The 100 “The Queen’s Gambit” Photo-Recap; Yaaaaaaaas Queen!

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHA WHAT. Season 7 is a bonkers, twisty sci-fi ride that I don’t want to get off of. There’s so much going on all at once! It’s like a plot-filled funhouse of sensory overload, and I am DIGGING IT. Gabe has gone full Disciple! Dreamboat Kid Captain has teamed up with Bonnie (of Bonnie and Clyde fame)! Sheid is still obsessed with chess! Madi played soccer! The Adventure Squad is caught up to current events! Cadogan takes cryogenic naps!! Anders is still distractingly handsome!

As much as this episode was a tense sci-fi romp, it mostly focused on our beloved characters and their emotional states, which, yes please thank you very much! Echo, Hope, Diyoza, Octavia, Murphy, Emori, Madi… even Dreamboat Nelson! They’re all on a zany emotional journey, and it was nice to see them sit in some uncomfortable stillness for a quick sec. 

Raise your hands in relieved camaraderie – how many of you were SO WORRIED for Emori this episode? Don’t get me wrong, I’m still worried, but I thought, NOT EMORI YOU MONSTERS, about seventeen times this episode. I thought showing us how much the Beautiful Creepster has changed since falling full-bananas in love with her was a sign that we’d have to say goodbye. I realize she’s still in mortal peril, but I am currently thankful we haven’t lost our fierce Ninja Turtle queen. 

Gabe was taken from his cell to the anomalroom where Silver Fox propositioned him with some indentured servitude; dish about Clarke and work with them on the anomaldoor, and in return get allllllll the answerrrrrrs. This, of course, is Gabe’s main deal, so he was 100% on board. Oh, and they let him say goodbye to Orlando’s for-sure-real corpse, and it was very sad because it was for sure Orlando’s dead body, which we know FOR SURE, even though we never saw his face. *wink*

Emori was planning a soiree (cocktails, nothing too fancy) in order to reunite the Kids of Gabe with their parents, who had turned them into cute lil’ tree-snacks for a murderous forest. He got a little worried that she was liking being a Prime a bit too much (as Sheid hinted later), but honestly, I didn’t see it. Girl just loves tasteful festivities, and WHO CAN BLAME HER.  

This. scene. Was. MAGIC. I loved it (and the following sesh with Emori) so much. Every single one of the characters on this show (and maybe every single person outside of it?) needs a session or twelve with Dr. Jackson. 

He was basically like, “remember that time a grown ass man forced you to take on the responsibility of thousands of lives when you were a mere child… was that, like, fun, or…?” and Madi was all, “not like laser-tag levels of fun, but it had its moments, like saving the life of my surrogate-mom-sister, and um, the clothes were cool, I guess.” And then she went to play soccer, and he gave her a smile that said, “go get ‘em kid,” and my heart EXPLODED.  

Then he turned his powers on Emori and reminded us that she was also left for dead as a baby by her parents, who thought that being half ninja-turtle was somehow a bad thing. Turns out she’s very into the fete because of that past trauma, and THE 100 STOP MAKING ME FEEL SO DEEPLY (never stop). 

All pretenses were dropped when Sheid was like, “quit playing,” and the Beautiful Creepster was all, “I don’t know what you- okay fine, whatever.” Sheid baited him with information about something bad happening that Murphy could stop (like the beautifully creepy hero he is), but first he had to beat him at chess, because this is season 7.

I felt the Earth tremble, you guys. Truly. This flashback was a look into the beginnings of Becho, and it was nice, even if it was too little too late. For three seasons we’ve been told that these two are romantic, without having the benefit of actually seeing it. We didn’t witness it develop, and then for two seasons they were either separated, or too busy dealing with end-of-the-world stuff to project romance. Now, almost three seasons after insisting they love each other, we were finally given a glimpse of why. 

I absolutely adore these two separately, and even as teammates and friends. Echo is a fierce, complicated, big-hearted warrior, and Tasya Teles’s delivery of her stoic sass sets my heart aflame. And Bellamy is… well, he’s Bellamy. I love him dearly. 

As a couple? I’m sorry, you guys, I tried, but I just don’t care. Something The 100 has proven time and time again is that you can fiercely love someone without being romantic. You can protect, fight for, and ultimately avenge a friend. Those intense feelings do exist on this show (I submit as exhibit A; Monty and Jasper). I would have bought Echo’s unbearable grief if that were the case. He was her family, along with the rest of the Spaceventure Squad; maybe the first real family she’s had. My heart would have broken for her loss based on that. And I can’t lie, a part of me wishes it were so. 

Regardless of why she was grieving, Echo’s pain was all-consuming, and the only other person who could understand that was Octavia. You guys, this scene was positively beautiful. Grief unites us all, doesn’t it? Suddenly, stabbing someone off a cliff doesn’t seem like such a big deal when you’ve both lost someone you deeply loved. Well done, all. 

How is it possible that we’ve only known these characters for a relatively short time, and yet we love them so unconditionally?? Hope and Diyoza got reacquainted after fifteen years apart, and it went about as well as you’d expect after revealing that A) Hope adopted herself a hunky new dad, and B) she has known for a while that her mom is a super-cool terrorist.

Hope has been very blood thirsty after getting her first taste of murder a few episodes ago, which concerned Diyoza a smidge; NOT because her daughter loves murder, but because it WASN’T A GOOD PLAN, hahahahahhahahhahahaha I love them so much. I mean, yes, she was peeved that her daughter loves murder, but she gets it. Anyway, their argument about how to proceed obviously turned into a sparring session, which then obviously turned into a heartbreakingly beautiful cuddle-cry where Hope admitted she just missed her mom. ( ❤)

Gabe’s dreamboat Kid was on the fence about siding with the criminals because it seemed like they were more into revenge and material gain than justice, but then Bonnie was all, “we’re too cool to even try to prove how cool we are, ya know?” And he was like, “okay, okay, my mind is open.”

Emori popped by to give Nelson a hand-calligraphied invite to her casual do, telling him he could meet his parents, but he was like, “a party with PARENTS??? What will we do, study for the SATs???” Then he gulped his drink and stomped off in a sexy huff. But our girl snagged his drink-dna like the wily vixen she is! 

Sheid and the Beautiful Creepster had a charming deep-dive into their psyches over their never-ending game of chess, and it was honestly quite fun! Murphy isn’t some scared little duck, unwilling to throw Shade at Sheid (love me for me). They passive aggressively word-sparred, and it came out that Murphy loves and is loved (burn?) and Sheid is totally butt-hurt about his reputation. Then he was like, “very lonely, wanna be buds?” and Murphy was like, “I’ll think on it.” Awwwwwwww!

Echo gave herself the ol’ Azgeda facial in order to show that she was ready for war, then told the Bardonites (by yelling at the door, haha) that she wants some Kool-Aid. And bingo-bango, they were free! 

Ha! Echo speaking for everybody was kind of rude (and before you’re like, “why aren’t you as mad at HER as you were at GABE???”, this is different, they could have said no). They all likely saw the logic in it – at least while training they would have opportunity for escape, whereas it was pretty hopeless in a cell. Anyway, they’re #TeamBardo now (or at least acting like it), and I’m pumped to see how that turns out. [I did notice that no one asked about Gabe, which is likely because they figured he was already recruited and fine, but still. FIVE YEARS.]

I don’t know what dudes do during dude dates, but I assume it’s just endless Borat quotes. As it turned out, Sheid was just effing with Murphy during the game to keep him there so that Emori’s bash wouldn’t make it into the society page, which is just SO RUDE! Especially since it turned out Emori could have really used his emotional support. 

Emori’s gala didn’t quite go as planned (does anything on this show?). First Nelson’s dad turned out to be a bit of a D, so Nelson kinda-sorta murdered him by accident (?), THEN Bonnie came in with allllllllll the guns (just so many guns) and declared herself queen of the castle or something, THEN Nelson was like, “yeah eff it, I’m in.” [Nelson’s vulnerability while meeting his parents was heartbreaking, high-fives to you, Lee Majdoub!]

Nelson was like, “my feelings are hurt, and it’s your fault!” so he was going to shoot her in the head (!!!!!), but Bonnie stepped in because they still needed her as a beautiful, engaging, resilient bargaining chip (PLEASE DON’T, PLEASE DON’T, PLEASE DON’T!) 

Meanwhile, due to timey wimey-ness, it was three months before the Adventure Squad plooped through the anomaly from Hoth, and their welcome was less than ideal, considering Gabriel had to tell them some bummer news.

The emotion Clarke (and Raven and Miller!) portrayed in the seconds they had to react was heartbreaking, even though we all know what’s up. [Would Niylah be sad about Bellamy’s death? Remember that one time he murdered her father, along with 300 of his pals?]

It’s Bill Cadogan!!! He lives as a freezie and only periodically gets thawed out to make decisions and maybe bless a baby or something. Anders (a total fanboy) woke him up to introduce him to Clarke, because she’s the “key”. DOES THIS MEAN WE WILL FINALLY FIND OUT WHAT IN THE SWEET HECK THAT MEANS???? *crosses fingers* 

And that was that! What did you guys think of The Queen’s Gambit? Back in season 2 when we met our Ninja Turtle goddess, did you ever think the title of an episode would allude to her? I love it, I love it, I love it, please don’t kill her! 


  • You probably already know this episode was directed by Raven herself, Lindsey Morgan. I will not be the first to say that her debut directorial jaunt was a raging success, but I’m gonna do it anyway! The transitions specifically knocked my socks off – the ring turning into Echo’s iris, the party into a chess board… all very well done. 
  • “Besides, you’ve worshiped me for years.” PLEASE DON’T KILL EMORI SERIOUSLY PLEASE I AM BEGGING YOU. 
  • Jackson doctor-turned-therapist made me SO happy. For real – I think every single human in the known universe should go to therapy, and the fact that the The 100 is showing the positive effects it can have is SIMPLY MAGNIFICENT! Thank you to everyone who created, and brought those scenes to life. 
  • Turns out Sheid knows stuff because ShortBangs McFaithful is sending him messages in cookies. HOW DARE YOU defile the message of hope that cookies became in season 6! How VERY dare you! 
  • Season 7 would be a lot more charming if every chess scene was replaced with checkers. 
  • Although I’m totally on board with Echo’s grief, I do wish we could focus a little more on Octavia’s.
  • Hope considers Dev her father! (broken heart emoji times a million)
  • “That’s dishes young lady.” Hahahahaha Moms never stop momming. 
  • What do we think Levitt is up to? Drawing what he and Octavia’s babies would look like? Yeahhhhhh, probably. 
  • Is it just me, or does Please Call Me Bill seem super chill? He’s going to turn out to be a good guy, isn’t he? They ALL are, aren’t they? Is The 100 going to end HAPPY????
  • So there was another 3 month jump at the end there, right? So the Anomalsquad have been roadies in the Bardo Band for a while now? Who do we think has gone all-in, lapping up that kool-aid? Gabe? Yeah, it’s Gabe for sure. Did you see how pumped he was to see Clarke? I don’t think it was to reminisce about those five minutes they spent together last season. 
  • The longer she stays missing, the more I’m convinced that Gaia is with Bellamy, and that perhaps he was the invisi-jerk who napped her. [Though the kick to the face would need some serious explaining]
  • How annoyed is Codogan every time someone wakes him up, and how badly does he have to pee? 
  • Thank you to the hopeful participants of this week’s JOKES FROM THE PAAAAAAAST, but I have the unhappy duty of informing you that NO ONE GOT IT!!! 

Last week’s alien spider attack:

Jasper finding Well’s murdered fingers:


16 thoughts on “The 100 “The Queen’s Gambit” Photo-Recap; Yaaaaaaaas Queen!

  1. I’m so convinced that Bellamy is alive that I truly thought that is who Anders had down on level 13. So confused/disappointed when it turned out to be Cadogan.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The hand, The hand oh Emori our only hero and mutant since season 1’s deer and harambe. She must live…But then there is Echo my baby who everyone hates but has been such a good character when not viewed through the lens of a rabid Bellarke shipper. (rabid refering to the irrational ones which every ship ever has)..
    Absolutely hate where they are taking her but will withold my rant until she completely teeters over the edge of the Cliff she is precariously standing on.
    Incidentally people really need to watch the ”Echo kicks Octavia off a Cliff’ episode again (4X4 or 4×5 i believe).
    .The events circumstance and context always seem to be lost when she does something….Case in point Raven and Clarke killed 8 disciples trying to get to Bardo, Diyoza killed loads and savagely in her attempts to escape but Echo is the crazy one. (which she possibly is) but how do her actions differ and why are the others not judged the same.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel this hard. You know I love Echo so much, and I’m a little afraid they might do her dirty. BUT, so far I haven’t seen signs that she’ll go full Finn. Honestly, I think she’s just working through some shit. Her crying with Octavia felt like a breakthrough, despite her actions after that. Maybe now she’s determined to save the rest of her friends?

      Who knows. I’ve always loved this character, and I hope her ending is satisfying.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I don’t think so either but the requisite meltdown a season seems to be hers.
        Im hoping its an incredible ruse to get close to Cadogan and Anders at the right time….then slice away. Assuming their the bad guys. Cadogan did burn Beccas but lets not forget she also had a saviour complex and was flawed herself. Her legacy seems to have formed the grounders and their culture while his formed what we have seen of Bardo. Who for all their faults are yet to kill anyone. I do want more Octavia, Clark, Raven…and Bellamy
        But there was alot of behind the scenes dramas with alot of the actors personal lives

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Yeah, I didn’t see anything sinister about Echo’s offer to serve in their war. I honestly think she thought it was their only way to survival. Now, whether or not she accidentally drinks the kool-ade remains to be seen.

    And for sure, it’s a bit sad thinking about what the season could have been, but at the end of the day, this is what we got, and this is what we have to judge the show by. It’s a rough deal all around, but hopefully they can pull something satisfying out of it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Echo’s weakness was loyalty, Bellamy asked her to be loyal to their team on the ring and she knows how to manipulate the enemy because she should have her spy-show or spinoff. I’m probably delusional but I always felt there was chemistry between her and Bellamy when they met caged and then worked together to choke Mt Weather henchman (Sweetwater?).


      1. Lovejoy. It’s funny, I just re-read that recap to mine for jokes from the paaaaaaast, and I actually wrote back then about their chemistry. I called her “sexy cage Grounder.” Their relationship COULD have been something really great, but I honestly don’t think it was given the respect it deserved, and so it didn’t resonate with me.

        Especially when the show hinted at other things. I know the #Bellarke of it all can get intense online, but I do think the show made us believe it would happen, and so that hindered our investment in Becho. 😦

        I would love an Echo spy spinoff. Give our girl some agency!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Hell’s yeah!! I’ve got the pitch for half the show already, haha!
          We get to see that backstory she mentioned, (is she the sole survivor of a team of spies? Who knows). You can bring back former characters Roan, Ice Queen, Lexa, Lincoln, Anya, etc. (budgets allowing haha).
          and the episode title possibilities are endless;
          Ice Ice Azgeda
          Echo and the Temple of Reapers
          Between a Kru and a hard place

          Show practically writes itself. 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

        2. The showrunners were afraid to commit to the Becho relationship because of the backlash of the Bellarkers and they are most of the numbers still watching the show. Especially after the Clexa debacle the showrunners became very aware of their audience and what they want and didn’t want. Intense online is a major understatement the only thing i can liken it to is the Game of Thrones outrage. Even this season people who have watched since the beginning are quiting the show because it doesn’t look like Bellarke will happen. Sorry i keep ranting on this but i was trapped in arguments with immature tweens on twitter and tumbler for way longer than i should have. The mature discussion here is appreciated.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Well I agree wholeheartedly, if the show just gave into expectation at the expense of creativity it can potentially diffuse any spontaneity (bringing out my big words) and weaken the conclusion. If it happens I hope they do it well and it doesn’t feel like a cheat for the sake of pandering to shippers.

            The Jokes from the paaast has got to be – Cowabunga
            I just dismissed it because it was right at the top and in plain site.

            Liked by 1 person

  4. Been a while since Emori got to show her flipper/paw/talon, I wonder if who gets to keep that when the show ends or if it will go on sale. 🙂

    What can’t Dr Jackson do?

    I must of missed Gaia’s kidnapping – was I getting a coffee at the time or what?

    Had to look up Bill Cadogan – damn! Anyone know any positive endings to cult leader shenanigans?

    I got to get a job with the Anomaly researchers – no breakthrough since before he was born? Must be having some long lunch breaks and a lot of minesweeper on the desktop right?

    So I need an Indra vs Sheid showdown.

    Jokes from the paaaast: got to be ice-cream related Maddy scene?

    I hope Levitt is ordering a robo-vac online or something because seriously with the mop and bucket.

    Liked by 1 person

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