The 100 “A Lie Guarded” Photo Recap – Monkeyin’ Around (4.4)

I feel like I need to start this recap with a confession. I’m sure I’m in the minority here, and I know saying this will reveal me as a total wimp, but… if I were impaled and then fell off a cliff into some rocky rapids, I think I would at the very least take the rest of the day off. Or, you know… die. Not our Octavia! Boy howdy, that girl is one tough cookie! I yelled at my screen, “DID THEY JUST…??” and I know in my toes that all of you did to. But nope! Somebody send Bellamy a quick text to let him know he can stop embarrassing himself with truly gut-wrenching, heart-breaking displays of anguish. Boy oh boy, are they going to laaaaaaaugh.

Now, let’s get the most glaring revelation out of the way, shall we? You guys… I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but… is Riley a bit of a dick? I KNOW, I know, how can I say that about everyone’s favourite character, but… he is, though, right? NO ONE was more shocked than me to see this very uncharacteristic outburst from our one-true-hero, but it simply cannot be ignored.

Speaking of things that we all wish we could we could ignore, (did you honestly think I wasn’t going to do this?), say it with me now… JAHA. This will (probably) be my last rant about his stupid face. I’ve been noodling on my complete and total disregard of this character, and I’ve come up with something (well, a million things, but here’s the biggest). Like I said in my review a couple of weeks ago – this show says something important. It always has. The show forgave Kane because even though he murdered 300 people (including an adorable freckled father #NeverForget), he was doing it with the intention of saving everyone else. And he has made selfless choices ever since. The show forgave Bellamy for being a d-bag over the course of seasons, and he’s still facing the consequences of his season 3 murder club. The show never, ever forgave Finn. While the show was saying that people are so gray, and should be given a second chance – it was also saying that no matter the intentions, people suffer consequences for their actions.

Everyone except Jaha.

Dude had zero repercussions for his actions (including, let us never forget, unceremoniously giving a snack to a giant sea monster in the form of a teen). He hasn’t earned this redemption arc. He hasn’t earned being a total good sport after waking up in the midst of being “floated”. He hasn’t earned Clarke saying “maybe Jaha isn’t a grade A douche” or whatever she said. He hasn’t even earned proper facial hair. And he’s not even sorry.

ANYWAY – the best remedy for working yourself into a lather about a stupid character is, you guessed it – photo recapping! The episode began with an adorable prank on an ex public official, but more importantly;


It’s RILEY!! Riley is back. THANK ZEUS, ammiright, guys? Clarke was torn from her obviously pivotal conversation with our beloved Riley in order to break up the party.





The two of them discussed the episode’s exposition, but I was too happy to see them interacting to pay attention. When was the last time this happened??? The hug at Mount Weather? I LOVE it when different factions of the original 100 hang out. Shake it up, I say! More Clarke and Monty, Bellamy and Harper, The Beautiful Creepster and Tim Bartlett.

Then the rain came!





What with this and his shower the other week, Jasper is undoubtedly the best smelling of the Adventure Squad. Anyway, he didn’t die, which based on some of the comments on past reviews, some of you were disappointed about. I personally have always been okay with Jasper’s meltdown. People are going to react to this terrifying hellscape of an existence differently, and I’m glad the show is portraying that.

In Polis, Kane was having a conversation with his one true love over a VERY FAR REACHING radio.



‘Member when they did it? *dreamy sigh*. After they expositioned a bit, Kane’s eyes beheld everyone’s favourite murderer enthusiast, and he called her into the principal’s office.





He kicked her off the team and sent her home with a note for her parents to sign, and then HE was sent to the principal’s office!!


Meanwhile, Adventure B-Squad made it to ALIE’s old digs, and look who was with them!




Luna was understandably skeptical about our heroes’ motives. Considering she just watched everyone she knows and loves melt to death from the inside out, I can see how she would be less inclined to help out.

Then Emori lead them to a magic death line that no one should ever cross under any circumstances.



Oh Beautiful Creepster, you brave little rascal! They all tramped across the line after him, and everything was totally fine and no one was shot and / or killed. End episode!



This is The 100, OF COURSE a red-shirt died in the first ten minutes of the episode. And then our glorious radiant-eyed Niko transformed himself into a human shield to hug Luna. Then she was all, “eff this maybe?” and skedaddled.

Back at Polis Kane was catching flak for not divulging all the details of how he and his peeps were going to save the world.





Awwwwww shit! Roan was VERY butt-hurt that Skikru withheld a shit-ton of info, and honestly, FAIR ENOUGH. I don’t understand why they didn’t tell him the plan. It’s a good plan. Did they think he’d be too dumb to get it? Anyway, he was like, “see ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya”, killed the red-shirt, then threw our handsome heroes in a dungeon or something. Haha, these two! Always getting thrown in dungeons!


Back at Ark Camp Jasper and Monty were getting into shenanigans when they stumbled upon something interesting.







Whooooooboy. Not only did Jasper and Monty find the list of the 100 intended survivors, but they also discovered that neither of them are on it. I get that Clarke is planning for the survival of the human race, but… NOT WITHOUT MONTY, CLARKE. *sniff* *wipes tear* Not without Monty. Anyway, they were peeved. Especially when Clarke zapped Jasper before he could tell anyone, and locked him up. Just call it a Tuesday!



Octavia went to have a rant-sesh to Indra about how totally unreasonable the principal was being, but she found this guy instead.



Now that the alliance is over, Ice T and the gang are attacking Skikru AND Trikru, and they’re on their way to take over Ark Camp. What a day!

Back at Ark Camp Monty tried to convince Clarke to tell everyone the truth, to which she replied, “or we could… not?” so Monty the Magnificent took matters into his own microphone.








Whoopsie! Now everyone knows Clarke’s dirty little secret! Jaha swooped in and saved the day (UGH) with a lottery proposal, and everyone skittered back to work. Yes, this was a good idea. No, I don’t hate his stupid face any less.

Shit was hitting the proverbial fan at ALIE Island, where Jackson was shot and the drones were pinning everyone else down. Raven came up with a plan to save them (naturally), but she needed Luna’s help to do it.



Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! High fives all around on this one, ladies. Luna’s “people are jerks” speech was great, and so was Raven’s “no they aren’t!” rebuttal. Anyway, Luna ran and got the drone like the kick ass warrior ninja she is, and Raven hacked it.


Luna always looks 100% bored, and I LOVE IT.

While these awesome ladies were working together, two other awesome ladies were NOT.




Echo and 2 nameless Ice Cubes chased Octavia until she had nowhere to run. Then Octavia promptly destroyed the red-shirts. Then she was stabbed through the abdomen. Then she fell off a cliff. All in a day’s work!

Clarke and Jasper made up, and Jasper said, “when Jaha is looking reasonable, it’s time to reassess.” and I wanted to high-five him. Then the Adventure B Squad found the lab they were looking for.


It was very shiny and full of science. More importantly, though, that music choice was sure something, wasn’t it? There was some serious synth action happening. Did our Squad accidentally walk into TRON? Did they stumble into the Upside Down? Are they about to hunt down some androids and wonder if they dream of electric sheep?



If you haven’t seen Explorers, you should. Anyway, there are still at least 2 red-shirts with them, so something is definitely going to try to kill them next week.

Roan and Echo went to collect Bellamy and Kane for a road trip, and dropped some bad news.









Then Bellamy broke down and it was very upsetting and I don’t want to photo recap it, OKAY?



WE SHOULD HAVE KNOWN!!! You have to wake up pretty early in the morning, and stab her through the stomach AT LEAST twice, and throw her off a HIGHER cliff to kill Octavia Blake! This situation is 100% absurd, and I love it.

What did you guys think of the fourth installment to this bonkers fourth season? Once again The 100 has presented us with a situation that is 100% ashen (I looked up a different way to say grey). Everyone was right! Even Jaha, which, *eye roll*. Yes, Clarke’s list was the best thing for the future of the human race, but Monty and Jasper weren’t wrong in their desire to give the people an educated choice. LOVE THIS SHOW.

Even though it was full of strife and conflict, it’s nice to see Clarke interacting with the OG Squad. She was mostly disconnected from her people last season, and it’s easy to forget the relationship she has with them. It’s easy to forget WHO she’s fighting so hard (at all times, always) to save.


  • “Hey Jaha, looks like you got floated” was pretty funny. I’ll give them that.


  • We’re going to get to know Riley’s deal, right? We HAVE TO, right??


  • Emori would rather be stuck in a 2-person bunker with Murphy for 5 or more years than face what’s in the forest. Awwwwwwww? Now THAT is love! I can’t even have a roommate, or a guest visit for a few days, or any human interaction… anyway…




  • Abby’s plan to ‘draw the drone’s fire’ was just terrible. Hahahhaa, oh Abby.


  • For the sake of everyone’s sanity, I shall end my rants and start referring to Jaha as “New Jaha”, or “Newj”… “NJ”? I’ll figure it out. Because this is a completely different man from seasons 2 and 3, and not in the “he’s grown and changed so much” sort of way. More in the “split personality and / or new writing team” sort of way. I’M SORRY, OKAY.


  • What do you guys think iPadicus is up to?


  • How upset are you over Riley’s behaviour? Have you grown to expect more from him? Are you disappointed in his backslide?



See you next week for more muddy moral quandaries and horrific teen violence!


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One thought on “The 100 “A Lie Guarded” Photo Recap – Monkeyin’ Around (4.4)


    Mar 18, 2017
    If you stop ranting about Jaha, are you really being true to yourself?
    You need to let it out, release the Jaha anger, before it eats your soul.

    Feb 26, 2017
    Oh my WHAT an episode! I loved it. And of course the usual brilliant and hilarious photo recap. hang up and #neverforget being my favs plus of course Clarkes bad fan fiction – nearly spat wine all over my monitor at Monty reading it out. UTTER genius!
    Have to say I thought the ‘floating jaha’ and Clarke foam prank especially were really very funny. But I do completely agree about Jaha (I vote he should be refered to as ‘extraneous’) not having earnt his redemption arc. My major hope/wish is that this is still going to end up biting him majorly in the ass (preferably by the giant sea monster).
    And we got conformation than Kane is in fact chancellor!!! Although that’s not really working out well for him so far :S Loved the interaction with him and Octavia though.
    Even knowing what show I was watching I never thought they really had killed Octavia. I think because the ‘death’ was just so over the top and drawn out so I just did not believe it. But now I am VERY worried about what’s going to happen to Kane and Bellamy. ARGH!

    Feb 26, 2017
    Fuck Riley…Throwing Darcy under the bus like that how dare you.
    I loved Clarke having enough of Japser and just tasing him.
    Octavia’s Aragorn scene was cool as fuck and i dont care how she survived the fall let alone the blade.
    I like that the show puts effort into killing the red shirts. Its always a memorable death.
    I really like Echo despite her ‘arggh kill everyone attitude’, she has depth and has subtle characteristics that will make her even more interesting in future especially if she starts interacting with other characters. Hopefully they keep her around..But like with Emori im expecting tradegy,

    Feb 26, 2017
    Okay let’s clear something up right now!
    “That boy” Octavia killed wasn’t a random character at all. He was one of the looters, and he even had a line. He shoves Octavia around the 20:00 on Netflix.
    Shoving Octavia is now an offense punishable by decapitation.
    Love that girl.

    Feb 25, 2017
    One positive thing with all the grayness is that the endless shipping chants seem to have stopped. Everyone just hope they kill red shirts from now on. I’ve still got PTSD from last season.

    Feb 25, 2017
    I’m thinking Riley’s deal is he’s a sleeper agent for Azgeda. They had him in their clutches long enough to brainwash him into being a ticking time bomb of murder. The trigger to wake him up should be whistling the bass line from “Under Pressure” by Queen. Jasper will conveniently have the original song on his ipod and accidentally play it while he and hopefully Jaha are standing near Riley and he takes them out first… hopefully…

    Feb 25, 2017
    OK, I am just pissed that we didn’t even get to see Clarke’s reaction to getting slimed with foam! Jasper and Monty went RIGHT into the “Why have you sentenced us to death!?” rant and we didn’t get a chance to see if she would have at least ATTEMPTED to fake a smile or a “OK, you guys got me good!” Though there is every indication that she would have continued frowning. BTW Clarke is almost as clean as Jasper now cuz she MUST have taken a shower after that. Even though we didn’t see her do it. (Which sucks, because I would have MUCH rather seen her in the shower than Jasper.) Sadly, that scene is probably as close as we’ll ever come to seeing Eliza Taylor go down the “Pie Slide” on the classic Nickelodeon game show “What Would You Do?” -but it was refreshing to see her covered in a fun substance for once, instead of the usual blood and filth.
    She is just lucky they didn’t ACTUALLY find her gorilla fan fiction! Few things are more embarrassing than having your friends discover the voluminous stash of gorilla from the 100 fan fiction that you’ve penned. Or, I mean, I’ve HEARD nothing is more embarrassing! It’s not like I speak from personal experience or anything…heh how ’bout that Riley huh!? What a DICK!

    Feb 24, 2017
    Please never stop ranting about Jaha. It’s the only thing keeping me sane since this show is intent on ignoring all his wrongdoings whilst I sit here AGGRESSIVELY hating him.

    Feb 24, 2017
    PS. Am I the only person who doesn’t know who Riley is or what his deal is?? Or is that the point lol. Who IS this guy!?

    Feb 24, 2017
    Great recap!! Also The Explorers was my first movie that I aw with my friends without our parents. Fell in LOVe with River as Wolfgang. And not to be confused with the super cool TV show The Explorers which was about a kid and a dude traveling through time. Another favorite.

    Feb 24, 2017
    Congrats on your recaps, I really really enjoy reading them!
    I don’t think Clarkes actions were perfectly good but she’s the only one who always offers to make decisions, nobody else (except Haha bt meh) is offering solutions of any kind and they just complain when they don’t like something without trying to understand her or why she made that decisions or how she feels…
    Also, wasn’t the guy who died in Polis (the one with Bellamy) Brian, Millers boyfriend? I hope he isn’t but he looked so much alike!! Please help!

    Feb 24, 2017
    I thought that was him too!!

    Feb 24, 2017
    Didn’t you think Octavia bit was a little LOTR?? Total Aragon/Strider move there by writers … where is Octavia? I was waiting for Echo to say to Bellamy “he fell my lady” and then cut to shadowfax jUntingnoff with her limp body draped over him. ::cue the LOTR soundtrack::

    Feb 24, 2017
    ALSO, Clark’s brutal honestly on what who was needed, and who wasn’t was kinda my fav! How long did it take her? And yeah, her & Bell get a spot for saving everyone!!! They murdered an entire civilization for you dicks

    Feb 24, 2017
    *Whatever they gave Jaha to keep him asleep will come in handy later
    *Riley will betray them and/or have to die. Via Bell, Clark or Raven.
    *Everything Abby does is either wrong, pointless, or dumb.
    **Give these random ppl valuable medicine b4 they die in 6 months
    **I’ll distract the flying gun, I’m just the only Dr.
    * &3 Emori, but she’s gonna die. Murphy isn’t allowed to be happy.
    * Bell’s going to have to kill Ice nation girl.
    * …Maybe some ppl can survive in the original dropship, & that place Murphy was trapped in for like 4 months. It had portraits.

    Feb 24, 2017
    Great point about the sleeping JaHa stuff!!

    Feb 24, 2017
    I swear every time they talk about the 300 that died in space, I think of freckled father #NeverForget!!! They should do a flashback with him. Or show if his daughter made it!

    Toni_watches Feb 24, 2017
    GASP – now I want that so badly!

    Feb 24, 2017
    I wish I could hug you for ten minutes straight because all you said about Jaha is what I feel deep in my bones and goddamnit, urgh. URGH. I just hate him so much. At least he’s not the only character I hate now but still, number one, people!!
    I’ve been hoping Riley would be a dick, hahaha. I knew it.
    Also, considering he’s super fine with dying soon, Jasper giving a hard time to Clarke about the list made me want to kick him in the guts. But then, this season I always want to kick him somewhere.
    I didn’t really like the episode though, not sure why, but still YAY Adventure Squad. And yay for fanfiction :p

    Toni_watches Feb 24, 2017
    I would take a ten minute hug. I WOULD TAKE IT.

    Feb 24, 2017

    Feb 24, 2017
    A lottery, clever, where does New J come up with his ideas? A lottery would eliminate all the unlucky people from the Ark. 🙂
    Jaha rates higher than Monty for Clarke’s list? Whaaaa? Will this show stop kicking poor Monty please, my weak heart can’t take it. I mean sure engineering experience on the CV but I’d say in the saving lives business Monty has got to have decent stats vs some seriously negative stats, I mean New J and Clarke have each got to have the high point scores for genocides and near elimination of the human race.
    Ohhh Riley damn….. immediately sticks it to his guard competition, sheesh, steady on Mr Deserve This and That! I’m gonna put it down to PTSD from Farm Station slavery, forced to make toys for Grounder children or whatever they were doing.

    Feb 24, 2017
    “You are no longer on my protection detail” says Kane.
    Whoah!! I mean don’t be so hasty and knee-jerk responsive-y. We love Indra and by extension we now love her feisty daughter – so someone’s cruel looking head was going to have to be put in a sack. Blood must have blood Kane – duh!

    Feb 24, 2017
    Explorers got me prepared and set my expectations low for adulthood I mean imagine you’re young, optimistic and excited by the idea of meeting advanced and highly evolved extra-terrestrial life and when you finally do they’re just imitating commercial jingles and making arm-pit noises.

    Feb 24, 2017
    And Set the bar pretty high for Tilt-A-Whirls 👍🏻🎡

    Feb 23, 2017
    That fact that you referenced my l time favourite musical just warms my heart. When Echo told Bellamy that Octavia was dead broke my heart. Oh the feels…

    Feb 24, 2017
    is it Singin’ in the rain or The Nightmare Before Christmas?

    Feb 28, 2017
    Singing in the Rain 🙂

    Mar 01, 2017
    Cool! Mine is The Nightmare Before Christmas 😀

    Feb 24, 2017
    Same here, but then I was equally outraged.
    That same old story –
    Boy saves Girl from evisceration by underground mountain people.
    Girl double crosses Boy and blows up casual Girlfriend of said Boy.
    Boy choses bad mentor and goes kill crazy.
    Girl stabs Boys sister

    Feb 24, 2017
    Am I bad for laughing hysterically at Bells? Don’t get me wrong I’m total Bellarker but wow. That was entertaining 😬

    Feb 23, 2017
    That gorilla fancfic… “monkeying around” LMFAO 😀 😀 😀
    (looks like someone misses Lexa puns though… I know I do)

    Feb 23, 2017
    They’ve gotta be running out of red shirts by now, eh?! lol


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