A LOT).

“In the City of Light, you don’t have to bear the burden of decisions like this.” Once again,The 100 plants us in the midst of a muddy moral arena and forces us to think about what lines we would be willing to cross if placed in the shoes of these foxy teens. What WOULD you do? It’s easy for us to yell “pull the lever!” from the comfort of our living rooms (or in my case, the treehouse where I live), but that’s from the standpoint of a viewer. What if YOU were given the choice to “save” the minds of everyone you know, thereby erasing their free will, versus condemning them to a very possible gruesome death in the near future? The shiny, painless City of Twinkly Lights seems pretty darn tempting, doesn’t it?

But that’s not what our heroes are about. They don’t take the easy route, like… ever. So they’re alive and free to fight another day. And fight they shall! Man, what a set-up for season 4!! First it was the Grounders, then the Mountain Men, then ALIE, and now THE EARTH. They’re battling the earth next season, you guys. THE EARTH. Hahahahahahahhahahaha! My God. I seriously cannot wait.


  • Be honest, how many times did you pump your fist in the air? Tell the truth!


  • For someone who was preaching NOT killing the pod people, Bellamy sure liked to kill those pod people!


  • Clarke got to tell Lexa she loves her! Awwwwww times a million and seventeen.


  • Sooooooo….. Roan? Is he dead, or…. ? Season 4?


  • I am VERY glad Clarke was only borrowing the Matrix Bug, because her becoming the commander of the Grounders would have been too much. Do you think they’ll wash it now?


  • RIP Ontari, but I’m not sad you’re gone. I am from Ontario, and every time I typed your name, my fingers automatically typed Ontario, and my spell check obviously didn’t tell me I was wrong. So, good riddance. On that note, dear writers, please don’t name any other characters after Canadian provinces. Thanks.


  • INDRA IS ALIIIIIIIIIVE!!! Huzzah! Someone get her down from that cross, pronto!


  • One of the things this show does best is the odd-ball pairings that in the moment always seem so RIGHT. That is a testament to how well this show has built its characters. I LOVE seeing them interact with new people. (EX: Murphy and Abby – love it!) What pairing do you want to see in Season 4? Kane and Luna? Octavia and Harper? Roan and the ghost of the Mountain King? The Beautiful Creepster with the mutated Gorilla?


  • What are your wishes for Season 4? Miller and Bryan owning a farm by the water with chickens, where they befriend the mutant Gorilla and she helps them till the earth? Or maybe Jasper channels all of his emotions into lute playing? Or perhaps Clarke hunts down her clothes from season 1 and decides to wear them forever? Or just simply one long hug between Octavia and Bellamy? Tell me!


  • What will you be doing to pass the time before our beloved Adventure Squad returns to us? Re-watching all the episodes? Writing fan-fiction where the ghosts of Anya and Lexa go on coming-of-age adventures? Drowning your sorrows in all the ice cream? I’m just spit-balling here.


That’s it from me! Thanks for spending this season with me, and I’ll see all you cool cats for season 4! For now I have a date with some mint chip…


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One thought on “The 100 Season 3 Finale Photo Recap – Ding Dong The 01110111 01101001 01110100 01100011 01101000 Is Dead (3.16)


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    zsinix Mar 09, 2017
    Wow, good catch them calling one of the Canadian grounder’s Ontari(o)! I totally missed that the whole season x_x

    AcornArmy23 Jun 03, 2016
    “What are your wishes for Season 4?”

    It seems likely that Clarke is going to need the support of the Grounder clans to get to all of the nuclear reactors. They may even need ALIE’s knowledge and tech to get to all of them. So, I figure they’re probably going to somehow find a way to make Clarke the Commander again, complete with the Flame chip. Maybe traces of Ontari’s blood in Clarke’s body will help somehow? Plus Abby doing science, and maybe some Raven stuff thrown in?

    Anyway, after that, the single thing I hope for most is that we get Lexa back(and that she’s still played by Alycia Debnam-Carey) as a chip-hologram like ALIE was, or maybe in a Commander-version of the City of Light. ALIE was able to appear to anyone who’d taken her chip, able to seem like she was standing next to them and having conversations with them. It would be pretty great if Lexa could do that with Clarke. Clarke would be the only person who could see, hear, or feel her, but the two of them might still be pretty happy like that anyway. I know ADC has contract stuff for Fear the Walking Dead, but I have hope, nonetheless.

    So, Clarke as Commander and able to be with chip-Lexa in some way. Aside from that, a more general merging of the Sky People and the Grounders would be good. Maybe their shared experience as ALIE’s collective bitch will help with that (though it seems just as likely to me that some Grounders will blame the Sky People for that whole thing).

    Oenc May 27, 2016
    I kinda expected Octavia to say “Blood must have blood”…. but I guess since Clarke was working hard to scrub that ideology out, they just left it as plain revenge.

    Oenc May 27, 2016
    OMG I almost cried when lexa made an appearance and in such style too!

    I loved this episode and the moment Clarke took Bellamy’s hand, Abby and Murphy, Octavia is awesome as always. 🙂 Raven.

    Nicely done. Sometimes a slog to get to this amazing finale but worth it.

    Just a little annoyed at that veeery long decision at the end that clarke had to ponder about pulling the switch. In what world does living as code constitute as living at all?? Everyone would still die and there would be no reproduction or change. I don’t think that was every a viable option. What would be the point?

    At least in the Matrix the computers learned that they needed to give people free will to make choices or they rejected the program.

    But anyway she pulled it at the last possible second.

    bluemorphotat May 26, 2016
    Poor Octavia, she can’t let go…

    Great end of season!

    I wonder if the main characters will display some sort of PTSD at the beginning of the next season remembering all the people they killed, maimed and tortured…

    erhabori May 25, 2016
    Am I the only one who finds Octavia deeply annoying?

    lantona May 26, 2016
    yes you are

    erhabori May 26, 2016
    I’ve heard a few people say the same thing, but thanks for taking the time to respond

    KateSullivan May 24, 2016
    Oh, my first guess for the beginning of the season is a frustrating but yet understandable reenactment of the grown up Ark issues in Season 1. That Clarke, Bellamy, and then I’m guessing Abby, Kane and probably Raven all discuss what to do and if there is anything they could actually do and if not whether they should actually tell anyone or just let them all enjoy the last of their lives. Or how long it will be until someone just says, why don’t we just move everyone who is willing into Mt. Weather? We can clear out the lab space and make it into living quarters and work on storing more things up since it could still continue sustaining people. I mean there would have to be a population limit and there would be the problem that lots of Grounders will refuse to enter it.

    Honestly, during the episode, I kept sort of more wondering, Ontari was not an endless supply of blood. Medical people could answer this for me but, we only contain x amount of blood in our body. Heck, on AOS, the HIVE mind recognized they had to let Daisy replenish.

    walter_ec May 24, 2016
    I have to say that I have to gather all my macho power to not cry when I saw Lexa and Clarke together, it was a very emotional moment.
    There were a lot of good moments, but I think my favorite was when Octavia killed Pike; in my mind I had the same picture of Pike asking Octavia if they were cool and then she just impale him whit her huge sword.
    How are the grounders going to choose the next Heda now, since Ontari was the last natblida and Luna refuses to become the Heda? I really would’ve liked Clarke became the new Commander.
    Don’t you think next season threat is too much? How are they going to stop that, living underground, underwater, coming back to space?
    This was another fantastic season accompanied with your awesome recaps. I will come back next season.

    Hovabyte May 23, 2016
    As you begin all words in the sentence with a capital letter, The first sequence of binary code should be 01010111 and not 01110111. So there.

    jamaal2005 May 22, 2016
    Next season will be THE RISE OF THE MUTANT SLOTH PEOPLE!!! (from Season 2)

    In the absence of a HEDA to control the population of these mysterious and feared mutants, Clarke races against the clock to stop another nuclear apocalypse while navigating the fierce politics between Grounders and SLOTH people. In a twist of fate, Octavia falls in love with a SLOTH and renounces her Grounder status in hope of acceptance in the SLOTH culture. Clarke learns that if her people are to survive the coming storm, they will need to live in tree houses as the SLOTH people do. She also learns that SLOTH people are close cousins of Nightbloods, and crowns Octavia’s SLOTH lover as the next HEDA.


    Toni_watches May 22, 2016
    Brilliant. I hope the writers are paying attention.

    SammyMoynihan May 22, 2016
    I bet next season the Sky People becomes the new Mountain Men. That is, they’ll be harvesting blood! The fact that there are a ridiculous number of grounders spread all over the country (probs the world) tells me that not everybody is a descendant of Becca and the people she saved. I bet alot of them evolved from ancestors who were either naturally immune to radiation or found another way to protect their bodies from radiation. Sky People will either meet a new immune tribe or use blood from the grounders we already know to infuse themselves with specially evolved blood so they can survive the nuclear radiation. It will start of pleasantly (like Emori donating blood to Murphy for example) and once it becomes known that the grounders are the cure, some crazy tyrant (Jaha) will start locking people in cages. And Clarke won’t know what to do! That’s the only way I can see them surviving unless we have to spend a whole season in a boat travelling around shutting down (or whatever) nuclear power plants. That would be a fantastic way for the show to continue their theme of moral compromise and reinforce the idea that the Mountain Men were never “villains”, but just victims of their own circumstances. And then Emersons ghost can haunt Clarke and be like, “You are such a hypocrite.”
    …Ok, the ghost is a big fat maybe but I bet everything else will transpire the way I said.

    ash7 May 22, 2016
    -I still can’t help thinking, “Where did Wick go?” I kept wondering if he was climbing the tower.
    -During the part with Monty and Jasper I immediately thought, “Toni is going to love this.”
    -Rolos have got to be one of the most addictive candies
    – I still want to to know how many of the 100 are left. Like 12? I wish the 100 had trading cards
    -I just found out that Mount Weather is a real place
    -What if the 100 writers were 90% sure the show was getting cancelled and have no idea how they would stop a nuclear meltdown? They could just say Allie was lying and fight a gorilla army next season.

    We’ll miss you keeping it 100 Toni! 🙂

    LellyParker May 21, 2016
    Its Octavia’s turn to go spend 3 months in the wilderness hunting panthers and screwing Niylah.

    mrgreekzies May 21, 2016
    I have a sneaking suspicion that Octavia won’t exactly be a force for good in Season 4….not that she’ll be all-out evil, but that she won’t really be helping anybody, either. But regardless! I’m deeply in love with these recaps, and will sorely miss both them and new episodes. Until 2017…..

    TellyMelly May 21, 2016
    OMG!! Don’t know where to start or what to say……
    Loved the final.
    So many great moments (Still grinning like a little kid a Christmas)
    Lexa returned, Pike got his overdue stab of death, Jasper is sad again (not great, but better than drone Jasper) Kane & Abby are back to their sexual tension, the list goes on…..

    Toni, your recap had me in stitches from the “90’s spoiler”. I can’t 100% say I will miss you, as it now time to start the journey again from S01E01, thought this time with your recaps as my companion.

    You are Amazballs & I look forward to reconnecting with everyone in 2017!! so far away 😦

    peterspoor33 May 21, 2016
    Thankyou for the gift of your recaps – Rei [bow of respect]

    Noooo…… Pike! [just kidding] Nooo…. Musafa!

    Lexa appearance = tears even if she was mercilessly hacking up rabid office workers and random café patrons with amazing sword style. My Matrix knowledge does not have great depth but if the “kill switch” was in Becca’s orbiting satellite how far around the streets of the City of Light would Clarke and Lexa go wandering if Raven hadn’t chalked in a magic door?

    So ALIE saves the planet from overpopulation by going all Skynet, however she has also made the planet uninhabitable in six months and wants to shove everyone left in the City of Light. Is there limited digital ice cream code in the City of Light?
    Why not chip people and then put out some of the nuclear power plant fires instead of chasing Clarke?
    Was it urgent to get Clarke in the City of Light?
    Couldn’t she just have Ontari ride in the opposite direction of the adventure squad for 6 months until they all got radiation sick?
    Maybe she should of just chip people pre-holocaust and have them grow half goatees to prevent breeding?

    Talk about up the stakes:
    Emori circling creepster,
    Jackson approaching Abby,
    Kane choking Bellamy – OMG
    (just missing Wick pointing a gun at Raven)

    Season 4 dream pairing –
    Luna and Raven

    Luna: “That tea your drinking is made from a rare, light deprived, deep ocean seaweed that grows once in 5 years and undergoes a complex drying and high complicated refining process.”

    Raven: “Yeah, you’re right it sucks.”

    Charissa29 May 21, 2016
    Well, I will miss the show and also these recaps! Have a great 7-8 months, but I will expect you back here for season 4 recapping with your brain all polished and happy from the pictures of rainbows and puppies you will have had time to view since The 100 is on hiatus. Sigh. Can’t wait for next season!

    hearthallow May 20, 2016
    forgot the “01101000” but oh well.

    these friday recaps are what i look forward to every friday and I can’t believe I have to wait until 2017 for more episodes and recaps 😦

    Toni_watches May 21, 2016
    Haha, I did. Fixed now, thanks!

    peterspoor33 May 21, 2016
    Binary – OMG!

    Loralee_jk May 20, 2016
    ..So, it’s just over?

    Couple Notes.
    – Love all the -both Bellarke moments. They are in it for the long haul.
    – Glad Lexa got her warriors death.
    – Thought Clarke was going to follow a new Commander at each stage, until she found the key. Would have been cool to them all…
    – Lexa not saying I Love you back made me LOL She’s went to find Costia 🙂
    – Jaha’s still alive? Fine whatever.
    – How many people died climbing that building?
    – I’m a little sad to see Ontari go. I hated her at first, but she had potential.
    – Murphy. I hope he gets to stay happy just for a little while!
    – I still want Murph and Raven to hook up. They both just want to be loved!

    Oenc May 27, 2016
    So true about the Warriors death!

    I cannot see Raven and Murphy together at all but may be interesting allies.

    Klaussays May 20, 2016
    Firstly We ALL cried at Mufassa’s death.

    I just want to say i love Erica Cerras performance as ALIE and Becca.
    Episode was lit…and tricked everyone by having no on die
    Harper with the dope leg sweep in Jasper….Jasper who actually had the most hilarious moment of the episode…When he was speaking to Lexa and Clarke about heartbreak…and looks at Lexa..loool…The look she gave him would have melted him in the real world.

    Charissa29 May 21, 2016

    DalekSpider May 20, 2016
    I have to admit there were fist pumps aplenty this episode!

    Almost blew wine out of my nose at the “why is there water on the floor?” captions in your recap, that is just utter genius (as usual!). I was thinking the same and was screaming at Kane at that point shouting “it’s so obviously a trap you idiot”. Then remembered on the Ark they probably didn’t have access to all the bad movies/tv eps that have this trope. 😀

    Also FINALLY someone decided that it might be an idea to wrap a couple of shoddy bits of dirty rags round the holes in Kane’s wrists cos y’know that’s the best cure for crucifixion and all (there was no hint of this in 3×15 – I freeze framed and checked cos y’know um.. yeah RESEARCH! yeah, that was the reason, honest. *ahem*) I know there’s the city of light ‘feel no pain’ but ‘feel no pain’ does not equate to the reality of ‘does not bleed out of holes in arms’! *grumble*

    One of my most surprising highlight from this episode was Murphy working with Abby – never saw that coming as something I would be a huge fan of but it worked really well between those two!

    So now impending NEW nuclear apocalypse to contend with. Perhaps the giant mutant gorilla can hold up a shield made from the remains of Abby & Kanes sexual tension while Adventure Squad research a radiation absorbing ice-cream recipe made from the ruins of Pike’s stupid face? Just a thought …



    DalekSpider May 20, 2016
    Oh and additional. I STILL cry about Mufassa’s death. That one got me by the feels and has never let go. …have to go, there’s something .. in, my …eye!

    Toni_watches May 21, 2016
    Ugh, God, when he nudges his paw and says “Dad?”… brb, I also have something in my eye…

    mellafe May 20, 2016
    I didn’t pump my first but I did go “heeey” when I saw the ice-cream because your recaps are basically canon now. For sure.

    What an amazing episode NOBODY DIED!!! Nobody that really mattered, anyway. YAAAAYY. I was right and I love being right.

    I’m going to miss coming here every Friday to read your recaps. I plan on doing a full re-watch/re-read of recaps between now and forever. No ice cream, though, ’cause it’s freaking freezing where I live, stupid winter.

    Robespierre May 20, 2016
    LMAO at your “why is there water on the floor” captions 😀
    It was great to see Lexa again! 🙂


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