The 100 “The Last War” Photo-Recap; Sorry, the Old Human Race Can’t Come to the Phone Right Now

I write to you now from the past – from a few minutes before I watch the series finale of The 100, when it is still Schrödinger’s episode. I have some things to say before this story comes to a close. 

So many, “long time listener first time caller” comments have been made on my last couple of posts, telling me EXACTLY what I need to hear – that you’ve enjoyed these recaps over the years. Thank you all for reaching out. It truly means a lot to me to know that I’ve given you some laughs (and perhaps even insights). I do this to make you smile, and knowing I was successful makes it all worth it. We have been on a journey together – and I thank you for choosing to travel with me. 

I’m truly grateful to this show for bringing me into a corner of the internet I didn’t know existed: fandom. That’s right, folks, before I started recapping, I would watch a show or movie or read a book, and then just KEEP MY THOUGHTS TO MYSELF like some kind of FILTHY CAVEMAN. But now I have you; a passionate, supportive, creative and hilarious community, where I can be a total nerd among total nerds, without judgement. The show may be ending, but the friendships we’ve built will continue; and we will nerd together forever. 

To my lovely Pressventure Squad; you are all talented, insightful, beautiful people whom I will continue to follow well past the ending of this show. Selina, Yana, Erin, Capital Chick, Kaitlin, and everyone else who has poured their hearts into reviews and recaps, slideshows and theories; you made the viewing experience so much better. You made me feel like I was part of a team, and I admire you all. 

And now, to the actors, writers, crew, editors, producers, directors, key grips, caterers, just EVERYONE involved with making this show; thank you. This last season may not have been what we wanted, but that doesn’t mean we don’t recognize the hard work and passion you poured into making this show for us. You put everything you had into bringing us something we could engage in. You used your talents to entertain us, to make us think, to challenge our perceptions, and to present us with real-life questions about ethics and morality. No matter what the ending may be, what came before it was important. It meant a lot to many people, and for that, I am grateful. 

OKAY ENOUGH OF THAT, let’s get to it. 

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA hahahahahha omg okay. Um. Okay. I’m a bit of a mess for a multitude of reasons, some of them positive, some not so much. Let’s just get it out of the way right off the bat, shall we? Transcendence is not my favourite. Also, Bellamy Blake should’ve been there. He should’ve transcended, he should’ve chosen to stay, he should’ve been given this weird, beautiful, bonkers ending. The fact that he wasn’t will forever be a thorn in my heart. But none of that matters because he’s in an alternate universe chilling with Matilda the Mutated Gorilla, so let’s not think about it for a while. 

Hi Alien-Lexa!! Hi Alien-Abby!! So nice to see you both again, though in Abby’s case I would’ve bet money on it being Finn. Hi Picasso! Hi Sheid’s long-overdue gruesome death! Hi human race being ‘saved’ by the dream team of Raven and OCTAVIA. A hearty hello to our squad finally being happy and at peace! 

You guys, this ride has been BONKERS, and now that it’s over, I’m not quite sure what to feel. There was a lot to like about this episode – even with an eleventh-hour alien-ex-machina. Even with the rehash of the City of Bullshit. Even with the entire human race being assimilated into a vague notion of psychic alien togetherness. At the end of the day, I watch this show for the characters and the relationships they’ve built. Having Octavia be the one to end the war and ultimately pass the test? Yes. Good. Excellent. The fact that last moments of the series had the Adventure Squad choosing Clarke over alien-heaven? Yes, uh huh, very very good. 

Sure, most of the stuff that came before it was hooey, but I have to admit, those last moments had my heart feeling fine (if I ignored the notable, heartbreaking absence). 

Do I love the ultimate message that the only way the human race can be at peace is to be ‘saved’ by all-powerful beings / divine intervention? Am I happy that it took alien overlords to solve all of humanity’s problems? I mean… I’m not over the moon about the idea. But it’s what we got, so I’m just going to take those last-moment smiles and hugs from our Squad, tuck them into my heart, and try to ignore the rest. 

Jackson and Raven’s know-how, coupled with Murphy’s moral support, gave Emori a brief death-respite long enough for Raven to feel comfortable leaving. The Beautiful Creepster put it on her shoulders to save their friends from possible-rocky-doom, and then stop the season big-bad from his probable destruction of the entire human race. Raven being Raven, she just shrugged, like, “Call it a Tuesday.” 

Okay, okay, okay, “pencil’s down,” was very funny, if not a totally out of character and ridiculous thing to say after murdering someone in front of an alien judge. 

Call Me Bill was in the middle of totally blowing the test (there’s no way that man would have passed), but whoopsie, Clarke and her army of two had murdered all the guards to death, allowing Clarke to chase after / shoot him in the head. 

Meanwhile, Jordan caught Hope lounging on her auntie’s old dictator-throne while they waited for their friends to emerge from under rubble and/or return from saving or dooming the human race. 


Hope’s first-ever-in-her-life kiss was interrupted by Raven coming through the intergalactic subway with the criminals. Everyone was like, “whoa, cool, thanks so much for helping, we’re so lucky you had emotional character growth that one time,” and Nikki was like, “honestly just happy to be included,” and you know what? Sure! It was weirdly nice to see her. It’s so great that everyone we’ve liked even just in passing got their stories wrapped up in such a satisfying way. *ahem* Anyway. 

They got Echo and Niylah out of the rubble, then it was brainstorming time. 

Jordan got an idea about how to sneak past the Barmy (Bardo Army, keep up, guys), and then was like, “This one would make my father proud.” Look, no one misses Monty more than this girl, but let us love Jordan for his own sake. Secondly, I GUESS HARPER WAS JUST AN EGG DONOR THEN??? If you’re going to throw his parentage in our faces over and over again, then maybe remember that IT TAKES TWO. Harrumph.

Anyway, Jordan’s “first trick” (he is just so adorable, I can’t be mad at anything he does) was to EMP the Barmy from their hiding spots so the rest of the human race could pop through and disguise Raven and Echo’s entrance into the main plot. 

Miller went to Sanctum instead of fighting on Bardo because he knew if he left Jackson again there would be RIOTS. So we got a sweet reunion hug (that should have been a kiss and at least seventeen “baby”s but I digress) just before they all pitched in to de-impale Emori. 

This hurt my feelings in a way that reminded me of The 100 of old. I hate-loved this scene for the emotional impact, the amazing acting from all parties, and the way my heart was screaming, NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! This (though not permanent) was a death done right. 

Let’s take a quick sec or thousand to talk about the character evolution of Emori and the Beautiful Creepster. These two found each other and fell in love partly because of their mutual cockroach-esque survival instincts. They were hurt little babies who put themselves over others because they believed no one else would ever put them first. 

At the start of this season, I was a bit annoyed that the show seemed to be setting Murphy up to replace Bellamy. Murphy was the hero we needed Bellamy to be, and he was only portrayed that way because there was a Bellamy-shaped hole in the plot. 

I see the error of that annoyance now. This was always Murphy’s path. He went from a cockroach to a hero not to replace Bellamy, but BECAUSE of Bellamy’s influence; and Monty’s, Harper’s, and Raven’s. Both Murphy and Emori were changed on the ring. They were able to feel appreciated and protected by a family who accepted them. For the first time in their lives, other people put them first. They were made to feel safe and important, and so they took those feelings and transferred them to others – helping people in Sanctum, risking their lives for innocents, and for each other. 

Their growth as characters is a loving tribute to Bellamy, Monty, Harper, and Raven, and the family they created in space. [I wish I could extend this to Echo, but her murder spree makes it hard to talk about Spaceventure character growth].

Anyway! After some cute lil’ Octavia / Levitt loveliness where they were all, “mannnnnn I wish we could just hang out without all the murder,” Raven and Echo arrived so they could all catch up on the plot.

Levitt has the most chill. Just all of it. There is no chill left for anyone else. He went with Octavia and Echo to stop the war while Raven went to wait by the Examination Orb. 

LEXAAAAAAA!! It was very nice to see Alycia Debnam-Carey, even if she was just the shell for an alien judge. Apparently Clarke couldn’t be unplugged before ejecting first, so she had to complete the test for all mankind. She failed, obviously, being all, “I’m not the worst, YOU’RE the worst!” And Alien-Lexa was like, “hahahah read the room, then say goodbye to the human race, because you ARE, in fact, the worst.” 

This also hurt me in the best way. Man, THESE TWO, AMMIRIGHT? The Beautiful Creepster was willing to die in order to spend a few more moments with the love of his life, and it was heartbreaking and lovely and ill-advised, and just the worst/best. Then they hit us with the ol’ one-two punch of dancing to a song ALSO being enjoyed by #Mackson, so just how dare you, basically. 

Alien-Abbyyyyyyyy!!! This was great. I mentioned before how I would have bet the whole dang farm on it being Finn, but I’m not mad about it being Abby. She WAS a huge part of Raven’s life, and it’s awesome that the show honoured their relationship in this way. 

After Clarke plooped out of the Exam-Orb with Call Me Bill’s dead body, Raven was all, “ugh, if you want something done right…” and plooped herself in to give it a go. Alien-Abby wasn’t super keen on explaining to Raven that the human race was THE WORST, but she showed her the imminent lil’ mini-war unfolding in the garden anyway. 

Siiiiiiiiiiiiigh. The two armies were poised to just stare at each other all the livelong day, but then Sheid, FOR REASONS, started shooting. Anarchy? The thrill of war? To be a dick? To take Bardo? To continue his thin relevance? Ugh.  

Oh Levitt. You cute, beautiful dumb-dumb. I love you so. 

He ran into the middle of the football field to give a speech about how peace is the answer, but Sheid was like, “naw, that doesn’t line up with my very deep and earned reasons to want this war,” so he shot him. Obviously. The fighting started up again, and Alien-Abby was like, “welp, I’ve got a pretty big to-do list today, soooo….” 

Echo helped Octavia drag Levitt off the section of the garden reserved for a war (and got shot for her troubles), then Indra (FINALLY) disintegrated Sheid in a puff of black blood using a hilariously large cannon. I guess fifth time’s the charm?

Then Octavia ran out to give a pretty great speech asking War, Huh, What is it Good For? (The answer is, absolutely nothin’) (say it again). And it worked! Everyone dropped their weapons and group-hugged and someone put on We Are the World over the loudspeaker. 

And then everyone but Clarke turned into golden balls of light and transcended into an astral group chat, and it was positively ridiculous. There is no way around how absurd this was. Super well acted by all, especially Clarke ‘letting go’ of Madi, but yeah, just so ludicrous. 


Clarke wandered around the universe for a bit and picked up a very good boi as her travelling companion, then she headed back to Earth because apparently you CAN go home again.

Alien-Lexa showed up to rub it in about how great the astral group chat is, and how Clarke will never get to join because membership prohibits test-murder, and how happy Clarke’s daughter is without her. BUT THEN…

They came back! This was very, very nice. For once, FOR ONCE, the entire Adventure Squad banded together to support Clarke. They chose her. They could have had eternal peace and unlimited cosmic bandwidth or whatever, but they chose to live the rest of their days on Earth with their banished friend. I’m not sure how I feel about everything that led to it (or an alien race having a say in who gets to procreate), but this scene did make me happy. 

The implications of it… well, that’s a whole other thing, isn’t it? There will never be any more ‘us versus them’ because there is no more them. Yes, a section of what was left of humanity had a good moment, and they were able to pass a test and live forever in alien-heaven, but they didn’t TRULY prove their worth, did they? The real test isn’t showing you can do it while you KNOW you’re being observed. The test is proving you can CONTINUE to do it on your own. So in the end, the message about humanity wasn’t exactly positive, was it? We needed an ethereal babysitter to step in and end our civilization in order to stop us from being so grotesquely human

But the show ended with hugs, laughter, and U2, so it was a HAPPY ENDING, right!?! Maybe it could’ve been if the concepts weren’t so vague. We still don’t actually know what transcendence IS. What’s Madi doing up there? Is she pure thought? Is she able to connect with others? What exactly did the Adventure Squad give up to be with Clarke? 

The audience is being asked to be happy that the characters were given a gift we know nothing about; a gift that for all intents and purposes looks like death. A gift Bellamy died for, and yet could never actually describe. 

Speaking of Bellamy, I present to you: Ways They Could’ve Given Bellamy This Weird ‘Happy’ Ending: 

  1. Not kill him in the first place.
  2. Because Raven passed the test, she is given the opportunity to bring back one person from the dead – her prize is Bellamy.
  3. Alien-Abby is so moved by Octavia’s speech, and her reference to her devout brother, that she gives Octavia her brother back.
  4. Surprise! He wasn’t dead! They brought him back to Bardo and used all that science-magic to keep him juuuuuuust alive enough to transcend/return. 
  5. Transcendence is not restricted by linear time and can scoop up anyone through the ages who ‘deserves’ to go to space-heaven. They’re all individually judged and if they’re cool cats, they pass. Bellamy, KaneAndAbby’sSexualTension, My Boyfriend Sinclair; anyone throughout time who is deemed worthy gets to go and have the choice to come back.
  6. He figures out how to move between alternate universes, and hops on over from the planet where he is currently chilling with the mutated gorilla. He obviously brings her, and her whole mutated gorilla family with him. 

I know I said I’d set it aside, but honestly, his absence truly took me out of a lot of this finale, and no amount of ‘it’s the nature of the show’ is going to make me feel okay about it. 

But it is what it is. This is what we got, and perhaps someday I’ll revisit the series and try to go into it with adjusted expectations, so I’ll be able to appreciate the moments in this season that did work. As I said previously, what came before was important, impressive, entertaining, and worthy of our emotional investment. 

That’s the way I’ll remember it. 


  • Okay I’m going to gush at some people, so if you want to skip it, scroll to the post-gushing line.
  • I can’t write a series finale recap for this show and NOT fangirl over all the amazing talent that has been poured into the performances over the years. To the OG Adventure Squad; Eliza Taylor, Bob Morley, Lindsey Morgan, Marie Avgeropoulos, Richard Harmon, Christopher Larkin, Devon Bostick, Chelsey Reist, Jarod Joseph, Thomas McDonell… (Clarke, Bellamy, Raven, Octavia, Beautiful Creepster, Monty, Jasper, Harper, Miller, and Finn, respectively) you drew us in and made us care. Thank you. 
  • To the amazing actors who filled the world of The 100… there are too many to name. Too many people showed up and made a huge impact, whether in the story or in OUR HEARTS. But, just like the characters on this show, I shall do my best: Sachin Sahel, Paige Turco, Henry Ian Cusick, Tasya Teles, Lola Flanery Adina Porter, Zach McGowan, Luisa d’Oliveira, Jessica Harmon, Tati Gabrielle, Shannon Kook, Ricky Whittle, Chuku Modu, Ivana Milicevic, Erica Cerra, Shelby Flannery, Alycia Debnam-Carey, and yes, even Isaiah Washington (Jackson, KaneAndAbbysSexualTension, Echo/Ash, Madi, Indra ❤️, Roan, Emori, Niylah, Gaia, Jordan, Lincoln, Gabe, Diyoza, Becca, Hope, Lexa, and even Jaha, respectively); to you I say – my God, we’re going to miss you all. Well, maybe not Jaha (I’m sorry I had to), but everyone else added to this show in a way that made it so much better. The ensemble of this show became its heart, and the fans will follow you wherever your careers may lead. 
  • And where would a post-apocalyptic show about violent and dreamy teens be without grey, morally muddy and equally dreamy ‘villains’? A heartfelt thank you to Dichen Lachman and the Grounders, Raymond J. Barry, Johnny Whitworth, and the rest of the Mountain Minions, Michael Beach as Pike, Erica Cerra (again) as ALIE, JR Bourne and the Primes (and his turn as Sheid, which while it lasted wayyyyy to long, was weirdly delightful), and Call Me Bill himself, John Pyper-Ferguson.
  • Of course, a very special and heartfelt thank you to Ben Sullivan, who brought us the only character that will truly live on in all of our souls until the eventual heat-death of the universe: Riley. 

___________________post gushing line_________________________________________________________

  • Do we think Tim Bartlett made it? Gosh, I hope so. 
  • Wait. Picasso’s a girl??
  • So, Dr. Transcendence healed Levitt and Echo, gave Emori a whole new body, but didn’t heal Raven’s leg? I guess only last-war injuries were made priority. 
  • If there were more episodes to go, I would try to delve into what Alien-Judge deems as ‘alive’. Is it the body, the mind, or the soul? Obviously she believed Emori to still be alive even though her body was dead. So, if the Primes were still around, does that mean THEY would transcend instead of the bodies they inhabited? 
  • Loved Raven’s casual, “I did this on myself,” in regards to the defibrillator, and Jackson’s response of, “sure, that seems right.” I sometimes forget that the Bunkerites and the Spaceventure Squad still have very little knowledge of the others’ struggles. Welp, lots of time to reminisce now! 
  • Speaking of their limited yet sorta unlimited time together; I’m on board with the Murphy / Emori / Raven trouple if that’s where you’re all at, but IMAGINE IF YOU WILL Raven / Octavia / Levitt. I DARE YOUR IMAGINATIONS to allow Octavia TWO loves, and to let Raven be fulfilled with a total science nerd and an emotionally stable badass queen. 
  • Iola Evans was great as Alien-Callie with just the right amount of gravitas / perky quips. It made me wish I still had enough trust to continue to emotionally invest in this world. 
  • HUGE QUESTION: does Picasso’s presence mean that dogs can’t transcend, or that he specifically CHOSE to come back and be a very good boi? Honesty, if dogs aren’t allowed in alien-heaven, then WHY… why would ANYONE want to be there?
  • Hi, yes, hello, why did Bellamy see his mom in the cave that one time? Was that a pre-test? Was that an Alien-Mom scout? Was Call Me Bill really there? HOW? If not, how did he know Bellamy had that experience? I suppose forgetting all about Bellamy also means forgetting all the unanswered Bellamy-related plot points. 
  • I think Clarke’s test-avatar was Lexa for all the reasons Alien-Callie listed; she loved her, obviously, but she also learned from her, and she felt like she failed her. This wasn’t a, ‘who did Clarke love the most in her whole life’ moment – I think it was more, ‘who affected her the most, what is she still holding onto.” There’s love, there’s growth, and there’s guilt. The case could obviously be made for Bellamy as well, but I like that it was Lexa. I like that the show honoured what she meant to Clarke. 
  • “We all die. When is out of our control. This is a good how.” Great line. Excellently delivered. Indra is and has always been a beacon of hope amid the darkness, and Adina Porter has always been a shining light of talent. I will follow her career for the rest of my days. 
  • Please don’t ever make me turn into a ball of light and ascend into a cosmic think-tank. It sounds so boring, and plus I really like eating. 
  • “I got you.” JACKSON WHEN DID YOU BECOME MY FAVOURITE?? I would watch a full-length movie of #Mackson and #Memori on a double date enjoying snacks and playing jenga or something.
  • “Is Madi dead?” – “No, but she will be. Because of him.” I’m not going to reiterate my beef from last week, but this, coupled with, “Don’t tell me he killed Madi?” – “No, worse,” is just YIKES. 
  • I love Echo and always have, and I truly believe our girl was played so dirty this season. 
  • Isn’t it funny how the whole Bardo plotline didn’t need to happen at all, and if the human race had just left well enough alone and not gone SEARCHING for whatever the hell this was, they could just be chilling on Sanctum right now, eating cookies and playing with Picasso and healing and learning to do better, and having corporeal forms? Heh heh. How ‘bout that. 
  • Back in the earlier seasons when I imagined this day, I decided I would title my final recap “May We Meet Again,” but… well.

Congratulations to the last-ever JOKES FROM THE PAAAAAAAST winners; ninjachris3 and joleighn5 for spotting Raven and the Beautiful Creepster’s suspiciously 90s-themed sledgehammer battle cry:

And that, my friends, is that. I’d like to thank you once again for taking this ride through my wacko ramblings and nonsensical foolishness. Your comments have meant a lot to me through the years, and I want you to know that I appreciate every single one of you adorable nerds. So, most sincerely, I say;


74 thoughts on “The 100 “The Last War” Photo-Recap; Sorry, the Old Human Race Can’t Come to the Phone Right Now

    1. Toni, thank you for your time, dedication and passion you have put into this over the years. I have been reading your comments since the beginning and have come to look forward to your recaps just as much as show day itself. You have been the real shinning light throughout this final dark season and I thank you for that. To the true captain of our fandom team once more… thank you! May your future be filled with endless adventure and ice cream!


  1. Yes Toni! Agreed 100% as always. I’m going to miss your recaps, and your sense of humour (which is basically mine just coming from someone else’s fingers). I’m sorry the show ended in such a nonsensical, bizarre way but thanks for making this ride that much better (and funnier). May we eat again.

    *stuffs popcorn in face*

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  2. I have read every single one of these, and I am equally sad that the show ended bitterly AND that I no longer get to laugh my socks off the day after every episode. You are incredibly talented, and your gift of laughter is freaking priceless, girl. We are forever united in our simultaneous butterflies and chalkboard-screech feelings about The 100. As everyone is saying nowadays, May We Meet Again.

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  3. I have read every one of these from the start, and you always manage to bring just the right amount of sass. thank you for being a part of the community, when I do a rewatch I will also reread the recaps. hopefully the prequel will be picked up and you will do that as well.

    May we meet again.

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  4. TONI. You’re a bright shining star to so many of us, and honestly one of the only reasons I’ve stuck this show out so long. (Ya know?) Thank you deeply for the gift of your humor, wit, puns, and creativity. It’s been a long rollercoaster of years on The 100 train, for sure. May much joy follow you into life ahead!

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  5. I can’t believe the this is (was) the last time I would watch an episode of The 100 and eagerly/impatiently wait for your recap. I’m forever grateful to whatever frantic season one google search brought me to your recaps. I needed to know if anyone else had just seen what I did. And you had.

    Thank you so much for the past seven years.

    Even though I knew the finale wouldn’t be what I wanted, the words over the trailer got me right in the feels : Their Fight is Over. May we meet again. Words that meant so much for so long.

    I’m feeling a little melancholy now, because this was how it all ends. Some parts of the episode made me cry (Memori! Mackson!) and parts of this recap made me cry too (Memori! Shout outs to the cast)

    But it made me roll my eyes too. The Bellamy-shaped hole was too big to full with lights and groots and and aliens and whatnot.

    I was happy to see Lexa again. I’m okay with Clarke’s family choosing her to live out their days. But … it’s bittersweet because of that hole.

    I think I’m going to pretend that the series ended somewhere between season 5 and 6, with little pieces of 7 thrown in (Murphy’s growth, Octavia’s redemption, Levitt’s magical, non-Bardo appearance). But I’ll always remember the joy the show and your recaps brought.


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  6. Thank you Toni!

    As for the ending, it was what it was. Which was basically Matrix Hallway fight then Contact then War Games lol.

    If they were killing Bellamy I really wish they had figured out a way to shoe horn him into this, either by being the alien avatar or having him be first around the corner. It would have brought a LOT more closure to that story and let him realize that he was right and wrong at the same time. As it is, it’s just not a fulfilling ending for that character.

    Him as the alien avatar would be my choice.

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  7. Thank you for all your posts, Toni (particularly the last few, which saved me from having to watch something that had just become actively unpleasant to me), and your awesome positivity about the show. I’m glad you’ve had such good things come out of it – it gives me hope that at some point I’ll stop feeling so incredibly bitter about the ending, and remember the stuff I did love about it along the way.

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  8. Thank you, Toni! I’m a “long time first time” one and reading every single one of your recaps has made an enjoyable show even more so. Your humor, your wit, and your intelligence in capturing plot points my brain could not made these recaps a necessity and an indulgence.

    As you mentioned, there are a few actors from The 100 that I’ll continue to follow their career paths, but your writing is another path I’ll be keeping an eye on.

    Thanks again!

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  9. Thanks for all the laughs, Toni! It’s been a pleasure reading your recaps through the years.

    I can’t say that the ending was everything I wanted from the show, but it was definitely bittersweet and I’m glad Clarke and her friends will get to live a peaceful life together after everything they’ve been through. I was worried that Clarke would be all alone again because this show totally would Go There, so it was a pleasant surprise that definitely made me cry when I saw everyone run over to hug her.

    I enjoyed seeing Lexa and Abby again (even if it wasn’t actually them). I do agree, I thought Finn would have been who Raven would have seen, but I did love the Abby & Raven relationship as well. ADC and Paige were great as usual.

    Ugh, Bellamy should have been there at the end, with the rest of the Adventure Squad, having closure with his sister, living the happy life he deserved. I’m choosing to believe that when Clarke and Beachkru eventually die, they’ll go to a separate afterlife with the people who didn’t transcend where they’ll be reunited with Bellamy, Jasper, Marper, Lexa, Lincoln, Kabby, etc… they will meet again.

    Once again, thank you for everything you’ve done for this fandom! May we meet again 🙂

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    1. I was wondering that, too! If there is an ‘afterlife’ in the world of The 100, do those rules still apply for the people who chose to live? Will they eventually ‘meet again’? If so… ugh God, poor Madi.


  10. Thank you for all of the effort you have put into these reviews over the years. I have greatly enjoyed your humor and perspective and how it helped me find a way to feel connected to a show I love so much.
    On a separate note, I sort of feel like they killed Bellamy off the way they did so that the fans would be outraged over his death and maybe forget about Lexa’s, I think it won’t work though.

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  11. Hi Toni,
    I just wanted to thank you very much for your recaps! I stopped watching the show in the early beginnings of season 5 because I just didn’t feel it anymore (started w/ Lexa’s death, continued w/ Roan’s death and a few other things) but was still interested in how it would continue, so I kept diligently reading your recaps and enjoyed them so very much ❤
    It's been such a pleasure, thank you xx

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  12. Hi Toni,
    I just wanted to thank you very much for your recaps! I stopped watching the show in the early beginnings of season 5 because I just didn’t feel it anymore (started w/ Lexa’s death, continued w/ Roan’s death and a few other things) but was still interested in how it would continue, so I kept diligently reading your recaps and enjoyed them so very much ❤
    It's been such a pleasure, thank you xx
    (sorry if that comment is there twice now, I wasn't sure it had been sent)


  13. So. That happened. The 100 started as a campy “Teens Gone Wild” and ended as a campy science fantasy show. In between, it was a down-to-earth series, literally and figuratively. The character development and portrayal was wonderful.

    Thank you so much, Toni, for your reviews, including this one which helped me appreciate the final bold, loving, and breathtaking actions of the Adventure Squad. One day I will go back and rewatch some episodes. I hope you can leave your reviews online, because no episode will be complete until I have read your recap of it.

    I have two bits future optimism for you. First, it is pretty clear that you are Raven: insightful with careful attention to detail and a great sense of humour. Second, I am fairly sure that the final camp on the beach on Earth is actually just around the corner from the first beach on Sanctum, where Murphy dashed into the water and they sat by the campfire with Bellamy resting his head on Echo’s shoulder (North Beach in Golden Ears Provincial Park). The season 7 final scene could be, in reality, an extension of the group hug scene at the end of season 6. Their beach is always waiting for you to visit outside of Vancouver.

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  14. Thank you again for your wonderful recaps! I’ve read every single one from the beginning. The series wouldn’t be complete without them. ❤ I'm definitely going to miss them, and I'll be checking out any other shows you choose to recap.

    I started writing a dark apocalyptic / post-apocalyptic book series, Fractured Era, in 2012 (so before The 100 came out) that ended up having eerie similarities to all the themes and symbolism in The 100 over the years. (Some examples: my series spans hundreds of years and three timelines on Earth, in space, and on another planet. The tech company that caused my apocalypse was called Infinitek and the infinity symbol was their logo. And my Corporate Coalition and later iterations of the leadership used a triquetra symbol-just like the ark.)

    As I've watched The 100, I felt like the writers were connecting to and playing in the same creative sandbox as I was… like we were somehow telling the same story. Jason Rothenberg said the ending would have us seeing the series in a new light, but it's how I always saw the series. Basically, the writers showed us all the many ways humans damage each other by believing they're separate, when really we're all connected. I call the theme "Separation vs Integration", with integration (transcendence in this case) being the ideal outcome once you've learned your lessons. They spent seven seasons showing us all the pain "Separation" causes–how when we harm others, we harm ourselves and how when we harm ourselves, we harm others. I cried when humanity started to transcend. I like that they delivered on the message that the only way you "win" is by dropping the weapons / duality / tribalism.

    But that's not the only lesson humanity needed to learn in order to transcend, and I don't think they learned it. There was also the theme of violating other people's sovereignty–making decisions for other people without their consent. First the adults did this to the kids, sending them down to Earth without their consent. They occasionally got consent, like when the people on the ark volunteered to die to save others. But, for the most part, this show has been about all the ways people violate each other while being violated themselves. Even in the second-to-last episode, Clarke still hadn't learned to ask for consent (automatically assuming her daughter would prefer death to being paralyzed) and Clarke still hadn't learned that she doesn't have the right to make the decisions for everyone else, even to "save" them-she still doesn't see how everyone's actions constantly escalated the pain and caused more death and suffering. She still thinks it was worth it.

    Even in Clarke's final words, she still hadn't learned and was still acting like a victim of her own choices to "save everyone". I would have liked for her to understand and heal from what her methods did to her–even if the show made it impossible for her to make better decisions. But maybe the writers were trying to show that she can't transcend because she hasn't learned.

    I'm not sure how I felt about how the light beings / aliens did things. Humans had to seek out the test and then give consent to begin the test, which was good. But the aliens had one person again determining the fate of the whole. The fact that they commit genocide if that species doesn't meet their standards, well… maybe it was necessary so there would be stakes, but transcendent beings who understood the concept of "we all are one" wouldn't do that. They'd respect the evolution of other species and patiently wait for them to be truly ready.

    On the other hand…. I do like that the stakes are basically "transcend or die", because if we don't transcend our current state, humanity could easily cause its own extinction. And I think that's why it was set up the way it was. And it's in line with the show that one person decides the fate of the whole, since that's been the theme with Clarke. Clark doomed them because she never learned, but Raven saved them, because she did learn.

    Here are two endings I would have also been satisfied by to deliver on the themes:

    1.) Alien-Lexa comes back and finds Clarke moping and lonely and informs her that she has to forgive herself to transcend–that she's only keeping herself separate and alone now. The mythos about transcendence was always that if one person passed the test EVERYONE passed and that's in line with how the light beings see a species. Clarke wouldn't be excluded once the species as a whole was accepted, no matter what she did before. It's not in line with how the light beings see things. This would tie up Clark's arc and help her accept what she did when she felt she had to do it, but also to finally feel all the feelings and forgive herself, too, so she can transcend and finally be at peace.


    2.) The light beings see that the humans ARE capable of change and allow them to continue their evolution. Perhaps they heal the wounded or give everyone a transcendent experience like Jordan had so that as humanity moves forward, they're operating from a deep knowing about how they're all connected and how there's something more meaningful in the universe than just their physical bodies and trying to survive.

    I do wish Bellamy made it to the end. And I actually think it would have been cool to leave it open about the afterlife being related to the light beings. Because the ending is split between us believing everyone is in a happier, more peaceful place… but then we're told our main characters will never see their loved ones again (unless there's an afterlife where you can hang out with immortal aliens, but they didn't hint at that.) Maybe transcendence could have been where humanity is headed, and when they get there, all humans from all times transcend with them. That means they'd see everyone again.

    Wishful fan-thinking aside, I respect and accept the ending as the writers wrote it. 🙂 It's not my story, it's theirs. When I finish my book series, I'll get to write whatever ending satisfies me. I trust they wrote the ending that satisfied them and delivered on the main messages they wanted to get across.

    I'm going to miss this show and your recaps so much! Thanks again for writing them all these years. ❤

    (And PS, check out Dark on Netflix if you haven't yet. You might enjoy it. I really loved it, and it had similar themes to The 100 but worked with them in a different dark and twisted way.)

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  15. Thank you Toni! Your recaps have been a highlight after watching the episodes. You’re always spot on with my takeaways. After enduring the horrible ending of GoT, I’m choosing to ignore all the problematic aspects of the final season and leave the characters on the beach (with Bellamy of course) living their best life. Also, I may have actually clapped when Picasso came running.

    Liked by 1 person

  16. That was getting a bit dark there for Clarke at the end. This was one of those finales were i loved certain things, hated others and was just indifferent to the rest. The fact you could bring in all these new elements in the finale but not ex machina Bellamy back somehow was disappointing.
    But the show will be missed despite its ending, some of my favourite characters, episodes and storylines ever have come on this show and i will remember it for that.
    Toni you have had the best recaps on the internet period since the very first way back when over on Amazing and consistently brilliant. You should collate the pages and turn them into a book. Anyways look forward to what you do next…’The Boys, The Boys on Amazon :/

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  17. Thank you, Toni, for all of the wonderful, humorous, thought-provoking reviews. They were the only thing that made this season worth it. I have MANY problems with the finale (mostly, “we can only achieve a peaceful ending by, once again, getting rid of everyone who’s not ‘our people’”), but I’m officially washing my hands of this season & living happily in the fields of gold S6 series finale.

    However, there is one thing that is driving me crazy and I need either answers or crazy fan theories: what did that brief flash of Clarke in her cell on the Ark mean?! Was it a little nostalgic wink at how far they’ve come? Is the peaceful ending supposed to represent what Clarke always thought the ground would be like if they ever made it? Or was the entire series Clarke’s vivid imagination after spending a year in solitary? Did the series never actually happen and Clarke needed to find a way to ‘save‘ humanity, since Jaha stopped both she & her father from telling the people on the Ark they were doomed? Help! I need some sort of closure on this so I can forget this season ever existed.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. According to vulture and screen rant it was a call back to the pilot episode. I was wondering too and was glad someone addressed it!

      “and the show sneaks in a quick flash to the very first scene in the pilot episode when Clarke, then a prisoner on the Ark, was drawing a picture of the Earth and talking about how the sun on her face and the wind in her hair and being on the ground was “the dream.” Now that dream is real. I guess the moral of this story is that being a ball of light for all eternity isn’t really all it’s cracked up to be.”

      “The 100 season 7’s final scene flashes back to Clarke drawing in her cell from the pilot episode – in fact, it was the opening scene of the series. While it’s hard to tell what Clarke’s drawing it was, it looked like a drawing of people on Earth. This was an idealistic drawing of what it would be like to be on Earth. When she was still considered a child, back before she knew what things were like on the ground, Clarke was imagining the peaceful idea of what life would be like when people returned to the ground. The scene Clarke walks into is that expectation realized. This is everyone who has survived every challenge alongside Clarke, and they now get that chance to live peacefully on Earth. She’s finally at peace, getting the ending that she’d dreamed of all those years before.”

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  18. I love your reviews and will miss them. As always, I find myself nodding along. I especially loved…..”At the end of the day, I watch this show for the characters and the relationships they’ve built. Having Octavia be the one to end the war and ultimately pass the test? Yes. Good. Excellent. The fact that last moments of the series had the Adventure Squad choosing Clarke over alien-heaven? Yes, uh huh, very very good.”

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  19. The whole transcendence thing rang to me like the religions that believe those who commit suicide can’t get to heaven and it rubbed me the wrong way from the get go. My fix was to let ANYONE who previously died transcend, and see the OG crew back on the ground. I was expected the second appearance of Lexa to be the real one then I forgot the stupid rules. I wish she could have gone up to come back for Clarke and that Picasso ran to Bellamy in addition to the crew, waiting with Abby and Kane and Lincoln (awk love triangle?) and anyone else who felt like they loved earth and Clarke. Maybe even Wells would have been a dope callback. But yeah, that was at least a happier ending than what they could have gone with when considering all the stuff they tried to write this last season that just was thrown together (I won’t even talk about Bellamy’s “arc”). But yeah, bittersweet. I miss the early days of the show and might do a rewatch myself :). I will never not be sour about the writing of Lexa’s end in S3 and unfortunately it does taint the show for me but I’m also super amazed at what these actors and crew overcame and accomplished (like Clarke’s awful arc s4/5? when she might as well have been a new character and similar things happening to others that were extremely out of character but whatevs it all in the past now we know the showrunner and what could go wrong since then, like you mentioned hahahah). Thanks for keeping me laughing. Found your hilarious posts on tumblr AGES ago and love seeing this season’s now. You’re fantastic. xx

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  20. I’ve been reading all of your recaps since the beginning, and have considered them an essential part of the show. Thank you for the humor and all the work that went into them, and for making this dumpster fire of a last season a bit brighter.

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  21. I feel sort of awkward that I enjoyed the final season somewhat more than you. I’m not sure how I felt about the finale overall (yet I insisted on writing my own review anyway). So far I remain nonplussed by ambivalence, but I want to be optimistic.

    Failing to save Emori’s life was so heart-wrenching. It’s gonna be a bummer when Luisa D’Oliveira & Richard Harmon get Emmy-snubbed.

    Indra vaporizing Shiedheda with a sonic cannon was immensely satisfying!

    It might’ve felt less abrupt if Raven convinced The Judge to let humanity retake the test later. Then we could finally see the factions actually uniting. There’s no proof that humans would form a stable society that wasn’t rooted in tyranny.

    Picasso didn’t ascend because dogs hadn’t been tested yet.

    Thank you very much for all the recaps. Yu gonplei ste odon,Toni. Mebi oso na hit choda op nodotaim.

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  22. Love your 100 recaps. I am a other long time reader first time commenter. It is sad that the 100 is over and your recaps on it. Glad to have come across these early in the series. There is a wit and care put in these that I have not seen anywhere else. Always funny. My favorite part is the inside jokes that come out of it. Thinking of doing a rewatch and then reread. I look forward to reading more of your writing in the future.

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  23. Thank you so much for making these. I didn’t find them until about season 3 or 4 but I’ve read them ever since I did find them and they crack me up (I’d screenshot my favorites and look at them in class) I love seeing your take on things and how you add your own alternate universes and theories to the 100 universe. Coming here to read your recaps a day or two after each episode was part of my watch routine and made it exponentially better. I also haven’t looked at all your recaps prior to the ones I initially found so I look forward to binge reading them on a rainy day. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for making these, Toni. You’re an incredibly talented and creative writer and if writing is the path you take in life I know you’ll go far.

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  24. Thank you so much, Toni, for your humorous and insightful recaps. No episode was complete until I read them. The ending reminded me of Lost. Many people were unhappy, but Lost had to end. So did The 100. I was satisfied, in both instances, that enough of my favorite people were given a HEA ending. Stay safe. Stay well. May we meet again. xoxo

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  25. If Emori and Murphy can choose to transcend or not due to their mental device, does that mean that Lexa and the rest of the commanders, except Sheidheda, will also have that opportunity? The show never got to explain what happened to the conscience of the rest of the commanders … so if the flame made a backup copy before being destroyed, it would mean that Becca and Lexa would continue to be “alive” and would opt for transcendence. is your opinion about it? By the way, once again an amazing analysis! May we meet again.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I *think* it was implied that Gabriel shooting the flame meant it was gone forever. It would’ve been interesting to see the past commanders show up at the end, like, ‘cool let’s party’.


  26. Thank you so much for doing this. Despite trying to enlist friends into watching The 100, none of them have, so this blog has been the only place where I’ve been able to soo folks’ reactions and the cathartic outlet your jokes have provided.

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  27. “But now I have you; a passionate, supportive, creative and hilarious community, where I can be a total nerd among total nerds, without judgement.”

    Oh no, make no mistake Toni! I’m still silently judging you, worse than an omnipotent alien judging the worthiness of the entire human species.
    Seriously thanks for the [years of? wow!!] laughs etc, you’re gold. (Was it hard work sometimes?) It was glorious to have a “digital water-cooler” read comments of real passionate fans and even not-fans. People in my workplace are like “A hundred what?”

    You can spare me some After-the-show show with some try-hard semi-comedy host with a thinly stretched smile trying poorly to sell a bad episode as quality entertainment [you know what I’m talking about]

    This ending got weird for me, it kind of half-assed it, I didn’t really feel the stakes or fear for my favourites like in other seasons, I knew they’d all pull through. If they were gonna do the everyone wins ending, yeah fully commit, bring them all back smiling and hugging; Riley, the Mutant Gorilla, adventure squad, Call me Bill, Pike, Jaha, Titus, Jasper’s Goggles, Dichen and the Grounders [band name] have them all gathered around U2 jamming and swaying.

    So….. what’s next? What can I read? Am I gonna go through recap withdrawal?


  28. I cannot stop thinking about that Octavia / Levitt / Raven trouple. That’s a great combination, and I don’t see why any of them would not be up to it.

    The end bums me out if I think about it too much, but when watching it, it was okay? I don’t know anymore. I wish we would have known a little bit more about transcendance and those alien overlords and why they sterilize people, but whatever. I don’t know what to think about all of this, but the character moments of the finale were great. They’re a fun bunch, and it’s been (almost always) a pleasure to follow their crazy (space) adventures.

    Thank you for your reviews, for the laughs and the insights and the love !


  29. my goodness, thank you so much for your years of writing these recaps! i completely agree with your bellamy angst – my emotional attachment to the series was pretty much wrecked when he died. he deserved so much more. but i also love that lexa was the one who appeared to clarke – her death was also total bs and i really appreciated that she and clarke’s love was acknowledged / honoured one last time.


  30. Thank you so much for this. In the end, on of the only things that’s gotten me through this season was wanting to understand your recaps! 😄 You have done this show and its fans a great service and I hope you end up sanitizing another show I watch some day! May we…watch the same show some day again. 😬


  31. Thank you Toni, for you enjoyable blogging of The 100.

    It seemed like they had the ending plot written before the rest of the season (or at least the second half). I loved the ending (am I the only one?), but not really how they got there. The concepts they explored and shared with us will be lost on most viewers, sadly.

    Your description of Murphy and Emori’s journey/growth was terrific. Going further, them sharing the same mind without a vessel being destroyed is like thee primary test of true love and…let’s call it advanced emotional capabilities. I think they could have lived in the same mind until the vessel died naturally.

    ” I GUESS HARPER WAS JUST AN EGG DONOR THEN?” All children know to only mention secondary characters if there is time. ;D

    “Anarchy” will be the normal state if humanity is to evolve. It doesn’t mean wanton violence like the media and politicians would have us believe. Sheid believed in power through force (like every single government in history). When there are two different groups wanting control, making them fight each other is the best path to gain control yourself. That was Sheid’s goal. But yeah, his character (terrific acting) and arc was not done very well.

    I found the transcendence to be beautiful. We are far from that currently (though evolution once it reaches a certain stage, much like technology, begins improving exponentially). Smart phones and talking robots a mere 100 years ago would have been deemed “positively ridiculous”. However, if the dead do not transcend, why did Bellamy see his mom? Either sloppy writing, or it was a glimpse into transcendence, where you can live in any memory you want.

    It would have been great if Bellamy survived, because…would he have chosen to stay with Clarke? Or was that taste of “the next level” enough to ditch his friends? I like to imagine he would have transcended, but found a way to make Clarke and friends join them before they died. (If we are relating this to any possible reality, I think they were off base about the dead ceasing to exist, unless soul becomes completely irredeemable)

    “the message about humanity wasn’t exactly positive, was it?” Great questions in that paragraph. Humanity is capable of greatness, but is easily manipulated and makes decisions everyday based on fear and ego, then creates layers of lies to convince themselves they aren’t. We aren’t meant to know exactly what transcendence is. We aren’t ready. We have thousands of years of proof that the State rapes, pillages, and destroys all that is good in the world, and yet most people still believe power through violence is the optimal way societies should function. Our entire day is lived in a restrictive range and I can point out dozens of situations a day where your consent has been stolen. So yeah, we do need a babysitter, but I don’t think if there is some sort of powerful race that they’d exterminate us – if things don’t change, we’ll need no help doing that on our own.

    “I guess only last-war injuries were made priority.” Ha! But I think it was only life threatening injuries that were healed. It did seem odd though.

    “So, if the Primes were still around, does that mean THEY would transcend instead of the bodies they inhabited? ” Great question. I think this is correct. In their world, it seemed that as long as the mindsoul was still alive, they’d be saved.

    Notes to your notes: I don’t think the “aliens” ever mentioned having the power of resurrection. Transcendence is about living in positive energy. There isn’t a place for negativity. But I guess, some goldorbs could have “sponsored” semi-worthy candidates and contained in a bubble away from the rest until they succeed or fail. I’d buy that. Your #4 could definitely have been a plot point I would have accepted! #5 Bellamy would not have passed the test. I mean, his final action as a human was theft and removing Madi’s consent whether to share her drawings! Usually, when a grown man removes a young girl’s consent, people are outraged! (That was a halfjoke)

    “This is how we be better” none of them, except for maybe Madi, showed that they were. Maybe Levitt. Perhaps not quite Murphy, though he was close, but still prone to anger and violence if Emori had fully died.

    I agree – Picasso not ascending was a bummer. Although, maybe (she?) was also offered the choice to stay with Clarke? I like that.

    In transcendence, it’s seems to kinda be like you can relieve memories or in a way, create dreamscapes that you control, or visit/combine with others’ dreamscapes, and it would feel what we deem real. So you can eat all you want and won’t suffer for it, and wouldn’t have to have innocent creatures murdered for our pleasure. So c’mon, join team light, but you won’t be forced. 🙂

    RIP The 100. Great acting, beautiful scenery work, solid thoughtful themes, and the overall plot was epic.


  32. I have been trying to figure out what the writers were actually trying to accomplish this season. So far, I am thinking that maybe one goal was to show that humanity is pretty good, especially (a) in contrast to supposed gods or advanced aliens; and (b) when looking at humans as a group, rather than just one or two big damn heroes.

    Transcendence was not portrayed as noble, virtuous, divine, or even any fun. The aliens will commit genocide without emotion or much rationale and will nonchalantly sterilize people who do not want to live in their eternal, pain-free, ice-cream-free, and emotion-free dimension. Laughing and loving on the shores of Alouette Lake with your friends seems much better. Humanity can be pretty good.

    A major theme developed in the last episode was that humanity is the sum of all of us, not just one or two big damn heroes. Not just Clarke (and Bellamy) pulling a lever, with a little help from Monty, Raven, or Murphy. The hero ideal was treated as the default all season: one person pressing the silent symbols and getting judged on behalf of all mankind. However, in the end it was a group effort that stopped everyone from becoming crystal. Raven persuaded the alien judge to reconsider the genocide decision. Nikki helped rescue Echo from the rubble and then Echo saved Octavia from being killed in the crossfire. Indira trusted Octavia and stopped fighting. With all of that support, Octavia persuaded the disciples to lay down their guns. Without Clarke or Bellamy as heroes, the people all contributed. Humanity can be pretty good.

    Did the writers focus on themes like these and then not consider how the audience would feel if Clarke and Bellamy had Finn-esque personality shifts? I don’t know. I am just trying to understand what happened.


  33. I am so glad that I somehow found your recaps on back in season one. It made the last seven years thoroughly enjoyable. I can’t wait to read what you write next.


  34. Hi, Toni

    I very much enjoyed your recaps, especially your…, crystallization…, perhaps (?) of the salient moments of the show. Your commentary and your reduction to the basics was really good, and very funny. You made me laugh.

    The 100 was a show I decided to binge watch early on, so I would let it gather on my DVR, and then watch episodes in clumps. Once I found your recaps, I would then have to read them in clumps after a clump of episodes. It is quite possible that your recaps kept me watching the show, because I enjoyed them as much as watching the show.

    Which is why I am only finally getting around to making a comment. That is, I only just now finished watching the show to its conclusion, and reading your recaps.

    The only issue I have had with your recaps is that one notion that Madi would behave as a normal kid. We normal people know that most children default in their puny minds to that fact that someone will take care of them, because that is what normal little kids know. It is what they should know in their hearts. Madi did not get that sort of security. She was going to learn what she saw from Clarke. How she learned from Clarke without watching the box sets of seasons before she appeared in the show, years passed, attitudes are learned, characteristics are observed and assimilated, similar mental mindsets, whatever. Doesn’t matter.

    Of all the complaints I might find with the show, Madi willing to sacrifice herself after her first piano lesson learning to play Beethoven’s Piano Sonata #14 and seeing her new piano teacher, a snapshot of a normal life, killed by an invisible man? You can’t compare that to normal kids. Madi is not a normal kid.

    I know it is just a TV show. I liked it, and I loved your recaps. I feel your other complaints, agree with some of them, but I don’t plan on holding a grudge, and am glad it is over, and I don’t hate the ending. I haven’t decided if I like the ending yet.


  35. New head-canon established. The Adventure Squad, Grounders, and former-Prisoners would just exercise more patience because Monty would take a leap of faith and ask to wait a little longer before seeing if the Earth was habitable again. Then, 100-150 years later, they’d descend to the surface and live happily ever after.

    Sanctum would go on as it had and, even though the people at Bardo WOULD eventually get to the test (and possibly fail it), it would happen thousands of years in the future and both groups’ evolution would have diverged enough to be genetically different from each other the way Neanderthals were different from the Homo Sapiens, making them separate species and ensuring Earthlings didn’t accidentally ascend (or were destroyed). Even after dying and being buried together, Kane and Abby’s sexual tension would haunt the new settlement, encouraging everyone to repopulate the earth and rebuild civilisation, starting with Jordan and Hope. And after Echo and Bellamy drifted apart amicably, Bellarke would happen.

    And yes, I thought a lot about it but by now, I am used to being disappointed by terrible endings (Game of Thrones, How I Met Your Mother, and Kim’s Convenience, I’m looking at you) and have become adept at rewriting *just* enough of the story for it to make narrative sense while still giving everyone a happy ending!

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