The 100 “How We Get to Peace” – How We Get to A Bar Because DAMN (5.8)

So, I know I say this every recap, and every time the answer is different, but.. you know what I love about this show? The continuity. I KNOW, that’s such a boring answer, but hear me out. “My sister, my responsibility” was a callback to season 1, and it HIT HOME, didn’t it?? Weren’t you like… awwwwww shit, right, his mom did a squat-birth and then handed Octavia off to him, so he feels this weirdly intense protective responsibility! OH, and right, Abby and Raven have a special connection, and OH, OH, OH, YEAH, Raven’s mom was the worst, and also remember how Raven is STILL feeling the physical effects of being shot in season 1, and did Kane just mention the culling?? Is he specifically thinking about that adorable freckled father, because I know I am!

*happy sigh* Nothing is forgotten. Octavia isn’t the only one who rewards loyalty, because I’m feeling hella rewarded right now. This show is smart, and she understands that the audience is smart. She knows that we remember what she’s alluding to, and that we pay attention, and that we can piece things together without her guiding us and oh no I did it again, didn’t I? I’m talking about the show like she’s a friend and OMG did I assign her a gender? Someone please help me.


Shall we, ahhhh… photo recap?



Remember last week when I was like, “we don’t know what Clarke meant by ‘take out’ Octavia…” Yeahhhhhh, if it swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, it probably wants to murder your sister. Bellamy was understandably like, “c’mon guys, can we stop with the murder plot on my immediate family, please?”

Then Octavia strolled in all, “The war is a-go!” and we were off!





Emori and the Beautiful Creepster tried to trade McCreary for Raven, but Diyoza was like, “thanks but no thanks,” and then she got Kaned on so hard. He was all, “you are a legitimate antagonist!” and she was like, “am I though???” and then they sexily stared at each other.





More Vincent, please!!! You know what else I love about this show? That she IT, dammit, that it constantly makes me think the characters I love are going to perish horribly. This entire scene I was bracing myself for Vincent to spaz and kill Abby. We are absolutely going to meet this man’s demons. Anyway! Abby figured out that sound-waves break up the abscess faster than a secret Tinder account, but it needed more power, which the beautiful, helpful, charmingly sociopathic Vincent provided. They just needed someone awesome enough to make it work…




Nice Cop tried to stop her from going, and my heart SANG.


You guys know I love hugs so much, and this scene tainted it. Abby is upsetting me! She let Raven believe that Diyoza was threatening her, so Raven agreed to science the cure into existence. Worth noting is that Echo wants to murder Nice Cop to take out Dioza’s ability to fly, and the entire world screamed a collective, DON’T YOU DARE.

Meanwhile, Clarke and Bellamy were a’schemin’, but they knew they wouldn’t get anywhere without the coolest damn chick this side of the apocalypse.






J/K, J/K, J/K, don’t send me any scary hate mail, y’all know I love Clarke and Bellamy. But I mean, Indra just lights up a room, you can’t deny it! Anyway, they asked her to murder some worms, after THEY murder a human, and she was like, “ugh, fine, then quit bugging me.”





It is very easy to side with Monty on this, because he’s… well, Monty. However who’s to say that Kara would have agreed? Who’s to say Octavia would have listened to her? Who’s to say the crops would have succeeded? Who’s to say singing unicorns wouldn’t arrive with a dozen pizzas? There are so many variables, it’s also easy to see why everyone believes the Valley is the only answer, and that war is the only way to get it. Sure, we, the audience, knows that Diyoza is being influenced by Kane, and would probably allow them all to live if they surrender, but THEY don’t know that, and IT’S ALL SO GRAY I LOVE IT.






ALLIANCE!!!! The Beautiful Creepster told McCreary about how Diyoza was all, “new phone, who dis?”, so he was like, “nuh uh, I’M the one who got a new phone, and I’M the one who doesn’t know who dis!!!” So he’s going to help them get Raven back, maybe.



I don’t even know how to feel right now!!! This was a truly beautiful scene where Diyoza admitted to Kane that there’s a baby-on-board, and they daydreamed about their future town. She seems pretty ready to let Wonkru into the Valley and live peacefully, BUT WHO EVEN KNOWS.



Bye Kara! I didn’t mind you!



This hurt my feelings while also making my tummy all oozy. These two! There’s so much hurt between them, but they still love each other so much! Ugh, will these two crazy kids ever work it out? (Please don’t kill either of them, please please please thanks). Anyway, they agreed to go into camp under the guise of being prisoners to get Raven out, because they are the TRUEST OF FRIENDS. And as it turns out, Raven needs the help.





Why does this show insist on hurting my feelings so hard?!?!?! Raven found the pills and figured out that Abby was curing the prisoners in exchange for drugs. She was about to destroy her cure-vention (that is cure-invention, for interested parties), when Abby nectrocutered her!! Ugh, where is the level-headed, polite, delightful Vincent when we need him, ammiright, guys? He wouldn’t have let that happen. #VincentForKingOfCamp



“Everyone dies, Monty. Let’s show them how to live.” aawwwwwww x forever. I’m not trying to sound and hip here (I am), but Monty and Harper are GOALS. They’re going to stay behind and run a farm and be generally most adorable.

Meanwhile, Indra followed the brain-trust’s plan and murdered all the worms.




Octavia ain’t no fool (mostly). She knew immediately that it wasn’t an accident, and who to blame.






Miller (Miller!!) ‘arrested’ Clarke and dragged her off to be executed (MILLER!).

Then, in an emotionally beautiful scene, Raven and Shaw talked about their shared pain in loving an addict, and I simply could not bring myself to add any of my crazy ramblings to their pictures. THESE TWO, ammiright, guys?? I sincerely hope Raven and Echo don’t murder him.



He dosed her food with algae-poison and honestly when she started to hyperventilate I yelled, “DID HE JUST KILL HER!??!!?” because this show has trained me to believe that no one is safe. But he didn’t! She’s just knocked out for a bit. Long enough for the Squad to negotiate “peace” (LOL).



And that’s that! How are you guys doing? Are your feelings delightfully pulverized? Do you want to give Raven and Shaw 18 hugs, and while you’re at it, sneakily fix her ponytail? Do you hope they give Octavia some soothing tea for her voice? Do you want to be best friends with Vincent, but then wonder what the hell is wrong with you that you want to be best friends with Vincent? … no, me either. MOVING ON.

This episode was very good. Very good, indeed. It dove deeper into the characters we already know and love. It tore open their chests and showed us what’s inside of those beating hearts, and THAT is what I’m here for (that plus the hugs).


  • “We’re talking about one life to save hundreds.” – “Really? Then let’s kill Octavia.” AWWWWW DAMMNNNNNN Monty for the win, always.


  • Bellamy was 100% chill about Clarke almost trying to murder his sister. He basically shrugged all, “wouldn’t be the first time, right?” and then they laaaaaaaaughed.


  • Everything Miller says and does that’s not directly related to making out with Jackson hurts my feelings. I understand that he spent 6 years surviving with Octavia as his leader, and I get that he only spent about 7-8 months with the Adventure Squad, BUT STILL. Bellamy mumbling “so much for the hundred,” as Miller walked by was ALL OF US.


  • Have you ever electrocuted someone for dissing your hairstyle, and if so, where do you get your confidence??


  • I tried to come up with a shipper name for Kane and Diyoza and I couldn’t get past Diyozakane… for treatment of rashes and moral dilemmas, side-effects may include badassery, flowing locks, and bouts of sexy staring.


  • Big theme of “murder one person to save a bunch more” this episode. Kara. Nice Cop. Octavia. McCreary. WHO IS EVEN RIGHT AND WHO IS EVEN WRONG. Can you tell me?? I bet you can’t.


  • What do you think Vincent is doing right now? Arranging a muffin-basket? Collecting a bouquet of flowers for Abby? Painting a landscape in someone’s foot-blood?


  • *Slow clap* for Marie this week – for real, the look of confusion/terror/disgust on Octavia’s face when Bellamy said he loved her was actual art.

Okay that’s it from me, see you next week, get home safe!


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One thought on “The 100 “How We Get to Peace” – How We Get to A Bar Because DAMN (5.8)


    Jul 08, 2018
    Hi Toni, love your recaps, they complete the viewing experience of each ep of the 100 for me. Saw you also recapped wynonna earp, which I also love. Based on these, could I recommend two more shows: Killjoys and Queen of the South? Both full of murderous adventure and moral quandaries and angst. Would love to see your take on Dutch, Teresa, and their respective boys / assembled families.

    Toni_watches Jul 10, 2018
    I’ll take it under advisement! 🙂 Thank you.

    Jun 29, 2018
    Bellamy and Clarke are plain hypocrites and just as bad as Octavia….and i love it. There is an argument to say that Octavia is better than them because she is an equals opportunist murderer at least…However that last scene changed everything.
    I was heartbroken as Octavia let that one tear slide out in reaction to Bellamy’s betrayal…For all intents and purposes Octavia is dead, the last piece of her humanity was Bellamy and that is broken now.. Shes going to be 10x worse when she wakes up and that worries me because that will only end one way..Which is Octavia’s death…Her methods are too extreme for everyone else..She has to go before the show can mve forward. Like with Jasper when everyone was expecting him to ‘snap’ out of it eventually i can see the same road for Octavia here

    Jun 28, 2018
    How about ‘Kaneoza’? 😉

    Jun 28, 2018
    Very important question:
    Is it Indra? Is it Madi? I need to know.
    Also, closed captions name him as Vinson, no joke. Listen careful and no one is pronouncing a T.

    Jun 28, 2018
    Yes, it’s definitely Vinson not Vincent.

    Jun 28, 2018
    It’s a Coup. But technically, Clarke, since she’s leading it. But I don’t think she wants to be in charge, just can’t have Octavia doing it. I think Clarke would even be fine with Dyzzy as she seems pretty level headed. Bell might be good too, he’s had more time to develope his people skillz in space.

    Jun 28, 2018
    Diyozakane Has to be the best shipper name ever! Should also state: “May be habit forming and lethal in some cases.”

    Toni_watches Jun 28, 2018
    Consult your psychotherapist to see if Diyozakane is right for you.

    Jun 28, 2018
    Bonnie and Cylde’s little murder of Cooper was gruesome.
    and this one made me laugh

    Jun 28, 2018
    Soooo much going on, so much stress. Bellamy and Clarke? I’m done with the pair of them. Clarke always thinks she’s right and bosses everyone around, including Monty, the only person who deserves to live. I mean, c’mon, He totally called out B & C on their ‘greater good’ defence – they always think the people they love are more important than everybody else. Mostly I’m done with Bellamy’s facial hair.
    On the subject of people to love, if they kill Shaw I’m going to be so pissed. I yelled at Raven when she agreed he should be killed. She has been single for a loooooong time. I suppose there might have been some hooking up in space but they’re keeping it very quiet. So she deserves a nice, hot, intellligent guy who still tries to protect her when she’s betrayed him. They connected! She cried on him (kinda)! It has to happen so back the hell off Echo.
    Has Abby finally run out of conditioner or is she just that far gone? Either way I am happy to jump on the Dyozakane (Kandy would be easier to spell) ship. She shares his vision and she let him feel the baby – it’s on.
    We need more Murphy please, especially since his hair this season is just about perfect. I guess he could be Raven’s back up guy if Echo offs Shaw?
    Finally I know this may not be the popular opinion but if they say “my sister my responsibility” one more time, I’m going to break something. I got it the first 10 times!!!!!
    Oh, and I have questions about the worm eggs.

    Jun 28, 2018
    Of course the people you love are more important than anyone else. That’s human nature.

    Jun 28, 2018
    LOL! You ju
    st complained how B&C put their loved ones above the needs of strangers, & then how you want Raven’s love interest to NOT die so Raven can get some d!ck, even tho it IS a perfect war strategy.

    Jun 28, 2018
    Octavia threatened to put Bell in the ring w Clarke to fight. But they’d never fight each other. Plus Madi is going to fight everyone when she finds out her mom was arrested.

    Jul 01, 2018
    Loralee_jk – Octavia told Bellamy that there weren’t enough prisoners for the ring so that she’s going to have Clark executed. Octavia never mentioned putting them in the ring together. Actually Octavia pretty much told Bellamy to shut up or she might think he had something to do with this. As for Clarke not fighting Bellamy – come on! Clarke would pull the trigger on anyone with enough justification. For an example, see the children she burned to death with radiation in Mount Weather.

    Jun 28, 2018
    …How many of the100 are left tho?
    Bell, O, Clarke, Murpghy, Monty, Harper….Raven ?

    Jun 28, 2018
    It’s iffy if you can count Raven, who came down afterwards, or Bellamy because he snuck aboard. But since 2 of The 100 died in the dropship landing, I always considered Bellamy and Raven surrogates to round out “The 100”.
    Octavia, Miller, Clarke, Murphy, and Harper for sure. I wish the show did a better job of letting us know which of the original The 100 are alive. I would enjoy keeping count.

    Jun 28, 2018
    And Monty. Those are the only six we know about for sure.


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