The 100 “Survival of the Fittest” Photo Recap – You’ve Got a Friend In Me (2.10)

My word! Does anyone else feel like they need medical attention? My heart was pounding very hard, and it’s not just because the elevator in my building is broken and my body is allergic to exercise. With the amount of times I screamed “no!”, or “oh shit!” or, “Lord have mercy!”, my neighbours probably thought I was being murdered. Not a one checked on me, though. You guys, are my neighbours total dicks?

First things first, let’s address the bulging, raging, most awesome moment of this episode, which is when (I can’t believe I get to write this), our heroes were ATTACKED BY A GIANT GORILLA. BAAAAAAAAAAAAAA YOU GUYS. I screamed, and then thrust my fist into the air in glorious triumph because NOTHING CAN BEAT THE ABSURD INTENSITY OF THIS MOMENT. It was a MUTATED GORILLA, you guys. I’m not sure if my all-caps is clear enough, but I loved it. A GORILLA.

If that wasn’t enough to put this episode into my top 10 (which is super hard because of the consistent mind-blowing awesomeness of this television program), then the unlikely pair-ups and crazy WTF plot developments were. So many friendships were forged! We got Octavia/Kane, Clarke/Lexa *swoon*, Bellamy/Lincoln, Octavia/Indra, and Beautiful Creepster/Jaha.

Regardless of whether or not you like Jaha (have I mentioned that I don’t?), it’s always nice to shake things up a bit. Don’t get me wrong, I spent the majority of their scenes screaming at Jaha to stop sucking my Beautiful Creepster into his black hole of lameitude, but hey, at least the lighting was cool.

Let’s jump into this recap like a nice, cool, GORILLA PIT.



Bellamy and Lincoln were on their way to Reaperville, but in what would become a habit of the episode, one character made another character stop walking so they could talk. I mean… they could walk AND talk, right? There seemed to be some urgency, so maybe they SHOULD keep walking, but whatever.




Bellamy has not had great luck with his bromances. First Murphy went a little bonkers, then Finn went A LOT bonkers. But things will be different with Lincoln… right? Anyway, Lincoln told a great story about having to kill his pet Sky Person, which resulted in the great line: “The world has been trying to turn me into a monster for as long as I can remember.” CHILLS.

Then we cut to Ark Camp where there was a 90s music video being shot.






This entrance was so uber-cool it made me want to stand up and pose. It was a tense moment, which Jaha (EYE ROLL) couldn’t wait to comment on.





Ugh. This guy’s attitude is the stinky pits and I audibly groan every time he’s on screen. MOVING ON.

Because this is The 100, the tension rose into some kerfuffling.


A Grounder was particularly mad at our Beautiful Creepster because he let his whole village die, blah blah blah. Then they all fought like two baseball teams rushing the field.

Meanwhile, Clarke was rabble rousing with the Grounder Think-Tank, with the radio softly filling in the awkward silences.







This dude was pissed because Clarke set his brother on fire. Um, hello, that was LAST SEASON man, get a grip. For real, though, one of the many things I love about this show is that it doesn’t drop plotlines. Yes, there’s an alliance, but nothing will be easily forgotten.

Maybe more importantly, Lexa decided to take off her batman mask this week, and I was loving it. This girl is so foxy.

Meanwhile, Bellamy and Lincoln were having a bro-chat about what the Reaper drug does.







And they were off!

Oh, and I guess I should mention…




Ugh, anyway. Then this happened.



A mutated gorilla tore Burne’s arm off. THIS SHOW.

Then this dude caught up to Clarke.




Lexa agreed with Clarke and offered her “the kill”. Clarke was like, “maybe later?” but then they heard the rumblings of something a-commin’, so Lexa CUT HIS KNEE OUT and they skedaddled, ending up in a “feeding ground” with this guy.





YES. Just… *happy sigh* yes.

They ran away, and I guess because Lexa never learned to tuck and roll, she hurt her ankle and THE GORILLA got her.


Clarke shot at it and they managed to safely lock themselves into a cell.


Back in the most frustrating sub-plot since Lee Adama stopped being a fighter pilot to be a lawyer, Jaha and the Beautiful Creepster were being creepy at each other.



Meanwhile, Octavia had been itching to get into a fight like a little sibling who would honestly act like a table and let her older siblings have lunch on her back in order to feel included (I am NOT talking from experience, okay?!?) Anyway, Kane was 100% fine with it.


Unsurprisingly, Octavia got her ass handed to her, but she took it like a champ. And Indra was into it!


I believe you can get me through the niiiiiiiiiight!

Speaking of the glorious sparks of lady friendship, Lexa was telling Clarke that she’s not dark enough, and Clarke was all, “nuh uh!”







Clarke let the GIANT KILLER GORILLA in and they snuck out like they were in an episode of Ugly Betty.

In the spirit of more glorious female friendship, Indra tagged Octavia for the Grounder sorority.



I love everything about this development. I loved both their performances, I loved the writing, I loved their chemistry, and I honest to goodness can’t wait to see how this develops. Also, props to Marie Avgeropoulos for speaking like her mouth hurts.

It was tough to go from something so wonderful, to this:













I have nothing more to say about that.

In the Reaper labyrinth, Lincoln came across an almost-empty vial of red kool-aid, and almost turned back.





Then, in a GORGEOUS scene (I mean seriously, what is this, Fern Gully? This was so aesthetically pleasing!), Lexa was all, “okay, so maybe Dark Clarke isn’t the best and normal Clarke is” (I may be paraphrasing). Is this the end of the “love is for chumps” storyline? It would certainly be in true The 100 fashion to cycle through a common genre trope in just one episode.

Anyway, they came up with a plan.





Speaking of Bellamy, he was all set to be a triumphant hero, until he hit a snag.






AHHHHHHAND THEN BELLAMY GOT KNOCKED OUT IN HIS UNDERWEAR (how embarrassing). DAMMIT, LINCOLN. That’s the last time they invite him on an Adventure Squad! (For real, though – this was an important commentary on the hold a drug addiction can have on a person).

WHOOOO LORDY. That was a doozy. Yes, I had my gripes about this episode, but even I have to admit that there are interesting possibilities in Jaha’s storyline. Do I ever see myself caring about him? No. Will his ill-fated adventure broaden the scope of this terrifically violent fictional world? Yes, it’s bound to. I would still rather see The Beautiful Creepster interacting with the Adventure Squad, but I suppose I’ll take whatever screen time he can get.

Real talk, I really, really liked this episode. At this point in the game, we the audience think we know our heroes pretty well. One way to delve deeper into those personalities is seeing how they interact with someone new. This episode brought us more new pairings than we could have hoped for. Now that I’ve gotten a taste, I want more! Octavia and Abby! Lincoln and Raven! Maya and Lexa! I would lap up all the pairings this show can throw at me (except Murphy and Jaha – okay, okay, I’m done!)

All in all, a great showing of our beloved violent teen adventure that (as always) leaves us wanting SO MUCH MORE.


  • “Camp You is that way.”




  • CGI, I ain’t even mad.


  • Kane asked Octavia to be a spy. That will end well, right? Do you think he ran that past Abby first? 


  • Do you think it’s the sugar in the red kool-aid that makes it so addictive?


  • What Bellamy reunion are you most looking forward to? Jasper? Monty? Miller? It’s Miller, isn’t it? Yeah, me too.


  • If you heard your neighbour screaming for a solid hour, would you call 9-1-1, or assume they’re watching an awesome show?



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2 thoughts on “The 100 “Survival of the Fittest” Photo Recap – You’ve Got a Friend In Me (2.10)


    Mar 02, 2016
    I know this comment is super late but I have to congratulate you on that Backstreet Boys joke because I hadn’t laughed this hard ALL WEEK and it’s freaking Wednesday. So, thank you.

    Dec 23, 2015
    Monkey jokes, LOL

    Feb 06, 2015
    More than just a gorilla though right? Some kind of enhanced Radioactive Gorilla or a bulletproof Atomic Gorilla. Put one of those in Mt Weather, game over man.
    Jaha seemed more inspirational, better dressed and less crazy back on the arc, however I guess Theseus has got to catch up with Gaza.
    Lincoln + red cordial = hangover
    How about some less appealing pairings where they don’t really have any conflict or anything to talk about and just sip tea uncomfortably
    Dante + Kane
    Monty + Jahar
    Maya + Abby
    Murphy + Cage
    Dr Tsing + Atomic Gorilla

    Toni_watches Feb 06, 2015
    Kane: “I um… like that painting. Did you do it?”
    Dante: “That’s the Mona Lisa.”
    Kane: *sips tea* “So that’s a no, then?”

    Feb 06, 2015
    Oh boy, you are too funny and this show is a goldmine! :-0

    Feb 06, 2015
    Gurl you, me, and beverages DO NOT mix! You’re killing me!!!
    I really have to commend the 100 in creating lovable female characters. I didn’t think Anya could be replaced but I’m totally in love with Lexa too bad she’s heading over to the Walking Dead. The 100s loss!
    Seriously enjoy this episode! Was not expecting the freaking Gorillas of the Mist action that popped off. LOVE that Lincoln wasn’t magically cured after one episode and that he still has work to do in conquering his addiction….. that’s much more realistic.
    Plus I can appreciate Jaha’s adventure out of the rainforest I cannot wait to see what the rest of this post apocalyptic world looks like!

    Feb 05, 2015
    please please stop with her puns, you’re making my sides hurt too much. but like tots cereal, dont you ever stop

    Feb 04, 2015
    Just thought of something… Bellamy, Harper and Monty will probably have some PTSD happening after their imprisonment and torture. **Le sigh**. It will be very interesting, but it increases the divide between Clarke and Bellamy. So young and so many demons.

    Feb 02, 2015
    So I’m now totally shipping Lexa and Clarke. I know this show is a hell of a lot more than silly relationships but my inner perv just won’t accept no for an answer.

    Feb 01, 2015
    Lincoln just became an annoyance after what he did to Bellamy
    I feel a love connection with Clarke and Lexa maybe
    Octavia annoyed the hell out me with her fighting shit
    I guess season 3 will be about the city of Lights
    What happened to that mutated thing from the season premiere??????????????
    I Thought that was what they were going to be fighting instead of the gorilla.

    Feb 01, 2015
    Anyone else notice how Abby was not in this episode once? I thought she was still technically the leader of the sky people why is she letting Kane and Clarke take over?

    Jan 31, 2015
    I guess the gorilla was a mutated gorilla that once lived in the zoo that used to be there, and Clarke and Lexa locked themselved in his night shelter. 😉 Sure looked like it.
    And ooooh, is there some sparking going on between Clarke and Lexa? 🙂 (Since we know Lexa once loved a girl, there’s some potential there 😉 ). Or is it just friendship?

    Jan 31, 2015
    Lincoln succumbed to the drug, he totally was NOT supposed to take it. Sigh.

    Jan 31, 2015
    If they want to make a character into a pseudo-religious leader/ prophet-type that person needs to be charismatic and compelling. Right now I find Jaha about as compelling as a slightly damp bath towel.

    Jan 31, 2015
    “I’m not sure if my all-caps is clear enough, but I loved it. A GORILLA.”
    Really? I was looking for a shark! 😛

    Feb 02, 2015
    As in land shark or jumping the shark? 🙂

    Feb 02, 2015
    Land shark! ROFL! The only thing missing was the music!
    Or maybe the Polar bear that got… LOST! LOL!

    Feb 02, 2015
    hehehe! 🙂

    Jan 30, 2015
    Licoln totally betrayed bellamy, you captioned that scene to the T,
    also, Prime-mate, lovely!
    This makes me wonder though, with a parking garage, the lincoln monument and now a zoo? that war totally obliterated Washington didn’t it?
    The Jaha storyline probably represent a lession in faith. I mean, aren’t we all on our way to the city of light? oh, that got deep.
    Keep it up Toni, cant wait til next week!

    Jan 30, 2015
    I’m not kidding when I say that I always look forward to your posts/reviews (mainly your Photo Recaps). They’re freakin hilarious!!!! I have no clue how you come up with this funny stuff//the comical captions you put on the photos xP
    You make my whole week/weekend!! XD Keep up the great, hilariously creative work!!! XD ^_^

    Jan 30, 2015
    BTW: I also am in love with the Beautiful Creepster as well &3 here’s one pic:
    And here’s one where he is NOT a jerk/evil, from the movie “Triple Dog” = 12796_10_screenshot.png

    Jan 30, 2015
    This is definitely one of my favorite episodes because: Octavia. I would be lying if I said I only watch for Octavia and Lincoln, but they’re one of the major reasons. Octavia is such a great character, meek yet a survivor, raised in isolation yet forges bonds between grounder and ark cultures. I suppose it’s because the ark culture rejected her very existence that she finds such comfort in belonging within another culture.
    And the CRAZY GORILLA! Holy ape shit! The 100 does not fail to spring surprises (and body counts).
    As for the Bellamy/Lincoln plan, I’m not sure exactly how that was supposed to work, but the way it ended up, I think that Lincoln letting himself get injected was maybe the only way to avoid recapture, and more importantly, clueing the Mountain people in that this was part of a grounder/sky people invasion plan.
    Lastly: Maybe I’m the last to notice, but Murphy’s hair is sort of braided on top now. Lots of hair braiding going on now on this show. Except Clarke, at the moment. Maybe Lexa will help with that.

    Feb 06, 2015
    Meek Octavia is not.

    Feb 02, 2015
    I love all the interesting hair in this show (like Octavia’s)! I find myself wondering if there’s one person who’s really good at it, and there’s constantly a line outside their tent.

    Jan 31, 2015
    Octavia is one of the most interesting characters, particularly because (and I don’t think they explore this enough) she’s the only one of the 100 to be legitimately innocent.
    I mean sure, other characters may have been imprisoned for breaking the law for just reasons or super-minor offences or just having teenage fun, but Octavia was imprisoned for being born. Very unfair.
    More than anyone I think she has reason to hate her people.

    Jan 30, 2015
    When Kane told Octavia to look after “her people” and she replied that she was, whom do we think she meant? The Sky People, the “Tree people” (hahaha, loved that one) or her own tribe of two? Any ideas?
    Small rant on Jaha: WTF with this guy and his Messiah complex? Unless he’s saving “the many”, he doesn’t know what to do with himself (serial masturbation is a viable solution; suicide as well). And I would be OK with him leaving to find this city of light with his little cult (seriously, did anyone see how blissfully they were smilling when they all met up? nobody smiles on this show and with good reason), but a) he’s taking Murphy with him and I like Murphy and b) judging by this show’s pace he’ll be back in a couple of eps.
    Even worse, he reappears at the season finale and like a second Moses from the mountain, with his rag tag group of followers, announces that he has found the City of Light and won’t everybody follow him to the Land of Plenty! F…k that! (but if it happens, I totally called it!)
    Cheers everyone!
    P.S. Kane rules. Kane always rules.

    Jan 30, 2015
    I definitely think we’re supposed to wonder who Octavia considers “her people”. She certainly wasn’t welcome on the ark. And she’s the only one accepted into a grounder tribe.

    Jan 30, 2015
    My guess is that Octavia’s allegiance is first to Lincoln, second to her brother and the remaining hundred (I really can’t keep tabs on their numbers) and third… well, it’s anyone’s guess, isn’t it? Both her and Lincoln are outsiders in their own “tribes” (Lincoln more so) and I don’t know what to make of her becoming close to Indra and -by extention- to the Grounders. Will they be “used” as a bridge between the two cultures or as a divide? Damn! I love this show for making me wonder.

    Feb 06, 2015
    I would think Bellamy comes before Lincoln, considering Bellamy has watched out and been there for her her entire life, and Lincoln she only met like 2 months ago and even though it’s very intense and passionate with him, one does not forget the bond forged during an entire life time, right? But I am not sure. You MIGHT be right. Maybe they share the first place in her heart!

    Feb 06, 2015
    Hmmm… tough call. You are probably right and considering (*spoiler alert* I’m not sure if you have watched last week’s ep) that Lincoln betrayed her brother to the Mt. Weather people for the red stuff and that she’s becoming close to Indra, her relationship with Lincoln might be up for some rough times ahead. I’m not sure. I haven’t watched Wednesday’s ep yet. Can’t wait!

    Jan 30, 2015
    That occurred to me too! O could have been referring to the sky ppl (unlikely), the grounders….maybe the 47? Ah she’s an adorable lil enigma right now isn’t she

    Jan 30, 2015
    See my reply to ArkhamNative above. “Adorable lil enigma” indeed! Cheers.

    Jan 30, 2015
    Awesome recap. I laughed out loud at your backstreet boys bit and everyone in the room watching serious tennis thinks I’m weird.
    I love when a show goes a bit nuts. I also laughed at Major Byrne’s arm spurting blood and the gorilla was brilliant. Sometimes you just need to enjoy and not ask too many questions.
    Bellamy and Lincoln discussed the plan – Lincoln was supposed to just say no and kill everybody, allowing Bellamy to sneak inside during the chaos. Bellamy being tied up and Lincoln not killing anyone sorta ruined the plan and leads to Bellamy getting nice new white undies and an unpleasant looking medical. He’s probably also feeling a bit sad that his muscles weren’t big enough for the Cerberus program.
    I am in total agreement that Jaha is annoying and unnecessary. I am going to be pissed if he does find anything useful on his quest. He’s all “I have faith, well why don’t you have faith in Kane’s plan? It’s more realistic to try and negotiate a way forward with the people they already know than to wander off into the sunset. And his “it’s all for my people” bullshit – he’s taking people and guns away from the place they are needed. Okay, he makes me mad. But he did give Murphy the opportunity for some quality work, so there’s that. It makes sense for Murphy to go, nothing for him to stay for and I’m hoping he might do something awesome on their little road trip.
    Was Abby off washing her hair again this while episode? Her absence didn’t make sense since Indra and co were on her territory.
    i was happy to see Clarke back to her badass self. I’m thinking she can use Lexa and just takeover the whole blimmin lot – queen Clarke!

    Jan 30, 2015
    Maybe Jaha will heroically die….again. And Murphy steps up to save the roving band of sky people. Redemption songs.

    Feb 02, 2015
    Yes please. – although I’m torn. I do love a good redemption story, but I also ADORE that everything the BC does is creepily sinister. Like, even when he’s doing good he’s so damn sinister. I don’t want him to lose that.

    Feb 02, 2015
    I know what you mean. Like when he was all teary about his back story. I didn’t know what to do with myself. No, you don’t cry. What!? No.nthats for people with emotions other than anger, revenge and a twinge of Puck.

    Jan 31, 2015
    That would be perfect!



      Jan 30, 2015
      I’ll miss the Beautiful Creepster…

      Feb 02, 2015
      there is so many storylines going on that his scenes are really few

      Feb 03, 2015
      I know right! They’ve got a real chance to show the differences between Bellamy’s redemption story and Murphy’s and yet, they decide to ship him off with Crazy Jaha!

      Jan 30, 2015
      jaha is kinda like a hippie. next thing you know they’ll have a nudist colony in the desert.

      Jan 30, 2015
      Please, no!

      Jan 30, 2015
      Yeah he was not supposed to take the drug. I agree with everything you say! I love Murphy and stupid Jahahahahahaha is bringing him down to his boring level of boring.
      I have this theory that Kane is really Octavia’s father. I mean we assume that her mother may have used sex for favours with more than one official right? And it just seems that they look familiar, but maybe its too soapy a trope so they wouldnt but maybe they would.
      Oh and yeah A GORILLA!!!!!!
      But as soon as I saw Bellamy in his underwear and I knew that scene was gonna go bad I was pacing the room, laughing hysterically and hyperventilating and it didnt stop for about 5 mins after the ep endind. Seriously had to breathe into my hands to calm down, it didnt work very well but seriously he got dragged away IN HIS UNDERWEAR TO BE DRAINED OF HIS BLOOD!!!!!!!
      Plus A FREAKING GORILLA!!!!!!!

      Jan 30, 2015
      I am almost never surprised by popular entertainment. Much as I love TV shows and movies, they very rarely make my jaw drop and go speechless. But the Gorilla scene, my god, the Gorilla scene…. SEE?!! I’M SPEECHLESS!
      Ok, now I’ve breathed, I can talk about it. Let me just say folks, two of my all time favorite genres are the “Sexy teen drama featuring actors who clearly aren’t teenagers but who are portraying teenagers anyway” genre, and the “Gorillas doing basically anything” genre. And not unlike H.B Reese did, when he accidently dipped his chocolate bar into a jar of peanut butter, the 100 has found a way to take two great things, and make them even better by combining them. It’s rather poetic, when you think about it, because odd pairings that worked out really well was kind of the theme of the whole episode!!
      I thought for sure the unseen attacker was going to be the Sloth looking mutant guy that we saw a few episodes back. I EXPECTED to see the Sloth looking mutant guy, so, at the risk of being indelicate, having it turn out to be a GIANT FUCKING GORILLA THAT NO ONE HAS MENTIONED BEFORE , really knocked my dick in the dirt! I’m starting to think they should do this at least once in every show! At the very least, the CW should make it a rule for this to happen in every show they have. Imagine if A GIANT FUCKING GORILLA THAT NO ONE HAS MENTIONED BEFORE suddenly were to lunge out in an episode of Jane the Virgin or Hart of Dixie! I can’t think of any television program that would not benefit from having a scene like this.

      Feb 04, 2015
      Well, The Flash did it and I came back here to just write that :/

      Jan 30, 2015
      In the pilot, i think, at least in the beginning of the show, Finn showed Clark a footprint and said he thought it was made by a monkey. And someone said they thought there was a picture of it in Lincoln’s sketchbook.

      Jan 30, 2015
      Lol, it’ll be like Where’s Waldo? You know that a gorilla will jump out but you don’t know when or where.

      Jan 30, 2015
      Yes, sir. YES.

      Jan 30, 2015
      Pretty sure he was not supposed to take the drug but I love that they decided to portray drug addiction in such a raw/realistic way. These writers are not afraid to do anything (even when they should have been with the gorilla.)

      Jan 30, 2015
      I’m with you Toni. Bellamy was making that subtle, “Dear God, please no,” expression I make during work meetings. I don’t think it was part of the plan.

      Jan 30, 2015
      Lincoln totally left Bellamy hanging….hanging, get it? Cuz next week he’s hanging upside down?!…… never mind, I’ll leave the puns to you.

      Jan 30, 2015
      …Can’t wait for Clark to rescue Bellamy!

      Jan 30, 2015
      Would be nice to see a reverse damsel-in-distress situation like this!

      Jan 30, 2015
      I hate to point this out, but if Clarke and Lexa do succeed the only Maya/Lexa moment will be as Maya is dying since she, you know, can’t be exposed to the air or anything to do with outside without dying painfully and, so far, psycho doctor lady hasn’t come running with a permanent cure and injected it into Maya. Awkwardly enough, I’m not a hundred percent sure that that has occurred to Jasper either.
      Loved the review, by the way!

      Feb 06, 2015
      True. Which makes Maya unbelievable altrusitic, literally giving her life to free the 47, Or she’s just stupid and naive and thinks they will just leave quitely and quickly hide the door behind themselves while she hides in a closet.

      Jan 30, 2015
      I love that after being on Earth for X amount of weeks, Bellarmy’s boxers are still clean, & tight as fuck. Must be Calvin Klein.

      Jan 30, 2015
      Holy Jesus I hadn’t thought of that! I’m so getting a pair of those for my boyfriend just in case there’s an apocalypse in the future. Oh right, I don’t have a boyfriend.

      Jan 30, 2015
      I’m in the same boat as you. 🙂

      Jan 30, 2015
      I guess we’ll just survive the apocaypse together mate. Besties?

      Jan 30, 2015
      What if the white boxers are actually diapers? It would make sense since they are always in those cages.

      Jan 30, 2015
      Besties! We’ll seal this with an exchanging of friendship bracelets! 🙂

      Jan 30, 2015
      On the subject – he gets dragged off in black boxers, but is hanging upside down in white ones. Who is in charge of changing their undies?!

      Jan 30, 2015
      omg you lexa puns XD
      i knew the bellamy plan wasn’t gonna work as soon as lexa agreed to it at the end. it think its a tv rule that if a plan really and truly HAS to work then it won’t.
      im trying to figure out why anyone would agree to join jaha? like your sales pitch is booboo. no.

      Jan 29, 2015
      Love your caps! Made an account just to follow and comment lol
      You know its a little hard for me to buy this whole “Lexa is a heartless hardass” thing when she keeps making googly eyes at Clarke and watching over her as she sleeps all gentle faced and such. She’s so #teamclarke and I am sooo on board with that.
      Also moment of silence for Murphy’s died-too-young redemption plotline. Damn you Felonius. I like Murphy’s sass but I really don’t know if it’s in me to be at all invested in a Jaha/Creepster teamup, meh.
      And it’s nice to see some of Octo’s motives and what drives her – she’s always just had a grounder-groupie wildchild vibe, but now I’m kinda seeing that it’s about how her own culture rejected her the moment she was born, and she’s eager to be a part of a culture where age can prove her worth. Cool.

      Jan 29, 2015
      *where she can prove her worth. woops.

      Jan 29, 2015
      “If you heard your neighbour screaming for a solid hour, would you call 9-1-1, or assume they’re watching an awesome show?” i would come over with a camcorder and warch 🙂

      Jan 29, 2015
      I was waiting for something more vicious than a gorilla but I think fanged gorilla was better than some sort of a unique monster. Anyway, BOW DOWN TO THE QUEEN OF PUNS! please don’t ever stop pun-captioning Lexa! it’s the best!
      So, about “Some Stuff”
      1. Yes, that line was the best Murphy has ever had.
      2. Again, wasn’t waiting for it, but still fine with it.
      3. Me neither 😀
      4. Octavia finally got the opportunity to be trained by a grounder (not to mention by the most kickass and fearless one) so I don’t think she’ll spy on them, or at least won’t make it obvious.
      5. I don’t know what’s in that red kool aid but we sure have a drug addict in the house! a.k.a Lincoln.
      6. Me three! or whatever 😀 yes Bellamy has to reunite with Miller first (please give this guy more screen time and let him survive this season, thank you) he was Bellamy’s right hand and he even said he was a potential leader and I won’t even get started about his sass.
      7. Would visit them first and if the show would appear to be my favorite I’d scream along with them 😀 so let other neighbours worry.
      P.S. your photo recaps ROCK! keep up the nice work!

      Jan 29, 2015
      I was SO excited for bro adventure teamup, but Bellamy is just bad luck at this point for any bros. He needs to stop having bros because they all end up crazy.

      Jan 29, 2015
      Amazing recap, as always. Comedian Lexa can never end, got it?
      So I just saw the preview for next episode and damn, Bellamy just can’t have a day off can he? The good thing though (yes believe it or not there’s a good thing in all this), since he is hanging upside down just like the grounders were when Clarke found Anya, then that means that the Mountain Men don’t know he is a sky people right? That means he won’t get tortured, well at least not as much as Monty and Harper. We still have hope then. Yay!
      Speaking of Monty, I need to know he’s okay. I won’t be able to live with myself if he dies.
      I’ve got a couple questions:
      -¿Where’s Abby? ¿And Raven? ¿And mountain’s creeper king? ¿And Frederick?
      Seriously though, Frederick could have been hell of a plot line.
      Ugh I’ve got sooo many questions. It’s not fair. This show should air a new cap everyday.
      Gorillas? umm not sure it was a great twist. I mean, It’s great that they have a new enemy but gorillas? really? I think it would have been way better if they turned something really sweet like bunnys into death machines (not actual machines). Gorillas are kinda old school. I guess I’ll have to see where this is going.
      Now speaking of shit. Jaha and Murphy? Okay, I know the authors are trying to make Jaha interesting, but don’t use Murphy! He’s one of the best characters here. That plot line will be boring as f….
      God there’s so much I want to comment about.
      Okay last thing: I’m really glad dark Clarke is fading away. I like regular caring Clarke better. I guess it had to be done so she could get rid of her emotions about Finn’s death.
      Okay I really promise this is the last thing: Bellamy lost another bro! I feel so bad for Lincoln! I wonder what octavia will do when she finds out. Btw, she’s been such a badass lately and I loved every single second of it. So excited to see where Idra/Octavia relationship is going.
      Yep, I’m done.
      If anyone has theories about anything I said please be my guest and explain.

      Jan 30, 2015
      feel bad for Lincoln?!?!?!?!? He was all like “sorry dude but drugs for me is worth more to me than our new bromance.” and now Bellamy is gonna suffer! but still it is really hard to stay mad at Lincoln.

      Jan 30, 2015
      Actually, I think Lincoln did it cause otherwise the Mountain Men would have found out he isn’t a Reaper and the whole plan would have gone down. I feel it had to be done under those circumstances. I really don’t think he was addicted to it cause he had previously crashed with his foot a bottle with a few drops of the liquid (A real addict would have taken those few drops). I feel genuinely sorry for Lincoln for having to go back to the drugs, specially cause he said he hated what he had done while he was on it. And think about Octavia, she did so much to get him back. I feel like Lincoln wouldn’t have done what he did if he have had any other choice (I’m sorry if that wasn’t clear, I’m from Argentina so my english isn’t perfect).
      I do feel bad for Bellamy, the writers had no right of taking away another bro from him AND also get him tortured. Dick move guys.

      Jan 30, 2015
      I think it was an addiction thing. He remembers that high. The MM conditioned him to live and kill for it. While he may have been strong enough to crush the mostly empty bottle, it was too hard to say no to a full dose from the same people who shot him up before. Though they definitely would have had to fight if he refused. That was the plan all along though. After the dose the other reapers looked pretty useless, so our boys would not have had to take them out… I am off FB right now, so this recap is my substitute addiction. JS. I feel for u Lincoln. I can’t quit social media.

      Jan 30, 2015
      Well now you definitely gave me something to think about until next episode.

      Jan 29, 2015
      Yeah, where is Frederick?
      im kinda fond of Dark Clarke….hopefully her pendulum levels out and she has more of a balance. But Ya know, different situations call for different Clarkes sometimes. I expect she will have to go to some dark places throughout the run of this show.
      Is Indra gonna play Octavia? Against the Ark folks? there is respect there but i don’t think Indra would pass on revenge when the MM situation settles.

      Feb 06, 2015
      I’ve completely forgotten who Frederick is. Was there ever a Frederick on this show?!

      Feb 08, 2015
      Frederick is my best friend. Period. That’s all you need to know.
      Just kidding, I don’t have friends.
      Gosh I miss Fred.

      Feb 06, 2015
      Toni named him. He was the mutant man who Octavia saw at the beginning of this season.

      Tummelisa Feb 06, 2015

      Jan 30, 2015
      Yeah, it’s just that it reminds me a bit to TVD with the switch for flipping off emotions. It’s okay if we have dark Clarke every once in a while, it’s good for when she has to make decisions. Like it justifies why she let Bellamy go to Mount Weather. I mean, I get why she has to be dark and emotionless in certain situations. it’s just that I want Bellarke to happen so badly. And I really don’t think it will if she keeps sending him with the suicide squad.
      I’m like really pumped up to see what happens with O and Idra, I certainly have the feeling that both Kane and Indra want her for the same thing: knowing the secrets of eachother’s people. I think they will both play her.
      I can’t wait to see what happens after the Mountain Wheather problem is solved, what will the writers come up with then?

      Jan 30, 2015
      Oh me too. Bellarke must happen. I am very invested in that pairing. I know she knows what she sent him into, but she doesn’t know how it will affect her. I think she is gonna feel it when he is beat the eff up and she realizes that she did that to him. He was safe and she sent him into that kind of danger. Maybe she will realize that she cares for him and he for her. It seemed like Bellamy was feeling the L word last episode.
      Poor Octavia. I would rather the straight up approach that Kane used. It will take Indra down in my estimation if she does that to O.

      Jan 30, 2015
      Yes! I felt so bad for Bellamy when Clarke told him to go to MW. The look on his face was priceless. There were definitely some feelings there. I’m just hoping that it’s in the writers plan to make Bellarke happen someday. I think maybe in next season, cause it’s definitely too soon to happen now since Finn’s death was only a couple of episodes ago.
      Yeah I feel bad for O. She never gets the approval and respect she deserves.

      Jan 30, 2015
      *Mountain Weather

      Jan 29, 2015
      1. When I saw the gorilla, I was like, meh…a gorilla? Really? Is this gonna get all planet of the apes. Which in turn begs the question:
      2. One gorilla? Shouldn’t there be more than one gorilla? How do they reproduce?
      3. I really do like the post apocalypse zoo though. Is that on the front gate? It should be.
      4. I think we have another true blooder on this episode. He was one of the bad vamps from Monroe. I think. You know the one I’m talking about; sex tape vamp. Anywho, I digress.
      5. I LOVED when Lexa maimed the vengeful grounder and left him for our gorilla friend. It was cold and awesome at the same time. No stay of execution for him. Waste not, want not Lexa. She is one practical lady.
      6. Toni, were you a candy girl? 😉
      7. Best line of the episode goes to Murphy and his ‘Camp You’ quip. By the by, it is a little awkward to name the camp in memoriam of Jaha’s great sacrifice, but then he wasn’t dead and nobody liked him and he has no power anymore…..kinda an empty honor now, right?
      8. Octavia is gonna go completely native. Maybe she is the next incarnation if the commander. It sounded like the grounder Idea of reincarnation was more of a spirit jump, rather than a new birth kinda thing.
      9. Seriously Lincoln!?! JUST SAY NO!!!!!! Though looking at the stills, Ricky emotes really well.
      10. On a positive note: Bellamy was buff, half naked and glistening. Can’t complain. However, that is not the look he has on his face when I think of him like that.
      11. Bob really needs more lines. I know a lot has been going on, but a lot is always going on. I feel like the writers may be highlighting his characters growth. He has a more silent strength that doesn’t need the pagentry of the old Bellamy. Idk. I’m probably reaching. At least all the other characters are talking about him. Dude, Lexa knows your name.
      12. Did anyone see Raven?
      Great recap, as usual. Your Lexa is puny.

      Feb 06, 2015
      Bob? Who’s Bob? Hmmm

      Feb 06, 2015
      Bob Morley plays Bellamy.

      Feb 06, 2015
      Ah, thanks again 🙂

      Jan 29, 2015
      I’m not sure what a “candy girl” is, so… no?

      Jan 29, 2015
      Lincoln knows. Strobe lights, an *unce-unce-unce* beat and a lot of sweaty people.

      Jan 29, 2015
      Ohhhhh YOU MEAN DRUGS. Right. No yeah, I knew that. I’m not square. YOU’RE SQUARE. *she says snuggling up with her young adult novel*

      Jan 29, 2015
      Hahahaha! You were very descriptive on the Lincoln stills. I thought maybe.

      Jan 29, 2015
      Great photo recap as always 🙂
      I agree, poor Bellamy he just can’t get a break.

      Jan 29, 2015
      You guys. That gorilla made me so embarrassed for our beloved show. At first I thought it was the smoke monster, or polar bears, and I got my hopes up, and then…a mutant, CGI gorilla. Why, show, why???
      In other news, we know who’s been eating all the jobi nuts, and his name is Jaha. The City of Light has be the above ground Zion right, with techno orgies and poorly planned rebellions, right?
      Toni – please never stop with Lexa’s stand up routine. Promise?
      I think that was the most Bellamy has spoken the entire season. Poor kid, although he does look good in those boxer-briefs.
      As a native DCer, I can testify that the Metro has improved during the nuclear apocalypse. Sure, it’s dirtier, but so much better lit and you can eat, drink, and/or hold a poison-filled feast! Win?

      Jan 29, 2015
      I LOVED the gorilla because it was fun and genuinely shocked me. But Mark Pedowitz told the producer he wanted another scary CGI animal on the show. You can’t say no to the boss!
      Jason Rothenberg explains how the gorilla was conceived in this interview
      He wasn’t sure it was a good idea either because they don’t have a huge budget or lots of time for CGI. Fortunately they use an extremely talented visual FX company (Emmy nominated for The 100!). So they did a brilliant job considering. That gorilla would have looked and moved very differently on a show like Once Upon a Time, which has terrible special effects.
      Personally I think Pedowitz used The 100 as a test run for the gorilla that’s in The Flash comics. I expect to see Grounder Gorilla 2.0 on The Flash in the finale or S3 premiere.

      Jan 29, 2015
      i loved the gorilla too! was nottttt expecting that and I do like the mutated animals angle. Don’t know if it wasn’t a bit of frivolous spending on production’s part though haha. but i guess it’s a better use of the budget than paying for extremely popular and likely expensive imagine dragons songs to play for about 15 seconds (rolls eyes at season one).

      Jan 29, 2015
      That scene DID looks like a music video. Bests entrance ever,
      Clarke and Lexa make me swoon too. This ship sure became popular fast. Can they be together in every episode pleae? My girls. They’re amazing individually and together. I love that they were at an old zoo!! That was fun.
      I’m so thrilled with Octavia’s new arc. FINALLY her story will not revolve around Lincoln. That romance is dragging her down.
      JAHA. I used to like him, I used to defend him. I can’t do it anymore. I can’t stand him. Go away. Poor Murphy is going to be stuck with his boring ass now. I can’t wait to see the City of Lights though. I’m sure it will be all sunshine and rainbows and everyone will live happily ever after.

      Feb 02, 2015
      I think Octavia is being trained to be the next leader of the ground people once Lexas’ spirit moves on to the walking dead offshoot.

      Jan 31, 2015
      “That scene DID looks like a music video. Bests entrance ever”
      Yep, but I was singing “We wil, we will rock you!” myself… 😛

      Jan 29, 2015
      I still think Jaha has a purpose. Gotta expand the 100 world. We are quickly eating up storylines at this locale. Let’s find some more cosmopolitan baddies. I envision the hanging gardens of Babylon for some reason. Though it probably would have behooved Jaha to take advantage of the truce with the grounders and get a little background on this city of lights. Myths, legends….directions.


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