The 100 “Sleeping Giants” Photo Recap – Nap Time’s Over (5.3)

“Two hundred and eighty-three lives for one. She must be pretty important to you.”

“She is.”

YOU GUYS!!!! How are your hearts? Mine is leaking pure joy all over the place. We were promised a reunion, and as always, The 100 delivered. The reunion of Clarke and Bellamy was never going to be a nice slow-motion run through a field of flowers. It was always going to be at the end of a gun, and it was MAGNIFICENT.

But that’s not all, folks! There were so many moments in Sleeping Giants to celebrate. Emori freaking NAILING IT, Madi being true to her Grounder roots and murdering a bunch, Raven and the Beautiful Creepster stuck together in space, Raven in general, the perfect bounce in Bellamy’s hair… *sigh* this show is too good to us and we don’t deserve it.

Wanna photo recap it? C’mon, then! The episode began hot off the heels of episode 1, where the Prisoner Possy were hunting Clarke and Madi. But who was REALLY being hunted, hmmmmm???

5.3 1

5.3 2

5.3 3

5.3 4

I’ve said it once, and I’ll likely say it about seventeen more times so buckle up – this turnabout where Clarke is now the grounder fighting against the space-invaders is just… *slow clap*. She’s even using the old grounder tricks! I loved this so hard. Anyway, then Mean Guy #1 shot a space-weapon at them and they had to run again. Classic!

5.3 5

5.3 6

5.3 7

5.3 8

5.3 9

5.3 10

Awwwwwww! This fellow has qualms! He is either going to die a horrible death, or make it into the credits next season. I’m calling it! We also learned that our sexy antagonist was a SEAL and is maybe just so GREY!

Meanwhile in space…

5.3 11

5.3 12

5.3 13

Look. No one can be as awesome as Raven. No one. That’s not even hyperbole. It is literally AND metaphorically impossible to be as awesome as Raven. So, sure, Emori didn’t ace her first go at maneuvering a rocket ship. Happens to the best of us.

Then the Spaceventure Squad commenced breaking and entering into a spaceship like the cheeky band of misfit criminals they are. Monty flipped on the radio and the Squad gathered ‘round.

5.3 14

5.3 15

5.3 16

5.3 17

They were listening to the chase through the woods in real-time, and my heart was POUNDING. I knew it to be unlikely, but I just wanted Clarke to grab that radio and say something like, “On the off chance any of my long-lost-loved-ones are listening, I happen to be alive, and also Go Bulldogs!”

But alas. Instead of the sweet, sweet crooning of Earth’s #1 radio show, Talkin’ with ‘Tude, what the Squad heard was the Prisoner Pops chasing down a fierce, badass foxy, boss lady, and they were immediately like, “Octavia, obviously.”

Because, as the Beautiful Creepster just pointed out, it’s only episode 3, Clarke had to get herself into some plot conflict. She squirreled Madi away under some shrubbery, then was promptly Taken with a capital T. For real though – hearing instead of seeing Clarke’s capture was a #1 top-drawer move. Well done all.

5.3 18

5.3 19

5.3 20

5.3 21

Obviously no one told our sexy new antagonist that I hand out the nicknames around here… but I like “Good Cop” and I’m keeping it.

We learned quite a bit in this scene, like how the Prisoner Pride has seen nightblood before on a different planet (INTRIGUE!!), and how Good Cop somehow isn’t “one of them” (Was he a guard on the ship? A sexy stowaway? Did someone use a wish from a genie to bring him into existence?), and that Diyoza is NOT messing around (which we sort of already knew). She radioed that the game was now Shoot To Kill, and that the winner gets a candy ring, and this made Clarke very upset.

Let’s take a quick second to talk about the fact that so far the Prisoner Paparazzi haven’t done anything wrong. Sure, that one guy was going to shoot Madi in the leg, but didn’t she shoot him first? Thing is, yes, these people are criminals, but so were The 100. It’s all so deliciously grey. I can’t even not love Diyosa. I won’t! You can’t make me!

Up in space, Echo, the Beautiful Creepster and Monty were carrying some fuel and it went totally fine, why do you ask?

5.3 22

5.3 23

5.3 24

5.3 25

5.3 26

5.3 27

5.3 28

This hurt me. Look, I know that 6 years on a spaceship can strain a friendship, but these two boys are my favs, and seeing them call each other useless (you bite your tongue Monty!) and a coward (Monty has the true heart of hero and I will fight anyone who says otherwise), felt like a personal attack on my person.

Anyway, then Echo showed Monty and Murphy the walk-in freezer.

5.3 29

5.3 30

An army of murderers!! Do you think any of them love murder as much as Octavia?? Should Octavia speed date through all of them? What a development!

Meanwhile, Bellamy and Raven were watching a fun home-movie about how the prisoners took over the ship, and the captain was like, “for real, these guys ARE antagonists!” and Diyoza was all, “are we though? Maybe,” and Good Cop was like, “sure, but what’s my deal? Bet you’re curious.” Then Diyoza was like, “our backstory is so kickass, bet you just can’t wait to find out, oh and watch out behind you.”

5.3 31

5.3 32

5.3 33

5.3 34

5.3 35

This fellow was woken up by the Prisoner Pensioners from the ground as their security protocol, and he was VERY RUDE. I’m not sure why it took all three of them to murder him to death, or why he could continue to fight even after Echo impaled him, but heck, I’m sure we’ll find out!

5.3 36

5.3 37

The Beautiful Creepster was very about killing all of the slumbering criminals, but Bellamy was like, “can we go ONE season without a mass murder, please??” So they came up with a way to mass murder them later if the situation calls for it.

Then it was Clarke’s turn to listen to the race on the radio.

5.3 38

5.3 39

Whoooooboy! This was again, such a great move. You could almost smell the tension coming from your TV screens, couldn’t you??? Or was that the old cheddar I melted on my nachos? Either way, this was TENSE. Listening to Madi almost get caught, and watching the fear on Clarke’s face, knowing that the Spaceventure Squad could also hear everything, all culminated in some very enjoyable heart palpitations.

Anyway, Clarke was like, “we’re going to end up being reluctant allies anyway, we might as well start now,” and Diyoza was like, “Mojito?” and then they chatted over drinks about the end(s) of the world like it was a dark episode of Sex and the City.

5.3 40

5.3 41

5.3 42

5.3 43

Raven discovered that someone who is exceptionally awesome must stay in space to do some science, and Bellamy was like, “no way Jose, I left behind Clarke and now she is without a doubt definitely dead, and I still feel super bad about it, so no, nuh-uh, not gonna-” and Raven was all, “it’s fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine,” and Bellamy believed her like a sucker.

Then all of our hearts plastered the walls of our dwellings because…

5.3 44

The Beautiful Creepster stayed behind to keep his bestest of best friend’s company!!!!! Granted, he didn’t know it was quite possibly a forever deal, but he didn’t want her to be alone, and they’re the greatest, and my heart is NOT OKAY.

5.3 45


Speaking of the best, Emori landed a rocket ship like a FREAKIN BOSS.

5.3 46

5.3 47

5.3 48

Adorable. Emori is never allowed to die. Let it be said, let it be done. ANYWAY, of course the moment they came down from space, their lives were immediately threatened. Love this show! But look who saved them!

5.3 49

Madi!! She recognized Bellamy from Clarke’s drawings, and all her stories, and the way she murmurs about him in her sleep, and the dramatic plays Clarke acts out. So she told them that Clarke is alive.

5.3 50

5.3 51

5.3 52

5.3 53

5.3 54

Then Madi was all, “Bellamy and whoever the rest of you are, come with me!” and off they skedaddled.

Thing is, because Clarke “lied” about how many near and dear ones she has, she was given some new bling in the form of an electrocuting necklace… an electrolace, a necktrocuter… not the point.

5.3 55

5.3 56

The Prisoner Pros were having a gay old time electrocuting our girl when a rover showed up, BUT WHO COULD IT BE??????

5.3 57

5.3 58

Everything about the last 5 minutes of this episode was so magical it was almost dangerous. The coffee mug, the lights, Bellamy’s hair (seriously, whatever you’re doing, keep doing that), Clarke’s reaction, the bored-badassery of Diyoza. Her expression was pure “fine, whatever,” and I LOVED IT.

Ladies, how are your ovaries? Guys, how are your… how are you? I know I say this every week, but I simply CANNOT WAIT for next week. This season has hit the ground sprinting and I don’t see it letting up any time soon.

Once again the show has presented us with two sides, neither good, neither bad, and both relatable. This is The 100’s jam, to be so grey Billy Joel wants to sing about it, and it is my favourite, favourite thing.


  • Huge congratulations on the season 6 renewal! High fives for every single person.


  • What shade of grey is your favourite? The ash-grey of our protagonists being total murderers? The steel-grey of our antagonists being relatable? The Iron-grey of not knowing who to root for?


  • “The missions were dangerous. They sent people they thought were disposable.” – “Sounds familiar.” It DOES and it is GLORIOUS. What other parallels to season 1 are you guys drawing? Is Clarke the Lincoln (Dave)??? Is Bellamy the Anya??? At some point is our Adventure Squad going to kill someone with a ninja star to the face? Will the Prisoner Professionals engage in any love triangles? I AM SO PUMPED.


  • What is hethelodium (sp??), and how will it come into play later, because you KNOW it will. More specifically, how will Raven use it to blow something up? #Chekhov’sHethelodium


  • Bellamy is keeping the “Best Dad in the Universe” mug to give to Kane, right?


  • My spellcheck has JUST given up on telling me about Spaceventure, and now they’re on the ground. TYPICAL.


  • “Start with how the world ended.” – “Which time?” Lots of great lines this episode!


  • For real, how many games of I-Spy are Raven and the Beautiful Creepster going to play? How else will they pass the time? Choreograph dances? 20 Questions? Hopscotch? Will the Beautiful Creepster help Raven get the rest of her hair into that ponytail?


  • They zoomed in on this lady for quite some time. Place your bets here, folks! Is she going to be the MAIN antagonist? Or someone’s relative?





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One thought on “The 100 “Sleeping Giants” Photo Recap – Nap Time’s Over (5.3)


    May 23, 2018
    The “Best Dad in the Universe” mug was pure gold!
    Bellamy holding it up and having Diyoza immediately understand he was aware of her ruthless actions (and that he also saw her with unflattering prison scraggly hair and crazy eyes look on the recording). The 100 at it’s best.

    amyradigan May 16, 2018
    omg please tell me you do your own podcast….it would be my favorite

    May 10, 2018
    I totally said “Which time?” along with Clark. I just loved this whole episode. Have fun at the beach!

    May 10, 2018
    If you have watched Banshee it was a no brainer Ivana Milicevic was going to bring it as Diyoza.
    Madi is so precious.
    Really hope Clarke gets to finish her story..Characters outside the 100 bubble need to know just how epic their story is.

    May 10, 2018
    Love these! Did you guys know the actor who plays the new villain McCreary and Eliza Taylor(Clarke) are dating? I think thta’s pretty hilarious.

    May 09, 2018
    Fantastic recap…as always! This is me 👏 for a 🧚♀️. Yes, I read your tweet. 😁

    May 09, 2018
    Not sure why my iPad added the female symbol after fairy. ???

    May 09, 2018
    So fun fact about SEALS.
    Women weren’t allowed to joi until Sept 2016. After BUD/S & STT it takes min. a year, but there is still more training after.
    – LOL, I love that Echo was straight up guarding Murphy & Monty from any danger while they carried the fuel.
    -Murphy & Echo’s first reaction was to murder everyone! …Yes!
    – Echo is going to be everyone tough little warrior. This episode she was a boss lady! Morally willing to kill 300 people alone, ready to protect her little space family once they were on the ground. hurdding her little duckings to safety.
    – …I don’t like Becho, but I love Echo!
    – Murphy staying behind to help Raven kill people, I think he did for a lot of reason. But the main one being, so she wouldn’t have to kill them alone. He saw what it did to Bell & Clarke.
    – Madi was great! Did she make her first kill to save Bell & the gang?

    May 09, 2018
    “Once again the show has presented us with two sides, neither good, neither bad, and both relatable. This is The 100’s jam, to be so grey Billy Joel wants to sing about it, and it is my favourite, favourite thing.”
    I think you missed another great quip then.
    Murphy’s : “Let’s be the good guys!” was very much a contradiction to Clarke’s “There’s no good guys” from last episode. It’s a nice back and forth, and also a foreshadowing, I think.
    I bet 100:1 that Clarke, being a peace loving creature that she is, will be the one pulling the plug and melting all the icicles in the freezer (figuratively speaking).
    Clarke’s moto should be “I will fight for peace in my world”, with a huge emphasis on “my”, imo 🙂

    May 09, 2018
    Are we going to ignor that Madi is Bellamy & Clarke’s daughter from seasone one!? (You know, the one who killed herself, after murdering Wells & letting Muphy almost die 4 it) They have a second chance to be parents!!! Bell even brought his own mug!

    May 09, 2018
    “Bellamy’s hair (seriously, whatever you’re doing, keep doing that)”
    Right? I mean, RIGHT? And the beard, and the hairdo, and the *faints*
    I am FILLED with emotions and I almost cried at work (yes, I watched the episode at work), it was such a good episode that I have nothing smart to say. It killed all my braincells, I think. Also, IRON GREY, the show makes me so nervous when I’m watching that I really don’t know who to root for (except for Raven, I always have her back, UNCONDITIONALLY. Bellamy and Clarke, too).


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