The 100 “Sanctum” Photo-Recap; A Whole New Woooooooorld (6.1)

Holy moly, you guys. Holy. Moly.

The Adventure Squad is back, and they’re ALIENS, and everything about the new planet is beautiful and creepy as hell (like a certain Beautiful Creepster we all know and love, missed you!), and they’re not over all the crap that went down in Season 5, and they have better hair, and now they’ve gone a bit bonkers, and I LOVE IT.

Season 6 promised us something different, and that’s what they gave us. BUT, it still has that familiar ‘WHAT THE SHIT IS GOING TO HAPPEN???’ feel we’ve come to expect of The 100. There was death (RIP Shaw), there was almost-death (see you later, Kane), there was violence (maybe find a bandaid, Murphy), there were sexy times (oh la la), and there was someone going wacko (anyone have a chill pill for Emori?). Basically just another day on The 100!

AND THE TALKING MY GOD YES. We got the beginnings of relationships being repaired ALL OVER THE PLACE. Just… *happy sigh*. The wait was long, but I have a good feeling Season 6 will be worth it.


The episode opened with a little recap that was all, “hey, ‘member when the Earth was destroyed that one time? Well Monty found them a planet to live on, then he and Harper died of old age and it was hella sad and crazy beautiful, and you all cried so hard, hahaha, remember? Anyway, they had a son and he’s your new favourite. Okay, have fun!”

The episode opened with the rest of the Squad listening to Monty’s message, finding out that he saved them, but also that he and Harper were gone. Everyone was like, “but NOW how is the show going to be adorable,” and Jordan raised his hand and was like, “hi.” Everyone seemed cool with it, EXCEPT a certain Goddess who was doubly bummed to lose the only other person on the show as awesome as she is (don’t @ me, you know it’s true).

Anyway, she cheered herself up by sexing Shaw a bunch.

This was nice, and it was not setting us up for feelings later AT ALL, so SHUSH.

Clarke was very busy getting sneered at by the Spaceventure Squad for all of her doings in Season 5, and also comforting her mom about the clinging-to-life Kane and Abby’s Sexual Tension. Cue Jordan Jasper Green…

Do you think Monty had a worn-out notebook titled, “Monty the Magnificent’s To-Do”, and in one column it had all of the Adventure Squad’s current problems, and in another column it had ways to fix them? God I miss Monty. Anyway, Jordan gave Abby algae that puts people in comas, which will somehow fix Kane (don’t ask me how, I don’t know from science).

Then it was time to brainstorm! It was revealed that their machines are bullshit because of some mysterious interference, so they won’t know any plot points until they get to the ground. They picked teams like a high-school gym class, and Raven, Jordan and a slumbering Octavia were left standing on the spaceship sidelines in their droopy gym clothes, frowning.

We got a few nice interactions where Raven was like, “see you later gator” (with her eyes), and Shaw was like, “hahahahahhahaha okay sure” (with his eyes). Clarke was like, “don’t give her too much sugar”, and Abby was like, “I’m a grandma, I can give her as much sugar as I damn well please.” Oh, AND…

Miller was all, “so about that time I threw you in a pit to die…” and Bellamy was like, “ain’t no thing,” and my heart was like, “OMG IT’S HAPPENING!” If you’ve read my recaps from the start, you know how badly I want a bro for Bellamy, and how much I’ve loved this relationship from day the first. *happy sigh*

And they were off! And they landed! And the air was breathable! And Bellamy gave Clarke a pep talk that went a little something like, “sure, everyone hates you NOW, but…” and Clarke was like, “but?” and Bellamy shrugged and was like, “move it or lose it!”

Raven and Jordan were sciencing pretty hard, which lead to the discovery that Alpha is not, in fact, a planet. It’s a moon! What will this mean narratively??? I AM EXCITED.

Abby needed some of Raven’s awesome-juice to save Kane, so she took the opportunity to awkwardly bring up that time she used their special bond to manipulate her, then electrocuted her in order to keep up her drug addiction. I mean, who among us HASN’T had a convo like that, right? Anyway, it did not go well.

These people are all waking up after a hundred and twenty five years nap VERY ready for action. I need at least twenty minutes every morning to become a human being after a solid 8 hours. Seriously, if you ever wake me out of cryo-sleep after any amount of time, you better have coffee, a pastry of some sort, and a clear path to the washroom.

Back on the ground, the Squad was having a nice beach party when they were interrupted by every single person’s worst entomophobic nightmare.

They fled a swarm of flesh-eating bugs (*shudder*) and ran towards the beacon. It was surrounded by a radioactive fence, which is something Shaw found out the hard way.

The Pilot Mechanic relationship ended just as it began – too fast. I am upset for a few reasons. Partly that Shaw never got a chance to become a real boy (he had so much potential), and also that his death was kind of lame (I guess they can’t all be a ninja star to the face). Mostly though, MY POOR DEAR SWEET GODDESS HAS LOST ENOUGH HOW DARE YOU. *deep breath*

Anyway. Shaw gave Clarke the safe-code and she shut down the fence, and they all walked through, safe and sound, easy peasy.

Up in space, Abby confronted my precious Goddess Raven about taking the pain meds, and Raven was like, “I don’t even like rom coms,” and Abby was like, “what kind of monster…” and Raven was like, “or popcorn,” and Abby just shook her head, stunned.

The Squad made it to a town, but it was devoid of people (I wonder whyyyyyyyyy).

Neck-chains, shrines to original Eligius families complete with blood offerings, dead-bug aquariums… just all around not the greatest vacation spot.

Meanwhile up in space, Kane and Abby’s Sexual Tension was aliiiiiiiiiiiiive! He was totally fine! They were having a great time, gazing at the new planet, talking about what awesome people they can be now, being all lovey. Whew! What a relie-

Whoopsie, scratch that. Octavia came in all, “remember how I’m a monster because you guys are the worst?” and then Kane’s emotions made his body self-destruct. This was rough because they were both kinda right? Most of what Octavia did was to keep people alive. Except burning down the farm… that was a dick move. So Kane had a point, but at the same time, he betrayed his people and got a lot of them killed. So…? I don’t know. All three of them are simultaneously the best and the worst, and it confuses my heart, and yet I still love them.

Before he could expire completely, Abby froze him and told Jordan to make more of Monty’s Magical Elixir. Then she handed Raven the pills and was all, “I think you’re lying about rom coms, and I KNOW you’re lying about popcorn,” and Raven was like, “obviously.” So that relationship, while probably far from what it was, is on the mend! Yay!

The Beautiful Creepster kept bothering Emori while she was trying to focus. Under other circumstances, him asking her to dance could have been cute, but she clearly wasn’t in the mood, and he was NOT taking the hint. I mean sure, she was being affected by some sort of eclipse voodoo, but STILL. Give your lady some space, Murphy!

This was very nice. Bellamy and Clarke bonded over their respective failures as caregivers, then he acknowledged the fact that she called him every day, and she looked EMBARRASSED. It was such a small detail, but I loved it.

This happy fun time didn’t last long (it never does, does it?) because they noticed their ship flying off, and then…

GAAAHHHHHHHHHH THAT IS UPSETTING. I am upset. But also pumped? I’m pumpset. I’m upumped. There’s something in the air caused by the eclipsing suns that turns otherwise sane people all stabby.

(Did I scream, “not the Beautiful Creepster!!!” over and over? Maybe. Maybe I did.)

What did you guys think? Season 6 has promised to focus on the characters and their relationships (while still bringing us the gut-punches we fear and crave), and so far it’s looking like the show will keep that promise. The smiles, the looks, the nods, the talks… Murphy and Emori in the water, the Jackson/Abby hug, the shared eye-rolls, Bellamy holding an injured Murphy… keep those beautiful character-driven moments coming please and thank you very much!!


  • This just feels mean! Those who follow actor news obsessively (not ME of course, *ahem*) already knew that Henry Ian Cusick was cast on The Passage, and therefore might be either killed off immediately, or be otherwise indisposed. I’m very glad it was the latter! Kane, see you at the end of the season, probably!
  • Pretty new credits!
  • Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, haha.
  • Great song choice (This is the Sea by the Waterboys). And damn, Richard Harmon can sing!
  • Lots of talk about Becca’s connection to the Eligius projects, so look forward to more mythology (you all know how much I love mythology) (Toni “loves mythology” Maggio, that’s what’s on my legal birth certificate) (and maybe more Erica Cerra) (seriously very excited about this).
  • Echo coming to both Clarke and Octavia’s defense was magic. I sense some beautiful lady-friendships on the horizon, and I am pumped as hell.
  • Speaking of Echo, remember last season when I was like, “did Echo and Raven fall in and out of love in space?” I’m still on about that, FYI. Echo and Raven are exes, and nothing short of a denial out of Jason Rothenberg’s mouth can convince me otherwise (even then, I may just put my fingers in my ears and sing a song).
  • When Emori went bonkers she was screaming, “he’ll do it to you too!” Do we think it’s Beautiful Creepster related, or is it about her traumatic past?
  • Lots of apologizing going on, but it seems to be all Clarke-initiated. Does the Spaceventure Squad seriously feel she’s the only one who did anything wrong? Did they all forget that she’s the only reason they’re alive in the first place? Everyone made some questionable Season 5 choices. This Clarke-hate is going to get old very fast.
  • Was Madi left in cryo because she went to sleep past her bedtime and they didn’t want her to be cranky? Seriously though, why wasn’t Madi woken up? Isn’t she technically their leader? What I’m saying is, I miss Madi.
  • Are the double-sun-wacko-rays going to affect the ship???
  • “Anyone got anything better than, we’re back bitches?” Haha, oh Miller’s Sass, how I’ve missed you. Also, those #Mackson moments… *swoon*.
  • Jordan Jasper Green is pure delight and is never allowed to die. Do you hear that, show? DO YOU HEAR THAT??
  • On a scale of 1 to “My heart Exploded And Now I Might Have To Go Into Cryo Sleep Until Next Tuesday”, how excited are you that The 100 is back?

That’s it from meeeeeeeeee! Worth noting – remember when I was like, “recaps shall henceforth be posted on Thursdays because time differences are bananas!” Well, today happened to be a South Korean holiday, so this bad boy was early. I MAY be able to post them on Wednesday evenings, but don’t hold me to that. Time is weird, ammiright??


15 thoughts on “The 100 “Sanctum” Photo-Recap; A Whole New Woooooooorld (6.1)

  1. “My heart Exploded And Now I Might Have To Go Into Cryo Sleep Until Next Tuesday” is how excited I am that The 100 is back. I was happy to see the Raven and Shaw afterglow moment. It was kind of adorable when he was telling her she reminded him of Becca. I am so sad Shaw is dead! I really wanted to know more of his backstory in addition to seeing his relationship with Raven blossom.

    Some thoughts on your questions: Emori’s “he’ll do it to you too” is most likely related to an event that occurred prior to her meeting Murphy. She thinks Murphy is the person who hurt her. Madi may be the commander but Clarke is definitely still in charge! Clarke left Madi asleep to protect her much like she left Jordan behind to keep him safe. The psychosis doesn’t affect people on the ship because, as Clarke said, it’s in the air. I am here for more Mackson too! They (along with Jordan) better not die!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The fact that Shaw, Dioza and the other convicts were around before the world ended is very interesting to me. One of them may have even KNOWN Becca. I do feel like there was some missed opportunity with Shaw. I’ll miss him.


  2. Abby: Wake them all. Everyone but Octavia.
    Nyla: *Wakes only Octavia*

    Is Raven’s limp fixed? Did I forget that happening?

    I don’t know if I am more mad about Shaw’s death because of the wasted potential or because it is just one more time Raven gets a raw deal.

    Anyone else remember S1E1 when the are scouting Earth and Octavia jumps into the water and gets immediately attacked by a giant water snake monster? Not Murphy, apparently.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. That’s the first thing I thought: but… what about lake monsters? And when Emory spied with her little eye through a strange contraption on the wall, I was all: “remember when you all learned to survive in a hostile world? please poke things with a branch or something first!”
      Anyway, so happy that the show is back, and your reviews along with it!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I wasn’t really pumped until I read your review. Yay! ❤

    My only question is where did Emori get those white pants? I don't think we've ever seen white jeans before on this show ever. Just curious.

    Super tired of the Clarke hate still going on. MAKE IT GO AWAY ASAP.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’ve grown so attached to your recaps, I always have thoughts like “I bet Toni will love this” whenever there’s hugs or reunions or any scene basically in which Raven is her badass self LOL
    I gotta say my favorite things about this episode were all the flawless hair styles, the Olivia/Kane confrontation (they all have so much blood on their hands at this point), Jordan (cause Monty’s spirit lives in him and he’s absolutely precious) and the Bellamy/Miller patch up. Also, any and all Bellarke BFF moments.

    Least favorite thing, how they don’t seem to have learned anything at all after these 5 seasons. They haven’t developed even a hint of self preservation. From opening the ship’s hatch and naively hoping the air would be breathable, to carelessly jumping into a weird planet’s lake, to running blindly through a strange forest. The only thing missing was them eating some wild berry or mushroom they found in the forest.

    Also, how advanced is this new civilization that they have the technology to print children’s books and power to charge music devices?

    I am so beyond pumped for this new season, though! It’s shaping up to be mind blowingly amazing!


  5. I am in LOOOOVE with the whole karaoke-and-dance party trip Murphy was on! I freaking LOVE him!🤣🤣🤣 his character is comedic GOLD! I love his character arc so much. (Still torn between Raven+Murphy & Muri? Emorphy? 😜 XP but if it’s a trend that all of Raven’s love interests die horribly—I don’t want my Murphy to have ANY part of that! No!)

    The filter on this new planet is GORGEOUS! Did anyone else notice the difference? Like the camera filter back on Earth was different (maybe more duller? Not sure how to describe it) but it definitely sets the mood/atmosphere. LOVE it! Cinematic beauty! I’m in love! (But I fear I won’t be for long😬)

    Okay, sorry but I really don’t like Octavia this season. Kinda hated her last season but a small part of me empathized with her / hurt for her & what she went through but…that whole scene with Kane? Nope. There’s SO much hate in that heart of hers… Lincoln would be heartbroken if he saw what she’s become 😦 #redemptionforOctavia please! 😦

    Raven is being SOOOO harsh to Abby it makes my heart hurt. I get it though, she has no love for someone who hurts her because they’re bound to their next drug fix. I’d be mad too but MAN, the things she said to Abs…🥺😣☹️💔

    LOOOOVING the new intro!😍


  6. Oh and I feel so bad for Clarke. The others don’t understand a mother’s love for their child (or more accurately, surrogate mom/child :P). It’s why she did the things she did 😦

    Oh and after a person is in cryo sleep for that long, it’s supposed to take their bodies HOURS to function. Like, they need some time to thaw, basically.
    Gotta love Hollywood cinema logic😅


  7. Octavia burning farm might’ve been unnecessary but think things from where she stands, Monty said it’d take time, it definitely reminded O of the drak year, her biggest trauma caused by Abby, who forced her to make ”not being cannibal” a crime, and Kane, the hypocritical useless asshole who just complains but come up with nothing n ruined Octavia trying to make Wonkru to eat for SURVIVING by giving a speech. O wanted to wash every sin stained over the place, the bunker, who would still wanna live there after all of the things?? She wanted to bring her people better life but then Space kru and Clarke literally showed NO empathy for Wonkru, Bellamy said he wanted to understand but he never tried, just saying. She took any responsibility and burden on her shoulder ALONE and suffered for 6 years, she didn’t even know it’d end in 6 years while Space kru and Clarke were spending life that they didn’t wanna end with peace, no fear of death, or luck of supplies. Real Monsters are Kane, Abby and Bellamy and others constantly blaming Octavia for what she did for her people and they couldn’t/didn’t want to do themselves. Especially Bellamy, what did Octavia do to him exactly? What’s he pissed at? Did he just forget 100 times worse things he’s done yet Octavia forgave him? What she needs now is just COMFORT but no one does. Octavia’s suffered more than anyone. did Octavia do to him exactly? What’s he pissed at? Did he just forget 100 times worse things he’s done yet Octavia forgave him? What she needs now is just COMFORT but no one does. Octavia’s suffered more than anyone.


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