The 100 “The Four Horsemen” Review – The Adventures of iPadicus (4.3)

TWO MONTHS. Our wacky band of misfits had their death sentence shortened from six to TWO months. This means we are basically now watching our Adventure Squad try to get their shit together in real-time. What fun!

This episode was a crowd pleaser in general, with some pretty big revelations – the aforementioned two months, nightblood is magic, Ilian is still a character, the Beautiful Creepster is rejoining the warm bosom of his people, Indra HAS A DAUGHTER, and of course, the biggest one of all… our beloved Tim Bartlett is alive!


Who is Tim Bartlett, you ask?


Tim Bartlett, you guys! TIM BARTLETT! We’ve never actually seen him in person, but he lives in our hearts.

Of course, we have to take the bad with the good, re: Jaha taking Bellamy and Clarke on a pointless side-squad, which is basically a metaphor for Jaha’s existence. It was almost like pairing him with one of our show’s most dynamic duos was an attempt to make us care about him. I’m sorry, show, I really am, but no. This show has turned me as bloodthirsty as Octavia, you guys, because I want Jaha to die. I want him to die SO BAD. Dishonourable discharge from the existence of this otherwise flawless fictional world. You know what, maybe I’m being too subtle about my feelings towards Jaha, so I’ll stop.

Let’s talk instead about the power dynamics in this beautiful world. The teens run the show, you guys, ALL OF IT. Raven was put in charge of the grocery store, they’re following Monty’s plan to save their people, Bellamy made the decision to blow up their water cooler, and Clarke gets to make a list of potential END OF THE WORLD survivors. And the adults on the show basically just shrug and go with it. I love it. I just love it.

Speaking of things I love, let’s photo recap! The episode began with a charming chat about who will be chosen to live and who will die a blistery, throw-uppy horrible death. Haha, THIS SHOW!




Twist! In a shocking turn of the tables, RAVEN was the one enforcing the ever-present no-fun rule. Girl was GRUMPY this week. I get it, the fate of the human race depends on her mechanic skillz, but still girl, relax. Eat a snickers or something.

Anyway, then they got some visitors.





Real talk – I dig Luna. I think she’s captivating and mysterious, and I like her worldview and her compassion, and she’s hella foxy. So, yeah, very happy about this whole business. I adored that these two groups of people had beef in the past, and Luna was all, “sorry about that, guys,” and they were like, “no, no, we’re sorry,” and then they hugged and played checkers.

In Polis, Roan needed a small favour.










They call Octavia “death from the sky”! OF COURSE THEY DO. Never change, Octavia. Roan asked her to kill some chick who stole Lexa’s soul-container, and Indra acted very shifty about it. WONDER WHY????

Then we checked in on our Beautiful Creepster and his Ninja Turtle love.



Oh yeah! Remember that time Murphy was literally forced into sex with a murderous dictator? What a fun memory. That boy should be way more messed up than he is. Anyway, he decided to grace the Adventure Squad with his beautifully creepy presence. Huzzah!

Back at Ark Camp, Luna and her pals were being very gross.





Oh Luna. I missed you. Then Raven summoned Bellarke to let them know they’ve entered the lightening round.



Is it just me, or does Clarke always look on the brink of curling up on the floor to take a 50-year nap? Girl is so over all of this. Especially when getting sucked into a Jaha-based storyline.



Jaha had some cockamamie plan to hide everyone in a doomsday bunker and he- whoops, sorry, my eyes just spasmed from rolling too hard, I have to take a minute.

Of course, this was the scene where we were introduced to a new character.



A LOT of attention was given to this iPad, you guys. It is obviously now a valued member of the Adventure Squad. I guess my question is… HOW?? How in the sweet heck is this iPad spouting information? Was all this SAVED on that specific iPad, or is Jaha tapping into the 100 year-old long-dead internet? The mind boggles.

Anyway, iPadicus and Raven are in a fight right now, because she was pissed it was backing up Jaha. Fair enough, girl!








iPadicus told us that some guy lead some cult that had a bunker. Cool, thanks iPadicus!

Back at Ark Camp Murphy snuck into the supply room and started sneakily stealing things like the Beautiful Creepster he is.



Welp, now Murphy knows that they’re living in a giant, broken-down microwave! Oh, and Abby and Raven sassed at each other about the dying Grounders (Water-ers?) and if they should be given medicine or not. Once again the situation is SO GREY! Both those foxy, brave ladies were 100% correct! They shouldn’t waste their supply of meds, but also, what if they can save lives?? Love this show.






What a strange and captivating dynamic these two have! Murphy stole the drugs like the creepy little Robin Hood he is, and they gave the pill to the whale-rider kid.



Back in Polis a mysterious vixen was traipsing around with the flame, opening it up, making sure it’s still there, showing everyone she has it. Octavia was following like a little murder-ninja, until a handsome technophobe held her up.



The sparks that fly between these two is more than I can handle. Speaking of things too amazing for my heart to fully process:




This was everything I never knew I always wanted. You guys know my love for Indra, and my even greater love for the relationship she has with Octavia, and now we meet Indra’s actual daughter and OH MY SWEET PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE THIS IS GOOD.





Everything about this was balls-to-the-wall-awesome! Indra’s daughter is a flame keeper, and is VERY about it, and wants the flame to be safe for religious reasons. And Indra wanted her to be a warrior, so she basically replaced her with Octavia. And Octavia was like, “whatever, I’m in it to win it.” I LOVE THIS.

Then Ilian broke in all brooding and handsome (you guys, do I have a crush on Ilian???), took the flame and smashed it.


The ONLY reason I wasn’t screaming at my television at this point was because I knew our girl had a trick up her sleeve. And she did! They swapped the necklace-matrix-mint for the real thing.



Then, of course, the sisterhood of the sword made up and came up with a plan.




More of these two ladies, please and thank you very much!

Meanwhile back at Ark Camp, some very sad shit was going down.



Okay, here’s the thing – this seemed like a ‘sock it to Raven’ moment because she was all remorseful about the girl’s death, but… Raven was correct. This proved that the meds SHOULDN’T have been given to all seven of them because it wouldn’t have worked. Yes, it was hard and awful and terribly sad, but at the end of the day, Raven (the teen) made a logical call, where Abby (the adult who was once the leader of these people) made one that was impulsive and emotional. I’m not saying either one was morally right or wrong, I’m just pointing shit out, guys!

Meanwhile out in the wilderness, iPadicus and the gang made it to the bunker.


Jaha gave Bellamy a speech that proved he’s a #Bellarke shipper, then they found the bunker entrance. They couldn’t open it because the episode wasn’t long enough, but then Bellamy used the Rover (LOL), and the door opened. Let’s talk about the REAL reason these two are true heroes:


NOPE. No way, nuh uh. I do NOT care what kind of perfect safe oasis awaits me, there is NO WAY I would walk through a hundred years worth of spider webs. Just count me out, human race.






Poor iPadicus. AH WELL!

Back at Polis Octavia was marching around carrying a HUMAN HEAD.




This was one of the technophobes, right? Did Octavia murder him in some back alley? Did she hack his head off by herself? Good Lord, I want an entire episode devoted to this.

Anyway, she told Roan that the flame was destroyed, so they basically have to murder EVERYBODY in order to keep everything on the up-and-up, which Octavia was obviously stoked for.


The Beautiful Creepster went back for Emori and let her know that the villain this season is the actual Earth. Now they’re on their way back to Ark Camp, which made me wonder the purpose of them leaving in the first place, but who cares because I’m so happy! Has Emori interacted with any of the Adventure Squad yet? I’m so excited.



This scene was pretty great, no matter what ship you’re sailing on. Clarke had to sit down and make the list of who gets to survive, and Eliza Taylor did an amazing job portraying how agonizing a job that would be.

Then she took a merry jaunt to the med bay where everyone they promised to help was now a corpse. Well, all except one!


Luna is better! Even her hair was poofier! Nightblood is magic! Huzzah!! This is important for many reasons (the most obvious is that perhaps they can come up with some kind of cure for radiation poisoning), but it also means that Nadia Hilker is sticking around. High-five, everyone.

So, yes, there was some circular plotting that left our Squad in the exact same spot they were before, but it’s only episode three, so that can be forgiven. Especially when they gift us with such crowd-pleasing things. I’m pumped for next week when someone inevitably finds Clarke’s list and shit hits the fan.


  • Speaking of our darling, beloved Tim Bartlett, let’s just rap about this for a quick sec. This guy was sent to Earth with the original 100, survived three seasons AND is important enough to be number 97 on Clarke’s ‘who gets to live’ list… and they’ve NEVER interacted??? This is a travesty that needs to be rectified, writers. A TRAVESTY.


  • “Choosing who gets to live or die is your specialty.” A very accurate, fact-based, low blow, Raven!!


  • What do you guys think Riley is doing right now? Solving world hunger? Inventing a way to create water from air like in The Martian? Planning his wedding? Contacting his Dad, the God of Thunder? Tie-dying more shirts?


  • Miller’s dad!! Man, this episode really was a crowd pleaser.


  • Poor Roan. He is totally BFF’s with Skikru, and they just keep lying to him!


  • “Still blaming yourself for killing that army?” YES, JAHA, he helped kill 300 people – that is a BAD thing. SOME people look back on their past mistakes as actual mistakes. Ugh, this guy.


  • Is this show making you bloodthirsty? If you got to choose where / when / how Jaha dies, what would it be? Would you let him go out a redeemed hero (barf) or would you make him just accidentally walk off a cliff? Or eat a radiated squirrel? Or, oh, oh, oh, he could realize the pointlessness of his existence and kill himself via Mutated Gorilla?


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2 thoughts on “The 100 “The Four Horsemen” Review – The Adventures of iPadicus (4.3)


    Jun 09, 2017
    I gotta say this episode gave me some serious feels. The whole dynamic with Murphy and Abby, is it just me or is she like low-key adopting him? And although Jaha is annoying his chat with Bellamy was pretty insightful and I think it was good for Bellamy to talk about it. The scene with the list making was absolutely heartbreaking and somewhere I saw a video where someone removed the music from the scene which made it all the more raw and sad. Oh and Toni I’ve been meaning to ask, do you have a tumblr?

    Jun 09, 2017
    Oh and I forgot the scene with the little girl dying was sad too. You can see Luna really cares. And how Jackson reminded us that the reason Murphy’s dad was floated was because he was stealing medicine to save Murphy, who had the flu and said that he didn’t think Murphy had it in him, and Abby replying she knew he had it in him. Ugh, feels! You could see from the look on his face that he was also likely thinking back to his father stealing the medicine for him and the scene where Raven calls him out on stealing the rations and calls him a roach and he’s like not now, please. That really got to me. I know he wasn’t that good of a guy in season one but a lot of those actions I cannot blame him for. He was lynched, hanged, that had to have been very traumatic and I understand why for awhile he lost it. It seems like for whatever reason he is the one character that the others cannot forgive even though since the beginning of season 2 he has been helpful. He’s seen as dirty, distrustful, a “cockroach.” He’s not like the rest of the adventure squad. He’s a wanderer who comes and helps when he is needed but otherwise is a solitary individual, even with Emori by his side. He doesn’t feel comfortable at Arkadia, never has and I can’t blame him for it.

    Mar 18, 2017
    Awesome recap as usual.
    iPadicus!!!! It needs to become a main character!! Those parts had me crying from laughter 😀
    The crazy amount of cobwebs in the bunker is somewhere I would NOT go into until many others have gone in to de-web :O
    It’s probably how all the ppl in there DIED, from the million nuclear spiders!

    Klaussays Feb 26, 2017
    ”Whose this guy” ” just some dude”…

    Feb 19, 2017
    Jaha is going to die surrounded by radioctive flames after leading a revolt with the people who were not in the list, because there is no way that Clarke wrote his name; by the way, Clarke leaving that list in the desk, Humm! I think this is bad news in the future.
    If they use Luna’s blood to make people resistant to radiation, would it mean that everyone is going to be natblida and finish the lineage of rightful successors? because by quoting Syndrome from “The Incredibles”: ” When Everyone can be natblida! no one will be”
    Indra’s face when Rohan said she created an assassin; I thought she wasn’t happy with Octavia’s taste for blood, but it was for her daughter. So she is happy with murderer Octavia?

    Feb 19, 2017
    YES! Jahas “dont be so hard on yourself” speech was infuriating. Yes be hard on yourself bellamy, you personally massacred somewhere around 60 sleeping soldiers who were there to help you and your people. (i say 60 because i think only about 5 of them went and 300 soldiers were killed). And his “you did that because you thought it was right” argument is stupid too. Noone wakes up in the morning thinking, “how can I be as evil as possible today?” We always think were doing the right thing. Every villain has their reasons, it doesnt mean theyre not villains and the things they do arnt fucked up. Clarke thought she was doing the right thing when she murdered a couple hundred people too. Youcan argue that she was right, but its not something she should ever look back on and think “meh, whatever, it was for the best.” And nor should anyone encourage her to take that lighltly. The fact that Jaha himself is so zen about everything hes done is fucked up. Im not really referring to ALLIE beause he was under her influence, too. But he has a lot of other blood on his hands, and he thinks that its all okay because he has accepted it and forgiven himself.

    Toni_watches Feb 19, 2017
    Yes. Exactly this. And it’s not just the blood on Jaha’s hands, it’s the motivation behind it. Every other character on this show, be it “hero” or “villain” has had compelling reasons behind their decisions – reasons that considered OTHER PEOPLE. Jaha, for 2 seasons, only thought of himself.
    He will never be redeemed in my eyes. Homey don’t play that.

    Feb 26, 2017
    Sanctimonious pontificating weasel Jaha is. The scenes at the end of season 1 with him dying on the ship was perfect but noooo.
    I fear he is immortal.

    Feb 18, 2017
    Oh my what a wonderful episode and (as always) a great recap. When Indra said ‘my daughter’ i had to pause things in order to punch the air about a million times in shear delight…there may have been a little dance as well.
    And totally thought Raven was echoing s1 Kane here. The scenes with Abby could have quite easily transported back to Kane/Abby arguments on the Ark. And, like then, given what they know (they are screwed in 2 months) logically Raven/Kane is totally right and Abby is wrong…sort of … argh! it’s still so grey!
    Oh I love this show. Although i’m a bit worried that my favourite character Kane is being utterly sidelined here (not cos he wasn’t in the ep, cos i know they do that with characters). The storyline better pick up for him very soon!


    Feb 18, 2017
    “Hope you’re not claustrophobic.” “No, I love Christmas.” lol 😀

    Feb 18, 2017
    I want it to SEEM like Jaha is going to live in the last episode. It’ll be down to the VERY last scene of the very last show and he’ll be giving this big emotional, supposedly inspirational speech that everyone will be rolling their eyes at and then, out of literally NO WHERE, the gorilla will grab him and smash him back forth like the Hulk did to Loki in the first Avengers movie, only he will KEEP smashing him back and forth until there is nothing left of him but a smear. Then everyone will cheer and high-five and hug and kiss, the screen will say “The 100” and , having gone out on the highest note possible, the series will end.

    Feb 18, 2017
    That would be the coolest death scene ever….
    Myself – I’m kind of inspired by Spartan King Leonidas’ and his feelings toward that double-crossing, uniform wearing, Persian orgy participating hunchback Ephialtes in the 300 movie – “May you live forever Jaha” haha.

    Feb 18, 2017
    The list was, I’m sure, mostly very difficult for Clarke to make, except of course for the first name. Say it with me now everyone, RILEY!
    I can hear her inner monologue now, “Number one is a NO-BRAINER -dear sweet Riles, we aren’t losing you again!! Ummm..hmm, now who else?…”
    Question though, how is it that Clarke and Bellamy were the LAST people on the list? I thought both of them had just decided they were gonna let themselves die out of sheer guilt or something for having kept all this a secret but if they WEREN’T planning on doing that, why didn’t they just write their names on the list as numbers two and three, right after Riley? Aren’t they like, the leaders of everyone? Shouldn’t they be on the list automatically? I don’t know how long these people would survive without them.

    Feb 17, 2017
    Listen, I know you hate Jaha but your whining about him in every recap is getting annoying. He wasn’t even bad in this episode. Instead of resigning to only 100 of them surviving, he looked for another way. Loved the rest of this recap though! I feel like you must hate the actor or something. Chill man.
    Isn’t Octavia supposed to be the youngest of the deliquents? She’s looking the oldest this season. No way I buy she’s 17 or 18. They need to style her to look younger.
    Our hero Riley is back again next week! You can see him in the trailer holding CLakre back form going into the black rain or whatever that is.

    fededededededede_lv Feb 22, 2017
    Nice try, Isaiah Washington, I mean, Jjtigs!
    So Toni_Watches has an opinion of a fictional character you may or may not agree with, it’s all good. No need to get upset about it – I personally find her distaste cute and charming,
    Toni_Watches also continuously references “Adventure Squad” “Beautiful Creepster” and various others quirky established nuances to her reviews we expect now. It’s like asking her to not make murdering comments of Octavia.

    Toni_watches Feb 18, 2017
    Nothing against Isaiah Washington, it’s mostly to do with Jaha’s evolution as a character, which essentially stopped after the season 1 finale. That is the point when the Jaha we knew became someone else entirely for the sake of the plot – someone whose motivations were consistently selfish. Even the act of getting to the ground in a missile was selfish in itself, then every decision after was based on personal gain, a need for power or control, and an inflated sense of self importance. And now we’re suddenly back to season 1 Jaha, a complex human with compassion and insight. I don’t buy the shift. It’s inconsistent and it just plum bugs me. He has suffered no consequences for his actions except for some sass from Raven. He is the one character on this show who went from white to black, then back to white. He doesn’t live in the grey like the rest of them. He was a good dude, then a total ass-hat with zero redeeming intentions, now he’s back to being a good dude??
    That, in long, is my issue with him.

    DaveLewis Feb 19, 2017
    I have everything against Isaiah Washington: he was censured for being a homophobic asshole on the set of Gray’s Anatomy. He is a dick in real life much like on the show.

    Toni_watches Feb 19, 2017
    😦 I didn’t know that. Perhaps that’s why he’s so good at playing a slimy douche.

    Feb 18, 2017
    As Jaha’s self appointed lawyer I have to remind everyone of some things;
    This guy went “full moses” even going so far to have some warped groovy staff to cross the desert with.
    He insists on calling Murphy “John” like they’re first name buddies despite constant insults and truth bombs.
    He faced down Pike with the whole City of Light, give peace a chance schtick causing even Pike to eyeroll.
    He threw a guy at a sea monster to save himself and Murphy (maybe).
    I rest my case – this guy and his wacky antics are pure television gold!!!!

    Feb 18, 2017
    throw in imaginary babies, space jumps, one way rockets, chancellor badges, self sacrificing one-upmanship with Kane, awkward monologuing in conversations and constantly changing facial hair and you haven’t scatched the surface of this sphynx like weirdo.

    Feb 17, 2017
    Oh my goodness. What a wonderfully hilarious and fun review. I do not come around these parts much since it has become the bastard stepchild of but now I know that with Gislef still around and Toni_Watches still here with reviews full of sass I know that it can still be a place to come and remember the good ole days when the writers just weren’t shilling garbage for the corporate overlords. OK, I’ll put down the memba berries. Thanks for making me laugh Toni.
    Jaha better not get redeemed. I can’t believe they are still letting him breathe the same air. A better road trip would have been Clarke and Bellamy knocking Jaha out and closing the door permanently – let him really understand the devastation he caused last year sealed in with a room full of corpses.
    Still loving Octavia’s evolution. It is impossible not to just be happy every time she is on screen. Yeah we miss Lincoln (not too much longer though as ‘American Gods’ should be premiering in April) but Octavia on her own is becoming the best thing about this show. Add to that Lindsey Morgan’s Raven increased presence this year. Again, a much needed character reassessment that is much welcomed. Also nice having Zach McGowan around more as his presence is missed in the final season of ‘Black Sails’. (I’ve loved him since he played one of the greatest non-Gallagher characters on ‘Shameless’, Jody.) So far this season is doing well, hopefully it can keep it up. Glad to see Luna is also back and apparently has an important role to play because she has been too much in the shadows on this show since Lincoln first started talking about her in Season 1.
    Thank you Toni for making me memba’ when.

    Feb 18, 2017
    No, no, Octavia was never the youngest. Remember the little girl who killed Jaha’s son in Season 1? She was the youngest deliquent we got to see. I don’t think it was ever implied Octavia was paticularly young, though Bellamy is on the older side since he was finished school and working as a guard when the series started.
    Octavia’s defining characteristic was her innocence. She was the only one of the 100 who was actually innocent, her crime being existance.
    Which is what makes seeing her with blood on her hands so shocking now, the ruthless little pixie. But also belivable, because why would she show loyalty to the people who punished her for being born? Grounder for life!
    I wonder if Octavia was on Clarke’s list. I wonder if Bellamy even checked before he insisted Clarke add herself. Were Roan and Indra on the list or was it sky people only? Where were Jasper and Monty this episode?

    Feb 18, 2017
    You are right the youngest member of The 100 was Charlotte before she took those diving lessons. But Octavia is currently 17 years old, and they’ve been on the ground for 18 months, so I think that counts as young.

    Feb 18, 2017
    Exactly my feelings Whedonrules (cool as handle you have there) I tried reading a review of a show on here since TV guide became the sites official overlord and my eyes glazed over mid article. The term “soul-less corporation”is bandied about a lot but damn if you don’t feel the marrow sucked out of every creative or thoughtful insight. Lucky I can come back for a rare fun read in the review wasteland.
    Grounder for life – haha, love it. Respect! [makes tri-kru gang sign]
    What is Octavia called now – sky ripper or something? Cause she’s from the sky and she’ll like she’ll rip you up or whatever?

    Feb 17, 2017
    Really, what is left to say except these are hilarious! Ipadicus (nice callback to season 1 Jaha names!) and the Alexa/flame pun were particularly fun!

    Feb 17, 2017
    You’re welcome!! As soon as I saw the name, I had to stop the episode and look for it, to be sure. I went back on your recaps and success!! Also, how dare they keep poor darling Tim alive and we’ve NEVER seen him. I mean, is Riley on the list?? Then how come he got a super duper welcome by everybody and Tim gets nada. NO FAIR.
    Also, I’m with you on the spiderweb thing. I could not do it. Nope. I get goosebumps just thinking about it. NOOOO.
    I kinda like iPadicus, he’s nice. Maybe he can come up with a way to kill Jaha ASAP. A girl can dream.
    You didn’t mention it but I laughed really hard at the moment when Murphy talks about eating bugs cause then I had a vision of Simba in The Lion King and saw Murphy saying Hakuna Matata. Or sth.

    Feb 17, 2017
    I stood up and cheered when David Miller came onscreen. The Millers are back together, guarding gates while throwing sass! Tim Bartlett is most probably Riley’s BFF, and they’re currently getting high on nuts from the woods.
    Also, I’m with you on the Skyripper Technophobe pairing. They’re going to have babies with awesome hairdos and awesomer jawlines who can swing swords as soon as they’re born. But I’m WITH YOU on the Ilian crush — that guy is so ridiculously good-looking, he makes looting seem like a perfectly good idea for a first date. Now, let’s hope Octavia won’t up and kill him.

    Feb 17, 2017
    I lost it at “Murder for me?” That Octavia x Roan recap was hilarious! Your recaps always make my day. You are THE BEST, Toni. You should be on that list!

    Feb 16, 2017
    The moment they mentioned Luna in the intro, I thought “Luna-&Nighblood-;&Becca; standing in the middle of irradiated Earth without a suit”. Come on writers, you can do better.
    Speaking of better. Octavia is the SKAIRIPA now?! OMG, I love it. This girl went from helpless-nearly-eaten-by-crocodile-victim in Season 1 to someone who would probably kill that crocodile, skin him and use his skull to drink the blood of the said crocodile while laughing at the yellow fog coming from the Mount Wheather. 😀

    Feb 16, 2017
    I laughed so hard, especially at the Riley comment. I do have to disagree with you. Making the human choice is never wrong in my book. I will always side with the one not letting a kid die without trying everything to save them no matter what. Besides Abby took an oath.
    The problem with Raven being upset over the girl dying is that she would have died anyway which means her decision was a non-decision. I would have loved if they had it play out so Raven’s decision got the girl killed. Raven is awesome but if she is going to be part of the leader-squad she needs to learn the consequenses of the hard decisions leaders have to make.

    Feb 18, 2017
    Am I gonna have to get on a youtube video and cry about you picking on Raven? I guess the little girl dying was a moot point but Raven is always the one coming up with “desperate last minute solutions to impossible problems created by other flippin’ people” [Under Siege] . Poor girl is limping around trying to weld the roof and bagging panther meat for the long haul – she’s probably not even on Clarke’s list. Definitely Team Reyes over here.

    Feb 19, 2017
    I know, engineers are the only ones who actually get anything done. She better be #1 on the list of who lives.

    Feb 16, 2017
    Thanks, Toni, for another hilariously spot-on recap.


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